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tv   News  Al Jazeera  March 5, 2022 7:00pm-7:31pm AST

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no, justine, gar, a market is a schooling hub, the animal trade a plethora of exotic species. seat tiny metal cages, distressed and sweltering under the whole sun. ah . evacuations in the ukrainian city of money of poll are put on hold with claims, a temporary cease fire deal is being violated. ah, i don't know about this, and this is all 0 live from doha. also coming up, president putin warns the west against any no fly zone over ukraine, saying he would regard it as an act of war. aid agencies feared a humanitarian disaster with a number of refugees expected to reach 1500000 in the next 24 hours and
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how the water ukraine could affect the iran nuclear deal as tolts near an end. and vienna is just past 1600 g m t that 6 pm in ukraine, ukraine's president says, a temporary cease fire announced by moscow is now on hold because of violations by russian forces. fighting was meant to stop in muddy paul and vul nova to allow safe passage out of civilians out of harm's way. mario poles been under siege for days in it's come under constant shelling. women without any humanitarian corridors must work to day and maria pole, and val neither care to save people. women children, the elderly, to give food and medicine to those who remain mirabelle more sam, we're doing everything on our part to make the agreement work. this is one of the main tasks for today. let's see if we can go further in the negotiation process.
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the look at it, let's take a closer look at mario paul. it's home to more than 400000 people. the humanitarian corridor is being set up. it begins there, so the residence can leave a route spin, established for mario paul, to the city of zeppelin. shear civilians will be able to drive along the corridor in their own cars all by taking a municipal bus. but russia wanted deviating from the route is strictly forbidden, shall stratford as more. we are south of the town of the city of zach parisha. the road behind me, we were expecting to see buses and carloads, of people coming out from the area of mariel to the cars that you can see behind me . now, many of them having the white signs on the window that we know a received so often saying that there are children on board. we understand that the majority of these vehicles are not fleeing mary awful, but we've spoken to people further down this road who have come out of villages in
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between mariel. and here, one man said that the russians were shilling areas of the road, only 10 kilometers or so they were sharing the sides of the road in the nearby fields and shrapnel had ripped off. his tire of his wheel is pretty much destroyed . and he had had to drive as fast as he can to relative safety to finish before abandoning his car. many of the villages, as you can imagine, are absolutely terrified. they say that the situation is deteriorated dramatically since we understand that sci fi failed. we can confirm whether the shelling that we've heard this morning was either incoming or outgoing. but obviously, if there is this road or areas mom, this road that is being show that was suggested date. it is russian shelling ukraine's president of his nato of giving russia the green light continued to bombard and kill ukrainians. that's after the elias refused to establish
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a no fly zone over ukraine. but russia's president was warned that any attempt towards creating a no fly zone would be considered nato's entry into the conflict. just must lucian storm, an allusion as you are now, we are hearing the no fly zone must be established over the territory of ukraine. it is impossible to do so over the territory of ukraine itself. it is possible only from the territory of some neighboring country, but any move in this direction will be viewed bath as a participation in the arm conflict of whichever side whose territory will pull the trigger to our service, mammoth that very 2nd, we will view them as participants of the military conflict and it would not matter what members they are in such a battle has the details. some live it has to be said, i don't think either a vladimir putin or saturday lover off o seem to have too much to worry about on this front. at this point, because nato have made it very clear that they do not wish to impose a no fly zone over your crane. now, of laudermill zalinski,
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the ukranian president had requested this. he said in a very impassioned speech in which he was looking quite angry, quite frustrated with the western military alliance. he also this no fly zone. he said the nato would have blood on his hands if it didn't impose one does every life last. from here onwards would be nato's responsibility. but again, stuart above the head of nato, already said on friday. though such a thing would draw nato into a conflict with russia that is simply something that they do not want to see happen . they've made it clear they wouldn't do that. they may declare in the past, they're not going to send in a force is put any boots on the ground. what they are doing, they say, is continuing to send in a military hardware, for example, across the border, mainly from poland. not far from where i am, but for zalinski wilkie is in a country that for 10 days, has been a suffering this russian invasion, terrible scenes. and so many parts of ukraine with cities being,
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are shown by russian forces, people without food, water, electricity, in some parts, in incredibly difficult, desperate situations. lensky saying that the world needs to basically do more. ukrainian, president zalinski has been making his case for the no fly zone to u. s. congressional leaders. he addressed senators on a video link or more in the spring and hydro castro in washington, dc. nato seemed disinclined to introduce any sort of a no fly zone. what was he trying to achieve with this particular meeting? i re that's right in the you, as is in agreement with nato and that a no fly zone is off the table. that's been the message from the white house for several days now, and it does not appear that has changed. following this video conference with president zalinski that has just wrapped up and were just getting reports trickling out of that meeting. that was closed. press that president zalinski made the please, we're a no fly zone. he also asked for more lethal aid,
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a ban on russian oil imports into the u. s. and for visa, mastercard to, to suspend their use in russia as well as for more us businesses to leave the country. now we know there is so much sympathy among members of congress and among the u. s. public for ukraine and for the plight of president zalinski and keeping with that some some twitter responses coming out of the meeting. chuck schumer, the top democrat in the senate saying that that he was inspired by zalinski and the strength and courage of the ukrainian people. we also know that he has committed to trying to help zalinski in his quest for more military assistance, including a request for russian made airplanes to be delivered to ukraine. was schumer tweeting that those planes are very much needed and that he would do all he can to help the administration to facilitate the transfer of those planes from
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elsewhere in european countries. but again, of course, the biggest issue here, a rob, as we've been talking about all day, is this no fly zone zalinski making that desperate request for the u. s. to intervene and enforcing one but just similar to nato. the rationale given by us officials being that they want to avoid an armed conflict directly with russian troops. and they see no way of enforcing a no fly zone without having us soldiers, potentially shooting down russian airplanes, which is a red line that the u. s. is not willing to cross id thanks very much. hi to jo, casual in washington dc. ok, here's a look. oh, who controls what in ukraine? russia and it's allied, separate. his forces now hold. all of the air is shaded in red on this map. they besieged the coastal city of mario paul, which has seen intense shelling for days. russian troops have entered the black sea port of meconium for the 1st time, but they are facing a lot of resistance,
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including the 2nd city of hockey was one of russia's 1st targets. but despite heavy shelling, it's still under ukrainian control. farther north russian forces are expanding their offensive on the outskirts of heave, but the capital itself is still in ukrainian. hands are, does it as much as her son has been to a children's hospital in cave, which has been handling an influx of casualties from the war? i will come home, especially the medical crews are working at the maximum capacity. many of them have not been home for days. all wards are prepared to accommodate for more casualties. whether from the fighting front or victims of shelling, ambulances were reported coming our way. now, this is the city's pediatric hospital where we see mainly child patients of cancer . children from all other ukrainian cities are coming here. it's now treating both child and adult casualties alike. the areas around the hospital had been bombarded over the past few days. the hospital building itself was hit by a shell on friday,
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on more than 1300000 people have now managed to escape the fighting in ukraine. the u. n. is wanting, it could lead to the worst refugee crisis this century. thousands have been leaving from towns and the outskirts of the ukrainian capital when he cars have signs in their windows, saying children and evacuation to avoid being targeted by russian troops, residential areas and centers such as boucher and open have been targeted by intense shelling. many of those leading ukraine are heading to poland. you are secretary of state antony, blinking is there is that the polish foreign minister to discuss the conflict. poland is doing vital work. to respond to this crisis, its hostage increased nato presence, supported the robust use sanctions against russia. and it is done a great deal to facilitate security assistance to ukraine. poland will never recognize territorial tent is brought about by and provoked,
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unlawful aggression. the way in which russia conducts castille it is based on the desire to break the will of ukrainian resistance by means of attacks. the terrorized civilians population selling credential area, nuclear power plants and none military or vacated are oral crimes. their international lo, which are not subjected to start you off the mutation, save us off, is that a crossing on the ukraine? poland border? mr. really can visit here clearly for 2 very specific reasons to reinforce the u. s . relationship with poland. the u. s. support for poland as well as restore and keep faith with a nato allies making clear in his statements that the united states will not allow russia or anyone to encroach on an inch of territory an inch of nato territory. but
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even though he was echoing very strong comments from us president fight, and the problem here is that us help us military support that ukrainian say they desperately need any help from the you and nato. it stops at the polish border. and we put some of the comments by the us secretary of state to ukrainian refugees arriving from the wars on fresh arrivals across the border here at medica, into poland. we told them these are some of the comments from the secretary of state. the world leaders don't want to trigger a global war with russia, which is what a direct confrontation with the united states and russia would lead to. and they said, well, that sounds reasonable, where many of them said to us was that they desperately need help. now that they are at war with russia right now, and their point that several people told us is that the u. s. may be playing by the normal rules of global diplomacy. but the kremlin is not still had an ard as it was
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a shadow of a disgraced. former says korean president looms large as a country votes in a presidential election and protecting wildlife. we speak to one woman's initiative aimed at increasing public health awareness st. guerrillas, uganda ah, ah, look forward to burritos, guys. with the sponsored play cut on airways, that it sounds going north that usually means radians going north, not certainly true in the philippines and central southern philippines, the forecast is for pretty big showers. whereas a fan of deeper cloud further west hasn't been quite that far north has been in southern thailand where it's being repeated. pentium, a lazy and northern sumatra and java. all these places have had flooding the last week. so i think we'll see the same again. but maybe the heavy stuff is coming in
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to the central philippines. now, it hasn't finished being wintry in japan, not quite conditions for blizzard, but a pretty close in hawkeye to lots of snow down the high ground. the mountains of hon. shoot me. no warnings out for it, but of course there's been a lot of snow this season. the avalanche was will be up really. and high winds across the water. most of china's enjoying fine weather sally. sunny weather. this assist sign of season rain showing in the south. south the yangtze, you'll notice back towards the pale river that's going south was breeze producing significant rain in taiwan as much of japan dries up during monday in southern india. tom, now to get some rain from his tropical depression, i think and as useful showers moving through the north air called he not go the moment, but it could improve oh, the weather sponsored by casara, always a mass pro democracy movement,
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violent crackdowns assassinations and you imposed sanctions all talk, dixon struggled with ensued from the 2020 bella luce, him presidential elections. that shook the country's self proclaimed dictators seat of power. and now new tactics, migrants, people in power investigates the humanitarian disaster on the rivaling on europe's borders and asks what's next and the battle for bella. bruce on a just eda ah ah! the one year old is it a reminder about top stories? this are a temporary cease fire, and the training and cities of mateo, paula bowl nova is now on hold. it was meant to allow civilians to escape fighting
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in the region. both russia and ukraine accusing each other to violate who reveal the greatest president vladimir zalinski is criticized nato, is refusal to create a no flies over his country. he says the alliance will be to blame for any further deaths. russian president vladimir putin has warned against the establishment of the no fly zone or be ukraine. he said any attempt by a foreign country to create one would be considered an act of war. and a feathered off is a former deputy foreign minister bratia. he says, president putin's objective is to, sir, i'm chief ben, give loading me zalinski, an ultimatum key to clear the very clear goal that ukraine as it leads today should be changed, should be changed and i agree that he will love. so i know him for many years, he will not stop and most probably in the coming $56.00 days,
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the mid 3 f, a ration will be extended to much more territory. by the way, good and got this deal for this and that russian rama will surround and then there will be a kind of whole tomato for maybe for 24 hours. was it and skip resigned for government to resign, to declare something like interim government or something like this. because from misery point of view, the very dangerous the stuff mill drive back on here because it can bring all of the damages. and the also, let's not forget that a key if it's playing very important historical role in rational history, in russia, it's called the mother of all russian cities. situation as they, as it is now, it's nearly impossible to think the pressure will stop. it's mid reparation. because put in the class very clearly, that his goal is 3 points. you try ukraine
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demilitarization of ukraine, and then as if a case of grain puzzles of people have gathered in several cities across europe in support of ukraine in rome, people to the streets, to denounce russia's invasion, to be marching with flags and slogans. calling for peace under similar scenes in france, protesters in paris joined the chorus of condemnation and urged an end to the bloodshed. and that sentiment was shared by protesters in munich around 2000 people, found the human chain and called for the seas. far others smeared the russian consulate with red paint in support of ukraine that i can answer than ukraine could become a stumbling block in efforts to restore the 2015 iran nuclear deal. russian, foreigners are saggy, lovers, demanding a u. s. guarantee that sanctions imposed on russia over the war won't affect his trade with the run law says under the 2015 deal, russia and china were allowed to help or run with civilian nuclear programs is that
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russian investments shouldn't be obstructed. so got our launch. i got a few and sung feet, the avalanche of aggressive sanctions that started to erupt from the west and hasn't finished yet in my understanding. requires reflection 1st of all, by the lawyers. and we want to receive a very precise response. guarantees that the sanctions won't by any means affect that mode of trade, economic and investment corporation we ran on their nuclear program or the reason we've requested the american colleagues as they rule here, to give us written guarantees, at least at the level of the secretary of state so that the current process launched by the united states will not by any means affect our rights for a free and full fledged trade, your economic, military, and investment cooperation with iran. i diplomatic editor james bays is in vienna with more talks have been going on now for 11 months. the idea to re establish the
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raw nuclear deal. it was president trump that pulled out of it in 2016. he put tough sanctions on iran. iran then responded by pushing ahead with their nuclear program, getting much more sophisticated centrifuges and increasing greatly their knowledge of how potentially to build a nuclear bomb. but in recent weeks, there has been progress. the talks have been continuing here in the last few days. they've gone on late into the night. the european envoys left vienna in the last 24 hours to go and consult with their capitals, with many believing a deal was very close. that's why the comments of the russian foreign minister are worrying for all evolved in this process. he's now asking for guarantees that the sanctions have been put on russia are not going to affect rushes, trade, and relations with iran. it's a real spanner in the works. at the 11th hour in these negotiations,
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south korea's military says north korea has fired a suspected ballistic missile towards waters east of the peninsula. if that's confirmed, it will be north korea's 9th weapons tests this year. so after his national security council has condemned what are called shown young's unprecedented repeated firing of belittle ballistic missiles. with our launch came as south koreans to part an early voting for the new president, the poles of now closed the record. 37 percent of voters turning out the men election day is going to be on wednesday. one of the last actions of the outgoing leader mage in was the grant pardon to his predecessor as wrong were bribed reports from day go. she was jailed 5 years ago for corruption, but she remains influential in south korean politics in this well to do suburb of the southeastern city of dago, there is a buzz of excitement at the prospect of a new neighbor, former conservative president park in hey, to get my daughter,
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a strong man president, how young he is. she is considered to be political and royalty by supporters who are already being drawn to her home, even though she's yet to move in for dinner. go any further than i hope she lives healthy and well for the rest of her life. and i hope she prays for the development and stability of the country, and she inspires the people with extra security measures being added to the new house park will soon be exchanging one set of bars for another. she was forced out of power by mass street demonstrations during a corruption scandal that led to her impeachment and then imprisonment. given a presidential pardon? she is now being treated in hospital for chronic back pain, 5 years on from her dramatic fall from grace opinions about past young hey have shifted the time she spent behind bars combined with health problems, have one her degree of sympathy, even among some liberal voters. supporters of the liberal party arrive at home with
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a banner wishing her a quick recovery in an apparent bid to win support in this conservative neighbourhood. a bit of electioneering that angers, right wingers park remains a polarizing figure here with this minor presidential candidate hoping to win the support of right wingers because of his association with her. you can see the influence of personal park from the crowd who visit her home. our party is more concerned with what it can do for her, rather than how she will help. he like all of her supporters, are seemingly determined to rehabilitate her legacy. soon to be living next door to park. the bigger concern for song is the state of her vegetable garden, given the sudden wave of visitors trampling over it, won't bernard yet. there is nothing good going to come from the spit he can't do any thing. people just walk all over my failed, living quietly,
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her whole life here, the neighbourhood is about to change forever. further down the road, the visitors car park is hastily being extended to handle the droves of supporters . once park finally takes up residence. rob mcbride, al jazeera dago, south korea let stay in south korea. thousands of firefighters have been battling a large blaze in the countries east. the fires threatening a nuclear power station and a liquefied natural gas plant. thousands have been forced to leave their homes. dozens of buildings have been destroyed, there be no reports of injuries and deaths. china has cut its target for economic growth to its lowest level in decades, and it comes against a backdrop of war in ukraine. the corona virus pandemic, and a major property slum and other annual meeting in beijing leader said economic stability is the government's top priority. katrina, you reports from there. about 3000 of china's most powerful officials have
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gathered in dating to begin its weeklong national people's congress. the chinese premier outlined the direction for the your head, the top priority, stabilizing economic who wins downhill. we must make economic stability, our top priority, and pursue progress. well ensuring stability. then in the face of new downward pressure, the task of ensuring stable growth needs to occupy an even more prominent position . when a g d p target around 5.5 percent was set the lowest vigor since 1991. but in and the in line with forecasts. the premier says, china's economy faces risks at home and abroad to warn ukraine climate change and the ongoing current of ours pandemic, our major concerns. there's obviously a tremendous amount of activity in the world that is going to affect china. ah,
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we're on the verge, literally of a one of them. the largest economic downturns are that we've ever seen. unemployment is another key focus paging aimed to create 11000000 new urban jobs and keep unemployment in cities to 5.5 percent. unemployment will be the biggest concern this year and because we'll have a new crop of fresh graduates coming out of more than 10000000 of them. and if we look at that unemployment rate by age group, the young people under 24 years old or have the highest unemployment rate. china struggling to revive slowing consumption and many small to meet him sized businesses are fighting to survive. a downturn in the housing sector is also hurting the economy. there's no sign of any big economic stimulus package, but analysts say more spending will be needed to meet the 5.5 percent worth target . china's central bank has already cut interest rates and vowed to keep monetary
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policy flexible, but it's 0 curve. 19 strategy continues to drag on growth. beijing has also announced a 7 point one percent boost in defense spending. it's nervous about growing security threats in the south china sea and around taiwan. a self ruled island. it claims as chinese officials, a looking head to the 20th communist party congress in october, where a leadership shuffle will take place. and president shooting ping will begin an unprecedented 3rd term in power before then ensuring china's security and a healthy economy. other governments main tasks, katrina in al jazeera paging. the rates of disease transmission between gorillas and humans in uganda has dropped dramatically. let us claim 0. soccer is a renowned, ugandan wildlife veterinarian. she was closely with local communities to underwrite national parks to increase awareness of hygiene and public health. i'll g 0,
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spoke to her about the initiative and dr. gladys kalamazoo, soccer founda, chief executive officer of conservation through public health, aggressive in geo that promotes the website of us the conservation by enabling people to go exist with guerrillas and other wildlife through improving the health of the adding more the people and the livelihoods of the communities, we could, we regularly collect people samples from all the habituated gorilla groups and also during the census. and we look for disease that they could hardly be carrying and see whether those disease is coming from people or from the life. so cuz whenever they go outside the park, they also come into contact with golds and cows, and we, we try and prevent them getting any more diseases. whenever you're taking gorilla, you cross coffee farms. and yet these from us and getting, we found the know, getting a steady price, a steady markets or fair price for their coffee. and that meant that if they wanted
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to eat meat, sometimes they would enter the forest to hunt like a di, kara bush, big just easier for them to hunt. a bush begin the forest than to fill the coffee, the limited coffee they have to buy meat. and so i, lots of them was through entering the forest porch because under getting, i live in a meaningful livelihood from their coffee. so we thought, why not create a global brand that conceived guerrillas once it, at the time. we have been operating for 18 years. and having been found in 2003. and some of us have seen is that, you know, for example, the guerrillas are falling sick, less often from the common diseases from the community. because the couldn't as a community health and hygiene improves even if the grill is going to their gardens . they don't find dirty clothing, they don't find opened if occasion people now have toilets almost everybody has a toilet and we really promoting hand washing. one thing we're really pleased about
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is the number of mountain grill that has almost doubled since i 1st started working with them. from 650 to over 100-1063 from the last census in 2018. and replace, to have contributed to us this growth of the mountain gorilla. ah, this is, i'll just say that these are the top stories, a temporary cease fire in the ukrainian cities of money, paul and vulnerable car is now on hold. it was meant to allow civilians to escape fighting in the region. both russia and ukraine are accusing each other of violating the deal. ukraine is president of louis, miss lensky has criticized nato's refusal to create a no fly zone over his country. it says the airlines will be to blame for any further das. meanwhile, russian president vladimir putin has warned a.


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