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you've ever seen access to health care or something? well, we want to know, how does these things affect people? we revisit places day, even when they're no international headlines. they're really invest in that not the privilege, as a journalist. ah . the russian foreign minister keys is ukraine of using the marion poll hospital to harbor nationalists, the talk, the end, the war fail to make any progress. ukraine's top diplomat says the russians refused to commit to humanitarian corridor and are trying to force a surrender. ah, i'm on the inside, this is out there a lie from dough to coming up, ukrainians continue to flee. the violence in both sides, the keys each other,
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a threatening project monitoring card or the sale of the top english football club is off habits. russian millionaire and chief cheerleader is hit with new sanction ah, the highest level talk since russia invaded ukraine now some 15 days ago have ended with little sign of progress. the foreign minister of turkey hosted his ukrainian, or russian counts of policy in antalya, ukraine's foreign minister to mister cooler. but said russia refused to commit to a cease fire. all humanitarian relief in the besieged city of mattie or pole. this meeting was both. this conversation was both easy and difficult easy because mr. lever off basically follows his
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traditional narratives about ukraine. difficult because i did my best to at least find a diplomatic solution. we also raised the issue of a fire 24 hour fire to resolve the most pressing humanitarian issues. we did not make progress on this, since it seems that there are other decision makers for this. for this mother in the russian well washes foreign minister insisted. he was open to diplomacy and defended the invasion as necessary to people. so they are pretty me who grows it, because we are not planning to attack other countries and we did not attack ukraine either. we were just dealing with issues there,
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despite our request multiple requests, no one was listening to us and the new facts that are being uncovered and liberate a territory for naming your hands. kinda ask people's republic shown invasion had been planned for this month. as go straight over to jamal a child who joins us now from antalya in southern techie jamal, this meeting in antalya coming a day off to that roundly condemned attack on a maternity ward. did anything concrete come out of those talks today? unfortunately not, or at least unfortunately for those who are in the middle of this war, the ukrainian and foreign ministers you heard there said that he was hoping to at least get some sort of a cease fire, even if it was just for 24 hours. and the russian side refused to accept that request or to provide any sorts of a sensation in their hostilities in ukraine, the ukrainian form. and the reason for that was that it appears that the foreign
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minister of moscow didn't have the power to make such a decision. whether that was just a simple salons or getting up, or whether it was indeed the ukrainians, pushing the narrative that this is them. are putin's personal war on ukraine, as has been reported by many people with regards to that. so on the russian side, obviously. sorry, good luck. hit back saying that this wasn't, i'm returning your call to hospital that in fact, that had been turned into a base for what you called nazi's in ukraine. and this was a legitimate targets. obviously, russian history of targeting hospitals isn't limited to ukraine. you won't need to look at what happened and sorry, over the past 10 years as far as now is concerned. obviously he accused the ukrainians of delay tactic thing that they just wanted to talk for the sake of it, that there was never on the agenda discussion of ending the war through these
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meetings that took place a few hours ago. i'm not ukraine's m all over the past couple of years has been to continue ignoring what she described as rush as legitimate requests. so what do we get out of these meetings so far? we got out that at least they have match. the targets will say that this is progress, that they were able to the only country to bring those high to high level delegations together. but in terms of what it will translate to the people on the ground in ukraine. quite frankly, nothing because the barbara continuous and as far as ukrainian government is concerned, it is showing that is trying to find some sort of a diplomatic solution. but the common grounds between those 2 countries is still very much unclear. so jamal, where does this actually leave the diplomatic efforts? can we expect any more meetings like this in the future?
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well, the good thing is that both the ukrainian, or at least the cranium from explicitly said he is willing to talk again. i never upset the discussions will continue, however, that these would not be separate to the track that is ongoing on the border between but it was an ukraine. that was an interesting point. by the way, the never mentioned in his press conference where he said, that's put in the 2 leaders, presidents of ukraine and russia would need, but only when the time the appropriate time came, the ukrainians believe the bats will be as far as the russians are concerned, only if russia comes out the victorious puts and will meet once he believes his demands are met. or maybe once the russian military takes over here. obviously the russians believe that it is only when they have neutralize what they describe as their threats. there, as far as the international community is concerned in this,
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by the way these talks are taking place on the sidelines on the, on target for metric for and where for ministers of other countries will be gathering here in chucky over the next 48 hours. as far as those parties concern, and there will be continued drive to find a solution while supplying what some capitals have described as maximum pressure on russia, through economic sanctions and whatnot. but the truth of the matter is that russia seems, and we've heard this from not broke, it believes it's isolated economically. it says it will deal, in fact, that this country will come out even stronger from this crisis, despite the $4000000000.00 deficit it's currently facing. and so forth. so unless there were some sorts of re balance of power, unless there is an identification of that's common ground where some sort of negotiations can take place. the worry is that the war will continue or more destruction will happen until one side believes either it can no longer fight or something gives that will force concessions to be made. and what about
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techies role here is jamal a. can they play an important mediator? peacemaker if you like. the definitely talk is a new unique position where it can host to both countries. it says it has strong relations for a number of different levels, be its historic cultural, economic, even military from both sides. bio weapons from russia itself. weapons to ukraine. interestingly enough, one of the key dependence of the ukrainian military and come back from the washington version has been the unmanned virus dark drawn, which is manufactured here in turkey. so it definitely has enough common ground between both of and multiple host some but the question, what many analysts or been fighting through is that while? so how's that good real to discuss with both sides. it is lacking leverage to put
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pressure on russia to hold this. ultimately, the power is fact in the favor of russia in the sense that militarily, at least it is the one going forward. it's ministries a lot stronger than ukraine, both in personnel and equipment. and so forth. ukraine doesn't have the support of western countries or natal or europe militarily, and therefore what's needed, maybe to at least hold the fighting. somebody having that pressure to force the russians. does tarkey have it? it seems know, however, they have said from the very beginning that they will exerts all the magic resources at their disposal to try and bring about a political solution to this. and we're going to hear from the target for minister . the next few minutes. finance conference about what they plan to do and the future to try and bring it into this war. okay, thank you for that update jamal al chow, that 1st live in antalya. let's tend to do so. jabari now was in moscow for us, and we had that briefly from jabbar jamal, talking about what
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a lover of had to say about sanctions. that's a very defined tone about how the country will come out stronger from the sanctions . tell us a bit more about what russia had to say today. well, according to the foreign minister, i think it was interesting. he use the word frenzy. he said that the western reaction to what the rush russians are calling a special operation in ukraine has been frenzied when it comes to the sanctions that they faced. because russia is now the world's most sanctioned country and they took over that title just this past few days. and they now have nearly 6000 sanctions placed on them from different entities to personnel around the world. they took over the number one place from iran, which was at the top spot with just 3600 sanctions against that. so this is a country very much in the middle of an economic war,
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as the problem is called it. and we also heard from dmitri pess, called just a short while ago before the russian foreign minister spoke. and she said that they are waiting to find out how this me to will unfold before they can be any discussion about a possible meeting between the ukrainian president large mirror zalinski and the russian president vladimir putin. the crime and said that they have received countless requests from the ukrainian president's office for a meeting between the 2 leaders and the russians are now waiting to see how this meeting will unfold. and clearly it did not go very well. there's also the issue of the sanction placing the country's economy at a very precarious position. the russian president is meeting with his government later on thursday to decide about a can almost economic stimulus package because they want to prevent the general population from and really suffering from these severe sanctions. the countries now
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under the criminal said that this is an absolutely unprecedented situation and economic war that was being wage against moscow. and that rec, rushes economy was, exp can shock and they cannot predict how things will develop in the future. but they are trying to do their best to really would stand at these sanctions. and they are going to rely on the countries internal companies coming really to the forefront and trying to per, provide everything they need. and i think it was interesting. also circular says in turkey that the countries that have left and abandoned russia, they will not re engage with them in the future. so, when ever this situation ends and whether or not russia will return to the world economy, it's clear that this government will not be looking to re engage with those firms that have left. okay,
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many thanks for that search bar that for us and we'll go well, russia says there were no patients in find that hospital that was bombed on wednesday. an asteroid destroy the maternity and children's unit in the besieged, ukrainian city of multiple free people are reported to have been killed. russia says ukrainian fighters were inside the facility. the name wraps up developments from the 15th day of the conflicts in ukraine. 3 more humanitarian corridors. were expected to open on thursday, according to the ukrainian government, 35000 people found safe passage the day before. thousands remain trapped in the besieged city of morrow poll. evacuation efforts are stole. mayor says more than 1200 people have been killed. there are no basic services, aid groups or warning of a humanitarian catastrophe. my mom are awesome,
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but we're not in europe, ian. you won't be able to say you didn't see what happened to couldn't you know? what happened in mario point? you saw, you know, therefore that you must increase sanctions against russia so that it no longer has any opportunity to continue this genocide wave. really, turkey has hosted the highest level of talks between russia and ukraine since the invasion began. the foreign ministers of russia and ukraine met in the city of antalya, ukrainian foreign minister said the likelihood of progress is minimal. in the south of ukraine soldiers fought in the street. in suburb of the capital keys, journalists reported intense fighting overnight. ukrainian government says russian forces continue to advance with the goal of surrounding the capital. the u. s. has now verified that 516 civilians have died since russia invaded ukraine 2 weeks ago
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. but says the actual toll will be much higher. natasha named al jazeera. if i thing is intensifying across southern ukraine for mc alive, there is a man. luffy has more swapped person with about the 2. i'm not exaggerating. when i say that the exchange of gunfire didn't stop all night, subsiding at dawn. you can have the sounds loud and clear because the fighting isn't far away. the military airport only around 10 kilometers away, the civil airport only around 20 kilometers. the sounds are really scary, the frightened, the citizens. we know that about half the cities residents of already left heading towards moldova, mainly women and children as men onto to leave the city. the message yesterday that the russian forces have targeted locations of ukrainian army that clashed with the russians. the man didn't talk about casualties of the ukrainian army that also stressed that there was no attempt by the russians to advance overland. because,
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according to him, the russian forces suffer from costly attacks by the ukrainian army. the men added that the russian forces suffer from logistic and medical problems as well to the extent that they couldn't treat the injured personnel. on the other hand, the mag concerned that the russian forces a strengthening their ranks and themselves so as to control with important city comprehensively. if this happens, the pants will be opened for the russian forces to control the city of a desert about, according to military sources. a lot of mines will put around the far passkey bridge that separates odessa and mic life in order to explode in case the russian forces arrived, so to prevent them advancing to desa that russia ukraine have collectively long been referred to as the bread basket of europe together they account for about 30 percent of global wheat exports. but the warranty ukraine is pushing up the price of grain around the world, especially in those heavily dependent regions like the middle east and africa. the
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united nations food and agricultural organizations has egypt imports more than 80 percent of its weight from the 2 warring size. lebanon gets about 81 percent of its wheat from ukraine. other countries like iran, libya, and turkey also heavily reliant. food shortages could affect the lives of millions of people, particularly in developing countries. the price increases in basic necessities like bread, milk, and meat can also produce food insecurity, famine, and civil unrest. let's bring in lauren's had that the executive director of the global alliance for improved nutrition. he joins us from bryson, in the united kingdom, many times for a thing with us, lebanon, for one by about 81 percent of its wheat from ukraine. is the country already in massive crisis? what could this war mean fit for them? thank you. this who could so much for so many people around the world. obviously
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the koreans are the victims, the immediate victims. but there are, there are victims all over the world. and in the middle east and africa in general, we're going to see increases, and the prices of staple foods and mine, people are buying food and they're spending so much of their income already on food . it's going to create civil unrest. so we've got a very serious situation here where we have food prices going up, energy prices going up it's, it's really a rerun of 2008, 2009, which is a harbinger of the, our spring. but what's different this time is that it's on top of cove, it and on top of climate change, all they're all tentative sources is this, if this shortage is caused by the war is the elsewhere that you can go to
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obtain this grain and how easily can you do that mean this is, this is caused because this conflict, this invasion is happening and not just the bread basket of europe. it's one of the biggest threat baskets in the entire world. so this is going to affect the middle east and north africa, but it's going to affect really the whole world. and what needs to happen now is that all the trade flows need to remain open. the tendency attempt taishan for policymakers trying to protect their own citizens. is to close down borders to restrict exports of their, of their grain to other countries. that's ultimately not going to serve any what it's going to be a race to the bottom. so countries like lebanon will have to find other places to buy their grain. and there are many, many places to buy grange, whether it's a trailer or south america or north america, they're going to have to find places,
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but the countries that are exporting grain must be sure not to restrict exports money. thanks for that. lauren's had the executive director of the global aligns for improved nutrition, talking talking to a staff from brighton. let's go now to live and speak to joe hall on the latest and the fighting and the evacuation of ukrainians. china. let's start with the attack on that maternity hospital in mario poll. muddy paul, of course the city has been heavily bombarded by russian forces. why, why so much focus on that particular city? why it's so important for the russians when it's been interesting listening to the various russian responses to the attack on that maternity hospital in mario paul from maria's car of the foreign affairs spokesperson in moscow, who at the beginning of the morning said it hadn't happened that it was the
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pictures were manufactured, it was essentially fake news than dmitri pet score. the presidential spokesman, who said, look, it was a degree of uncertainty about whether it might or might not have happened. and that they would make inquiries. the russians with their military commanders who would update them on the situation. and then so gay love drove speaking on tale a short while ago suggesting that the russians have been warning the ukrainians for some time now against positioning military assets and military personnel. next to civilian infrastructure, including hospitals, essentially suggesting that that is what had happened here and that the military had to check the hospital because it had become a military target. the reality is, all of this is exposing the appalling circumstances and situation ongoing. inside that city of mario fall in the south on the black sea coast that has been besieged for 10 days. now, hundreds of thousands of civilians desperate to leave have been living in awful conditions without any basic needs and necessities. short supplies of food and
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medicine, no heating, no electricity, and so on. why has mario poll received this kind of treatment and to this extent? well, there's a whole range of reasons, frankly, not just the fact that it's an important port and an important industrial center in the south on the black sea coast. but also because it is close to those breakaway regions that have now been recognized as independent by vladimir putin days ahead of this war. it's not, in fact, part of territory that the separatists had occupied in 2014, but it is inside the constitutional boundaries of the don't. that's the province which that independence recognizes. so there was always going to be a scramble to take this new territory. mario polka keith is another example in the east, in lieu guns province. but as well as that, a married pole continues to frustrate the russians attempts to build a land bridge from the east to take in crimea. and that is a land bridge that would bring crimea an extra 2014 all the way into landed territory up to the russian border. again, that would be
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a huge strategic sniff significance at one that would be unlikely to seed in any future negotiations. but as much as all of that, it is the simple fact that mario poke continues to hold out. it refuses to surrender to submit to the siege tactics despite more than a 1000 civilian deaths recorded by the ukrainian side. mass graves reported to have been dug on wednesday, apocalyptic conditions described by the international committee of the red cross. and yet still, it holds out. and that probably in immediate terms, is why these ferocious attacks by the russians continue. we know that 35000 people managed to escape through humanitarian car doors yesterday. jonah, that's what we're hearing from the ukranian president. what is the situation today in terms of the car doors? will more people be able to escape? well the, the latest situation again as far as mary paul is concerned,
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is that shelling was reported by the ukranian side which prevented a humanitarian convoy making its way into the city with supplies of food and medicines. and then to turn around in theory and try and take people out of the city, only 2 to 3000 people a day have been able to see mary paul, despite repeat promises and plans to hold open humanitarian corridors. they have failed because of consistent attacks. and fighting each side, blaming the other humanitarian corridors. happy no doubt about the cities we understand. again on thursday, the 35000. did you say you were able to leave various centers on wednesday? but that is an absolute fraction of the hundreds of thousands, quite literally of people who desperately need to leave besieged centers and towns . they may well be a continued exodus on thursday, but in truth, an awful long way to go. okay, thank you for that gentle that 1st live in the wash and banana
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roman brockovich is fail of a talk. english premier league football club is now on hold, but you can government slap new sanctions on the assets of from of ich and other wealthy, wealthy russians, european world club champions. chelsea can still play matches for their restriction on selling play as new tickets merchandise. let's take a look at some of the news making headlines. south korea, as close as ever presidential election has been won by the conservative challenger use, kill you, and will take over from the liberal leader moon j in his 5 year term ends in may. rob mcbride reports when since the start of this bruising campaign, conservative challenger had remained neck and neck with a liberal rival, jameel exit polls put them within a percentage points of each other. and so began
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a sleepless night for many in south korea following local broadcasters. animated depiction of this epic struggle until you emerged is when i am deeply grateful to all over you and the people who have supported a beginner to this point. a political you come, he 1st came to prominence as the lead prosecutor and the imprisonment of disgraced former president park un, hey, following her impeachment for corruption. 5 years ago. union comes into this job having held no political office, but presenting himself as a force of change politically and socially conservative. he is in stark contrast to 5 years of liberal rule. he's also promised a much tougher line with north korea, but many question, how much of that campaign rhetoric? i think present news is going to choose very pragmatic warning and national security policy, at least for
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a while. it comes after an increase in missile testing by the north, with the threat of launching longer range missiles of the kinds that have brought the korean peninsula to the brink of conflict in the past. rub mcbride, elgin's era, so indian prime minister nor end modi's party, the b j. p, is set to retain control of its most populous state or per dash votes. being counted in 5 states, results put the b j p. ahead in 4th than the congress policy is expected to lease power in punjab to the a. p. results as seen as an important test ahead of national elections in 2024 a former criminal investigator to ensure lanka is claiming that the government brought on trumped up charges against them over the 2900 east to bombings, sandy bay s a car has made the allegations against lincoln, intelligence officials, and 290270 people were killed and more than 500 injured by 7 suicide bombers.
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manadis reports from colombo, the pharmacy id, director shawnee, i'll be a secret, has made some explosive claim is fundamental rights petition asking the court to prevent what he says i'll move to arrest him and implicate them in the sub bombing attacks. now as you can see, there's also a group of people that have come out to defend the form investigator this been read . let us not allow the government to hom shawnee. let us protect. shawnee and similar banners have come up. let's save his life. let's ensure that no one places a hand on johnny. so there is concern among human rights defenders that this senior investigator who has a missing track record of success in his investigations is somehow being so sort of set up if you like, in terms of the latest case and latest attempts to see that he's
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incarcerated or arrested saving chinese life is about one of our main dos. so we came to stand and fish on the we are be do and to see through the government really not allow you reproach shawnee and if anything happens to me, the president the difference. i got 3 and that even the minister should ready to bad response. i'm people wondering how much we're asking everyone to defend shiny because it's only if he gets justice. we will get justice among those claims that he has made in this fundamental rights petition is the fact that the military intelligence and the state intelligence had colluded to mislead criminal investigators. before several months before the easter attack. what he says is they had been wilfully with all the information they had been planting evidence to mislead the investigation. so all of these things have sent
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a lot of concern. there's been a lot of claims and kind of claims out there. but this petition from one of the lead investigations kind of concrete eyes of those concerns the body of the cricket legend shane warne is on its way to its home town of melvin worn died last friday at the age of 52 while on holiday and customary in thailand, jesus suspected heart attack and congenital disease. born is considered one of the greatest of all time. the 2nd horse we could take in test history with 700 a r g. this is al jazeera, these you tell stories, the highest level talk since russia invaded ukraine have ended with little sign of progress. the foreign minister of turkey hosted his.


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