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tv   News  Al Jazeera  March 12, 2022 6:00am-6:31am AST

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of an invasion of ukraine is currently the biggest threat international peace and security. we listen, we are focusing so much on the humanitarian crisis that we forget the long term development we meet with global news makers. i'm talk about the stool restock matter. on al jazeera, unprompted and uninterrupted discussions from a london broadcast santa. on g 0. ah, russia expands it's offensive in ukraine with asked trying song new targets in the east and west. ah, lo, i'm sammy's a dan. this is al jazeera live from dell hall, so coming up, bracing for all out assault to 1000000 people,
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put their faith in ukrainian defenses was russian forces regroup around the capitol . we're not going to give any more air time to the wise that you're hearing today's . beneath this council, russia is accused of spreading this information about biological weapons. and bassa insist they have proof plus food mushed pay, the price, the u. s. n's normal trade relations with russia in an escalating drive to squeeze the economy. now, russian forces have expanded their attacks, one bothering civilian areas of more ukrainian cities that are also inching towards kill and appeared to be regrouping for a possible assault on the capital. sumi germany have been in circle this can see in the matter how to cave and the besieged ports to do marco,
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they've already been on the fierce bombardment. and for the 1st time, russia has attack denique for central city one seen as a safe place for people fleeing besieged areas in the east. west and areas have also been targeted. strikes hit airfields and looks and event from keith's job. holland, it begins our coverage is really cold here today minus a degrees in the east and city of caves. the losses are so great that reports are rendered in numbers. 400 buildings destroyed since the war began. including $48.00 schools, a $190.00 civilians, dead residential areas struck $89.00 times in a single day. as if counting them somehow complete the picture as one bombed out building starts to look much like another. they don't wait for air raid sirens anymore in hunt. keith, many haven't left the cities metro stations for more than
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a week ago for now. go to the asia areas where i sleep. this young woman says and over there on my things. and there is where we will sit ever more civilians are getting caught up in this war. ukraine's defense minister says russia has killed more innocent people than it has ukrainian soldiers. one day war historians may argue about which city had it worst. today though it is surely marry a pole that is most like ukraine's stalingrad besieged for more than 10 days. hundreds of thousands unable to escape, deprived of water and heat, and temperatures well below 0. a red cross official in the city described children going hungry. a black market in vegetables fights breaking out over food conditions . the mayor calls medieval by bombard, critical infrastructure continues to get hit with a special focus on military air fields. like here in luke,
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northeast of cave and yvonne of frank keeps in the west. as evacuation roots continue out of some embattled places, a tide of humanity is shifting across this country. and not all of it heading for the border. the united nations estimates a 1000000 people have become displaced internally seeking shelter, where they can find it. like junior, the 24 year old mother of 3 stoking the wood fire in an abandoned farm house, 600 kilometers from her home outside cave. they even brought the dog a labrador pup called gerda, but they didn't bring dad. he stayed behind to join the territorial defense. long as raj from the children know that their dad is defending the city. they understand that i believe in one year it will be over and will be able to go back. genia and her children are being relocated now to a better home in the village this tiny,
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rural outpost in western ukraine. like so many others throwing their arms wide open to fellow ukrainians through the war by law grace the you and also estimates the 12000000 people inside ukraine will need humanitarian help. and few, besides, ginia are guessing how long it might be before they are able to go home journal al jazeera leaf. moscow says, rushing bank separatists have captured the eastern ukrainian town novel navarro in the breakaway state of dawn, yet its location is strategically important to gateway to the besieged southeast and port city of merrier pole. the city had been surrounded since the early days of the russian invasion. residents who had underground for 2 weeks have emerged to find much of the town in ruins. ukraine authorities have not confirmed the cities under russian control. the foot of the major reports now from beneath, for where russian air strikes hit close to
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a kindergarten and apartment building. it was 5 55 in the morning. and much of the need for was asleep only to be walk into this one of 3 explosions that rock the city court on surveillance camera. oak santa didn't hear the air raid sirens. but the force of the blast shattered the windows and whose ceiling collapsed. she lives on the 4th floor of an apartment block, facing a shoe factory, an apparent target of russian missiles. we didn't expect anything, a neat pro. there are no military facilities around the russians were saying that they would only target military infrastructure here. there are only residential blocks. the school and the kindergarten windows were hit. the acrylic, he says, the rockets were launched from the nits region interrogation controlled by the russian back separatist. this is the 1st time this city has been targeted since the
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beginning of the war. now that will have a huge impact because so far me pro has been a transit point for people fleeing other areas in eastern ukraine that were under heavy bombardment. the immediate impact long queues outside the train station. people standing for hours in sub 0 temperature patiently waiting to escape. despite the fear of another attack. got it the decision to pack up and leave as soon as she heard early morning explosions from a phone has been got, it's a nightmare. nato is not doing enough, they should close the sky like they should do more. many of those standing here had fled the horrors of war once before. their home towns already destroyed. now seeking safe refuge again. irina and her 2 children drove out of how to keep after russian dead fighters flew over her neighbourhood for days and the shelling became
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closer and louder. this conflict has drawn her family apart more than a game system. zalinski won't do what russia expects from him. so we don't know what awaits us. of course ukraine will not compromise. my son also says, no, we were living in hell in hockey for a week. and now we hate russia. although we have many relatives there. many of those leaving was joined the 2500000 refugees that have already crossed into neighboring countries. while those things wonder what's next. and a good, i mean, i'll give you the new pro crane says russian soldiers have kidnapped the mayor of met at the pola city in the southeast. the government released this security camera footage, which it says shows the abduction of iran federal of the top of the screen there. when it says 10 russian soldiers entered melody, poles, crisis center, put a bag over the maze. had been led him away. alona,
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kramer. here we are in ukraine. we are in europe and we have a democracy here. therefore, the kidnapping of the mayor of melatonin hall is a crime. not only against a specific person for not only against a specific community, and not only against ukraine or this is a crime against democracy. to care now in satellite images show russian tanks breaking away from a long column and moving into positions around the city. step boston is in the capital duncan, behind a barricade there preparing for the worst keep has turned into a fortress, and every one has joined the fight. men, which as 2 weeks ago said an officer's work as builders, and now defending their country's capital. for you re, melinda king, this war has become very personal. his youngest brother was killed by russian rockets just 3 days ago. or because now or don't i recognize my brother only from
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his coast. there was no other way of recognizing him. a former air force officer, he left his job as a truck driver in the netherlands to fight against the russians. 3rd, bob of the new were here guys, you never went to war, who never find his shot, who never even heard the sound of the rifle, but we are all ready. what is trust me? my morale has never been his high, and i've never been this ready for here. and this is what is moving towards them less than 15 kilometers away. these images show the russian column that was around 60 kilometers long, has disbursed around the capitol, possibly preparing for a full out attack soon. we can hear the sound of shalon coming closer to the city. putting the capitals defense on its highest alert with rush and forest is coming closer. tensions are going up by the hour, by the civil defender of a confident they'll stop them. a battle for the future ask if the main target input
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in for those who remain in the city are bracing themselves for his bombs and missiles. the threat of more death and destruction has brought people to gather. alina kimbler helps the elderly and sick, who can't leave apartments to get food, or simply to afraid to go out. 95 year old alas of each nor was he more than enough war in her life shut gym. would you, could you check? what is the point for me to leave it hi age especially if you see how i walk. i had 2 surgeries, i broke my hip, i have not been to the street for 10 years. my niece wanted to take me for a walk, but i told them i want to die in my bed. just to clear, we have shelter down. she can go and like if it will be some warm so i could, she can't even live sure, apartment. so maybe people who can walk at least with all them, you can, you call don't steer. you can go to the shelter. but the both your i don't know
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alina can decide if you should leave keith with our 8 month old daughter, and go on along an unpredictable journey. but the constant challenge and silence, i'm making her very nervous. she can only hope ukrainian defense will hold sharp boil for when the battle begins will be afraid. but i know that fear will crumble very quickly. they are fighting for their land, their country, and most of all for their lives and those of their children and grandchildren steadfast and al jazeera q still ahead on al jazeera will tell you why the conflicts in ukraine is led to a change in facebook and instagram's rules on violence, speech and a former student leader is sworn in as she lays youngest president, promising to oversee a political and economic transformation. ah
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hello once again, welcome to another look at the international forecast. we got some nasty weather in the forecast across north america over the next couple of days for a couple of weather systems which will bring some winfrey, weather, some heavy snow disruptive snow as pushes a little further east. so these 2 gathering pulling away hats in, wet weather, recently around the florida panhandle. that's easing out of the way. come saturday, those to join together. we're seeing some snow. they're right up the eastern seaboard pushing up across sun, new england into that east. the side of canada, i'm pleased to say it does move through quickly though, so that is one consolation because he will be disruptive as we go through the next day or so bright, just guys do come back, it will be some ice around. of course, it'll take a little while to thor out here, down towards south bright, dry and sunny, some snow coming back in across rockies, and know to some wet weather and some windy weather coming into the pacific
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northwest. and it's that western side of canada, west coast of the u. s. generally try some pleasant sunshine here and pleasant sunshine to into much of mexico, all of that same weather system that will introduce some way to weather. i will slide its way down a yucatan peninsula, southern parts of mexico after the caribbean. it's not looking bad over the next couple of days, but wanted to chance to come with gutter. one of the fastest growing nations in the world blue on the cost of needed to oakland and develop it school track international shipping companies to become a key, middle east. and huh. trade and learning skillfully messed down 3 key areas of develop who filling up from it. so connecting the world, connecting the future warning. cato cortez gateway to whoa trade.
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lou ah, you're watching al jazeera tom. to recap those headlines. russia has expanded it's offensive in to weston ukraine, attacking 3 cities, including denise for desperate conditions continued positive and barrier crane says russian soldiers of kidnapped the mayor of man, it's awful. a city in the southeast the government released this security camera footage, which says shows the abduction of yvonne federal off the top of the screen. satellite images show russian tanks that formed the column north of ki, if now moving to surround the ukrainian capital. so my experts are predicting the
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long awaited battle for p of could be days away. the cities maya says nearly 2000000 people are still in key. it is russian troops advancing several fronts. russian forces have sheldon nuclear research institute in the heart of cave maids, adding to existing worries about ukraine's atomic facilities and sights lay. harding reports shattered windows damaged wall panels. the aftermath of a russian air strikes at car keith, institute of physics and technology, ukraine's largest and oldest nuclear science research center. from the russian side, several shells have been fired towards the territory of the institute. thank god, the mine installation remained in texas, but there's quite a lot of damage around the institute here. this is a research center, not a nuclear plant, but spent radioactive fuel is stored here. and that needs to be protected by my
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boss, real bush and the fact that in working condition, the installation does not pose any threat. if the physical damage of this installation takes place, it's possible that the fuel and radioactive elements would leak. and of course, it would be a big, big problem for the environment. ukraine's nuclear sites had been caught up in the fighting. russian troops are now in charge of your noble, the site of the world's worst nuclear accident. and there was showing at europe's biggest nuclear power station, a fire erupt in at a training facility that burnt for hours. the world's nuclear watchdog says it has to move fast to ensure that a nuclear incident doesn't become an unintended consequence of this war. leah harding al jazeera, russia has been accused of using a un security council meeting to spread lies and this information about biological weapons in ukraine western ambassador's claim. russia is fabricating the threat to
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justify its war. of russia says anyone who doubts its evidence is deluding themselves from the un. my counter reports. it was a false security council session held on ukraine since russia launched its invasion . but the 1st one called by russia itself. moscow claiming that ukraine supported by the u. s. is developing biological weapons and the russian ambassador attempting to preempt the denials, he said he was expecting we breathed union with irksome muscles of the clinic of doris. i can foresee what the reaction will be from our western colleagues who i'm sure are going to be saying now that all this information is fake and russian propaganda. but this is self delusion. un was direct in its assessment of the allegation. i am aware of media reports regarding allegations of biological weapons programs. the united nations is not aware of any biological weapons programs. the
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reaction of several members was incredulous. i will say this once. ukraine does not have a biological weapons program. there are no ukrainian biological weapons laboratories supported by the united states. absolutely, everything we have been hearing from russia regarding ukraine has been false, fabricated or distorted. the british ambassador describe the russian claims as baseless conspiracy theories. let me put it diplomatically. they are utter nonsense. china was the only security council member to offer a modicum of support to russia's claims. and the ukrainian ambassador argued that russia had made a mistake in calling for the meeting. by calling this missing, the aggressor state has suit itself in foot. once again, at the meeting was opened with a briefing by the you ends, political and peace building,
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chief of russia. and she referenced credible reports of russia's use of cluster bombs and civilian areas. strikes at hospitals and the deaths of hundreds of men, women, and children. the meeting russia called to highlight its allegations, became instead a scathing indictment of its actions during the invasion. mike hannah al jazeera united nations. now the u. s. is announced further sanctions against moscow, including a ban on russian seafood. vodka and diamonds is also revoking rushes favored trading status in coordination with g 7 allies. each of our nation is gonna take steps with an i most favored nation status to russia. a most favored nation stairs designation means 2 countries have agreed trade with each other under the best possible terms. low tire, sh, few barriers tray and the highest possible important allow. allen fisher has more
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now from washington d. c. russia now joined the list with the likes of cuba and north korea that doesn't have favor trading status with the united states. the united states tends to do business on world trade organization rules. but if you step outside the lines, then that means there's going to be higher tabs. the possibility of been an important exactly what we're seeing. no, no, as well as the bands that we had, the boat at the united states is also sanctioning your oligarchs. and some of those closer to put and they've been added to the list and they're seeing that there is a ban on exports of high in goods such as watches and also our cars. this is to, to really punish russia as much as possible. know, canada decided to do this last week. the united states and other use of nations joining in this week. it's still got to go through congress, but with the bipartisan support to punish russia for what it's doing in ukraine.
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this is almost certainly going to seal through french president emmanuel mccall says the e. u is ready to hit russia with more sanctions if it keeps bombing ukrainian cities. he was speaking on the final day of a 2 day summit in the sy, leaders have been discussing how to reduce the blocks dependency on russian energy . 40 percent of europe's natural gas demand is supplied by russia. the leaders of warned of the need to defend the block against possible russian counter measures. method. the company that owns facebook and instagram could soon be banned in russia . as an extremist organisation move would come off. the facebook announced its relaxing its rules on coals for violence is now a partial exception when the target in is russian troops in ukraine. iran, i met his c o and founder of the center for countering digital hate. he doubts matters. decisions will have much impact at the moment,
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met her by their own admission and their own documents. which frances, how going leaked the whistleblower from facebook. they only deal with 0.6 percent of all violence and intimidation on their platform. so $99.00 of a 100 times if you wrote something which was inciting violence and or intimidation, it wouldn't be dealt with. and any journalist, for example, in the united states would laugh hollowly if they were told that method as a marvelous job of cleaning up violence and intimidation on their platform. any politician would to. so in reality that saying we're listening a policy that we barely managed to enforce to even one percent anyway. but i think more fundamentally it backs this really big question. do they have a list of autocrats and dictators? if you aren't allowed to call for hom onto them, it's a bizarre situation where an arbitrary set of rules have been invented by mugs
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arkenberg and nick leg. i suspect to do to distract attention from wallet key fundamental. they are still allowing russia to, to send the english language propaganda via r t on their platform. and this call that's coming from all the society right now. it's the platform russian today. when's that gonna happen? now the war and ukraine is threatening to send food prices soaring and parts of the middle east and north africa. countries that while they rely heavily on wheat imports from both russia and ukraine. so that explains 11000 tons of wheat arrived in lebanon this week, but this will be the last shipment from ukraine, the world's key, wheat producers, russia and ukraine are at war, lebanon, like other countries in the middle east and north africa can no longer rely on them for most of their imports, they're now trying to make up for an expected shortage fiance g. i'm after
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another, we've reached out to a number of countries including the us on india, canada and some european countries which produce the soft we need for our bread. but the problem is not just finding alternative sources, diversifying supplies could mean transportation delays or an increase in shipping costs. we'd prices have already hit a 14 year high. the lead she's doing differently. we will resort to more expensive countries that export weight, which would sell to us at prices that are not as cheap as in russia and ukraine. so if the conflict is prolonged and supply is lis, this lead pressure on the balance of payments or the budget vehicle. egypt, for example, is one of the largest importers of weight in the world, and 80 percent of its supply is from ukraine and russia. it is considering raising the price of bread for the 1st time in $3.00 decades. it's no difference in lebanon, where authorities warn the central bank may not be able to subsidize bread. if
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prices continue to rise, the tunisian government, which is believed to be running out of money, has been rationing flower and reduced bread production. increase in prices will affect millions of people in the middle east and north africa who live in poverty. have a lot of money, have a grainy rushing war will affect import, export, and trade. because we are all importers of wheat, and most of the food stamps are from abroad. and soda, the across this region, economies have been hit by inflation and large public debt. others have been destroyed by war, syria no longer produces enough. we defeated the population, so it relies on imports and it's now rationing wheat. the world food program says 12000000 syrians are food insecure, while yemen is on the brink of 7. gammon, for example, were 16000000 people require food assistance and the world food program is assisting 13000000 of them. this country is almost entirely dependent on food
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importance and dependent on import of wheat from russia, from ukraine, sorry, by about 30 percent. so any shock, any slight shock would actually send these countries into a very, very serious food crisis. food prices are after highest level. so as poverty in a region already in turmoil and where higher bread prices have led to popular anger . in the past. santa hood, their elders, either in avenues, saudi arabian blogger, if, by the way, it's been freed from prison, but we was arrested by saudi authorities in 2012. after criticizing the ready just police on his blog, his 10 year sentence included public flogging, which sparks and international outcry by the way, could still be banned from leaving saudi arabia for a decade. alas, leaning former student leader is vowed to improve the lives of old lions. during his 1st speeches,
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president governor bondage campaigned to form an inclusive government that will tackle poverty and inequality which driven mass protests for years. boy, ne, 7, but you only get this a feel they meant it's a promise. today we start a period of great responsibility, but we won't start from 0. sheila has a long history, and today i've been made president, navigate, and on part of the history, which has all of us anything but at the same time gives form and meaning and direction. millions of people have made it possible. our latin america as a salisia newman has been among the crowds in santiago, i am in the plaza of the constitution in front of the presidential palace where you can see exactly thousands of billions are letting this area in order to wish well their new president and also to hear him speak when he addresses a nation for the 1st time. these are mainly young people. as you can see,
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they are very, very enthusiastic. got the advantage is the country's youngest ever president. and more than that, he has also a very young cabin and he's being accompanied by many of the student leaders whom a decade ago set about a student to revolt, a university student to revolt for veteran public education in this country. and he is now actually the leader of chile, here we embodies what many say is a turning point in this country or generational change. but he is also a leader with little experience or no experience actually in government, although he wasn't congressman joining me is have yes, i got a lead. she is also one of the many billions of the millions were voted for president body. a tell me something, are you not worried that even that he has so young and an experience that this could also be a double edged sword with no, i'm not worried at all. it had a precedent for 4 years that had a lot of experience and he did it very poorly. so i don't think the lack of
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experience means he's going to be a bad leader. what do you think? what you really want him to be different from everything that we've had for the past 1420 years, something different. a why did life something different? see me into a more see, i'm sure she me as most jillian so voted from wanting to mean a more socially equal inclusive country. that is what he is promising. again, he is just starting, but he is starting with a lot of you can see a public support. ah, ah, and i take you through some of the headlines here now just now where russia has expanded its offensive into western and eastern ukraine, attacking 3 cities, including the need for destro conditions, continue and hockey, and mary paul satellite images show russian tanks that had formed the column north of cave moving to surround the ukrainian capital. some experts are predicting the
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long awaited battles, okay. it could be days away. the city's mayor says 92000000 people lost it in key of as.


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