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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  March 12, 2022 4:00pm-5:01pm AST

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good mix and everything in between. doing me as i take on the la, dismantled misconceptions and debate the contradiction. mark lamond hill, and it's hardly get up front on algebra. ah, this is al jazeera oh, hi there, i'm to vanelle. this is the news all live from doha, coming up in the next 60 minutes, fierce fighting north west to keep as ukrainian forces try to hold off a rush in advance on the capital. protest is and meli tofal demand the release of their male accusations. he is being detained by russian soldiers. grains border service warns poland 2 largest
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cities can no longer cope with the wave of refugees and concerns about human trafficking. as millions of women and children flee across from cranes, borders, and sport. the english premier league has disqualify chelsea owner rome and a brand of it is director of the club and who follows you. k government's decision to slap a sanctions on the billionaire russian. ukraine's capital has been rocks by explosions and gunfire is fighting intensifies on south goods. russian ground forces a mass just 25 kilometers from the center of the city. and you cry, new authorities say an air base just outside key of was completely destroyed by russian rocket attacks. they also had an ammunition depot for the south protest. as in, mary told paul a demand there may be released. ukraine says russia true, put
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a bag over his head. you can see at the top there, and russian soldiers adopted him. the number of refugees is now past 2500000, putting pressure on eastern european countries. the mayor of warsaw says refugees now make up 10 percent of the polish capital population and accommodation is running out. margaret vall begins coverage with a roundup of developments. 17 days into the invasion of ukraine. plumes of smoke and blazing fire at an oil puts in bassett keith about 40 kilometers south west of kiff. ukrainian immediate say the fire is the result of a rush and else like the ukrainian capital itself, has spent another night on the heavy artillery bombardment. as the russians pushed to reach the city intensifies, satellite imagery shows a 60 kilometer column of russian tanks breaking away in different directions in an attempt to a circle. the capital case is already besieged from the north, the east and the west. no russian army is trying to complete the circle from the
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south. it is believed gone. troops are 25 kilometers away from the half of the capital. we're going to throw it away on the wrong coil. on the morning of march 12 high precision, long range weapons attacked ukraine's military infrastructure, including the military airfield, investor club, and the main center of radio and electronic intelligence of the ukrainian armed forces in bravo. cory, in total, during the operation, $3491.00 objects of the military infrastructure of ukraine were disabled. the impact is visible across ukraine, including here in the east and town of volunteer was did you look we were sitting in basement and they were walking around everywhere, shooting. we couldn't leave the basement for over a day. then i walked up to a soldier and i said, boys, my mom is bedridden up there. she's a grandma and i can't go up. the guys wanted to help me bring her down into the
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basement. but when we went up there she had already died. it was already too late. residential areas in give and mario paul lie in ruins. russian onslaught has also intensified in north and east, some southern ukraine bring in more death and destruction to populate the cities. ukraine has accused thus enforcers of having kidnapped the mayor of millet or pond in the southeast of the country. oh, protest has gathered in front of the cities local government headquarters, demanding the release of the mayor. formula. pasta mikayla's, we demand the mer be immediately released. we're talking to france, germany, israel and others. i personally have called german chancellor schultz and french president macro. i'll talk to every body necessary in order to get our people released. we expect world leaders to show how they can influence the situation and do one simple thing,
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get this one personally. so the very person that represents the people of malaria, paul, there have been several attempts at a cease fire while the human exodus within and out of ukraine, continuous so horny today, march 12, 2022. we announce the opening of the next few monetary cardoso. i very much hope that it will be a good day all the time. routes will be open and russia will abide by commitments to cease fire guarantees. i will inform during the day about the results of my hearing. these videos published by the head of this patricia region, the state administration, alexander start off on his official telegram channel, seemed to show the progress of a column of buses and red cross vehicles on their way to my apart from that patricia on saturday. at least 1000000 ukrainians have been internally displaced by the war. while more than 2500000 have been forced to leave the country. how much
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fun? let's take a look at where things stand in ukraine. areas shaded and red are controlled by russia and its allies separate as fighters. moscow is concentrated, more forces on the outskirts of the capital cave. in the south, russia has taken control of the area surrounding this operation nuclear plant. and in the north, each unknowable power plant has also been seized by russian forces. both sides are still being operated by ukrainian staff. rush is also taking control of her san, a poor city on the black sea and another poor city. mary paul remains on the siege . its people ashore, food, water, and electricity. we have 2 teams on the ground covering developments. john hall is individual. the 1st says go to step boston, who's in the capital key if step you've been at a press conference, i believe with the president developmental in sky will tv thing. yes indeed, we just saw follow dameon zalinski
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d m battle to president of ukraine in his presidential office. the man who surprised many by this constant appearances and video sir around the world, people are lauding him for his bravery because he's right here right here in the capital. and the way to get to him of course, was not easy. it was her highly security operation. i have to say we had to leave or cars or phones and all our stuff behind who were picked up by his so security man, security forces. and there were driven through the highly, heavily barricaded area near his sir his office, into a place where he finally appeared. he seemed tired, of course, his sister, 2nd week of the invasion, but definitely not defeat that. he spoke for more than an hour, took all our questions. so he was a very, a critical, as he's been in the past 2 weeks about the europe. you said the european lead us
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remind me of people said again, cafes, drink and coffee waiting until the bombs fall on their hats. are basically also saying that ukraine is now fighting for european values. and he doesn't feel that he gets enough support from europe and from nato. he chooses his words very carefully though, because he doesn't wanna close any doors. and he says, of course, the support that he's getting. he's really much appreciating that i asked him about the, the effects, the bombings of children's hospitals, maternity woods and residential areas has on him because it's seen as one of the strategies. so from russia to force him into surrender. and what kind of impact doesn't have on him. and he said he calls it a series of acts of terrorism that's happening right now in the country. also made a comparison with europe. again, saying that in the past when there were terrorist attacks in europe,
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where you were all very much shocked, everyone was really a crying out against it. and now this is happening here in ukraine on a daily basis. he says it sound sad about i'm getting used to it. i don't want to get used to it, but what's going to be next? is it going to be biological weapons? so it was a very still confident zalinski. i have to say frustrated, but still very much defiant as well. and step are the fighting is getting closer and closer to the city center. what's the latest? yes or there is increase fighting to capture the capital of course, as a seen as also the the main prize, sir for put into wars lansky himself is basically the very much a main price for this war. and we've seen the and here here, constant fighting on the outskirts which is nearing the capitol. it's around 2520
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kilometers away from the santa right now, but it's definitely increasing. there's been a lot of shelling, also air rates on the air base in the south of the city that was so 8 rockets hit that air base. it's completely been destroyed. there was a lot of ammunition, deer that has been exploding ever since. zalinski also said that the russia wants to destroy a basically the historic heart here are off here and he said, well, let them come, but you, they won't find any friends here or i turf. now. thank for that steadfast and for us in keith has got the latest from jonah hall, who's in our, the west of ukraine, individually. jonah, give us the picture if you would, of course, the rest of the country in terms of military movements. a number of very active front lines besides the sort of encroaching russian forces around cube that we've been hearing about from step there around other encircled or
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near in circle cities like hockey in the east, germany, even the north, to me, between cave and hockey, and also of course, maria pole in the south, entirely encircled, besieged and bombarded for 12 straight days. now. in mario paul, in the early hours of this morning, reports that a mosque was hit by rocket fy, 18 people thought to have been sheltering inside, including turkey citizens. we haven't heard and he confirmed casualty reports from that and in car keys, rescuers reported by the ukraine emergency services uncovered 5 bodies in the rubble of a residential building just on the outskirts of her keys, including 2 children, other fronts. denise pro, in the center, east of the country that received 3 missiles on friday, the 1st to tax on that city. again, the tax attempted on saturday morning were told by the authorities there were repelled by the cities at defenses, explosions that were heard that were apparently in fact,
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missiles being intercepted mc alive down in the south, just to the west of crimea and important ship building, city and important gateway for russian forces on their route to odessa, should they choose to take it, will they be pressing it to make, make our lives defenses for several days. now, continuing to do that in the early hours of saturday, continuing to be repelled. so the ukrainian local administration says, although there are reports of a cancer hospital being hit on friday and fairly high casualty figures in that city, the big development, if you like, the one that is exercised. mr. lensky in that press conference, that step attended is the capture of the mayor of many top for many top one of these cities on the south of the black sea coast on that land, colorado that russia is trying to they to enforce and hold between crimea and the east, uneasy stand off there between russian forces on the ground and civilians. the civilian administration still functioning. they captured the mare,
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a bag over his head. as you were reporting there, captured on cctv an outcry from the residence of met, topple in angry protest on saturday. mister sky appealing to europe and leaders to do something to persuade mister putin to release him. and as i said, as i say, that reports that mister micron of france and mister schultz of germany are currently holding 3 way telephone talks with him in putin as they did on thursday. perhaps to raise this very matter don't humanitarian car. it was meant to open today women to open today for people to be able to escape those mandatory car doors over the past week or so have been intermittently successful. what's been happening today the latest updates from the ukrainian side say that those corridors are open again and are functioning in a variety of areas. sue, me, the biggest one. bringing people down to pull tarver under 905 kilometers or so
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from where they disperse internally or head for the borders that's been relatively successful. over the last few days, that sumi root other routes out of embattled suburban centers to the north and west of the capital key of people fleeing those areas into the capital. key of that is going on butcher p in house to mel those sorts of places. the one that everybody really wants to work and that just doesn't seem to work at all, is the mario poll route. the russians absolutely adamant it seems to keep up their attacks around mario, poland, frustrate any efforts to open humanitarian corridors so that it's fair to say both sides blame the other. a big convoy tried to get into multiple, we understand has not yet been successful. all right, for now we'll leave it there. thank you for that. john hall live for us in the v ms . jonah mentioned still the pro in ukraine southeast has come under attack. what are del hamid reports from the city where air strikes here close to a kindergarten and apartment building on friday?
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it was 5 55 in the morning and much of the new pro was asleep only to be walked into this one of 3 explosions that rock the city court on surveillance camera. oksana didn't hear the air raid sirens more, but the force of the blast shattered the windows and her ceiling collapsed. she lives on the 4th floor of an apartment block facing a shoe factory, an apparent target of russian missiles. we didn't expect anything in neat pro. there are no military facilities around the rations were saying that they would only target military infrastructure. here, there are only residential blocks. the school and the kindergarten windows were hit . the acrylic, he says the rockets were launch from the burnett's region interrogation controlled by the russian back separatist. this is the 1st time this city has been targeted since the beginning of the war. now that will have a huge impact because so far,
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libra has been a transit point for people fleeing other areas in easton, ukraine that were under heavy bombardment. the immediate impact long queues outside the train station. people standing for hours in sub 0 temperature patiently waiting to escape, despite the fear of another attack. cataract of the decision to pack up and leave. as soon as you heard, early morning explosions, obama phone has been dead. you know, it's a nightmare. nato's not doing enough that they should close the sky. they should do more. wendy, of those standing here had fled the horrors of war once before. their home towns already destroyed. now seeking faith refuge again, mina and her 2 children drove out of how to keep after russian jet fighters over her neighborhood for days. and the shilling became closer and louder. this conflict
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has torn her family apart. listen again. lensky won't do what russia expects from him, so we don't know what awaits us. of course, ukraine will not come from ice. my son also says, no, we've been living in hell in hockey for a week. and now we hate russia. well, there we have many relatives. many of those living will join the 2500000 refugees that have already crossed into neighboring countries. while those things, wonder what's next? to me, i'll give you a new pro, russian president vladimir putin, his bank plans to allow foreign volunteer by his into eastern ukraine graham and said it's already received more than 16000 applications from people in the middle east and countries. but it's miss reports from moscow, from a middle east battlefield to a european one. syrian soldiers are being asked to join rushes fight in ukraine. we sacrifice our blood and soul for you,
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syria for you. bashar is that call to arms on the banners. read the great russian army, we will defeat the nazis. this is from the social media channel of russia's defense ministry. and russia's president says, they're welcome to come to don bus back in easton ukraine, where russian backed separatists from done yet can ganske a fighting government forces in response to reports of foreign fighters joining ukraine's army. the russian government says it too is had requests from all over the world to join the battle regarding the gathering of soldiers from around the world for you green, we see them divest the sponsors of the ukrainian regime. do not keep it secret. they do it openly, disregarding international law. so if you see people who want to interior league without payment to come and help people in dumbass while we need to meet their efforts and help them reach the combat zone on the talks of ukraine, the most recent were on thursday in turkey. putin says his negotiators tell him,
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there are certain positive shifts tonight because he was talking to bell russian president, alexander lucas shanker, who's in moscow. lucas shank has given russia troops an access to its territory to help the invasion of ukraine. its board, bella roost, a similar level of functions and there's a rush of face sheets and we have been overcoming the sanctions for as long as you like. we have to build back our economy, we can do without them. we have everything to live and work normally, but life in russia is not normal at the moment. a further threatened crack down on social media highlight your facebook says it's relaxing, it's hate speak rules in relation to russia's invasion of ukraine. so prosecutors here won't parent company matter, declared an extremist organisation, and facebook and instagram to be blocked. criminal cases have also been opened into matter staff though none a based here is the company as long resisted demands to open an office in russia. bernard smith, algebra moscow. as the threat grows,
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the exodus of refugees continues. here's the scene of poland border with ukraine where large numbers of people are entering on foot. more than 2 and a half 1000000 people have fled. crane so far, volunteers from across europe has made their way to border crossings. town provide food and to other essentials. and we arrived 3 days ago. and here we are. we're operating 247 that we don't stop her. the people, the refugees are coming from 50 yards away, mostly women and children, old women, and a very sad state. obviously what is happening. the polish people have been amazing . so we're here to support the polish people as well as ukrainians because of predators. people have received the brunt of this influx, more than half of the refugees escaping ukraine. a children several neighboring countries have opened their doors. the busiest crossings us lavaca hungry and poland, where at more than half a 1000000, a, sorry, a 1000000 and
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a half people have left ukraine into poland as the conflict and is the 7th day 17th day. rather. while many of those who are fleeing are women, and as we said, children and concerns are growing about how to protect them from becoming victims of human trafficking. julian wolf has more here in the media border between poland and ukraine. former members of an elite french military force are helping to protect refugees who may be unaware that war isn't the only thing there. fleeing from this morning we felt free, free man that was trying to to get a bunch of woman into a van. i cannot 100 percent say that they were trying to recruit them for 6 trafficking. but when we started talking to them, when we approached them, they got nervous and they just left immediately. so we just said we were just here to help many ukrainian refugees reaching border country,
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seek to reunite with friends or family members across europe. or after 5 day car journey from the bomb city of sherman heave arena, seek shelter on the sir ab border between romania and ukraine. she is waiting on a friend and berlin to arrange housing for her and her 2 children. while her husband and parents stay behind, help offer by strangers who greet her and other refugees is abundant. but so are the risks. there are many very dangerous propositions from la different people. they can offer. ah, us health for free to read, share any country, but it's not true. among this border town men offering free rides to women, have been sent away, playing clothes intelligence officers are on the lookout for criminal activity, and law enforcement teams are advising women, arriving at the borders on how to stay safe,
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which i could discuss with the every couple for example, coming from ukraine, especially a woman and her young goes to have were some preventive measures like her or i have a food charge, pottery, or to remember every time the number of the carla were there, were going in a recent report by the year in commission estimates annual global profit from human trafficking is around $32000000000.00. sexual exploitation is most common in the $27.00 nation block, with nearly 3 quarters of all victims, female and almost every 4th. the child and in humanitarian crises like these, those numbers go up. the reef for this to happen is very high. so in fact, like these, when people mobilize what the reason for either people that can capitalize on the pain. this families i use very high. the challenge now is borders have been crossed, is to say safe and alert until they reach their destination. he and move
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algebra. let's bring in the ugly ash k cost of it. she is the ceo of the polish migration form foundation, and she joins his visor from warsaw. thank you for joining us on the news hour. so how big the problem actually is this human trafficking, but also just generally, i guess the exploitation of these vulnerable women and children and in countries where they don't speak the language. where are you crying in an english language? are quite similar as a language barrier is not at high, but we do see that in the suppressed super fast process that we experiencing and brought it all that in really very rapid. it's hard to implement security measures and we see that we focus right now and just allowing people cross and providing very basic assistance and these sorts of dangerous or possible traffic. it is not
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yet very well developed that there are information provided, but we see that a screening procedure that you know, well i guess also, i mean you have social media post people saying you can come and say my house. i'm opening my, my house to, to any refugees have come from ukraine, but i mean, obviously, that also presents itself a potential has it? yes, i mean, the response of the home. he was super spontaneous mary week, and really a lot of people donated their homes to the people that were either from ukraine. but we do see that this is where we kind of little concerned about what happens in these homes and who is inviting the people on top of these we observe very high migration of people all transport of people father to either european countries with no control and i think this is also when you should the test to change very fast other a lot of unaccompanied children, obviously that the men of fighting age have to stay in ukraine. so it's all women
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and children, but how many unaccompanied children are crossing the border and how are they kid for what we observe now is on a limited number of children that are a lot of what we will call unaccompanied children in the sense that they are not with parents are in fact accompanied by other family members or neighbors. it often happens that someone from a village or town takes their own children and other children from the neighborhood to see. and so i think it's quite a challenge to determine who is in fact, cared for and who is not. we know of their cases, what children i lost and social media in poland, east full of pictures of children who parted with the families already on the way. on during the crossing of the garden, we've been talking today about how warsaw in krakow are struggling with the numbers
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of people who are arriving from what you're seeing are people who are crossing the border, wanting to stay in poland because they plan on going back to ukraine very quickly, or why is it that they want to stay in the cities or on the border areas? very many people are right around with this assumption or a hope that the war will finish within days or weeks and even within poland, we faced the challenge inviting people kind of more inside the country because indeed a lot of people we still and plan to stay along the ukrainian border in regions which i already will of people. so as you said, a lot of people hope that they will be able to shortly come back to their countries . on the other hand, we do see people hold on and there are significant number of people that i feel that are leading poland to germany, france, spain, or cultural on the other,
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other european countries. all right, thank you very much for joining us there. agnes. scott, cost of it's the ceo of the polish migration form foundation. and you can check now the weather has everton hollow. we've had something of a heat wave here in the middle east recently. so you see largely clear skies across southern parts of the arabian peninsula to the south of that. that's where the heat really has been on friday afternoon and go hot temperature touch. 40 degrees celsius. unconfirmed reports of temperatures in the u. e. e getting as high as 42 degrees over the next day or so that temperature will ease, but it should be about 27 celsius this time of the year. so we are still on the warm side of that hate further north. that's where it's been a lot cooler, a little unsettled as well. some cloud and rain on sunday, coming in across the rock, q 8, northern parts of iran, bits and pieces of sherry rain over its walls will event here. we're still struggling to get into word double figures and some snow there. once again into
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turkey. similar pitch as we go on into monday. know that where to whether we have across that eastern side of the mediterranean will so laugh on to the shores of northern egypt pushing across the northern parts of africa. by the way, across into the far north of morocco, thick dust haze continuing just around us. a hell pushing into northern parts of nigeria, heavy showers. they're just rolling in across the gulf of guinea. may marlowe showers will continue right across the heart of africa. and we have the risk of flooding from our old tropical side. so for a good part of mozambique still ahead on al jazeera, a former student leader is sworn in his chiles youngest president, promising to oversee a political and economic transformation form of fog hostages are running in columbia. his election could soon face spec kept it in parliament and this canadian ski it equals a power limpid record and his last ever games find out when he did come and open source. ah,
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when i think of my niger, i think of potential when i think of potential i think or what b, what is not. i think of young people literally take their fincher into the own and get some food that they come to tell me. it's impossible. i think the only challenge with a child in the country. hello. my name is ben. gotcha. so i'm, this is my nigeria. my, my gerry on al jazeera when the news breaks, where it all started, early i was around 5, i am very large explosions. people working up to walk, but never expect to meddle when people need to be heard and the story told fine line or playing the role, bring in our differences together with exclusive interviews and in depth reports. this is norma. this is tyler. al jazeera has teens on the ground to bring you more
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award winning documentaries and live news lou. the knowledge is there a reminder about top stories. the solid ukraine's capital has been wrought by flows and gunfire. fighting intensifies on an air base just outside of q was completely destroyed. wash and ground forces and mast 25 kilometers from the center of the city. protest isn't the ukrainian city of many co paula demanding. the grand government is put on security camera video, which is 5th shows and being abducted by russian soldiers, 2 and
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a half 1000000 refugees of l. left ukraine, putting pressure on neighboring european nations office masters refugees. now my call 10 percent of the polish capital population. accommodation is running out. germany says it will take him 2 and a half 1000 ukrainian. refugees from mold over more than 100000 people are currently there after crossing ukraine's border. the german foreign minister says the european union is setting up a green card or to bring people by boss through romania is not what you want. in this situation, europe in my country are showing solidarity. that's right. together with the german interior minister, i agreed that as the 1st that we could bring $2500.00 of cranium refugees directly to us. from aldo, it is clear, this can only be as tires, but it should be above all stars for us, together with other countries, not only in the european union, but with other countries, whereas the rise to support your country and your people in order to help the
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cranium, concerns of mounting about the pressure being put on mold over one of europe's poorest countries. because of the influx of refugees arriving from ukraine. although this as a border with ukraine, this countries west and has become one of the main crossing points for thousands of families. seeing the complex many international agencies expects, the influx of refugees into mold over will continue to increase russian troops and pushing toward port cities along the crane. southern coast, including odessa, less than 50 kilometers from. although this border and estimated 1500 russian troops, which russia described as peacekeepers, already with in moldova, internationally recognized borders. bear in trends, nice strip breakaway enclave where models and authorities have no control at spring in the around or so. he is a mold in political analyst, and an expert almost over and ukraine is also division director of open society foundations and he joins his my resume from london. thanks for your time. how
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equipped is moldova to deal with the number of refugees is now seen. mazda is facing multiple prices, is that the same time it's still deal been damaged crisis. it had the state of emergency because of the energy crisis. and now it says thing, huge and low. and also the new security threat from the war in the ukraine. it has taken more than 3 100000 ukrainian across the board to about 100000. still stay in the 427000 of them minus children and probably will stay it's huge. burden on the structure is passionate on the housing. probably have transportation and urgent require lobo and international. how. okay. what about in terms of the
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security situation? i mean, how much concern is there in moldova right now that russia might expand its operations over into its territory, especially as we're saying russian troops are moving along. ukraine's southern coast. in the model is probably the close of job graphics from all the other neighboring countries to ukraine, to the, to the, to the conflict. and they, and the military sion. it also has, as you mentioned, russian troops on it, that is the way the neutral country and its constitution formally forbid, and foreign troops to be placed on a saturday. and has been asking for many, many years russia to withdraw the remaining troops, including the un general or something. russia has ignored those, those calls in the last start 2 years. i don't think that i knew the time
4:36 pm
of hyped and military mobilization in trying nice tra about kind of give a be released to the on the, on a far however, this turn change. and that the moment that depending on the or the from kremlin, i think ukraine also realizes very of our potential lead time from the transmission side. so that's why ukrainian preemptively have destroyed the bridges, including the railway bridge from trans nice going so or what have the authorities in trans nice street said about rushes in coach and you said there hasn't been any sort of military build up. but one of the signs being coming from there so far they have taken a neutral position, at least in their public statements. there was
4:37 pm
a new call for international recognition of its independence, but few days ago, optimal applied formally for erupt ian union membership. these are not new calls transmitted, trying to ship have been making those calls for the last 2 years. and trans names felt very much integrated with the euro p. and for the sort of the trade about 70 percent of the experts go to the european union and it will definitely also suffer from ca, can the supply flows to russia and ukraine. desa used to be the main port, so it transmitted in goods, are experts and now it's been cut. so it's taking that a, i would say for now neutral position because it's also going to suffer from the
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ukraine. i thank you very much for us to say they are out or so their mold and political analyst an expert on hold of and ukraine. thank you. the war is threatening to send food prices sore and cost parts of the middle east and north africa. many countries beverly heavily on wheat imports, so he has more. 11000 tons of wheat arrived in lebanon this week, but this will be the last shipment from ukraine, the world's quay, wheat producers, russia and ukraine are at war, lebanon, like other countries in the middle east and north africa can no longer rely on them for most of their imports, they're now trying to make up for an expected shortage fiano. i'm after the other we've reached out to a number of countries including the us on india, canada and some european countries which produce the soft we need for our bread.
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but the problem is not just finding alternative sources, diversifying supplies could mean transportation delays or an increase in shipping costs. we'd prices have already hit a 14 year high. the words to go into differently. we will resort to more expensive countries that export weight, which would sell to us at prices that are not as cheap as in russia and ukraine. so if the conflict is prolonged and supply is list, this lead pressure on the balance of payments or the budget vehicle. egypt, for example, is one of the largest importers of weight in the world and 80 percent of its supply . it's from ukraine and russia. it is considering raising the price of bread for the 1st time in $3.00 decades. it's no different in lebanon, where authorities warn the central bank may not be able to subsidize bread if prices continue to rise. the tunisian government, which is believed to be running out of money, has been rationing flower and reduced bread production increase in prices will
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affect millions of people in the middle east and north africa who live in poverty. have a lot of money to have a cranium rushing war will affect import, export, and trade. because we are all importers of wheat, and most of the food stamps are from abroad in the soda the. across this region, economies have been hit by inflation and large public depth. others have been destroyed by war, syria no longer produces enough. we to feed its population, so it relies on imports and it's now rationing wheat. the world food program says 12000000 syrians are food insecure, while yemen is on the brink of 7 gammon, for example, were 16000000 people require food assistance and the world food program is assisting 13000000 of them. this country is almost entirely dependent on food importance and dependent on import of wheat from russia, from ukraine, sorry, by about 30 percent. so any shock,
4:41 pm
any slight shock would actually send these countries into a very, very serious food crisis. food prices are after highest level, so is poverty in a region already in turmoil, and where higher bread prices have led to popular anger. in the past, santa hood, their al jazeera could take of some other news now and at least 60 people a dead after a freight train derailed in the democratic republic of congo. was traveling between 2 villages in the south of the country before several carriages came off the tracks and crashed into a ravine. local officials, their bodies are still trapped under the rubble. julie has a new president's. gabriel rich is a former student leader. it was promised a more inclusive society. one of the regions most socially unequal countries are that in america. and it had to say a newman reports from santiago. 36 year old gabrielle bought each end to the senate hall without a ty. just one way of showing he's not changed since he was
4:42 pm
a shaggy haired student leader fighting for social justice. now a decade later, he's heading country with other former student leaders. they're a new generation promising to overhaul an economic model that has contributed to deep social inequalities. oh, thousands of support who swarmed the plaza in front of the presidential palace, hoping to see and touch their new president. and i really thought funeral for this is like a dream come true to him after so many years of waiting for i like birds, a slogan that hope come over configure chill his youngest president cautions that the social transformations needed in health. education and pensions will take time . bama live, what give i'm a little will goes low because we're going far. these government will not be the end of the march. it will be a long, difficult road. but today, the dreams of millions of people are pushing us forward. you know what it says,
4:43 pm
his government will champion the environment and indigenous and women's rights. some are concerned that president body may be too radical to far left, especially since the communist party makes up part of his governing coalition. but in actual fact, if you look at his program, he seems much more like a social democrat in countries like, for example, scandinavia, where social equality is taken for granted. my absence from the inauguration with the leaders of venezuela and nicaragua, who were not invited instead, but each invited opponents of those he deems audit. yeah. okay, and rob boy, and i hope that julian's help him to carry out a program for a different type of site. but we will race hopes on our continents so punished by so many dictatorship. washington's envoy of goods, statements and defense of human rights for world law have been incredibly positive
4:44 pm
. but each news that much of the world and especially latin america are focused on how well he can make good on his promise to create a more inclusive chilly without population or sacrificing democracy. to see and human al jazeera santiago. 3 former hostages, detained by the former columbia fog rebels are running and sundays congressional elections. i believe the victims of the countries conflict should have a biggest say, and its politics bought as our sounds. yes, he reports from but was wanting to see could been working alongside the former campus obviously. and i just want to run people feel recognized. former police officer jump in charlotte street. they remember his escape from foreign rebels in 2007 after more than 8 years as a captive. one of the images have been child faint as a nail after walking 17 days through the jungle,
4:45 pm
move the nation to review the ice people. now he's campaigning for a senate seat in sundays congressional elections with another form or hostage presidential candidate to ingrid bet on core. he says he's running for the victims of columbia conflict, who he believes were short changed by the 2016 piece deal. the last a way, me unit, anything less of the 9000000 victims of columbia conflict, only 1000000 have received reparation and receive reparations from the state. not the culprits in the far because revealed only 10 percent of their assets. again, we want to recover the missing 90 percent for the victim. i love it, but i've been denied victim yes and ok to if someone was not alone. other former hostages are also seeking representation in congress. they come from different parties and different political believes that share the same contempt for the former gary. yes. who have since formed the legal political party? i think i think that's in the feeling. what i mean speaking,
4:46 pm
you will be difficult if i win to meet my victimizers in congress. i will try to be fair, participate in their debate, me, but i have no intention to have any personal relationship because they have not fulfilled their promises. and since giving up their arms, the farkas complied with the demands of a special tribunal for peace. better still struggling to convince many colombians that they deserve a seat at the political table. the pe feel guarantee the 10 seats and congress to the party created by the extent park for 2 consecutive legislative periods, which is one of the agreements that angers many of the victims of the former fark former psych leader and kerr. and senator william guy jo says, the only way to move forward is to overcome the countries painful past or to west point was to lay down the weapons and be able to participate in politics. should welcome my presence as much as we welcome them. my wishes that we be partners, show columbia, and the world that despite our differences,
4:47 pm
we can work towards consensus to build a better country. oh, many believe parks party lacks the support to survive. pass the selections, but there's so much pain. it's a relief that these differences are playing out at the ballot box and not on a battlefield. allison that i'm peer and just, you know what? i mean, he's not nearly 60 percent of chads. population is under 18. you need to have says only half of all children there have access to formal education on there is have a morgan pulls from the capital in jemina. this was it school time, but that out the law is not preparing her 7 year old daughter for classes. instead his reading her and her siblings to do work around con, dual village, on the outskirts of chats, capital income may now she says her family's economic situation is forcing her to keep her children from getting educated. oh martha maria marcella. listen, look,
4:48 pm
or we can't send them to schools because there's no money. they find something to do in the village. the older ones worked with the cattle and the younger ones play around. the older girls carry cattle ways to be used as fertilizer, and the older boys carriers on donkey carts for money chat has one of the world's highest rates of non attendance. according to the children's agency, eunice half. most children who are not being educated are in rural areas around the capital of estates. while education is free, the country's poverty rate has forced families to send their children to work to help generate income. according to the world bank, more than 60 percent of chat, 16000000 people live in poverty. the nearest school to control is less than 10 kilometers away, and fixing children from nearby villages. but teachers here see the face challenges in carrying out their jobs. the few teachers to be found have not received proper training. movies that they are throwing over the cargo. we are only for teachers here in the school that has more than 300 students. i'm high school graduate and
4:49 pm
a volunteer along with the other 3 teachers. but we lack of materials that we need to teach. we have 6 grades here, but only have books for 3rd grade them up of classes don't have hopes to read from you. we don't have funding to change them. other agencies also say they are not enough teachers for the number of school children, and that's making the situation worse. about 3000000 children are about half of school age. kids in chad have no access to formal education, but it's not just the poor economy that hindering families from sending their children to schools in rural areas. there are few schools and many are usually far away. and where there is one to be found, it's usually in poor state un, unable to accommodate all levels of education. the us says a shortage of schools has led to the countries high electricity rate. less than 25 percent of adults are able to read and write. chad government says it's working to set up more schools. but some teachers are also part of the problem. who nasa would
4:50 pm
there is, some teachers who are qualified and assigned to government schools prefer to teach it private institutions to be able to earn more income. that creates a shortage of government run schools and kids tend to miss out on classes. but we're working to address that as well as trying to set up schools and all of tell these around the country and ensure kids go to school. that says if a cooler sets up in can do, she will send her children to it. but she says she hopes that when and if one is built, her economic conditions will have improved so that she won't need their help to put food on the table. he will morgan algebra, jemina, still ahead on al jazeera is false. we look ahead to a crunch game and the race to finish and the english premier league top 4 ah, from the front lines of just 0 correspondence, you need to report every angle of the war in ukraine if that goes to the left
4:51 pm
people donating whatever they get they steely determination to resist and fight back. we're in the center of the capital in a war, let's cough things with all of our was still rolling to police and making it very difficult for people to try and protest. the russian army has positioned itself in the next tale, stay with us, just 0 for the latest developments. bitcoin block chain and crypto guarantees. disruptive technology joined with me and introducing a bill to outlaw crypto currency all the way to a fair, a financial system. because open source software, we can trade out or money without banks or governments award winning filmmaker tossed and huffman looks at all sides of the complex crypto. well crypto. yeah. it going look, change in the internet on out to sierra lou
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ah, ah santa ot his far came thanks so much. the english premier league bored as disqualified chelsea owner roman abramivitch as a director at the club. it comes after the russian billionaire was sanctioned by the u. k. government over his countries invasion of ukraine. b, p l says it's decision won't affect the clubs ability to train and play fixtures. brunbridge had announced last week and he was playing to sell the club, but sale is now on hold in. chelsea are operating under a special government license a title cheeses. liverpool are currently beating brightened to nel as they hoped to close the gap on leaders. manchester city and later the english premier leagues race for champions league spots heat sap as match the united house taught them. when will move united above 4th place arsenal. i'm currently have 3 games in hand
4:53 pm
over man you spurs to play the game more than arsenal. anna, when will put them level on points with the gunners? dot manager is looking for big performances from harry kane's helps were finished the season strong. baterri we are talking about 2 hours, cross dry canada. i'm very lucky to to have a ah, a player like him to work we deem it because i always said the data we are talking about too often. tuscan play yet about to this and dimer ah, offered bessie person. greg popovich has broken n b a record. the san antonio spurs chief sealed his $1336.00 victory, becoming the couch with the most regular seasons. when in league history, who is 73 old, accomplish the feet on friday when he saw the spurs rally to be through the utah
4:54 pm
jazz, 804-2102, the milestone comes in popovich is 26 season with san antonio. the only franchise he has served as had coach for that. no, you preached your players that they have to do it together. and that's certainly been the case in my life with all the wonderful players and coaches staff know that i've been blessed with the support of this wonderful city, the fan support us. no matter what all the share in this record, it's not mine. ah, it's ours here. in the city because of all those people that i just mentioned. so yeah, we x, i learn a new part of history. ah, you know, is this a blessing ability to, you know, play for me arguably to me, to best coach a coach vasqua. so there was also a big outside to naiambi on friday,
4:55 pm
the western conference number one team and, and the leading phoenix sons were stand on a home court. they were beaten narrowly by the toronto raptors, 117 to 112 sunstar, devon, booker, missing again time 3 and the dying 2nd. second half was turnovers, you know, 16 turnovers for 25 points. and that's hard to you know, you gotta do something really well to overcome the end of the num. canadian ski or bryan mckeever has won his 16th paralympic gold medal, equaling a games record. the 42 year old who is competing and his 5th and final games he'll victory in the men's visually impaired cross country race. on friday in beijing, mckeever has tie the record set by german garrett. shaun founder could read the mark in the mixed relay on sunday, 3 time major winner, andy murray,
4:56 pm
has won his $700.00 the top level maj, lamb or game team against tara daniel and the 1st round at indian wells. murray is there needing all his private money for the rest of the years to help children in ukraine hunter did well to fight back in that one tara was playing strictly while the target sent myself from the end of last year. and obviously happy to achieve that. not too many guys managed to do with everything has gone on the last few years. you know, i could have been way past 700, but you know, i kept kept buying and got there. and you know, like on to try and reach another target, another milestone. but yeah, this is a good one. fellow britain am a radical new battled through her 2nd round match in california. the us open champion had a tough time against frances caroline garcia. but the 19 year old eventually close out the match in 3 sat for her 1st ever when at the indian wells tournament.
4:57 pm
cocoa golf is also through the teenager beating claire lou and straight to advanced . next for the 16 seat is a showdown with former world number one small house a century from the spine, colacho has given australia a good start, and the 2nd test against papasan roxane born player, reached 3 figures. for the 11th time in his test career, australia were 251 for 3. at the close in karachi, 1st test of this 3 much series finished and draw. honda and and south africa have held on to their on b in record at the women's world cup in new zealand. they beat pakistan by 6 runs. 8 teams are taking park the top 4 after the group stage will advance into the semi finals. ok. and that is i use for, for now kim, back to you. i far as a news, i don't go away will have plenty more of the day's news in just few minutes time
4:58 pm
and clean, very latest from ukraine. shortly. bye bye. ah, nazareth the home of jesus christ has long drawn pilgrims and visitors from around the world. hundreds of years. it's old city rang to the sounds of shopkeepers and crofts. people. this entry, those sounds of dwindled, a handful of businesses struggling on. but hearing that splashes of color show signs of a fight back, resigns obese it and decided to renovate an old warehouse and to work and live in the old city with a mission. if me and another person opens the work that can be here will start here organically open by some young palestinian israeli designers and entrepreneurs have been moving in, inspired by earlier artists to let them mark once. there were 450 businesses
4:59 pm
operating in the old city. now there are just 50. the old cities always be in the heart of nazareth. now a growing group of residence wants to get it beating again. it will come back because the city still have very much power on counting the cost, the u. s. bonds washing oil and the e u to shrink its reliance on russian gas or high prices on the line, global energy security. how sanctions against moscow, a plastering the aviation industry, and reeling from food shortages and power, cuts, or short lanka to fold from its depths, counting the cost on al jazeera oh, use use you newton 80 birds are risk of extinction. lin ambitious plan to rid the nation if some prisoners site want to when he's the best, the guy on how to 0. cold with nato long plan to military to catch this ice, the largest since the cold war has taken on new significance as the war rages in
5:00 pm
ukraine de with al jazeera for the latest development. as 35000 troops from 28 nato countries demonstrate their abilities in a region already. okay. ah, fears fighting nor 1st of cubes as ukrainian forces try to hold off or rush in advance on the capital. ah, i'm convent allen. doha, with extensive coverage of the ukraine war the testers and ukraine's presidents call for medic topples mer to be freed up the accusations he's being held by russian troops.


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