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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  March 14, 2022 12:00am-1:01am AST

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the city and i said he was doing away with the curfew that was supposed to get everybody off. it's international perspective with the human touch zooming way in, and then pulling back out again. ah, this is al jazeera, ah, hello there. i'm julie mcdonald, this is the i'll just say renews our lives from london coming up. or she missiles, target ukrainian military facility near poland border. 35 people are killed and dozens more of winded intense shelling again prevents rescuers from reaching the besieged city of mario pool. where $400000.00 people remain tracked rounds revolution we god save was responsible for
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a missile attack on our bill in iraq. and our report from north east india, where vast swedes of forests are under threat from farming and illegal logging and beat assuming dough julio sports. the wings were paralympics in beijing draws were closed. while in the primary chelsea edge part new courses with a late goal. ah, hello there, a warm welcome to the news our russia has widened its assault on you. craig striking targets in the country west for the 1st time. early on sunday, 35 people were killed during russian missile strikes on a military training base in gavel rif, let's just 20 kilometers from the polish border and elsewhere as the fighting and shell and continues. ukraine's government says a 125000 people have now been evacuated via humanitarian corridors. but
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a major area of concern remains mario pool that says city where 400000 people are still trapped by fighting. we'll have more on that in just a 2nd. but 1st to western ukraine and the attack on the air base donahoe begins our coverage making reportedly slow progress on major front. russia has widened its warm ukraine. the missiles that fell on a minute. the training center near yavari in the far west killed dozens soldiers, cadets that russia claims were foreign trained fighters preparing to enter the war . just a few months ago, joint military exercises took place here. ukrainian troops alongside allies from 14 countries, yet now they're having to fight and die in this war. largely alone. scores more were injured in the most devastating single attack so far, and with worrying implications for supply routes,
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delivering humanitarian and military aid. the war has now come to western ukraine and with it a sense that perhaps nowhere in this country is safe but of largest significance is the fact that not just a countries main supply routes are now vulnerable, not just the main avenues of escape, hundreds of thousands of refugees have now become vulnerable, thought the fact that the war has now come within 20 kilometers, also of a nato border in the river. on sunday morning, anna woke to the sound of explosions. sounds good. so she said someone was breaking into the house. she went to last night and i was threat. we met at the fuel stop the pregnant daughter, a nice and her grandchild in the car, making a dash for the polish border. though most of your home, my husband and brother in law stayed behind the new stuff. i would pick up our
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mitel, sorry on that because we have to always, you know, in the okay, yeah, most people are and once again, calls for nato to intervene to enforce a no fly zone over ukraine. that was like, by the curve of rockets have fallen 10 kilometers from the border with europe tomorrow. then they pulled 10 kilometers on the other side and poland, whether our wives and children are now i call on europe. save yourselves, save us, which are because tomorrow it will be too late at night, continues to have no appetite to confront russia directly as the war grinds on. the cities like czerny in the north steady nerves required here to remove an unwelcome delivery through someone's front window civilians. those grave, all desperate enough to attempt to escape,
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continue to leave areas close to keep like her pin, where an american journalist was killed when he and a colleague were fired on by russian forces. and no respite yet again for mario paul. satellite images shows, swathes of destruction in the southern city besieged for 2 weeks. the life being strangled out of it, an aide convoy once again prevented from entering. there is one constant, the inexhaustible morale boosting russia, defying presence of a comedian, who once played the role of president on tv. now handing out medals and giving the performance of his life. colonel haul, al jazeera yavari. well, the russian defense ministry says its forces have doubts a blow to foreign fine says coming to ukraine to join the war. well, there's really no, it's just or whatever. and he'll probably the armed forces of the russian
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federation during the salt military operation have taken under full control of pub, lapka, nickels, coin, blood, the noise, video, knocker, and flood. the mirror of the progress during the day is up to 9 kilometers 100. troop continued their offensive actions in the brain from the nazis popping noise sitting on the 13th of march and the salt on the military drill centers of the crane forces was carried out. the key of regime was preparing for the combatants to transfer them to the missouri actions on to find russian forces. but we also hit the base of the incoming for an munitions there. a 184 and combatants were killed and enlarged. talk of foreign munitions was destroyed in the strike. well, a negotiator, an advisor to ukraine's president says there has been some progress in talks with russia, and talks are expected to continue on monday approved green, the representatives of the russian federation. the negotiations no longer put forward ultimatums, but attentively listened to our compositions. ukraine will not give up its position
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as our demands of the end of the war and the withdrawal of the russian troops. i see that there's an understanding of this process and dialog. well, as we've heard, russian missile strikes of his military training base in western ukraine. the base in the ivory fizz just 20 kilometers from poland, a member of nato, and the e. u. u created talk human rights official claims. russia has use phosphorus, munitions in an overnight attack on the time of pop, a snow in the east and look how squeaked, and if that's true, that would be a war crime and a crime against humanity. on sunday, ukraine's president loading musa lensky has one of his says that one of his top priorities is getting aid to the besieged eastern city of mario paul. it's been on the heavy russian bombardment. for 13 days, when more than 2000 civilians have now been killed in mario pool, that's according to the city council. and many of the dead of being buried in mass
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graves. it's also warning. the last reserves of food and water are running out. russian forces are blockading shelling and forming the city. you credence deputy prime minister says, and a con boy has not been able to reach the city where more than 400000 residents are currently trapped. 30 pitched or fed joins us live and now he's a deputy minister of justice of ukraine and help launch legal cases against russia in international court. certainly, thank you very much for joining us. tell me right now. you are reading of the current situation as it stands on the ground in ukraine. i think that which is not rich, he's of jackson, the 1st couple of days of war. and he had no plan div or what's gonna happen next. and so what we see now that he's running out of resources, soldiers and ammunition, and with each day as the, as the war continues, he becomes more and more vulnerable and therefore willing and ready to talk to you
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craney inside and trying to find his way out of this conflict that he started himself, he unfortunately started using on discriminant shelling against the civilians. he is coming to more crimes because that is the only way for him to terrorize the population of ukraine. but his arm is vulnerable. it stretched out it slacken resources is a supply lines are vulnerable to ukrainian contacts. and i think that we're seeing the agony, although russian regime happening in real time when you train sergeant ship will be way really optimistic of any progress in these talks that continue tomorrow. what's your v look? ukrainians cannot afford to be pessimistic too much. but i'm not that optimistic of all the talks. because i think that at this point of time, positions are quite opposite, and russia will have to change their position
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a lot to approach what is acceptable to ukrainians. and it's not only about what, what the negotiators will do is something that you can, in people, as a community, as, as all of us will have to accept. and therefore, as of now, i don't think anyone in new train would accept the annexation of crimea by russia all the independence of the so called republics of. don't ask a little hans, and therefore i can hardly see how putting demands can he can be met. unless he's ready to change them. and circle these reports of russia using phosphorus mission. so where, where are these reports coming from? now look in the mood of the war. it's very hard to conceal what you're doing. i mean, there's so much footage available. there's so many people and more than technology that can track in the real time what is what is being done. it's very hard to conceal what, what they do. and we've seen these in many recent conflicts. therefore,
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i think that is information and propaganda. russian state media spreading only work domestically where there is no freedom of speech and an independent media. whereas we in the free world can look from different angles, see different views, and you're able to evaluate all the footage available. and i think we clearly see that russians are lying about what they do. they do this intentionally, they're doing this to conceal the, their helplessness and their inability to wage war in a conventional way, according to the geneva conventions. and sorry, we've seen a deepening of this narrative around foreign fighters and particularly around the attack on the base in western ukraine, where the narrative coming from russia is, of course, that they have killed foreign fighters. but, but talk to me about that, but also what message the this particular attack was designed to sand. now we've
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seen men in their narrative from pushing through all these conflicts. he said the ukrainians or nazi that others is nature. that is in war against russia, than it was something about the biological chemical weapon that is developed and you by you train that it would be nuclear weapon that is developed by ukraine knowledge. the foreign fighters honor center is, as he call them, that are participant in the conflict. and this all is, are aimed at domestic r at the russian people who need to be told the lies to continuously justify the war in ukraine. you know, he doesn't even call this award the mask. right. and if you say it's a war in russia, you gone to jail, so i wouldn't take the seriously, this is not something that makes any sense when you look at it from outside is a soil meant to be sold domestically in order to justify the continuous involvement in this war and also just define the, you know, the damages to rational economy and the casualties in all day and the number of
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dead soldiers that have been so sent back continuously to russia. sagen, they took off joining me. they are certainly think he coming up on al jazeera, this news, our condemnation from the head of the catholic church for francis as russia's actions in craig could. would you cities to cemeteries ah, ukraine's foreign minister says he's spoken with us. secretary of state, anton evening, can about further american support for ukraine with the biden administration under pressure to do more it's officials did to the sunday political shows to lay out their next steps particle. hayden reports the attack in the cranium bass will likely not slow. the flow of ford military equipment being sent by the u. s. and others. the pentagon has repeatedly said it has several routes in official consist
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. 8 continues to make its way in daily. meanwhile, the ukrainian foreign minister went on american television. they asked for more. what we're asking is very simple. think we say our ukraine and we will do the rest us all the weapons necessary and we will fight for our land that are out. he was specifically asking for fighter jets, which the u. s. has ruled out for now senior defense officials tell us that right now, part of the problem is that russia has the abilities shoot down fighter jets pretty much over all of ukraine's airspace. so they are looking at providing ukraine more sophisticated missile systems than they have thus far in hopes of keeping the airspace contested. another big concern for us officials fear that russia could use chemical weapons. but the pentagon spokesman, how made an important point on sunday morning, it is of the russian play book that, that which they accuse you of their planning to do. now again,
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we haven't seen anything indic it. it indicate some sort of eminence chemical, chemical, biological tack, right? now, but we're watching this very, very closely on monday, the national security advisor, jake sullivan, will be meeting china's top diplomat in rome. he gave a preview of what he have to say. we have made it clear to not just asian, but every country in the world that if they think that they can basically bail russia out, they can give russia a work around to the sanctions that we've imposed. they should have another thing coming because we will ensure that neither china, nor anyone else can compensate russia for these losses. a continued push to isolate russia. herd is economy and arm ukraine in hopes it is eventually enough to change russian president vladimir putin plans and possibly put an end to the daily destruction in ukraine. radical haine al jazeera washington. well, for more on this, let's go straight to alan fisher,
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who's live in washington. hi there, alan. so when it comes to the use of chemical weapons with the u. s. consider that a red line. while the phrase read line is not something you're going to hear coming out of the biden white house, you remember that during the war in syria barack obama said, the use of chemical weapons would be a red line at there was proven to be the use of chemical weapons, and the obama white house essentially did nothing that would make your biden look weak if he said red line and then did nothing. so he wants to avoid that. what he has said is that russia will pay a severe price if there is a use of chemical weapons. and as you heard in political hymns report at the pentagon, believe that there is nothing imminent on that front. at the moment, there is renewed warning this weekend though, seeing to the russians look, if any shots are fired on neat or soil, then there will be a huge response from nato that will essentially invoke article 5 of the natal
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convention. and that means there would be a joint and overwhelming response on russia, but there is still hope here that there could be a diplomatic way out of this crisis. the still hope that there is the possibility that the russians and the ukrainians can come to some sort of deal. and allen national security advisor, jake sullivans, having to roam on monday to meet his chinese can to fight what, what does he want to achieve? while it was long planned, it came out of the summit between joe biden and president g, back in november. this was always going to happen. it just so happens. it is now going to take place against the backdrop of the war in ukraine. now they will talk about developments, they're clearly, jake sullivan will be arching the chinese to drop its moral support for what is happening in ukraine. you. we know that the chinese have not criticized vladimir
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putin at all. in fact, they've called for peace talks and nothing more. and certainly there are those in the, by the administration who have made the point that the world will long remember those when they took positions on the. busy war in ukraine, essentially saying that they think the chinese should be much more forceful with the russians. dixon is also going to meet with the italian foreign minister. what is there? this continues the biden white host policy of trying to build an international coalition to increase the sanctions. and they'll be looking at the next steps they can take to punish russia even farther for its invasion of ukraine. and fisher, they are joining me live with lisa from washington. d. c. allen. thank you. the russian invasion has now driven almost 2700000 ukrainians to leave their homes in the polish for the town of madge. people have to king for hours, for supplies and to avoid buses, but the capital warsaw is wanting out of space and times the of the board said they
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need more funding to set up shelters. almost 80000 crossed that border just on saturday alone, thousands more traveled into other neighboring countries. like remaining refugees from ukraine have faced at times perilous journey. so escaping their country. this mother and son had been speaking to us about the route to poland. analisia for sale is called ocean's horse. we had to travel by ourselves. it was a hard route more than 10 hours. 1st of january and it was very crowded. but the people sleeping on each other in the cabin for 6 people, there was a people inside of it was just very hot. this is just my god, i was here. i managed to meet them here. they travelled 14 hours from hopkins to leave. it's 17 hours with their backpacks on the train corridors when they level to be more crowded on the train and i had no connection with them. i was worried,
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but i was here with others waiting. pope francis has issued his toughest condemnation of the invasion of ukraine, saying cities were being turned into graveyards. speaking to thousands of people in the pizza square for his sunday blessing. the head of the roman catholic church, said the unacceptable armed aggression must storm heels, who called the bombing of civilian targets, such as hospitals, barbaric, crucial city mona. she took an important they know me. this week, the city of mary paul city, the past, the name of the virgin, mary, became a martyr city in harrowing war that ravaging ukraine in the face of the barbarity of the killing of children, innocent people, and defenceless civilians. there are no strategic reasons to be believed. all that's needed is to stop the unacceptable armed aggression before reduces cities to cemeteries. and these 268 people have been arrested and anti war protests in 23 cities across russia. that's according to an independent monitoring group piece
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in moscow. quickly cracked down as people tried to rally gail criminal, critical acts of only cold for the anti war protests. and the last we can at least 5000 people were arrested at 69 protest. nationwide. thousands of protests is turned out in the german capital, berlin against the war and ukraine demonstrates is called on ridge russian president vladimir putin to end the invasion, many carried flags in the blue and yellow color of ukraine as he wore process. we're also harris. in other german cities to other news now iran's revolutionary god say it was responsible for miss sila. time on a rocky soil, the strikes it, buildings the of the u. s. consulate in are bill which is on occupied several residential homes were damaged. one civilian has been injured there waiting and for the claim that targeted is really bases in the senate, semi autonomous kurdish regents. capital
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u. s. department has condemned the attack. some a binge of aid is in baghdad with more details. well, as you've seen, this is the 1st time that we are hearing of an attack using ballistic missiles into route by from iran. the i r g c has claimed responsibility, but they have not explicitly said why the hard thing that is in response to evil deeds by israel and is if it doesn't stop our warning of more attack and deadly attacks. what we know so far from officially spoken to this on the condition of anonymity is that the missiles hit around midnight iraq time on, around this new constant building, which is going to be one of the largest building of a, the u. s. department in the region, there was no material damage. there was some damage to nearby buildings including the, this television network, the private television, the k 24 and an investigation has been ordered. and it has been a plethora of of reaction after this. we heard from the prime minister of the semi
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autonomous goodish region by designing, calling it a terrorist attack. and seeing this can be there can be no pretext to attacking iraqi sovereignty. we've also heard lucifer called me the iraq, the prime minister thing that an investigation has been ordered. and there has been a very interesting reaction from the outside of this powerful cleric who's blog cause the most feats after october. the election thing that this should be raised to the united nations, the iranian ambassador. and there should be guarantee, given by iran, that this is, this will not happen in the future while he is condemned infringement of sovereignty of iraqi soil. he's also. busy called for an investigation into these alleged israeli acids and israeli facilities which are operating on iraq and for the israeli reaction. hurry faucet centers this for west jerusalem. a very firm, no comment,
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at least that's what we got from the really foreign ministry that have long been these reports of an unacknowledged israeli presence in kurdistan. there was a report in iranian media last year about an attack, supposedly, by iranian forces, against such interests and against my side individuals, something which was largely disregarded here in israel. and certainly no comment about that. so far. however, it does go to the, the wider picture of the pretty constant israeli attacks against iranian interests inside syria. as someone was saying to relatively senior iranian military figures were killed in strikes attributed to israel just in the last few days. it also goes to, to further emphasize the me, that israel places on its actions inside syria. one of the reasons that the prime minister natalie bennett has been publicly very low to criticize russia over its invasion of ukraine in recent weeks. because there is essentially tacit russell
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approval of those already a not challenging of those is radia strikes in syrian territory. so it's all part of the same piece. really, harry hoss reporting there still to come on algebra where this things our columbia in school for a new congress cinnapool that could mark a significant shift for the historically conservative country in the premier league . austin was back inside the top for more on that later. it's ah the wind has not fish of eastern europe starcy in europe in particular feather of warnings of severe cold, nor macedonia, greece and also the balkans and the size ticket. clara nice. what is really still
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weather and temper has been below average for a long time. but things are changing further, west need to be hard pressed to find much when to further west. since we've had storm systems coming in from the atlantic, this one really inducing a bit of a warm breeze, which is why paris is about 15 degrees. but it still wouldn't tree nissan, canada, and the iceland. and that's where the storm heart is. so that's where the rough weather is and eventually probably coming to the british hours. but ahead of that just gets warmer and warmer, bitter brain. here they have it. look at paris. yes, we got rain on tuesday 20 degrees on wednesday. the average is 12, not reco breaking as as 26, but we're certainly well above where we should be doesn't last forever. it comes down again by says he, but that is certainly was immediate trend. now as a consequence to what's happening up here. the bottom end of that lazy storm system is turned a bit more active. so it's still cold enough, a bit of snow on the tops of the high ground in spain, and there's quite a strong wind on the east coast. east of that to say it's still cold. not reco breaking lee was still obviously winter.
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ah ah, the shake him odd award for translation and international understanding is accepting nominations for the year 2022 from february 15th until august, 15th this year. for more information go to w, w, w dot h t a dot q a slash e n. ah, a story of life deception life and death, and israeli spy operating on the deep cover in syria. knowing that discovery would meet certain death. algae 0 well tell the gripping story of moffatt spy. eli cohen operated on the cover in syria. in the 1960 notations career that ended in public
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execution, eli cohen must at agent 88 on al jazeera rule . the me welcome back. a quick reminder of our top stories here on the 35 people have been killed and russian missile strikes near the polish border. they had a military trading base and west and ukraine often use for drills with nig to or show claims. 184 and fighters were killed but has had no evidence when 2000 civilians have not been killed in ukraine. the siege port city of mario pul, according to the 50 cam, so many of them are being buried in my screen. it's also warning the last reserves
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of food and water running out almost $2700000.00 ukrainians have left the country. poland has taken the most, but it's urging western european countries to open their borders almost 80000 arrived. and it's for that from saturday loan as rush widens its attacks into west in ukraine, thousands more civilians, and now on to threat. natasha butler is following developments from the beef. i think most people imagine that it's going to be another broken night because in previous nights there were a raid sirens, which are sometimes lofted as long as 3 hours. and we know that the sirens are linked to the increased number of russian tags on targets in western ukraine. one of them, as you saw in journals report that not far from the city levine, just a 50 kilometers west of the city. but also there was another attack over night at
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another ad, basically father frank case in the south west of ukraine. a couple of days ago, there was an attack in the northwest and that you've looked another field targeted by russian forces. there we, when looked on saturday speaking to the man who had just attended the funeral of 2 ukrainian soldiers, they were amongst the victims of that attack in notes. so the west now li, becoming very much part of this conflict in terms of a rush, widening its scope, pushing through to this region. it has so far, russian forces, so far i've really been concentrated in the north, the east and the south of the country where people here really feel that, that this conflict is closing in. and people in this that, you know, you've also know that they all, on a real thoroughfare, if you like, and all 3 going of from the european union from poland later country into ukraine. and the much of the hardware, the military hardware and armored vehicles that kind of thing that have been
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donated from western powers. they're passing through that board to well you've whatever is the research assistant professor at texas a m bush school of government and public service. he also serves as the brain chair, russian military and political strategy at brooke and crew. luck center for innovation and creativity. the marine corps university joyce's now from washington, d. c. you've our warm welcome to the program. how would you characterize russia's campaign and specifically its approach so far? certainly in the 1st wave or the 1st phase of the conflict, they wanted to have essentially a very large version of what happened in crimea in 2014 a special operation without any local resistance. they'd be able to capture keven 2 days and then spend the next 2 weeks collecting surrenders from the rest of the country. and obviously that did not turn out as they had wished in that regard, the poor strategy, which was that ukrainians wouldn't fight for their homeland,
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that they wouldn't resist russian forces, you know, that they would welcome as a liberator, did not turn out to be true. so in that sense, for us to start to fight the wrong war, they had the wrong operations. the tactics were not in line, which then expose how poor the logistical chains were. so in that regard, the 1st phase of this war is over as well. so has a in effect, acknowledge that it's not going to win on the battlefield. and that's why we've seen in the last couple days. the russians move towards besieging motor you attacking, maria, he, i q by air going specifically after civilian infrastructure and population centers in order to keep pressing ukrainian government to moderate its demands at the negotiating table. that's what it is. and what, what, what tactics do you expect to see moving forward as you point out, there's had to be a change in direction, but going forward, i've also heard that there's been a softening until perhaps at these progress talks. but what do you expect to see in
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the, in the coming days? so certainly, you know, multiple things can be. ready at the same time, if, if, even if they sound like opposite. so as you suggested, the russian and ukrainian negotiators said that one, the russian side said something will be done within $23.00 days. and you create insights that the, the russians were able to come around on their 2 demands, which was a cease fire and the removal of russian troops from ukraine. so that's positive at the same time, russians of the russians, you know, according to numerous media reports, have also asked the chinese for economic and military assistance. they will start to recruit mercenaries as well as people from syria to fight in the war. they will so as we've seen continued to bomb civilian areas. so we can see several different approaches where the russians are really trying to figure out how can they get some sort of agreement from that ukrainian,
12:34 am
that doesn't look like an abject failure. and in that regard, if we do see some sort of a cease fire, it probably will be on ukraine's terms, given that the, the war in a certain sense are still going for russia. but international opinion has gone decisively against. and you will have significant, in your view, was this attack on the base in west, in ukraine, in the narrative that went along with it from russia, saying that these were foreign fighters that were killed. so certainly, so yesterday the deputy foreign minister, russia a go, had said that western aid convoys were legitimate targets for attack. and so this bombing is clearly in line with that at this level, what this bombing indicates, at least to me, is that the russians are afraid that if the war goes even more poorly for, for the russian side, that if the russians are losing that, the united states will come in that new to will come in, and that's the real fear is that if the cranes are able to convince president biden,
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to enter the conflict, even though biden has said under no circumstances, will he do that, that we will get to a point that rushes defeat will be generation defining and that's their real fear is they want to keep nato out so long as they are negotiating directly with the ukrainian side. you've west are joining us there from washington dc. you will find keith. thank you. talks between chads transitional government and i'm groups have ended for the day, but what was in cuts are wouldn't take them to resolve a long running conflict between level groups and the into government. bought some opposition. groups have refused to participate for the people in chat have witness conflict. they hope the talks will lead to permanent stability. hipaa morgan reports not from chads capital. german window maker mohammed huddled has on this shelf in chats capital for 30 years. he says many historic events have happened during that time, but one event stands out that he can't forget. february, 2nd,
12:36 am
2008. when a rebel coalition entered jemina and fighting reached the presidential palace last way of soil, it was the worst day that we were all afraid that we were not going to live because there were bombs being dropped on us and on our neighbors. some of our neighbors died and others were displaced. people were running with their belongings on their heads. i saw military planes flying overhead. we were so afraid awful. she did. hundreds of people were killed on that day before the rebels were pushed out of the capitol. chat has been locked in internal conflicts for most of the past 3 decades . they've displaced hundreds of thousands of civilians, mostly in the east of the country. various groups took up arms with the aim of removing the countries on the president it res. debbie who came to power in 1991 in a military cool. he died from injury sustained in a battle last year. his son, 37 year olds, mohammed debbie took over and had a 15 member military council. he wants to talk to the armed groups in the country.
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now katara is acting as a mediator between the 2 sides. but some opposition groups are critical of the talks. even before it's launch, can man oh maya judy. but you know what we see happening between the transitional military council and the so called arm groups will not bring any result and is a waste of time. the military is not serious because the timing's wrong. and the military councils not sending any one of its 50 members to dialogue. it's sending former officials who are not neutral and of sided with the military against the armed groups. merle 12 armed groups will be part of the talks, but they're not the only ones currently active in chad. front for change and conquered the group. the government has fighting when president agrees they be was killed, has set conditions before it begin. think was the asians several other armed group are also not part of the talk window. how accusing the government of trying to strengthen its grip on power that it was in italy to the government, which had hope to bring everyone to negotiating table. some analysts say the
12:38 am
resistance of those groups is the threat to chat long term stability and move a hazard, aiden. so for the things may go the way the military won't just, but if the talks and don't fail, the groups that of refusing to recognize the military council continued to do so. the country will enter into a new conflict and they have sizeable forces, if not weapons. and chad is surrounded by countries that are unstable. so without reconciliation, chances of sliding back to a major conflict is hi. mohammad fierce conflict too. but hope's negotiations and other can lead to long term peace and security in his homeland. he will morgan august 0, jemina 11. people have died in an assault on a gold mine in northern bettina fast so around 30 government motor bikes. attack the mine in the last, in this a hail region. well, 2 days ago, gunman killed 10 people at another gold mine also in the region. gold is working
12:39 am
a fast was most important export. the country is common in the 5th largest school producer in africa. but it is also growing the fastest. it's 20 in 2021. 54 tons were produced. a 20 percent increase from the year before the same time. the countries being gripped by growing insecurity. when 1300 attacks were recorded in 2021. that's a 2 fold increase from the year before the figure. well, monitoring group say it's replaced molly now as the epicenter of this hail crisis and, and use of war. and some donors are considering reducing funding for places like burkina, faso by up to 70 percent, to support ukraine as the russian invasion continues to poll. molly is a consulting fellow, a child, some houses africa program. he joins me now by skype from london. hi there, paul. full. explain for us. what striving these attacks? well, one of the biggest drivers is the ongoing jihadist,
12:40 am
her activity. jihadist you can't really insurgency, i suppose, you could say which has spiraled out across the cell over the last, her 7 or 8 years from its original m bases in molly. but there are, am, indigenous burkina bay, the elements in the hottest fighting. but what made it much more destabilizing is that the jihad is, groups of gradually sucked in many local young men. many even young teenagers have been drawn into, into some of this armed activity. and a, it's sir. these are groups that are very, very mobile or as you mentioned, they travel by motorbike often they, they only need a few weapons to cause mayhem and chaos. and one of the things about the gold mining sector and became faso is that, although the largest mines are industrial mines, you know, big mining companies who can afford security and protection. a lot of the gold is
12:41 am
also produced by artisan all minors. a young young people digging holes in the ground just her as in, if you like, as in the california gold rush. and that makes it very difficult to protect these people. they're all working as crafts people at a local level, and they're very exposed in security terms. how, how d, stabilizing i these attacks as they grow in number. they are very destabilizing because the violence is spread across large areas of bikini faster, although it's still at its worst in the north, in regions such as sal, it's also spread across much of the east. if you look, for example, at the travel in my advice, maps issued by foreign embassies in, in we're going to go a few years ago, the violence, the areas where people revise advised to stay away was just on the fringes on the
12:42 am
borders. now probably half of the map is colored red as areas that you can't visit . there are large provincial towns that are almost inaccessible from one good to go the capital. so it's become hugely disrupting. and the more it disrupts not just mining activity, but every day trading farming, agriculture, you know, just the normal pattern of rural life, which is what sustains, must begin a bit people. the industrial mines are important for the countries exports thing for the governments finances. but in terms of livelihoods for ordinary people, it's the combination of every day rural life, arming livestock, herding, and autism. old gold mining essentially digging holes in the ground using very basic equipment and tools. those are the things that sustain most people in between a fast. so, and they are hugely exposed to this violence. and paul, i was wondering i, i think i had robbed, that's and sometimes employees and i've been flown in instead of going by road. and
12:43 am
i'm just wondering if you can describe for the day to day impact that this has on people just simply trying to get to work and do their job will when the mining companies are able, because their large commercial operations financed by international capital, mostly foreign own they have the resources to fly people in low, it's complicating and inconvenient to fly people in for shifts as it were. that it's not impossible. but the real challenge is forum people engaged in the autism or gold digging, which is a significant proportion of the, of the countries output of minority share, but still significant lat where it hits at people's everyday lives. at its worst, the big industrial mines can, if necessary, be protected by security companies by flying in staff by flying in miners who used to be bossed,
12:44 am
but now find the journey is too dangerous. but very often the miners don't come from the villages near to the mining site, so these are people who would anyway, perhaps come in to work for couple of weeks and then go home for a week or so. and then come back for another batch of shifts, but it's the people the autism will diggers just on these sites scattered through the countryside, just like other people in everyday life. there the people whose everyday lives a most disrupted only, for example, the village of sola and attacked in the middle of last year. more than 100 people murdered. most of the attackers were young teenagers, or motor bikes. witnesses said people age sort of 12 to 14. and that's hugely disruptive of everyday life and the foundations of basic development and the, the thing that led to the coo in burkina faso early this year when elected civilian president. sorry, and john paul anyway, we've run out of time. unfortunately,
12:45 am
the pope thank you so much for joining us. paul. mary from chatham has, is africa, for example. thank you. you're very welcome pulls of clothes in columbia congressional elections. the boat could market significant political shift in the historically conservative country, just 2 months before the presidential contest, which could see left the cedar being elected for the 1st time. hollis under ram pierre is live in bo, was our hi there, alex landra. so polls i have no clothes, what can you tell us? yes, that falls close roughly 45 minutes ago. and now counting is on their way. let me show you what is happening here in each of these voting locations. they're essentially taking out of the boxes, all the votes that were cast, that they are starting to count the votes. this will most likely take
12:46 am
a while since they have to count the votes for the senate, for the house of representatives, and also the votes in 3 different primaries to choose. presidential candidates in 3 different collisions, one on the last one of the center and one of the right. that's the novelty in elections here in columbia. what i can tell you is that the day has been relatively calm or peaceful and most of the country. unfortunately, there have been 2 attacks on military units in the south in rural areas that i've seen an increase in violence in the last year or so there been and in that case is in these 2 attacks. 2 soldiers have died. that there are also been a number of complaints have irregularities on the caribbean coast, but that ex earl, sorry to see are saying that those were resolved,
12:47 am
that they are looking into them. and also there, i've been a few cases of the threats to people that were trying to vote again in areas where the internal conflict is still alive here and the country even given these incidents over all the alternatives here, are saying that there has been a day in which a massive amount of colombians have been able to cast their vote. and the expectations here is that we will see an increase in the number of votes for progressive. and i'll turn active candidates. that is the expectations. but we're going to see the numbers starting to come in in the next few hours or so. anela sandra, this is also the 1st of 3 primaries ahead of presidential elections. that may
12:48 am
yes, that is correct. right now there's a very big growth there of candidates of more than 20 people that are hoping to become the next president of columbia. roughly 15 of them were participating in the inter party consultation and we will get 3 candidates coming out of those primary votes. so in the end, we'll have 6 or 7 people running for presidential elections in the 1st round. on may 29th, the clear front runner there is gustavo pay through our current senator, a former galleria member of a non group called the 19 back in the eighty's that he has had a powerful ride for years. the goal and again this year he is clear front runner. he has at least 15 points above all. every other candidates and poll shows that he
12:49 am
would be winning in every scenario and in any possible face off with the other candidates. that expectation here is to see how well is correlation will do. and if indeed, progressive and independent candidates will get close to having a majority in congress. lesandra joining me live from both alice andrew. thank you . ecologist. say vast areas of forest in ne india are under threat, but the government says the amount of forestry in states like money poor, have increased in the past 2 years. findings that are disputed happening middle story. joseph thomas, i always say is his gun when he leaves home, he says he's been attacked 4 times the campaign against illegal logging. despite dangers, he stopped to investigate. when he sees logs, that would be a, the,
12:50 am
so much a legal log holla for to survive this area in which we are talking, used to be a natural forest. but the trees have been chopped off to convert this into a of a block. they should, the northeast is home to nearly a quarter of all forests in india and also some of its greatest by diversity. but changing methods of farming, natural disasters, and growing populations have significantly reduced it. more antenna lawyer number has been preserving this patch of land in the state of money poor. he started doing plants on a hill 2 decades ago. now it's a lush forest that both of dozens of plant and animal species, brain season, there were 3 for wildfire used to common in all go destroy the whole place. so no, initially the, like i used to clear politically all the land and i knew the blonde and slowly i phone or other trees though, which is which used to be there. it started growing. also official say they need to
12:51 am
balance environmental concerns with developmental needs. plantations, like these have become a popular way to do it, where we are corporate peers will have a nice reporter as we are having in this part of a deal. so we have to start somewhere. so that was a solution which was not perfect, but it was better than having the pin. the government says these efforts are being off and its recent report shows forests are growing, but some experts are skeptical. what it does is it, it equates naturally for us with plantations. now, plantations could be monoculture, plantations, plantations could be rubber plantations. it could be apple orchards, all of that. so this is, it's important to distinguish. there are laws and policies to protect forests in india, but many conservationists like georgia perinatal, believe that little political will to enforce them. bargaining metal al jazeera new delhi. let's get the de sports news now with peter his indo ha. until
12:52 am
he thank you so much. we'll begin with football and chelsea coach thomas to co says he'll drive his plays in a bus if needed to reach france for wednesdays. champions league match uncertainty remains of the club with sanctions currently in place at chelsea because of a russian owner. ramona brown, which my last information is that we are for plain matter and we can go by plane and can go back by plan. if not, we go by train. if not, we go by bus. if not, i try it for 7 sita on huh. and as you know, the situation is cleared up is for sale, and hopefully it will go through to, to, to, to sort things out and give us a perspective. but it's pure speculation and i have no further information than you already have. chelsea were in premier league action on sunday and they managed a one no victory over newcastle, united at stamford bridge the home side school in the 1890 minutes. thanks to the informed german international chi habits. chelsea remained 3rd on the table but
12:53 am
consolidate their spot in the top for 9 points. the head of manchester united another team ahead of united on the table or arsenal lay re clay little spot. thanks to a to know when over mr. city thomas party school, the opening goal of the match, and then alexander luck as it ended the long gold drought by starting home. that penalty also. now one point ahead of man united end is they have 3 games in hand. they have the, the joy on the approval to be full, will blaze. they have to enjoy it is know what is the purpose of, of why they do. and now you can really sense that day that they are having a good time to get there and enjoying playing football down this freedom and they can express it and, and it's all over that. italian football giants. you venture have helped 80 ukrainian refugees move to hungary. the group consisting mostly of children, accompanied by the mothers, had initially flayed to italy. events is used
12:54 am
a theme buses to transport the ukrainians from the clubs, training things into into hungary. you. they also provide a codes medicine and some basic necessities, former professional tennis players. so the coff sky is among a number of ukrainians who have traveled back home to join the resistance effort. the former will number 31 left his wife and children in hungary to help the families country and tell my kids they're fairly young and i just i don't believe that would understand any of it my wife. but she never asked the direct question. i never, never told her directly. so when the moment comes we actually i told him leaving and she started crying out. i don't have a word to describe it. we never imagined in my life that it would come to us that i would be in my home city. ah, trolling or midwest with the gun in my hands. the routine is ah me,
12:55 am
george shift. 6 hours of us in the 6 hours of rest, i usually do get out to the city and trying to facilitate different different henry and terry know causes as delivering, taking out driving in. i have pretty much good connections in terms of understanding what the situation is wrong given what are the best route to get out, even from the zones which are highly, highly intensifying, gunfire h. i'm just trying to new whatever we can on 247 basis because otherwise you got to go crazy here. the world to squash play early for rug has spoken out against the war and you train, but also condemned the situation in palestine. egyptian spoke off these to them and victory in london. never been allowed to speak about the policy for both of them. now it's allowed so that we are allowed. i hope that the people also look at the patient. do it in the world. i mean,
12:56 am
the policies have been going through that for the past 7040 years and and what i did, but i guess because it doesn't fit that out of the, of the, of the me job the way we could talk about that. but now that, that, so we can talk about the team, we can talk about that and keep that in mind. thank you very much. despite the worry of what's going on back home, ukraine's 20 parent empty and have achieved the best ever middle winter games. the finished 2nd on the middle table, ukraine had 11 golds, 10 soldiers and a bronze medals host nation. china, top of them was 18 gold. as the game came to a close in beijing on sunday. there was a mile so moment for the female gulf in manner could madsen became the 1st danish platelets. in with on the lpga tour, victory came at an event in thailand. she was taken to a sudden bit of an eagle most thick and extra hold to claim the title on the pga tour the rain delayed plays championship finally got through the 2nd round on
12:57 am
sunday, which would normally happen on a friday. sam burns made ego at 16 to finish time for the lead. with fellow american from harvey. one shot further back is a couple of plays including some african eric from the royan who produced this gym for eagle at home number 6 because of the weather delay the sentiment known as the 1st major will finish on monday. and in south africa, a spaniard. pablo landed off about one, he's 6 european to a title to be on. is that the peak in the classic in hockey, put known in south africa as hard to be as put a lot of us, a bo started the day to shut off the lead before managing player. forget fellow spaniard or the our mouth and england children will leave it there for now. most will sneeze later on. julie, back to your london pizza. thank you so much. well that's it for me dealing with all this news are i will be back in a moment though with much more of the days new company bill. fine.
12:58 am
ah me. oh, when i think of my niger, i think a potential i think a potential i think of what b, what is not. i think of young people literally take them to the own and i'm do something that they come to tell me. it's impossible. i think it on the challenge with isn't a child in the country. my name is ben. gotcha. so and this is my my, my gear on our do their tens of thousands of children were born into lives under the iso regime in iraq and syria. now, many are in camps, either office or with them, we don't mothers rejected by their own communities. can you think that people are
12:59 am
going to welcome them after that? of course. and you documentary his, that chilling and traumatic stories for the children, throw stones at me. iraq's last generation on al jazeera nazareth, the home of jesus christ has long drawn pilgrims and visitors from around the world . hundreds of years. it's old city rang to the sounds of shopkeepers and crops. people. this entry, though sounds of dwindled. a handful of businesses struggling on but hearing that splashes of color show signs of a fight. resigns obese, it on a decided to renovate an old warehouse and to work and live in the old city with a mission. if me and another person opens the work that he was talking organically, open my young palestinian is really designers and entrepreneurs have been moving it inspired by earlier just to let them ok once there were 450 businesses operating in
1:00 am
the old city. now there are just 50 units that he's always been the heart of nazareth. now a growing group of residence wants to get it beating again with come back because the city still have very much. lou russian missiles target a ukrainian military facility near poland border. 35 people are killed and dozens more. wouldn't it? ah, handled, armed julie mcdonald, this is al jazeera live from london, also coming up. intend shelling again, prevents help getting to the besieged city of mario pool, where 400000 people remain trapped. people queue for hours in the freezing, cold polish border, almost 2700000 people have now.


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