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tv   News  Al Jazeera  March 14, 2022 3:00am-3:31am AST

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she channels plus thousands of our programs, award winning documentaries and debt news reports. subscribe to youtube dot com, forward slash al jazeera english ah . russian missiles at target a ukrainian military facility there. poland border killing thousands grains president urges and they tell to impose a no fly zone. ah hm. seeker, this is edge. is it alive from the also coming up. intense shelling again prevents rescuers from reaching the besieged city of marya or where over 400000 people remain tracked. us journalist and phil micah is killed in the town of opinion. the
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1st reported death of a foreign journalist in this conference also ahead iran cleans responsibility for a missile attack near a u. s. consulate in iraq's northern kurdish city of a b or the death hall continues to rise in ukraine with russian forces, striking targets in the countries western regions. moscow bombed a military training base near the city of la viv early on sunday, killing at least 35 people. president vadim zaleski has warned. the russian rockets will fall on nato soil if a no fly zone is not imposed. john, how has the latest developments from your voice in western ukraine making reportedly slow progress on major front. russia has widened its war on ukraine. the missiles that fell on
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a military training center near yavari in the far west killed dozens, soldiers, and cadets that russia claims were foreign trained fighters preparing to enter the war. just a few months ago, joint military exercises took place here. ukrainian troops alongside allies from 14 countries, yet now they are having to fight and die in this war. largely alone. scores more were injured in the most devastating single attack so far, and with worrying implications for supply routes, delivering humanitarian and military aid. the war has now come to western ukraine and with it a sense that perhaps nowhere in this country is safe but of largest significance is the fact that not just a country's main supply routes are now vulnerable, not just the main avenues of escape, hundreds of thousands of refugees have now become vulnerable,
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but the fact that the war has now come within 20 kilometers, also of a nato border in the river. on sunday morning, anna woke to the sound of explosions, subject to she said someone was break him into the house. we went to the site and the whole sky was red. we met at the fuel stop. the pregnant daughter, the niece and her grandchild in the car, making a dash for the polish border. know most or just at home. my sick fossit, a husband and a brother in law, stayed behind when you said i would be cup or myself and fight, but we have to safe always children. and once again, calls for nato to intervene to enforce the no fly zone over ukraine. i got the rockets have fallen 10 kilometers from the border with europe tomorrow. then they pulled 10 kilometers on the other side in poland. wives and children are now i call
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on the europe. save yourselves, save us because tomorrow it will be too late. but may 2 continues to have no appetite to confront russia directly as the war grinds on. cities like charity in the nor steady nerves required here to remove an unwelcome delivery through someone's front window civilians. those brave all desperate enough to attempt escape continue to leave areas close to keys like her pin, where an american journalist was killed when he and a colleague were fired on by russian forces. and no rest bite yet again for mary paul. satellite images shows, swathes of destruction in the southern city besieged for 2 weeks. the life being strangled out of it, an aide convoy once again prevented from entering. there is one constant,
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the inexhaustible morale boosting russia, defying presence of a comedian, who once played the role of president on tv. now handing out medals and giving the performance of his life. joan, a whole al jazeera yavari, a ukraine's president has warned nato countries that they could be next unless they take action. now. not yet sure. new desert sky prevent doing this. this is the war of our lives for ukraine for independence. last year of warning, the leaders of the world that if they don't have preventive sanctions against russia, russia will assault them. a saying that they have the weapons and they'll hit the whole of europe. and today i'm saying it again. if you do not close the sky, it's a matter of time when russian rockets will land on the territory of nato countries and kill the people of nato countries. a more than 2000 civilians have now been killed in ukraine's besieged poor city of murray. you, paul,
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that's according to the city council. many of them are being buried in mass. grey's council says the last reserves of food and water are running out as russian forces of locating shelling and bombing, the city queens deputy prime minister says in a convoy, has not been able to reach mad a u poll, where more than 400000 people are trapped the queen's foreign minister says he spoken with the us 60 state anthony blinking about further american support for ukraine with the biden administration on depression. now to do more, its officials took the sunday political shows to lay out the next steps. to go hind reports. the attack in the cranium bass will likely not slow the flow of ford military equipment being sent by the u. s. and others. the pentagon has repeatedly said it has several routes in officials, insist aid continues to make its way and daily. meanwhile, the ukrainian foreign minister went on american television to ask for more. what we are asking is simple think we say,
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are ukraine and we will do the rest. us all the weapons necessary and we will fight for our land are out. he was specifically asking for fighter jets, which the u. s. has ruled out for now senior defense officials tell us that right now, part of the problem is that russia has the abilities shoot down fighter jets pretty much over all of ukraine's airspace. so they are looking at providing ukraine more sophisticated missile systems than they have thus far in hopes of keeping the airspace contested. another big concern for us officials fear that russia could use chemical weapons. but the pentagon spokesman made an important point on sunday morning. it is of the russian play book that, that which they accuse you of their planning to do. now. again, we haven't seen anything. indic indicate some sort of imminent kemo, chemical, biological tack right now, but we're watching this very, very closely. on monday, the national security advisor jake sullivan,
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will be meeting china's top diplomat in rome. he gave a preview of what i'll have to say. we have made it clear to not just be jing, but every country in the world that if they think that they can basically bail russia out, they can give russia a work around to the sanctions that we've imposed. they should have another thing come in, because we will ensure that neither china, nor anyone else can compensate russia for these losses. a continued push to isolate russia, heard it economy an arm ukraine, in hopes it is eventually enough to change russian president vladimir putin plans and possibly put an end to the daily destruction in ukraine. going al jazeera washington. as we mentioned earlier and independent filmmaker from the u. s. has been killed in the cranial town of european french when i worked as a photographer for the new york times, but was not on assignment for them. when he died. kias regional police chief says
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when i was shot by russian forces, another journalist was wounded and taken to hospital as talk about this more now with carlos martinez, the la 7, the he is the program director of the committee to protect journalists and georgia live. now, from new york, thanks very much for being with us. now this is something that has journalists, we never want to have to report on when one of our colleagues becomes a casualty of war, but unfortunately, that is what's happened. so if i could ask you firstly what you know about what happened and what you are calling for as far as accountability. so for either the so what we know, those details are still missing that it seems bends and almost in a car that has a cross check point. right after doing that, they were not as talked, he will set out and killed the result of that attack. and another knowledge was
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bonded and these spots of his testimony and fullness. we are still missing details, including who is responsible for these kellen, but we know already a couple of things. we are important reminders. one of them is that you're not as under international from anytime are low or civilians are never do. they may target in a conflict. so, and that happens that amounts to war crime. so that's why we're looking at right now in this case. can i ask you, do you believe the journalists are being targeted in this conflict? and the reason i asked that is because this, this comes a few days after a group of sky news journalists were, were shot out while, while attempting to report to near, near keith. and they were, they survived, and they were evacuated out of the country. but it turns out that they were, they were the, that the gum and were part of a, a saboteur, russian,
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recognizance squad. so what does i mean? do you think that there is a trend here? i guess is what i'm asking. what we are very concerned about the trend, we are very concerned about your knowledge being attacked with russian troops and don't know as being sub good 2 different types of violence are really in many cases in which we are more so far. we are also very concerned about how the word child with children, you know, many places under attack. so it's a very dangerous situation. and what we're seeing based on that train and the overall dynamic war is that civilians being constantly exposed to violence. and as i said before, you're not as an international internal law, our civilians, none of them. i mean, certainly asked for in your list can be targeted. and that amounts to work on to really prove that a client will need the evidence. but the dynamic and the attacks are extremely
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concerning, as the, as the war keeps going. and to what extent does this highlight the dangers that the journalists face in covering a conflict like this? unfortunately, we know the general tab. austin paid a steep fries for reports in the front line. so this is a word sound. they're doing their best to prevent and mitigate challenges. but we're seeing a war with tribal violence and i said that many players under attack, so they're very exposed to the present time. and again, it's very important to re thread who's responsible for that. so ukranian and russia and need to do everything they can to protect civilians. i'm in put in journalist, especially right, and chips all already being report that are responsible for tax and you're not covering the more you need to stop this. all the,
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the people accountable for these crimes and of course do their best to protect it, including john carlos martinez, still a cerner. thanks for being with us. thank you. are still ahead on al jazeera when we come back colombians head to the polls to choose sentences in a vote that's expected to set the tone for upcoming presidential elections and trying to resolve chads and long running conference talks between rebel groups and chads, entering government in cock ah ah look forward to with sponsored point cutaways now 5 days ago, it bit less than that it was about 10 degrees above average for most a central northern china. well the colds come back
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a little bit. beijing still warmer that should be, but obviously that had a snow and this is the top of a, of a system running things through temperature dropping back to where it should be. so sto for north korea, the northeast of china, and that runs across once again to her condo briefly, clean, be blizzard conditions, middle of march, remember, and as a cold back draft for the north of hong sheba tacos in shelter. 18 degrees in southern china, a bit of rain is fade away by the time we get to tuesday, and the weather looks fairly normal. seasonally, as it is, the south were virtually anywhere in southeast asia. could see these yellow topped showers, which the big ones which produce some flooding flashed running normally. but it is a persistent bit more than up 40 years. clearly at risk, as is sumatra may be peninsula malaysia. this is tuesday's forecast. apart from one or 2 showers in sri lanka, one or 2, maybe in the finals of pakistan was unlikely to a dry picture. and of course, we start to think of the pre monsoon heat so bitterly, if that'll mr. but it is getting hot, hot enough for warnings of a heat wave,
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particularly in good. your rats, though, nowhere else. it's also a wall than normal in some parts of the middle east, particularly down here for the weather sponsored by katara, always a story of love, deception, life and death and israeli spy operating on the deep cover in syria. knowing that discovery would meet certain death, algae 0 wow. tell to gripping story. markets by eli coming operated on the cover in syria. in the 1960 and audacious career that ended in public execution, eli cohen must at agent 80 on al jazeera. ah, the me
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again, you're washing 0 reminder of our top stories. russian miss piggy ukrainian military training base in your voted 20 kilometers from poland. russia claims to have killed $180.00 foreign fighters at the base. regional government says 35 people with 2000 civilians. i've now been killed in ukraine's besieged port city of mighty. you're going to city council 400000. people are trapped there. and officials say the last reserves of food and water. coming out a journalist from the u. s. has been killed in if a q 50 year old will make a brent renaud is the 1st foreign report has been killed since rushes invasion. training. police say he was shot by russian forces the fight intensified on sunday . there was for the 1st time,
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a sign of progress in talks between russian and ukrainian negotiators. my hon has more on that from keith on sunday. ah, the ukrainian president's advisor issued a statement saying that he thought progress could be made in talks. and he said that the russian side had become more constructive. you also can said that we will not concede in principle on any of our for positions russia now understands this and is not russia is now beginning to talk constructively. now, as that statement came out, there was a statement from the russian side as well saying that talked to the ukraine, had made significant progress. and it was possible that the delegations could release a joint statement soon. well, that was met with skepticism here and here certainly amongst the people i spoke to . a lot of people here are hunkering down they loading up on food and water. they're preparing for the worst. they are hoping for the best,
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but they are preparing for the worst, or they feel that this idea of the, of a joint statement is very vague. they don't know what that means. and also a lot of our political experts that we've been speaking to throughout the day, suggest that this may well be the beginning of the end of the piece talks. but it may not be the beginning of the end of the war. that is to say that the talking is still going on, but it may be that there is still a lot of talking still to do. in other news, iran has claim responsibility for a barrage of ballistic missiles. the struck me the u. s. consulate in the northern iraqi city are then bill iranian stated, he reported the attacks were aimed at what he called secret israeli bases and said they were in retaliation for an air strike in syria. they killed 2 of its revolutionary guard members. a u. s. official says the consulate, which is unoccupied, was not hit a satellite channel near the u. s. consulate went on air shortly after the attack,
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showing shattered glass and every on the studio floor. some of ingest aid has the latest from baghdad. this is the 1st time that we're hearing of an attack using ballistic missiles into or out by from iran. the i r g c has claimed responsibility, but they're not explicitly said why the card thing that is in response to evil deed by israel. and if it doesn't stop our warning, of more attack and deadly attacks, what we know so far from official who can spoken to us on the condition of anonymity is that the missiles had around midnight iraqi time on around this new post. the building which is going to be one of the largest building of the u. s. department in the region. there was no material damage. there was some damage to nearby buildings including the this television net but the private television, the k 24. but so far, there have been no casualties. an investigation has been ordered and it has been
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a plethora of of reaction after this. we heard from the prime minister of the semi autonomous goodish reason mister bizarre calling it a terrorist attack and saying this can be there can be no pretext to attacking iraq . the sovereignty harry force it is in west jerusalem with more on israel's response to the missile attack. there have long been these reports of an unacknowledged israeli presence in kurdistan. there was a report in the iranian media last year about an attack, supposedly, by iranian forces, against such interests and against my side individual something which was largely disregarded here in israel, and certainly no comment about that so far. and the kurdistan authorities themselves a saying that there is no such base inside israel. however, it does go to the, the wider picture of the pretty constant israeli attacks against iranian interests
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inside syria. and the fact that there haven't been, it seems any casualties or any material damage that potentially gives away as some kind of de escalation. will that be and is really response if there hadn't been any direct israeli interests struck or will the very public accusations and the very to the unprecedented nature of this ballistic missile attack for that specific reason given by the iranians. will that mean that some kind of military response potentially inside syria, again, will be forthcoming, relatively senior iranian military figures were killed in strikes attributed to israel just in the last few days. it also goes to, to further emphasize the need that israel places on its actions inside syria. one of the reasons that the prime minister natalie bennett has been publicly very low to criticize russia over its invasion of ukraine in recent weeks. because there is
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essentially tacit rational approval of those already a not challenging of those is radio strikes in syrian territory. a dozens of people have been injured in violent clashes between police and protest. this on the french islands of corsica. demonstrations have been taking place for days after a prominent nationalist figure was attacked in prison. yvon colona is in a coma, after being strangled and protested, hold the government responsible. it was imprisoned for murdering a politician in 1990 a vote counting on the way in columbia as legislative elections. 39000000 people welcome to cost balance and sundays contest. the result could set the town for the countries presidential election just 2 months away. columbia has always been ruled by the political right proposed show that a left wing party stands a real chance of winning alessandra and petty reports from cali where major anti
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government protests took place last year. lifelong local journalist was at the header, is a reluctant politician. his candidacy for a seat in congress is being promoted by the young protesters who rocked the city last spring. and who are now looking for a change of leadership. me optis my obsession as to empower. do you? not how little they have opened our eyes and said they don't want the country to have received little minorities. they had us become famous in columbia for his relentless coverage of the brutal police response to the protest. hundreds of thousands marched across the country against economic inequality, corruption, and the government's plans to raise taxes on the middle class. but no, where was the response more violent than in cali where arms civilians openly shot at protesters along with the police. go in with judges. i saw kids losing their eyes full that at our side, and i said enough,
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dear wishes i deserve to be heard there being criminalized target. thankfully, they had is one of many 1st time candidates endorsed by left these parties hoping to change the balance of power in congress. long controlled by conservatives fearing their growth. some politicians on the right or condemning last year's protest, calling them a gallery yet take over others while more moderate still believe the protesters went too far. the so says here should not be using their force to replace the police. that's a reality. or what's also true is that the state is on capable from tech protecting citizens. and what's also true is that in those circumstances, you cannot simply expect people to just stay in their beds, looking how their city is destroyed. the consequences of last year protest are still visible in this part of the city that a thing's been renamed, puerto races st. their port of resistance. this, for example, as a memorial for some of the victims of the confrontations with the police,
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a potent thimble of the deep divisions that exist in city and this country that will face off in some this election. bold show that alternative candidates could control 45 percent of congress, most voters to port to left. this correlation called they story called pact lead by presidential candidate, gustavo pedro, who has a 15 percent advantage over his closest rival. their victory would represent a seismic shift for the 1st time. there's a real possibility that candidacy that don't come from traditional liberal or political could win the presidency and control congress. and this generates turbulence, a latent and political crisis. between those who believe the time for changes come against others who fear it would be at dangers. leap into the dark. i listen that i'm and jesse collie talks between chance transitional government and arm groups
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have ended on sunday, but will resume in a cup on wednesday. they have to resolve a long running conflict between rebel groups and the into them government, but some groups of refuse to participate a neighboring libby as foreign minister says political stability is important for the whole region. stability in chad is priority for us. is a huge desert and huge land, what it's very difficult for us also to control our borders. so we need to engage together to work together. and it is actually also agreement has been signed in 2008 between 4 countries, algeria, libya, to den and check which require a shared vote controls between all the these regions. and we are working so hard to activate this agreement because will affect and we have a very positive outcome piece and within that region. mama vall has been at the
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talks in doha to ask the participants here, particularly if you're off to organize a couple of government employees here. they tell you that this is a unique charles for the charge in groups the government to meet here in though how today, particularly the us, you know, most of the groups probably represented yes. some of them refuse to participate and a few or 4 walked out from the, from the opening session, even before the close session part on the head. the well one they were asking for will be given the chance to talk in the opening session and to they have been shocked by the sheer number of groups that they have never heard about before. it's about the estimates here. it's about $59.00 group here in these socks people here are saying that there must be optimism, optimism must range in this, in these talks because not only that, the, the groups are willing,
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most of them are willing to talk with the government, particularly since the, the killing of the fascination of the, of the later it's debbie and the extension of his funds. they are not willing to talk to the, to the new president. so that's not the only reason, but also the other difference of the how high confidence in the state of come up. and they came here. no way you cut out has a 5th degree in facilitating consultations or piece talks. they did it in between the 3 and the ciocca. they did it and all the areas in the 4 and the think about the categories are furious about them. attempt to bring all fights together and to facilitate a kinds of agreements between the 11 people have died in an assault on a gold mine in northern bettina fasfa around 30 gunman. i'm motor bikes, attack the mine in bali after in the south region 2 days ago. gunman killed 10 people at another gold mine in the regions. a gold is makena fast as most
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important export. it is currently the 5th largest go producer in africa. in 2021, 54 tons will produce that's a 20 percent increase from the year before. at the same time, the country has been gripped by growing insecurity more than 1300 attacks were recorded last year. a twofold increase from 2020 monitoring group say it's replaced marley as the epicenter of the cycle. crisis and charities have warned that some donors are considering reducing funding for begin of fast, so by up to 70 percent, to instead support ukraine. formally, as a consulting fellow at chatham houses africa program, he says the increase in a tax is you to on groups enlisting, young men from local communities. many, even young teenagers have been drawn into, into some of this armed activity. and it, sir, these are groups that are very,
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very mobile or as you mentioned, they travel by motorbike are often they only need a few weapons to cause may hammond chaos. and one of the things about the gold mining sector and became faso is that although largest mines or industrial mines, you know, big mining companies who can afford security and protection. a lot of the gold is also produced by artisan all minors. a young young people digging holes in the ground just as in, if you like, as in the california gold rush and that makes it very difficult to protect these people. they're all working as crafts people at a local level and they're very exposed insecurity terms. ah, this is al jazeera, let's get around up of our top stories. russian missiles have had a ukrainian mil.


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