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bolted to the united states, the main thing that we do when we carry out criminal investigations is to reconstruct the money flow and the flow of goods and connect these together. it office breeds does profits that are easy to make and hauled to ignore. perhaps it means that all of us should be a little more vigilant about what we put on our plates. ah, russian missiles target a ukrainian military base ne poland border killing dozens, ukraine's president warns nature countries could be next. ah, hello, i'm im liang when you're watching al jazeera coverage of the war in ukraine,
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a city under sage with no food and water, the red cross swans of a worst case scenario in mary a pole. as intense shelling blocks aids, hundreds of people are arrested across russia for protesting against the wall. also ahead, colombians vote for a new congress in a poll that could launch a political change before maze presidential rights. the death toll continues to rise in ukraine with russian forces striking targets in the countries west in regions. early on sunday, 35 people were killed during russian missile strikes and a military training base. ne levine just 20 kilometers from the polish border. china, how has the latest developments from your board in the west of the country? making reportedly slow progress on major front. russia has widened its war on
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ukraine. the missiles that fell on a military training center near yavari in the far west killed dozens, soldiers, and cadets that russia claims were foreign trained fighters preparing to enter the war. just a few months ago, joint military exercises took place here. ukrainian troops alongside allies from 14 countries, yet now they're having to fight and die in this war. largely alone. scores more were injured in the most devastating single attack so far, and with worrying implications for supply routes, delivering humanitarian and military aid. the war has now come to western ukraine and with it a sense that perhaps nowhere in this country is safe but of largest significance is the fact that not just a countries main supply routes are now vulnerable, not just the main avenues of escape, hundreds of thousands of refugees have now become vulnerable,
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but the fact that the war has now come within 20 kilometers, also of a nato border india or river on sunday morning, anna woke to the sound of explosions, sound sick. so she said someone was break him into the house. we went to the site and the whole sky was red. we met on the fuel stop the pregnant daughter, a nice and her grandchild in the car, making a dash for the polish border. know most of it home. my sick fossit, a husband and a brother in law, stayed behind when i would speak up or myself and fight. but we have to safe all with children. and once again, calls for nato to intervene to enforce a no fly zone over ukraine. the rockets have fallen 10 kilometers from the border with europe tomorrow. then they pulled 10 kilometers on the other side in poland.
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wives and children are now i call on the europe. save yourselves, save us because tomorrow it will be too late. but night too continues to have no appetite to confront russia directly as the war grinds on. the cities like charity in the north steady nerves required here to remove an unwelcome delivery through someone's front window civilians. those brave all desperate enough to attempt to escape continue to leave areas close to keys like, or pin where an american journalist was killed when he and a colleague were fired on by russian forces. and no rest by yet again for mary paul . satellite images shows, swathes of destruction in the southern city besieged for 2 weeks. the life being strangled out of it, an aid convoy, once again prevented from entering. there is one constant,
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the inexhaustible morale boosting russia, defying presence of a comedian, who once played the role of president on tv. now handing out medals and giving the performance of his life. joan a whole al jazeera yavari. he claimed president his warning nato countries. they could be next unless action is taken now. not yet sure. new desert sky, but i've been doing this. this is the war of our lives for ukraine for independence . last year of warning, the leaders of the world that if they don't have preventive sanctions against russia, russia will assault them. a saying that they have the weapons and they'll hit the whole of europe. and today i'm saying it again. if you do not close the sky, it's a matter of time when russian rockets will land on the territory of nato countries and kill the people of nato countries. fighting has also intensified around the capitol. most of the residents as
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a pin on the ask gets if kids have fled at the mer and a number of civilians as tank put to what is the then but it believes no thought. $10000.00 people may be less. are staying in european and don't want to leave our city. 70 percent of our city is now ukrainian territory with ukrainians living there. 30 percent is controlled by russian occupiers, that we are doing everything to liberate 100 percent of our city that cleans cuz they thought it had corresponding abdel as, as in that man and has more on the fighting in our pin. ah, the theodore does he or do we are in the heart of a pin city? the front line with the ukranian army is engaged in fierce fighting, but the russians blunder i shot you try to advance towards downtown, but it seems that the russians made it before us. the ukrainian troops are shooting in all directions in el cody, by saying russian snipers are stationed on ruth thompson to prevent the civilians from leaving the city of new york. dozens of residents was seen leaving from this
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area as well as the eastern side of the earth. in honey, no, the ukrainian said they managed to fend off the russians this morning. can you conceive ukrainian armies frontline, they are trying to force the russians back. lena dorothy, to my right, also a fierce exchange of gunfire. it seems the russians are advancing for more than one direction. i le i'm an ebay machine guns, an anti aircraft guns fired their firing into the air. it seemed like a drone, as hovering above in this spot. and a few minutes before we arrived, dozens of residents had left the city lea a claim, the russian forces granted them only a 15 minute window to leave. the area to 4 roads were closed. and g,
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she'll call many of the residents who were stranded in the eastern suburbs of him. no managed to leave another new cranium. troops say they are committed to cross the russians by 3 said thousands of civilians should remain trapped. northern and eastern part of the city medina, more than 2000 civilians have now been killed in ukraine's besieged port city of mary, a pole. according to the city council, many of them being buried in mass graves. the council says the last reserves of food and water are running out. as russian forces blockading, shelling and bombing, the city grains deputy prime minister says an aide convoy has not been able to reach marian poke, and more than 400000 residents attract jason's dress. use o is from the international committee of the red cross. is his conditions in mary paul are only getting worse. well, communications are obviously very difficult, but we do have a line in a couple times a day. we have a small team in mario poll and they can share with us what the situation is like,
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and the situation is catastrophic. it's been catastrophic for days. the adjectives describing how bad the situation there get worse and worse. we know there's tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of people who are running out of water may already be out of water running out of food. our own team tells us that they are now down to eating one meal a day. they had to make the choice to ration that to, to keep the food going, as long as they can. there's, there's children with our, with our teams there, there's families. so it's obviously a very difficult situation for them. but we know that situation ready outside radiates outward for thousands of residents and that city. so in terms of a pause or humanitarian corridor, we are working with both sides to the conflict, all sides of the conflicts. to urge that this take place. but we know that that agreement needs to come between them. what we're doing is describing the parameters in our conversations, conversations that are taking place that are very high level describing the
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parameters that need need to be put in place. as dividing, intensified on sunday. they was for the 1st time a sign of progress in talks between russian and ukrainian negotiators in ron con, has more in that from the capital keys on sunday. ah, the ukrainian president's advisor issued a statement saying that he thought progress could be made in talks. and he said that the russian side had become more constructive. he also said that we will not concede, in principle, on any of offer positions. russia now understands this and is not russia is now beginning to talk constructively. now, as that statement came out, there was a statement from the russian side as well saying that talked to the ukraine, had made significant progress. and it was possible that the delegations could release a joint statement soon. well, that was met with skepticism here and here certainly amongst the people i spoke to
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a lot of people, hey, are hunkering down, they loading up on food and water. they're preparing for the worse. they are hoping for the best, but they are preparing for the worst. they feel that this idea of the, of a joint statement is very vague. they don't know what that means. and also a lot of our political experts that we've been speaking to throughout the day, suggest that this may well be the beginning of the end of the peace talks. but it may not be the beginning of the end of the war. that is to say that the talking is still going on, but it may be that there is still a lot of talking still to do. second, to, to call these the deputy minister of justice of ukraine. he says moscow will need to change its demands. if diplomatic efforts to end the war have any chance of success, i'm not that optimistic of all the talks. because i think that at this point of time, our positions are quite opposite, and russia will have to change their position
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a lot to approach what is acceptable to ukrainians. and it's not only about what, what the negotiators will do is something that you can, in people, as a community, as, as all of us will have to accept. and therefore, as of now, i don't think anyone in new train would accept the annexation of crimea by russia all the independence of the so called republics of done escal, hans. and therefore, i can hardly see how it wouldn't demands can he can be met unless he's ready to change them. still ahead on al jazeera, stop the massacre. the head of the roman catholic church calls the russia to aimed its invasion and violent scenes on the french island of corsica. as protest is a react to an attack on a jailed nationalist leda. ah,
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there are still some pretty notable contrasts temperature wise strength, middle east, down the radium teacher in the amorous and bower. and more especially cats are it's about 70 piece of average. and to balance that, it's $6.00 to $7.00 below average in turkey, down to northern egypt, and particularly in the levant. these a daytime highs drew from 7 am by routes only about 11 degrees. so this is bit cold for the middle of march. but the sun still the most dominant feature in the sky, for most part are a few rain chows coming through. that's true. take the again of golden egypt, maybe lebanon. most of your locks looking find the winter is confined in former sto to asked by john turkey knowles in iran. and this here hinted, may be a breeze try enough and dusty enough to produce just pretty poor conditions in the air. but time to get to choose day that when the still blowing strongly it's got even colder in beirut and jerusalem. in fact,
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the full cost to buy root is about $9.00 degrees on tuesday and only study returns, but 15 by thursday and notes. it says southwest of these quick preview of thursdays, weather, cuz winter's not finished yet. that cold blouse is whipping round. again. you got pretty wet weather, i think likely for good part of syria and lebanon, and still some slow potential for the golan heights. ah, ah, use unit and 80 birds are at risk of extinction. he's been in business plan to read the nation. it's incredibly sites. want to waste, investigate on algebra. informed opinions and resource by is not large enough. did there adequate to meet people in depth analysis of the days global headlines inside story on al jazeera
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lou. ah, hello. are you watching out 0? i'm emily anglin. he's a reminder of our top stories this. our russian missiles have heated ukrainian military training based in more of 20 kilometers from poland. russia claims to have killed $180.00 foreign fighters at the base. the original government says 35 people were killed. more than 2000 civilians have now been killed in ukraine's besieged port city of marian poll. according to the city council, over 400000 residents of trapped there and officials say the last reserves of food and water are running as
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a journalist from the u. s. has been killed in a pin near keith. 50 year old filmmaker brand rana was the 1st foreign reporter to have been killed since russia began its invasion. ukrainian police say the american was shot by russian forces. he is the 2nd journalist to die in the conflict. carlos martinez de la crna is the program director of the committee to protect journalists . he says that, that it's really concerning trying to russian troops to be shooting and journalists and, but we know already a couple of things. we are important reminders. one of them is that you're not is under international tire low civilians. i never did him a targets in a conflict. so, and if that happens, that amounts to war crime. so that's why we're looking at right now. in this case, we're very concerned about the trend. we are very concerned about your knowledge
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being sort out the tact russian troops and journalists being up to 2 different types of violence. there is, in many cases in which we have more so far, we are also very concerned about how the word child has enrolled and you know, many places on the attack. so it's a very dangerous situation. and what we are seeing based on that train and the overall dynamic war is that civilians being constantly be exposed to violence. and as i said before, your knowledge on the international human internal law are civilians. none of them . i mean, civil ya inquiry journalist can be targeted and that amongst the war con, to really prove that is a war crime who will need the evidence. but the dynamic and the attacks are extremely concerning. the war keeps going. meanwhile, ukraine, foreign minister says he's spoken with us secretary of state antony blinking about for the american support fee crime. with the bonded administration under pressure
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to do more, its officials took to the sunday political shows to lay out their next steps. as petty calhoun reports. the attack in the ukrainian base will likely not slow the flow of foreign military equipment being sent by the u. s. and others, the pentagon has repeatedly said it has several routes in and officials insist, aid continues to make its way and daily. meanwhile, the ukrainian foreign minister went on american television to ask for more. what we are asking is simple, think we say our ukraine, and we will do the rest of us all the weapons necessary and we will fight for our land that are out. he was specifically asking for fighter jets, which the u. s. has ruled out for now senior defense officials tell us that right now, part of the problem is that russia has the abilities shoot down fighter jets pretty much over all of ukraine's airspace. so they are looking at providing ukraine more
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sophisticated missile systems than they have thus far in hopes of keeping the airspace contested. another big concern for us officials fear that russia could use chemical weapons. but the pentagon spokesman made an important point on sunday morning. it is of the russian play book that, that which they accuse you of their planning to do. now. again, we haven't seen anything indic. it did indicate some sort of eminence chemical, chemical, biological tack right now, but we're watching this very, very closely. on monday, the national security advisor, jake sullivan, will be meeting china's top diplomat in rome. he gave a preview of what he'll have to say. we have made it clear to not just asian, but every country in the world that if they think that they can basically bail russia out, they can give russia work around to the sanctions that we've imposed. they should have another thing coming because we will ensure that neither china, nor anyone else can compensate russia for these losses. a continued push to isolate
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russia, heard it's economy an arm ukraine, in hopes it is eventually enough to change russian president vladimir putin plans and possibly put an end to the daily destruction in ukraine. gall haine, al jazeera washington to russia. now, where police have arrested more than 750 people during anti war protests across dozens of cds, hundreds were detained in moscow where the rally was quickly broken out by police chowed kremlin critic lexi nevada holds for the demonstration. while police were also quick to act on the straits as in petersburg, russian president vladimir putin has amounts penalties of up to 15 years in prison, protesting against the war last week, at least 5000 were arrested in dozens of protests nationwide. and it's amazing moscow with more on those demonstrations the stretch really to call these even protest. it's very, very difficult for people to go out onto the street and protest. any hint of
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somebody trying to go out or looking like a protest. i know very often violently dragged away by the police, the people in the hive. if they're the best, the journalists by law, they have to wear those of, they are on one side, and the police are dragging away people who might look like they are a protest of the protest. don't really get going in one instance or 150, a woman just holding up a black blank piece of paper, was taken away by the police, an indication of how they are, keep the crack down. anything that looks like a protest and one of the social media channels you often see, protest, pictures appearing is instagram. it will be blocked now specifically because of spreading protest pictures. but because of a decision taken by instagram's, parent company matter who relax hate speech rules on what uses in ukraine can say about russia's war in ukraine, russia invasion of ukraine,
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and because of the russian or therapies have said that they will prosecute one instagram and met to the parent company, facebook declaring an extremist organisation, and as part of that scrambling 80000000 instagram muses in russia like the rest of the world, it is ubiquitous. it has its furniture of influences who make a living on instagram. something like that being blocked will be really noticed if there are of a charles of course, hope frances has issued his toughest condemnation of the invasion of ukraine, calling it a massacre. the head of the roman catholic church, said the unacceptable armed aggression and must stop. he also called the bombing of civilian targets such as hospitals, barbaric, who nice hula, mere virtue, aquila garage in thick or more new, or unites my voice with those of common people begging for an end to this war.
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normally in the name of god, yes, please listen to those suffering and stop bombs and attack. saw working towards the negotiation and to real and see if you man turn in court of doors in the name of god. i ask you to stop this massacre. horizontal money to the world news now, and iran has claimed responsibility for a barrage of ballistic missiles that struck me the u. s. consulate in the northern iraqi city of urban iranian state. tv reported the attacks were aimed at what it called sacred is riley basis. it said they were in retaliation for an air strike in syria. they killed 2 of its revolutionary guard members. a u. s. official says the consulate, which is unoccupied, was not hit as satellite channel near the u. s. building went on and shortly after the attack showing shattered glass and debris on the studio floor. dozens of people have been injured during violence between police and protest is on the french island of corsica. demonstrations had been taking place for days after
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a prominent nationalist figure was attacked in prison. laura bird and manly explains a show of force in cause because cap to a jack theo the targeted their anger government building a court health, a bank, and the police here responding with tear gas violence started off to jailed corsican nationalist. yvonne coroner was beaten into a coma by a fellow inmate took worth of your novels if you want on. you have to be violent to be hurt. it's not normal. when you're afraid of the confrontations then the state gives in. it's unfortunate that it has come to this and you have to wait until a man is in a coma to read only once france is most wanted, man, yvonne colander is serving a life sentence in southern france for killing an official in 1998. his demand for transfer to corsica had been ignored until tuesday, under immense pressure from protesters prime ministers. yonkers deck law allowed
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the order after the attack. many here blame the french government of the a thought back and say the transfer order came too late. sophisticated basil playing long. what happened is very serious, the assassination attempt on even calona is very, very serious. and so i think that many people on the continent are not aware of what really happened and of the expectations of the course. a can people, days uproot her of spread across a city is of a jack, seo, calbee, and bassier. the anger is not new to the island where protest and courts for nationalism have been a mainstay for decades. but in recent years, more people have opted for autonomy over independence i oh, on you. so then in one week the young people have obtained what no one, no elected official has obtained for 7 years, the cask and people on the street. that's how it is and the actions must continue.
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for many here say the only way of making change is on the street lore about a manly al jazeera, the ladies of turkey and grace have held where face to face talks, turkish president regime typo on host, the great prime minister in his temple and neighbors and nato allies, but relations have been strained due to the migrant crisis and energy exploration rights in east, in the eastern mediterranean. rather as diamond from the turkish government says they increased cooperation, could have benefits for the region in light of the war in ukraine. the results from sundays legislative elections in columbia show they could been upset in the presidential election in 2 months time. columbia has long been ruled by that political right, but the left wing party candidate is a real chance of winning alexandra ramp. yeti reports from bogota, colombians came out in mass to choose the country,
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congressional lawmakers and presidential candidates on sunday. in a vote that indicated a significant political shift in this historically conservative country. his content and anger against traditional parties in their neal liberal economic policies, boosted, progressive, and independent candidates in the senate and the house of representatives many most grown or nicer area. we've had some rough times in the last few years, so i hope that the selection will bring some positive results and our country will change anything on a window to look at. okay, la him. i think people are absolutely done tired and worn out, that the expectations as citizens, never materialized. unfortunately, our old postal class has always played us as less dest, centrist, and right wing coalitions tallied votes in their respective primaries. the night's clear winner was gustavo paid through a lefty senator and former gimme yet, who received more than doubled the votes of his closest rival. right when candidate
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federico gutierrez, we saw contraction of the right wing and our growth, both from the centrist parties. i'm most significantly from the left, but what this means is that there will be no single t or no single, a political block with a majority in congress for the next 4 years. but it also opens the possibility that a leftist could win the presidency for the 1st time in history. something that has right wing voters on edge a there capacity and i'm worried, we need to defend democracy on top of everything. we can't allow a leftist empower. that's not convenient for the country, doesn't know how to govern and is not transparent. i hear entrepreneurs will lose the ability to hire. people will not be able to afford a whole, fearing the possibility of fraud and political violence. more than 2500 national and international observers were deployed across the country. while voting was
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mostly peaceful to soldiers died in bomb attacks in rural areas where voters were called to choose special representatives among victims of the countries long civil conflict. what's clear is that this is a night to remember for the supporters of gustavo theater. and his legacy coalition and historic result confirms that he will be the candidate to be in the upcoming presidential elections. and may i have just the level to john and now which is increasing in scope of 19 restrictions after the highest surgeon infections nearly 2 years in the city of shen jen. 17000000 people have been placed under a strict lockdown. authorities have closed schools in badging and suspended bus services in shanghai. while in chung churn, health officials have been forced to turn an exhibition center into a temporary hospital. people have been ordered to stay home and be tested at 3
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times. ukraine's at 20 paralympics have achieved their best metal whole at a winter olympics since becoming an independent country in 1996. they finish 2nd in the middle table with 11 goals, 10 silvers and 8 bronzes. that's just by the worry of what has been going on back home, hosts china top the standings with 18 gold medals as the games came to a close in paging on sunday. ah, hello, are you watching out 0? these are the stories we're following, this. our russian missiles have, he had a ukrainian military training base in that year, vor of 20 kilometers from poland. russia claims to have killed $100.00 ac foreign fighters at the base. the regional governor says 35 people were killed. ukraine's president is wanting nato countries. they could be next largo yet sure, live would,
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is rescue. but of him do. most of the war of our lives for ukraine for independence last.


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