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tv   News  Al Jazeera  March 16, 2022 2:00am-2:31am AST

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[000:00:00;00] ah, 0 great with me the know that you are not on the, for your homes, for your or your security, but also for a show of solidarity. the leaders of 3 european countries meet ukraine's president . what is the landscape and key? ah, i'm hasn't speak of this is as you did a life and also coming up
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a 35 hour curfew imposed on key of as it's mer warns, ukraine's capital is facing a difficult and dangerous moment. more civilians managed to flee the south eastern city of mighty you probably in 2000 cars and nearby attacked by russian troops. he'll fears the nuclear power plant in brash could be the next target. the the leaders of 3 european countries have travelled to keep the in a show of solidarity with ukrainians, even as russian shelling continues to hit the capital. the prime ministers of poland slovenia and the czech republic are the 1st foreign leaders to visit ukraine . since russia's invasion began, they took a long and potentially risky trained journey from poland to meet president vall, edema, zalinski, they say they're in ukraine to express. the european union's unequivocal support. ukraine's leader says their visit to kia sends
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a strong message to russia. beach with the national blue. they're not concerned about themselves. they're concerned about us. they are here to support us. and this is a necessary friendly step. and i'm sure with these types of friends with our neighbors are partners. we will be able to win a polish premise there mateusz more of his key, emphasized that what's happening in ukraine is a european issue that needs a collective response. the european union has to do very quickly, a candidate focus of more than this has to invite you to the european union and all that the fast equipment to defend your homes. we will drive to organize orchards or to say all over the world. we will never leave you alone. we really wish the grocery know that you are fighting, not only for your horse, for your freedom, for your security,
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but also for hours. a 35 hour curfew has been imposed in kiev off the russians strikes on residential buildings and a metro station killed at least 5 people from levine in western ukraine. general. how reports on the day's events? this is car key. no longer a city of one and a half 1000000 people, many have fled. the russians are raising whole residential districts to the ground. they say civilians are being used as human shields and the soldiers are hiding among them. but how can they tell from up there as the bones continue to fall indiscriminately? the battles look here continues to with daily shilling that includes residential buildings from russian positions. just 15 kilometers away and closer quarters,
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fighting on its suburban outskirts. western intelligence assessments point to a ground offensive that is largely stalled with russian troops making little or no progress. but if towns like a pin butcher and hoster mouth, what a fool a path could open up for a push on the capital. and russia maintains its strangle hold on maria pole, the southern port city, another important strategic objective. it was a convoy of civilian vehicles, reportedly 2000 of them left by a humanitarian corridor that held for a 2nd day. but still no aid supplies made it in and still hundreds of thousands exist in conditions of unimaginable hardship. bodies are said to lie unconnected in the st. supplies of food, water, and medicine. near exhausted easing, the flight of mario pole was
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a key demand of the ukrainian side in cease fire talks that continued on tuesday. but there is a lot more still to do. a demon your brain school and not only on behalf of the ukrainian people, we give you a chance to live. if you surrender to our forces, we will treat you as humans, have to be treated with dignity. the way you have not been treated by your own army and the way your army does not treat our people to choose. so a 2nd day of cease fire talks and separately, an adviser to president zelinski has said he believes the war will be over by may at the very latest. a prediction based on intelligence reports of slower than expected, russian progress, larger than expected russian losses. its forces spread increasingly thinly across the vastness of north south and east, a new crime wishful thinking perhaps. but this is a notion the killing of the units of the people from an issue that an extra public continued to compressed in sacramento. merrier poll. the general advance from the east,
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the northern and western direction was up to 800 meters. the divisions of the russian armed forces are continuing offensive operations. there are reports that russia has already prevailed on allies like china and syria for help. but all the heart in this fight belongs to ukraine, and it refuses to submit. jona held al jazeera movies. or you can curve ok is a former us ambassador to nato and a distinguished fellow at the center for your p and policy. and now see join us via he joins us live now from washington. thanks very much for being with us now. what, what was the objective of this trip beyond the optics, beyond the kind of photo of what, what purpose does is beyond a math morale boost if you will write? well 1st, let's not underestimate the important does the up, the importance of the optics for european leader is to go to key and he would
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present zalinski there. while the city is under siege is a tremendously important signal to ukrainian people. so you have to give them credit for that. second, they have been pushing to accelerate ukraine's membership in european union. there are some other countries in europe, in the u, in the west that have locked this. and i think they are trying to build their credibility and credentials to continue to make that make that case for ukraine's e. u membership. and then finally, we heard from presence on sky today, a public recognition that ukraine was not making progress toward membership and nato. and so the stating that is a fact. but he is looking for other alternative security guarantees. and i'm sure that was the topic of discussion with these leaders today. but just taking a kind of contrary view of this, there are some who is saying that all of these moves like membership towards the you. membership towards nato will be seen in russia as, as,
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as very provocative and will not address the issue of trying to, to resolve this peacefully. what would you say to that? well, russia can resolve this peacefully at the top of the finger. all they have to do is stop. all they have to do is stop attacking ukraine and ukrainians are looking for ways to preserve their country, their society, their identity or economy, their people. and why should they be surrendering to a russian attack? they will do it a short of a no fly zone and any kind of nato involvement in this war, which has been very made, made very clear by and they tell them by president biden at this point. what else can they do as far as military assistance to great? there are several things. so we should not be defining ourselves by what we want to . we should be defining ourselves or what we can do. and there are several things
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here. there are additional air defense systems of ukrainians need more stingers, but also higher altitude systems. they need sure to ship missiles to go after some of the russian ships that are in the black sea fire and cruise missiles at ukrainian cities. they need more java with the anti systems. the polls have offered to provide mig 29 aircraft where you gradings don't fly. that should happen soon. we should be accelerating our deliveries of humanitarian relief to the ukrainian people. and if that needs protection, in order to do so safely, we should provide that protection. there are so many things on the ladder road here that we can do that we are not doing. and i hope that president zalinski is addressed congress tomorrow. the lights of fire under the members of congress to insist that we step up and do more and that we also encourage our allies to do more to what president biden's response to the things the, the, your bringing up there is. that is essentially, i don't want to start world war 3,
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and that is a fear that millions of people share. what do you say to? well, 1st of all, i think the last thing that once is to drive the west into his war against ukraine, his military forces are bogged down and performing badly adding to that equation disaster for him. so i don't think that we should be the ones you are deterred, providing humanitarian assistance. i think it is student who ought to be cautious about engaging worse. then i think if you look at the track record, everything, the vital ministration said we wouldn't do such as sanctions or sanctioning lord string to or banning russian oil and boards. we're sending stinger missiles we have eventually done. and i will definitely see the mig 20 nines in that category. i think we should get there. i hope that we see some kind of limited no fly zone to protect civilians and protect you mandatory and shipments. also in that category,
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or i could talk to cove ok, thanks very much for being with us. i bless you. thank you. i was growing, concerned over the power supply to the decommissioned chernobyl nuclear power plant ukraine, nuclear agency, same russian forces damaged a cable in an attack there last week, knocking the plant off the grid. russian troops have also taken control of the zip for easier plant, one of ukraine's for operational nuclear facilities. one plant still on the ukrainian control is in brash, near bela ruth. natasha butler reports. the 10 forest of pine and silver birch trees lines the road to the remote town for ash in north west ukraine. close to the border with bella rous, visible in the distance, is there even a power plant? ukraine's oldest nuclear facility. some people worry the russian forces could try to seize this plant because moscow's troops of already taken control of that
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parisha, one of ukraine for operational nuclear facilities, as well as to noble for 30 nuclear terrorism to noble is the commission. but it stores nuclear waste that needs to be cool and on this because there are power cotton appreciate it is your biggest nuclear plant. it has 6 reactors. so one russian forces in this sort of attach and there are many res, actual number reactors can be damaged and things can go wrong. these are things nearly went wrong here on monday after ukrainian troops try to water nearby attack by russian forces. chit, if there was a missile the above here to shoot gun, an enemy drug lords there. so this is happening here. there are risk supports in the washing shelling, also damaged in nuclear facility. and how keep last week oscar is targeting as nuclear sciences, a sinister and dangerous twist in the war to could further threaten europe and his
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fueling anxiety here. more than 7000 people work at the power plant. so most people in this town are connected to it in some way, and nearly every one is acutely aware of what a nuclear disaster could mean. the mayor of a rush is an engineer who worked to the reef ne, planned for 25 years. he says everything's been done to protect it, were farm the corner was parked when we now had dangerous nuclear energy use for the world. we st fukushima and to enable in fresh there's all sorts of work at the plant, many skilled paper like may an engineer understand the crevice. even nicholas saw it not been secure and controlled. it can be a catastrophe. whirlpool, a memorial in the town center commemorates the victims of charnel bill. the world's worst nuclear accident took place nearly 40 years ago. people here want the international community to do more to help safeguard ukraine's nuclear sites. said that a grim part of history will not be repeated. natasha butler,
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i'll jazeera fresh northwest ukraine or i, when we come back on al jazeera, the u. s. signs off on a $13000000000.00 boost for ukraine, as president biden approves new military and monetary and 8 and according to india, holds up a ban on wearing head scoffs in classrooms. you have all the reaction to ah ah, hello there, let's look to north america and much of the weather action is happening in the deep south. we've had severe storms cause flash flooding in texas, and as you can see them moving their way east and i'm going to creep up the east coast. by the time we get to the end of the week, we must see that rain effect places like washington, d. c, and new york. now we still got wet and wintery weather, affecting the north west,
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pulling into british columbia, edging down into oregon and washington. and we are going to see some of that snow stretch across places like a colorado, but it does remain bitterly cold. and with those north western areas, it's changed though, that we're going to see, come into play in the north east, the temperature in toronto, edging up by about 10 degrees. if we have a look at the 3 day, a lot of warms coming through on thursday. but the rain will return on friday. now we are seeing rain stretch across that east coast. this is where much of the action is going to be as we end the week where we are seeing some of that rain effect florida. on wednesday, those heavier show was pulling down into western areas of cuba. now for central america, it is a mix of sunshine and some rain, but from mexico city it dries up on thursday. the temperature coming in at 24
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the prime ministers of poland, slovenia, and the czech republic, or in kia, to show solidarity with ukrainians as russia. shelling continues to hit the capital that a 1st foreign leaders to visit ukraine since russia's invasion began. the mayor of cuba has rhonda ukraine's capital is facing a difficult and dangerous moment. 35 our class. he's been opposed to russian strikes on residential buildings and a metro station. the killed 5 people are thousands of people are escaping the city of murder. you pole in the southeast on an evacuation route that extends it just over 260 kilometers to support asia, which is ukrainian held territory. but ukraine's deputy prime minister says a convoy with supplies for matter. you paul is stuck in nearby better danced. i said, beg is ins, apple easier, he met some of the civilians who escaped from matter you when they get here. vale, those they are toys,
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they given food. and here you can see donation from people from ordering ukrainians, making a massive effort to try to welcome these people that have escaped from mario full. but it's not just medical that they have escaped from the surrounding areas. it is fighting taking place and the people that we've spoken to many are shocked and traumatized. many have lived in the hands of villages all their lives and have no nothing else. and now they've been forced to leave. but we also have people that have been displaced a number of times because it's fighting in the east of the country has been going on since 2014, so many people left there to of a safer part of ukraine. and now again, they've been forced to leave, but the ukranian authority is saying that 2000 cause again have left merrier poll. but that's not enough. the city has around 400000 people that has been established by the russians and the ukrainians desperately want to get into that city. and the situation that we've been hearing from inside my report is that there's a lack of food, water, lack of heating,
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people taking shelter in basement. but the trying to get a and to doesn't cause as far as the ukrainians are concerned, isn't enough. you as president joe biden has signed a bill setting aside $13600000000.00 of humanitarian, military and economic aid for ukraine. it's attached to a $1.00 trillion dollar annual spending bill warehouse correspondent. kimberly how can reports which calls for a no fly zone over ukraine intensifying the white house announced us president joe biden will head to brussels next week to attend to special nato meeting over rushes invasion of ukraine. his goal is to meet in person face to face with his european counterparts and talk about and assess where we are. at this point in the conflict, the white house would not say whether that triple and mood any visits to the ukrainian border, or meeting with ukrainian president vladimir zaleski, who has been pushing for
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a no fly zone over his country. nato allies including the u. s. opposed the no fly zone as it would put nato and russian planes in direct conflict and potentially lead to nuclear war. still, secretary of defense lloyd austin, is meeting with nato defense ministers for a 2 day gathering at the alliance headquarters in brussels. ah, earlier in the day, the lensky addressed the canadian parliament and made his case closed. the aerospace bliss stop the bowman and how many more gruesome missiles have to fall on our cities until you make this happen. the u. s. continues to send more help. on tuesday, the u. s. president signed a spending bill that included $13600000000.00 for ukrainian security and humanitarian assistance were moving urgently to further augment the support to the
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re people of ukraine as they defend their country are also going to be better position to provide for the rapidly growing humanitarian needs of the ukranian peoples. the money provides aid for ukrainian refugees in ukraine and in neighboring nations. it also gives ukraine military equipment and training. the ukranian president will make his case for no fly zone. when on wednesday, he addresses a joint session of the u. s. congress. kimberly held him al jazeera, the white house of the mexican border city of t juana is seeing an increase in the number of the cranes and russians trying to cross into the u. s. a. small number of refugees from ukraine had been allowed in and that's raised accusations of discrimination from immigration advocates, john, home and reports in the border when you're in the one there in the lab border,
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crossing in western hemisphere in some states behind this. and then you can see my little current russian, and these are people that lead the country because they posed the wolf with you frame. they've been telling us a few stories. the family who hung up with the father joined an anti war protest. i got arrested and was told that he could go to prison. they immediately picked up the suitcase and led his other people. as it said, i've got relatively trained, i can't fight against my coffee against. they felt they had to leave that country as well. and they had it here that the, the issue. so wait a moment honestly, the russian people the lead off the priority. what we have seen is cranium, mother and her son sort of also come hit, they start the fast food and they remediate be let through. in the united states, that was
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a must be happy and this poor sleep in order to let you know why the russians around the staying here. probably no one else. they say that the europe at the moment, there's no flight. this is one of the only places they can go to and then they just want to go from get a process into the united states. was receiving numbers for us. and some of the cranium trying to get a caught in moscow has find a journalist, $2900.00 for dramatic televised protests on sunday evening. marina, i'll see on cobra interrupted ally bulletin on state television, holding up a sign, reading stop the war. she's a senior editor, a channel one is earlier, she released a statement saying she was ashamed for promoting what she called criminal propaganda. the criminal court, her actions a form of hooliganism in all the use israeli forces have shot dead 3 palestinians and wounded several others in the occupied west bank and the cobb
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desert. one man in his twenties was shot in the head in the columbia refugee camp near a mama. in an earlier incident in nablus is ready for his shot and killed a 17 year old boy. 21 palestinians had been killed in the occupied west banks since the start of the year. hi, court judges in the indian state of karnataka have upheld a headscarf band in schools and colleges. the ruling follows petitions challenging the decision. students endlessly goose say they will take the case to the supreme court. elizabeth per annum reports for new delhi b y students in the southern city of chin. i protest against the judgment in kanaka high court. 3 judges, including a muslim woman, dismissed petitions, challenging a ban on headscarf from the state schools and colleges. they said wearing a headscarf is not an essential religious practice in islam therefore isn't
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protected by india's constitution, which guarantees religious freedom. the petitioners disagree. i. oh oh yeah. all mass was part of a group from cannot go, went to the high court after a number of colleges in the state began asking students to remove their head scarves, school staff, to the young woman of violating the uniform code. they would tend standoff between muslim students protesting against the restriction and hindu nationalist who rallied and supported the bad. the protests led to many schools and colleges and the state being closed for at least a week, and the local government banning headscarf. while the high court made the decision . one of the students lawyers told al jazeera,
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the ruling would imply that the wearing of hindu symbols known has been these, or christian crosses should also be banned. where will there be a government order, which is that new you will not wear been these or who will not? very many coming coming to school and there's an order of us then the america book would be bound by the reader. but how likely is it that the government will pass such an order? i mean, it seems extremely unlikely really extremely unlikely. i agree with the flip side of the lawyer side of ruling as a setback for women's rights in a society where the female workforce by dissipation route, has fallen dramatically from the 1900 ninety's. we cannot afford to shut the doors on young women. we're attempting to go to school. the students, lawyers, and muslim groups are planning to challenge the ruling and india,
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the supreme court. the cannot governance lawyer says the ruling marks of paradigm shifted the interpretation of religious freedom. that's guaranteed in the indian constitution. there are concerns that judgment could set a precedent and lead to similar bands and other states, especially those governed by the hindu nationalist. bazzi, a jumps, a party of prime minister marines, demonte elizabeth for autumn al jazeera new delhi or the world bank says the number of afghans who can't afford food and other essentials has doubled since the taliban takeover last year. about 3400000 people are now displaced. the country was heavily reliant on financial aid, which was frozen when the taliban took power. un high commissioner for refugees. filippo grandy is urging the world not to forget about the crisis. sri lankan have protested on the streets of columbia against the worsening economic crisis that the government is heavily in debt and struggling to pay for central import.
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michelle fernandez reports from one of the main demonstrations. angry, frustrated and desperate sher lankin surrounded the president's office in colombo, fed up having to queue for food, medicine, cooking gas, and vega, fuel think 30 to 60 percent more for many items. millions are struggling to make ends meet. and blame president, go toby, roger boxer and the government, what i mean, i'd imagine, i mean, i get boy, reggie parks must be chased out. that's what this river people wants them. if i live, i knew the time to go, it will all the come the, i'm go to the go, roach and different is the just gone month to chisel media. the opposition. some of you, john, by the video organize the latest protest following weeks of similar demonstrations around the country. the, it's j b is challenging the president to turn things around or step down. oh,
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wow. yes. are you ready to send this government home? is the country ready to send it home? friends with his great people's power. we will begin the journey to trace out his government. shalanda has had a worsening economy for the past 2 years. the 2019 eastern bomber tax on churches and hotels kill $270.00 people. and he vital tourism revenue pandemic which followed further. hampered recovery analysts blame unsustainable debt, new revenue of foreign exchange crisis, financial mismanagement and corruption for aggravating di problems that didn't have this government because now happening, you know, the children. they had no meal, they had this nothing. my dad, enjoying that life shall anchors for in reserves have fallen to their lowest levels in recent history. fuel has run out to keep a steady supply of electricity,
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and the government doesn't have money to pay for vital imports. after months of rejecting cause to seek an international bailout, the government appears ready to seek help for months, reluctance have complained about shortages and price increases, but things have got so bad. now they say they don't have a choice, but to take to the streets. professionals, executive farmers, fishermen, housewives and de wage owners all hoping their voices will be heard. minute fernandez, audra 0, colombo. ah . this is angela can round up now the top stories, the prime ministers of poland, slovenia, and the czech republic are in key of to show solidarity with ukrainians. even as russian shelling continues to hit the capital to the 1st foreign leaders to visit ukraine. since russia's invasion began, ukraine's leader says their visit sends


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