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tv   News  Al Jazeera  March 16, 2022 6:00am-6:31am AST

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you ever see access to health care? so what we want to know is how do these things affect people we visit places day even when they're no international headlines. al jazeera, really invest in that, not to privilege, as a journalist. ah, the know that you are finding not only for your homes, for your freedom, for your security, but also for a show of solidarity 3 european leaders, meat ukraine's president in key us russia continues bombing several cities. ah. hello, i'm darren jordan, this is out. is there a lie or from the also coming up? a 35, our curfew is underway and key. it's male warns: ukraine's capital faces the difficult a dangerous moment. rescuing evacuation efforts continue in the east of the country
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as more civilians. li, the poor city of mario and seeking asylum while you craniums am russians lining up at the u. s. border with mexico. the leaders of 3 european countries travel to keep in a show of solidarity with ukrainians, even as russian shelling continued to hit the capital. the prime ministers of poland, sabina, and the czech republic, with the 1st foreign leaders to visit ukraine since russia's invasion began. they took a long and risky trained journey from poland to meet president vladimir zalinski. they say they have been in ukraine to express. the european union's unequivocal support. when you cranes, leader says their visit sends a strong message to russia beach with the national blue. they are not concerned about themselves. they are concerned about us. they are here to support our and
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this is a necessary friendly stablish and i'm sure with these types of friends with our neighbors are partners we will be able to when will the polish prime minister much use more of the ascii said, what's happening in ukraine is a european issue that needs a collective response. european union has to give very quickly a candidate status and more than this has to invite your grain to the european union and all the defense if were to defend your homes. we will drive to organize or cared. orchestrate all over the world. we will never leave you alone. we will be with you because we know that you are fighting not only for your horse, for your freedom, for your security, but also for ours. mean, our thousands of people are escaping the city of mario polymer se in an evacuation route that extends just over 260 kilometers to zachary ship,
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which is ukrainian held territory. but ukraine's deputy prime minister says a convoy with supplies for mary up all is stuck in there by a better dance as big as more on the evacuation efforts happening across easton, ukraine, a survivor of one russian, a strike. and then this with panic on the streets with the uncertainty of what will be hit next. the onslaught against ukraine's 2nd largest city. her cave has been relentless. the city was home to 1500000 residents. many have now fled left over the years. we have information that 2 people were killed, one person was rescued and we are clearing the rebel and we have just received information that may be more people under the rubble the robot o. meanwhile, russia maintains a stranglehold on the southern port city of mary pl. another important strategic
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objective, a convoy of civilian vehicles, reportedly 2000 left via humanitarian corridors that held for a 2nd day. hundreds of thousands still remain inside. conditions are said to be apocalyptic reports of bodies lying and collected in the st. supplies of food, water, and medicine near exhausted. for those that make it out of russian controlled territory . zappa richer is the 1st stop. people check to see if their relatives or friends escaped. this communist era circus building has been converted to receive, internally displaced. people fleeing the fighting. once they're here, they are registered and they can receive vital supplies. people have donated close blankets, toys make an offer, get warm food. once they come here, they've been moved on and re house. ukrainians have mobilized to help their fellow citizens. and as they came on buses, they bought them once again to leave. it's been
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a tough journey. rosner thrash them by ye, daughtry neutral naught you. hi. it was frightening. frightening says 81 year old marina minova was new slogan. she sheltered for 10 days in the basement of a psychiatric hospital before making it out of the city. those that you will, you please leave us with the why did they come to our land? why and why did they come to spills the blood of our children? nobody asked them to come, all want to leave with only their russia. why do they inflict this on us, robert? like so many other ukrainians. their homes now destroyed, heading to an uncertain future. i said big al jazeera, zable, risha men or the mayor of cave, as warned that ukraine's capital is facing a difficult and dangerous moment. a $35.00 r curfew is under way after russians strikes on residential buildings and a metro station which kill 5 people. russian forces a 1000000 circle, the capital m and con, went to an apartment,
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there was hit in peeve and spoke to one of its residents. this is where it's like to be inside one of the apartments in this bombed building. it happened in the early hours of the morning, the sax, your child's remarks, sir, is the kid that normally lives here. she's actually been evacuated, but you can see the windows, the power, the bloss blue, the windows, and they've actually managed to tardy up a lot of the gloss. get it all out a lot. there. the kids, books and things are now actually on the balcony. there's still a lot of damage here. this is what is lot who lives here by slip didn't tell us what happened in the morning. 05. busy early in the morning and we listened very big, boom and i smell of gunpowder. and we slip in on corridor. i like every 79 nights and i'm a jam hon. this place. and so absolutely the damage her room mo,
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with broken window glass all the way. and so it was very, i was very afraid and, but i try to been absolutely in carl j claim. yeah. and the, because i understand my girlfriend too was very afraid and old master staring. and i must be clue claim, and i'm starting to i'll call it to our theme staff for, for me, going out to the street a very traumatic experience. you'd not, you'd said that you've been sleeping in the corridor rather than the bedroom. yeah . will you told to do that or is this something you felt you had? oh, it was sleeping every night and corridor. it was
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a like a self defiance. it because we understand it's a war and a bumble can happen every time. because we are absolutely, it was close to his shoes. her with her, our m. o baggage for south. for samson. yeah. well it's lucky that you were in the corridor. a lot of people in these apartments are actually sleeping in the corridors precisely because they're afraid of an attack. like this was growing concerned over the power supply to the decommission chernobyl nuclear plant, ukraine's nuclear agencies, as russian forces damage the cable in an attack last week, knocking the plant off the grid. russian troops have also taken control of these apparitions, plant, one of ukraine's for operational nuclear facilities. one plant still under
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ukrainian control is in forest near bella luce natasha butler reports. a dense forest of pine and silver birch trees lines the road to the remote town or fresh in north west ukraine. close to the border with belarus. visible in the distance is there even a power plant? ukraine's oldest nuclear facility. some people worry the russian forces could try to seize this plant because moscow's troops of already taken control of separation . one of your cranes for operational nuclear facilities, as well as chernobyl for yogurt is nuclear. terrorism to noble is decommission long, but stores nuclear waste that needs to be cool numbers go from there are power, continental israel, as for as appreciate it. it is yours biggest nuclear plant. it has 6 reactors. so and russian forces take it in this sort of attachment. there are many restroom, but reactors can be damaged and things can go wrong. this is genetically things
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nearly went wrong here on monday, after ukrainian troops try to thwart a nearby attack by russian forces to throw in the missile that will above her to shoot down an enemy drunk ordinance. so this is happening here or there are risks supports from the collect wash and shelling also damaged a nuclear facility in hockey last week. moscow's targeting of nuclear sites is a sinister and dangerous twist in the war. the could further threaten europe and is fueling anxiety here. more than 7000 people work at the power plant. so most people in this town are connected to it in some way and nearly every one is acutely aware of what a nuclear disaster could mean. the mayor of a rush is an engineer who worked to the written a plan for 25 years. he says everything's been done to protect it, were farm the corner was parked when we know how dangerous nuclear energy is for the world. we st fukushima and to enable,
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in breast is all sorts of work at the plant many skill paper. like may an engineer understand the gravity of a nucleus, saw it not being secure and controlled. it can be a catastrophe. whirlpool. a memorial in the town center commemorates the victims of channel bill. the world's worst nuclear accident took place nearly 40 years ago. people here want the international community to do more to help safeguard ukraine's nuclear sites. said that a grim part of history will not be repeated. natasha butler, al jazeera rash, northwest ukraine. russia's invasion of ukraine has now driven more than 3000000 people out of the country. almost half of them a children. the u. n says that every 2nd, another ukrainian child is becoming a refugee. that 70000 a day, almost one and a half 1000000 children. since the war began nearly 3 weeks ago, well, more than half of the refugees from ukraine of gone to poland,
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polish president under duda, has signed a new law to allow ukrainians in poland to legally stay and work in the country. sand was raw, the reports from crackle. poland, 2nd city looks different these days. soldiers on scooters. refugees, on sidewalks, reminders of russia's war, ukraine. at the consulate in krakow, hundreds of ukrainians. wait in line for hours every day. okay, new or just what's happening in ukraine is awful. it's more shooting, killing, they don't hesitate to kill anybody, but it's mentally very difficult. my mind just cannot take it in the morning and get it. i have no idea when this will end. i think that it will take a long time before it's over. lots of people will die. this is horrible. it allergies either recently arrived or part of the diaspora for ukrainians. uncertainty and chaos have become the norm. getting passports, having documents attested the drudgery of life admin,
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taking on much more significance now as many ukrainians prepared to be away from home for an unknown period of time. poland is never seen an influx of so many refugees. so quickly. crackers mayor says the city has its limits of dental gear, doesn't mere scott, you know, i think i'm seeing it the same as every citizen of the city, but it's a major challenge. the most important thing is humanitarian aid. no matter want. we are trying to do whatever we can. this war is something really terrifying most. this is number of difficult progress. public housing for refugees is near capacity . the mayor says his city needs more government funds to keep helping people. for now, the fate of many is in the hands of hardworking volunteers, a charities throughout the country. donations keep coming around the clock, volunteers working throughout the night to pack supplies, most headed for keys, the besieged ukrainian capital foreseeable use originally from ukraine. this is personal. the 2nd floor of this charity has been turned into
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a temporary shelter for mostly women and children. the biggest challenge he says, is finding people a place to sleep in the beginning, people only slept here for one night and then left it. now they're staying for 3 or 4 nights. we're looking for places for them to go. the government promised help. but we don't know if that's going to be enough. cities that crack over dealing with wave after wave of refugees and with worsening violence in ukraine. there's no hiding from the fact they won't be going home any time soon. they'd basra vio 0 krakow pulling time for a short break. here. now does era, when we come back, washington the signs off in a $13000000000.00 boost ukraine, as president biden approves new military and humanitarian aid. which s, as in colombo take in the streets, i shall anchors hit but worst financial crisis in decades monitoring. ah
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hello there, let's look to north america and much of the weather action is happening in the deep south. we've had severe storms cause flash flooding in texas. and as you can see them moving their way east and they're gonna creek up the east coast by the time we get to the end of the week. we missy, that rain effect places like washington, dc and new york. now we still got wet and wintery weather, affecting the north west, pulling into british columbia, edging down into oregon and washington. and we are going to see some of that snow stretch across places like colorado, but it does remain bitterly cold. and some of those north western areas is the change though, that we're going to see, come into play in the north east, the temperature in toronto, edging up by about 10 degrees. if we have a look at the 3 day, a lot of warms coming through on thursday, but the rain will return on friday. now we are seen rain stretched across at east
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coast. this is where much of the action is going to be. as we end the week, we are seeing some of that rain effect florida on wednesday, those heaviest showers pulling down into western areas of cuba now for central america. it is a mix of sunshine and some rain, but from mexico city it dries up on thursday. the temperature coming in at 24 degrees celsius. ah, this feels like representation of who i am and what i want people to remember me by markson is my get out to is is not even. just marching is people around like got away from taylor, the story about my life is going to take to your computer to do it. don't. some guy will need to do the next. you deep old ward with documentary witness on
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out his era. ah ah ah, welcome back of her mind about top stories here this hour. the marrow of key as warned, ukraine's capital is facing what he calls a difficult and dangerous moment. a 35 hour curve. he was underway after russian strikes on residential buildings in the metro station, which kill 5 people. ukraine says some 29000 people were evacuated through humanitarian corridors on tuesday. most of them came from mary, or pope rights group say desperately needed aid supplies are still not reaching the city and the prime minister's opponents, lavinia and the czech republic. i've been in keith to show solidarity with ukrainians as russian and shelling continues to hit the capitol. they were the 1st
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foreign leaders to visit ukraine since russia's invasion will cut folk as a former us ambassador to nato. he says that show of solidarity by eastern european leaders projects, the image of a strong laudermill lensky. well, 1st, let's not underestimate the important importance of the optics. for european leader is to go to key and he would present zalinski there. while the city is under siege is a tremendously important signal to ukrainian people. so you have to give them credit for that. second, they have been pushing to accelerate ukraine's membership in european union. there are some other countries in europe, in the u, in the west walk this and i think they are trying to build their credibility and credentials to continue to make that make that case for ukraine's you membership. and then finally, we heard from presence on sky today, a public recognition that ukraine was not making progress toward membership and
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nato and stating there is a fact. but he is looking for other alternative security guarantees. and i'm sure that was the topic of discussion with these leaders today. well, 1st off that i think the last thing that once is to drive the west into his war against ukraine is military forces are bogged down and performing badly. adding was to that equation would be actually for him. so i don't think that he should be the ones who are deter, from providing humanitarian assistance. i think it is bruton who ought to be cautious about engaging the work. the mexican border city of towana seeing an increase in the number of ukrainians and russians trying to cross into the united states. a small number of refugees from ukraine have been allowed in. and that's raised accusations of discrimination from immigration advocates. john holborn reports from the board. we're hearing to wander in the busiest land border crossing in the western hemisphere in sunny c. c,
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the united states behind us. and then you can see that there's a smoke coming over russia. and these are people that have played their country because they oppose the war with ukraine. they've been telling us a few stories is a family who had to clean up the father, joined an anti war protest and got arrested and was told that he could go to prison for years. and so they immediately picked up the 2 suitcases and fled here. other people had to sit up, got relatives try and i told 5 against my coffee again since they felt they had to leave their country as well. and they headed here that these are these issues. so white at the moment, obviously these russian people that had to leave all the priority. we have seen it for a new mother and her son sort of also come here. they show up for school and they were immediately let through in the united states. that wasn't, it's must be how completely training the school. so there's obviously been some
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sort of older kid. let you caribbean cruise now. why are the russians around us being here robin? when someone else, they say that basically europe is close to them at the moment. there's no flights. this is one of the only places, mexico they can go to with no visa and then they just want to go from it across it into the united states. why we're seeing numbers of russians here and some ukrainians who are trying to get safely. u. s. senate has unanimously approved a resolution condemning alleged russian war crimes in ukraine that followed us president joe biden signing of a bill that sets aside $13.00 me and dollars of humanitarian, military and economic assistance for ukraine. i wanted to correspondence. kimberly helped get reports with calls for a no fly zone over ukraine. intensifying the white house announced us president joe biden will head to brussels next week to attend to special nato meeting over rushes invasion of ukraine. his goal is to meet in person face to face with his european
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counterparts and talk about and assess where we are. at this point in the conflict, the white house would not say whether that triple include any visits to the cranium, border, or meeting with ukrainian president vladimir soleski, who has been pushing for no fly zone over his country. nato allies, including the us, oppose the no fly zone as it would put nato and russian plains, indirect conflict, and potentially lead to nuclear war. still secretary of defense lloyd austin, is meeting with nato defense ministers for a 2 day gathering api ally its headquarters in brussels. earlier in the day lensky addressed the canadian parliament and made his case closed. the aerospace police store the bowman and how many more girls may sales have to fall on our cities until you make this happen. the u. s. continues to send
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more help on tuesday. the u. s. president side to spending bill that included $13600000000.00 for ukrainian security and humanitarian assistance were moving urgently to further augment the support to the re people of ukraine. as they defend their country, are also going to be better position to provide for the rapidly growing humanitarian needs of the ukranian peoples. the money provides aid for ukrainian refugees in ukraine and in neighboring nations. it also gives ukraine military equipment and training the ukranian press. it, it will make his case for no fly zone. when on wednesday he addresses a joint session of the u. s. congress. kimberly held him al jazeera, the white house, us tv network, fox news, as a cameraman and producer have been killed near keith. the crew in the field filming
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when their vehicle was hit by an artillery fire. here's that cuz you scan alexander, cushion of that we're traveling reporter benjamin, hold. who's being treated in the hospital for his injuries? 5 journalists have not been killed since the war began. a quote in moscow as find a journalist, $290.00 for her televised protest on sunday evening. rena option of cobra interrupted a live bulletin on state television with a sign reading stop the war. the senior editor channel one had earlier, would use a statement, said she was ashamed for promoting criminal propaganda, a crime and called her actions a form of hooliganism up. i didn't put lucy alcholay. i want to thank everyone for they support my friends and colleagues. these were uneasy days of my life because i spent 2 days without sleep. interrogation lasted for more than 14 hours, was not allowed to contact my relatives older, provided with any judicial help. i was in a rather tough situation. i'll speak more to morrow. i just need to rest today. his
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mother knew now is raining forces of shot dead, 3 palestinians, and wounded several others. and they occupied westbank and the mac desert. one man in his twenties were shot in the head in the columbia refugee camp near ramallah. in an earlier incident in knob loose is ready for his shot, not killed a 17 year old boy. 21 palestinians had been killed in the occupied westbank was to stop the year. shall adkins have protested on the streets of columbia against the worsening economic crisis. the governments heavily in debt and struggling to pay for central in ports, and l fernandez reports from one of the main demonstrations. angry, frustrated and desperate sher lanchen surrounded the president's office in colombo, fed up having to queue for food, medicine, cooking gas, and vega, fuel being 30 to 60 percent more for many items. millions are struggling to make ends meet and blame president. go to obey roger boxer and the government. i'd
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imagine i, i get boy a roger price must be chased out. that's what this river of people wants them. yeah. i love, i made the time to go. it will all the come to the i'm good to go, go roach and different is the just gone month digital media. the opposition. some of you, john, by the video organize the latest protest following weeks of similar demonstrations around the country. the is j. b is challenging the president to turn things around or step down. oh wow. yes. are you ready to say this government home? it's the country ready to send it home? friends with great people's power. we will begin the journey to trace out this government felucca has had a worsening economy for the past 3 years. the 2019 east a bomb attacks on churches and hotels killed 270 people. and he, vital to it is in revenue pandemic which followed further. hampered recovery
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analysts blame unsustainable debt, new revenue of foreign exchange crisis, financial mismanagement and corruption for aggravating di problems that did not this government because now suffering, you know, the children, they have no meal, they have been nothing. why then enjoying that light shall anchors for in reserves have fallen to their lowest levels. injury since history fuel has run out to keep a steady supply of electricity. and the government doesn't have money to pay for vital imports. after months of rejecting cause to seek an international bailout, the government appears ready to seek help for monetary lumpkins have complained about shortages and price increases, but things have got so bad. now they say, they don't have a choice, but to take to the streets. professionals, executive farmers, fishermen, housewives and de wage owners all hoping their voices will be heard. mina fernandez,
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al jazeera colombo, not a report by the united nations, is accused me and mas army of human rights violations, war crimes, and crimes against humanity, or to last years, coo, the human rights commission, says security forces have shown a blatant disregard for life. the report showed the army used as strikes and heavy weapons on populated errors which kill civilians. but since the co, the army has faced allegations of abuse including torture and massacres, all of which it denies will run and leads from law for university in the u. k. he says in arms embargo needs to be imposed against me and most military. this report actually calls for steps towards accountability and, and a stronger reference to the international criminal court at the united nations security council. straight away should be referring me and mars generals to the international criminal court. these people need to know that they will face
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accountability and will, will face justice. because if that's not before them, they will continue to target civilians. the other thing that the report calls for is limiting the ability of the generals to continue to buy weapons. the needs to be in arms embargo. it seems appalling, that after 12 months of rights violations, and the targeting of civilians by me and mars military, that they're still able to freely buy more weapons, more guns, and more bullets which they're using against their country civilians. the report calls for that. i mean there's, there's plenty here for the united nations security council to address, i think the people of me and mar, expect that though, that, that this will be addressed by the un security council. and i think the very confused as to why it is that when there's been report after report from the un documenting egregious human rights violations against ordinary people, civilians, children that there hasn't been stronger action by the security council. now
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a landslide has buried more than 60 houses in the andes in northern peru. heavy rain caused a hillside and the remote town of parkway to collapse. people try to help those trapped by breaking down the walls of their homes that they 7 people are still missing. now the number of afghans who can't afford food and other essentials has doubled since the taliban takeover last year. that's according to the world bank, about 3400000 people and now displaced. the country was heavily reliant on financial aid, which was frozen on the taliban. took tell ah, to have a quick check in the headlines here on al jazeera, the prime ministers of poland, slovenia, and the czech republic had been in key to show solidarity with ukrainians even as russian and shelling continued to hit the capital. they were the 1st foreign leaders to visit ukraine since rushes invasion began.


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