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tv   News  Al Jazeera  March 18, 2022 6:00am-6:31am AST

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[000:00:00;00] ah ah ah. ready people are merging alive from the ruins of a theatre. mudding, a pole that ukraine says was deliberately bombed by russia. had to dealt with how many people were in the shelter all columbus. and so i'd say around $800.00, we were preparing food night, see only a 100 or so managed to disperse the restaurant of the rubble. yes,
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most likely under the rebel, because there were a lot of people in the basement under the seat. and is the stage that got hit ah, hello, i'm darn jordan. this is al jazeera live from della also coming up. the united nation says dozens of healthcare facilities have been attacked in violation of international humanitarian law. yes, president joe biden will speak to china's leadership ping about the war and ukraine on support for russia and ukraine. 3rd largest city of desa braces itself for an invasion. thus russian warships intensify. shunning from the black sea ruskie cruz in the ukrainian city of mary policy. they found survivors after rush, an air strike hit a theater. more than a 1000 people, including children, were believed to be sheltering. there have also been further strikes in the north,
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near the capital cave, rama bribe report, some live in western ukraine after an unrelenting siege and days of being battered on all sides. the southern port city of mary, you hold one of the most porto, but targets in this grinding war and showing all the scars of conflict. thousands of people have now managed to escape, but they've left behind a depleted and dazed population picking over the ruins of their city and their former lives. you are years of here, we have nothing to eat. it's awful just awful. no light, no heat, nothing gloom wilmont who it was terrible. how can really, what was it for, for what? what are we guilty of here? for this key of neighborhood? another early morning awakening from the war. an incoming missile was intercepted
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with falling debris, killing a resident pillow, people in cities on the front line like here in cock eve, continue to bear the brunt. parents of children. they shouted. school have come together to try and restore classrooms over here, professor little we came to help. we heard that search a catastrophe happened, and i don't know how to describe it. it's and human and that the main church for the military and the western city of the be a funeral for another soldier killed in conflict. while this war continues to arouse condemnation of the russian invasion on the world stage, here in ukraine, each death locally seems only to strengthen the resolve to join the fight. outside levin more training for volunteers. this soldier calls himself cream meaning crimea,
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says he left his home on the peninsula when it was seized by russian forces in 2014 and is vowing not to be moved on again. and is now the vive is my home that i'm more interested in a democracy than in a totalitarian state. these volunteers will soon join. others like former international tennis player, said, geese the kosky oldest, who says he had no choice, but to put on a uniform and pick up a gun, even if i will be capable of shooting, killing someone is marking you on your life. so i don't believe that any of the ukrainians are willingly doing it, but we do have an issue with both sides, seemingly unable to find a way out of the war, goes into its 4th week. casualties are mounting all around versus rock mcbride al jazeera live. well, agencies described the humanitarian situation in mario poll as apocalyptic around. 30000 people have left so far, but more than threatened,
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50000 are still sheltering in the city. acid bags in zapper asia where he spoke with one family that was able to get out of it that managed to escape the horror, but a still suffering from the trauma of their days. you trapped him, mario povich, surrounded by the russian army person didn't they slung into doesn't i can't find the words to describe that horror that we experienced. we live in a squeak of williams, a little from this medical, but it was all home i. jesse to was destroyed and then my son was running under rocket fired to collect water with we collected snow. the billy will not get the p. boyles did to drink 65 year old in her progress, dover and her husband sergey spent 20 days hiding in the basement with her from the raging battle above. they fled here to supper,
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richer taken in by their friend constantine, one as well as the one. do i hit the alanine we had only 2 liter, so water would drink water not meant for drinkin. we boiled it on the fire and drank him. we only had potatoes to eat. they are not alone in this ordeal. over 400000 call the city home they so irina recalls the moment they made it out. i'll let you don't get him up to them cross the canada. but as what shall we steal? it was a miracle when we heard that explosion in the center of mighty, we'll put close to the drama theatre much were jumped into the car and ran away from they're getting who didn't really had a route. so we were just trying to get out there with me and then we happened by chance to joins a convoy of course, does a pretty shout, olivia lose another porsha. they can't believe that this has happened to them from a people they once felt the new thing, my halem sketches, nugget was thinkin us. let's see. many of our people have been married and stayed
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in russia. we maintained relations when we have grew up here, it's our country, our motherland. we always saw that the russia is torn component for it, but not an enemy is not an enemy. and now wine at the nasa just because family relations most those political conflict through them, we talk to each other with our relatives, came to us was spent some time at the senior at all. and when the war broke out deck, and we just couldn't understand that it could be a war between 2 brothers as a chair. they can never go back. the pain is too much. her mother died when their house was bombed. he shall catch escape will share with them. i want to tell you something more astellas in that house which was born. you left my 86 year old mother. you brought the new money wrist will just weren't able to carry her out. with 90 percent of my you open is destroying us dollars. there is nothing more
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there who thing you will there. we don't have a place to go back to the can now only wait. it will be still a for know the future uncertainty them issue is i'm hoping the war doesn't follow them here, but he would, let's. anyway, i said big for him as era was aperture for russian warships have been chilling odessa, which is bracing for an invasion. it's ukraine's 3rd largest city and is home to more than a 1000000 people. it's located on the black sea coast and host, the ukranian navies headquarters, which moved there after russia and next crimea in 2014 or double hamid as more sitting there, sammy is waiting for. it's churn or anyone you speak to here tells me, well that we are absolutely sure that at some point we are gonna be at the target of did russians now over the past few days, also did been
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a fleet or very russian war ships that have been seen approaching the coast of odessa and then retracting an enrique re approaching. there's also been some sit shelling india this region about half an hour away from this city. all this certainly increases attention among people here, the anxiety of what will happen next. and i have to say that the fact that this is a russian speaking city, that this is a city that has a lot of ties with russia historically. and even until really the beginning of this war, it doesn't count anymore. people would tell you or look at what happened in my youth on what to look at, what happened in hurricane. there is no safe place in this country at the moment. meanwhile, the united nations is calling for an immediate stop to air strikes on the hospitals in ukraine. doctors working there, say staff under extraordinary pressure, treating the injured image, con reports, not from the capital keith. this used to be one of the main hospitals and keep
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dealing with coven 19 infections. it's now been re purpose to treat walker's. you'll choose. this. ukranian volunteer was shot in her plane at north of keep while defending the capital from intense russian attacks. despite being short, 3 times he wants to go back to the front lines yarborough's to those of course i want to fight again. i will join the territorial defense hearing keith. as soon as i can by your most, i went to join my friends in the fight. when they brought me to the hospital, they told me i had some sharp note my lung, but it turned out to be a policeman. does it define spirits amongst doctors, nurses, administration, so who say they already working round the clock? numerous good key will definitely sustain all medical services. on top of that, the ukranian army and the territorial defense are keeping the enemy from entering the city. we're ready to give emergency medical and rehabilitation services to all in any that are suffering from this horrible war. despite the defiance hospitals nationwide facing crisis,
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43 have been attacked since the war began in the besieged city of mario pl staff. impatience were taken hostage as russian soldiers used the hospital to fire when ukrainian forces similar scenes across the country of provoke condemnation from the world health organization. to attack the most vulnerable babies, children, pregnant women, and those already suffering from illness and disease and health workers. risking their own lives to save lives is an act of unconscionable cruelty. that's an incredibly strong statement from the w h o. but with the war intensifying around the capitol, many are wondering where the hospitals like this, and the ones that are left will become overwhelmed. enron. khan al jazeera keith. yes, president joe biden will speak with his chinese counterpart sheesh and pink to day . well ahead of that discussion, you a secretary of state antony blink and says,
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china appears to be open to providing military assistance to russia. we continue to call on all nations, especially those with direct influence, with russia to use whatever leverage they have to compel moscow to end this war of choice. we believe china, in particular, has a responsibility to use its influence, the president putin, and to defend the international rules and principles that it professes to support. instead, it appears that china is moving in the opposite direction by refusing to condemn this aggression while seeking to portray itself as a neutral arbiter. and we're concerned that they're considering directly assisting russia with military equipment using ukraine. well katrina, you joins us live now from beijing. katrina said this was the 1st time that biden and she had spoken for some time how important all these tools or simply that this phone call could determine the trajectory of the crisis in ukraine with these tools to speaking biden leading the charge to pressure russia to stopping the invasion,
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and she didn't pig seen as one of the few international leaders left who does have influence with prison gotten imputed. now, china, as we've just had since the beginning of the russian attacks has refused to take aside, it's simply said that it encourages dialogue. but at the same time, aging has made it very clear that it intends to preserve its friendship with bratia, which it's described as rock solid. we had them the putin visit china and speak with president. she's in pain in person just a few weeks before the invasion. on the 2nd day of the attacks, they had a phone call. we that china's foreign ministry of the past few days, spread these questions about us run by our lads in ukraine, which many considered to be russian called the gander and moist crucially, we had aging continue to do business as usual with moscow of something that many believe could be sending out a crucial lifeline or crutch full russia at a time when many other countries are trying to economically isolate this. now
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isolated now would you s has wound up aging that there will be consequences, for example, for evading west in sanctions, or even taking things a step further and supporting russia via military aid or witness. beijing has denied that it has any intention of doing this. ah, but at the same time, and china is also thinking about its own interest here, its own interest when it comes to doing trade with russia, its own interest when it comes to wanting stability in a very important political year thought precedent. she didn't pay. so definitely on the table during this for her will be a will actions potentially china could take going forward as well as other discussions around trade and in taiwan and katrina with russia invading ukraine. there are growing concerns as to where the beijing would eventually move the take of a tie up definitely in beijing has
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a time and time again that these situations all not linked. but of course, taiwan is a self ruled island that beijing considered to be robbed. chinese territory and it said time and time again that it will one day be reunited with the chinese mainland and she didn't ping has said that china will not hesitate if needed to use force in order to attain this goal. will tyna has seen how the international community has reacted to the russian invasion of ukraine, and that's something that aging definitely does not want. does not want to be isolated. it cannot afford to be left out of the national financial system. so china has settle, so that will and it prefers to be unified again in taiwan by peaceful means. and of course, that requires some buy in from the taiwanese people in the taiwanese government. so it sees any moves to support taiwan independence or even encourage a sense of separate tie, one identity and separate from the mainland as frustrating this vision. so china's
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complaint to the u. s. has been while you say you support one china, but at the same time you continue to st. delegations, you consider and continue to send military aid. so that has been speculation that beijing a, during this phone call, we use that as a some sort of bargaining chip look in. you want us to be on your so when it comes to russia, this is what we potentially need when it comes to taiwan. all right, katrina, you live for stay in beijing between up thank or a tougher. so break here now to 0, when we come back facing decades behind bars, for protesting more than a $102.00 government demonstrated on jail in cuba and senators in argentina, through the controversial refinancing bill as people taking the streets more than say, ah hello,
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the weather is looking pretty mobile now across much of north america. we have got some very wet weather pulling out away from the eastern seaboard, easing away from the carolinas. next weather system that's ganging up on that scar roll its way through more heavy showers. possibly the tornado lot hell mixed in there. and that heavy right. pushing up to was the lakes warm ahead of that cool enough behind that and cooled off actually up towards pacific northwest where we have now the band of rain, sleet, and snow coming through western parts of canada. raw along the west coast. so pushing down across washington, oregon. good part of california are actually looking a little disturbed. and on the cooler side, as we go on through the next couple of days, central part should be largely dry. some decent warmth coming through here. la. she drives some decent warmth to across the caribbean. we've got some sherry ray just eating out of mexico, pushing across the great rad tennis, but more the west sunshine than showers friday sees a few more showers. they're able to was the eastern islands simply a civil,
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a picture as we go one into sas day. but as i said, for the most part, it does look fi dry and pleasantly sunny sunshine towers to ride across central america with some lavish house there for costa rica. aah! cutter! one of the fastest growing nations in the world news won the cause of needed to oakland and development school international shipping companies to become a p middle east and trade and money skillfully knocked down 3 key areas of develop who filling up from it. so connecting the world, connecting the future while need. cato causes gateway to whoa trade.
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lou ah, welcome back to pick them out about top stories here at this. our rescue cruise in the ukranian city of mario bold say they found survivors after rush in their strike . it's a theater. hundreds of civilians were sheltering inside. it's not clear how many people were killed. yes, president joe biden will speak to the chinese counterpart. she champagne on friday . it comes to days out in the white house, suggested china may be open to provide in russia with military assistance and 3 un agencies including the world health organization. i've called for an immediate call to attacks on hospitals in new crime. 43 facilities have been targeted since the war began. would they have been scathing exchanges at the un security council? the world body got an update on the told the ukraine conflict is having on
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civilians. christian salumi has more the security council gathered for its 5th briefing on the situation in ukraine in 3 weeks. the united kingdom, one of 6 countries to call for it. we want to continue to hold russia to account for the war crimes that are being carried out there. we want to counter that disinformation and eyes as images of that bomb theatre sheltering families and mary paul circled the globe. 3 u and officials briefed sighting at least $700.00 ukrainians killed so far in the conflict. dozens of them children, 5000000 forced to flee their homes as damage to civilian infrastructure, including 43 health facilities mounts. russia, denied bombing the theater, and targeting civilians. gracie aguilar, blemishes of liquor of ukraine always was a pawn in the geopolitical struggle against russia and remained such upon still. western politicians couldn't care. less about the suffering of the people in dunbar say, including women, children, and the elderly. the breathing took place
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a day before the security council was expected to vote on a humanitarian resolution put forth by russia. but nato, a line council members made clear they wouldn't support anything that didn't point the finger directly at russia as the source of that humanitarian crisis. so russia changed plans. we know if russia really truly cared about humanitarian crises, the one that it created, it could simply stop its attacks on the people of ukraine. but instead, they want to call for another security council meeting to use this council as a venue for its dis information and for pump promoting its propaganda. russia now plans to discuss us bio labs in ukraine, saying it has new evidence to share. we have this information which is raging much, much on, on a much greater scale than the, than the bundled then on the battlefield. and i will not be surprised at anything
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because who wins did the information was the one with the war, intense diplomatic activity continues. i think we have to be very realistic. a lot of this is diplomatic game play is not actually going to have a huge impact on the ground. but the u. s. in its allies are looking for every way they can't put pressure on russia. lots of talk on the part of the security council, but still no action. kristin salumi al jazeera, the united nations. the u. k says it will deploy its missile defense system to poland. as nato moves to increase the security of its eastern flank. defense minister ben wallace announced the deployment during a visit to the polish capital morsel. the u. k will send the sky sabre anti missile system along with about a 100 personnel rushes invasion of ukraine as prompted a rush by european governments to bolster their defences pre plans. nato exercises and norway have acquired new significance. the military alliance seems to be sending
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a clear message to moscow that it's ready for any assault on nato territory. his new baka, in sub 0 terrain troops from nato's very high readiness joint task force, a training for the coldest of conflicts. many the soldiers are among the alliance, is 1st responders. currently under french command. does the place we leave? we see, and we fight. among them. polish soldier private pure to march unecc. poland has now found itself on nato's eastern flank against a possibly hostile enemy. what does that mean for you? is a polish soldier? i was sure what i was signing for, joining the army, but of course it's, it's if difficult as a for human human being, but ah, we are, we're just doing our job. russia's invasion of ukraine pose is the biggest threat to european security in the generation. several nato states and now rushing to ramp up their defense spending and germany,
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europe's largest nato country has reversed his position on sending weapons into war zones in order to help ukraine alliance top brass, v. a. russia stop playing by international norms. time will tell us whether whether the things that the russians are doing in ukraine are war crimes or not. it is sometimes difficult to think that it is all an accident. a, as especially if you hear that now more than 30 medical facilities have been hit. the refugee stream and the fact that people are not allowed to flee, or even after after an agreement or when they are fleeing, they're still being targeted. those are all things that, that shouldn't happen. this week later warned the rushes accusations of ukraine storing biological weapons could be used as
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a pretext for chemical attacks. these french soldiers tasks with handling the aftermath of a chemical attack on high alert. what seemed inconceivable only a few weeks ago seems chillingly possible. giving these cold weather exercises are simply about nato bolstering. it's east and flank then think again. in recent months, russia has been steadily reopening. it's cold haul base is in the arctic region that has 30 percent of the world's untapped natural gas. and 13 percent of its oil supplies, as europe tries to wean itself off russian energy supplies, all countries are turning to norway to make up for possible shortfalls. until the evasion of ukraine began norway in russia had been working together to explore arctic oil fields. but not any more is feared competing claims. the natural resources will put russia and nato on another collision course. the invasion of
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ukraine has major consequences for european security nato chiefs say the alliance must be primed to respond me. parker al jazeera in central neu is bringing some other news. now argentina senate has approved a deal to refinance a $45000000000.00 debt with the international monetary fund. thousands of protesters gathered in the capital when as irish ahead of the vote, many argentinians are against borrowing more money under than the holding regular protest. more than a year. they say the terms of the debt a not realistic theresa bo has more from the argentine capital. well, we're here right outside of a state for the government funded medical for monday. today's vote people are processing mostly because they do not trust. india met some policies that have been implemented in tina over and over again with economic crisis for the government. negotiate with for a year for over a year, isn't dead,
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i loan. and that was taken back in 2018 during the government full of our president modi's with largest known ever given to our country $57000000000.00. indian dr. tina ended up getting more thing and said is now traveling to we pay. the government says that it has an old agreement in place that will help the government establish a struggle with a very high inflation rate, with exchange rate controls. other things that i'd like previous agreements, for example, it's not the men a reality, maybe more and pension reforms, for example. so that's why, but many of those point here today are not trust in the i m f. they're saying that the government compete with cuba supreme court, a sentence to $127.00, the anti government protested to prison on charges of treason and vandalism that faced upwards of 30 years behind bars. a latin america editor to see
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a new books 19 year old orlando kind of a had gather data has just been sentenced to prison. 20 years longer than he's been alive. maribel it's yours. it's what you get for defying tube was one party state says his distraught mother with a theo, i imagine and wants to saw people from continuing to protest so they won't take to the streets. all i know is that my son's sentence is too extreme for a young man who only through a few rocks. he had a lawyer, but the sentence was already predetermined. take is ah, that of a high was among the thousands of cubans who took part in unprecedented nationwide protests against the communist government. 8 months ago. amid the severe economic recession, they demanded better living conditions and freedom of the 790
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protest or is arrested and accused of vandalism. sedition and public disorder so far, 127 had been tried and sentenced to between 4 and 30 years in prison. in many cases, longer than for far more severe crimes. 19 year old daniela alexander the gospels, husband. yes. yes. is one of them. sorry for the law. he's losing all is your is life as a youngster. he says he feels like dying. the vast majority of the accused or young people so far, only one person has been acquitted. no, ne, a family or more. one of the prosecution insists the due process is being guaranteed. family members and actors charged that the trials lack transparency and that the penalties are disproportionately long and harsh. only for those young president miguel diaz canal accuses the united states of inciting the masquerade test. so yeah, ah, if i show penalties against them,
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send an unequivocal message to disgruntled cubans that there is a high price to be paid for, showing it publicly monsieur newman, al jazeera, peruse, top constitutional court has voted charities for my president, alberto, for demaury from prison. the 83 year old is serving a 25 year sentence for human rights violations. the court reinstated pardon for jamal. he received back in 2017 rescue teams and peru are searching for survivors. after a landslide trapped at least 8 people, local authorities say up to 80 homes were buried on tuesday. when the landslide hit the northern region of la liber thought of the 3 bodies had been recovered, including a one month old baby. ah, darville could check on the headlines here and al jazeera rescue crews in the ukrainian city of mario poles, and i found survivors. after rush, an air strike hit a theatre. hundreds of civilians were sheltering inside the u. s. ambassador to the
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u. an accused russia of deliberately targeting civilians. russia has clearly


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