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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  March 18, 2022 1:00pm-2:01pm AST

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0, we understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter what moves you with the news and kind to pause that matter to you. ah, this is al jazeera ah, hello, i am, sam is a dan. this is the news out, live from doha, coming up in the next 60 minutes. the wave comes under attack from russian forces. we'll have a report from the ukranian city, once seen as a refuge for those laying the war with weapons. defensive weapons were going to take your own country ourselves. if you can't do it and close the sky, we're going to get in the room. with more shelling on the ukrainian capital,
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the mayor of gives brother says the prussian invasion is a war against civilians. thousands remain trapped in the besieged city of mary paul, one family which is managed to escape tells of the continuing fighting. we're going to do. i can't find the words to describe that horror that we experience the us will warn china against supporting russia with the american and chinese leaders due to speak to the 1st time since the crime war began. and insubordinate carriers comes close to ending raw, found the dolls unbeaten run, a thrilling 3 hour match in indian wells ends in a 9 st. straight when foreigner down now the mayor of live in western ukraine says several russia rockets have hidden and craft maintenance plant near the airport. no casualties have been reported. the
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city has so far escape the worst of the bombardments seen elsewhere in ukraine. russia has been targeting residential areas throughout the week. we have correspondence in ukraine and russia covering the latest developments. but 1st, let's cross over to robert, right? he's live fronts in live in western ukraine. they've been taking hits there. what does the aftermath look like and live it has been quite an alarming development here for the people of this city, or we v having the air raid sirens go off as a nightly occurrence here. and often we find that there has been nothing at all, or just been a false alarm. they again, the air raid sirens went off at 1st light here in the river. and sure enough soon came through confirmation that there had been this strike aid sir. and it's been reported that there were a total of 6 missiles fired that came from the south that came from the area of the
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black sea. at the r credit, ukrainian authorities are saying that 2 of those are missiles were intercepted, but 4 of them did strike this facility. it said to be a, an aircraft maintenance facility, about 6 kilometers from the center of levine. we are hearing reports that there was a one person, an injured, but that was the extent of the casualties. but at the alarming thing is that we don't often see these type of attacks in the west of the country. there was as several days ago, an attack and a military base half way between here and the polish border, which was of some concern. because of course, being the poland, that is a, a nato member. before that, there was an attack at a military air field at the town of looks north of here at, but there at attacks like this do raise the question with many people. here is this, the start of a pattern that we know at the, the russian military follows that it starts to degrade and break down certain infrastructure military defenses before gradually then probing the outside of a city. and that's the big concern for people here because
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a living knows it's very much a city in a country at war. we've seen hundreds of thousands of refugees coming through here on their way and out of the country, there's a curfew enforce. it does a daily occurrence here we are now seeing funerals of service people, for example. but there is still a sense that life is pretty much normal here. there is food in the shops, people are going about their, their business or, but attacks like this. there are a reminder that this is very much a real war and a real war that could eventually be moving closer to the city. thanks so much robin . bob was talking about the grading and probing will the ukrainian capital no strange that was also hit by russian shelling overnight. it happened in the school district of the city when positive a russian missile. it's a residential building. emergency crews have been searching for survivors in the rubble. remember on con is there with more it was just after 8 am local time. when was said to be
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a russian missile. i actually hit this neighborhood in the north of a keys to take a look at the immense amount of down. you can see that entire facade glowed off. now when these apartment blocks were built in the sixties and seventies, they were built around a square in that square over there are the we're just going to pan round. so you can see that there is a children's play area. there will be a school low be a kindergarten. ah, now we've been moved away from that area because there's still unexploded ordnance that the police and rescue services are checking out. they're also going into all of the buildings to look for anybody that might still be trapped inside. we are hearing that one person was killed. 4 people were injured and a number have already been evacuated. this happened around breakfast time. yeah. she heard it from our hotels about 10 kilometers away from here. so we heard that you mentioned the thunderous noise that i would have made residence. a saying that
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that actually that they were actually very scared now because this is happening so often. anybody that is left in these apartment buildings is the actually sleeping in any room that has a glass frontal or actually sleeping in the lobby of their apartment. and that's what is saving them. now, this was an unthinkable just a few weeks ago. their tax would be taking place in a eve itself, but this is now an every day occurrence. a big refrain here from people is closed, the skies, ace, an appeal to nato, for no fly zone. however, we've just been speaking to vladimir clips. hancock who is a former world heavyweight boxing champion and the brother of the mer, he's also one of the symbols of keys resistance to the russians. at when i asked them about to close the sky. this is what he had to say. we're going to close the sky by ourselves. we need military equipment. we need weapons, defensive weapons. we're going to take care all contra in our selves if you can do
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it and close the sky, we're going to do it on their own. we need weapons. we need defensive weapons. we need it now. in an hour is going to be too late when he did now. the frequency of these attacks has got ukrainian residents, very, very scared. now the talks are still ongoing, but the more this happens, the less confidence people in ukraine, people in the city of keith have that the may road be a quick or an easy solution to this. or russian war ships have been shelling a desa, which is bracing for an invasion, ukraine's 3rd largest cities on the black sea coast and his home to more than a 1000000 people had abdur. hammy joins us live from the city of a desert. other people there must be watching very closely. what's happening in nikolai, of knowing that part of their fate depends on what happens in nikolai wright.
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yes, absolutely. that is something i heard over and over again here in odessa and actually displaced behind me, which is a sort of volunteer humanitarian center, is sending a lot of this stuff into goods collected here to nikolai, of because they say that really a de moment nikolai of is protecting odessa now. it was quite over the past few days, but from what we understand overnight, there was some heavy fighting between the 2 sides. the ukrainian army is able still to hold their territory. sometimes you're cheating sometimes advancing. but the russians haven't been able to take control of nikolai of now, those troops, the russian troops, actually that arrived there have actually been deployed 1st from crimea. they took over the region of have sun in the south of the country and they went further north to nikolai, which is about north east of where we're standing here in odessa. now there is,
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i believe, really, that equal live is important for 2 reasons. one that it would allow russia to really, to sort of insert, could the whole dumbass region going from here. it should have north east and then nikolai of, and then all the way down to mar you put. but on the other hand, from the could i of which is about a 130, to kilometers. from here, there's a river that has to be crossed, but they could then have a straight line to odessa. so certainly what happens there has an impact on this city and this region. clearly people are getting ready behind. you heard a think us through how the city is pricing for impacts. well, city this city is bracing for impact and taking that very seriously. i mean, wherever you go, specially the city sent to all that historical heart of this city is heavily
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fortified, or the museums have been emptied of the art. these statues are, it is about 400000 sandbags that are in and around this city at crossroads around important buildings. and so, so certainly it is bracing itself, but the most important bit that they're also protecting is the bed of beach front of some stretches of that beach. a has been a put with land mines all over it to stop or to at least a give time to make it difficult really, for the russians to have any sort of a landing on that beach. now people are also monitoring very closely what is happening at sea in the black sea on since we've been here. we've been hearing about, you know, russian warships approaching this at the coast towards odessa . we've heard about explosions in certain parts of the region,
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not in the city or the sirens. go off all the time and overnight. actually, they were some loud explosions heard in this city. but we don't know exactly where the army here is actually being quite a secretive about what's really going on. there is a very important a and t in navy defense system is called in the june events system was acting, the ukrainians had start training on in 2020. as we understand it, it is heavily deployed all along to close, and especially around the port of odessa is a very important point on the international level. because a lot of the grain that really goes to do a global food chain leaves from that board and is also very important. because if you create loses that port to russia, then you have russia. it has control more or less of the black sea and ukraine that becomes completely landlocked. so it's very strategic point and
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a lot of efforts are put in that poor to, to remain protected or a lot for us to keep an eye on in the days going forward. thanks so much, but i am done hamid there. now aid agencies describe the humanitarian situation in mary paul as apocalyptic around. 30000 people have left so far for more than 350000 are still sheltering in the city. as her bag is ins, approaches year where he spoke with one family that was able to get out of the managed to escape the horror, but are still suffering from the trauma of their days. you trapped him, mario poach surrounded by the russian army. but if they did, they sla wanted to do that. i can't find the words to describe that horror that we experienced. we live in a school could win it as little from this moody, but we're still home. i just he to was destroyed and then my son was running under rocket fired to collect water with we collected snow
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typically will notice the p. boyles did to drink. 65 year old. did he know peter, chris dover, and her husband sergey spent 20 days hiding in the basement with them from the raging battle above. they fled here to their to richie taken in by their friend constantine, one as well as the one do i hit their landing? we had only 2 liters to water. would drink water not meant for drinkin, were boiled it on the fire and drank it as well, but only had potatoes to eat. they are not alone in this ordeal. over 400000 call the city home. so irina recalls the moment they may detect and which you don't get, it will show them cross the. but it would show lucy, it was a miracle. when we heard that explosion in the center of mighty will put close to the drama theater much were jumped into the car and ran away from their vision. you didn't really had a root. we were just trying to get out there with me. so and then we happened by
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chance to join the course, of course because of putting jo, lose and the phone or she, they can't believe that this has happened to them from people. they once felt that you, when you might get her, she is not good with you enough. see, many of our people have been married and stayed in the russia. we maintained relation what we have grew up here from our country. our motherland were always told that the russia stone proponents but not an enemy. this was not an enemy and no wine at the national, just because family relations, most of those political treat them, we talk to each other. this was our relatives came to us. we spent some time and when the war broke out, we just couldn't understand that it could be a war between 2 brothers. they can never go back. the pain is too much. her mother died when the house was bombed. she could just get worse with them. i
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want to tell you something more a felice in the house, which was left my 86 year old mother. you put the name of you we missed. we just weren't able to carry her out. when did you know that 90 percent of my job is destroyed? there is nothing more there than you would the we don't have a place to go back to the can now on a way to to be still for the future to me. sure. here's hoping the war doesn't follow them here, but she would love to hear. i said big data is aperture or let's get the view now from moscow, because russia's president let me put in has been speaking to the german chancellor on the phone of also been hearing from the foreign minister. so gay, laugh rob, he told the government off the channel, the u. s. is trying to shape the world in its own image. dara
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players who would never accept the global village under the miracle sheriff and china india, brazil's argentine in mexico. i am sure this countries do not want to be just in the position of an uncle. sam ordered them something, and they say, yes sir. and of course russia is not in the category of countries who would be, who would be ready to to do so. let's go live now to our correspondent in moscow, das giovanni also land rover, also said the illusion is over. what does he mean? well, the foreign minister was talking about the idea that the united states, as a world superpower, is really not that powerful. and that d, a demands that it's made and from russia about its security, a concerns that this country has,
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are really not something that the russians are willing to accept. and they are now at proving that by taking matters into their own hands and looking out for their best interests as a result of which they are now carrying out what they call the special military operation in ukraine. the foreign minister also was very harsh on the ukrainian president vladimir zalinski saying that he is pushing you as president biden into a confrontation which clearly neither at the u. s. president wants, nor the russian a president. he also talked about how at the cargo ships of military aid that are going into ukraine are very much a fair target for the russian military. and he also talked about the goals that russia has when it comes to ukraine. let's hear what he had to say. we are implementing the duration, the goal of which is to remove in your throat through the russian federation coming
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from the ukraine. and so, and this was part of our proposal in december last year when we're suggesting that we negotiate was neither security guarantees. the re ridgewood codes are fine, all agreement, permission of the highest level that no one, no controversial than crews of security at the expense of the security for this. and also, we know the russian president has been speaking to the german chancellor watts putin's message been to schultz. well, this was a call that was initiated by the german chancellor. and apparently, the russian president has said that they are trying their best to work on some kind of an agreement, but that kiev is trying to delay those talks that are been ongoing over the past few days. and that every time they are now putting forth new demands are increasing their demands, which is really delaying these talks that have taken place. the russian president
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also said that they are not really interested in a trying to really stay in that country in ukraine. and that they are carrying out this operation, basically to make sure their own security entrusts are met. the kremlin also said that the phone conversation between the 2 leaders had, can hardly be called friendly. and that it was businesslike and hard. we also understand that the russian president will be speaking to the french president emanuel mac grant, later on friday, and he's also due to meet with his security council as well on friday. so we'll hear more from vladimir putin in the coming hours. that this phone conversation also from the german side, we've heard that a lot sholtes are called for a cease fire. and again, a diplomatic path to be pursued and that the fighting must end in ukraine. and vladimir putin had said that as long as these demands are increasing by
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the ukrainian side, it's very difficult to see a ceasefire or any kind of agreement between the 2 sides. all right, we'll leave that thanks so much. dawson jabari. all the presidents of china and the usaa juice hold their 1st direct talk since november fridays, phone call follows growing us concern over china's ties with russia. adrian brown reports from hong kong. the leaders of russia and china could not have been more explicit about their relationship when they last met 3 weeks before the conflict began. stickers sit on the circle of latimer putin and she didn't ping declared. it was a friendship with no limits. one expert says you, that means china will stand by russia. i don't think china sitting on the fence, janice, supporting russia. basically it tries to be diplomatic, but, ah, giving the gravity of the circumstances. think being neutral means means
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a form of support. she and putin have met 38 times as national leaders. it's not known if she was made aware of putin's plans for ukraine at their last get together . but there's clarity on one issue there shared aim to create an alternative to the current world order. china has cast itself as a neutral player in the conflict. abstaining from a united nations though, condemning rushes invasion yet is in a unique position to mediate. absolutely, i hope so. and i believe so. why? because china has good relations with russia on the white hand. and with ukraine on the other hand, and china does not have a stake involved in this military operation. and china as objectives and as channels also neutral, china's foreign minister insists his country respects the sovereignty of all nations including ukraine. but the legitimate security concerns of all countries
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must also be respected, including russia's, my assessment is that it will most likely, continues as diplomatic dance. sort of saying that sovereignty is important, but at the same time, the factor supporting russia, providing economic assistance to rush. this is a complicated crisis for china, despite its close partnership with russia. it's economic future depends in large part on good trade relations with europe or europe. that's now united behind tough economic sanctions on russia. and there's an added twist. last year, china was ukraine's number one trading partner. in recent, wargames, chinese and russian troops simulated an attack on a nameless enemy in ukraine though, china insists it's not taking sides of stance that analysts argue, might be harder to maintain. the longer the conflict goes on. adrian brown,
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al jazeera punk home, or i now donald botch call the is a fellow at the russian international affairs council in moscow. he joins us live now from the russian capsule. good to have you with us. first of all, let's start with what do you think specifically person will ask of she? well, thanks for having missed all the well, i believe that's actually a rush chain relation. have been developed in over the recent is a direction of a very close partnership. and i believe that actually worked, the chinese trying to do now is so go along baseline without try and so back up and i thought that once and for sure, i think that china will also stick to the stay in norway just in the future because it wants clearly to exercise restraint from this conflict. so it was not
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so change of the balance of its relation relationship, either with russia, with the ukraine or with the united states. and i think that the personal report between president bush and president, she also can play a role here because both be those have presented themselves the best friends. and i think that easier to go into continuous so as well because china has stressed many times so that it doesn't see itself as a part of the a consultation. and i think i also come to agree on the point of a bad, a bad time discussion between the lead. there are so for us trying to before the price of the roster. because otherwise, in vitro day of the crisis, we would see a big different approach of china than it actually was. that was china, but i froze based try try. it's very hard to understand what position to take on.
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and i think that if any discussion private discussion do to really take place. so china would chose that may be more proactive approach on let me jump it off this question. does china clearly have an interest in seeing that the west does not break crush, that russia isn't completely defeated and humiliated because china has its own struggle with the west? well, for sure. yes, that's exactly the point and i believe so that's why china is still trying to be very caution in its interpretation of the event just by it's all of be a recent publication that go in the viral when the media by watch and then being very upfront in support in the russia, i can't say so because china has never stressed frequency corruption that he's backed back such a russia, it has been
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a very cautious it has been very special in terms of providing its own the bees and if so on line and yes, for sure, and now day in the states is they'd be concentrated on be ongoing consultation between russia and ukraine. but in the long run, china understand clearly that it's a b, g and who is going to be challenged next after all, over the over. all right, and let me, let me, if i can ask this point as well. we've seen russia come on the immense sanctions and financial economic pressure from the west. now, us officials are talking about consequences for china if china helps russia out. but realistically speaking, how far can the west go in imposing any kind of measures on china? well, that's a good point because i actually did leave that we can rephrase one of the most
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popular trades in management saying that china is too deep to be cancelled out from the global economy. and so i believe, for the united states and grow in to be quite a task to pious china and your waste eve, even of publicly support russia. but i still believe beach and not go into the post . it understands that old though the united states have its own limitations on or on twitch an extra pressure on shiny still be jim doesn't want to risk eat and to begin, i think will continue to be very cautious. and even after today's the president by then and she came in talk, i think that china is a maximum which a chain can promised of the united states is a bed. it's a go into a buy a car for in your trailer g in face confrontation. it's not a go into simple to anyone, but i think that the united states cannot actually bring china on its own site
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in this confrontation. i think that china will continue this all the diplomatic talks, but it's not going to chose any of the sites. and in the, in the time it's cool to back up russia economically, right? elias some back channels that they might find by the way, openly. right, right. okay, thanks so much and good talking to you. now the u. k. is broadcast regulator is revoke the license of the russian government r c channel off. com says it does not consider all seem to be fit and proper to hold a license and cannot be considered a responsible broadcaster. the channel had been facing 29 separate investigations over its coverage of the ukraine war, the kremlin, as called the decision madness. at the baba joins us now. live from london, not every day. we hear about a step like this from off. come, how unprecedented is this or something. it's not completely unprecedented.
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back in 2012. the iranian channel. it radian government, but channel press tv. last fits license to broadcast the u. k. over a judgement that it, it's editorial oversight was being run by ron. so it was an independent editorially . and then just a year ago, china's c g t. n was taken off the air here because it was dean's to be controlled by china's communist party. and auntie itself has been fined in the past for breaches of impartiality rules. that's been off here in the u. k. because if you sanctions imposed over the invasion of ukraine, but it's still maintains a presence online and that's ongoing despite this rolling by off. come that a i know i know tv, which is the licensee behind r t is not fit and proper now the,
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the watchdog. so i teach new laws in russia which in its view, effectively criminalize any independent journalism that departs from the russian states. a news narrative, an outcome says that means that appears impossible for r t to comply with the impartiality rules. here in the u. k. that did reference those $29.00 investigations going on. as you were talking about saying that that was a fairly unusual situation. it did go to pains to stress that they had taken into account people's rights to a range of information and free speech considerations. but having to balance that with the importance of keeping public trust in the broadcasting regulatory system. now all you have responded deputy editor in chief and belkin. a had said that off. com with this judgment, has shown that despite a well constructed facade of independence, it is nothing more than
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a tool of government bending to its media. suppressing will. well, let's not forget that the opposition labor party here, cold for r t to be taken off the year after the invasion of ukraine. boris johnson, the prime minister then called for an investigation and vis move, is generally being appreciated by various political parties here in the u. k. but just to remind people that r t at the moment still maintains an online presence of votes. believe that london, the u. k operations are slowly being wound down, all right, and the deem bob of that from the u. k. capsule. so i had on the al jazeera sentence for anti government protest last july, demonstrators in cuba face decades behind vase plus in how young iraq is ascending ukrainians and musical message of hope. added school,
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the spanish teenager who set up a semi final encounter with hello there. let's have a look at the weather across europe as we and we can. there's more unsettled weather to come to the southern areas. we're seeing things look fine and dry up in the north. however, as high pressure takes charge, but we still got that wet and windy weather, dominating across the mediterranean with some heavy rain pulling into eastern areas of spain. we're also going to see the wet, windy and wintry weather pick up in the southeast places like turkey, we've had flights cancelled in is stumble as the snow. she means down the black sea . and if we look at the 3 day, for example, the temperature sitting well below the average will have sleet showers on sunday.
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we're also gonna see the winds pick up across the south of greece, saga winds as well for croatia, and it is gonna get wet and windy of a southern areas of italy and across the mediterranean as we go into saturday. but there's plenty of fine in dry weather to be found farther north of this. we've got lot of warms coming through spring time, warmth across essential areas in france, in particular power coming in at 14 degrees celsius is a similar story for britain, an island, and much of scandinavia, there's going to be sunshine a through the weekend. the temperature in stock and touching up to 11 degrees celsius. so enjoy that sunshine that to weather ah. with jealousy, graceful. she just exquisite, very glamorous. it's part of our culture to, to look our very best for a special occasion. and for that people who spent money,
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everything you see on the cut will lead to it is going to be longevity. the young have to come in and turn things around the my, my gerry, on our do their ah, the shake hammered award for translation and international understanding is accepting nominations for the year 2022 from february 15th until august, 15th this year. for more information go to w, w, w dot h t a dot q a slash e m. ah lou .
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ah, welcome back. you're watching al jazeera time to recap are have lines. the mayor of the verb in western ukraine says several russian rockets of id areas near the airport. the city is so far escape the worst of the gun bergman seen elsewhere. the ukrainian capital care has also been hit by russian shelling overnight. residential building in the podbielski districts of the city was hit by part of a russian miss. our emergency crews have been searching for survivors in the rubble the presidents of china and the you asked the due to hold their 1st direct talks. since november fridays, phone call follows growing us concern over china's ties with russia and beijing stance on the war in ukraine. let's go back to some news that broke a little early in the u. k. 's broadcast regulator off. com has revoke the license
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of the russian government's r t channel from all this we can bring in. now scott griffin, his deputy director at the international press institute, joint us live from vienna. good to have you with us, was our correspondent pointed out scott the a few moments ago. it isn't completely unprecedented. how worrying though, and how different is this move against our tea? good morning, 7, thank you. thank you for having me. from our point of view, any time that media is bad or sanctioned in this way, very, very serious petition. no matter the circumstances and any type of decision, the one that should be subject to very strict scrutiny, even if there are, as you mentioned, precedence having said that, i do think it is important to point out that that is a job to move into whether broadcast license
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a whole basic standard, including the issue of impartiality. i'm has concluded that that is not the case for russia. it's new, but it is in principle, legitimate for independent regulated strict issues and commonplace decision. now that is a different question of whether the decision itself is grounded and the right one. right and talking perhaps in general terms, scott, is it clear to journalists to those in the industry where the line is drawn when it comes to impartiality, which was one of the reasons cited? because let's face it, there is a very big growing debate in media circles, particularly in u. s. media circles about the impartiality of some of the u. s. channels, right. but we're not seeing the band obviously broadcasting in europe. well, i mean, obviously the very difficult issue in particular is something that is difficult to
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define. and i believe that decision some dependent heavily on the circumstances. there's no question that russia today extremely closely made to the russian government, which is much for aggression or the neighbor. and what is also true. as i pointed out for media freedom independent journalism in russia is under immense repression . it isn't all impossible to carry out. it is that in journalism, within russia. ready on the basis of russia, they cannot be considered. ready in a position to hold these and partially ruled, it has done so, notably as mentioned in the report without actually having concluded on any investigation that are currently open. today. i do think that appointment needs to be scrutinized where we can be skeptical. because as i said, there is no conclusion to be open investigation. rather this is sort of it and bad
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side of saying that it doesn't believe russia today in a position called in partially. so that is the type of decision and, and reasoning that we shouldn't be skeptical of my view. it's like you read my mind from my next question. whether it's the fact that off comm hasn't concluded the investigations all the investigations under way before reaching this decision, or whether we look at some of the measures which russian authorities have taken against broadcasters and journalist fair. can we say that this ukraine war has really right, shifted up the pressure on journalists? absolutely no question concerning and again, any measures to restrict the flow of information are inherently problematic, especially in. ready times of war. as we mentioned, that the applications are not included just one reason to be skeptical. but again,
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we are in time of war and has taken into account that needs to be considered as relevant. these types of instructions to calculate does change. and time of conflict, but as you mentioned, another reason to be skeptical or concern. do fear that rational retaliatory test that's against for broadcast as possibly to be to a greater extent. and this is very bad for the russian public, which has very few options when it comes to making news at the moment. and that will mean even fewer options, which is, which is, which is definitely starting from are just the last point. you know, we are going to be depressed freedom organization. we're always skeptical censorship. censorship is not the best way to combat this information in our use and really believe we should be on supporting independent journalism that is able to do the fact check you able to find out what information narratives are
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and dismantle them. so you know, that is where we feel that the long term focus should be bad. although that doesn't change and times of war is not available. solution to the problem of dis information. all right, good. have you a thanks. thanks so much. scott griffith. thank you. allbriton is sending an antique miss austin to poland. as nathan moved to increase security in eastern europe. the announcement was made by the u. k. defense secretary ben wallace. during a visit to the polish capital, warsaw, poland requested the sky sabbath system which will remain under the control of around the 100 bush personnel also being deployed. russia's invasion of ukraine has prompted a rush by european governments to bolster their defences. pre planned nato exercises in norway have acquired a whole new significance with the military alliance. aiming to send a clear message to moscow that is ready for any assault on nathan territory. leave
1:42 pm
barker explains. in sub 0 terrain. troops from nato's very high readiness joint task force, a training for the coldest of conflicts. the soldiers are among the alliance is 1st responded currently on the french command. that's the place we live with. and we fight among them. polish soldier private piazza, much unecc. poland is now found itself on nato's eastern flank against the possibly hostile enemy. what does that mean for you as a polish soldier? i was sure what i was finding for joining me, but of course it's difficult for human human being, but we are, we are just doing our job. russia's invasion of ukraine pose is the biggest threat to european security in the generation. several nato states and now rushing to ramp
1:43 pm
up their defense spending and germany, europe's largest nato country has reversed his position on sending weapons into walls and in order to help ukraine alliance, top brass fe, rushes stopped playing by international norms. time will tell us whether whether the things that the russians are doing in ukraine are war crimes or not. it is sometimes difficult to think that it is all an excellent a, as especially if you hear that her now more than 30 medical facilities have been hit the refugee stream and the fact that people are not allowed to flee even oftener after an agreement or when they are fleeing, they're still being targeted. those are all things that that shouldn't happen. this week later warned the rushes accusations of ukraine storing biological weapons could be used as
1:44 pm
a pretext for chemical attacks. these french soldiers tasks with handling the aftermath of a chemical attack on high alert, or seemed inconceivable only a few weeks ago seemed chillingly possible. giving these cold weather exercises are simply about nato, bolstering its east and flank than think again. in recent months, russia has been steadily reopening. it's cold war bases in the arctic region that has 30 percent of the world's untapped natural gas. and 13 percent of its oil supplies. as europe tries to wean itself off, russian energy supplies wall countries turning to norway to make up for possible shortfalls. until the evasion of ukraine began no way in russia had been working together to explore artic oil fields. but not any more. is feared competing claims . the natural resources will put russia and nato on another collision course. the invasion of ukraine has major consequences for european security. nato
1:45 pm
chiefs say the alliance must be primed to respond me parker al jazeera in central neu. oh and now the news, thousands of protesters in cuba who joined the nation wines revolt against communists through last year have been jailed for up to 30 years. a 127 of them were convicted for treason and vandalism. is our latin america editor, lucy, a newman, 19 year old orlando kind of a helicopter data has just been sentenced to prison for 20 years longer than he's been alive. marybeth, you're the, it's what you get for defined cubes. one party state says his distraught mother with a c a o, i imagine it wants to saw people from continuing to protest so they won't take to the streets. i know is that my son sentence is to extreme for a young man who only through a few rocks. he had a lawyer,
1:46 pm
but the sentence was already predetermined. take, ah, that of a high was among the thousands of gibbons who took part in unprecedented nationwide protests against the communist government. 8 months ago. amid a severe economic recession, they demanded better living conditions and freedom of the 790 protest or is arrested and accused of vandalism. sedition and public disorder so far, 127 had been tried and sentenced to between 4 and 30 years in prison. in many cases, longer than for far more severe crimes. 19 year old daniela alexander the gospels, husband. yes. yes. is one of them. i live is a lot. he's losing all is you of is life. as a youngster. he says he feels like dying. the vast majority of the accused or young people so far, only one person has been acquitted of ne,
1:47 pm
a family. while the prosecution insist, the due process is being guaranteed. family members and actress charge that the trials, lack transparency, and that the penalties are disproportionately long and harsh will not only for us, young president miguel diaz canal accuses the united states of inciting them as protest. yamaha of harsh penalties against them send an unequivocal message to disgruntled cubans that there is a high price to be paid for, showing it publicly and see a newman al jazeera little of the city of morsel and iraq has been rebuilt since it was destroyed by i saw 5 years ago, but a group of young iraqis is hoping the sound of music will give new life to the city by forming an orchestra. and they have a message for the people of ukraine. south been surveyed reports.
1:48 pm
2 from the ruins of mosul, music as we emerged me neither some of 40 musicians who make up the water orchestra in iraq, 2nd largest city. by being banned, when most was occupied by isolate committee, survived the christian curd absent, even as these young men and women represent the diversity of iraq. it's the 1st time they've come to practice in the destroyed old city. the list of us father was a blacksmith shop and their lives were ruined in the fight against the kind of contract with the model. when i see the huge destruction of the city, everything has changed so many collapsed houses. now i see a different image from what i remember this place as a child coming here gives me energy and grief. we hope to present mostly heritage. it's old songs and melodies. i didn't know my mother kaloni to presumed marlene
1:49 pm
studying to become a paramedic. but her passion is music. she fled from a most christian area near mosul during the fighting. and now she wants other erotic girls to follow their dreams. the most common muscle of what harling did that offers the defeat off. i feel the society is more open now girls have a chance to work and to play music. my message to rog, goals is that whatever difficulty you face and even their societies against you, confront them with the think you love doing. ah, none of them is a professional musician, but then just a year, they've held 3 concepts. one of them abroad, more than a 1000 people turned up to listen last month. on social media, people from mostly sent messages to door, the ukraine, assuring them as they rose from the ashes of eisen ukrainians shouldn't give up hope to be able to hear music amid the ruins of muscles, all the de feel strange,
1:50 pm
but it brings home the resilience of residents who say that despite the destruction and lack of help, they remain committed to bringing the city back to life. this is assess dot conductor and the strand maestro. he invited dentist is from all over northern iraq, tested their talent, and then wrote symphonies as someone who was born in new york city. if you know the cultural revival of most and it has responsibility to come, i cannot describe my feeling when i returned and played in the old city. despite all this, there is a hope of happiness that the city will come back. and my favorite melody was composed while i was the refugee and turkey, and i completed it in muscle and called it ashes. now, it's played by the orchestra, so much of the old city remains ruined. 5 years after eiffel was crushed hair. but from the ashes, people here hope of the future in tune the most ins, former glory,
1:51 pm
some of the java, the era, most of old city still had an al jazeera you good at what is exactly, is wisely in small the strategy in tennis player who in says he's not all talk and he's here with that story. ah. with
1:52 pm
a whole hulu. ah. all right, sports fans, thats catch up on all the game with andy. thank you so much. tell me. well, nic curious has come close to ending roughly on the dolls, on beats and run
1:53 pm
a thrilling at 3 or match it. indian wells ended in a 9, st straight went for no doubt and more disciplinary trouble for his australian opponents. son hamish reports ah, studious materials is unlike most opponents, rashana down has faced this year. adults on beach, in thought to 2022 was on the line against one of the schools most unpredictable plays. so settled with indian wells who to finally decided not by assault, but a shout as curious was penalized for swearing at an unruly fan. oh, senate point bands, mr. you i the focus returned to tennis in the 2nd said to us curious,
1:54 pm
leveled the match. ah yours was back dealing with the crowd into beside me. if you didn't tell me exactly his voice making the doll eventually coming through this test of pressure and patience to when to decide a $64.00 is the spaniards 19th straight when of the year? ah, when you grow some lines, then the thing becomes different long. and the problem is, in my opinion, is, is the same when you allow the players door to door stuff. then you don't know when is there is the line. curious cause more trouble after the
1:55 pm
match had finished. he later issued an apology to bull void. the almost got hit by his flying racket. or throw the rocket any one near him, a ridge. it landed a made it from a foot and skidded amelia. he didn't look human things out like that obviously was a very misfortune about the thing. if i did a 1000000 times over, it wouldn't have gone that way. curious, claims the attention he creates is good for the sport. 21 time ransom when an adult appears unconvinced. son who's al jazeera well, next to nadeau is fellow spanish by call us al kara, the 18 year old is become the 2nd youngest male semi finalist in indian wells. history was reading the defending champion, britain cameron nori in straight sets will for the russian plays all being allowed to compete at major events like indian wells is neutral athletes. rushes andre rubric is still in contention. so when the title he'll play or go to me,
1:56 pm
trove in the quarter finals, later on russia house, i've been banned from team events from the davis cup in response to the countries invasions of ukraine or former ukrainian player. so again, to kosky has signed up to help defend his country. he told you about the support he's received from the international tennis community, including a message for noah, jock, of which lot of messages from claims former and current passed over the encouraging of them when wishing of good all the best wishes from them or nobody's up which was message was a bit different because he as a child, went to hell during the time in war. and unfortunately, she understands how our kids feel like, and they should be daily basis and hard getting mario ballinger needed consuming. they've been bombarded, they've been surrounded and they don't have a way out. so, coming from him was, was highly appreciated by me. and i do believe creating west hams,
1:57 pm
ukrainian strike a andre on the line co scored. a crucial goal for his team in the rocha league yama link are happening on compassionate leave sheets. in his homeland, he scored in the premier league on his return team on sunday. and this goes to st. pass, severe and in to the police force on buffalo and also true to the last 8 following it. c one. when in the 2nd, like a way to get a turkey bosses goals, coming from petrie and pierre and rick foamy young girl for the sake of the champions league, and the competition will be made a little later on the west indies secured a crucial when the women's cricket will cut the match, going down to the final overs, find what ashville joshua in there, if it's full of a surprise, when the wind be winning by full runs, and they stay on course for a semi final spots. okay, more from a little later on. that is how is schools looking? finance. thanks so much sandy. wel, that's it from me for this news. al,
1:58 pm
but we're back in a moment. adrian be here with another full shadow. so do stay with us. ah, from international politics to the global pandemic, and everything in between. it did not respect poor people and your our planet promised to ensure the safety of women. what happened? the 15th, i pulled back, that people actually have more. why is the u. k. feel hostile to transfer the mysteries to all of us. join me if i take want to live with man or the misconceptions and debate the contradiction. carmen get up front on al jazeera. we don't simply focus on the politics of the conflict. if the human suffering that we report, we brave bullets and bomb and we always include the views from our sites to how do you define a successful 1st here in charge of accounting,
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we bring you the stories in different ones that are rapidly changing the world. we're living, what do you think's been driving to volatility market? counting the cost on al jazeera m each and every one of us had to go to responsibilities to change our personal space for the better a in we could do this experiment. and if by diversity could increase just a little bit, that wouldn't be worth doing. anybody had any idea that it would become a magnet who is incredibly rare species. they are asking for women to get 50 percent representation in the constituent assembly here in jenny, this is. ready pick up the collect, the segregate the same reason. this is extremely blocked and services relate to the city i to we,
2:00 pm
we need to take america to trying to bring people together trying to deal with people who can left behind. ah, levine comes under attack from russian forces will have a report from the western ukrainian city, which has been seen as a refuge for those fleeing. ah, although i'm adrian said again, this is al jazeera alive from though also coming up with weapons. defensive weapons, we're going to take euro can't with ourselves. if you can't do it and close this guy, we're going to do them. they're all with hor shelling on the ukrainian capital. the man.


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