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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  March 19, 2022 1:00pm-2:00pm AST

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tony, things around my, my dear on al jazeera, we know what's happening in our region. we know how to get to places that others cannot. if ours is still going on, the way that you tell the story is what can make a difference. ah, this is al jazeera ah, hello, i'm emily ang, when this is the news, al alive from doha, with extensive coverage of the war in ukraine. coming up in the next 60 minutes. fighting reaches the center of mary a pole while thousands of traps, the city with no food, water or hates. russia says it has used a hypersonic ballistic missile to strike an underground ammunition depot in ukraine
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just over 80. this is the time to meet. this is the time to speak. ukraine's later calls the talks with moscow saying he wants his message to be heard by everyone, including russia. and the us, criticizes united arab emirates, the hosting series president bashar al assad. i'm joanna roscoe, with the sports russian tennis play. i'm very rude left calls for politics to be kept out of sports. but russian olympians appear at a pro war rally alongside president vladimir putin wearing the nationalist zed symbol. it's been 24 days in russia invaded ukraine and nearly 6 and a half 1000000 people of thought have been displaced by the fighting. let's take a look at the territory in red that russia and its separatist allies control
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crane's army chief says russian troops have failed to besieged the capital cave. a barrage of missiles, heat and air craft repair facility mean living in the west on friday in the south ukrainian troops are said to have stopped a russian advance to mc alive. it's the last stand against russian forces ne, odessa, and ukraine says he was temporarily denied access to the say of as of because of russian military activity at the port city of mary palm. stephanie deka is in west in ukraine and begins al, coverage from above. mary paul, looks like its had the life sucked out of it. people's homes now frozen in time. eerie carcases, of war, and on the ground. even the dead get no peace. it's too dangerous to bury them in the cemetery. often lying outside for days. those left alive can make sense of this
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war router. truth with lu over my mother in law was born in 1936. she survived the learning broad siege russian passport on it. walker of russian federations fishing industry. but she is lying. those killed in the bombardment being buried in the grounds of their homes. something they never would have imagined while living here. that's what nibbled when you go quiet. it's disgusting. i'm not going to blame anyone. i'm disgusted. i'm scared and i'm cold. it's a horror. i have never expected this to happen in my life like mm. oh, this video has been uploaded by the chechen leader rams and cad here of fighting for russia, claiming this is an attempt to evacuate civilians, but most efforts to evacuate civilians from here have so far failed. for 3 weeks, russia has assaulted the strategic port city,
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tens of thousands of traps here and nothing functions any more. you with louis lou doesn't run your procedure. we spend 2 days in the basement. she's a sick woman. we had to sit on a chair all that time awful. she wouldn't survive. then the men came on the help to carry around who we are here, all bundled up with blankets. it's very cold. we just want to go home. allan young faces still manage a smile in these unimaginable times. she foolish to tradition, everything is going to be okay. she tells her children, it will end soon. vladimir putin says russian forces are not targeting civilians the ground. the reality tells a very different story. stephanie decker al jazeera in western ukraine is some of the feast as faces fighting rather, has been in east in ukraine, where many troops have been killed. in denay pro, i say to bag witness the funerals of more than 20 soldiers. a
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final farewell. but many of these 23 soldiers don't have relatives here to move there on the other side of the front line. their comrades stand, god paying a fine. the tribute or dc? yeah, yep. to the beer push ro, chest or the domino or join the shooter. recently, it's an honor for me as part of my family and stay, the mom was snatched away from our military family. we are very deeply her. we feel emotional fluffy, he gave his life for our country. may he rest in peace? he will always be remembered. may god take him to a better place because it's a holy deed when one sacrifices himself for his country, never with his motto. yeah. oh, it's the last family they had. oh, priests say their final pres and coffins are taken on their final journey,
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far from the soldier's homes. with no certainty, their parents, siblings, or partners, will ever get to visit their final resting place. although we should just an observer or her just got the most of the soldiers fell at the battle of vol, nova, most of them were brought here from their. unfortunately, some of them were very young. i'm sorry, this is very difficult to me, but very young men have died while protecting ukraine. protecting all of us the war in the east is fierce and the russians appeared to be slowly, but surely grinding the ukrainians. gang with ukrainian forces continued to resist . russian artillery has pounded the 2nd largest city club cave and the port city of mary upon the freezing graveyard of denise pro. far from killing the will to resist losses on the battlefield. further feels
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the anger was neither to build up. wants to bolster ticket monster or we can think of his revenge, revenge avenging our men. this gives us motivation to protect our country. it's the only way the conflict in the east has been going on since the invasion of crimean 2014, an estimated 14000 people have been killed. these latest casualties, a sense of recent russian basia. this graveyard is full of young men that have died from this conflict, but the reality is, as long as this war goes on, more will follow. as i beg, i'll jazeera the negro. why she's military says it's use hypersonic missiles against ukraine. this is not been confirmed, but if true, it would be the 1st time they've been utilized since the war began. was the local martha. the armed forces of the russian federation continued their special
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operation. on march, 18 degradation massage system destroyed a large underground warehouse, storing ammunition of the green troops. and you want to frank as green lights, bringing now correspondent in moscow dorset jabari. hello, they dosa. what are you hearing about russia using these hop on me cells and why is this so significant? well, according to the country's defense ministry at this, and miss howard was used in the western part of ukraine on friday. and then i think it's of significant because at this is a missile that of vladimir putin unveiled with other new a weapon systems from russia on air in 2018 during his state of the nation address. he called there can joel and missile the ideal weapon because this missile has the ability to travel 10 times faster than the sound of speed. and,
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and also it has a range of up to 2000 kilometers at this is a missile that is also capable of carrying nuclear warheads. and as well as it is believed to be undetectable by any western air defense systems. therefore, it's been called an unstoppable air ballistic missile system. now it's also important to note where it was used that it was used in an area in western ukraine of yvonne or from convicts. and which is a region that shares a 50 kilometer border with nato member romania. and it just highlights how dangerous the ongoing conflict is in terms of other parties possibly being drawn in . and this also is a missile that the russian military apparently tested in syria and just a short while ago on february 18th or this year. and they believe it to be one of the most important weapons that they have in in their arsenal. this is
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a system that is very much and believed to be an important one for the countries defensive capabilities. this is very much in line with what vladimir putin had said that and he wanted to accomplish in a ukraine. on friday we heard him speak at loose nicky stadium where he told the crowd there and that they know we know what we have to do and how to do it then at what cost and that we will and accomplish all our plans. this an hypersonic cruise missile now at being used for the 1st time by the countries defensive and military. and it seems that they are very much using most of the new weapons that they have in their arsenal to try and accomplish their mission in ukraine. all right then eve of bringing us up to speed, dosage a barry life for us in moscow. let's head to live eve. now where's aim?
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bez ravi is standing by them. we had a bit of delay to get to you because you had to seek shelter in a bunker. what happened? are you okay? and what's the latest on the ground there? that's right, just in the last our air raid sirens area, warning sirens of potential missile strikes of potential artillery started going off around the city and we all made our way down into the basement or to seek safety. everything is okay. however, it has to be said, in the early days of the conflict, when the sirens would go off, the streets would clear up. everybody would go into shelters all across the city, under churches, inside buildings, inside apartment blocks. in the last few weeks, everybody started to be a little more easygoing sensor. there weren't as many attacks here on the western side of the country. but since yesterday, and that attack of multiple rockets hitting of from the black sea hitting the live international airport. people who are taking sirens more seriously now we didn't have any overnight, but the 1st one this morning. certainly people tell you more seriously,
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the streets cleared out and everybody made their way to safety. we haven't heard any reports of any strikes that have occurred so far, but we'll keep you up to date as and when that information comes up at the moment from our vantage point here. oh no. visible signs of any are strokes at the moment . okay, good. i'm glad to hear that you are safe. we've also been speaking about our people in maryville, who've been trapped in c diet condition zane. we've got some word on some residents managing to get out of that city. what more can you tell us? that's exactly right. we've, we've been hearing a lot about humanitarian corridors since this conflict started. and every time they seem to negotiate the possibility of one, the russian and ukrainian negotiators, there seem to be violations of those ukrainians, accusing the russians of not sticking to the agreements with regarding, with regards to humanitarian corridors. but this morning we have heard from the deputy prime minister of ukraine, the n humanitarian corridors have been opened and are functioning presently at the moment. and what we can tell you is so far from mario, paul,
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this is the 1st information we have about people being able to get to some relative safety from mario poll 5 buses carrying 471. civilians have managed to flee. many of them children and they've made their way to the safety, the relative safety, i should say, of separation. that city of course, also seeing consistent, showing consistent strikes, consistent attacks by russian forces. just this morning. we have information that overnight 9 people were killed and 17 wounded in that showing, but the hope is that those who meditate corridors remain open. what we're also hearing in the ukrainian media reports of not just ukraine, dealing with their large numbers of humans at civilians. i'm sorry, fleeing into those you mentioned corridors. ukraine is just announced that it's also opened its 1st prisoner of war camp for russian soldiers taken during this fighting. okay, thank you for bringing us up to speed and stay safe. same beds, robbie lab for us in levine. let's head to the capital now. m run con is in keeping
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with more on the latest round of talks between ukraine and russia. miss is the 4th round of talks. it went on all day yesterday. we don't know if they're going to be talking again. we normally found out find out around about 1 o'clock or local time or whether the talks are ongoing the doing this by video link. now there was some optimism just a few days ago when i won. so many, one of the ukrainians was very closely talked leading metals. i suggested that they gone into subcommittees, which meant that they were bashing out. there is a gritty, however, that seems to be a less of a concern. now because the talks seem to have a disconnect, the russians are asking for very big picture stuff. ukrainians are asking for the russians to leave our ukranian territory for humanitarian aid and to be taken to places. there are a desperate for it. and also of that,
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the russians actually stop occupying a crimea and other pos reason i've been in crimea for by 8 years now. so there's a, there's a disconnect there. but every single time president vladimir lensky of ukraine makes his statement. people are really looking closely at our statement picking apart to try and figure out what he means. un secretary general, antonio good tara is, has called for immediate action in ukraine to avoid a global humanitarian disaster in its weight. he said the war in ukraine is already disrupting supply chains and causing the prices of fuel, of food and transport to skyrocket. we must do everything possible to avert a hurricane of hunger and a meltdown of global food systems. plenty more ahead on this news hour, including the war set to dominate discussions. japan's prime minister arrives in india, if it told, with ukraine expected to top the agenda the,
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wherein the catacombs of odessa, where people taking shelter in old stone mines. one used as a nuclear bunk and rushes tennis players are under pressure to speak up again. let me person if they want to play at wimbledon, all those details coming up with joe in force. ah, russian war ships have been shelling odessa, which is bracing for a russian invasion. the southern port city is ukraine's 3rd largest and home to more than a 1000000 people. it's on the black sea coast and host the ukranian navies headquarters, which moved there after russia and next crimea back in 2014. it also handles around
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65 percent of ukrainian c cargo. if russia were to seize or tessa, it will effectively cut off ukraine from overseas trade and military. 800 abil hammett explain. ah, when the sirens go off, people head to the shelter in odessa is deep under ground, in the so called catacombs, or stone mines, excavated through times without leaking her children have been coming and going from here since the beginning of the war before they have supplies ready for the long hold? i think it will just look nothing that was brought the dealer look. we have water here with the blankets. we have to sleep here. tom with mats and 2 inflatable mattresses, and he, we keep food a lot of different things. biscuits live patty and different kinds of food. i have the passports and all the documents in my bag. as soon as i hear the sirens,
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i pick up the children and come down here. this is the largest urban labyrinth in the world, and portions of it have been prepared for civilians to hide about a 1000 can fit in this part. down here it's a different world. you can't hear anything of what's happening above the about 2500 kilometers of tunnels and passageways. now this place has already been used as the shelter during previous wars. and during the cold war, it was designated as a nuclear bunker sections of it could also be used by the military to move under cover. the city is under threat of a 3 pronged at that from the north east. the black sea and the northwest level of nuisance, which only curious like if you wouldn't, you know, the main risk today is an amphibious landing rush is a trying to put psychological pressure on ukrainians by shelling from the sea and from the sky. we are with global vision,
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the marks they are trying to demonstrate their strength. they certainly have it, but our defense system is ready to repel any attack unless they are probing over defenses to find wilder gl points and mark them as targets around the city. volunteers are preparing for the worst this food role, usually bustling with doris, is now the headquarters of the humanitarian effort sponsored by some of the most influential business people of odessa. the public library is one of the few places still open, but here no more books in russian since the conflict started in 2014. russia's great authors can be found translated in ukrainian tucked under upper floor, a layer mm. globally, the guarantees came but ukrainian, odessa is not as small as it might seem, and there is no need to support the russian narratives. the odessa is a russian city and speaks only russian. no, like, i think the people are now switching to ukrainian. i really hope that
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a decimal not returned to pro russian narrative any more exclusions and air sirens . i heard more often every day and night assigned it for a distance from a delight at the end of the tunnel may still be far away and had been humming and inside the new creed, rushes president vladimir putin has laid out his demands for an end to the war during a phone call with turkish later rachel type. according to those on the coal, put in ones keith to accept that it should be neutral and not joined nature. and he's demanding a face to face meeting with the ukranian president vladimir landscape before agreeing to a pe still. let's bring in abraham collin est amble. he's the spokesman, fort check. he's president, and was on that call. thanks for being on this news. our uber, him, we're now into the 4th week of this war, and the question that we all want to know is, do you think a pace still is possible?
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well, we're all trying to make it happen. our president had 2 phone calls with president lance. again, president put in since the beginning of this war and we were trying everything we can, but we send our foreign minister to moscow. he met his counterpart as well as in livia, his the brain counterpart. i think it was one of the very few for a minister. so who went to moscow recently other than the foreign minister of cut that was. so we're all trying to get you know, our different views and channels together to bring it into this war. president book and things that he positions at the moment on the key strategic issues of dawn bass and crimea are not close enough for him to meet president zaleski. but our president has said to both the president zaleski president, put in that he's ready to facilitate a meeting and talk between the 22 leaders because the negotiation teams in bella rows even though now they're holding. i think some of the meetings through online
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are addressing technical issues. so this negotiations are taking place at the technical level. the very 1st political level meeting took place in natalie diplomacy forum with the participation of our foreign minister. and now what we need is a strategic level meeting between the 2 leaders that is between president putin and president the landscape as the positions get closer on the 4 main issues of neutrality that is non nato membership. demilitarization, according to the austrian model, what the russians called be another application which is kind of offensive of course, to the grain leadership. and then the protection of the russian language. if there is growing consensus, there seems to be growing consensus on this for point 10. the last 2 strategic issues of the territorial and political legal status of don bass and crimea, it looks like will be addressed at the leaders level. so we are hoping that there will be more convergence on this issues and this meeting will take place sooner
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rather than later because we all want this war to come to thank you for breaking down those demands for us in for him. he didn't answer my question though, do you think a pe steel is possible? i know you're trying, but is it possible what it is possible, but when and how that that student, that's the main question i will have to happen. at some point, the negotiation teams are getting closer and closer, even though there is no final written agreement at this point. but as they do the work on this, as they bring their positions closer to one another, i think the likelihood of a meeting between the 2 leaders will be increased because it's only true that strategic level meeting that a pc or a permanent piece of permanent fire can be established. half, i do think the person is willing to go to make sure that these demands met. i mean, my thing, some horrific images, pictures out of ukraine. how far will he got?
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well, the water, of course, is horrible. i'm the military and told has been there has been incredibly heartbreaking heart wrenching. and of course, there is no way to condone or accept or, or justified that this, this war you've said from the very beginning to be fully support the french territorial integrity sovereignty and political, the unit to did this is the main principal with which we approach this war from the very beginning, but we also have to keep the lines of communication open with the but the russian side and try to understand their security concerns. what lead them to, to, to act in this way. even though, as i said, that's not justifiable, but we really have to understand for the long run, also for the russian side. but there are 2 sides. there is the military side on the field. the fighting go is going on. i'm there be continued to attack ukrainian cities and those of course must come to an end, but then there is the sanction side which is hurting russian economy and the rushes ability to finance this or,
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and in the long run of course there will be major consequences i believe president put in is, is, is, is waiting all the different options, looking at different possibilities of reaching some kind of a deal that will, you know, keep russia in a position of strength, but also make it accept a piece deal. so when and where, or how far this needs to go before the leader sit together and russia agrees to a piece deal. it's hard to tell, but i believe the longer this pace, the more severe the damages will be for the russian military and for the russian economy as well. so i believe those will be the factors that will go into president, put this thinking in terms of when he will call this off speaking of president perkins thinking, what was his time during this discussion with st. very polished public face. but what's he like in a more intimate setting? what was his demeanor? well, i mean, it was, as usual, you know, businesses, usually it was calm and i've,
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you know, i've seen this all of this political psychology analysis in some of the programs and other places. but i think oversight, collage, i think this whole issue will not help. i think we need to focus on the main issues, strategic issues, you know, political dynamics that have brought this war out. and i think we just need to focus on that rather than personalization. when the leaders in fact come together and i hope this will take place soon and turkeys ready to facilitate this meeting. i think that leaders both zalesky and put in, we'll put aside their personal issues or tendencies because we know that there is really not you know, much of a love affair or any kind of chemistry between the 2. that's obvious enough, but i think they will put aside those differences and put the interest of their countries and nations before anything else. and of course, making a piece there was always
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a difficult one and you make peace with your enemy. so that's understandable. there will be some hardened positions. there will be a lot of emotions and psychology, but that's where diplomacy steps in and, and, and help, you know, address this issue so that we can reach a p. still, some is one of the stumbling blocks in the oceans. the status of dumbass in eastern new crime. yes, it is. together with crimea, the russian demanded for the recognition of the next session of crimea on the, on the russia. and also the recognition of the so called independence of the 2 republics in the dorm bus region. these are the 2 main issues and i think they, they are the most difficult compared to the other 4. and of course so for as far as your brains territories and technical sovereignty is concerned, they are not acceptable for the grains. also for the international committee that will be a violation of those principles. therefore they have, they will have to come up with some different ideas. i know some different ideas
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had been proposed in regards to crimea as well as bad. and i know it's kind of a better idea at this, at this point, but because we are in the middle of this is worn out. but the misc agreement that was put together some years ago in fact was designed precisely to address these issues in the don't by region. i don't see any reason why that means get agreement, even though as i said, it's been rather better than and weaker. and i shall not be given another chance or something like the news agreement that will address specifically the russian population and living in the best region are in your grade. but this has to take place, you know, within the territorial integrity and sovereignty of the state of your brain. just before we let you go, abraham, what leverage is turkey having brokering and pe still? i mean, how far can anchored take this sort of middle man type role? while we are trying our best to be having this trust channel, our president rather than our don, has good relationship with both president zaleski and president putin. we
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understand, you know, the emotions and the positions taken by other countries, but we believe that we have to keep the lines of communication open with russia. because if everyone burns bridges with russia, we're going to talk to them at the end of the day. we are keeping distrust channel open. in fact, it's true, thanks to this context that for example, we have kept the streets and the black sea out of this war. alexi has been rather saved in terms of the passage of war ships. and also we have made sure that the seas fires in some of our creations take place in mario pole and other places. and our defense minister is in constant contact with his counterparts to help with that creations and manager and aid. therefore, this, the trust channel is really, really important. and i know the 2 leaders also trust our leader. and i think this services will be of critical significance when the time comes for the 2 leaders to get together. well, let's hope that a pe still can be broken,
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same because those things out of ukraine are absolutely horrific. thank you for your time. abraham collin, the spokesman for turkeys president, still head on al jazeera vying to become the next president's candidates are set to go head to head in a televised debate in the philippines. out tensions about the war in ukraine could threaten collaboration on the international space station. and the new formula one season gets underway in the rain. joe will have all those details coming up in schools. ah. hello, sunday mark see spring, i chron, ox across. so northern hemisphere and it's going to be some lovely spring sunshine across northern parts of europe could see a very strong area of high pressure,
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just anchored over denmark at the moment. this is a powerful 1050 min abbas for the wreck also is settled and dry here early morning from frost to lou. bit of an issue, but at least it is with him, largely fine and dry by day. the stormy weather is further south remnants of vertebral well of as storm celia that is making its way across the mediterranean, wakening in the process, but plainly a shower there. rumbling away its eastern parts of spain as while i'm still got some rather wintry weather over towards the black sea. northern parts of turkey. still having problems with some snow feather north. is that fine and dry weather 12 celsius in london. not particularly warm, but it will warm up as we go on through the week. by the time we come to mid week, we could be touching 18 or 19 celsius in london. wanted to share the rather low countries into france on sunday. a few of showers around at western side of the mediterranean and eastern parts of spain. still some showers across northern parts of africa and a very brisk wind blowing away here. see some showers there into northern parts of
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libya. shes coming a little more widespread across a good part of west africa. ah, it is murder. when you throw a fire bomb into someone's home and me, she knew no crash if you know a insignificant pin number's got insignificant ideologically insignificant, even as a crime gain. very significant by the control you think the government, the fact of policy, thou shalt not kill parts of the radicalized deed series on al jazeera dangling. the headline. what is the situation there right now? it's worse than any kind of night that you could have as a result, unflinching journalism. what is it telling us about india? it's telling us that we're going down a very maybe in that is sharing personal stories with
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a global audience. here i am meeting with people sharing the same struggles, sharing the same stories, explore an abundance of world class programming on al jazeera. oh i. hello you, what changes 0? i'm emily i. when he's a reminder about top stories, because our russian forces have reportedly entered, merrier poll. this other city has been devastated by wakes of russian bombardment and 1000 still traps. the rushes defense ministry says it's been destroying ukrainian military vehicles with high precision weapons. it also says it's use type
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of funding missiles to the 1st time since the war began, although that cannot be verified and civilians in odessa sheltering in old mines in the braces for invasion. russian warships have been shelling near the port home to more than a 1000000 people. japan's prime minister from yoko sheeta has arrived in india. it talks with prime minister in orange promoting russia's war on ukraine is expected to dominate. japan has joined several western countries in imposing sanctions on moscow for more on the sled, bringing elizabeth random, whose life for us in new delhi. hello there, elizabeth japan in india. certainly don't share the same view on the russian invasion. will this come up during the summer? hello, at a level we heard from japanese prime minister for me. okay. shita. he wrote an editorial before has visit to india,
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where he said that the international community, that this is facing a situation that is undermining the very foundation of the global order. he said that the russian invasion of ukraine is a violation of international law. that is an attempt to change the status quo by force and is completely unacceptable. now, india, on the other hand, has said no such thing about russia is one of only 5 countries, which abstained from a low to the un general assembly earlier this month condemning the russian action. and it wasn't india's 1st abstention. it abstained from another vote of the un security council last month deploring the russian action, and india will not condemn russia, not just because of their close historic ties, but because russia is india's largest supplier, india has never condemned the russian annexation of crimea since 2014 and also because india really needs russia's influence with china when it comes to india is ongoing tensions with china over their himalayan border. now what the japanese
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prime minister has done as link what's happening in russia woods, the big shared concern of both japan and india, which is china, not japan and india, a part of the quad alliance along with the u. s. and his trailer and prime minister casita said that to an a recent video conference of the aud, lita, is that t and problem? isn't that a little more to agree that any attempt to change the status quo by force, such as this case, beating russia, that, that is totally unacceptable. and it is precisely because of what's happening in russia that they have to work together to promote all efforts. he said, for the realization of a free and open in door pacific. and so yes, it is very likely the prime minister key should have would bring out this issue at the summit. but because of all the reasons that i've mentioned, it's unlikely that it will move the needle at all when it comes to india stamps. and then what impact will this differing all of opinions have on these 2 countries
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relationship? well adam, to say that it wasn't, and that's because they have a number of a shared ties in many areas including business. the japanese media is reporting that communistic he should have will announce $42000000000.00 worth of investments here. and india, japan has something like 1500 companies japanese companies operating here. it has 11 japan industrial townships. japan is also india's 5th largest source of foreign direct investment. it's biggest supply of development assistance, is working on a number of development and infrastructure projects and ideas. and india's northeast and of course they are working together in the clause along with the u. s . in australia working to counter the chinese influence in the, in the indo pacific. and also analysts say that while the wes, while the u. k,
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have been very open about wanting india to come out and condemn russia. they've also the u. s. as commented recently about reports and indian media that india is buying $3000000.00 barrels of crude oil from russia at a discounted rate. that japan is unlikely to be so forthcoming, not just because of a shared interest, but it's just not the way japan conducts itself on the international stage. okay, thank you for breaking down for us elizabeth elizabeth, parent m live for us in delhi. turkey has become a sanctuary for russian anti war dissidence. turkish airlines. he is one of the few foreign carriers still flying to moscow. russian passport holders are allowed evasive free entry for 60 days. cinema casala met some of them in a sample why queuing to get into a cherry to rep concert in a stumbles category, district. hundreds of fractions here, united in showing their opposition to their countries war in ukraine and support
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for the ukranian fight to stop the invasion. most of them are young in a well educated russians. if you are either more in your, it's sarah phase me. you can go to the jail. yeah. others say they were arrested for joining anti war protests in cities back home. and that's one time before i got to rinse because it was in south morales and i got fires. oh, also in a stumble is alley says, i sever the russian actress left moscow 2 weeks ago to crime her life, to the small room and hostile. she has a russian passport, but half of her family is ukrainian, like many of her peers. she was born after russian president vladimir putin was elected whenever chose him. we literally had the right to
1:40 pm
a couple years ago. we never wanted for this government. people feel guilty generation that they try to do something fun as possible and then things are but living in turkey means many challenges lie, a hat, the russian anti war new comers need alive to settle housing, money due to the crippling international sanctions. their credit cards don't work, most have no plan. pretty nice and clean, and it's been good enough to even rep a port is an answer. apology researcher who left russia 9 years ago. she has been in a stumble for nearly 2 years and stayed out of politics. but now she helps other russians have fled to get a roof over their heads. i cannot go on and do my regular day. busy or something so unjust and so uncalled for the happening. fathers in
1:41 pm
south exile fear for the future in prudence potential to revenge. when he turns back from the war, he will turn his eyes to the people that did not support his actions and then will be war inside. as well as russians come, ukrainians also ended up in his stumble, hewick is married to a russian and cousin, but felt he wasn't safe there. or in his hometown cave, either really said that the russian people they worry about the economy when our pupils, i, turkey is one of the destination sports capes to russians, war against war. but even a fighting and your queen and russian of my face 15 year prison sentence if they return home because of their social media posts, and they are opposition to the innovation st. i'm chris lou al jazeera is stumble
1:42 pm
as good some of the world news. now and series president basha, alice has visited the united arab emirates. it's his 1st trip to the arab countries since the war began back in 2011. the us state department called the visit for family disappointing. it's urged all nations in the region to resist normalizing relations with syria. roslyn jordan has more from washington, dc. the us government is condemning the united arab emirates for welcoming the syrian liter bosch are a law sought to both of dubby and dubai. on friday, the u. s has long tried to isolate basra la sought in his government because of their handling of the civil war which has been raging in that country since 2011. tens of thousands of people have been killed. more than 3000000 people have been driven out of their homeland and at least a 150000 people have been disappeared during the conflict is started as part of the arab spring. now there are some countries including the ui e and saudi arabia,
1:43 pm
which have been trying to re welcome boshra lawson and syria back into the fold of middle eastern countries. one of the leaders in the united arab emirates set on friday that syria was a critical part of the region and should be encouraged to take part in regional affairs. however, the u. s. which has placed sanctions on boshra law side and members of his family as well as on members of his government. say that he should rather be facing a trial for having committed war crimes. and they say that there will be no removal of any sanctions against syrian leadership or against the syrian government writ large until the war is over. until the political peace has been negotiated until bashar assad is out of power. and said to the philippines where presidential candidates ought to hold a televised debate later on, saturday,
1:44 pm
a vine to succeed rodrigo to today and to succeed term comes to an end. campaigning kicked off last month across the country ahead of maze presidential election. the hopefuls include ferdinand macos junior, the mare of manila, and a retired boxing champion. let's bring in that jamila alan dugan, who joins us live now from the capital manila. hello that jamaila. what are we expecting today? given it's the 1st in a series of debates. well today emily, it's expected to be a 3 hour long debate. i believe it's just commence now as we speak. there are a total of 10 presidential candidates at the moment in a multipart party system set up in the philippines. but there are 9 presidential candidates who showed up to date among them, the leader of the opposition vice president, lenny rebrand or is 2nd in the polls. world renowned boxer money buck hours also running for the presidency. he is also here tonight as well. as you mentioned,
1:45 pm
the mayor of manila, now they are expected to answer questions on various issues such as public health, the economy, because the country spacing, its worst economic recession in decades. and of course, growing political tensions in the south, china's he would china. so this will just be part of a series of debates. there will be a 2nd one closer to the main 9 voting day. there will also be a debate set up by the commissioner. elections for the vice presidential candidates and senatorial candidates, shamella muck, house, junior, eas, leading in the polls. and yet he's been avoiding debating his opponents. why's that? well, his scamp actually met is, should the statement a few days ago and said that all of the questions that have been raised in all of these debates have been quite repetitive. and they've been very, very picky when it comes to not just crediting journalists, but also accepting interviews from different groups. but these questions of he
1:46 pm
mentioned as repetitive, are actually questions about the accountability about his family's role during the 22 year rule of his father was a dictator in the country and who was forcibly removed from office in 1008 to 6. there are also questions for the son himself. you know, allegations were unpaid multimillion dollar as they taxes his own, couldn't vision, convict on conviction is that activator and of course his platform, which many of his critic state has not been quite clear they have chosen to take the battle to the social media where he does have a huge presence online, but despite all of these excuses, as, as mentioned by critics there, he's also facing backlash from, from even his own supporters, for refusing to, to go public for you fusing to make himself accountable. and to answering questions which many believe that debates are actually a measure of, you know, a candid it's credibility and
1:47 pm
a knowledge over many issues involving the philippines. well, it sounds like a fascinating debate ahead. thank you very much. jamila alan dog and live ina manila. sorry. russian cosmonaut have arrived at the international space station. its the 1st space crew to launch since rushes invasion of ukraine. and as catchy lopez, haughty on reports, it's raising questions about how political tensions will affect the international space. exploration. first through the hatch is denise murphy of 3 hours after taking off from a spaceport in context. on this team of 3 russian cosmonaut made it to the international space station. or i asked us 1st to hatch, was course the cough. they received the warm welcome from the american and german counterpart, but it back home. tensions among their governments are mounting over. russia's invasion of ukraine were less than 30 minutes away from us sanctions targeting
1:48 pm
moscow space program have been followed by threats from russia. the country space agency chief supports the war and has warned us president joe biden. the sanctions could cause the crash. if you blog cooperation with us, he wrote, who will save the i assess from an uncontrolled di orbit and falling on the us or europe international approach. the u. s. provides the i assess with power and rushes. equipment maintains the correct orbit, keeping it away from space junk. nasa is dow playing the threats, despite all of that up in space, we can have a cooperation with our russian char colleagues. the professional relationship between asked march and plasma loss. it has it miss the b, but collaboration has weakened. the european space agency said it's suspending participation in a rushing european mission to land rover on mars space. craft launches have been
1:49 pm
cancelled in contracts broken over the war. it's a bit awkward. the rest of the space industry has been thrown into turmoil by the ukraine war, you know, a western satellite. so we're meant to go up on russian rockets there now, stranded. and yet at the i s s, it's as if nothing had happened. they say no, we're, we're, we're going to carry on as before. they kind of half do at some level because they've got so much money invested in this. the exclusion crucial political tensions now threatened to further weaken years of shared collaboration between russia, the us and it's western allies. as earth bound politics, winter follows into space party locus of the young al jazeera. still ahead on al jazeera, a big shock on day one of the world athletics indoor championships. that's coming up with joe in school. ah,
1:50 pm
or china in the u. s. sleep walking their way to war in the struggle over ukraine. here's the test for president joe biden. whitman is really trying to do is rewrite the security architecture. it's your personal united states. you seriously go to walk and chew gum at the same time, your weekly pay on us politics and society. that's the bottom line to revisit, trying out greasing land is shrinking in some roots long used by wildlife or migration. have been blocked by human settlements. to deal with all this, kenya needs more money for conservation. and with a corona virus pandemic keeping many visitors await revenue from torrison isn't enough. here at the obviously national talk on your ceremony has been launched hall parisha than individuals pay $5000.00 to name an elephant. the aim this year is to raise $1000000.00,
1:51 pm
much of it for conservation initiatives. ah ah, if time ever thought history, emily, thank you very much. will russian tennis player andre rube left has called on politics to be kept out with sports, but it comes as russian olympians appeared alongside vladimir putin, at pro rally in moscow. gymnast dina and arina, rina and for russian figures cases appeared on sage the lives nicky stadium with their metals wearing the nationalist said symbol, according to local police, around 200000 people, attend to the rally. marking the anniversary of the annexation of premier, there is nikki stadium hosted the 2018 wild cup final,
1:52 pm
as well as in 1980 and then pick game. meanwhile, replace who made headlines last month with his anti war message. as coolant, the situation and ukraine terrible. the world number 7 reached the semifinals in the welcome. friday. the faces an uncertain future. the season is already competing as a neutral, that may have to speak up against to transactions. if he wants to play at wimbledon this year, for the sport minister said he talks about where the russian tennis plays should be allowed to compete. he wants insurances and not supporters of the russian president volcano, the breaches government is like i said, i think we should the show a great example. and then if our should delta of politic look, then journals for the goes where we want to compete. we're soccer fighting so
1:53 pm
many things that we don't see. our family menu up is the change form because of the condition of the sport they are doing. nothing does. the most important thing that we, we were supervising a load just to, to, to, to be able to compete to, to show that we want to do our job. and that's it. rib level. turn his attention back to the court later as he looks for 14 consecutive when he faced the usa, taylor fritz in the semi finals. fritz came through a 3 seto with the men of it's of serbia. and he's now the 1st american to reach back to mac semifinals, that indian well says andy roddick did it in 2010 in the women's draw defending champion power. but though so was knocked out by maria the korean $0.03. the greek will play eager, shown taken sunday final posey simone helen. the new formula season gets under way later with qualifying for the bahrain grown pre. i'm sure controversial finish
1:54 pm
last year. all eyes will again be on defending champion mac the stop and, and 7 times title whole. the new hamilton, the staff was processed in friday, 2nd practice session and his red bull, while hamilton liked pace and he said, i could only manage 9. you can see, you know, friday is pushing hard and very close, but that's very exciting as well. and we have to wait and live and also an engine most tomorrow, from motor. really while we've had more problems in the past, relatively compared to this year, without much, much smaller problem. we're, we're faced with much, much data from this year. and everything we do to try and kind of fix it doesn't really change that. so it appears that it's probably going to be a more long term fix. qualifying has already taken place for this week's moto g p. race in indonesia raining while champion fabulous cut that out of dominated to take
1:55 pm
poll in mandel leeker back on track of the finishing 11th at the season opener. incatel. the phoenix suns continue to fly high in the bay officer, another big win over the chicago bulls, devon booker was the saw with 28 points. the phoenix ran away with it 129 to one or 2. they are the best performing franchise in the m b a by far. well chris, at the top of the western conference, 9 games ahead of the memphis grizzlies with just 11 games left. as a shock on day one of the world indoor athletics championships in belgrade, switzerland were gender. campbell, g one, the women, 60 meters from lane a time of 6.9. 6 seconds is the 3rd best ever opponent favorite ever hope boda missed out on a metal. and it was a mother impressive performances on day one, graces olympic metal. men long jump champion matilda. this 10. so blue one with a well bleeding mark of 8.55 meters and push goes real. don't mo claim to women's
1:56 pm
shop put, goes back to 22.43 meters australia pulled up, reco run chase to reach the semi finals, the women's cricket world cup. the torment favorites were set 272 in by india. in oakland 20 runs more than the previous highest chase at home, and they called pretty comfortably thanks in part 97 wrong from captain. make learning that's now 5 winds from 5 austria. india can still make the semi if they win the remaining teen group game. it's a big day for the french rugby team who had just won when away from securing the 6 nations grand slam. they won all 4 game so far will make it a perfect 5 against england in paris. would be their 1st 6 nations titled 2010. that they failed when they could still be picked to the title by i don't want to have pulled out of i see on the as well cut qualifies because of the majority of their players and staff of tested positive for coven 19. the see on the games are
1:57 pm
being played here in castle where the well cut begins in november using and opened up the campaign with a when again. when you guinea, they want it. thanks to some quick thinking which setup ben davies. 15 minutes before the end of now the game on friday, sophie g. b new caledonia, t. one sided by scope of fiji 7 teams in the are see only region all competing for just one place in the world. cup in continents and player was take place in june and staying here in castle. one of the woke up stadium posted the 50th edition of the countries domestic and make up final one flight of game international stadium with alcohol thrashing aggressive. 51 is a full time l. the haile happened to detroit. all right, that is least for now. it is back to emily. thank you very much, joe. a big day in sport. all right, that's it for me, emily anglin,
1:58 pm
for this news now up at john, go anyway, that means i will have more of the day's news in just a month. a with some of the world largest need here provides much of the uranium that fuel here at nuclear power at what cost people in power follows the uranium trail from the dead to the source of the mediterranean and investigate the devastating effects on the planet and all those who inhabit the industry, the curse of uranium pot to on al jazeera news . ah,
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ah, was jealousy good? she doesn't quiz it very glamorous. it's part of our culture to, to look our very best for a special occasion. and for that, people who spend money, everything you see on the cut will they do it here, is going to be longevity. they don't have to come in and turn things around. my, my jury on al jazeera london is one of the most important cities in the world and decisions made here have an impact right around the globe. and so here at al jazeera, we will show you the true impact of those decisions on people and how it affects
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their everyday life. we are free to put them on air and to really engage those stories because we know that our audience is interested not just in the mainstream news, but also the more hidden stories from parts of the world that often go under reported . ah, you crying opens 10 humanitarian corridors to evacuate civilians as russia intensifies its attack on multiple fronts. ah, me saying that this is al jazeera alive from dell hall. so coming up, russia says it's use.


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