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tv   News  Al Jazeera  March 24, 2022 8:00am-8:31am AST

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this is the one political topic, anybody and everybody is discussing. the far right is preparing for battle of their opponents or anyone who is different prejudice on friday and hungry. on al jazeera, ah ukraine's president calls for global protest to mark one months is russia's invasion, began, and demands an end to military action. come from your office, your homes, your schools and universities come in the name of the piece. ah . has them secret? this is ally from the also coming up. the battle for survival in a hot cave intensive care units dropped us struggle to treat the wounded in
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a city on the constant bombardment. u. s. president joe biden arise for talks with european and nato leaders to push for more sanctions against russia. thousands protest. these were like a pressuring the government to fix the worst economic crisis in decades. a president volunteering zalinski is calling for global demonstrations against russia's war in ukraine for we conflict has killed thousands displaced millions and devastated cities. despite that ukrainian troops have kept up their resistance. they say they recaptured territory near the capital q and a now working to 4 to 5. soldiers have started digging trenches in key of province, anticipating a rush in advance. rob mcbride reports, amid reports of counter attacks against russian forces on different fronts,
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ukrainian troops around the capital keep say they've retaken territory even threatening to cut off stranded units of russians. there is sort of big battle and from official sources. where is the information right now? they're ah small city mccarthy. and her almost whole it been already in the control is ukrainian soldier. russia are increasingly seems to be relying on miss island rocket attacks as its ground forces become bog down. and the russian ministry of defense has released footage of its cruise missiles launched from land and sea that have been striking targets throughout ukraine. while russian forces may have been held in the north and even driven back by counter attacks, according to the ukrainians in the south, greatest strength and organisation appeared to be helping russia make a big impact on the battlefields there in the besieged city of mary
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u paul ukrainian defenders say they still hold a perimeter in the center, but new drone footage shows the scale of the devastation. while it's still difficult for people to get out and for humanitarian aid to get in. both sides continue to operate 9 humanitarian corridors in other parts of the country. meanwhile, ukrainian president flood him is a lensky, has continued his global charm offensive this time addressing members of japan's parliament 5 video link. as with other direct appeals to the international community, he deftly tailored his message following be offensive on the zap easier nuclear plants. earlier in the conflict, he touched upon japan's own experience of nuclear attacks to muster support for his country's course. and i saw him leave us
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a full operating nuclear power plants on our land thereof 15 nuclear units, and they are all under threat while both sides seem to be experiencing successes and set bags in the military struggle in the fight for international support. it's ukraine that appears to be making the most recent gains with robert bride al jazeera levine, ukrainian forces are fending off attacks by russian troops in the 2nd largest city of khaki. its man says no area is safe, and people should go to bomb shelters, basements and underground stations. i said, beg, visited a hospital in the city. a wanting to report contains images. the view as may find disturbing. a desperate attempt to save lives. overstretched and overworked, medical staff at harkey regional clinical hospital under unprecedented pressure.
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the intensive care unit is filled with the victims of this war. yes, your name pam, which is difficult, but i haven't treated civilians with combat injuries before. i'm overwhelmed with the amount of cases, sometimes we receive 10 people from one location, but we've learned to do it quickly, provide aid. it's our experience accounts to promote the work under constant threat to their own lives. we're standing here and listening to the sounds of shilling, i don't know where it will hit the hospitals impala clear in solar chip or destroyed in those over the hospitals don't work anymore. we don't know what will be today. if the bomb lands the hospital will no longer exist, the children's hospital is destroyed. the center for blood donation operates from the base and many of these people were in their homes and they were hit by shrapnel shilling was intense, then it stopped then it started again. 3 people were killed immediately. i'm the
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only one that survived, but have all these injuries. one of the kind of injuries that you're seeing downstairs they are more patient is one of the most sashes leg has been amputated. if we can have, you know, actually there was a lot of patients with the serious injures right here. but the, this boy is the most strong well from all of them because most of them are crying, asking for saving their legs and arms. but he was the only one who said, just do what you think you need to do. this is the real warrior. still heart and he has one message for the world, close the sky in moments green. these words are filled with casualties from this war. here most of patients are after artillery. it's not because most of patients was wounded by tillery is just because most of patients after aircraft are dead. so
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this is the most heart patient in another ward, we find you have guinea telescope. he threw his body over his 8 year old son when he heard explosion from his son was unharmed, travelling above his chest and then go out. here. he was struck by shrapnel. the piece of shuttle that we see here was shown pieces of shrapnel by the stuff. this tiny piece killed a woman to move me to medium by staying here we are defending our families. i'm working for victory. we are together. we are in a common cause. this is my bed one for the staff here. this is their life. they sleep in the corridors to stay close to their patients and hope the walls were protect them. if the hospital is hit for and you flip your card yup. patients like sasha, a medical staff her have all asked for the same thing. oblivious of the politics around it. they want the air space over ukraine and this city closed because if the
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damage turned from the bomb dropped from planes, the causing the most casualties. i said, bake algebra, her fif of people in mighty, you poor say they're finally able to bury the dead. one woman who step father died almost 2 weeks ago was unable to dig his grave because the ground was too frozen. until now. city authorities say more than 2400 civilians have been killed since russia's invasion began. earlier this month, the city was forced to bury scores of bodies in a mass grave. jim godson is the executive director of open society foundations, justice initiative. he says he's seeing more reports of indiscriminate attacks targeting the civilian population. there does seem to be ample evidence that at least raises serious questions as to whether war crimes are being committed. and i think the international criminal court. he's looking at the situation they've already, the prosecutor and his team are been on the ground there and i know we're doing it . ready can to gather information and evidence,
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and we'll see what that what that office ultimately determined. but i think the public reports to date are certainly deeply, deeply concerning. when you just to meet just in the city of mary a fall where we've seen targeting densely populated neighborhoods, bombing of humanitarian carters bombing of hospitals in about theater with what authority said, we're 1200 civilians inside all of these suggest where there's in many reports, no evidence of, of the armed forces be praying or military infrastructure in the area, which certainly suggests that these are attacks which are in violation of international manager and law. ukraine president has called for a worldwide show of support against the russian invasion. starting from march 24th. exactly one months after the russian invasion from this day. and after them, sol, your standing, come from your offices, your homes,
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your schools and you knew was this come in the name of peace. come with ukrainian symbols to support your grain to support freedom, to support life. come to your screen as your streets make yourselves wistful and cured. see that people mentor? freedom matters piece matters. ukraine matters and they tell plans to double the number of forces on its eastern borders, and it's also expect to send more aid to ukraine. the alliance is holding a meeting later on thursday to discuss the war with us president joe biden among the leaders attending. he said there's a real threat. russia could use chemical weapons against ukraine during his 4 day trip. he'll meet the leaders of nato, the g 7, and the you are diplomatic. the change phases in brussels, where nato, the nato summit gets underway in a few hours. the nato secretary general saying that this is an extraordinary summit for extraordinary times. the reality is, i don't think you're going to see
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a lot. that's new and concrete. coming out of the summit, they will be ratifying, some of the things that have already been decided for new battle groups for nato in eastern europe. and they're also going to be talking about weapons of mass destruction with russia, saying that it has the possibility that it might use nuclear weapons if faces an existential threat. and the possibility that nato feels is a threat that russia could use chemical or biological weapons to morrow. i expect allies will agree to provide additional support including cybersecurity assistance, as well as equipment to help your crane protect against chemical biological, on radiological and new sets. while i press the 2nd is generally not news conference. what does yet she mean by that?
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what sort of equipments going to be supplied? and he said that would be dangerous to give the details to let the russians know the details of exactly what they're going to do with regard to that. but it's certainly quite high on the agenda for the nato allies. when they meet here, i don't think they're going to come up with the key things that precedence nancy has asked for and will be asking, i'm sure again, for here, he would like to see a no fly zone. that is something no way any of the nato allies will support at this time. he'd also like to see much tough sanctions, particularly on the energy sector. and that's where nato, and particularly the you have a split with some countries in europe. notably, germany, very, very concerned about that. in fact, the german chancellor earlier on said that, yes, you can do that one day, but you can't do it in one day because otherwise, germany and other countries in europe would face a recession. and you can't have
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a sanction that hums you nations more than it does. the leadership of russia, a russia's foreign minister, has war nato. the sending peacekeepers to ukraine could lead to war with the west. poland is proposed sending troops, although the u. s. has ruled out any ground presence with you in the united states is playing a decisive role here. this is aimed to dramatize the situation to allow the lensky to wear his khaki shirt, to address the wolf poly minutes. and after each address with tears and emotion, to demand again the involvement of nato, our polish colleagues have already stated that now the nato summit is going to happen. they will be sending pacemakers. i hope they understand exactly what they're talking about. this will be the 1st class of the bush, an army, and nato, me something that every body not only wanted to avoid what i've been saying shouldn't take place in principal a still head on al jazeera,
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the un security council rejects arrest russian resolution on ukraine. that fails to mention the invasion and us leaders pay tribute to one of the most influential states women of her generation. madeline albright died at the age of 18. ah hello, there will start in north america. we seen severe storms roll across the southeast corner of the us, bringing tornadoes to places like texas and louisiana. this was the scene there, causing devastation and destruction. now the threat continues, but it has pushed out further east. we could see those severe storms whirling. all the way from florida up to new england with flooding rains and very strong winds. now it's worth a stretching up into the great lakes,
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bringing west her weather. here we're going to see some more snow as well. edging into eastern areas of canada now behind it, we've also got a weather system that's moved across from british columbia. that's brought temperature down in places like winnipeg and it's going to hit toronto by the time we get into friday. we are going to the temperature dip right down close to the average. we've had a lot of unusual warmth ahead of that. and we could see some snow come into play on saturday. now for the western areas of canada, we are seeing wintery and wet weather, but for the south of this look at that largely fine and dry with a temperature touching up into the 30s, potentially in los angeles. now, as we move to central america, we are going to see the rain pick up that band a rain pushing into the yucatan peninsula, but plenty of sunshine in kingston. ah, the, from the al jazeera london broadcast center to people in thoughtful conversation,
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christine all about trying to get a superior reputation, unprompted uninterrupted. where we find the most profound similarity is not actually in our closest living relatives. in much more distant connection. hot wanda wright, who will dual and psychologist nicholas re honie. you're going to be a corporate species. you caught it beating each other up in each other all beside studio. be unscripted on al jazeera lou. the me again, you're watching as a reminder now. last top stories, kinsman says, ukraine forces are we taking territory on the outskirts of the capital, pushing back russian troops. russia appears to be relying on me,
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solid rocket attacks, the ground forces struggle to seize control of major cities. ukraine's president damage landscape has corporate global pro tests to mock one month since the russian invasion began. he's also urged nato leaders to provide more weapons to ukraine. us president joe biden has arrived in brussels to meet nato and european leaders and talks through new sanctions. they tell plants to double the number of forces on its eastern borders. chechen fighters have joined the war in ukraine on both sides of the front line comes uncovered of a loyal putin supporter and leader of russia's. chechen republic says he's personally gone to fight, but it's unclear how many forces have actually taken up arms. at least, juliana is a political science lecturer at columbia university. she says putin is using chechen fighters to create fear. can use is,
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could europe for says somewhat as i'm in a propaganda tool as an attack dog and could years from south being a war lard of the region. us is psychological, intimidation in the use of force against his own population and against any political opponents. so there's, there's a lot of propaganda value against ukraine and kind of just the goal is just so fear among ukranian civilians by using these very feared and brutal and tyrannical. basically, forces known as mackenzie said, he wants to appear like a tough guy, but it looks like it's he either never was in ukraine or if he was mainly mainly only for an hour or so. so she did allow some of this fighters to, to engage in battle, and many of them were killed including a commander. so, looks like since that happened. and that was early on in the war,
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many of the church and or something pulled back from the french. and he's filming them again for his domestic reasons, with instruction. yeah. and i'm filming them as, as, as, as if they're in the, in the heat of battle. and actually, there are no longer, apparently doing much of the fighting. they're a russian investigative journalist has been killed in ukraine during a russian bombing campaign. oaks on a ball, lena was reporting for key reporting in kiev for the inside a web site. she dog while filming in the city. paulina previously worked for russian opposition, figure alexis of all these anti corruption foundation and had left russia. the un security council has rejected a resolution drafted by russia on the humanitarian crisis in ukraine. it made no reference to moscow's attacks. only russia and china voted in favor of the resolution, while 13 other members, abstained. christian salumi reports from the united nations. 86 countries co
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sponsored ukraine's resolution in the general assembly, demanding humanitarian access to civilians and an end to russia's aggression. it will sand to fall home message came as conf contributing to a breakthrough in humanitarian action on the ground and making the aggressive stop . it's on provoked war france, one of the resolutions authors described the war as a threat to international peace and security deposit that was, would assume the draft resolution introduced this morning by ukraine is the fruit of an inclusive process. and it reflects a balance taking account of the proposals made by countries from all regions. there's an urgent need to act and to reach an immediate cessation of hostilities. i, but russia's ambassador called the text, political and disingenuous. and as the speeches continued brought his own version of a humanitarian resolution to the more powerful security council lucian wiggle. so on
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were submitting for a vote, a resolution which is non polar the size, and is in this way similar to other draft humanitarian resolutions of the security council. this is something which un humanitarian representatives on the ground would be very interested in more so than any humanitarian resolution from the general assembly. russians resolution was soundly defeated with its only support coming from china. the resolution that we saw to day was a cynical effort by russia to exploit the crisis which they have caused their resolution cold for respect finch national humanitarian law, but overlooked the fact that they are committing war crimes. south africa sought a compromise. submitting a humanitarian resolution to the general assembly, which didn't call out russia. it was among 35 countries that abstained on a vote 3 weeks ago condemning russia's aggression. so many countries signed up to
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speak in the general assembly hall about the humanitarian situation. the speech is went on all day and are expected to continue into thursday. the ukrainian draft is expected to pass, given it has nearly 90 co sponsors. the question is by how much ukraine and its backers are hoping to show russia's increasing isolation on the international stage . kristen salumi, algebra era, the united nations ukraine president zelinski has called on french company, stopped doing business in russia. french comp, make a run, a has hope, is opperation, that is moscow plant. it currently has a majority stake in russia's number one call making after us right now. and after vice employ more than 45000 people in russia. the french petro giant, total energy says it will stop buying oil from russia by the end of the year, with the company will continue to buy liquefied natural gas from russia. it c e o says, hoping it's purchased now, could force
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a partial economic shutdown in europe. because of the regions reliance on russian gas, european leaders are meeting in the coming hours to talk about how to move away from russian energy. they'll try to counter soaring energy prices, which have only gotten worse since the since rushes invasion in spain, crowds of rallied against the high cost of living countries, also faced protests from taxi and truck drivers over rising fuel costs. across europe, governments have struggled to safeguard their energy supplies and, and dependent on russian oil and gas of the news. now a lead us in the us all paying tribute to its 1st female secretary state madeline albright who's died at the age of $84.00. president joe biden said she and his was turned the tide of history and had ordered flags to be flown at half mast in her honor. rosalind jordan looked back on her life and career without any mental madeline albright made history. when in 1997,
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she became the 1st woman to serve as us secretary of state discharged the duties of the office discharged the duties of the office on which i am about to enter on which i am about to enter. so old, right wielded her power, indirect and controversial when enforcing the un economic embargo against a rock. despite iraq's present weakness, the future threat has not been erased. iraq's behavior and intentions must change before our policies can change. otherwise, we will allow the scorpion that bid us once to bite us again, pushing u. s. allies to back a military strike on a rock and 1998 because of saddam hussein's refusal to let you win weapons inspectors into the country. we have said many times that we prefer to have a diplomatic solution, but we need to resolve this problem. and or we have also said that we
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will take what necessary means in order to achieve those 2 objectives. and supporting the u. s. bombing of kosovo in 1999 to protect bosnian muslims. what was happening in the former yugoslavia. it was a far away place with people with unpronounceable names. and i felt that we did have to do something and of what people, what i'm proudest of is what we did in bosnia. and what later when our secretary state we did in kosovo. madeline cor bell was born in the former checklist. slovakia in 1937, the daughter of a diplomat, the core bell family fled to the u. s. after communist took power and prague in 1947 after university corporal, married joseph albright and raised a family. at each $39.00, she completed her ph. d and launched her foreign policy career,
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including serving on the national security council under president jimmy carter and serving as u. s. m. baset or to the united nations under president bill clinton. to day we begin to cleanse the hatred that has torn apart. the former yugoslavia albright was criticized for pushing a tough policy on a rock that led to children dying of hunger and medicine shortages. we have heard that half a 1000000 children have died. is the price worth it? i think this is a very hard choice that the price we think the price is worth it. and albright failed to broker piece between the palestinians and israelis. she also couldn't stop north korea from selling ballistic missiles to other countries. nation in her later years, albright set up a consultancy taught future diplomats and became something of a pop culture figure in the united states. she wrote a book about the messages behind the broaches. she wore i am so sorry to keep you waiting. and albright appeared twice on a t v drama about
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a fictional secretary of state, circled in more than anything. madeline albright will likely be remembered for holding an unvarnished view of the world and willing to confront challenges head on a somali member of parliament is among at least 15 people killed in a suicide bomb happened in the town of bella, boy in a, in a central hershey bell state police say a former little micah was also killed earlier gunman stormed a military base in the capital market. the shoot killing at least 6 people campus inside the highly fortified international airport security forces said they killed 2 of the attackers tried to get inside the arm group at chabad claimed responsibility. the complex houses, the un several farm missions, and the african union military headquarters of people in sri lanka are demanding their government address, the crippling economic crisis. protest to say if their leaders can't fix the food
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and fuel shortages, they should call new elections. now fernandez reports another day and another rally with thousands of angry people taking to the streets in chill anchor. they came from around the country desperate to be heard without municipally diverted loc, grenada, people are facing hardships. even those who have money don't have goods to buy children, students, parents, everyone is facing problems sick, a lot going on with other people. happy very lamar give up after 25 years abroad, or started farming? i don't, i, for, to eliza. my child doesn't have not powder in the same way. every sectors affected . everyone understands the rallied new giga on the outskirts of the capital. colombo was organized by the national people power coalition. its leaders say the mainstream political parties are responsible for the current state of affairs and a calling for political change. the crowds carried banners that said 74 years of
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corruption. enough is enough. people are crying, patients are dying, and the government is lying. oh the government, eric, i am afraid that the people have had enough me and he just told me that they were not the big one to make a deal choice for a new government that got out there. and that's going to be a daunting task for anyone. who dares the countries for in reserves have hit rock bottom with no money, fame, ports of vital food medicines, cooking, gas, and fuel, which are increasing in price globally as well as in sri lanka, i, people are angry at having to spend hours in cues, 1st, sensual items, monica oper, adams and i've not eaten from morning. i can't go to work the pay we get is not increasing, but they have increased prices of all food items. and they say sure lanka is not the only to facing economic trouble at present. but they point out that mismanagement bad planning and corruption has aggravated things on wednesday.
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present gotta be raj box. a hosted an all party conference telling participants they must unite to find solutions to the current situation. but a number of those gathered here in new gala de told al jazeera that the president's words come too late to be taken seriously. the national people's power is the latest political front to organize demonstrations like this, against economic hardships. widespread anger, desperation, and frustration has brought thousands of peoples on to the st. michelle fernandez, are 0 now. giga. ah, let's go round up. now. the top stories on al jazeera, it keeps mer, says ukrainian forces are retaking territory on the outskirts of the capitol. pushing back russian troops rush.


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