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tv   The Stream  Al Jazeera  March 25, 2022 11:30am-12:01pm AST

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voltage plus will take you inside the hospitals, on the front lines of ukraine's health course. ah, ah, look forward to scores with sponsored point cutaways. hello there. there's lots of spring wants to be found across europe this weekend, especially for those central and western areas. we've got temperatures well above the average here, but they are going to come down next week. so enjoy the sunshine a while you can. so you can see those clear skies stretching from the north down to the south, but we are still seeing wet and windy weather clinging on to the edges, particularly for the southwest re i 1000000000 peninsula. we've had since the horrid dust once again blow into southern areas of spain. and we're going to see the heavier falls across eastern areas. we could see some flooding here,
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but it's looking rather windy across those mediterranean islands. but the further east we go, well it is a much clearer picture and it is up north as well for the essential areas. there's going to be a change across scandinavia. in the days ahead, we've got a winter system blowing down crossville, and we've got some warnings here for heavy winds and some rain as well. stretching down into the baltic states and to western parts of russia. now for the se, for greece and turkey, it's a much clearer picture that winter weather scooting over further east. look at the temperature in athens, it was 20. it's going to go down to 15. but for places like france, paris, we're going to be touching up to 20 degrees with plenty of sunshine on monday. oh, the weather sponsored by casara always joined the debate. there is no he job bad credit union. i mean, if anyone here talks about women that i had to force with seem to have been says, no topic is off the table. we were taught to see abortion as
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a one way ticket street to help all the companies deny any responsibility. even though the of the resources and the power to fix it, where a global audience becomes a global community, the comment section is right here. be part of today's program. this stream on out is iraq. the latest news, as it breaks, the russian flu met with fierce ukrainian resistance to punish her keith. the rift is historically with detailed coverage as the u. s. and other countries imposed sanctions on moscow. russia has been offering oil and other commodities to india and other and pushes from around the world to lyrical position needs 87 both and for that they need members of your own political party to turn against them. lou
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on time to get the rundown from a busy day of work out qualifying with fire, smell the last 8 months after being crowned european champions. italy have suffered a shock, elimination in world cup qualifying, they had home advantage against north macedonia and their play off semi final, but were beaten one nail. and the 2nd minute of added time alexander, to accost struck, to send the world. 67th rang team through italy, coach, brutal man. cheney described it as the worst of feet in his career and apologize to the fans for the humiliation it means the 4th time world champions will miss playing at the finals for the 2nd time in a row. if they fail to reach, they turn men in 2018 and this was the reaction and go p. a
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thousands of macedonia said to the street and celebrated through the night. the country is just one game away from reaching its 2nd nature international tunnel. and it's for the goal that no cydonia north macedonia will have to get past that there to qualify for cats are the portuguese saw in turkey 31 in port when their semi final playoff match matches in a rounded off the victory. in stoppage time, a whales are one step closer to reaching the world. for the 1st time since 1958 garrett bell gave the home side the lead in cardiff and their semi final with austria showing exactly why he was once the world's most expensive footballers found another soon after half times. james again. oh, 2nd, put in a 2nd, final 4 to one. be away the winners coming on all between ukraine and scotland,
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which is all scheduled to be decided in june wells with the other european playoff final will be between sweden and hole in the swedes. the, the czech republic, one know an extra time. i've been quezon with the crucial goal. there are 2 more teams did secure their qualification for the world cup finals and how to her on thursday. your why quench their play through the south american call fires with a one know when against peru, ecuador also qualified despite leaving 2 pair of why that's because of this. when for your wine, brazil, beating shelly 900 teams and now qualified for the final later this year, leaving 13 spots still available. canada are still waiting to secure their place for the 1st time since 1986 after they were beaten. one know by costa rica, usa and mexico who also both books set to qualify from north and central american qualifying. played out a goal is strong. oh,
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those are the headlines from the world cup qualifiers all have a full 4th round up coming up later on. back to ross. thank you very much indeed. to all the world news politicians in the us state of our zone, i have approved a bill that would ban abortions up to 15 weeks of pregnancy estates. republican governor is expected to sign the bill into law. it contains no exceptions for rape or incest, or for medical emergency. arrazola is the latest republican lead state to debate laws against abortion. while the us supreme court considers limiting abortions, lights, lebanon is facing an education crisis. it's only public university as close to financial ruin, threatening the future of more than $80000.00 students, then reports from beirut. hello. know, that's me. well, i know this is the reality of lebanon's economic crisis. many of a currency crush me and salaries are not enough to meet basically it's why these
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teachers have been on strike, threatening the education of more than $80000.00 students enrolled at the only public university in the country. why isn't it to jam out a budget for that? have a nice university has changed since the financial collapse in 2019 this means it's hard to give the teachers their rights like full time employment uninsured. the lebanese university has become the only option for those who can no longer afford private education. many students are concerned about their future. already. more than $200.00 of the teaching staff has left dollars a month. or if you don't give them their rights more. this will affect us already. there is a huge shortage of flowed equipment and other learning resources at the university of friendship. the university has long been underfunded, but now the nearly bankrupt state is unable to cover operating expenses. it's facing what has been described as its biggest financial crisis in its history. and
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it is close to collapse. the university says it needs $34000000.00 for this year's academic year, but it only has $16000000.00 in its budget. for families who are struggling, education is no longer a priority, especially because of the drastic increase in tuition fees. kenneth and miss eva is their mom, which i'm not i. b, i used to attend this university, but the tuition fee was increased and it became too expensive. it was a very difficult decision that had been merely you, my financial situation didn't allow me to continue my education. i couldn't work and study at the same time with no end in sight to the economic collapse. many fear they too may be forced to drop out. i'm not sure that the ink is the tuition fees or something that i'm not sure i'll be able to pay them. there's also little hope of change from a political class blamed for decades of corruption. they left us no chance for opportunities,
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and there is no practically no future for students in lebanon. there may still be those able to complete their studies, but the united nation says the financial collapse has until now forced 30 percent of those aged between 15 and 24. to drop out of school said a hunter alger cedar beirut, is here. his government says it'll observe a truce with rebels in to go to our aid into the war torn region b. u, and says more than 90 percent of people there need food and medicine. but very little is getting through to grow his latest brain, regional authorities for stopping supplies, but he feel boost. government says to grind fighters are blocking the main route. independent, ethiopian journalist channel, gather to says, news of the troops will be welcomed by agencies. thank you. and has been calling for the last year thing there has to be some kind of corridor that needs to be open, so it would be delivered to again to 90 percent of the probation that need of support
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. but this is not just that, once again, it's also in our for and also in the region where the majority of, you know, the nation that have been impacted are still in need of support. fuel cell has millions of people lots of be displayed, but the prime minister has been assisting from the get go. it's the keep it from writing in the gray, but the guy side is the other we so the mean this, this kind of condition has been going on back and forth for almost a year. but this comes, i mean the, when the organizations and nation that's helping support the current job. and of course that goes on a lot ahead of a funeral service for jail, the nationalist yvonne column. he was serving a life sentence for carrying corsica top official in 1998. on a died after being attacked by a fellow prisoner nearly 3 weeks ago. nicholas high, because more from the capital of jacksonville on a bright and clear sunny day,
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the shores of italy are visible from this french island in the middle of the mediterranean. it feels far removed from what here people call the mainland or france or the continent, especially now after the murder of the corsican nationalist. even cooler, not because people here blamed the french state for his death that took place inside a french prison. in ma say his body was brought back late into the night. thousands of people were there in what appeared to be a spontaneous funeral procession. this is an island in morning. but according to the french state, even colona has a shady past. let me show you why it was almost 25 years ago that on this road, the top official sent from paris to oversee the island. the play fair as it's known in france was on his way to
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a theatre when he was shot several times in the back. even colon i was arrested and judges say that he was responsible for his murder. the island is known as needed, the booty, which means the beautiful island, but it has an ugly side. it has the highest murder rate per capita in europe. for the french authorities. there's a link between corsican nationalism and the corsican mafia. one funding the other through racketeering. of businesses, the control of casinos, drugs and prostitution. this is something the french state wants to bring to an end . one of those governments promising to increase security following bomb attacks on wednesday, they've killed nearly 50 people. they've been carried out north of the capital market issue in the city of the vine. please say 2 local politicians were killed. the armed with archibald has claimed responsibility. mark web is more details from the capital market issue. the 1st suicide attack
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a destination of bomb just outside the local government headquarters in the city of ballad, when killing several people including 2 candidates, the parliament who is seeking reappointment is small, is ongoing and delayed process to select new leaders just as injured people were being taken from that into the hospital, a car bomb exploded outside the hospital entrance, killing several more. all the more than a lot of people died here. the situation is still ongoing and we offer our condolences to those who have lost their lives. a suicide car bama and a suicide bomber exploded in 2 different places. they like to parliamentary candidates, were killed, as they were bound to attend an election meeting. one of them, i mean mohammed, i'm the, was a prominent government critic and rights activists. he was 34 years old, the member of the last 2 parliaments in the political opposition. she always said she was dedicated to ending somali as conflicts. most tamales don't get to vote in
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the election process plan representatives. she's members of parliament members of parliament will get to to the next president. this is the latest act of violence in attend the political process meant to n next month, but he's already been delayed by more than a yeah. still had an order 0 ukrainian ballet dancers forced to escape the war, get a chance to perform in berlin. ah ah, ah, ah,
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harmful passages are increasingly affecting our lives with terrible consequences. a new documentary asks why that. we've learned any lessons from the h. i. v epidemic in the fight against coven 19. how we ignored the global. so to put profits before people to walk coast. time of pendant ex. coming soon on august. lou. ah, what you notice 0 reminder. i told stories, this are nato, the european union lines g 7 nations is showing
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a united front and brussels against russia's invasion of ukraine. western allies have stepped up sanctions against moscow. del so announced more military and humanitarian aid. us president joe biden will travel to poland on friday when millions of people have fled from ukraine. is expected to visit a town near the border between the 2 countries and meets american later soldiers. north korea's leader says he's preparing for a long standing confrontation with us after young young tested his largest over intercontinental ballistic missile. analysts say can reach targets 15000 kilometers away. the u. s. is responded by imposing new sanctions. almost 3 quarters of the un general assembly has demanded that russia stop. it's war in ukraine as humanitarian resolutions been passed with only 5 countries, including russia, opposed. but as kristen salumi reports from the united nations, dozens of others, abstained. citing the war is growing tall on civilians in ukraine. the un general
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assembly demanded an immediate cessation of hostilities from russia called on its troops to withdraw. 140 nations voted for the resolution backed by ukraine and nato allies. though it just shows, again, that when the international community is asked to take a stand, russia is isolated and the appeal today of the general assembly is directed primarily towards russia. and we just hope that this time they will heed that cold russia was joined by only 4 allies, north korea, bella ruth, syria, in eritrea in opposing the resolution which also demands an end to the seas of mary paul. but 38 countries abstain some to vote among them china. these are neil. it's clear that some of the contents of the draft resolution go beyond the scope of humanity. some issues are very complex and can only be resolved for political negotiations between the parties concerned. china favored
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a resolution submitted by south africa with more moderate language when calling for an immediate cessation of hostilities that didn't single out russia one's war has begun. it is imperative that all of us work to what's the piece it is for this reason that saw that because of the of the view. that right now, we should be more concerned with ending the wall and addressing the humanity implied of the people that i picked it by it. that resolution was submitted, but never put to a vote after ukraine raised procedural objections. these facts has never been a product of consultations with ukraine, neither it is a product of cross regional consultation. as was the case was the resolution just adopted by overwhelming majority. it is attacks promoted unilaterally by one country prompted by another country. unlike the security council resolutions and
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the general assembly are legally non binding, but still symbolically important. even countries who stained from the vote expressed grave concern at the humanitarian situation for ukrainians. but argued a resolution supported by all countries would be more effective, even if the vast majority of countries believe russia is ultimately responsible. kristen salumi al jazeera, the united nations, ukraine's deputy prime ministers. as a humanitarian corridor will be opened in mario paul, for people with their own means of transportation. what should i am on the re thank interview, then you plans for the humanitarian corridors. the 2 of them have been agreed, mario pulled to supper easier for people with private transport by private car, and centralized evacuations by bus from by dance. clifford, they are 48 buses that we will do everything we can to make sure that the buses are filled with residents who want to escape mario pole and come to supper is yellow or new pictures from body polls. so the level of desperation in the city,
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after enjoying weeks of constant russian shelling, hundreds of people are seen lining up to receive aid and i ain't handouts rushes, distributing those supplies. their troops have been accused of repeatedly preventing humanitarian aid convoys from reaching variable and violating ceasefire deals. the said has been left without water, food, electricity, or medicine for weeks, a grains as 90 percent of the buildings of mario paula been destroyed. about $3000.00 civilians have money soon escaped the city. most of them were taken to zappa lucia, but private cause it's believed that nearly a 100000 people want to escape valuable. that unable to do so, that bus, they need to be dealing with glucose, sidney. the past 2 weeks we were sitting in the basement, we couldn't get out at all or make food. shells constantly flew into the yard and one went and had house next door. it was scary. we decided to get out at our own peril and risk it. we ran under the shelling to the car, we could barely make it. the shells were landing near us. it was very scary.
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getting here was very difficult for us but, but that though the original was that of all, all transport was badly damaged. we managed to leave and that is already great. and i left alive. i walked among the buildings in there around 10 cars burning at once . i mean, it's hell. what else can you say? it's hell. there is no merry appall any more. it simply doesn't exist. that's all up o. docile remains in high alert for russian assaults. several rockers have been far towards ukraine's largest port city and thursday, it rains. military says they all missed their targets and started decor reports. many people are picking up guns to defend their city. ah, we will lay down our souls and bodies for our freedom the words of the ukrainian national anthem wait much heavier now. no one expected to find themselves here in an undisclosed location on the outskirts of the city of odessa. barbara,
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i will always treat the gun as if it were loaded. they are taught the basics of how to use a weapon. it goes to precluded cars. the g this course takes place every day. there are no days over. we really don't know how much time we have before our russian attack on odessa. so we are trying to use all time that we have to do as much as possible for our people. we don't teach military tactics, just how to operate a gun and how to do that safely. these people have never held a weapon before. they're not going to be joining the territorial army or civil defense forces as they're known, but they want to know how to be able to operate a weapon to be able to protect our homes, to protect our city. if it gets to that point for many here, it's not something that comes naturally. i never before. if the bonds and the no, i am totally not in the up that i have to protect my house. oh, legs,
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wife and daughter are in romania now. they can explain for my daughter, 6 years saw that she is growing and asking why we cannot stay together why we cannot steal no home. and it's really hurt, really hurt. well, what to do? wilsonville the cities been shelled, anti aircraft offenses can be heard firing every day. most people here believe it's simply a matter of time before russia turns its full attention to ukraine's largest c port . all goes the lawyer and this is all new for her to have you ever used a weapon before? never, never. are you shelly? i was afraid of for women. you ever imagined that you this will be happening? never. no, no, no. i have a very civil live a hobby. i dance tango. yes i. i don't. who used to to fight to something else. no, no, no. it's not for me. i'm just
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a woman. but now every thorson in ukraine, a woman amen and doesn't matter. we are fight, we need to fight despite fear and anxiety. here. there is strength from all being united. we're told it. ah, standing together in these, unprecedented and extraordinary times. oh, stephanie decker, al jazeera in odessa, southwestern ukraine. a holocaust survivor killed in russian shelling ukraine has been laid to rest, bought a salon. shanker, died last week when a russian strike hit his apartment building and kalki the 96 year old ukrainian survived. 3 nazi run concentration comes during world war 2. it was also sent to a baltic sea island as a forest laborer to work on the v to rocket program. you small, we, we, he was not fit to leave high cave. we were able to take him away and he himself was stubbornly refusing to leave. we kept inviting him,
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kept coming after the bombardment started, brought him food. he categorically refused to leave and he would not be able to. he could barely walk. half of your cranes children are reported have been forced to leave their homes because of the war more than a 100 have been killed. and the conflict claims accused russia deliberately targeting children and maternity hospitals. moscow says that's not true. robert bryan reports from the the if frontline city of mich alive, the maternity hospital tries to operate as normally as the war will allow to mar a crap job is close to giving birth. the day before, a different part of this hospital was hit by a shelf, but nobody was hurt of him. and you guys against, over time, every day you get used to it more and more, especially when the explosions sound faraway themes in another country in the western city of live, another clinic, this one treating children with critical heart conditions. this unit has just been
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moved from the capital, keith, it's part of a national initiative to relocate essential services and companies away from the fighting in the east to the relative safety of the west. miss, beside would you say we are saving, kids have critical heart problem. those who would die without operations and of course each child is important. there are hundreds of them, very stressful, but was going to living and other towns and cities in the west have been dealing with the surgeon. you come as since the start of the war, many more institutions and businesses are planning to make the same move west, like this hospital most say eventually they'll move back east again, just when no one can tell. back in the maternity unit to mich alive. tamara has given birth to a baby daughter is ridiculous, and i hope i will shield and won't see this crazy scenes and everything will be
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good. there is no other way, a few minutes old and delivered into a world her mother could not have imagined. just a few weeks ago, melinda robert pride al jazeera vive ukrainian about a dancer's 1st to escape the war. being given the chance to train with the berlin state valley in germany, about 200 refugee dances have been welcomed, including some from russia who posed the pushing regime initiative was organized by ukrainian. prima ballerina was a member of the barrel in state bally. they are really happy and they're just saying couldn't sanker full for every see what i can do and what i could help and i feel this really love like, oh really thank you. i thought that will never come back and, and when they have a chance to connect it to is there, people are coming here to do the class and, and it feels like i did the my job and that of course,
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they just little joke. but i feel happiness and that's all for this news. i'm going to be back in a couple of minutes. we're more on all these stories as board leaders arrive for another meeting of the european union, this time part of the european commission. these are pictures in brussels will have more of a couple of minutes to buy. ah, water scarcity has become a major global issue. the demand is going straight up and the supply is going straight down, turning an essential natural resource into a commodity traded for profit. just because it's life doesn't mean it cannot be priced. what about the guy that can't afford it? and that guy told me it's water. al jazeera examines the social, financial, and environmental impact of a lot of privatization. lots of water on al jazeera talk to al jazeera. we ask,
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do you believe that the threat of an invasion of ukraine is currently the biggest threat to international peace and security? we listen, we are focusing so much on the humanitarian crisis that we forget the long term development we meet with global news makers. i'm talk about the stories that matter on al jazeera. ah, in ah, mm
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hm. mm pool. ah. determines to show unity more brussels diplomacy is western leaders lay out new ways to try to deescalate the war in new credit corners getting exactly the opposite. what he intended to have as a consequence of going into ukraine. ah, i don't know about this, and this is obviously the life and doha also coming up stranded and under seas. people in the southern positive, mateo, paul face another day.


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