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tv   News  Al Jazeera  March 28, 2022 12:00pm-12:31pm AST

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as i come ponied, the president of france last december, as will mark the 50th year of our relationship, his royal high and is the honor to be in a reception today. and we had a meeting with the minister off and as him, so sad that'll be on i'm always delighted to meet my colleagues, fanny. he is my counterpart and the point of contact on all important issues are our meeting and the visit represent presented the significance off our relationship. katara is
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a strategic partnership that they put to misers. our te bruited relationship. what's important to us is the piece of security and this part of the world since the visit fade by the french president, doha. we have always, we have seen that one piece has been undermined by the us an invasion to ukraine, which is a black grunt violation of the you and talk to the international laws and all the principles of peace and security as the vote taken by roles from the new, the un general assembly rush as offensive as glad to say to the interest of the continent and speaking,
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genuinely, this offensive has d bun, diary percussion on the middle east. and those africa at will have also dive deeper cushions on the energy front. equal frances add them to continue to coordinate with our partnership worldwide, including those in the gulf region. the international law cannot be selective. we all will continue to condemn all the relations committed by russia again as the international law. also all those in syria and elsewhere. and the middle is, this is our political will, and i'm sure this is the political will of the state of cutter. we're all a math, respecting the you and taught on international law, the humanitarian. lo,
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i would like also to state that during our joint meeting today, we st. our views on our strategic partnership in the fence security, combating extremism also on the political, the cultural education and sports exchange initiatives. we also discussed issues on investment and energy. it is clear that any time before that we are required to continue to join hands to face the new challenges and security supply chain and energy security. on these issues, we had very constructive talks. i would like to remind
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the necessity to reach an agreement on the run in near clear, do say with our views converse, however, we should continue to on our depending issues these shoes are not secondary yet. marginal, however, they should be resolved on out at the earliest this issue as of deep concern among the international community. we are all keen on maintaining peace and security in this part of the world. during that john's meeting today, also, we addressed the situation in lebanon. we both agreed that this ability of lebanon was, starts by the necessity,
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forms being carried out by the liberties authorities. it is also important to have the parliamentary elections by the 25th of may and democratic and transparent fashion. we will continue to cooperate, to provide all the support so sorry to deli beneath people. also we reiterate our appreciation to the state of carter for doubt, standing support provided by the state of carter during the gan crises. we also agreed that it is unfortunate that the obligations under take him by the authorities of tardy, but in terms of several relations with the respecting women, et cetera,
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and were not honored. and this k so best buy banning from education for goods. we condemned this smooth and with suppressed that we are adamant we will continue to cooperate with authorities to march forward. i was delighted to be part of the forum yesterday, and i have thoughts that our views on many of them today senate and regional issues are meeting and we commend the concerted efforts exerted by a cutter cutter's diplomacy and terms all the efforts towards the bloom taken peaceful solutions, including that makeup
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a solution to the situation and said, this is all what i wanted to state once again today that i'm really delighted to be here in the cities and to be engaged in a dialogue with our strategic partners here in the cutter. as we mark the 50th year off our bilateral relation. thank okay. that was frances foreign minister giving a news conference here in kata with his katara county pot. i have been in the country attending the doha for him. talking about said that the to have been meeting to discuss the ukraine conflict, the iran nuclear accord,
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amongst many other subjects, including lebanon, and the situation in charge. but on ukraine, the french foreign minister said that the war in ukraine would have di, consequences for the in time mean a region and the energy sector. and in terms ofa, the latest lines we have on ukraine. well, we are expecting russian and ukrainian negotiators to begin another 2 days of peace talks in a stumble that begins to day. let's move on. israel is hosting top diplomats from full arab countries on the u. s. in what's been called a historic meeting. the negative summit includes foreign ministers of the u. e bought reign, egypt and morocco. it's aimed at combating regional security threats and improving ties with israel. likely to top the agenda will be discussions around iran, re entering the nuclear field. that's going to correspond harry,
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forth that he's been following the summit in boca in the high reset, underlined the significance of this unprecedented get together, our foreign ministers in israel. yes, this is really foreign ministry is concerned. this was a pretty last minute arrangement just towards the end of last week. really, the word went out that this was being put under preparation. i think the idea is to capitalize on the presence of anthony lincoln, the secretary of state who is in israel and in the west bank on sunday. and so the idea of bringing the 3 recently or 3 that the recently normalize our states foreign ministers in terms of a buffering and morocco, along with the egyptian foreign minister, of course more than 20 years after much longer out of the relations between egypt and israel. were established that it is 20 years since the arab peace initiative was signed in which there was an agreement that these
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countries would not normalize that ties with israel to unless they had been a settlement, seize ready palestinian conflict. obviously that has now been well overtaken by events in the last couple of years. so this is an attempt to sort of really put in place some firma and potentially regular such meetings. there is some talk of this taking place every year. and it's also, as you say, in terms of the, the current priority as far as israel is concerned, and also policy objectives of other countries in the region to prevent re reviving of the j. c. p. o a, the iran nuclear deal, which united states does continue to you want to the lincoln was it was challenged on that by, by journalists on sunday. there is a sense, i think that there is a common front trying to be built israel. and these are states on that issue and see if they can persuade things to change in terms of us policy as well. the
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meeting was taking against the backdrop of the ukraine war, to what extent is not likely to come up because i think it will come up. although it's not the priority in this meeting. i think certainly the secretary of states did talk about that during the course of his meetings. on sunday. he praised israel for humanitarian aid, and he talked as well about the need for russia to be confronted. and he consistently blamed russia for what was taking place inside ukraine. scott is a slightly different line from that. taken by these are any prime minister. the foreign minister has condemned the invasion. israel voted with the un and censuring russia some weeks ago. but the prime minister natalie bennett, has been very careful to take it a very neutral line, both in terms of his professed will to be
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a mediator in this conflict. and also because he's worried about the, the russian presence inside syria and israel's ability to act against iranian targets inside syria as well. thank you for that. sorry for that for us instead of ok in the us talk to only hash and who is my 1st and the iranian capital to ron? how's the summit in the gap being viewed in iran? well, 1000000 for now. there are no iranian reactions with respect to the summit. however, knowing that the nuclear deal is currently in a critical stage, whereas the talks are being kept in the, the final stages right now. everyone over here is really keen at reaching a final decision at whatever or whether to go with the deal or not. and this is right now as probably a 5050 situation yesterday. b,
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a chief negotiator of the you chip. negotiate of came to to hans and measuring and officials in a, in an attempt to a get some answers for washington. now the main issue is an issue of concern to israel, which is a res, lifting the sanctions on the i r g c and the list thing, dyer, d, c. as a foreign terrorist organization. this issue is itself what may be a secret that a blinking is also discussing with the israeli officials. this is an issue that the iranians are insisting on and they say this is a pre, a prerequisite for the deed. if the, if the i a g c is not going to be the listed and the sanctions are not going to be lifted, then they'll be ne, this is the late this lines coming from iranian officials. the iranian foreign minister spoke a 2 days ago and said that despite the fact that you are i, or jesse commanders are saying that the iranian government should put aside the or
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the case of the i r g c. sanctions. however, they are going to consider this and continue discussing this with the e, u officials and the up before close one in general. so in general, i, regardless of the reactions in, you know, on whatever is happening in the gap right now, should be a matter of concern here. thank you for that. and he has been there for slight aim to hung. well, we're turning to ukraine. president philosophy zalinski says he's prepared to discuss a neutral status for ukraine, as part of a peace deal with moscow. russia and ukrainian delegations are due to meet in turkey on monday. moscow has blocked the keys interview with independent russian journalists. good, and the last one is really security guarantees and neutrality, non nuclear status of our states. we are ready to go for it. this is the most important point. it was the main point for the russian federation as far as i can remember. and if i remember correctly satisfied, they started the war,
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we will not sit behind the table if we talk about some kind of d miniaturization, some kind of dina vacation. i simply do not get these things. yeah, i understand it's impossible to force russia completely from ukrainian territory. it would lead to a 3rd world war line. i understand it, and that is why i'm talking about a compromise. go back to where it all began and then we will try to solve the issue . the complicated done back issue saying basra of a isn't the very, with what is happening on the ground in ukraine and those negotiations which are about to begin these talks are coming amidst an observable escalation in the west of the country as well as elsewhere. we've had air raid sirens going off all morning. and keith and shelling in many areas has continued ukraine's defense minister saying today that russia is regrouping, but will be unable to advance putting down a very, very strong statement, saying that these talks are happening with ukraine being in a position of strength. but equally,
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russia continued to make several mac sublist demands, as a people observing the talks of said. and we're hearing from a senior ukranian official or at those talks that turkey might be the country that serves as the 3rd party security guarantee for ukraine. if there is any resolution or any peace deal that is potentially reached, but we are still potentially far away from anything like that happening. murray awful, the worst effected city in this war so far continues to be the worst affected city . so far. the mayor mayor of murray off or saying to. ready that the city is facing a humanitarian catastrophe. it is completely. busy destroyed unlivable, there's a $160000.00 people currently there without power. and russia still blocking any aid from coming in and people from getting out. and he says that that entire city needs to be completely evacuated. almighty paul is on the verge of humanitarian cas
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catastrophe. as we were hearing for our current correspondence, and the mayor is calling for complete evacuation about a 160000 civilians remain trapped in the pool city. russian forces have surrounded it, much of which has been destroyed on to fierce bombardments across the country. that is unlikely to be any further evacuation. ukraine says no humanitarian coroner was happen, agreed upon with russia because of possible provocations along the route. and in turkey, ukrainian orphans have been welcomed in antalya some. a 159 children and their caregivers arrived from poland, ukraine's ambassador to uncross as 2000 children could be brought in in the coming weeks. the one says more than 10000000 ukrainians have been displaced by the war. about half of them are children. china's largest city in financial hub saying highs going into last town happening in 2 phases to carry uncovered 19 mass testing. this child is the most extensive one yet since
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a lot done in wilhelm 2 years ago. katrina, you reports, this is really signifying how serious situation has become in shanghai and how much authority is really struggling to contain this latest outbreak. earlier this month, they had repeatedly assured the shanghai public 25000000 people living in that city that the city would not go into lockdown because it was simply too important for the chinese economy and for the global economy as china's main commercial center. but now we have this entire city that's going to be affected by lockdown for at least 9 days. and it will go in phases are starting from monday morning. those living in the eastern and southern parts of the city will and districts lockdown. you're not allowed to leave you a horrible unless you are an essential worker or public transport has been suspended and everybody will need to undergo mass testing twice. now on friday, that part of the city will be allowed to, to move around freely and it will be the turn of the weston,
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part of the city to enter into locked down. now this is the 1st time we've seen such heavy restrictions imposed in shanghai, china's most populous and arguably, one of the most important parts of the country. previously, it had been held up as a somewhat a model of corvette control. they only had about 400 or 500 cases recorded over a period of 2 years. but now it seems that this approach an approach which the chinese government has called dynamic 0 harvard seems to be really battling under the pressure of this highly infectious. on the kron variance al salvatore. congress has improved a request by the president to temporarily suspend some constitutional protections. and when it comes after dramatic surge in gang violence, we 62 people were killed on saturday. and fisher has more an increased army presence on the streets and el salvador, an immediate reaction to
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a bloody. we can 62 homicides on saturday, the most in one single day in more than 20 years. ah. 0 0 the president and congress passing a temporary move to impose restrictions on assembly, extend police the tensions and a low, the intercept of communications like phone calls. ha, that the cree, that declares the emergency regime is approved. you. el salvador is home to several violent gangs or president knotty, but kelly has been credited with cutting the crime rate. it's still one of the most violent countries on earth. he treated his approval of the assembly's endorsement of his move, seeing the measures to be taken. will be implemented by the pattern an institutions and denounced only when it's necessary for the majority of the population. life continues as normal. may god bless us all. many on the streets of san salvador, back the move. but let me tell you for gay,
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i think it's good because it's excellent. if we could look out for each other, let him show he is against crime. that's all i can say. for me that will a capital a pork, if he has a get them. i think the approval is good because there's too much violence and injustice happening though everything had come down, but this was revenge against the government. if it was in my hands, i would give them a harsh penalty. as i say, a brutal punishment. president pokili has previously been accused of negotiating, a truce with the gangs to win their political support, something he denies the new restrictions that are in place for 30 days, but could be extended. allen, fisher, i'll just either police on the french island of corsica have fire take asked a protest as rallying outside that barracks anger has been growing after permanent nationalist, even colona was killed in prison a week ago, out of there as nicholas hank reports from boston at the gates of the police barracks on the outskirts of boston, corsica nationalists gather. we are a people,
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this man shouts. we have a history. they throw insults to the police to the french state. they so desperately want to break away from freedom. he shouts, but not in french. in corsica, the police respond. a rain of tear gas canisters descends on a crowd gasping for air. in the fog, an act of defiance. a corsican pulls a guitar. they sing unfazed by the tear gas burning their lungs and the explosions meant to scare them. the death of corsican nationalist even could una murdered in a french prison by a fellow inmate, has shocked the people of this island. they hold the french state accountable for his death. oh, than a video and social media appeared of the police inside these barracks singing the french national anthem as colon i was laid to grow for many here. this was not just
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an act of provocation, but an insult. there is a desire among young people to express their corsican identity and needs to be a dialogue at the highest level to and 50 years of conflict. avoid a new cycle of violence that would be painful for everybody. this small mediterranean island feels far away from paris. they want greater control over their island, whether it be the economy, the education, the language that people use. this is what is at stake, and this is happening just weeks before the presidential elections were found. don't both candidates from the right to the left, including the president have shied away from visiting the island or speaking out on the events unfolding in corsica. o, o, c a, this is a political problem that can only be resolved through politics. we dropped our weapons in 2014, but we feel like despite our good intentions,
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the state has shut its doors on our demand. it is an actual and yet the interior minister says he's open to talk about a special status that would be granted to the island. something that can be discussed after the elections. in the meantime, the nationalists are making themselves heard, ensuring that this time they will not be ignored. nicholas hawk al jazeera bustier corsica will smith has won the best actor oscar for his performance in king richard, a film about the father of venus and serena williams. because what he did, early in the night that made headlines when present on canadian chris rock, made a joke about smith's wife. the actor walked on the stage and slapped him. jane pink at smith has been outspoken in the past about her hair loss because of a medical condition. los angeles police, a smith will not be charged at this time since rock has declined to file. a police
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report academy released a statement saying it does not condone violence of any form. heidi j castro has moved from the red carpet. it was, i'm scripted, it was awkward, it was dramatic. and it was a buzz within the theater, and the viewers watching at home as well. in fact, they have it exactly with the producer of the oscars needed to give this show the jews that they were hoping it would have in order for it to survive. and retain that the viewership, the big question of course, had been whether or not the punch lap whatever you want to call it was true or was it stage? well, when will smith then was just immediately afterwards nominated and one for best after. and he got up on the stage and made an emotional step in speech, and it became very clear that he was being sincere and authentic, and that he had in fact,
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slapped or punched chris rock. how do we know that he was in tears during the entire session speech? he reference how he was protecting his family and making a connection with the character he played in king richard, the father of venus and serena williams. and he apologized to the academy and to the guest. he did not apologize to chris rock. so, but he said that after should be expected to be able to handle getting abused and smiling through it. so it was definitely the most talked about moment of the evening. and at the end of a very dramatic oscar telecast, a film about a deaf family with a hearing daughter, one the best picture ward code is the 1st film from streaming service apple tv plants to when holly was biggest prize and jane campion became the 3rd woman ever to win best direct half a pound dog. the selling fi epic dean took home the most awards of the night and in
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6 academy as talk now to richard fitz williams, he has a film. chris can joins us via skype from london. thank you for your time. we have to start with a slab because while the oscars may have been trying to increase their viewership, this is probably not how they want to achieve it. it certainly isn't. in the past we've had emotional speeches in so those charles toes dorsey scott, toll indeed both dramatically mom bravo sent sachi, nicole feather ram to refuse his oscar. there been a variety of incidents of one sort or another, but nothing even remotely like this. i have to say that watching it as i was without reading and hearing the feedback after i originally thought it might be a start. it was abundantly clear that after the slap, when will smith returned to his seat and then started shouting obscenities at chris
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rock. that it was extremely serious. and as you mentioned in your report, he apologized when he was full, king richard. but best actor, which it always been expected for this one, was quite strong. and it doesn't exactly set the best example. does it to the many millions of people, young children, including who will have been watching it? no, you're right there. i have to say that has an evening. the else goes, well it, it would have been interesting because of course, a small little budget movie. apple's kona, the child of children, deaf adults, one against the power of the dog, which was a mesmerizing extraordinarily beautifully photographed story of repression, love, and a movie that frankly,
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i would have betted all and yet she only one best director for jane campion. busy she is the 3rd woman to one best director, but koda somehow tapped into, i think, a feeling of the oscars that hate was for the underdog. it was an unusual movie. the other thing is that the oscar simply don't like westerns only for one and 94 years of the values on western. what was interesting to kenneth brown. wow. for bell past best original screenplay. as predicted, we had area on on the buzz for science story and try and culture also and death. tough coda winning in the supporting categories and jessica chest stain finally taking home a gong for. busy very good performance in the eyes of tammy faye. so as an evening with 3 hosts, the control, the curious in it when it rover ram to 3 and a half hours, to what extent, since no incident of the salt is likely to occur again the but to write it down to
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draw viewers. the oscars would have succeeded in getting a lot of publicity to what extent that will be beneficial, we have get to see like i read some really good to get your thoughts. richard williams, a film critics speaking to us that from london. thank you. ah . this is al jazeera, these are you told stories, israel as hosting top diplomats from, for arab countries on the u. s. in what's been called a historic meeting. and they have some, it includes foreign ministers of the u. s. e, bahrain, egypt, and morocco, the famed, combating regional security threats and improving ties with israel. oddly, to talk the agenda will be discussions around iran re entering the nuclear deal.


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