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tv   News  Al Jazeera  April 1, 2022 7:00am-7:31am AST

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oh once they were 450 businesses operating in the old city, now there are just 50. the old cities always be in the heart of nazareth. now a growing group of residence wants to get it beating again. it will come back because it city still have very much power. ah, the tops open on us fuel reserves president joe biden orders the biggest release from secure oil stores and says, there should be more drilling. ah, i know about this, and this is al jazeera live from doha. also coming up pay in rubles almost shut off the gas. russia gives the west and energy ultimatum. i'll just hit on the front lines of the battle for the ukrainian city of cock eve. will the long hair
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you have what's left over of this intense battle vent tanks. what has left behind and voting to stand together? amazon stop in new york look like they'll be the 1st of the retail giant's american workers to join a union. president joe biden's tapping into the u. s. strategic oil reserves to try to bring down rocketing prices. an additional $1000000.00 barrels a day will flow into domestic and international markets. for up to 6 months. my con reports from the white house. us consumers had been warned, they would pay the price, put sanctions against russia. and so they are the price of gas at the pumps as increased by nearly a dollar, some 20 percent since the russian invasion of ukraine. it's risen 47 percent in the
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past year. and president biden has announced a series of measures to bring some relief to the u. s. consumer, including a release of 1000000 barrels a day from the strategic petroleum reserve. this is a war time bridge to increase oil supplier to production ramps up later this year. and it is by far the largest release from our national reserve in our history to provide historic amount of supply for historic amount of time, a 6 months bridge to the fall. more republicans dismissed. the move as politically motivated reserve is supposed to exist for jot unforeseen crises, such as a war between great powers is not there, so that the energy, politicians whose policies have res gas prices, can try to hide that from the public. this is just one of a multi pronged approach to easing the oil crisis. the president is also invoking
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the defense production act to ease supply chain issues that have hinted the drive to promoting clean energy. for example, removing the bottleneck and the supply of components like lithium, essential to the development of electric vehicles. the president also had harsh words with some oil companies that he says of seeking to profit from the crisis for us, all companies that are recording their largest profits in years, they have a choice one, they can, but those profits to productive use by producing more orals restarting idle wells are producing on the sites. they already are leasing, giving the american people a break by passing some of the savings on their customers and lowering the price of the pump. or they can, as some of them are doing, exploit the situation. and in a controversial move, use called on congress to penalize companies at least federal land, but are not drilling on it. president biden says the us has
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a history of seeking opportunity in crisis. and the long term aim is to make the country oil independent by increasing traditional production. and by further developing clean energy resources. the political reality is that to achieve the long term aim, the president's party would have to retain control of congress. and that is likely to be determined by whether the short term aim of producing gas prices by the time of mid term elections in november is achieved by cut. i'll just 0 washington. the u. s. strategic petroleum reserve is also known as the s p r. it was created because of the energy crisis in the 19 seventy's, when an oil embargo by arab countries lead to a spike and gas prices. several presidents have authorized emergency sales from the reserve. it was used for the 1st time in 1991 during the gulf war. then in 2005 after hurricane katrina. most recently,
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it was used in 2011 during the war in libya. the reserve holds about 586000000 barrels stored at 4 heavily guarded locations on the coast of louisiana and texas. but im crane studies energy policy at rice universities. baker institute, he says the u. s. is stepping in for the oil, producing countries in opec should be taking action. biden is doing what opec should be doing right now. and this is kind of how we're seeing this over here and how a lot of will and us analysts are looking at this. i mean, normally when will prices are spiking when there's a clear shortage of supply in the market when, when stocks are starting to dwindle down when, when demand is, is running higher than supply? normally, opec steps in a, you know, usually we'll hear the saudi oil minister coming on and saying with some soothing words to try to talk the price down. and then if that doesn't work, you know, the saudis and opec right now have between 3 and 4000000 barrels
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a day of surplus. well production capacity that's not being used. they're holding that in advance. so they could bring significant oil on stream with basically just twisting a few valves in a few weeks, there'd be some more oil on the market. they're not doing that this time around. normally this is what we see. and you know, these emergency stocks are really held for emergencies. it's opec isn't taking action by the administration. is like, look, we're going to have to steer the ship. i mean, our, you know, the global central backer of oil is asleep at the switch. so looks like it's up to us to step in. so it's, it's a different situation. president vladimir putin says where he calls unfriendly countries need to pay for russian gas in rubles otherwise, he'll shut off supplies from germany. he's one of his biggest customers and it's calling that blackmail. put him, says foreign buyers will need to open accounts with russian banks from friday. the
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ultimatum could be a serious problem for europe. on 40 percent of its gas comes from russia. need i find an order that establishes the rule of trade with natural gas with the so called hostile states. we are offering clear system that they have to open accounts and roubles, and payments have to be made through these accounts from the 1st of april. if they don't, we will consider it a non fulfillment of contract. nobody sells us anything for free, and we will not do. charity said there, existing contracts will be suspended when they use them. as watkins, nathan says, what forces are scanning back the invasion instead, they're regrouping to fight in eastern ukraine. the battle to control hockey continues us officials say rushes, not making any major gains, but the russians say the humanitarian crisis there is getting worse. now let me give you a warning that you might be upset by some of the images in i said, banks report there's only death here. bodies of young russian soldiers lying unclaimed, apparent victims of poor tactics, or so the ukrainians tell us,
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which is the same number by e or for the it was very intensify and our guys had high morale. a special peroration was planned together with a 92nd brigade. they flanked this position and then clear to the russians, had poor defensive positions, save the enemies exposing them to ukrainian artillery. this was the russian defensive light. all along here you have what's left over of this intense battle burnt out. tanks, weapons left behind grenades. they didn't even have time to take some of their data. everywhere we look, they are signs of battle and fear of chemical attack. ukrainian soldiers salvage what's left.
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the village of mother, or hon is back under ukrainian control, but the cost has been high. a fierce battle pushed the russians away from the gates of her keith's paws. it just did laugh with 21 year. old guinea has been awarded. ukraine's highest honor for destroying 5 tanks and other heroics during battle. he tells us it's the 1st time he'd come across the use of phosphorus, the highly flammable chemical, on the blah, blah. but it was my 1st experience with phosphorus. air strikes are no scary as the phosphorus 1st they use the air strikes, then the phosphorus below eyes were burning. i couldn't breathe through my nose. it was like really difficult to bridge and those are the same equipment was burning. just gate was bad. the thing and below now we can't independently verify it's use this is one of the main streets. in this village. i just completely destroyed every
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building, every window. everything that you see had some sort of damage. the bullet holes in the doors, the window had been blown at the bricks all over the place. and we've been told that we can only stick to this main road because everywhere around hasn't been completely de mind, because the fear is that the russians have left mines and booby traps behind for the ukrainian soldiers taking this place. but as you seek, there's not much left. i said bake algebra outside huck if the grains president says his country must prepare for renewed russian offensive in the east. even if we continue pushing away occupiers in the north of keys in the turn he region and in the sumi region, they realized themselves that they can sustain the intensity of combat that they held in the 1st half of march and done bass and mary paul and car keys, directions, russian forces are amassing resources for powerful strikes. we will defend,
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we will do everything possible to stop the occupiers and clear our territory from the evil and senseless crimes. the fees are the ports of your money up all is one of the key bottles in ukraine has been under russian bombardment for weeks around a 170000. people are tramps without food, heat power, water. some people may be evacuated on friday and there are plans for another humanitarian conover. so a lot of people safe passage, dinah santana from the international committee of the red cross, says they're ready to move people out. negotiations have been going on throughout the day. there has been talks and some intentions of declaration of intention from both sides. so there's positive indications that this can happen. our team is in position and ready to go into mario ball tomorrow. and so what we mean now are these concrete details on what road we can take, what can go in, what can come out, you know, all the different, logistical details in order to make this happen. we know that this is
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a dire situation and marketable and the people that are still there are many are the most vulnerable, the elderly people that just can't move around, maybe sick people with disabilities, children, people that may not be ready to leave their loved ones behind so there's various reasons why people may not be ready to go, are able to go. what our focus is, is to that the safe passage is allowed to happen, and that if they choose to go and then they're able to go that we can help facilitate that russian forces a set to have left exclusions on around the defunct chernobyl nuclear plant. according to the cranium government, on thursday, ukraine told the us nuclear watchdog. the control of the plant had been handed back to ukrainian personnel. novel was taken at the beginning of russia's invasion in february. ukrainian staff stayed behind to manage the remnants of europe's worst nuclear disaster and still ahead on al jazeera, 365 days of no pain. why these miners and alabama holding the picket line in the
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longest strike in usd history army broker in noise arctic circle, one of the largest rotary exercises in decades are 3 later alliance members realizes partners. ah, he has begun the full world copies on its way to the castle book, your travel package to the hello. they will have a look at the weather in africa in a moment, the 1st to the middle east, and there's lots of hot, dry weather, with plenty of sunshine to come with the temperatures across the levant pickup and places like iraq, as well as lebanon and syria, a lot of warmth here, clear skies as well, extending to western areas of iran down in the south. it's a similar story for the gulf states. we're going to see the temperatures pick up into the high thirty's in the days to come with a bit of
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a slight breeze on saturday, but plenty of sunshine. and as we had over to north africa. 9 well, the wind is still the story. we're seeing some powerful winds blow up towards southern europe. we could see some so horrid dust carried over there from libya, for places like cairo in the north east was in temperatures. pick up if we have a look at the 3 day, we're going to be well above the average, nearly 10 degrees on saturday, with some sunny spells or through the weekend. now it is looking lot hotter and dryer up in the north, but we are seeing some other than 10 storms pick up across that central band for cases like cameroon, for example. and go la and maybe a seen the wet or whether it's a similar story for eastern areas of south africa, but they will be sunshine in cape town. from monday, i saw airway issue, airline of the journey. iraq, a nation riddled with land mikes and an expert dedicated to defusing them,
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one by one. equipped with only a knife and a pair of wire puppies, he faces death every day. but does his work make him a hero or a target? witness? the d minor on edge is eda. ah ah! you're watching old is it on reminder? what else? stories this hour president joe biden's opening the tops on the u. s. strategic oil reserve to try to bring down rocketing prices. 1000000 barrels of oil a day of flood into domestic and international markets. for up to 6 months. osh in
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president vladimir putin demonte european countries pay for russian gas in rubles, all the contracts will be canceled. germany buys a lot of russian gas and says that's blackmail. ukraine's president says his country must prepare for a renewed russian offensive in the east. loaded me as the lensky is wanting, that moscow may shift its focus to separatist health areas out of suffering setbacks. and it's offensive near king of russia's invasion of ukraine has sparked a big reevaluation of security in europe. governments across the continent of agreed to increase military spending. that's as nato troops and allies hold their biggest military exercises and decades. deep inside the arctic circle, a bach reports the far north of norway it is for ever winter. this is exercise cold response. several weeks of military games involving 30000 troops from 27 countries. most of them nato alliance members. these troops from
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finland, a country with a long shed border with russia, finland, not a nato country, and is historically neutral, but simply invasion of ukraine and increasing number of fins and neighboring swedes while their nations to join the nato alliance. it's worrying that all there's a civilians and it's not life. it's something we speak about often. and every one in head of just one space, not thou, art for the soldiers are reluctant to discuss what abandoning neutrality might actually mean. i think that the that is a political quest turner, and maybe if i warned on sure that warrant while a real war rages in eastern europe, these troops from freeland and other countries are being put through their paces in the harshest of possible climates. and the hope of these skills will never have to
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be used for real. we're shown around the state of the art field hospital that could be erected in a matter of hours. precisely the kind of equipment ukrainian forces desperately need. but con, get the hands on and elsewhere this norwegian made anti aircraft weapon the only one in the world. nato countries have spent billions of dollars arming ukraine, but supplies have to be carefully calibrated through too much risk being drawn into a direct conflict with russia. the invasion of ukraine poses the biggest threat to european security in a generation. several nato states are now rushing to ramp up their defense spending . and the u. k. in norway announced a new agreement of defending the increasingly strategic arctic. as the west winds itself off, russian energy supplies is looking to norway to make up for shortfalls of oil and gas. the arctic sea also has rich fishing grounds and future trade routes. we have
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to be in a position to uphold all our rules are international law, such as freedom, navigation, should the ice melt even farther, and the countries like china will seek to use maybe these routes to sale through. and russia might seek these route to control. these are long planned exercises. but no matter how you frame this, there are massive show of force aimed squarely at moscow. 220 aircraft, 50 warships, tens of thousands of troops, futons actions and ukraine have rejuvenated old alliances and expanded nathan's, reach and appeal. precisely the opposite of what the kremlin. once li, palka al jazeera in northern norway to his imprison, kai said, says elections won't be held within the next 3 months that he was against tennessee . his constitution said has dissolved the parliament that he suspended last year. it accused politicians of attempting a qu, they voted to repeal measures. they say,
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would give the president near total power m. p. 's are also meeting in parliament to decide whether or not to answer police islands. members of parliament and pakistan are been debating a motion of no confidence in prime minister in on kong a votes expected to take place on sunday cons under pressure to resign. after a coalition partners switch sides, he says, it won't stop done a some, a bunch of reports from his slum about another day of high political drama in pakistan, prime minister in mankind, is defiant. that he still has the numbers that he can remain the prime minister of focus on the head of a vote of no confidence on sunday. the prime minister destination saying that he is going to remain the prime minister on sunday. there is going to be a competition of good and evil and if he were, were to put it plainly in one hand is now facing a very difficult situation in the parliament where the opposition a didn't bring about at least a 172 members to the parliament session today, which is the number to acquire, to bring down enron hahn in
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a vote of no confidence. and the opposition says it has not just those a 172 members, but it has a lot more than that. it has the support of the coalition partners that runs funds around funds government had and it also has the support of disgruntled and fees off the budget on there. he can soft and run cons party. and now we've been speaking to his party members as well, who say that this is a conspiracy against him? the people who are changing their loyalties and the coalition partners will leaving them, are because of the bribes that are being offered to them at monetary incentives and incentives for a new set up i being given to them and the opposition and rubbish to all of these claim seeing that nobody has exchanged hands and if i'm wrong, hon and his government has any proof they should shared with the wider world. coming back to the conspiracy that imminent han was talking about, he saying that there is an international effort to try and de seat him wrong. hon. he pointed out towards the u. s. a. in the united states of august and the
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ambassador being given a warning of sorts, that if him run hon, stays in bower, it will not be good for pakistan. all of this remains in the balance until the vote, which is expected on sunday, with enron khan's fate. is going to be sealed as either the prime minister who is going to remain to continue 5 years in power, or he will go home. united nations fundraiser for galveston has failed to raise $4400000000.00, which the un says is needed to avoid a humanitarian catastrophe. donna supplied less than half thought victoria get reports every day is a struggle for layla. her husband left afghanistan for around 5 months ago to look for a job and she hasn't heard from him since she is living in a makeshift camping can the whole city with her 2 sons and her brother in law's family. rochelle lewis motion ramadan is coming and we have nothing to eat during this month. it is hard to fast eaten only bread. my kids are sick and i don't have
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enough money to buy them medicine. i collect garbage on bottles from the street. from morning until evening and i barely make the equivalent of $0.35, which is not enough to buy flour oil or rice for dinner. the number of people in afghanistan who can't afford food and other essentials has doubled since the taliban took over last year. the u. n. 's humanitarian agency says $4400000000.00 is needed in afghanistan. as it faces an economic crash and humanitarian crisis. the money is needed to boost the delivery of food and agricultural support and to fund health services, water and sanitation and education. afghans need all help, enabling their economy, sustaining their agriculture, and enabling the basic functioning of social services to prevent further economic collapse, preserve those basic services. the international community has long said human rights must be up held for the taliban leg government to receive aid. they
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supporting the u. n. appeal, se the taliban decision to close may. secondary schools for girls last week has made it more difficult to raise funds from western governments to taliban. the defacto authorities have to live up to their responsibility to protect their people and to help she managed her in organizations. do the work on the ground that in each to the decades, afghanistan was heavily reliant on financial aid that was frozen. when the taliban took power, now the un is urging the world not to forget the country as it faces a crisis. victoria gate and b algae, 0. ali results of a vote by amazon employees in new york suggest most of them want to join a union. it with the 1st of the company sites in the u. s. to become unionized vote counting continues and friday workers at an amazon warehouse and the state of alabama also voted. but they seem to have rejection forming a union that result could be overturned after a week, and amazon is the 2nd largest employer in the u. s. also an alabama. the
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longest strike in the state's history shows little sign of being result. members of a coal miners union walked off the job in april last year. they won better wages, john, 100 reports. this is a portrait of patience. these miners have spent a year picketing to get their jobs back, but warrior meant coal has yet to offer them even what they earned before they went on strike. we're going to just get back 5 years ago. i think. i think a lot of gas would be happy with it. that's $365.00 days without regular pay. the longest strike in alabama history with 1100 miners living off a union strike fund. and i had plans to build a house or to move on with my life. all that money's gone every day. they watch non union replacement workers drive to their old jobs. that's led to some confrontations by replacement workers. and by striking minors, prompting
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a judge to temporarily ban picketing when the striker's return chris brew, baker says there'll be some harsh words for those who cross the line. i'm sure you're gone me. a lot of things said in the bath house. they probably said me said on adding pelvis descending more than 600 meters beneath the earth for scraps of cold is a dangerous job. in 2001, my number 5 exploded, killing 13 miners. a year after the strike began. these mine workers are still out here, drawing attention to their cause, occasionally getting a hunk of support from passers by. we as warrior met cold for comment, but they didn't respond my last day and reason where they become a cause to lab, drawing support from nationally known activists like rage against the machine guitar as tom morello. and by taking their cars on the road to new york, ah, out through the miners picketed in front of black rock, a major investor and war your met cold. the alabama miners are hoping to take part
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in a comeback of sorts for unions in the us. even here in the into union south than a so called right to work state that bands unions from collecting dues, from any worker who doesn't volunteer them. the desire for workers who here to 4 have had to give concessions at every bargaining table. discovering that they're a commodity and they are forced to be reckoned with. after $365.00 days these minor said they're not going anywhere. and we're not gonna bite down. way. we're not back down, we're, we're not gonna turn around. and it was one day longer, one day, stronger, even if it takes another year. john henderson, al jazeera brookwood, alabama. teams of qualified for the fee for world cup and cut all this november. we'll find out on friday who is going to play in the group stages to pick moment for the cut to the national tea man for the region with national name reports. boys day dreams kicked around on the streets of their childhood. are now the pride and
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pressures of men soon to be measured in gold, scored, and shot saved by cutters, national football team. when these 23 players take to the pitch in november, they know many might view them as a long shot. the other asian cove jumbo's a sound going to be easy for the teams to when it gets us, it's will be hard for them when we make it difficult for them. this will be the teams introduction to the world cup. as host katara will be a top seed tea, this is the 1st time footballs. premier competition has been held in the middle east, and only the 3rd time it's been held outside europe and the america is a lot of misconception about a region. it's time to to bring people are closer to each other. i think a sport and, and definitely football. i mean, and even more like a wilco can do so ha ha, since 2010 cut r one. the bid to host the 2022 world cup. the country has been in
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a perpetual state of construction, millions of migrant workers in the last 12 years have transformed desert into the stadiums, roads, hotels, and metro system that will make the world cup a legacy for cutter. but amnesty international says thousands of workers have died due to unsafe conditions and many were exploited by employers. country officials say 3 people have died on the job for world cup related projects. and reforms have been implemented that have improved workers' rights greatly. this country of 2800000 people has never hosted an event on this scale. if attendance estimates pan out, cut hours population will well by more than a 3rd. during the world cup to assist with security, the turkish government is sending a team of 3250 people. it includes riot police, special operations forces,
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bomb experts and bomb sniffing dogs. it's also training about 700 countries, security personnel, no matter the outcome on game day cutters. national team has already logged several entries in world cup history and become the embodiment of the football aspirations of this country and region. natasha m l g 0 doe. on friday we're going to have a special program following the world come draw as it happens, live in doha coverage is gonna begin at 15. 45, g m t ah, this is al jazeera, these are the top stories president joe biden is opening the top. so in the u. s. strategic oil reserve to try to bring down rocketing prices. 1000000 barrels of oil a day will flood into domestic and international markets for up to 6 months.


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