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tv   News  Al Jazeera  April 1, 2022 10:00pm-10:31pm AST

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as we malik and rights and political analysts meant germany, abolla, people will say things like, we're not going to give axes because the africans will not know what to do with them. there is no continence where people have more experience with getting medicine into people's hands. studio be unscripted on elves there. ah yeah, man's warring sides agree to a 2 month truce, offering an opportunity for humanitarian relief and a push to end the 8 year war. ah, lo i marianna mozy in london. you're watching al jazeera, also coming up on the program. ukraine denies carrying out across the board, a helicopter attack on a russian field that both had of another round of negotiations damaged and deserted
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. russian troops, se, withdrawing from the north and the areas around the capitol. and the stage is set for the cast off football wildcard. we'll have all the details from the toner mental health in durham. ah, welcome to the program. we begin this hour in yemen. we're both warring sides of agreed to a 2 month true starting from saturday. the you and envoy for yemen says the saudi light coalition and the who is the rebels will hold all offensive operations inside yemen and across its borders. 2 sides of also agree to allow fuel shipments into high data port. and for commercial flights operate from the capitol santa saudi led coalition had already announced a unilateral one months ceasefire. to mock ramadan, the war is now in its 8th year. the deuce, which serves the possibility of renewal,
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coincides with the star of the holy month of ramadan. it opens the door with it. i see gems. urgent humidity oriented economy needs and creates a general opportunity to restart yeoman's political process. this truce must be a footstep dwindling yet men's devastating war. yemen was already the poorest country in the region, but it has been torn apart by conflict since 2014, when who the rebels captured the capital santa and demanded a new government. following year, a coalition led by saudi arabia began and military campaign against the who sees since then, the united nations is estimated at 377000 people have been killed both directly and indirectly by hunger and disease who sang emma was already a country mired in poverty before the war started. now it's facing one of the
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world's largest humanitarian crises. mohammed l i. tub has more from santa it's means a lot to him and he's in case such a declaration of truce is being committed by worrying sides. especially the, along the 18, nearly 18 oil tankers to go to go into the data, which of the many people have, especially those who are under the control of the host. these they are suffering from dia, crisis of fuel, of so the is a serious fuel cra, crisis of fuel. so many people i've been waiting for this moment. and also the other important issue that has been declared by the un invoice that those will be re opening of the sun to national airport, which has been closed or banned from international and commercial flights since
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2016 while it was closed or banned by the saudi lit quality and on the 9th of of the 9th of august 2016. so it's been a long time for him and he's not being able to travel abroad, especially from the areas under the control of these. there are, according to the number of international organizations, at least 30000 people died because there an ability to travel abroad for treatment . ah, or ukraine is denying russian accusations. it carried out across board a helicopter attack on a fuel depot in the city of belgrade. the oil tanks was still in flames as another round of online negotiations to stop the war with you to begin. this is the 1st time ukraine has been accused of a strike on russian territory. since the invasion began. russian troops are pulling
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back from some areas north of the capitol, key of the hostile airport that was seized by moscow's forces is now empty and damaged. and then further east in the country, our red cross convoy traveling to the besieged port city of mary opal to evacuate. civilians has had to turn around with the group saying it had become impossible to keep going. around a 160000 people have been trapped there with very little food, water or power. mcbride reports now from the city of love eve friday at 1st light just beyond ukraine's northern border with russia. fire fighters tackling your blaze or to fuel depot in the russian city of belgrade. the governor there has accused ukraine of sending helicopters to attack the oil storage tanks under the cover of darkness. security camera and other footage on social media seems to confirm some kind of attack by helicopters and the firing of
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missiles if the russian claims are true. this will be the 1st attack by ukrainian forces on russian soil since the war began. ukraine's foreign minister said he could neither confirm nor deny responsibility, but the kremlin says the suspect it as strike doesn't help the prospect of ongoing peace talks. ukraine's top security official later denied his country was behind the attack. russia had continue to withdraw units from towns and cities north of the capital key b, which again go with the big the partial withdrawal of units of the russian occupation forces from the north towards the state. florida with the republic continued seeing it from one of those battlefields has been the airport and military base at hostile health to the northwest of keefe. drone footage shows the air base heavily damaged, but the russians gone. russian forces had seized the base in the opening hours of
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the war, but were forced back by ukrainian counter attack before recapturing gates again later. the ukrainians accused the russians of indiscriminate shelling to cover their withdrawal and launching multiple missile attacks. some kind of benign mensray and what does it mean? scaling down come, but actions in key enter new directions does it means that there will be $100.00 rockets instead of $200.00 truck, a launch in give or something else on the southern front, following long and complex negotiations between the 2 warring sides and the international committee of the red cross, a convoy of buses was sent to the besieged city of mary you, paul, in the hope of evacuating trapped residence. this is from the i charity. we are currently on the move from them. please enter the automatic one in order to ensure a safe passage for this minions desperately want to see the city. the i c r. c is
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also looking to bring much needed humanitarian aid into the city. club mcbride al jazeera levine, a hash la bara is reporting from moscow and has more and more authorities. they're saying about that helicopter attack. the kremlin said the president put in was informed on the attack and that there were decisions made to ensure that his no disruption of fuel supplies to the origin. the kremlin also said that this attack is not going to create favorable conditions for the peace talks which resumed online. at a day. on those talks, we had 2 statements, one from the top, russia negotiator, vladimir medeski, saying that the russian position on crimea and the eastern provinces of a ganske antoniette remains the same. the since the thought of the conflict, the russia has been saying that you, once ukraine to recognize crimea as part of russia and also look ganske until he
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asked as independent states earlier today. foreign minister, sir gay lover of said that there is progress in the talks, and that russia's position on both republics plesk crimea, are, are not changing. but at the same time, he hinted that this could be something that will take time because of the very nature of the sticking a point. now the equations have been talking about security guarantees. something similar to the nature as collective defense mechanism. we don't, we have to wait and see whether how many countries will be on board and the guarantors will, whether they will be really willing to step in and present themselves as gallant us in those security arrangements. so i think it will boil down to pinning down those details before there is this comprehensive political settlement that will also be conducive to a cease fire or inland. con is life right now and kia, then a man? what would we know about troops withdrawing from around the capitol voting
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well, there's a muted celebrates removed here in a amongst the ukrainian forces, who say they beaten back russian fighters in very crucial areas. let me just take you through them. first one is hostile air possible airport has been under russian occupation for a number of days now is absolutely crucial strategic point for the russians. if they've managed, hang on to it, it would have been a staging ground along with the other towns for any invasion in to keep itself that's now been completely liberated, say the ukrainian forces. also we have butcher, the marrow booter is describing march 31st is the liberation of butch a day from russia. forces this counter offensive in those 2 places has been going on now for a number of days the ukrainians were telling us that the buyers to encircle the rushing fighters within the area and now they pushed them back. then we have a pin or pin is now completely under the control of our ukrainian forces. however
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inside, that's how the crating forces don't worried about russians have it, is that there is still a very tense atmosphere within the town itself, but it has been liberated, say the ukrainians. now, all 3 of those houses are actually quite close to each other in the north west and the north of cave. if they were linked up, it would have been a strategic advantage to russia. now, this could be to do with the fact that the russians are actually withdrawing their forces to belarus and back to russia. a yen stone douglas extra general of nato, suggests that actually what we're seeing is not so much a withdrawal of russian forces, but a repositioning a regrouping and a re supply for a new operation. now, perhaps operation won't be on this side of a keep. it might well be for moving forward into the east of the country and into the dumbass region and the highlands ad dynette scan the hands, now we don't know what shape the next russia sensible the butts un stolberg
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the 60 general nato also went on to say they are keeping the russians are keeping up the pressure on the capitol itself. so here, there is some, a, some celebration, like i said, muted. none the less, but some celebration that they've managed to push on the russians back. and then what about these, that connections who marry offer? what is the latest on it's a stark contrast is net marianne from what i've just been talking about to this. the port city of mary apple almost completely destroyed, but they're fighting still going on. the international committee of the red cross, we're going to there to try to open a humanitarian corridor. they actually had to turn back. they simply couldn't get to the city the met of mary paul has been speaking. he say that we managed to get some people out in private calls, but our mass evacuation could not take place at the ukrainians. blaming the
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russians for this thing, they've renamed on yet another humanitarian corridor, a deal. but remember marian at retiring corridors. i. she worked both ways. you got to get aid in this still a 150000 people according to the man trapped inside as has he been living under ground in that city. a lot of them haven't seen a daylight for a while now. the mayor also says that they're only getting maybe 3 meals a week if they're lucky that situation there absolutely die on the russians. i say the ukrainians are continuing to keep up the pressure the ukrainians are getting much more frustrated. in fact, be, are they saying that we need to get into that city? we need to get he monitoring aid into that city almost immediately. yet every time they, every time they try and do so, something changes, but people are leaving. they're leaving by private cars, and we're hearing that a few 1000 managed to actually get out that besieged port city today. thank you
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very much and mon car and bring us all the latest from here. the want to bring you more now on what's been happening there, because as we're hearing attempts to set up humanitarian corridors to allow civilians out of mary up will continue to fail on it. smith reports now from hasta on don, where he's been meeting those who have been escaping by their own means, going east to russia. most people who've left mary up all of had to make their own way out. pavel says he's used to the walking. he's a shepherd, was in love that at the church of water. we've got 35 kilometers to go. he says. he and his wife yana. a. heading to their village. away from the fighting. they hope around a 140000 people have escaped mario pole in the 5 weeks since the start of what russia calls its special military operation. but
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not every one made it to safety. those that do find themselves in reception centers in russia or schools like this in don yet, but that was usually for him. yeah. but why did we come here? not fuel because it became too hard. we were exhausted. i. i took jojo what she hasn't been outside at all for a month on because she was scared very scared. and we went on foot a group in a column until we reached the edge of the city and was shooting and bombing. but we made it. thank god, the more the people al jazeera spoke to say they're here either because the only route they could find out of mary apple brought them this way or because they relatives in russia then you know which of them will. of course i went to go home because i have a flat there. so i went to return to my beloved city water. i was born agular, my daughter, remain in florida and all my friends and relatives, all my life was spent in mary paul. all you both went on holiday to mary awful. when she was 18 years old. there she tells us. she fell in love. i got married and
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is live for 50 years. it was a perfect city. she says, oh luna mean lisa and he isn't. we must make pace where they chima, we learn these words grads, machine, gun slash women, children. why do they need to know those words? is it odd? it is better to learn other words, those of you pay his lovers towards each other, but not machine guns. if one, your flight is on fire like her legs, not real pain. the real pain is that way of being torn up houses more did it. from the reception centers, people will go either to relatives in russia or temporary accommodation that can be hundreds of kilometers away. no one knows when they'll be able to go back home to mario, put on the red cross as, as the russian government for permission to open an office here in raw stop on dawn to service easton, ukraine. we're about a 90 minute drive from the border. an indication perhaps that this won't be
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a short term conflict. bernard smith, al jazeera roster fonda still i had for you on the program. ah, acknowledging an apology. frances, on forgiveness from canada, indigenous peoples to the catholic residential schools and sweeping powers again, tissue lanka, security forces a day off. the hundreds of protest has tried to storm presidents residents. ah, it's the weekend and we have some wild weather around that. central mediterranean, heavy, one 1st things 1st. let's get you there. right now. rain and wind whipping around so wind warnings in play for natalie sardinia, but also sicily,
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central and southern portions of italy. and then all that rain that was over the balkans as now it started to leak into romania. if you can believe it, we're still talking about snow. so for zurich, about $5.00 to $10.00 centimeters and the energy temperature start to fall saturday into sunday. i think you'll see a dusting of snow as wall after the northwest, some shower zipping across ireland and britain. the winds finally start to back off across the low countries paris 8 degrees a few days ago. you're about 21. 22. so big dropped there and off to iberia. most of the rain has shuffled away, but we've got some snow for the parent ease. it's really the other side of the mediterranean, best weather here. sunshine for is stumble, 20 degrees, that warmth, also finding its way into georgia and armenia. you're yvonne has a height of 24 degrees. now here's the situation for egypt, cairo $36.00. that's a temperature we would expect to see in july, lot of storms around the gulf of guinea, especially for free town. and it's
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a wet pitcher for eastern portions of south africa over the weekend that show up that susan ah, the stage is set and it's time for a different approach. one that is going to challenge the way you think was wor, inevitable. i just want the started to please doing it. they're not doing the right thing. let's leave simplicity to the headlines. join me as i take on the lies, dismantled misconceptions and debate. the contradictions do we have a real democracy here in the united states? there's not a political party that's a roekel. insurgency are mark lamond hill, and it's time to get up front right here on out 0. lou ah, ah,
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combine. look at the main stories we're following this. how and out yelman's, warring sides of a greater 2 month truce from saturday, the u. n. and voice as the saudi led coalition and who the rebels will halt all offensive operations inside yemen and across its borders at a v was the month of ramadan. brochure is accused ukraine of a cross border attack targeting a field up or in belgrade using attack helicopters. true, it would be the 1st major foray into russia, but to ukraine's top security official has rebuffed the accusation. and a red cross convoy travelling the besieged ports is mario pool to evacuate. civilians is act to turn around with the group saying had become impossible to keep going about a 160000 people have been trapped there with very little food, water or heating. now the stories are following the head of the roman catholic church is apologize to canada's indigenous people. the historic message follows
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decades of what the of what the pope has described as deplorable abuse in canada is at church run residential schools. adam rainy reports now from the vatican in apology, that was years in the making. pope francis spoke on friday. the barrack in to delegates for various indigenous nations who had travelled from canada below the brewery will leave. one door to the queen may be the case worker told mika to the deplorable behavior of those members of the catholic church. i asked forgiveness from god. and i would like to tell you from the bottom of my heart that i am very pained and i joined my brother bishop from canada. it apologizing to you, poke francis said he felt shame for the abuse indigenous children suffered in canada's residential school. he said he hoped to visit canada in july between 1831 in 1996, around 850000 indigenous children were taken from their homes and communities
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stripped of their languages and customs. many were raped and abused in church from school, from the truth and reconciliation commission in 2015, called it cultural genocide. by for years, indigenous canadians have been calling on the church to apologize. the movement gained momentum last year when the remains of $215.00 children were found at the site of a former residential school in western canada to morrow. and it will be the 1st day of reconciliation. not only with ourselves, with our families and communities with our neighbors. and indeed with all of canada, there's work requires full participation from all parties. the reason there is that we're all there is in there together and will not happen
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overnight. the delegates spoke, you said there's still a long way to go to g. true reconciliation at the moment after the presentation, please feel free to come out to saint peter's square and celebrate the moment the work will continue. they say some who traveled to rome are former students of the schools themselves. the pain and suffering is very real for them. many delegates are calling for more action from the church. they weren't indigenous artifacts, kept the vatican museum returned and documents from the schools that might reveal other secret spirit. in the past, adarine, jazeera vatican city. we go 10 developments in shoreline canal. the president has declared to state legend, say, a day off them, hundreds of protest has tried to storm his home. the declaration gave security forces sweeping power to arrest and detain suspects on thursday. please use
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a gas motor cannon to drive, protest his back. they have been demanding action to cut the cost of living as people struggle with electricity blackouts that are expected to continue for weeks . poisonous gas as killed 8 coal miners in southern serbia. 18 others were injured them. methane was released very suddenly, and cold collapse in an excavation chamber says the latest in several serious accidents since the state own pit opened in the 1900s investigation is underway. relegated olga, olga really awesome buddha, there is huge grief. they died in the early morning. so there was no explosion of any kind or anything else that happened simply the concentration of methane became so high that they suffocated. i present my condolences as we all do here, autopsies will be performed, and the investigative teams will do their job. china's largest city shanghai as tightened as restrictions. it tries to battle a wave of curve at 19. the western half of this is he is now in locked down with
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the other side being with shut down on the other side being extended as well. it's also to allow mass testing of all $26000000.00 residents. public transport has been canceled and all non essential businesses closed. the outbreak is affecting china's economic out, but with factory production now at its lowest level in 2 years. elsewhere malaysia is reopening its borders for the 1st time in 2 years. countries maintain some of the tightest covered restrictions in asia. during the pandemic, florence lou has more on this now from caller number. why 01. hey, from adobe, after 2 long years of border closures, malaysia is welcoming back tourists from abroad. your quarantine requirements for fully vaccinated travelers are lifted from friday during 2 years. impossible to compare impossible. i'm certainly very good id open again. so i'm here for the 1st day and very happy to be here. melisha them. visitors still have to
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show a negative cove 19 test result before they leave their home nations and undergo another test on arrival. foreigners must also have travel insurance with a minimum value of $20000.00. travel agencies like this one have already seen a surge in the number of malaysians traveling overseas. after the government lifted a travel band last october. they're now hoping they'll also be a boom in visitors from abroad. request are there, but i think we have to wait a couple of more months to see whether or not they do me to release. and i think i think part of it is that the government still has ah, restriction imposed. so unless is removed, i don't think tourism would really go back to prevent them in time as fast as we expect to be. the tourism industry was badly hit when malaysia shut its borders in 2020, and domestic tourism was also affected when interstate travel was banned. for much
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of last year, the lasers transitioned to prepare for an endemic phase of corona. virus also means other restrictions are being lifted. prayers and religious activities can now be held without physical distancing requirements, which means most like this one here can be filled to capacity once again, is different. one, this is kathy in dreams has different. it feels different when he even knows congregational well, but there's a space in between your is used. it is not so new stance on volleyball disorders all oh, malaysia reported a daily average of more than 18000 new krona virus cases in the last week. but most to a mild or without symptoms, the government has indicated it's prepared to ease more restrictions over time. as the world learns to normalize live with corona virus, florence 3 al jazeera kuala lumpur. workers as an amazon facility in new york a voted to form the company's 1st union in the u. s. about 55 percent of employees
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at the staten island warehouse voted in favor of this result is a win for labor rights groups who try for years to form a union at americas 2nd largest private employer ah drawer for the football. well carper's taken, placed in the host nation cat r december's tournament will be the 1st in the middle east and the 1st to take place. so late in the year, i was nation cat. i've been handed a tough drawer in a group including the netherlands and african champions, senegal, while european, heavyweight, spain and germany are together in the same group. jana nash has all the details of the drawer from our studio in the country, capital. doha, yes. and the 8 groups of 4 cats are 2022 have been drawn. so let's take a closer look. i'll start with group a heis and debutantes. cat will open at the world cup again to ecuador,
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they also have 3 time runners up netherlands, an african champion, senegal, england's opening game in group b as against iran. that will be the 1st time they've played each other. intimacies, argentina in groups see defending champions, france, well, they're going to be pretty happy with their dra, they, they're in group d with denmark gina's here, and the playoff winner between south america and asia. now, at any wild cup, there is always a stand out grape and for this torment, well, you'd have to say it is group e with 2010 champion spain drawn with 4 time when as germany, belgium, and group f and the tournaments most successful side, brazil are in group g with serbia, switzerland, and cameron, and in group 8, she christiane, even nowadays, a portugal and uruguay will be the favorites to progress. so just the 3 a playoff places is still to be decided then. and then attention will turn to the big kick off november 21st. at our wait stadium here in qatar
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with the latest solar. well come join of course everything else or all our other headline. it stories this out from ukraine. and of course yemen as well. where there is a un broken agreement, just ahead of the month of ramadan al jazeera dot com is wayne, he's got more information on all of that. ah, there's more details on the latest german developments where there has been an agreement for a 2 month truth. that's due to start from saturday. the un envoy for yemen says the saudi led coalition and who fees will hold or offensive operations inside the country across its borders. 2 sides of also agree to allow fuel shipments into the port of her data and for commercial flights to operate from sun r. yemen was already one of the poorest countries in the middle east before the 8th here. war broke out. now it's facing wells, largest humanitarian.


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