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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  April 2, 2022 4:00pm-5:01pm AST

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in a rush to check on that soil, do you take that as a serious possibility of rush or attack? my thing, there is serious possibility and absolute certainty is like to do its own ins deputy foreign minister. i'm eligible on challenges. era a this is al jazeera ah hello, i'm can with al. this is the news ally from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes. the red cross trying again to get people out of the besieged, ukrainian city of merrier poll. after abandoning efforts on friday. who the rebels and the saudi dead coalition agrees to a 2 month truce that you and hopefully help and years of war. a country wide curfew and a state of emergency for lanka,
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after protests over its deepening economic crisis at work is anti u. s. retail giant amazon vote to form the company's 1st trade union at the new york warehouse and its for african champions, sternagle will kick off the cat salt will cut the game against the netherlands. the drawer for the finals took place in doha house. castle will play ecuador in their ukraine's deputy prime minister says an agreement has been reached with russia to open 7 humanitarian corridors. red cross convoy is heading to the besieged port city of mario pole to try and evacuate to civilians. roughly 160000 people remain trapped there. but very little food, water, or power. 25 buses carrying evacuated from mario paul and brianne scott rived over night to the town is up. patricia. many people say they spend days walking and
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waiting for transport. ukraine's president residency says rush and forces are slowly retreating in north. but warns there preparing for new strikes in the south and east in don bass region. i speak now to ra mcbride. i jones now from west in ukraine from lives. ah, so rob, have we heard from the red cross about those renewed attempts to evacuate people from mary apple. that's why they are still endeavoring to make it happen today a saturday. but this has been a long, tortuous process to say the least that has gone on now for several days. the i c r c was hoping that this would take place yesterday friday, but said that by the end of the day, simply that the conditions were impossible for this convoy to proceed. a wasn't until quite late last night, 9, 10 pm local time that they actually called it off for the day. so we can expect that all through the afternoon here in ukraine and well to the sea thing. they will
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keep endeavoring to, to make this happen. but what they have to get from both sides is guarantee of safe passage, which they simply haven't been able to get yet. they only have 3 vehicles. and from the i, c r c taking part in this operation. but of course they, they play a hugely important role because that would lead this convoy of more than 50 buses, which the ukrainians have sent down upon which hundreds, if not thousands of people already pinning that hopes on us. a way of getting out of the city. meanwhile, one of the humanitarian colored, those that has been agreed between the ukrainians and the russians of the 7 corridors that are operating around the country is for private vehicles coming out of mary paul. so that is another way that people are able to get out of the city and we understand from the ukrainians that in the past day or so around, 3000 people have indeed managed to get out of the city and ra, what can you tell us about this apparent russian draw down from the north and the
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re focus on the east. that does seem to be continuing. we are still getting reports from various towns and cities north achieve up towards the, the border with russia, especially some of the satellite towns around the around the capitol itself. places like a pin and so on. the troops are withdrawing ukrainian troops are taking back at the territory. there are also a charity of up towards the border that a city of the troops have pulled back from. and in fact, according to the governor, that there are no russian troops in, in that region at all. so that does seem to be happening, but there's still a lot of suspicion about just walk through the rushes. next move will now be at bottom. it's, i don't see the president in his nightly address on friday spoke about this boarding ukraine, that it had to now brace itself or what he said might be a new offense is taking place, especially in the east. and in course,
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the russians have said they want to focus on the east. and we have seen that as the, the russians have been withdrawn. they have still been using the extensive artillery barrage and also missiles to basically cover that withdrawal use of artillery, et cetera, which as we have seen is catching many civilians in the crossfire. i will leave her there for now. thanks then update my pride there for us. and if the northern city of enter pin near keith, as we've been hearing has been hit hard by russian strikes and mankind, his narrow pen says there is wide spread devastation. i'm in a village just outside of out a pin about a kilometer or so away. but even here, the russian shelling has completely destroyed many buildings that used to be a petrol station. and a cat fate are now, residents are being allowed back in to the village just outside of at
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a pin. but even in that village, the houses have been destroyed. lives have been ruined. but once you get inside a pin, this kind of damage becomes completely normal. we see so much of this heavy artillery selling also rockets and missiles of landed there. now the ukrainian forces on allowing residents to go back into pre, they're still in the city, trying to clearer of any explosives, any booby traps. indeed, we saw de mining teams who are on the sides of the roads, looking for any explosives that may well have been left behind by russian forces. in fact, one dividing team actually told us that the russians in retreat actually hit explosives in things like laptops and in mobile phones. craniums have been protesting against russian forces in the city of enter godaddy. it's in the northwestern part of zachary sheer district to the streets, to protest against the presence of russian soldiers and the war. the soldiers used
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smartphones flashed grenades to disperse them. a fighting and concave has force more than a 3rd of their city's population to move. many of those left behind have been hiding and make shift bomb shelters are corresponded. i said, bake it, some of them. susan. so susan, it's pure relief. good with you, my boy. they shelled so much last night. as for atlanta, shattuck over the shell so much. but we're holding on with the dinner lawyer, the summer they emerged from their shelter. shorts and the subterranean existence. they have been forced to live because of this war. but why is it happened into us? why did he come to eyes look what isn't it? it's too much for some when you are you will probably mamma did, which is long since march. i haven't been able to reach my mother and maria paul.
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the house was hit by 4 shelves. the police offer a vital lifeline for these people. i think south africa is the worst hit area of her give few live here. even few a venture here. this is building 2 to 5 on friendship of nations street. the irony is another nation. soldiers stand a few kilometers away, obliterating this neighborhood. you prefer through washington. there's more people over there. can you evacuate them? they have disabled children. asks this resident. we can only evacuate people if you have somewhere to has them. all the metro stations are full. so says officer yan, not that i don't get overwhelmed. but still there's more were taken to
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a basement. so logo, watch and pitch black darkness. ah, there's no torch is going in one room than another. and finally, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. russell, this is ok. no customers with among those crammed into this room, we find 6 year old kiera at a minute. she's preparing for school and a school that may never open. she wants to be a brake dancer and recites a poem about the love for a mother. i'm fat, my culture darmesh. wow. so i'm pretty sure memory for shem shem on it. he woke marty. i do not outside you re cooked for the family before you see a little and says his daughter hasn't been outside for 2 weeks. i live in some of
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the law was visitor at the cause of advice. if it's a duplicate alarm, whatever you can hear, it was every 20 to 30 minutes what it's normal. it's normal on board. if it wasn't for the shelling, my daughter would be outside, break dancing with guys. be careful. be careful. even the birds are not spared in this war. it's hard to believe. people are still living here, but they are. you can't hear children playing. people talking go even cause on the streets. you can hear birds singing and the occasional sound of artillery fire. but the fear is, as the russians announce a new phase in the offensive, that things here could get worse. i learned for the police accompanying us. this is personal the all used to live in this neighbourhood.
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yan still has a home here. the only way to get in is through the window directly them he doesn't live here anymore. but passes by from time to time to check upon, it gets on the line. so it opens up today the flies intact and haul tomorrow might not be great. thank you. russia incoming the shells fold nearby, stuck in to the incoming sauce. they own to learn to start fine. and be crazy trying to get outside until
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basement know in the open space to stake, hold. i said big al jazeera harder keith, more than 4000000 ukrainians have fled to other countries with millions more internally displaced. stephanie decker is at a facility on the stove, arkwin border in western ukraine. around a quarter of a 1000000 people have come here to the trans, carpathian mountain range. every one telling us it's because they feel safe as tear, it is remote, it is close to nato countries and the border. now we're in a center for the internally displaced. these are people who cannot afford to stay anywhere else. why? because the main severe was good is packed, the hotels are packed apartments are pat and there is no where to stay. so now this center really does tell the story of the entirety of this conflict. people we've been speaking to coming from mario poll, coming from cut,
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keep coming from the don bass region. lou hands don. yet coming from the areas around the capitol, like butcher and her pin, which have been heavily attacked by russian forces. now people who don't want to leave, they're waiting to be able to go back home. one lady. we spoke to saying that her tone actually though, had been completely destroyed after 3 weeks of sheltering in a basement shelling. also we talk a lot about these efforts to evacuate our humanitarian corridors again here we get a sense of what that is like a another couple telling us that they left under heavy shelling and that they were terrified and other one trying 4 times to leave. and they only manage to leave at the very last point. it is a tragic what's happening here and you can see people trying to live their daily lives, getting dressed, they need to shower here. they get a meals 2 times a day, but certainly at the moment as this war is now into it's 6th week. um and negotiations continue, but it certainly doesn't look like anyone here is going to be able to go home any
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time soon. the head of rushes space agency has far more doubt over the future corporation. on the international space station, the i assess is joined the run by the russian us, european canadian and japanese space agencies. russian technology is essential for the operation. the chief of ross come off says proposals will soon be put forward to end the relationship a team of ukrainians has come together to launch a radio station for war. refugees in the czech republic. radio crane is face in prague and cases for the 300000 people who arrived this war began. many of the stations $22.00 strong team are also refugees. they say their mission is to help people job to live in the czech republic. hi. tomar handle news all including tensions run high and the occupied west bank of the 3 palestinians. a shot dead will have the latest and in sport find out who will play,
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who adds ca thought 2022. and he will have the reaction to 5 days at wells comptroller. ah yeah, mins, warring sides of agreed to a 2 month truce, which can be extended. the u. n. envoy for yemen, says the saudi led coalition and who the rebels will saw all offensive actions inside the country and across its borders. saudi arabia and his allies have been fighting to support the government against the who these since early 2015 corolla has already on with this report, a 2 month cease flyer in yemen between who the rebels and the saudi led coalition is the most significant breakthrough in years some flies from santa airport are allowed under the deal, and fuel imports can reach healthy health areas. halt to the fighting, coupled with the entry of full sheeps and the using of restrictions on the movement
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of people and goods in alt and within the country. will contribute to building thrusts and creating a conductive environments to resume negotiations for a peaceful settlement of the conflicts. the tooth coincides with the start of the holy month of ramadan. it's the most important step in years towards ending a conflict that's kill tens of thousands of people and push millions into hunger. i think it's just strategic exhaustion. the yahoo! these for a long time had felt that it was just it inevitable. their success was inevitable, but they had a huge setback in morrow, which had been besieged for in all over a year. so i think that both sides kind of realised, you know, this war is not going. we want to maybe we're gonna have to. so for a tax between who sees and the coalition escalated recently when a saudi oil facility was hit by who thes last week re art struck back. some believe
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the war has become unwinnable. the last coordinate of ceasefire was in 2016. other peace agreements have led to failure. it's a step forward, but we don't know if this is firewood holds on time, will tell. but in any case, it's a step in the right direction and i must say, it took 7 long years. will this chose to be agreed on? it's extraordinary. a conflict widely seen as a proxy war between saudi arabia in iran has devastated yemen. the un special envoy says the $21.00 truce could be extended if both parties agree. a sign of hope. after years of fighting castillo this other young al jazeera oman cup. allan is the head of policy analysis at the arab center for research and policy
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studies, and he joins us now from doha. thanks for joining us, mr. cabal. and what's your sense of this? is this going to be the beginning of a lasting piece d? thank well, it's, mike will be on the, on the bus experiences. i'm a very encouraging, you know, i mean, many of these thoughts and a boss have not actually ended in any sort of peaceful solution to this conflict. but now i feel like it might be a little bit different because it was more the price of the tire specially the whole piece. now, after around a few months than me and now they started actually this campaign to take the take over matted in february 2021. but they have the most over 3020000. in fact, of the out of men about the boss, 1414 months in matic, shambler and hall, and hatcher and the war has become truly and one of them. and when it,
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when for both sides, the saudis also, i mean are there will be really want to exit this? why my are they have been stuck there actually for the last 7 years. so i think to day, i mean there might be a chance actually to start serious issues between, between the 2 sided students and the, the one the video one to get out of the story means is that why you think that this truth has been reached? now because both sides see it is unwinnable because just recently we were talking about an escalation, we had an attack which hit riyadh. we had a saudi arabia's retaliation saying it was going to launch a new a new mission. so why is it that we're seeing this truce now? absolutely, i think that an escalation delayed disposition, and my being in was the last shot maybe and for the court, both sides before locking, she ations. and now i think there might be another very important factor,
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which is the additional context. if we, if we see at an end at the dis, negotiations between the u. s. and here on concerning it out of your own program. if we see an agree and between iran and the u. s. may not mike make it easier for both sides, the saudis, and the whole with these to come in together and start talking about making b in yemen. otherwise, i believe the truth might be shortly because the iranians have on of as many times in the boss toward a beat on our own initiatives based initiatives. and less, i mean the nic de chronic sanctions on lifted by the united states. they did, and they onions, we are using yemen as a proxy war against saudi arabia trying to which brush on the united states and its allies in the region so that the sanctions on iraq would be left it. now if you see an agreement with iran and they not, it's just been in the coming days and weeks. i mean that might make it easier for
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what the salad is on the hope is to stop some serious some, some serious negotiations. any other, if we are to think about a possible end to this complex in game and what is it that both sides would want to, what is it that both sides would be unwilling to compromise on i think, but now i mean that the saudis, they are willing to see a unity government, then you know that with the saudis you asked that many times that, you know, i think that will be as bob and boston, i am unable to, to present scene because the how it is, i mean, you've got the gone ignored them you box them for money, for money, but it didn't then that and that's company. so i think that the saudi going to see the government the something about and i mean don't want to see the whole these actually acting as a once again. so here, i guess, or the reason i don't is, on the other hand, i believe the one,
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the big share of power. and yes, i think we might be going back to that to that agreement of 2014, which actually the national, the national dialogue in yemen. which resulted in an agreement on establishing a unity government contract for the whole piece and september 2014. so i mean after all, i think they would have to agree that that community government included everybody is there to have the solution. that was all right. i thank you very much right now, says that my rank of allan head of policy analysis that the arab santa for research and policy studies. thank you. from you ends peacekeeping mission in marley says it's head reports of civilian deaths and in operation carried out by molly enforce. it's the on the says it killed more than 205 his last week when it rated the village of more the multi region. according to social media posts,
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many civilians were among those killed on nicholas hawkins covering the story from dakar in senegal for us. it was what more do we know about the civilian casualties? welcome this, this operation started on the 23rd of march and just ended days ago on march 31st. it happened in this village more near much cheap. and this was an operation led by the 1000000 forces, but with the support of russian fighters remember, came, they came into operation by the request of the military to that's in power and bama co, back in december. and subsequently, the french forces that were present there left are planning to leave molly. so an operation with 1000000 forces where the support of russian for fighters and what we saw there is that they, they held this village of more under siege for 2 weeks. people were going hungry were starving, and that's when they're launched their attack. now there's been an uproar on social
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media about the death told many people saying that civilians were among the people that were killed. according to the money and authority though, this, they say that $200.00 terrorists were killed in this operation. now this comes on the heels of a human rights watch report that accuses both the money and forces and what they describe as white soldiers that don't speak french alluding to the russians, accusing them of extra judicial killing and of torture. but what's interesting here came is the mode of operandi where we were seeing the russian fighters with malia and holding a speech very much like what we've seen in aleppo in syria or more recently in ukraine in mario paul. so a change of tactics from the 1000000 forces and the russian fighters with amalia and saying there will be more operations like this across the country. the united nations secretary general onto you. good terrorists has ring the alarm bed bell
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saying that it was there was disastrous consequences for the civilian population. following this type of operation. molly's army on the rounds saying that it was guided by human rights and international law and calls on restrain against defamatory speculation. there's been a number of journalists that have been thrown out out of the country on their attempt to report on the situation in molly. and of course, there's the un peacekeeping force on the ground. and that is unquote, that is sitting uncomfortably with them right now. seeing all these operation and these allegations taking place in the country. and course i think that updated nicholas hot there are covering the story from docker that's going to check now the weather has kara. hello they, let's look to south america and there's more wet weather to come from northern areas of the constant. in particular for that northwest corner. peruse,
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going to see some intense funder storms this weekend. those roll into southern areas of columbia and north western areas of brazil. we could see some flooding here, look at that remains pretty wet as well across serena's. and the guy anna's, and we are seeing those storms continue to roll along eastern areas of brazil with a potential flooding. even in places like reopen, by the time we get to monday, the sunshine will be back. we are going to see things turn wet. however, the uruguay and southern areas of brazil. by the time we get to sunday, you can see the rush of storms pulling its way further. east on temperatures will get down in southern areas of argentina as the wet and windy weather rolls east. now, temperatures aren't going to be coming down across northern areas of mexico's. we had to central america temperatures in monterey, continuing to climb a few showers in southern areas. heavy rain for costa rica and panama, and a scattering of showers and sunshine for the caribbean. but we're going to see the heavier falls, northern areas of the bahamas. by the time we get in to sunday,
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as that storm system pushes east. still had on al jazeera business, his struggle with supply chain disruptions. the know how to fix the war and ukraine . we want to be felt plus the name of to me to serve. you need to get your fuck street in sport, meet the flying for all of her will be the official mask also for councils come oh the stage is set and it's time for a different approach. one that is going to challenge the way you think was more inevitable. i just want to started to please know that they're not doing the right thing. let's leave simplicity into the headlines. join me as i take on the lars dismantled misconceptions and defeat the contradiction. we have a real democracy here in the united states. it's
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a really cool insurgency. mark them on hill, and it's hard to get up front right here on al jazeera ah, harmful pathogens are increasingly affecting our lives with terrible consequences. a new documentary asks why that. we've learned any lessons from the h. i. v epidemic and the fight against coven 19. 0, we ignored the global sov. to point prophets before people and it won't cost. ready ah, time of pugs on all just ah ah ah.
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hell's technologies era reminder about top stories. this all ukraine's deputy prime minister says an agreement is be reached with russian officials to set up 7 humanitarian corridor walls on saturday. will allow civilians to leave mario poland, but he asked by private transport. on friday, the red cross said it was unable to rescue people by boss ukrainians have been protesting against russian forces in the city of their goddess aids. in the northwestern part of these appreciate district, people took the streets to rally against the presence of russian soldiers and the war in ukraine. a 2 months truce has been agreed in yemen, nearly 8 year war, the saudi coalition, and who the rebels is stopping their village re offensive inside yemen, and accosted sport to lancaster. government has imposed a curfew starting from 6 pm on saturday. the army has also been given sweeping powers to make arrests, as protests against the government escalate. people have been experiencing electricity blackouts that have continued to expect it to continue rather for the
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coming weeks smell. fernandez, jones is now live from colombo min now. so how are people reacting to us news heard not very well. i mean they are sort of almost didn't panic board just getting here on the streets. there were people scrambling. the 1st thing is to get home because the curfew was announced to 36 out of you from saturday evening, right through to lawyers of monday, just with about 3 hours to spare. so people of some of them, particularly given these really difficult times, i had to had problems about having stocks at home, you know, supplies and things like that. so the 1st thing i think lots of people came to do was to buy supplies. i saw lots of people scurrying around with bags of onions, potatoes, cucumber, one mother was rushing home with her daughter who she had picked up from a fusion class. the fusion class was supposed to go from 1 o'clock to 6 pm, but she got a message from the class saying they're finishing early. she was just literally
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running by with a bag of supplies saying, look, this is all i could find. there's lots of places closing up, so people are really sort of getting worried about it and trying to get home as soon as they can even angrier that they're being put through this inconvenience. as you can see around me, quite dark, even sort of after 6. and one reason is because all the street lights, all of that is off because this area is in the middle of a bow cut. ah, madell power cuts. i know i have become very common as we've been saying, long electricity blackouts, and remind us of why people are so angry and, and how the country is gotten to this point have power cuts is just one of the things that the bellagio lanka had been dealing with in recent weeks, essentially the supplies of essential goods, food items, cooking, fuel, fuel for moderate or all of those things have either been in short supply or they
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have skyrocketed phenomenally, not bad in mind. this is not a sri lanka, specific phenomenon in terms of escalating prices. 5 but she longer particularly given that we've already had, i economy in the doldrums of these things have just pushed it over the edge. obviously the ruby for a long time being pegged and strongly controlled by the financial authorities. they sort of let loose a bit and that so phenomenal inflation of something like 30 to 60 percent across the boards. whether that before, whether that be free chargers imports, all of those things and people are suffering. so things like mid powder, cooking gas, all of those things that your ordinary person needs, and that is what is really stoking anger. so that's, that's the situation right now in this curfew that stops. a massive protest planned on sunday is not going to help. and now and, and as their law for us in colombo, thank you. well, bar vonny, i bonnie fonseca is
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a senior researcher and attorney at law at the center for policy alternatives. she joins us also are from colombo, thank you for your time. so a severe shortage of foreign currency has left the government unable to pay for essential imports. how did it get to that point? thank you for having me. we are actually at a very serious moment in this country, whereas i think your corresponded mention. we have several out of pocket essential items. either not being available are very expensive. any relates back to the fact that this government, despite warnings of cost of living going on, foreign currency not being available, did not have a plan in place. and even as early as 2019 january, there were on, in that this is going to happen by no missions were taken. so really comes back to
4:34 pm
really know what he sees, no plans in place, and really even now very limited information. so as we heard the curve you, there has just been boys with size. it came with only a few was not you really very, very, and hawk eye and arbitrary decisions being leaved. so then cathy was them response to some are protests. how do you expect the government to respond to people's anger going fort well look better couple of these here there is, there is been truckers. so over a month and these are the non u. b. peaceful critics. people coming in because of the concerns of the cost of living, lack of essential i in terms of power. a curves and growing frustration, but on her stay there was a pretty stag turned wire land and as a result,
4:35 pm
and very soon after the government in both the state of emergency. so sri lanka, easing a state of emergency at the moment. no. that could mean anything, but he was angry very much. you can see a cross sri lanka need when just is imposing of the curve. you gave this angle that really depos concerns, hardships and not pick a normal by the government. and remember, this government came with a very different promise in 2019. they came on a platform of stability, economic prosperity, and security. and what we have now is that completely you turn so the anger is part of, of the frustration is very real. and the worry is that what will happen next? so how is this a playing out then? politically? so politically, i mean with the emergency. so a said to be, see now what will happen needs to be parliament needs to come in cities on tuesdays
4:36 pm
or debate even on the government plan to go to diane mer leaky. currently, there are a lot of questions in common. so what is the government going to do? but it's not just a government eventually thing doc position days concerned that opposition is on the bus to come to good day. this crises, more man. so it's the government and the opposition that in many people asking questions as to ways to political leadership. and yet it's more deep to day and hog musicians back. come are we rather than a plan that even have unique aged? all right, thank you very much for that type of on. if on soccer senior research or an attorney at law at the center for policy alternatives, and you pakistan's prime minister is facing a vote of no confidence in parliament. him on con, says it's a us backed attempt at regime change, which the white house denies. it's off to one of cons. biggest allies quit the
4:37 pm
coalition government and join the opposition group trying to remove him. a solid binge of aid spoke to former prime minister shaheed con obasi in some about as prime minister emron colon faces a vote of no, no confidence. in the next 24 hours, it is likely that his party might lose its majority in pakistan's most populous province as well. that there have been reeling, dealings going on, and there is going to be a vote to elect the next chief minister of punjab province, which is one of the key provinces here in pakistan to discuss that further, we have former prime minister shy huck on the buffy who belongs to the bucks on with indigo was a party which seems to have the numbers now up to elect its own candidate in the punjab assembly. what have you done to persuade people to leave him? run hon and join your party realtor? do anything deavers already convinced that if one cons government has failed, mal hannah's field or the leader, he is the destroys,
4:38 pm
boxed on the economy. e as the given the people of us are nothing but inflation. and every better meter, whether it is economical, societal, or political as $1000.00, but your party's leaders, including the mishap ashery for out on bail. the government said that it could arrest them. there are other moves that the government can do, where it is pakistan headed. and what next? if you win against primacy, remember we will and shuttle of in the world, you're very hopeful the numbers are. they're going to straight to the last, almost 40 years, every tactic that would have, i should leave his jail for 15 months. it's under spend routine. wanted jane, all the top leadership a spent over the year in june on jarvis adored exist. so he has 24 hours or lesson really 4 hours. he can try anything he wants. are the people of the will of the people of boston will provide. mr. boss,
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he thank you very much. that's all the prime minister, shy attack on the bus. he talking to us about a vote of no confidence and in punjab. they seem to have the numbers as well to try and make form the government infinite. but it said in pakistan, the politics, whoever controls been job is going to control pakistan as well. and the next 24 hours again in pakistan's political upheaval, i'm going to decide who is going to be leading pakistan for the next few months to come. israeli forces have shot and killed 3 palestinians in the occupied westbank that happened in the town of autopay, near jennine in the northern part of the west bank. israel says the men were armed and opened fire on the military need. abraham is at the sight of the shootings and adobe who spoken to witnesses who say that they've heard the heavy garden shots that they believe came from the rating fight. but there was also response from the 3 men who were armed and many have shared their pictures on social media carrying
4:40 pm
weapons in saying that they belong to the islamic to had these really are me, says that they were taking wall. this is a term they use in reference to the palestinians that they believe are plotting attacks against israeli is really that they the army is also said that they've been involved in shootings before. the ambulance has arrived but was prevented by the israeli forces from helping the men and the bodies were taken by the israelis said, no funerals are happening here today and i drop it. there has been a lot of speculations by these radio. i mean, these really forces before that that things might escalate, doing the whole month of ramadan. and indeed, as we've seen these waves of attacks in israel, we've seen the israeli army launch an operation called the wave breaker. so they want to keep what they say is filling the terrans. basically they want to prevent
4:41 pm
more houses from committing such attacks. but as we've been hearing from palestinian it either in the g need area or across the west bank, they say that they want to be deterred from fighting the occupation. they say, as long as israel is still occupying their land, they want to keep on fighting hungry votes on sunday, in an election, overshadowed by the war and ukraine. a wind, victor, or bon would stand his 12 year vaux, the race is the closest in years thanks to opposition parties putting up a single candidate. and your summons went to meet him. peter marquis xiii is leading an alliance of 6 opposition parties. they don't all agree on policy, but they're united in wanting to bring down hunger as prime minister victor all by marcus i is telling his people that all burn has split the country. he's made his close supporters, rich, and he's moving more towards the autocracy of russia and his friend,
4:42 pm
president vladimir putin. body body use rule of law. the war in ukraine dominates this campaign. mackey's, i want to back nature when the you in helping or crane with military aid. but all been is telling his people, the opposition wants to join the way that is happening. why? that old man has been doing this forever? i could say that he has a little bit is about protecting the nation, protecting the country. he has always been backing the opposition for 12 years or that has been waging war on everybody, homosexuals there to be. think your community roma, migrant left. this brazosport man has been beating more forever. he's been serving coatings in monkeys. i is from the provincial town of hot mess of asher hay, where he organized a national movement to unify political parties. peter marcus, i is hardly a high profile politician. his mare of a town known mostly for its unusually long name. he isn't
4:43 pm
a member of parliament. he doesn't belong to a political party yet. he's posing the biggest threat yet to victor alba. the 2 men do have one thing in common, though. they're both conservative. all band disputes that he brands, marcie zion, his alliance as left wing lozzo, mash on the left thinks that ukraine fights are wall. this is what the leader of our opponents said word for word that ukraine fights are. this is a mistake. this is not our wall in this war. we cannot gain anything but can losing everything as now mom, he hobbled oberon tells his people, he'll keep them safe, and throws in sweetness, tax cuts kept perpetual prices, and securing russian got supplies on ukraine. the government says it's welcomed woman, half a 1000000 of its refugees, more than any other european country of its size. that claim is described as misleading, though, by at least one human rights organisation,
4:44 pm
saying most of the refugees are in transit. but whatever mach, his eyes says about all been many see him as a stable and strong figure in dangerous times. andrew simmons, al jazeera, budapest, across the us and around the world. businesses are struggling to keep their doors open. price is pushed out by the pandemic. are being driven higher by supply problems. now the war in ukraine is made things even worse on hinge and reports from chicago. antlers tool works. his powered through a panoramic supply chain disruptions rising inflation in now war time scarcity with russia invasion of ukraine, we've seen increases to fuel and energy costs immediately and increased to raw materials that goes, especially for nickel, used to make stainless steel. much of it mind in russia, it's used for everything from shovels to fighter jet parts made by atlas in so
4:45 pm
precious. every scrap is saved and result. there was an item we looked at last week for, for one sheet was around $900.00. and the next day it was $1200.00. the unreliable supply chain leaves companies like atlas stockpiling supplies, and passing the higher costs on to customers. the supply chain problems effect timing, price and availability of goods to market. and if either the war and ukraine or the pandemic grow worse. so to those problems, it uptown bikes in chicago, parts have been scarce in costlier, forcing the staff to get creative. we normally would have new bikes to sell, but we really pivoted to focus on fixing up. any use bikes we might have available . we've had to be a lot more broad minded about what used parts that we save off like that we might not have save parson before the 2 years of panoramic supply chain woes on everything from bikes to i phones have only been exacerbated by the war and ukraine,
4:46 pm
the iphone, for example, has assembled in china, but all the parts are made all over the world. so there may be ship or something within that phone that was manufactured in the ukraine or russia that is now ultimately having to be sourced from a different supplier. for the head of atlas, the answer is clear. the u. s. needs to source more raw materials at home. the united states is the cleanest best place to mine, things you know or get oil. i don't think, you know, mother nature cares if the oil came out of russia, the united states. he's hoping the ripple effect from a panoramic and from the war and ukraine will spark new innovation in the u. s. and around the globe. john henry l. g 0, chicago, retail giant amazon is about to get his 1st union in the u. s. workers at a facility in new york have approved the move. the company says the vote is
4:47 pm
a disappointment and is reviewing its options. gabriel, alexander reports from new york to the union america his yeah. a historic victory workers at a massive amazon warehouse in new york. voting to unionize the winning margin more than 500 boat out of nearly 5000 caste. meaning that the $8000.00 strong workforce will become the 1st amazon employees to unionize. in the retail giant's 28 year history, we went for the top dollar because we want every other industry, every other business to know that. dang, 15th, we go, we go, you know, it's not going quit our jobs anymore. workers who are demanding better pay and working conditions at the warehouse. where jubilant. many say the ramifications of unionization push will be felt far beyond the walls of one amazon warehouse. this is a victory, and it's a tide and it's not stopping. and it's kind of sweep us all. it means everything.
4:48 pm
it means worker power. the potential for working tasks revolution is if you can unionize amazon, you can unionize anywhere. it's a remarkable story for the amazon labor organizers, a small independent union that began only last year and set up shop at a bus stop the warehouse winning against one of the most powerful companies in the world. some believe the pandemic and its impact at amazon has sparked a see change in workers attitudes across the board. people realize how expandable they were to these companies, how little these companies cared about them, and workers aren't going back. there's a new sense that they want something more, they risk their lives for this country to recall the central workers and workers are going to keep pushing and pushing. and i think this is the beginning of a new era of organizing in a post pandemic period. amazon spent over $4000000.00 to try to defeat the union boat. the company argued among other things that there $15.00 minimum wage is
4:49 pm
competitive. union leaders here said they've already heard from amazon warehouse workers in over a dozen different locations expressing their desire to unionize as well. while the results at another amazon facility in alabama remains in the balance attention now turns to another new york amazon warehouse do to hold a unionization vote next month with this victory still very fresh in their minds. gabriel's dondo al jazeera new york, still ahead on al jazeera and sports, find out who will play, who at capa 20 to andy? well, hope they have better rhymes and reaction to fridays. well, comp draw. ah, my name is sandra. we're both on the fall, simon academy. can they do that?
4:50 pm
we found out with who bought for the lead mechanic watch. so you will see that we set you off. god left her baby. and i did as a question for you specially when mcdonald cannot pick up my nigeria, we make a storm with my, my jerry on al jazeera examining the headline. what is the situation there right now? it's worse than any kind of night that you could have a good read, unflinching journalism. what is it telling us about india? it's telling us that we're going down a very maybe and that is sharing personal stories with a global audience. here i am, meeting with people sharing the same struggles, share and same stories, explore and abundance of world class programming on al jazeera. ah
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ha. time after school with annie. thank you so much. kim will ask and champion, senegal will kick off. the cats are 2022 well cut with the game against the netherlands. the drawer took place here in doha, on friday evening. the top 2 from each group will progress. insulin knockout rounds host cuts our face ecuador in the opener, defending champions, france during group day with then martinez. yeah. and either the, you or ye, peru or australia. groupie sees to european jones face off in spain, in germany, alongside japan, and either costa rica or new zealand, 5 time champions, brazil, their groups with serbia, switzerland and cameron drank as rosco was there for as at the draw after months of qualifying matches, this was the moment football fans around the world, we're waiting for to find out who their country would play in the opening games of
4:52 pm
this, she is world cup and cattle was keen to show fans what they could expect at the 1st edition of this tournament to be held in the middle east ash overcome was sada. i feel proud and happy from this moment and beyond. the world will see caught her as we promised her. we shall provide an extraordinary addition of the world copper. the people's governing body has faced a turbulent build up to this draw, excluding the russian team over its countries. invasion of ukraine. faith is president using this occasion to call for peace. since we know that hundreds of millions of people are watching this draw and many leaders of the world are also launching our please. the plea of the wall football community to every one. to all the lee that sent all the people of the world. this stop the conflicts and the wars
4:53 pm
please. even in the draw 3 together, some tricky ties with 2 of the last 3 champions due to face each other at the group stage. germany ha, ha, ha ha. spain and germany were drawn in group ease in full time, it is only for the next few days, all those matches will be poured over in detail by the teams who are qualified. and the fans who follow them. thought we now that the grades been drawn out, there's a real sense of excitement here in doha, but after 12 years of preparation and build up, the 1st middle east, welcome is getting very real indeed. john, again raska. i'll just a river or 5 african sean's will be playing at about 2022 in the last will cut 4 years ago. no african nation progress beyond the group stage. the 1st time that had happened since 1982 football writes, gary smith thinks they'll feel better this time. and some of the african teams have some really manageable groups. i mean, in order of the team that i think we can get out alive pretty quickly. synagogue in group
4:54 pm
a and then i'm also looking at morocco in group f. don't we come to gunner in group h? then we do unity in group d and come over and i think we have the most difficult task in group g, where we have brazil to contend with. remember a lot of those north african countries help significant populations and cut off. and even my just few like dabbling in another city out of the native homelands. but you know, the way the old couple of his football, a lot of the teams will come very prepared as well. and i think that is going to neutralize that advantage. unfortunately, it might be a bridge too far for some of them, or ukraine's qualifying play against scotland has been delayed until at least you, if they do make it to cat solve. i'd be in a group with england, iran, and the united states. what i would say is if your crane makes it there, it's a, it's a wonderful accomplishment. you know, i think if, if the people you crank and get some hope by their team plan, the world cup, you know it's, it's amazing. and i think the, you know, it will be more of a celebration in my eyes than political ramifications. i think, you know,
4:55 pm
we're all form for ukraine. we're all behind them while supporting them. and we hope that, you know, the situation resolved for so soon as possible. well, we've been talking to you cranes greatest ever play under i shift jenko, he's also a former coach of the national team. you can see the damages from the city like mighty opal conical key of it's what he will believe 95 percent of the seat. you've been destroyed, he's very difficult. it's almost impossible to think about food. but we have the corin rascal, play in the gland, is in chain or more than go who still play. and it's very important for the players who blabber or to continue play to give the holes for ukrainian people. well, the last full cups have been won by european teams and defending champions friends
4:56 pm
who had the capital. it's one of the former favorites poorest has more from paris. here at the plus law, concord in paris is where france ended that world cup trophy parade in 2018. and having seen the teams that they'll face in cats are in the group stage, they might be confident of bringing back the trophy here again. but they will be wary. last year at the european championships, they played switzerland and the last 16 with $31.00 up and ended up being knocked out by the swiss. that could be the wakeup call. they need they, we wary of underestimating eddie one as they go in defense of that title. now there is always a group at the world cup that no t wants to be and this time round. that's group 8. 2 european teams potentially in peril in this group, germany and spain drawn together against one of the strongest teams in asian football history, japan. and then either costa rica or new zealand,
4:57 pm
the much between germany and spain will be really the one to watch in these group stages. in katha, it could mean an early exit for either the 2010 world champion spain, all the 2014 world champions, germany. now potentially breton hughes and group h for a know that european joint portugal of that true footballing joint, christiane i. rinaldo, they've been drawn against gonna south korea and uruguay are christiane, are in alo coming to the end of his career. he won the european championship. he in paris, in 2060, with portugal, can he and his storied career with a world cup victory in cats, off and another sign that the world cup is getting close. we now have an official mascot for the finals. the name is name, pleasure to meet you. live is an arabic word, meaning super skilled plant. he's described as a flying character who is ageless, full of wounds, energy, and positivity. all i may archive that is high school. thanks for that and
4:58 pm
a lesson use out of economic thank mom. today's used by ah, the highlands of barley have long attracted to visitors come here for the cool climate and to see balise famous rice fields. but these fields and farms are more than just a tourist attraction. they provided a lifeline for the thousands who lost their jobs when the travellers stopped coming because of coven 19. pandemic restrictions brought financial hardship to many here valley. now as the island reopens for international travelers, some say they wanted more just to return it to the way things work before. community groups have helped form a tourism workers learn how to cut it used to be a tour guide now he farms cabbages said that the i don't want to go back to
4:59 pm
tourism. i want to continue to be a farmer as the island prepares to welcome visitors again, many say the pandemic has taught them valuable lessons. never forget from the algebra london, bro, cost center t people, unprompted uninterrupted. my beginning of the panoramic pastor, i had some b like y from africa being wiped out of journalist nestle. malik, and right, the analytical analysts man john linea bala. people will say things like, we're not going to give extra cause. the africans will not know what to do with them. there is no continence where people have more experience with getting medicine into people's studio. be unscripted on l. v. there on the bombardment and under jessa the missile and see it on the road out there and meet your friends . determined to stay. you will not surrender. just like to fight. don't you shoot.
5:00 pm
i had a training 2 days ago. the show me how that works. i'm to defend the barricades and you documentary shows the ukrainian witnesses to walk from the front lines, despair, defiance voices from ukraine on al jazeera lou . the red cross tries again to get people out of the besieged cranes, city of mario paul waft, abandoning efforts on friday over a quarter of a 1000000 people have come here displaced in the trans car, patheon mountains. i'm stephanie decker will have that story coming up. ah, mother and kim vanelle, this is al jazeera live from doha, also had a 2.


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