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tv   News  Al Jazeera  April 3, 2022 5:00am-5:31am AST

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and the political upheaval and the philippines parents sell as they walked for hours with their children just to get as the filipino as a woman. it is there. we are privileged to tell the stories of my own people to a global audience. ah, a streets littered with dead bodies, the grim aftermath of a russian retreat from the city of boucher ah, i'm carry johnston. this is al jazeera alive from dough, also coming up after escaping shelling and fighting in cities across ukraine. summit 300000, internally, displaced or stuck in limbo along the western border. hopes that a 2 month truce will hold in yemen potential turning point for the 7 year war.
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with poverty and unemployment on the rise at voter apathy. in costa rica selections shows no clear front runner for sunday's pole. as an increasing number of russian soldiers retreat from parts of ukraine, evidence has emerged within the trail of destruction. they've left behind. video has been released showing the bodies of at least 20 civilian strewn across the street in boucher north west of cave saying that was robbie begins our coverage from the western city of the beef. you may find the images in this report, disturbing. ukrainian forces every taken the entire keep region but russia's retreat comes at a high price northwest of the capital, the city of boucher bears witness to the brutality of war. at least
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20 people in civilian clothes left dead in the street. each scene a grim snapshot of the chaos and violence of their final moments, ukrainian se at the hands of russian forces. days earlier, the mayor of boucher announced the liberation of its town. do you know which one is going to march 30? first, we'll go down in the history of that community as the day of liberation, deliberation of our own forces. ukraine from russian occupiers said today, i state that the state, joyful, joyful. and this is a great victory in the region, and we will definitely wait until there is a great victory all over ukraine. the joys of victory soon dampened by death. ukraine's general staff is warning boots or residence russian forces.
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mind the city before they left. combat engineers work to clear suspected mind areas . bodies remain where they fell, until it's safe to retrieve them. boots as mayor says, entire families were killed and nearly 300 people have been buried in a mass grave. not far from boot and the village of demitra, fca west of keys. the remains of russian soldiers killed in fierce fighting there left in the st. these not even a janasia grain in the north of the country he occupies, continue to retreat slowly but noticeably in the east. the situation remains extremely difficult. russian troops are moving to don bass and towards khaki. they are preparing new strikes. we are preparing an ever more active defense lot as ukrainians begin to occupy and clear recaptured areas. what happened in boucher
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ukrainians? fear could be the 1st of many instances of community shattered by this war. zane basra, avi al jazeera levin. what david de ross is a professor at the national defense university. he says the image is out of boucher point to a clear case of war crimes. one man with his hands bound behind his back. that looks pretty obvious to be an execution. so that would be a flat out or crime with the others. it's not so an ambiguous, but it looks as though this is not consistent with incidental casualties and military operations, but rather just in deliberative punitive targeting of civilian city. sort of like we're going to leave, leave this place, but we're going to make it so that you can't live here either so placed in a booby traps the placement of minds and restructure is a clear violation of a lot of work here. and the deliberate targeting civilians, not every death of civilian warfare is a wordpress. but the deliberate targeting is certainly,
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as it looks like we have at least prima facia evidence that there's always forensic evidence of course. so if you find, you know, examining the body and somebody who say, shot at close range, rather than you know, hit with shrapnel. ideally there would be recovery of records. we know that the russian communication security is not very good. so there would be evidence of if there was fighting in the region if there's fighting of the region between russian conventional forces and ukrainian courses. that it's much harder to make the case for a violation of the law of warfare. whereas if the russians were simply withdrawing and fighting artillery and withdraw, that could conceivably be a violation of law warfare. the northern city of at a pin which is next to boucher, has also been a key battleground for weeks and is mostly back on the ukrainian control president for them. as lensky said, the pullback of russian forces had been slow but noticeable and accused them of
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leaving mines as they withdrew. iran con is near at a pin where volunteers and emergency workers have been removing dead soldiers and civilians. slowly, methodically, they search for booby traps left by retreating russian forces. this ukrainian de mining team tells us the russians have hidden explosives in consumer electronic devices, such as mobile phones and laptops and spread them all around. this car was abandoned by the russians. the ukrainian say it was full of looted electronics, like we're looking for minds and other devices including unexploded devices. ammonia shall lived behind by the russian troops. we are trying to prevent any one who comes back here from being enjoyed in this area. the rational animals look why they did heal, barely a few meters of this town remain untouched by battle. the russians used heavy
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artillery and rockets and missiles all throughout are pain. you see sites like this seems of heavy artillery shelling those almost near complete destruction in places within utter pain. this place was incredibly voted to the russians. if they had taken this town, it would have been a staging post for any potential attack into the capitol. keith ah, what is it still taking last remaining civilians out of town. these people had no choice but to remain. they had nowhere else to go. others are returning to a village on the outskirts. they have no idea what awaits them other than the destruction of what was once their homes and lives inside of pain. however, residents are not allowed to come back as security forces with the town before the war. this was a bustling commute, a town of round 70000 people. to day it's become a symbol of ukrainian resistance. the town that full back president vladimir putin says, russian forces not targeting civilians or civilian infrastructure. but once again,
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these pictures contradict those words. we won't know for a while how many people have been killed, but early estimates from the mayor's office suggest 200 to 300, with many more injured. we won't know for sure, because the bodies of some of the dead remain under rubble and may well be there for some time. am wrong caught out, is there a pin rushes defense ministry has accused the international committee of the red cross of destructive actions near the ukrainian port city of mario pole. the aid agency is trying to reach the besieged area to get the residence out. a 3rd attempt to bring a fleet of buses failed on friday. russia says that red cross employees made unplanned stops, and some vehicles broke away from the main convoy. another attempt is underway with a convoy expected to arrive on sunday. more than 3000000 people have fled ukraine, and about the same number are internally displaced. most have gone to border areas to seek safety, but many cities are full. stephanie decker reports now from which garad. trust.
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deep in the mountains in western ukraine, close to the borders with slovakia and hungry people fleeing war are coming to find peace. this is one of many centers and it was good for the internally displaced. olga and her husband or from car keith. they left their city under heavy shedding. they had though for sold as got the family, the knowledge in it. it was terrible when we saw the 1st plains. i was terrified. i didn't believe it. we packed our things in 5 minutes. it's taken me a long time to recover from the trip here. looks like i. yes, i believe the law. mm hm. my soul is a king. it aches from my home. this is my mother land. him. it was so difficult to leave really difficult. this is their home or what's left of it? a collision lawyers, real worried and this is where they sleep. now what hold on please return my viola . it's just fine. she tells us it's safe. and that is all that matters now that yet
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it by volunteering well who tatiana sleeps next to them with her son work you. she tells us she is from landscape near the russian occupied parts, but the city is under ukrainian control. her story is about ordeal to well credibility to bid in margaret there we were waiting in a small basement hoping it would end for almost 3 weeks. we finally left in a humanitarian corridor which took 4 days to be successful with the weren't even 5 minutes of calm. they bombed us day and night. our city is almost fully destroyed. i have nowhere to go back to going back. that's what everyone here wants for now, waiting it out as far away from the war as they can physically get without leaving their country. this one of the very few regions of ukraine that hasn't been attacked. this whole tells the story of the entirety of this war. people are from marrow poll from car key from the hang from the nets, from nikolai of,
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from around the capital keep. many of them fled under shelling each with their own stories of hell. and they keep coming, registration takes place in the center of was good with the city, basic supplies, clothes, medicine, toys are handed out. it is now 6 weeks into this war. and officials put the internally displaced in this region at around a quarter of a 1000000 people is thought about as good as crowded. they added a day and night. but many now dont even reach us as this is the is foot. so we placed them and other areas around that asian is also putting a lot of pressure on the city and it's residence, alamahood daily. e people can still come and stay with their relatives at home. i have family with me too, but all hotels and apartments are full. they are really crowded. be no, it's not local people. as we can see, the card number plates from oliver ukraine perhaps lives on hold. and yet life must continue. many here tell us they have gotten used to this routine,
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sharing their space happy to be safe. but at the same time, everything has changed, and many fear their lives may never be the same again. stephanie decker, al jazeera was good in the trans carpathian mountain range. was to the head on al jazeera, ah, find out how events in ukraine have overshadowed the election campaign in neighbouring hungry. also, taxman in india goes off to crypto curses. ah, richard, he has begun the, the full world copies on its way to catherine book. your travel package to day. oh hello there. they've been sweating it out in india and here's the proof. it was the hardest march across the country in
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a 122 years. the average temperature of $33.00, the heat wave continuing to bake in it, not only for northern areas, but also central areas as well. with this, that poor up to 42 degrees, we do have to talk about some what, whether siding across from indo china through southern areas of the bay have been gall. this is all going to run into sherlock, i mean, it's already settled, unsettled to begin was so, colombo, some thunder downpours for you at really, for the next several days. okay. focusing on indo china right now. it's been a washout for vietnam, denying a $185.00 millimeters brain over 24 hours, all of that to say that that's 5 times above the average april rainfall. so most of that wet weather again now siding toward the south. we've got a batch of it just off to the coast. i think the most of it will stay there. it's been peps up by the ne monsoon and dragon in some cooler air. so denying below average temperatures are on the way up for hong kong. we can see signs of that. i mean gray, lynn coming in at $25.00 degrees on sunday and it's looking like
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a gloomy and white pitcher stretching from tokyo to osaka. and he to tell you those temperatures are below average official airlines of the journey. ah, europe's grand capitals are littered with monuments loading their imperial pass and their museums filled with artifact, spoils of war and occupation uprooted from their places of origin. people in power explores the heated debates around right from ownership, admits activists taking matters to their own. out of africa on a just a, you know, ah ah,
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you're watching al jazeera, remind enough of our top stories. this disturbing footage has emerged from the ukrainian town of boucher near keith. the chose bodies dressed in civilian clothing strewn in the street after russian forces was true. ukraine says its force is of now we taken the entire key region. ukrainian president brought him as zalinski says, russian soldiers are deliberately mining houses and even bodies as they withdraw from some areas. authorities say more than $1500.00 explosives were found during the search in the village, west of keith. more than 3000000 people now fled to ukraine, about the same number, internally displaced any and out sleeping and make shift accommodation in border is which up far away from the fighting and some developing years now we're getting reports of an explosion in as a by chance capital baku,
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these pictures appear to show the aftermath of the blast in the busy street. initial reports say it happened at a night club, and of course bring you more on that as we get it. now a 2 month truth has come into effect between yeoman's warring sides. the un envoy for yemen says the saudi lead coalition, and who the rebels are stopping all attacks inside the country and across its borders is being hailed as decisive moment. and the devastating 7 year conflict. habit reports from santa to monk c, slowing on human between these and the solid walsh and is the most significant breakthrough in years. some flights from sun port or loud under the deal and field and ports can reach the hill areas. how to the fighting, coupled with the entry of full ships and the using of restrictions on the movement of people and goods in out and within the country. will contribute to building
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trusts and creating a conductive environment to resume negotiations for a peaceful settlement of the conflicts. the truth coincides with the start of the muslim holy month of ramadan. and it's the most important step in years. 2 words ending a conflict that has killed tens of thousands of people and pushed millions into hunger. the war has hurt civilians. the masts about 80 percent of emma's population now relies on aid for food medicine and shelter. many wall come the truce by remain is skeptical not to let the truces a victory for the many people cause it turns the focus away from the military politics over to the humanitarian issues. when the seller has an adult and it has all of this truce will benefit the year, many people we hope the truce will stay for a long time as long as you can live on that. i'm a handy lot of bill and we appreciate the support of ally o my
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t who helped me to reach such a truce that put us on the right path. the burnings and sufferings of the many people will decrease the yahoo! these for a long time had felt that it was just inevitable. their success was inevitable, but they had a huge setback in mara, which had been besieged for all over a year. so i think that both sides kind of realized, you know, this more is knock on the way we want to maybe work out. so for half of those attacks between hoses and ec, walsh in escalated recently when a saudi oil facility was hit by hope. these last week react struck back some believe the war has become and winnable, the last coordinated cease file was in 2016 of a peace agreements have led to finish. it's a step forward, but with a no, you know, if this is fire would hold on time will tell. but in any case, it's
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a step in the right direction and i must say into 7 long years for this truth to be agreed on. it's extraordinary. a conflict widely seen as a proxy war between saudi arabian iran has the the stated, young man, you and special in boy hands, grant berg says the 2 month cruise could be extended at both parties. agree, a sign of who, after years of fighting with that up al jazeera voters in serbia will head to the polls on sunday to elect to their next president, and also vote in parliamentary polls. and some local councils. president alexander, who church is running for reelection, is found himself stuck between maintaining close ties to russia and trying to get into the european union. hungarians will vote on sunday in an election, overshadowed by the war in neighboring ukraine. a win for prime minister victor
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alban would extend his 12 year rule. the race is closest in years, thanks to all opposition parties coming together to put up a single candidate. and do, simmons reports now from the capital would abashed. ah peter mark, his eye is leading an alliance of 6 opposition parties. they don't all agree on policy, but they're united in one aim to bring down hunger as prime minister victor all by marcus, i is telling his people that all burn has split the country. he's made his close supporters, rich, and he's moving more towards the autocracy of russia and his friend president vladimir putin, rather than abiding by the use rule of law. the war in ukraine dominates this campaign. mark is i want to back nato when the you in helping ukraine with military aid. but all band is telling his people, the opposition wants to join the war happening. why? but old man has been doing this forever. i could say that he has all of it is that
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of protecting the nation, protecting the country. he has always been backing the opposition for 12 years or that has been waging war on everybody, homosexuals. they are to be thinking human in the roma migrant left. this brussels or man has been beating more forever. he's been serving coatings in this monkeys. i is from the provincial town of hot mess of asher hay, where he organized a national movement to unify political parties. peter marcus, i is hardly a high profile politician. his mare of a town known mostly for its unusually long name. he isn't a member of parliament. he doesn't belong to a political party yet. he's posing the biggest threat yet to victor alba and the 2 men do have one thing in common, though. they're both conservative or band disputes that he brands, marcie zion, his alliance as left wing, lozzo, mama's, on the left, thinks that ukraine fights are wall. this is what the leader of our opponents said
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word for word that ukraine fights are war. this is a mistake. this is not our walk in this war. we cannot gain anything but can losing everything as now. mom he hobbled past all been tells his people, he'll keep them safe and throws in sweetness. tax cuts kept petal prices and securing russian gas supplies on ukraine. the government says its welcomed woman, half a 1000000 of its refugees, more than any other european country of its size. that claim is described as misleading though by at least one human rights organization, saying most of the refugees are in transit. on the eve of voting monkeys, i staged his final push to try to buck the trend of opinion. polls giving all been an increasing lead. oh, but whatever the opposition says they struggle to dissuade many hungarians from
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seeing or been as a strong figure of stability in dangerous times and re simmons out a 0. budapest, the head of rushes space agency has thrown more doubt of a future corporation on the international space station. the i assess is jointly run by the russian u. s. european canadian and japanese space agencies. russian technology is essential for its operation. the chief of ross cosmos says, proposes will soon be put forward to end the relationship. costa ricans are also heading to the polls on sunday, but the run up to the presidential election has been mired in widespread apathy with no clear front runner to lead the country for the next 4 years. to raise a boat report it's considered to be the most stable country in central america, famous for its beautiful beaches and environmental protection. but in the past years, poverty and unemployment had been on the rise. the pandemic had
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a devastating impact on the vital tourism sector. something that most people are hoping and new president will be able to reverse. oh, come your call from florida. the next president, she change everything because we are very poor. there's nothing here. so i hope that from here on, in whoever wins fights for this country, because we're costa. ricans, we have to, oh, voters will elect a new president. the sunday in what many say is the most polarized campaign in years, will be choosing between former center left president jose maria figures, who is promising to revive the economy, protect minority rights, and the environment. we are going to focus on the issues that are most important and for us, of course, the main one is the revival of the economy and the creation of job opportunities in this country. he face his conservative rodeo chavez, a former, well, bank employee who promises to fight corruption and has based his campaign on
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attacking traditional politics in the country. he's promising to clean the house. oh, where do we have a 75. your party that only now talks about corruption. it took them so long to realize that corruption is the worst because it's getting from the people. both candidates are surrounded in controversy. former president fetus faced accusations of corruption while he was in office. and travis was accused of sexual harassment while working at the world bank because of the group shown there. the accusations of corruption against his party are real and all these years we've seen mans and other politicians involved in the scandals. with chavez, there was an investigation by the will bank and he had to resign, remained sanctions from the will bank. both candidate deny the allegations. many voters here think the candidates on offer are the worst choice they could have. and the hope is that whoever wins will be able to bring back economic growth. that is,
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i will, i'll to feeder, focused on prime minister iran con, is accusing the united states of plotting to undermine him as he faces a confidence vote in parliament. he eyes of con, have switched sides in the run up to the boat. get on very excited yet. this is a big conspiracy, not against iran. calm, but again, it's pakistan itself. slowly people have started realizing what a big conspiracy has taken place. and it has been hatching since october by all these traitors who have been robbing the country to the past 35 years that we're doing it and league with external forces. you know, let me openly take the name of the united states a 36 hour curfew has been imposed, insure lanka, the army as been given, sweeping powers to make arrests offices, a protest against the government. people are angry about the worst in each moment. crisis that has led to power cuts and fuel shortages. now attacks on crypto
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current systems come into effect in india. the country has one of the highest number of crypto currency investors in the world. but now many say future investors may not be so enthusiastic is the parent reports from new daddy need qu crappy, has made tens of thousands of dollars investing and trading and crypto currency over the past 4 years. but the 24 year old is selling, at least half of all has digital assets before new taxes on them come into effect. from april, investors will have to pay 30 percent tax on sales of crypto currencies and won't be able to offset any losses from one against profits from another. so that's how i will be managing, introducing exposure and getting more into stock than 40. but i do think the volume of trades that i am doing daily, and probably we will be seeing that increased to extend that india we will be seeing or decrease in volume because the part part is, is pretty soon the same introduction of the central governance has
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a major increase in crypto currency transactions has made it essential to impulse taxes. there are around $25000000.00 india to own crypto currency with up to $10000000000.00 worth of assets being traded every month. the average investor is just 24 years old and must have a portfolio size of $250.00 to $1300.00. on the founder of india, largest trading exchange says it doesn't make sense to impose the highest tax bracket regardless of earnings. so there are certain amount that you all in, in a year. there's not activity at all. you don't have to be back, but you are needing to make a profit back if you still have to be and i told you put in which is the highest and that's something open for a lot of the land. and i got good thought began investing in crypto currency when he was at university in 2016. the 23 year old's day job is running his family's
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carpet business. but all of his earnings are invested and crypto currencies. he's not happy about the high taxes, but believe the government isn't bad in crypto currency after it indicated last year that it would, you know, i think they're an important 1st step. i'm not happy about them. no, i'm obviously not happy with some of the particular things by these we should like regard back in december, everyone with debt show to this is going either going to force liquidation from all exchanges and they're just going to ban it. and that didn't happen. many others agree with rock of and say the taxes are too high and could push investors and businesses into moving the assets to countries with more favorable tax laws. but they also agree they're better than an outright ban. elizabeth moran and al jazeera new delhi, at least 8 people, including 6 children have died in a brazilian state of view. there's an error following heavy rain and flash flooding
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. local authorities say 13 others are missing off. the rain triggered landslides, along the atlantic coast. bad weather in the area has led to the deaths of more than 230 people in the last few weeks. ah, i'm carry johnston with the headlines now. here on al jazeera, disturbing footage has emerged from the ukrainian town of boucher and their key if it chose bodies dressed in civilian clothing strewn in the street. after russian forces withdrew. it crane says its forces have now retaken the entire here region. or now on this from al jazeera is robert mcbride in live, according to the mayor of this town, and i told the federal he, we have spoken to him. agencies have also spoken to him. he is claiming that this has been a deliberate targeting by russian soldiers base.


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