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tv   People Power Out of Africa  Al Jazeera  April 3, 2022 8:30am-9:01am AST

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oh, so a tight race within my corn bar, right? 5 or marine le pen. china is recorded, its highest number of cobit 19 infections is the peak of its 1st wave more than 2 years ago. or than $13000.00 cases were reported 70 percent of bose in shanghai, which is in phase 2 are locked down. most of the cities 25000000 residents are under, stay at home, orders. ah, to have a quick check at the top stories here on al jazeera, disturbing footage as emerge from the ukrainian town of butcher near keith. it shows bodies dressed in civilian clothing strewn in the streets after russian forces withdrew. ukraine says its forces of now re taken the entire keep region more now from out as there's rob mcbride in the bit. according to the matter of this town, i told the federal oak he, we have spoken to him. agencies have also spoken to him. he is claiming that this
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has been a deliberate targeting by russian soldiers, basically a massacre of civilians in his town. boucher is one of these satellite towns that sits to the northwest of key that actually sits between a pin and also hostile mall. that's the location of an app of eggs at an important airport. and it was, it has seen some of the fear is fighting has been very close to the front lines of all of the fighting. over the past few weeks. it is basically being under russian occupation for the best part of a month. and according to the man these, the towns folk were actually trying to escape to ukrainian held territory. when, according to him, they were simply gone down. there were trying to escape from russian shelling, he says, ukrainian president, bloody mans. lensky says. russian soldiers are deliberately mining houses and even bodies. they withdraw from some areas. authorities say more than $1500.00 explosive devices were found during a search and the village, west of keys, rushes,
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defense ministry as acute, the international committee of the red cross of what it called destructive actions . me and my whole agency is trying to reach the deceased port. city document residence more than 3000000 people have now fled ukraine, about the same number, internally displaced. and you now sleeping and make shift accommodation and border areas which are far away from the fighting rescue. work as an, as a, by john not digging through the rebel to find any survivors off to an explosion at a nightclub. or would you say people have been killed in the bloss can capital back to, but they aren't sure how many. it's also unclear what caused the exposure and a 2 month truce between the warring sides and yemen has now come into effect the saudi coalition and who the rebels are stopping the military offensive inside yemen and across its borders. so those bad lines that he's continues he, on al jazeera off the people in power station, thanks for watching on the bombardment and digestion,
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the missile, and see it on the road, al jazeera meets ukrainians, determined to stay, deal not to surrender, just like that to fight no, you should had a train you 2 days ago, the show me how that works, and to defend the barricades. and you documentary shows the ukrainian witnesses tool from the front lines dispatch and defiance voices from ukraine on al jazeera. ah, european museums hold hundreds of thousands of color, new era artifacts. many of them looted from the place of origin in africa, asia, and the americans. for decades, there's been a heated debate about whether these objects of huge cultural significance should be given back. you told me a handful of ever been returned, though activists have begun taking less as into the wrong hands. is it good
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journalist island club? this one has been finding out why. oh, frances, fiercely proud of its culture and history. moved down, any of paris is grand pool of odds, and he quickly realized the capital is a monument to the glories of the empire. the nations cultural trophies are on display in its world class museums. now the debate about who earns many of these precious objects is firing up. when france colonized africa, it fought harm tens of thousands of its cultural objects. many taken under duress,
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others looted during violent conflicts. france insists their their right florida. but others say they belong in africa and should be returned by leave towers and had 30 minutes out of the city. ah, with japanese them on is a melting pot of painting from different cultures many from former french colonies and department. i'm here to made a man determined to force france to confront its colonial passed over. well, i thought simon brought her copier we, we just realized the scene issue. all zero's here was zulu,
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dea bonsa was born in the democratic republic of congo in central africa. he's a political refugee who came to live in france as a young man who is repulsed your full pay for the rest of the hooks. amazing. take up order is a feature to say, vonda roller or what is this? thus it is rebellion african living nurse, sophocles now seemingly with, he's still in activists, but now his fight is with the french state. he believes it's still behaving like a quantity of power in africa. but realty comedy, who was over is a leader of an african social score on both its members in europe and africa. do regular hookups to discuss politics and strategy that go with, you know, bullies are to be typical mom. they're fighting for the return of their cultural
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heritage. without it, they believe africa will never know. it's true self. a missile? could you read? i did it with love. did african fled even before he bought his le poorly contrib. la city. the fees, of course, the bow power, the bridge duality. she's come of. will you see bigler, sallow piazza see a list mendelson city subtleties. ah, but it's not that simple. here in france, the return of cultural objects has long been to bu topic. then in 2017, the subject became a heated national, told him point when president macro, shortly after his election, visited africa and made a radical promise. betsy mosley done the purpose it's unique mold on the good extreme tv it in music or pap. jessica, did she st. gone,
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lee county shall saw her need for the least he could short don't believe with definitive debates. him one athlete young honestly, but 4 years on, only 2 objects have been returned. i declare sunday monday ma quintal, new sunday maneuver dinner was having come to trump. will you teach on dumps, vo, your city, vincent on? is he sick of him? and michael last year was lulu took matters into his own hands, starting in paris above it. local business like this always had a good one. he began peak at the k. bromley museum, which has tens of thousands of objects from africa. got a lot with alzheimer's. it soon assembled the well beat logic. tip constable said that you are the vulnerability of a man. i'm a good faith belief is the i bought
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a lot of thought about their bread. then in marseilles, he snatched an object from a museum, live streaming the entire start to his followers online and read them to go on there from edible companies that they came. well, joe got office effect enough of what they do and or to get up. yes, i did, you really don't know if you don't have, i've even tried it on in the world's most famous museum. the loop with what he got arrested. he even went to the netherlands, where he actually managed to get a sculpture outside the museum. but he didn't get far. i dont vickery on a different bug wasn't broken off with
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a stick on his actions are very political. i don't seeing this man is trying to steal anything from any museum. is phone to is to show that there is a problem and nobody's speaking about it. oh, that tail mary cecile zonker is a curator of contemporary african os. family comes from france and the tiny west african nation of beneath his objects are part of our history. and explain who we were. so they're very, very important. it's very symbolical, it's not really a question you know, for money or importance of financial importance because some of these objects are very precious. some of them, not at all, but the thing is, is that they tell us who we are. ah,
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identity is the heart of oddest romeo me. the canons work. born in africa. he now lives in france. his family is west african royalty, missouri, romeo. his great great grandfather was king by hanson in what is now the nation of beneath comrade remodeled with her or lula since the gesture. this is sean forgot the scope of the support for his own food. they also selected by laundry enough. will you all fall school? was her sick or go for martha? yeah, yeah. home, but the cool. yeah. cool. my true normally be is for to, for the sabbatical from cooper high school or ben is his father said in $1892.00, facing fierce resistance from by hanson, the french army, invaded the kingdom, forcing him and his family into exile. they then pillaged the palace,
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taking everything from thrones to tunics before bringing the lute back to france. italy so suited her says object cooper did really the russia. the mom, the real co. no sector manual for dualism, 30 believe squash or false. rummy or takes me to sees are just a few blocks away with the work for mailing or reach out to click on his log scale paintings on linen, i hand painted copies of photographs of his family showing their journey into exile . this is your family. paula. lag on time, it says from it mama, the my gama. if it be over i can see you actually have put yourself in here. um we so i could research it. um no one called us warrior and call they do multiple click
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your order. no, sir, go fisher to roof rubashaw rule. what is in manual for do sincerely, those are nice to our 50, brassy man. don't refer back to you at the menu. this one is quite striking. image. he's painted one of the most potent symbols of the keys to fate. an empty threat. but speaker pay awkward thought that was all set up sauce. know what? like one sort of sessional walk is susan movie the shish was, he mentioned it. bob was a swat follower fish when you mentioned bombs on your hopes on fish, thrones and other objects looted from ramirez ancestors ended up here in the cable on the museum. francis biggest ethnography collection born in new caledonia emanuel casa error, is the 1st indigenous born president of
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a major french museum. i was let him and i think we are traveling through that when you did it. here we were the sort of all island in the passing by wonderful peers from vinyl on. the museum has a collection of $70000.00 objects from africa, more support to france during its colonial roles. ready some of these a form for mom, french colonies in africa. how did these come into the museums plus one of the main problem re, re, re fav, norman, be good time when this things was, his object were brought to paris. people to look take very much into account the way it was acquired. there's a big problems research on the take of norman trying to trace back. but it's quite difficult if they are acquired illegally or eligible that this is our duty to put the case to the head of said, saying we should look at this situation and then the parliament will decide on
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further action to be done in the heart of the museum a some of the objects looted from the name by the inviting french statues, doors, and thrones thrown here. this is fur, quite spectacular. yeah, huge. the manual says before the french army reached the palace, king bay, hans, and set alight. the soldiers rescued the objects inside essentially though alerted but at the same time saved and away, sir. yeah, that's a quite uncomplicated here. so always because it was looted them for sure. the same time these object wouldn't be there. the palace was completely destroyed by the fire romeo feels tone about the objects ending up in the museum frame. what up for
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your, for your visit? we informed her nicole young through newly off and who was isab. sheila also newman for why so low alpha mit amen. don't seem to suit reporter news top. oscar sees it there by law. boy, imagine it is on this volume. see our secretary to route. so you pick one place, walk ah, microns bolt promised to send african artifacts home has put other european countries on. notice. mike france, germany museums, hold tens of thousands of objects from africa. but unlike in france, there's a lively debate here about the countries colonial record. in downtown berlin, activist and academic joshua kweisi wants to show me how traces of germany's colonial past still linger in the city. there is a site where the german chancellor bismark invited all the other european from your
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powers, and the u. s. and the ottoman empire to come and discuss the carving up of the african continent. the meetings began here in 1884. there were no representatives from the african continent. there was nobody actually from the territories that were carved up. european nations competed with each other to grab land and resources. and so john colonies were and what us today target, which includes what is today gonna come rule out what will then call germans south africa to de la libya. all of these places experienced brutal german crony rule. germany's time as a colonial power was short, really 40 years later, it was forced to hand over its territories to the victors of world war one. but artifacts collected during that time, still fillets, museums. joshua wants them dealt with in the same way as the art stolen by the
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nazis. all we demand is that inside germany gained from that part of its history, need to be extended to include the dealings with colonial history and looted art of that era. and is simply wrong that his objects are there with, i'm heading to hand to say some sculptures that have become the symbol of looted colonial lot. many african artifacts arrived in the port of hamburg in the 19th century. among them were some benign bronzes. these are sculptures and carvings looted by the british in 1897 after a bloody war and benign city in present day nigeria was quite an incredible building. yeah. for a sam open the 1912. okay. and you have been aim bronzes here as well?
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yes, we have quite an interesting collection of about 170 pieces. doctor barbara plank and steiner is a world expert on the benign bronzes. oh wow. yeah, this is her conservation. all this new took them 3 of our works our for inspection . so this is one of these are, yes, blacks are very characteristic for the meaning growing. aren't they tell a lot about the history and the sooner ceremonial culture a, the statues on actually all bronze, some are made of iron brass and ivory. so this is, i'm assuming one piece of ivory that's been carved. yes, and it's like actually a stuffed up is, has been used in certain ceremonies where with a little ivory stick, he would knock on it. the intricate sculptures documented court life for over 500 years hanging on palace walls. and so this hybrid had re date into the 19th
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century. there is in lay and b, i is the pupils are in late this ira. i am, you know, iron is a very powerful material. the sheer number and quality of the work is, are exceptional. there might be about 5000 works in most prominent museum. all in these, the national campaign for the return of the benign bronzes to nigeria has been gathering pace and it's causing big headaches for germany's newest and most expensive cultural project. the humboldt form in berlin was still under construction when we visited it's collection of non european art in artifacts. is one of the richest in the world in the years, it's taken to build this massive museum. controversy has raged over what to do with
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its colonial collection. herman, passing a heads one of the foundations which manages the humboldt until very few years ago . the colonial history of germany was not for the tram and population for so really an issue wasn't really a problem. and of course the situation changed. we have much more people from africa living in germany, the immigrants and so on, so they cannot anymore ignore this. the humboldt forum has the 2nd largest collection of benign bronzes after the british museum over $500.00 objects. the museum has been under immense public pressure not to display them. you plan to exhibit some of the benign bronzes i hear how do you do that ethically knowing that that these objects were learned? both these objects are going to be exposed to story behind, to subtracts, will be told, the launching and everything. it's important that we have not
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a lacuna, an empty space here on, on, on benin or, or leaving benin completely and putting a complete other topic from our collections into scullery. recently the german government said it wants to return a number of bronzes to nigeria, but things should go back, but how many things go back and which things go back and which things can be shown here in the humbled form and in other places. i think this has to be solved in a dialogue with responsible persons in nigeria. i think this is the important thing which we have to solve. ah, we call it restrictions easy. europe's museums are opening up and was all the bombs are, is on the mode. we track him down in portugal where he is being followed by another meeting with
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a little bit more blue dollars were valuable to got. did it for me, or did i did? not with his live streaming, his every move is vicky dipped, he doesn't look a what you call began colonizing parts of africa as early as the 1400s. one of the 1st european countries deter, sorry, was olu and his colleagues want to remind people of that history with his 1st target is the museum of ethnology, which holds many african objects. mozilla is looking for objects taken during those early days of portugal. colonization look almost only tough i today not that come on to me, cuts off on me restock and he finds these pot leads from angola,
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but they're not very old. then he can't get at them as you get out of the museum buffy p. s to laugh if you really are due to p s. u, so about maybe some form or the pin number on said he saw the place to focus on. but he took. ready ways booth, fuzzy mall upon the button of economists of asking for jimmy the monday of a little that was from it, beth allen, and he thought it dessler. and so his son and his elbow, c o c, and good luck with those bullshit. then it bill is on 40, was all it leaves empty handed, but his local network has another plan that will adopt will deliver this is actually with his next target is the national museum of antique garage. it has an exhibition with 16th century african objects
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but again, he has no luck. well yes, it should be a good sort of a lead loan with a release. he's growing media profile is working against it. he believes museum staff refused him entry because they recognized him alerted the next day he makes one final attempt. oh the fellow he's giving up. for now
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it's going to measure also to to thought it causes your auto policy as well. console know if he's eligible to shows a bela we said it was okay with light last year, 3 years after background to pledge francis parliament passed a law to return $27.00 objects to africa. 26. back to the nation of benito. among these objects looted from romeo was ancestor, oh, i think it's a very sorry, cold moment for french because the 1st time so many objects will be given back. not the hand of something. that's the beginning of something new. france has no immediate plans to return other african objects, but says it supports long term cooperation with african countries on returns. if
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it's the 1st step, it's historical. it's very important. it's most symbolical thing you can do. if it's the only step, well, it's $27.00 object. you know, it's not. but i think we'll need 10 to 20 years to understand if this was an absolute revolution, or if it was just a speech 717 me from the return of the throne. his ancestors, once sat on and other items is long overdue. so the 2nd call is awful enough to know it based on he's all up engine on normal, a horizontal roof. i think we have fun to do anything re select from the bus that got sent to la fontose. ah, africa. when take no point in africa to hong look. what do you handle
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fettered the percentage that i did on the homeless? it was on the the manual mach balls, leadership of france has been beset with turmoil and parties on politics. now, as the president seats, a new term and office the far right has become his biggest electric challenge with what will its hard line rhetoric be overshadowed by international event? people empower, investigates, frances, fearful campaign on a just either the latest news. as it breaks the russians will met with fear
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ukrainian resistance to punish harkey there if, if historical talk with detailed coverage as the u. s. and other countries imposed sanctions on moscow. russia has been offering oil and other commodities to india and other impulses from around the world. elliptical up position need 87 both and for that they need members of your own political party to turn against them from the world's most populated region in depth stories from across asia and the pacific with diverse coaches and conflicting politics. one 0, one east on al jazeera with
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ah hello, i'm down jordan del how the quick reminder. the top stories here on al jazeera as an increasing number of russian soldiers are treat from parts of ukraine. evidence has emerged revealing the trail of destruction. they've left behind. video has been released showing the bodies of at least 20 civilians strewn along streets in butcher north west of keefe out there was name was rob, has more from the western city of live. and you may find some images in his report to study ukrainian forces every taken the entire key region.


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