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tv   News  Al Jazeera  April 3, 2022 12:00pm-12:31pm AST

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for their families to thrive with egypt swimming st fellas on al jazeera o pakistan's prime minister in wrong con, calls for new elections after a no confidence portion against him is thrown out of parliament. ah, hello adrian said again. this is al 0 alive from dough also coming up, fire and smoke rise above odessa of the ukrainian port city is hit by russian missiles, hungary, his prime minister, victor all by him faces a tough challenge from united opposition in an election,
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overshadowed by the war in ukraine and shore lanka imposes a curfew at a band on social media following unrest on protests over a deepening economic crisis. ah. but his dance prime minister iran con, has asked the president to dissolve parliament at whole new elections. that's after a motion of no confidence against him was dismissed without a vote. the deputy speaker declared the move unconstitutional. he said it was part of what he called a plot by foreign powers to interfere in pakistan's democratic process. the opposition believed that it had the numbers to oust con, after several political allies sided against him. let's go live to his mom about al jazeera as a salad. been java to step at what's been the reaction to all of this is sama. well, it is a constitutional crisis, like
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a son finds itself in right now. opposition. members are staging a, sitting at the national assembly where this no confidence motion was thrown out by the speaker, your position insisting that it is unconstitutional and illegal. they said they will elect their own speaker of the national assembly because they now have the majority in, according to the norms and rules of the constitution and democracy. the prime minister should have vote to should have faced a vote of no confidence rather than running away from the assembly, the prime minister, seeing that this is a matter of national interest right now, like a son is facing a grave threat from outside. and that's why he's asked the president to dissolve the assemblies. all of this has bearings of because of the constitution of pakistan and witness is a former judge of the high court in the hor, mr. madison, a boss. he thank you very much for being with us. is this a constitutional crisis is under him run hand right in saying that he can just is all the seventies and things can move forward towards an electric,
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as well as the contractors cancer treatment progressions are concerned. desk that there is there. but in fact, what was required by the constitution ended law was that once the vote of no confidence is moved in the national assembly, the prime minister loses the power to dissolve the assembly. but what has happened a dual day in the measure that somebody is that the speaker of the mission assembly has rejected. doug a, d v as a lucian, which was moved against the prime minister. and he has a. busy broke the got the, the assembly. now after that, the prime minister has announced that the, the, i advised the president to dissolve the assembly. and in terms of the constitution, if the payment history addresses the president, it is, does all automatic any within 48 hours of what the legal recourse said that is available to the opposition because they said that they are going to go to the supreme court. now, only legal recourse available to the, to the opposition is to approach the supreme court up august on into file a petition against the off the speaker. and the ordinance of the feminist up august
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aren't resolved as somebody's and day out of going to do that. and do you think that it is, or if the assemblies are dissolved and things are going to move forward or the supreme court can hold these decision illegal and they will back be back to a new confidence for yes, of course the supreme court has gone got all the powers and he goes which and one article one it he fought to to get all the acts of the, of the, of the speaker and the prime minister and the act of dissolution of miss some national assembly as in legal and gun got. so you shall in, it has been happening in the history up august on when the dental 0 luck. he does all the assembly as it was the, the other side rental just been caught in supreme court said that this act of the president was illegal. but at that point of time, it was observed that since the elections have been announced, therefore, it will be advisable to go on for the fresh elections. mr. massey, thank you very much. her that there you go. that's the update at the legal view on where we are constitutionally in pakistan as describes his unfolded and rapidly
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moving story. in the last few minutes we've heard from the state minister for information saying elections will be held in 90 days. the minister for information who also holds the portfolio offer the nor minister says that the sad, the cabinet of prime minister, him non con, has also been dissolved and he is going to continue to serve as and the prime minister of pakistan. so it is a movie is moving story, which is it going to be very critical if at least, but to day, because it is the last day, according to the constitution to hold this vote of no confidence against the prime minister. i've heard from the leader of the opposition and the, the chairman of the boxes on people, spotty saying they are going to move to supreme court. this being a sunday, it is likely that that is going to happen on a monday. but in a, in, if the supreme court decides in their favor, if the supreme court decides that the decision off the deputy, speaking of parliament was illegal, then they will have to go back to square one and hold the vote of no confidence and
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zeros. a solid been java reporting live there from islamabad. asana money. thanks. a scene of death and destruction left by retreating russian soldiers in ukraine has been revealed of a town northwest of cave video shows the bodies of at least 20 civilians lying along streets in butcher. i'll zeros, same bas robbie begins are coverage from levine. just a warning. you may find some images in zane's report, disturbing. ukrainian forces every taken the entire keep region. but russia's retreat comes at a high price north west of the capital, the city of boucher bears. witness to the brutality of war. at least 20 people in civilian clothes, left dead in the street. each scene
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a grim snapshot of the chaos and violence of their final moments. ukrainian se at the hands of russian forces. days earlier, the mayor of boucher announced the liberation of its town. louis he drew the chena which hands camargo, elizabeth, march 31st. okay, down in the history of our community as the day of liberation, deliberation of our armed forces, every ukraine from russian occupiers. saturday, i state that this days, joyful joyful, and this is a great victory in the keep region, and we will definitely wait until there is a great victory all either ukraine or more, not the joys of victory soon dampened by death. ukraine's general staff is warning future residents. russian forces, mind the city before they left, combat engineers work to clear suspected mind areas. bodies remain where they fell
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until it's safe to retrieve them. boots as mayor says, entire families were killed and nearly 300 people have been buried in a mass grave. not far from boot and the village of demitra, fca, west of keys. the remains of russian soldiers killed in fierce fighting there. left in the st. not even a janasia crane in the north of the country he occupies continue to retreat slowly but noticeably in the east, the situation remains extremely difficult. russian troops are moving to dom bus and towards khaki. they are preparing new strikes. we are preparing an ever more active defense as ukrainians begin to occupy and clear recaptured areas. what happened in boucher ukrainians? fear could be the 1st of many instances of community shattered by this war. zane basra, avi al jazeera levine, a series of explosions,
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has hit the southern ukrainian port city odessa rushes. defense ministry says when it destroyed an oil refinery and 3 fuel storage facilities with missiles, fires were reported in several areas of the city where you cranes naval headquarters are located. that if the d at the double pano, russia began its 39th day, a full scale aggression with a missile strike. the odessa region was among the priority goals. ganymede continued its vile practice of destroying critical infrastructure. according to preliminary data, there are no victims about what it al jazeera. stephanie decker was recently in odessa. she's now in the city of levine. she's with us now live staff forcefully. just you're hearing from odessa as you just mentioned, as we heard the russians hitting a fuel. eh, po, there it is. the 1st strike of its magnitude on the strategic port city to have been missiles fired at it. we've seen the air defense in you. so
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a lot of the evenings that we were there, but certainly this is within russia strategy of what they've done throughout the country. hitting fuel depos a. the russians also saying this was in particular because they were using it to resupply troops, ukrainian troops in michel, i of nikolai, of is the south western front line. it is where ukrainian soldiers have been keeping the rush and ground forces back for weeks. now michael, i a basically, if russians take that city, then a desa will be it's, it's final aim if you will, and of huge strategic importance. and as we were there, the cities had weeks to fortify, to prepare around half of the city has left. those who stayed remained very defy that the russians will never take it. you're talking about the people who've left. you also heard zane bizarre res package there on our p. now we just came back yesterday night from the trans carpathian mountain range. this is where most of the internally displaced people are fleeing to around a 3rd of the median. internally displaced are in that region. people from nikolai,
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of, from mario paul from butcher p in those areas around the capitol from the east, from the bro. from done yes. come from no hands. so all telling a very, very harrowing story about how they had to leave under shelling. also we took a lot about humanitarian corridor as i many people telling us just how difficult those are to. and this is some of their stories. deep in the mountains in western ukraine, close to the borders with slovakia and hungry people fleeing war are coming to find peace. this is one of many centers and it was good for the internally displaced olga and her husband or from kirk eve. they left their city under heavy shedding, that though for soldiers got the family, the knowledge in it. it was terrible when we saw the 1st plains. i was terrified. i didn't believe it. we packed all things and 5 minutes. it's taking me a long time to recover from the trip here. the truck, i just, i believe the lumen, my soul is a king. it aches from my home. this is my mother land. him. it was so difficult to
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leave, really difficult. this is their home or what's left of it with him, lawyers, real larry, and this is where they sleep now. lot rovan hewitt, my viola, it's just fine. she tells us it's safe, and that is all that matters. now that did it by vomiting when he's touch honestly next to them with her son whirlpool, yet she tells us she is from landscape near the russian occupied part, but the city is under ukrainian control. her story is about ordeal to well credit, your bidding and yelling, margaret, we were waiting in a small basement, hoping it would end for almost 3 weeks. we finally left in a humanitarian corridor which took 4 days to be successful with the weren't even 5 minutes of calm. they bombed us day and night. our city is almost fully destroyed. i have nowhere to go back to going back. that's what everyone here wants for now,
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waiting it out as far away from the war as they can physically get without leaving their country. this one of the very few regions of ukraine that hasn't been attacked. this whole tells the story of the entirety of this war. people are from mary paul from car key from the hang from danielle, from mc alive from around at the capital. keep. many of them fled under shelling each with their own stories of hell. and they keep coming, registration takes place in the center of was good with city, basic supplies, clothes medicine, toys are handed out. it is now 6 weeks into this war. and officials put the internally displaced in this region at around a quarter of a 1000000 people. is told her about as good as a crowded they added a day and night but many now dont even reach us as this is the foot so we placed them and other areas around that asian is also putting a lot of pressure on the city and it's residence alamahood daily
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e people can still come and stay with their relatives at home. i have family with me too, but all hotels and apartments are full. they are really crowded. be no, it's not local people. as we can see, the card number plates from oliver ukraine perhaps lives on hold, and yet life must continue. many here tell us they've gotten used to this routine, sharing their space happy to be safe. but at the same time, everything has changed, and many fear their lives may never be the same again. stephanie decker al jazeera, was good in the trans carpathian mountain range. still to come on out as hero, a political outsider vows to shake up the system in costa rica, will have the latest on elections there.
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hello, there will start in southeast asia and the north east monsoon is post heavy rain across indo china. you can see that in the satellite image, we've got more of that for come. it's going to scoop further south, bringing some of the heavier falls to southern areas of vietnam and cambodia and things are gonna get rather wet across southern thailand as that rain masses. in the gulf of thailand, we could see some flooding across the malay peninsula from those heavy rains in the days to come. no further south of this, it is looking a lot more settled with a mix of sunshine and showers, some heavy rain moving into southern areas of the philippines. we have got some flood advisories here and as we moved down to australia, we've got some flood warnings out in the southeast for victoria. thanks to that area of low pressure. that's bringing some very strong winds. that already has new south wales bondai beach was completely covered some of those. a surface still braving the waves, however, now that shifted further south, tasmania will see some of that wet weather and some of that weather move away from
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the west will dry up in perth if we have a look at the 3 day for her. but it is going to look rather wet, but things will clear up by thursday and we'll have some sunny spells coming through for you that should weather update. ah, ah, my name is sandra. i'm the fulsome in the county. can they do? yeah, we found out with if you both for the economy quote, so you will see that you said you got like a baby. ah, my nigeria, is it possible just specially limit on can nothing got my nigeria. we made a storm with my, my gear on out there. ah, ah
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ah ah, hello again. this is l 0. let's remind you of the main news, the sol pakistan as a whole new election. so the next 90 days, the parliament has been dissolved after parliament's deputy speaker throughout no confidence pose against prime minister in wrong con, saying it was unconstitutional. russia's defense ministry says its missiles, strikes, have destroyed an oil refinery and 3 fuel storage facilities in the cranium. port city of odessa, it's been a series of exclusions. people in hungary art voting, an election that's been overshadowed by the war in neighboring ukraine from a district to albany, a close ally of russia's president plenty. we have put him, is hoping to extend his 12 year top one on the war in ukraine of those scenes in
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butcher. we showed you earlier, alexandra, a map pitchbook is the head of the ukranian cent of a civil liberties. she believes that russian soldiers have committed war crimes. we have not only food that you have a gathering testimony. so for week teams. so who are crimes to which was commuted in butcher. and may i tell it as a human rights lawyer, but to the human being that when i saw this video and to hear this story say things that now now i know called the horror it looked like we can see that this war crimes has a systematic and large scale character and russian troops not provide distinction between military and civilian population. so it's a policy of russia, russia use what crimes, as the methods will fear. and we collect no evidence which we will present for international criminal fort course international committee or council,
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on human rights. so un, which was created recently. now we prepare in submission to more school mechanism or pre c. we are also open to work with states who, who decided to use universal jurisdiction provisions in their legislation, in order also to prosecute. there were there for, for the traitors and expulsion in the center of afghanistan's capital. kabul was injured at least 20 people. that's not clear what caused the blast, which happened inside a market where money changers were working. no one immediately claimed responsibility. it's the 1st explosion in the african capital in months. voters in hungary acosta. that balance of election that's been overshadowed by the war and neighboring ukraine promised to victor alba as a long time ally of russia's president, vladimir putin, is hoping to extend his 12 year tub. the races, the closest of years opposition parties came together to put up a single candidate out 0. sandra simmons is in budapest. ah
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peter mark. his eye is leading an alliance of 6 opposition parties. they don't all agree on policy, but they're united in one aim to bring down hunger as prime minister victor all by marcus i is telling his people that all ben has split the country. he's made his close supporters, rich, and he's moving more towards the autocracy of russia and his friend president vladimir putin, rather than abiding by the use rule of law. the war in ukraine dominates this campaign. mark is, i wants to back nato when the you in helping ukraine with military aid. but all band is telling his people, the opposition wants to join the war is happening right. but old man has been doing this forever. i would say that he has all of it is about protecting the nation, protecting the country. he has always mean to backing the opposition for 12 years or that has been waging war on everybody, homosexuals. they are to be thinking human in the roma. migrant left is brussels,
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or man has been meeting more forever. he's been serving coatings in this monkeys. i is from the provincial town of hot mess of asher hay, where he organized a national movement to unify political parties. peter marking, sy is hardly a high profile politician. his mare, of a town known mostly for its unusually long name. he isn't a member of parliament. he doesn't belong to a political party yet he's posing the biggest threat yet to victor. all them. the 2 men do have one thing in common though. they're both conservative or band disputes that he brands, marcie zion, his alliance as left wing, the little ma mazda, the left, thinks that ukraine fights are wall. this is what the leader of our opponents said, word for word that ukraine fights are war. this is a mistake, this is not our walk in this war. we cannot gain anything but can losing everything
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as now. mom, we have little past. all band tells his people, he'll keep them safe and throws in sweetness. tax cuts kept petal prices and securing russian gas supplies on ukraine. the government says its welcomed more than half a 1000000 of its refugees more than any other european country of its size. that claim is described as misleading, though, by at least one human rights organisation saying most of the refugees are in transit while the evil voting mach. he's. i staged his final push to try to buck the trend of opinion polls giving all bam and increasing lead. oh that whatever the opposition says they struggle to dissuade many hungarians from seeing all been as a strong figure of stability in dangerous times. andrew simmons, al jazeera budapest elections also being held in serbia. voters are deciding where
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the president alexander, of which it should have a 2nd turn. as in hungary, the election lead up was dominated by russia's invasion of ukraine. butch's campaigned on promises of peace and stability. the elections are to choose the president, parliament and local authorities in the capital bell, great opposition and p central anchor have to fight a curfew to march of the capital demanded. the president stepped down. the government's declared a state of emergency after violent demonstrations over a was thing, economic crisis. it's banned public gatherings, unblocked social media protests as an angry, over, unprecedented shortages of food fuel and medicines. out as here as michelle fernandez reports now from colombo, the opposition, some luggage, unable of a gaze, who you see members are just behind me here at this barricade. that is preventing protesters from going towards independence square, the sort of monument of independence here, inter lanka. as you can see,
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there's basically a bank of police. there's military and 3rd special task force ah personnel that are behind the line over here. these barricades have been constructed right across the road, all entry points, preventing and blocking off the independent square. and it's gotta go home. that's a rallying cry, obviously of the opposition. but even among the ordinary sher lumpkins, who are trying to organize to come together, despite the 36, our co feel that the government has announced that there are attempts for them to come together. that is just on the outskirts of colombo in a place called mariama. ordinary people have come together to protest despite the coffee and our bearing in mind that the government has really brought in all its arsenault to try and prevent these protests from happening. they have brought in the state of emergency, they have put in a curfew. they brought in an extraordinary gas at an additional one, preventing people from gathering in public places recreational grounds. but despite
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all of that, the anger and the frustration that to has being heard throughout the country seems to be drowning out all those efforts. and people are keen for their voices to be heard. france, president obama crawl as held his 1st election rally just days before the 1st round of voting. pole show a tight race between micron and far right. live rival marine le pen onto zeros. natasha battle reports often long term in the western suburbs parish. emanuel macro wants to win his 2nd term as francis president. and for now, opinion polls suggest that he's likely to succeed at a pack stadium outside paris. macro held the 1st rally of his campaign. the centrist leader promised more jobs tax cuts. and to continue with his pro, you agenda as something we are a european nation and proud to be one. we are no one's vassal. we pursue politics
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and diplomacy that independently. we talk to everyone all the time, that's what we do. france's role is not to give into divisions that parallel it's and i see other thought off my call said that these are challenging times the past 5 years of certainly tested his ability to handle a crisis. his diplomatic efforts over ukraine have played out well with most french voters, as has his management of the cove it pandemic. his government injected billions of dollars into the economy to protect businesses of jobs. already gave it ukraine. he's managed it all well, calmly. we can't complain and he will, when are you going to book us for future we are living and catastrophic times. i call it the war. he's a fair president, isn't even left. all right, but in the middle, and that's exactly what we need right now. my house is in the president to wife for now, but a reason days where is roy? oh, need a moving him as close the gap? quite need you. good to stay with living. good
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news. he energy is not a luxury or a waste, but a basic necessity. so as i proposed as far back as september, all lower tax on fuel heating, oil, gas, and electricity. the pens focused on rising prices as deflected the spotlight from anti immigration, anti islam agenda and widened her appeal. but some analysts say it's unlikely to be enough for a victory. for that good micron, social and economic track record is seen is pretty poor by some french people, but he's benefiting from what we call the raleigh round of the flank effect. what different parts of society support a leader at the time of grave international crisis? one week before the 1st round and frances election seems likely to be a re run of the 2017 race in which a 2nd round between macro and the pin pit centuries politics against rising populism. natasha butler, o. g 0 monta, voters in costa rica,
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said to decide who leave the country for the next 4 to half years in a row of presidential election. the candidates are a former president, a political outsider is promised to shake up the political system. but as to where isabel reports, there's no clear favorite it's considered to be the most stable country in central america, famous for its beautiful beaches and environmental protection. but in the past years, poverty and unemployment had been on the rice. the pandemic had a devastating impact on the vital tourism sector. something that most people are hoping and you precedent will be able to reverse. oh, come your call about my father. the next president should change everything because we are very poor. there's nothing here. so i hope that from here on, in whoever wins fights for this country, because we're costa ricans, we have to, oh, voters will elect a new president. the sunday,
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in what many say is the most polarized campaigning years. they'll be choosing between former center left president jose might be affiliated, who is promising to revive the economy, protect minority rights and the environment customer. so we're going to focus on the issues that are most important. and for us, of course, the main one is the revival of the economy and the creation of job opportunities in this country. he face his conservative rodeo chavez, a former world bank employee who promises to fight corruption and has based his campaign on attacking traditional politics in the country. he's promising to clean the house. ah, that's where we have a 75. your party that only now talks about corruption. it took them so long to realize that corruption is the worst because it's stealing from the people. both candidates are surrounded in controversy. former president figures faced accusations of corruption while he was in office. and chavez was accused of sexual
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harassment while working at the world bank a look as of the group shown there. the accusations of corruption against his party are real. and all these years we've seen mares and other politicians involved in scandals. with chavez, there was an investigation by the will bank and he had to resign marines sanctions from the will bank. both candidates deny the allegations. many voters here think the candidates and offer are the worst choice they could have. and the hope is that whoever wins will be able to bring back economic growth. there is, i will, i'll to cedar. ah, it's good to be with us. hello adrian. so they can hear it though, how the headlines are 0. pakistan is all the new election in the next 90 days. the country's president has dissolved parliament on the advice of private the same ron con. earlier the deputy speaker.


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