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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  April 3, 2022 9:00pm-10:00pm AST

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when folks is go to the holes with the cost of living crisis and the war in ukraine looming laud. i know my boy is widely expected to win here, but how much ground in the fall, roy candidate, marine the pen. i know those game follow the french election on average. is there a ah, this is al jazeera ah, hello money inside this the news our live from die hard coming up in the next 60 minutes. global outrageous threats of more sanctions off to russia as a key to possible war crimes in the korean town. a boucher moscow has denied the allegations all eyes on odessa, russian forces bomb, the strategic, ukrainian port, 60 political chaos,
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and pakistan. prime minister miran cohen is accused of violating the constitution of the dodge is a confidence fight and calls for fresh election and will hungarian prime minister victor oberon, when a 4th time in office will be live in budapest, where voting has ended in the last town. and in sport, australia, rule women's cricket once more, they thrash england by 71 runs when the world cup final in christ church. hello and welcome to the program. ukraine is demanding a new wave of sanctions against russia. after accusing it of genocide, he crane's government says it has evidence of war crimes in boucher which is a town north west of cave where russian troops recently withdrew. russia has denied
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the allegations a warning some years may find this report from emron. com disturbing most bodies have been removed and the ones that are left have yet to be picked up. each has to be photographed and documented the dead. a silent witnesses to what happened here. and what is alleged to have happened is russian soldiers attacking civilians are fleeing the city. the mayor of ki visited boucher to show solidarity and express anger. is genocide jill side of ukraine m population. more than shaw is it, people in russia and the russian government has to pay for their baneful price officials, a gathering evidence, and will submit their findings that may well form the basis of a war crimes investigation. you are so blissful to watch for the shelf, but i am of eaten is because i was here today. we finally have opportunity to reduce that a was hoping of hearing all this fuel become evidence, in our case,
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give his glory in the outskirts of beecher, russian forces shelled houses the residency. there were effectively held hostage were sewell with them. the russians broke into our house is in, took them over. they told us not to go out at night on the main road leading into boucher, this russian convoy of heavily armored vehicles lies completely destroyed. it stands testament to the ferocity of the fight. the town was retaken by ukrainian forces on the 31st of march. it's only now the what happened here can be documented . so far the municipality has found $300.00 bodies. but as they search the town, that figure could rise much higher. i've counted at least 10 dead bodies down this road. they're waiting to be picked up. they'll be taken to the morgue, where they'll be recorded, and eventually even picked up perhaps by their loved ones. although the bodies will be removed from this road, the scars that this town is feeling will take
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a lot longer to heal as well. the clean up gregory tries to sweep away some of their debris, but it's almost futile. he tries anyway, but the scale of destruction is simply too much. m. wrong con our desert, beecham. while we heard caves mer keys, russia of genocide in emeralds reports, presidents validator zalinski repeated the allegation in an interview where the u. s. tv network indicated there. indeed, this is young genocide, larger jim jim or her mission united. michelle, not always the 1000000 elimination of the whole national good. and the people, gentlemen, we are the citizens of ukraine. we have more than a 100 nationalities. this is about the data destruction and extermination of all the national images. we are the citizens of ukraine, and we don't want to be subdued to the policy of russia. a little,
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the reason we're being study m destroyed and extra emanated. and this isn't it happening in the europe of the 21st century? so this is the torture of the whole nation. let's go to my calories in washington d. c. mike gives a bit more detail about what zalinski had to say. and what's the reaction been to his comments in the states? well, there you hear the president lensky saying it's torture to the whole nation. but notably, he said as well that let me know who to and should not be held accountable alone. president lensky saying that those leading the russian forces in ukraine, responsible for these acts he contends, should also be held accountable for then such as allegedly happened in the town of bush or that we heard him and con, reporting on a little bit earlier from the us there has been very quick reaction the secretary
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of state saying that the images that he saw from boucher were like can i quote a punch to the gut. he also called for accountability as to have a number of european allies from the united us allies in europe. so certainly that has been widespread revolution and horror at the images that have emerged from boucher mike the un. i've also weighed in on this topic. what if they had to say in the last hour or so? well, we've had a statement released by the un secretary general, who once again expressed horror, the images that have emerged saying to that, to not now be an independent investigation, to find accountability for the fact that the issue of accountability is something that has been stated by you and officials before not being made very clear once again by the un secretary general. the you in him did of course, as always,
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by the divisions with the security council. any move to pass a vote in the security council on the issue in ukraine. will always face as a veto from russia, in particular. any russian motion faces a veto from the western members of the security council. but the on a sunday, very quick response from you and secretary general to have something up the horror and the anger at what has happened in ukraine or the latest event in ukraine. okay, thank you for that. my canada 1st in washington dc. and in the past, our voices as prime minister barak johnson has also weighed in about what happened in boucher. let's go to need ball whose life for us in london need. what did he have to say? it will absolutely no shortage of condemnation across the board from european leaders about these alleged atrocities carried out by retreating russian forces. north of kevin morris, johnson has been particularly forthright and forceful in his comment,
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saying that he would personally do everything in his power to stop vladimir putin's war machine. he's also promised further sanctions against those say this facilitators of latin mapleton, and also further known lethal and lethal h ukraine as well. britain's foreign secretary list trust has also been speaking. she has said that these allegations of atrocities against civilians need to be investigated as war crimes. and that everything possible should be done to avoid a cover up by russia. any attempt to use cynical dis, information. she said to skew the wells, understanding of what exactly has gone on in this conflict with sanctions like it's unclear at the moment, but the possibility of further finance through sanction sanctions against individuals or even against so russian shipping as a possibility. and when it comes to lethal a that has be some talking in recent days about being about supplying the ukrainians with anti ship missiles. little that would obviously be extremely useful
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in the strategic port city of odessa when facing up to the mites of russia's black sea fleet. there. now we've also had from the gen and chance that we'll have salts about the possibility of sanctions. what if he had to say, yeah, that's why i shall say, echoing very much the words of boys johnson saying that germany and its allies were to consider in a few days time. the possibility of further sanctions. you will say, went on to say that we will continue to make weapons available to ukraine, so the country can defend itself against the russian invasion less. they'll forget how much of a you turn the germans have made since the stars of the russian invasion of ukraine for the 1st time in generations supplying lethal a to an active was own. announcing a huge ramping up of military spending. suspending the north stream to gas pipeline between russia and germany. but the question is whether germany is able and willing to go the extra mile and completely several ties on russian energy. considering
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that the country relies upon rush of a 2 thirds of its oil and gas. the you, in total, around 40 percent of its energy comes from russia. brussels agreeing that by the end of the year would cause the reliance see or dependency upon russian oil and gas by 2 thirds. but of course, all of this raises the prospect of a massive squeeze on domestic uses. and consumers not only in germany, but across the european union, as all of these countries look to alternative markets like casa, norway, the united states, to make up for sure, fulls. thank you for that, new belkin, london. well, russia's defense ministry says ukraine's accusations are unfounded, and all its miniature units left boot chat. 4 days before the footage was revealed . how am i? how about i has more. there's been a statement from the russian ministry of defense dismissing early the report about
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mass murder in butcher. they said that the, the foot is coming up from there is a provocation. and they also said in a statement that when they took over butcher, people were given access to leave. the area include including towards the north, towards bella ross. they also say that their forces left bullshit on the 30th of march, and that before that the ukrainians were to blame for massive shelling of the southern outskirts of butcher. and i have to say that since the start of this military operation, the russians have been saying that the, facing an unprecedented or misinformation disinformation war and they have been accusing the west, the americans for deflecting the attention on the core issues that russia has been dealing with and they say that we've been telling them that we have a huge concern about the military situation and in ukraine. but those bodies were
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in complete denial about realities on the ground. ross and miss house have struck near the southern ports of desa, ukraine's main naval base. russia says that destroyed an oil refinery and fuel storage facilities used by ukraine's military. odessa is a focus for moscow as his forces tried to cut ukraine off from the black sea moves. and we'll go more chew. i was at home and it was scary because to was, was shaking. i went out and saw that there was an explosion near my home and i saw the tank farm burning. there was a big explosion. lakisha an aeroplane crashed. i've never seen something like that . we need to close the sky because we don't want an attack again. we'll oberlin rings before it was better. i did not think of sending my family out of the city. i heard him shooting and the air defenses working in the past. it is not like this officer through scared not for my soap or for my kid. i will take the weapons in my hands if it's needed for against rockets. you can't fight those weapon. stuffing.
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deca has mo, from live in western ukraine. they have been preparing for weeks. this is the 1st significant attack on nadisa at the fuel depot. it is in line of russian strategy. they've been doing this in several cities across the country. there have been rocket fired out a dozen also seen those air defense, red tracer fire in the sky against them pretty much on a nightly basis. but this is the 1st time they've hit it. now the russians say this is because those fuel depots are being used to resupply troops. and nikolai of nikolai, of the city around 200 kilometers away, that the ukrainians have managed to keep the russian ground forces from taking. and that is the last front line, really when it comes to the russians and moving on to odessa, usually strategic, it's ukraine's biggest port. and if they manage, then to get that entire southern part, they would cut off ukraine from its entire access to the sea to the black sea, into the as of 6 on michael i of again to try to move forward. let's take
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a closer look at why odessa is so important for both sides in the conflict in has ukraine's largest c port that handles 65 percent of all as imports and exports. ukraine does not have any other large ports to use if it loses odessa and navy's headquarters, the also, that was moved down to russia's annexation of crimea, back in 2014. now, if russia captures odessa could effectively dominate the northern coast, the black sea, that would also help the kremlin to open a land corridor to trans mischika, which is a russian speaking break away region off moldova. andre on to cove is a russian political analyst. he thinks the main goal of the attack on odessa was to hut fuel supplies for the ukranian navy. it is too early to talk about capturing the city here. there is a city or nikolai to the east to her this and russia doesn't control the city at
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the moment. so before taking on this, it will have to take the city of nicholas. but in the same time, it is an important board because of the black sea. and so if russia managers to get to, to free, so russia will come ukraine of experts or in 1st. so rush will, will be able to make pressure on ukraine. the more pressure on the ukraine, economical pressure and so on. this is this thing as for oil refinery. so those strikes to seeing. i think the main goal is to make sure to just do the ukrainian army if you will. shortage. of course, especially in the future of nikolai, that i mentioned previously. so this is the ball into, and i think it's too early to talk about the way to opperation the in odessa or even the nikolai,
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because the concentration now is the bus region. and i think there will be the most the most significant actually fighting in the northeast of the country. russian, shutting his killed, an injured a number of people in ukraine. second largest city call cave. the governor that has been at least $23.00 casualties, including children, entire villages are destroyed. they include the home of 66 year old vera bank read unit below the 1st days there was no water. we thought that some possible support was that after the bombing. good. yes, we had an engine here, but it was pulled out. but now look. thank god. will not put you on a video thought boy. yeah, i thought we were in the house. was up usually with the attacks we ran out. we
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didn't hear the 1st hit, but when others followed, we ran out. when we were running, another strike was coming. so we hid under a cage. it was the toys. what plato a door here, it is words all ruined school. this was a kitchen. it was our kitchen from here all the way to the refrigerator. it was 2 rooms. so to the toilet. well, 1st of all, we have to repair the kitchen. and after that, we'll see plenty more ahead on the knees. ow. including o. 3 lincolns defy a cup you to rally against the government as it grapples with a spiraling economic crisis. and guns on the streets will have more the advice, israel's climate says, given its people to spring a fatal attack and support the touch line, confusion that could prove costly for the league leaders in germany. fara has more
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on that story. ah, hawk, a songs opposition is challenging a decision bry prime minister in ron colon to dissolve parliament and hold a new election in the next 90 days. the supreme court is hearing the petition on monday or sama binge of aid reports from islamabad. i, members of parliament derived expecting a vote of no confidence in what they appeared to be a planned exercise. the newly appointed law minister said the resolution was linked to a foreign conspiracy to contact them with. the deputy speaker immediately dismissed . the notary spoke against prime minister in mont hon. minutes after he appeared on state t. v. presidents, i'd go advised his dear. i advised the president to dissolve the national assembly under article $58.00 in austin nation to prepare for fresh elections buyers visit,
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and on q, the president announced the dissolution of the assembly opposition and bes called the actions illegal and unconstitutional. in the absence of the speaker and his deputy, an interim speaker in a 195, m. p. went ahead with the vote of no confidence, a simple goat has turned into a constitutional crisis. according to the opposition, the only way forward is abiding by democratic norms. and the rule of law in pakistan, it's who attended. the constitution of pakistan does, has one legitimate democratic means to remove the prime minister bugs on us. our constitution does not allow for a for them to not hold will do today on the, on the no continues motions as our constitution does not allow the speaker to parole the session as they have done. our constitution does not allow the president of fox dawn to try and dissolve the assemblies while ago. his motion is spending. so all that is done today is not to force a free and fair election. is to force an unfair election to create
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a constitutional crisis. in an exceptional decision, the supreme court heard the opposition's plea and issued notice to all concerned parties. is this a banana republic, or is it a constitutional republic? i honestly feel that this is not going to turn into a banana republic if the millions of pakistani, so feel and think and act like i don't have any that little say in the matter the deputy attorney general has resign thing. his government's actions were unconstitutional. while the government has indicated that elections will be held in 90 days, no prime minister has ever completed 5 years in office in pakistan, and not for the 1st time. it's democracy is looking to the judiciary to help it survive a constitutional crisis from a job with other 0 is i'm about aust position and peas and shall anchor have to fight a curfew to march in the capital and demand. the president stepped down. oh,
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the government has declared a state of emergency on a weekend curfew, often violent demonstrations. i have a worsening economic crisis. it's also banned all public gatherings and block social media protests as an angry about severe shortages, food fuel and medicines. and now fernandez reports from colombia, the opposition, some luggage, unable of a gaze, who you see members are just behind me here at this barricade that is preventing protested from going towards independence square, the sort of monument of independence here, inter lanka. as you can see, there's basically a bank of police, there's military and so special task force, ah personnel that are behind the line over here, these barricades have been constructed right across the road. all entry points, preventing and blocking off the independence square. and it's gotta go home, that's a rallying cry, obviously of the opposition. but even among the ordinary sher lumpkins, who are trying to organize to come together, despite the 36 our co field,
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that the government has announced that there are attempts for them to come together . that is just on the outskirts of colombo in a place called mara. gama, ordinary people have come together to protest despite the coffee. now batting in mind that the government has really brought in all its arsenault to try and prevent these protests from happening. they have brought in a state of emergency. they have put in a curfew. they brought in an extraordinary gathered an additional one, preventing people from gathering in public places recreational grounds. but despite all of that, the anger and the frustration that to his being heard throughout the country seems to be drowning out all those efforts. and people are keen for their voices to be heard. halls have closed in hungary election, which has been overshadowed by the war in neighbouring ukraine, prime minister, victor, or baron, as a closed ally of russian president vladimir pacing and is hoping to extend his 12
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year 10. the race is the closest, it's been in years on possession. parties come together to put up a single candidate as k to under simmons in the capital b to past and under any indications yet so far come. mm no exit poll in these elections of butler wrong turn out figures that they do appear to be high, the average around 60 to 63 percent. these are not actually bang up to date, but they're all peaks. the higher the thickest in the urban areas, particularly in budapest, the capital of hungary, i could indicate a number of things here to interpret this sort of data as an expert. and he is from the think tank at the german marshall fund. and that is daniel heck reduce, thank you very much to join us on the new so, i mean,
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how do you interpret these turned out figures? is it possible to until yes, ordered a nation wide terminology is very similar to those. ready in 2018 what we see that especially in the cities where the opposition has the poor electron to turn auto significantly higher than on the countryside, which is defaults. linda feeders. so therefore we can expect lots of lots of surprises. and really, victor all about if he was not to win this, which would be quite a surprise, a big surprise if he didn't win it. this 6 party coalition, led by an independent man, peter mackey's i who is, seems to be a really bright person with lots of ideas. could they actually hold it together as a government? i think the united was a made a really good job in keeping together that rainbow coalition over practically to last year. i'm pretty sure that the school corporation could also continue. that
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would be their only political chance. and furthermore, if we take a look in the broad go central european perspective, we have similar governing coalitions made up by rainbow politicians, for example in so achia very governing parties also spanned from, from progressive liberals to the radical right. so i would also expect that that pattern would also work in hunger. let's look at the other option. victor o been a 4th term, a big majority. what does that mean? it's known as an authority authoritarian government, with, with little a little seriousness towards human rights. and also that old man is quite close to not him. it puts in, this is a well known fact. the whole so wants to get china involved in these things. what are the international implications? yes, it depends how lend slide that week to rebuild obee if that the to landslide that will be interpreted as a huge popular support for prime minister or been smooth director or foreign policy,
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dis peacock dance between the western partners and china and russia. and in that case, that could be put on steroids. if he can only win bitter rich, a minor marching, that means that it could start to kind of reconsideration in fetus and a slightly realign amount of investment partners, even if at least in narrative level. thank you very much indeed, daniel, hazardous for your interpretation of that situation. i will keep you up to date with results as i come in tonight and will bring you the actual results itself. thank you for that. on jason's opposable closed in serbian elections, voters are deciding whether president alexander, which it should have a 2nd term as in hungry. the election lead up has been dominated by russia's invasion of ukraine. boucher che, has campaigned on promises of peace and stability. elections choosing the president parliament and local authorities in the capitol bell. great. let's talk to job or
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caught. ouch. he was the deputy prime minister of serbia, joins us live from put caught. it's that in the capital of neighboring montenegro. thank you for joining the news out. the expectation is that president, alexander virginia, is likely to stay in power. is that your understanding to and how would you explain his popularity? unfortunately, i think you are right. he has good chances of winning a 2nd thumb. but as do there shall and winning god majority votes for what? a mental elections the only a possibility of the opposition of winning is belgrade. but the right now election pulls of taishan can just been close for about 20 minutes. and we only have a, the number of people percentage of people. it's a web hosting. and so the unfortunate it's a little bit less than 660 percent a position. hope that a huge turnout would help opposition. i think the same,
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but unfortunately there now did be school, but not some extraordinary. and unfortunately, again, it is not, it is to the smallest in belgrade in capital budget, which has good chances to win, and that would boost his internal and foreign policy. a foreign policy, he's now in very difficult position because he's a, for years he has been, are pushing a policy of having some kind of think with distance between you, integration and good relations with. and just to give her a small example at al serra, via the yugoslavia nation would carry, i didn't actually st. flying to moscow, none of the, the none of the carriers. so if you're applying, for example, so be st buying from a flight to was yeah, let me pick you up on that because he has, i managed to maintain close ties to both the you and russia in the past few years,
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very well. but of course, now with the war in ukraine, he's now under a lot more pressure from the e. u. if he does win, as he's expected to win, to what extent is that going to be a problem for him to navigate? well on one side that would be so to say confirmation of his the for in an internal policy like ok, low won't of like me and they like what i do. but now this window will put unity of policies like the slightly like hungaria, about which you had just a portion of your program just before this a conversation. and this window is closing. i don't think in europe, you can really have a very good relations with russia in the same time, a pushing or further for you integration. so he e p with which he probably will. he would be a really tempted to change that policy, and that would be
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a huge pressure from me. your. i have to remind you and you of yours that our economy is actually basically completely dependent on, on the use. so most of our are the donations, the, the economic relations are heavily dependent on you, any you mark. and they're heavily dependent on russia for energy as well. so difficult situation to navigate, indeed, really gets talk to you zacko or junk, or crouch format deputy prime minister sevea. still a head on al jazeera royal controversy. jordan's crown prince gives up his title. they've been dependent on animals for thousands of years, how the climate crisis is dramatically affecting livelihoods in somalia and in support. 5 years on from his last top level appearance, this former nfl course of action still hopes to come back.
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ah hello. they will have a look at africa in a moment, the 1st to the middle east and it's a hot, dry and very settled. picture with the temperatures continue to climb across the levant, jerusalem, touching up into the early thirties. by the time we get into tuesday. now the temperature in baghdad will die down slightly thanks to a cool, a wind that's blowing down, but the wind won't be an issue across the gulf states. we've seen temperatures above average here, with lots of sunshine and clear skies. now as we move to north africa, temperatures are continuing to rise in egypt. lots of hot weather in places like hiram, we've got some heat warnings out for molly. the temperature in tim buck to edging up to 42 degrees for the really wet and windy weather. we have to look to that
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northwest corner some very heavy rain and strong winds on schedule for morocco rebut, touching down to 14 degrees. and some of those winds blowing across algeria, we are likely to see some sandstorms from that. now further south, this is where we find the where to weather those storms and showers rolling across the central bell. we are seeing heavy rain and some storms sweep across eastern areas of south africa into f. 14. it will be wet in johannesburg on monday, but the sunshine will be back on tuesday. that should weather ah aah! from the al jazeera london broadcast center t people, unprompted uninterrupted member, beginning of the pandemic to post bachelor heads and b. like why from africa being wiped out? part one of the journalist, nestle, malik, and writer, and political analysts. man, john lanier, bullock people will say things like, we're not going to give excellence because the africans will not know what to do
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with them. there is no continence where people have more experience with getting medicine into people's hands. studio be unscripted on al jazeera african stories from african perspective. isn't well yet as a day, short documentary from african feel maintenance from mommy and synagogue for you. she is, you're gone. you don't let us rig mom on now, cuz she's on mushroom the adventures off of a car and lead to africa direct on al jazeera loo. ah,
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welcome back here watching al jazeera aligned to our top stories this, our ukraine is calling on the international criminal court to visit the town of boucher near keep to investigate alleged crimes by russia president laws. ms. lensky says, hundreds of people including civilians, were killed, their rushes, denied killing civilians in germany. and the u. k. a pledge to impose further sanctions on russia because of illegible crimes carried out in crane. you case? prime minister boris johnson says scenes it at a pin and boucher provide more evidence that moscow is committing or residence of boucher accusing russian forces of shooting and killing civilians without any reason before they withdrew from keith or to press menu. thankfully when the last day when they came one, the majesty does to kafka close to a nice story building. he put his hands up and they shot him. the woman went to her house and the also shut her without any reason he shall lose,
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brought the door. he went to get some wood. when all of a sudden they started shoot him that hit him a bit above the heel questioned abode. and he fell down, the chute shouted, don't scream or i will shoot. then the shut off his left leg completely. then the shot him in the chest and another shot when slightly below the temple of it was a control shot to the head daughter. no, no he, when i spoke to samuel romani, he is an associate fellow at the royal united services institute. he joins his life . i skype from oxford. thank you for joining the nice our samuel so we've had more than 600 entities, sanction against russia. and it's individuals, what more is laughs, what more can the west do? well, there are several things or the west can do. i mean, obviously they can be moral oligarchy. individuals who can be targeted, including purveyors of disinformation, which is very crucial in the crisis, is going on in boca because the russians are denying their masks even occurred
9:36 pm
there. the some of the sanctions at britain as you supply against is information barriers can be applied by the european union. also, there are some more banks that can be taken out of swift in the entire russian financials. as them can be cut off with the possible exception of gas bron bank which yield oil. and then is the big issue of energy called oil and gas, which is much harder to deal with. i exactly. it's the lucrative energy sector, and so far it's been sped though pressure has been growing from various countries to do some thing. can the wes though afford to talk at it while the west is that pretty much divide? miss ability to afford it? i mean, i think the britain is pretty well place to deal with it, and that's why they're facing out gas by the end of the year. and they've already sanction gas prom bank. we've seen the baltic states, so all 3 of them. and as over the weekend that they're cut off the importance of russian gas, but for other countries is going to be much harder at particularly germany,
9:37 pm
brickley, france regularly italy, and also an even smaller countries like i'm hungry, where victor obama said that russian energy is absolutely vital for its survival. and even slovakia, right, just dangling the bronze my to be paying and rubles rush and gas and what about it rushes, all the gas clients in the rest of the world. what can be done to target them to stop them from doing business with moscow is that away forward will, as can be very difficult to really change opinions out of the global south about russia. if you look at the u. n. j resolutions that were held the beginning of march. and then the 3rd week of march, 1 about the invasion of ukraine, and went about the humanitarian crisis. with the exception of a rock which cab flip flopped almost every single other country in the world voted exactly the same as it did. so i think it's gonna be very hard for the west to convince countries in africa which already dealing with food and fuel price inflation or china and india, wishy opportunities and russia from commercial side to really changed service. what
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else is an option? i what else can western lead as do besides sanctions, to act against russia? well as either of sanctions, any seymour this being done on the deterrent sa side of things. i mean obviously the announcement from germany that a 100 martyr anti personnel. carrier tanks are not going to be transferred, was a sign that, that, that the europeans not really doing enough. and he see the more more movement of artillery the u. s. who and if he's empties you tanks the positive step that also need to be the imminent and to move removal of air defense systems. you've got to see i can 100 like silica giving as 3 hundreds to the am ukrainians as well. countries that are reticent about like, while guerria making very similar moves and hungry may be transferring arms to its soil. so there's gotta be more pressure and more uniform. you policy about supporting ukraine militarily and forcing to churns against russia and, and his bigger question, what are we going to do with the depletion of the ukrainian air force?
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is united states going to take the risk and allow poland to bring make jets to russia, that g crane? i mean, that's something that we need to say. thank you for your not a says samuel romani associate fellow that you royal united services institute. speaking says that from oxford, thank you. we're getting some breaking knees from the shoreline. can the political crisis that let's go straight to all correspond menaa fernandez. he joins us on the phone line from colombo may now talk through what is going on at the moment. the latest we're hearing is that the cabinet of the large box of government has submitted the collective resignation i just spoke to the hope. the former minister candy mcclellan was a former media minister and kevin and spokesperson previously, who confirmed that following a meeting of government ministers and old ministers were in the capital campbell
9:40 pm
as the sort of progress they had. a meeting, given all the political model that the sunday has brought and that there was a decision to collectively resign from the posts and the port folios as cabinet ministers. the submitted that collective resignation which minister i'm quite told me, had been accepted by the president. he said that this move had been made by all of these ministers and politicians to facilitate and to allow the president give him the liberty of receiving other parties into a new cabinet. he said that this would actually give the chance to the prime minister and the president to appoint and bringing new phases to form a consensus cabinet. so after sort of weeks of speculation and growing public anger, which had been very much focused at president boxer and his government with finding
9:41 pm
this collective resignation by the cabinet. okay, it's fast moving situation. we will bring you more from now when we get it. jordan's prince honda is giving up his royal title a year off to a rep palace feud. he says is because his values and not quotes in line with approaches, trends and molden methods of all institutions. last month he apologized for his role in an alleged plot to destabilize the kingdom. he was placed on the house arrest after keesing, the government of corruption, but he lay to pledge allegiance to king abdulla the 2nd. let's be to another has shami is direct said of the center for middle eastern studies, the university of denver. he joins us live from cambridge and that this is a fascinating story. and why has he given up his title? i mean, he says it's because his values are not quite in line with approaches,
9:42 pm
trends, modern methods of institutions. what exactly does that mean? well, i think it's a subtle but at the same time, very clear statement that the prince is fundamentally opposed to the direction that the country is going in under king abdullah, his brother. and that these claims that we have been hearing from the harsher my kingdom of jordan, but all is well within the royal family. that there has been reconciliation that the prince allegedly wrote this letter of apology a month ago. all of that is now put into question based on today's development. a, tell us a little bit more about him. he's very popular amongst the jordanians. how is it gone down with them? well, it's tough to know for sure. because this defiance by the, by the prince has really rocked the kingdom. so, you know,
9:43 pm
polling people for their views on, you know, what they think of this. a royal rift is very difficult, but generally speaking it's widely believed that you know, he has been articulating the grievances of large segments of jordanian society who are upset with the state of the country with the direction of the country with the corruption, the lack of accountability and they have very good reason i endure duty and have very good reason to sympathize with the protests of the of the prince. you know, there was been, there has been in recent months, these very shocking revelations about massive corruption coming from the coming from king abdullah. several months ago. the pandora's paper is revealed that king of dela presided over a vast property, empire owning properties in countries around the world where, you know, hundreds of millions, perhaps billions dollars a 2 months ago. there were
9:44 pm
a similar revelations by the credits with banks that were hacked, revealing that the king of jordan, you know, owns 6 secret bank accounts, where he has tens of millions of dollars of swiss francs. and all of this is happening while his own people are suffering with greater popularization and in poverty. inflation is up massively in jordan, unemployment is up, the country is not in a good state. so i think these are the things that, that, you know, the prince was protesting over a year ago. i think there widely supported. and i think there's great panic in the, in the royal family. and that's reflected in the rest of these 11 civil society activists that took place about a month ago. so that's the general picture of the country for her appearance to give up. his royal title is incredibly right. it's not something that happens. what is the wider implication of this to the region?
9:45 pm
well yeah, i'm the wider regional implication is that it shows that there is deep descent on these within the walk with the ruling elite of jordan. and it suggests, i think regionally that you know, this is miss that we've been told by western capitals in western countries that support jordan, that you know, authoritarian regimes are stable is really a myth. you know, there is massive problems within society that authoritarianism cannot solve. and i think it's many ways it's a harbinger of things to come when she's very similar developments happening and other, you know, authoritarian regimes around the world. sometimes these, you know, don't happen at the same time, but it highlights the fact that, you know, these authoritarian political systems that are dominating the middle east are really producing the instability that the region is suffering from. very interesting to talk to another hudson director of the center for middle eastern studies at the university of denver. israel's prime minister has reviewed the security situation with top officials in the country to
9:46 pm
rise in violent incidents. it follows 3 fatal attacks in the past 2 weeks. of tale, but it has told civilians to carry guns in the streets. john homan is in west harrison. there is a fair amount of talk and tension on the streets of wish to resume right now. and that's after a couple of weeks in which 11 people have been killed in israel in separate attacks, you can actually see the security forces that they're behind us. there have been more security that have been put out on the streets to try and deal with that as the israeli government braces itself for more to come. there were 3 members of islamic jihad that were killed by israeli security forces just this friday. so they are expecting more danger and more tension during this period. but it's not just security forces that occurring guns here. the countries prime minister, has actually said that his rabies that have weapons permits should be going out
9:47 pm
with their weapons as well. ma'am, it's simply me, kim, as well, what's expected of israeli citizens alertness and responsibility? keep your eyes open and you want to, has it gone license? now's the time to carry it. it's actually an uptick in the amount of people that are requesting weapons licenses. right now. it went from just thousands a day before the attacks to more than a 1000 off the display of attacks is really indicative of a country that is worried right now. and the government said that they are going to be on high alert, at least until the end of the muslim holy month of ramadan and possibly a service still along the line. the taliban has been the cultivation of opium poppies. afghanistan produces more than 90 percent of the wells. heroin. many foreigners have been growing opium. poppy to survive and devastating drought and a crumbling economy controlling the illegal drug trade has been one of the major
9:48 pm
demands from the international community. the taliban has been seeking formal, international recognition and a relief from sanctions. somalia is in the grip of it's was drought in 40 years. it's particularly bad for the 5000000 somalis who make living hurting animals. malcolm web reports from ga kaya. we found her dear mohammed cry dear, and her daughter i am sitting under a tree waiting for rain. she was told some rain fell 400 kilometers from here. so spent weeks walking that with a goats but didn't find any posture. so she walked back. most of a livestock died on the way like we depended on the livestock because we would eat them and sell them, but that is no more. our priority now is finding water. some people are drinking salt water and it's giving them diarrhea. we need fresh water and food as now we cannot eat or sell the livestock because they are very weak. dear is one of more
9:49 pm
than 5000000 people affected by the drought in somalia, about a 3rd of the population. many of them are herders who move around with their animals, following rains and seeking posture, camels and the go county. this. what's happened to most of the bushes here after the last 3 rainy seasons have failed. and so this is what's happened to many of the animals and the animals enable people to live in this dry environment. the even at the best of times is difficult to survive in the plains across which to heard is move where they are animals a dry as far as the i can see, it is the same in parts of the country where people greg crops to major rivers in the south have dried up the surrounding areas used to be known as the bread basket of somalia. people here said the 1st time this has happened in living memory. near the dry river, we met up durham anew, abraham. the river used to water his crops. he joined the hundreds of thousands of
9:50 pm
people moving into camps after their farms sailed. an animals died. he's 70 years old and lived through several drowns, including severe ones in 20112017. but he says none have been as bad as this. then the wind motor drought happened, d, b, a t, as in the past, people fetch to deliver for water, but now very, very dry all the way from the, the border to the see. many of those displaced by the past routes are still in the camps. when able to restart, their farms will restock their herds. to un says people in rural somalia are among the least able to cope with changing climate. following 30 years of conflict, climate change is directly related to the drought that we are witnessing now. the frequency of those climatic shock is and are increasing people who live in rural areas. their capacity to recover from the shocks, easy, extremely,
9:51 pm
extremely challenging because because of the frequency of the shocks back in the north, the herd is he's animals of died and moving into camps. 2 people have survived here heading animals for thousands of years, as the droughts become more frequent and more severe is not clear if their way of life can continue or how they will survive. malcolm web al jazeera galka somalia sciences thought his fair marlene, thank you so much. australia. i've won the women's cricket while kept beating england by 71 runs in the final christ church in the 7th time they've lifted the trophy or in smith's reports. these 2 nations had one all but one of the previous 11 world cups. so it was a fitting clash to decide who would be world champions in 2022. england who were defending the title, put australia into bat. and it was the decision laid regret opener. elisa haley dispatched the bowling attack all around the hugley oval and england. mister
9:52 pm
charles is to stop her when they came, she would go on to sco a $170.00 the highest individual total ever in either a women's or men's world cup final. even when hailey was eventually dismissed, the damage had been done. australia making a sizeable 356 for 5 in their 50 ovals. and they quickly had ended on the back foot when megan shut, took the early wicket of danny wyatt. not civil ed to fight back. she'd go on to score a century, finishing and beaten on a $148.00. but the wickets were falling at the other end. jess jonas and with a small catched removed, kate cross. england were bowed out for 285 in reply, and the celebrations could start when jonas and sure. and your srp so ah, a comprehensive victory by $71.00 rooms, 9. winston 9 games in the tournament and australia regained their place as one day
9:53 pm
women's world champions. for the 7th time, you probably can nasir anything more. so i just get sent in to baton and to put a huge title on the border. i'm really proud of our batting unit. i thought we've done some amazing things this whole this whole tournament. so to be able to do it one more time on, on the biggest stage was, was pretty impressive. it's been a massive build up to this tournament. it's been a long time coming. my fell, i provided a hell of a long time and, and to come out and, and perform so well through the whole tournament. to be honest is, is pretty amazing and i think we deserve their victory today. you're straight into 13 of the last 5 tournaments, for the 7th time a to leave the world capture and destroy from to the t 20 local i to the lifting them home soil 2 years ago. lord smith out his ear german champions, byron units are facing a potential punishment after playing with an extra man during saturday's band is like a match. fine, a mix up at a substitution buyer and played for 17 seconds of their winter fryeburg with 12
9:54 pm
players on the page. there was confusion on the touch line when they realize the mistake will say it's possible barnes for one victory pippi of returns. tottenham had named it as a top for the english premier league after a thumping at new castle. spirits came from behind. when 5 went at quite heart lane on sunday. steven burg wine came on as a substitute to round off the victory a west and piled on. more pressure are struggling every tennis, stunning, free take from aaron press. well set the hammers on their way to a 21. when a tiger would says his participation at this week's master's will be a game time decision. a 46 year old says he's heading to augusta to continue preparations, but will leave a decision on playing as late as possible. woods is not played an official tournament since he was in a serious car crash in february 2021. 15 time major champion underwent
9:55 pm
a multiple surgeries on his right leg. falling the instance of the golden state warriors are returned a 21 point deficit to beat the utah jazz and secure a place in the n b a. playoffs. play thompson, top score for their jo, worriers with 36 points in the 111 to 107 when on saturday. and jordan cool, added 31 to help his team and a 4 game losing story warriors are in 3rd spot in the western conference. one a basketballs most legendary coaches is called time on his career. mike shush was d was hoping to win one more elite college title before his retirement is due. team were beaten by north carolina in there. semi final of the n. c double a championship chefs. he led the u. s. t 3 olympic titles. i wanted my seasons to an were my team was either crying tears of joy or cheers of sorrow
9:56 pm
because then you knew that they gave everything and i had a walk, a room filled with gosh, who were crime. and it's a beautiful site. it's not the site that i would want and want the other that it's a side that i really respect and makes me understand just how good this group was. former nfl quarterback colin copper, nick insist he's still capable of leading a team to this super bowl. 34 year old hasn't played in the league since 2016, but he's again been showing off his skills in front of nfl scouts. this time in michigan. cabernet rose to international prominence during his time at the san francisco 40 niners, where he protested against racial injustice by kneeling during the national anthem . was one of the questions that my agent kept good. he was, was been 5 years. can he still play? so we want to make sure that we come out, we show every one i can still play, still throw it. i am really just looking for abra. do opportunity for
9:57 pm
a door to open a to have that be a pathway to be able to get back in there. did a start a job in our lead team to a championship. i'm freezing temperatures and unexpected obstacles were the story the paris marathon on sunday and the wheelchair race. there was a collision caused by one of the race officials, cars, new course record was set in the women's race kanyes do this jumped in winning in 2 hours. 19 minutes and 40 seconds, an easy opium des, so gal me sat claimed the biggest title in his career with victory and the maps paid matters are use for, for now. my lean back to you. thanks far and that's it for me. money inside the sneeze, our marion, the mozy mall of the days. news coming up in just a few seconds. ah mm.
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with him at the ongoing ukraine. russia will some neighboring countries in a rush, an attack on that soil. do you take that as a serious possibility of, of rush or attack? i think there is serious possibility and absolute certainty is for who would like to do it own? in the deputy foreign minister and jablonsky talks, challenges, era from the ruins of mosul, music as re emerged. these are some of 40 musicians who make up the weather orchestra in iraq, 2nd largest city, despite being banned, been mostly was occupied by i. so the melody survived. derfin christian curd are absent even she has these young men and women represent the diversity of iraq to be
9:59 pm
able to hear music. i'm in the ruins of muscles on the do you feel strange, but it brings home the resilience of residents who say that despite the destruction and lack of help, they remain committed to bringing the city back to life on the bombardment. i know desa the missile and see it on the road. al jazeera me ukrainians, determined to stay. you will not surrender just like to, i had a training 2 days ago, the show me how that works and to defend the barricades and you documentary shows the ukrainian witnesses to walk from the front lines, despair and defiance voices from ukraine. on al jazeera m a showcase of the best documentary films from across the network. on al jazeera, who
10:00 pm
is genocide jill side. so if you grade them, population ukrainian officials accuse russia of a deliberate massacre in the town of boucher where hundreds of bodies have been found and explosions in odessa as russia, missiles target, an oil refinery and fuel storage facilities in the southern port city. ah, hello, i'm sorry i'm new. i was in london, you're watching al jazeera also coming up on the program.


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