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tv   Witness Halima  Al Jazeera  April 5, 2022 12:30pm-1:01pm AST

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central reduction in fossil fuels as soon as possible that sells to me as if a member states have debated about that. a more to down the wording because we all know we need to eliminate fossil fuels. imagine the big petro states that formed that wording. change report also talks about phasing out fossil fuel subsidies. this is critical. the i m f. a calculated $5.00 trillion dollars were spent on subsidies in 2020. imagine if that was just put into r and d for renewables and so forth. report also talks about ramping up renewables, including into alternative energies like hydrogen, recall for cities to be more efficient. and net 0 emissions from the industrial sector, which is going to be very hard. that accounts for about a quarter of all emissions. and they just need to change their practices completely . it sounds very hard to achieve all of this, but factor in, at the exponential rise of renewables and how cheap they become. you can see how it might be possible. prices have dropped 85 percent since 2010. and the international
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energy agency said that 2021 was another record year for renewable energy. so your current trends will exceed that of fossil fuels and nuclear by 2026. so that's the kind of thing that needs to be maintained. ah, man, let's take you through some of the headlines now. ukraine's president says he expects many more civilian deaths to be uncovered in areas abandoned by russian forces. but new concern is what's happened in both the anchor in region surrounding here is growing out at outrage rather also evidence that russian troops killed civilians in the town of butcher videos shows streets scattered with bodies, some with bound hands. ukraine's president says, vladimir putin must be tried for war crimes. rob mcbride has more from live as the prosecutor general's office in the ukraine has set up an investigation into
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all of these alleged atrocities are investigating these discoveries of bodies as they are found at the authorities. and keep say that, that the number of civilian deaths which could possibly be war crimes is now well over 400 of well over 400 bodies have been ad discovered. but the prosecutor general's office is also now indicating that bottle jenko. this is another town that the possibly atrocities worth the butcher have been a carried out there. the 1st trial addressing atrocities in sedans dar for conflicts is began at the international criminal court. ali mohammed ali of the man the suspected leader of the government backed ginger. we'd fight his faces. $31.00 charges of war crimes, which he denies the un estimates around. 300000 people were killed, more than 2000000 were displaced by the violence which began in 2003. as the headlines, it's witness. ah, china is locked in
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a sy battle with the us. when i, when ace me the online warriors, bottom line with one out of the europe, ah ah, ah, the weight with i've never really into any mold or any group. i've heard it all, like you're not somali, you know, you're not a good was last year, not american enough. mm. have multiple identities, multiple things that make me what that's what makes me me not an easy thing to be when the world wants you to be like one thing or the other, or
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a young american gall, a sticky, the fashion industry by told halima dan is the only job with immortal signed by a major morning agency to date, bret achievement for a girl who was once a week. she's not posing push youth tracking to one way. i'm booking. this might be my life. right, we're going to do couple years ago. what happened? i don't know, we're going to go go do it for you. okay. one
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thing i do. 2 for you. thank you, sir. perfect. received, donna done. ppv. so thinking with some stuff in it, runs everything happening and it's like february, right? but then it literally goes new york london milan terrace them to 4 weeks in a row and their back to back. and i don't know what will be a part of the might be part of anything, but hopefully we're still at something that be fun. ah.
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if i can find the page that i was on so mac, i germany don't know what our big ours barbie. i look a so be and i fell asleep. ah no, because the wind of my man, when i just had germany and i went to huddle,
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that's it. so she's asking me what i talk about when i'm at school. i'll give this back to you denise. we have lots of opportunities that come out of the fact that she's that she could speaker now and people want that story. as you build a name for yourself, it opens up a kind of an opportunity to build a business out of it. margaret le mars iowa mother and what mamma and i miss love to call mckayla for man. i'll wait a minute. don't wait, monitor dislike and progress, you know, some go bunch or the little local store hand sanaya and madame duncan knew, have him call you and from it could have been local hope that had come on in ohio. how kotia besides modeling, she said, you know, everything that you can just work or do something else besides modeling like,
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is there a way to just be like, ok, and i think all of those things that we're spreading out into can ultimately come something that's full time because modeling isn't going to be good. good if i did, but i will show it's the one model. it's like everything perfect. i can mom. she doesn't like they don't like the word. they don't get the word. 2 okay, well how could i mail somebody had a new mac. oh, i have a few more. i wanted to become small fit. another mo has shut it in a month. there used to people saying ok if i'm taken off the job and i'm going to be a model the album right away, do have the quotation on my had my dad you are, but i shall i did my own on a parent or 2 on the gen ed and ed eunice o militia play because awkward grant and also have lucky and dulcie and sobered
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happy. why? like and happy me. he has the same time because i that about happened. tough. i did go in as end of the day and walk us to like what has been cut off, like you know that his and family vehicle before i really wasn't a hasty headed house who gaia. hello and welcome back. oh oh, as i really am dying a husband house, but i cannot destroy it. thank god, i did not mapping it out. you know, that was my again with different. oh yes. i mean i already knew like where she stood with on hall. i'm not really happy later modeling. you can, i mean, excuse me. so i think in all like all group somebody has to go out and be the 1st.
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you know, that's not a bad thing, is just, it's not easy with you. ladies and gentlemen, welcome to 2017 miss minnesota usa and senior librarian center here in roseville. minnesota, what we're doing by moving into an employer for the title of miss minnesota usaa. yeah, i know my roommate a you don't know all i was this like 12 i'm like i never sit down with it and then i'm a mister luis wallace and there is no i didn't i put myself in this position so other people can see our human side,
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but with that also comes a lot of responsibilities. i know that one long stab it can potentially change how a lot of parents see girls with now 100. well i was much on my why they go out of the job. i mean when i was to go to go my way jeff kitchen was one of the the let me see. 6 so this girl,
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i love you and support you so much. but i just wanted to warn you that you shouldn't wear tight holes because it shows her body. and that is not part of the hedge. this is just advice from someone who wants the bus for you. hello you. oh, thank you so much for caring enough to d o me but lot astir as a personal preference and i really liked that was going me to come to the so i mean the best i guess this is it's just it's just so much of vintage someone woman oh my gosh. more money than.
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yeah. that's how the bush looked like. you know? oh my gosh, i remember this. yeah. so my mom and our 1st home was actually half of this. and if it 3 people, this is actually like luxury. this is the master bedroom for the family. yeah. a lot of like the younger generation because we were born in the post us from ali war. our family had flood time we are born so none of us really have much recollection of amalia or memory services. we've never been i want to go back on my truck, but we are more oh this
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. this was like before they even produced in the election. yeah. when you are so even if your side take a little longer, don't out. run your feet. one of the priorities that i have during the week is that she's able to walk, at least in one show. you're a charge and enjoy that moment. last season there was a lot of interest. unfortunately, they couldn't figure out a way to meet that clothing restriction. oh, yeah, that'd be the only thing i changed. i mean, it was good, but you just bought and we will hopefully get an option since this is winter fall
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clothing and you know a little bit easier probably to work with the closing i oh my gosh. i love new york, i love the environment i learned. oh, everything's back to pay for the photo a ah, with i might have been the earth injury high fashion model. i don't know if it's just a trend and that's it. for a 1000000 other girl. so you kind of have to take the initiative and be like for
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here i mean with and so are you walking like interfering with a oh yeah. running with
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so they narrow that has to be on tomorrow. okay. $1.00 to $430.00. so we go strict testing, but more things we still don't have a shell booked and confirm them, but we're still here. m like one rejection is worse than the other. is just sometimes when it's stuff that i can control like my hyatt, i can grove 6 inches. i know that you know, mean there is no one to look at. you know somebody i could reference. oh,
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thank you. thank you. i would love to see myself like doing more catwalk. it reinforces your spot in the industry. like okay, you're i fashion model. that's why you wake up, you do everything to get to that point to be there. mm. mm. mm mm. i
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know you online with a with a, with a
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them in 3. well actually i'm back seed here. it felt like one of those shows during new york fashion. we got it literally out of a go and 3 do work with
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with that was by far like long. that's why do i have ever done in my life and one side of my brain. i'm like okay, powerful was told is that, but then also it's very important to know exactly where to walk the last one wrong turn when you said that robot with but it's also about okay, i have this incredible opportunity to represent my community to like show people this a new base, i feel like i would be a huge to service to myself and all the girls that are looking after me. if i
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didn't make this the most that i can i can well. 7 everyone, my name is denise was cancelled on your state director. i promise not to teach you any choreography as we got. i got it, i got it going on, but i won't be in touch, but give you a little bit nervous. oh, good. the honesty, i appreciate unable, when they feel about little bit of fear they left bacteria paralyzed. but you, on the other hand, chose to be cher lee, one who does a stronger and better version of your authentic self, then you would never work with
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. oh wow. okay, what's the meaning? oh, are you happy for them? you're going to have fun. like a lot of people never thought to do a project and with a job, but always feel like, you know, now they see it, nothing stopping them and it's great. c i just met all your mom. * are you excited? i got to know. i know. i love you while everyone was coming in. i didn't seem to think that
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exactly one year ago. i did the pageant. i got to write last year. it was really difficult. my mom didn't understand it then, and there was a big know from my community. and then they saw that i didn't change last minute on that stage. i didn't throw off my son jack wrong. so now i see parents like supporting their daughters to go do patches. but my mom, she doesn't agree with the way. i'm never going to say i don't understand where she's coming from, because i get it. i've always to, when my mom like you want me to stop, i'll stop. i went and, but she's allowed to make this choice for myself. mm. i just can't believe like how much my mom has changed. how accepting she's
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become she's actually very supportive. she's so happy for the other girls. i know it's not easy for her, but the fact that she's sitting here with me like it just goes to show like how much she really cares. we would like to have especially on li present this nest award. she stood on this very stage as a contestant last year. she was an example of how the attach. it provides a powerful message. we welcome to. okay, all right, so a, are you looking to stay at a promoter? yeah, lucky. a model in on the, not the other, what kind of me because i know how can
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i for her to be a former molar. she asked walker walk on so i am a customer, jovan walker. so hell had to rely madame with delkin or duncan all night not come in monday. what i can cut him on the walk for home and come where i can get the money out at the end of the toner to look us to her dad we see in the mac dot com. i got the colorful color. oh i know when i do go back, that's kind of her. ah
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ah oh no sorry, isn't that like i was born here in a me and you walk off the them or if i was back in the refuge account, i know i would appreciate someone coming back and just telling me okay, i was a kid here but now i'm doing this, it hasn't been an easy path. there's still a lot of unknown. and i think that's what, that's what's
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a ah, amidst destruction and despair, a group of friends resist rescuing books from the rubble, they build a refuge for freedom and democracy. a secret library of hope from which they endeavour to rewrite their story and that of their country. witness data and library under bombs on al jazeera cats are always official and line of the journey with
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ah ha, official and line of the journey. under bombardment in teams and odessa, the missile and seat on the road al jazeera meets ukrainians, determined to stay. you will not surrender just like that to fight. nobody should had a train you 2 days ago, the show me how that works. and to defend the barricades and you documentary shows
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the ukrainian witnesses tool from the front lines dispatch and defiance voices from ukraine on al jazeera. oh, this is al jazeera ah low welcome to the news. all i'm kimbell in doha, coming up, ukraine's president says he has no choice but to pursue talks with russia, despite what he calls its unforgivable cries. moscow continued to deny allegations of atrocities. it says it will provide proof that you had meeting later on tuesday . china extends its locked out.


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