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tv   My Nigeria Sandra Aguebor - Lady Mechanic  Al Jazeera  April 5, 2022 7:30pm-8:01pm AST

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country and therefore any help that can be given is good to be appreciated greatly . clearly this meeting brings together the 3 foreign ministers of romania, france, germany, but also the prime minister of moldova. and as a say, the stated aim here is this idea of bolstering mold over its resilience, but also sending a message to russia that the level of influence. ready it has been exerting in other countries, neighboring it a neighboring ukraine, while germany at least is very keen to reduce that level of influence as far as possible. aah! hello again. the headlines on al jazeera ukraine's president has addressed the un security council it using russia deliberately killing, torturing and raping civilians for letter. zalinski spoke by spoke via video link from keith. glad little rainy. we need decisions
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from the security council for peace in ukraine. if you don't know how to implement this, you can do 2 things, either remove russia from the council, so it cannot block decisions about its own war. the other option is to reform the security council to work for peace. if there isn't an alternative, then we should disorder secret council altogether. russel's ambassador said, be allegations of atrocities have no merits. good is it? do we need to cut out the malignant, not the tumor that is consuming ukraine and would in time begin to consume russia and we will achieve that goal? i hope sooner rather than later because there is no other outcome. we are not shooting against civilian targets in order to save as many civilians as possible. this is precisely why we were not advancing as fast as many expected date were not acting like americans and their allies in iraq and syria were raising entire cities to the ground. they had no pity for them,
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but we felt great pity because these are people who are close to us. while you and a chief martin griffith says ukrainians are paying a high price for the ongoing conflict. more than a quarter of the population of ukraine has fled in this extraordinary a short time. unfortunately, we can imagine that these figures will continue to rise until we can find a pause and some piece. madam president, the ground and air pen susan, counter offenses are making life nearly impossible for many civilians in ukraine. 5 is elderly women and children have been trying to fight fighting already for too long. for more than 5 weeks, the people of maria also been caught up in the fighting. those are the headlines on i'll 0 have more news coming up right after my nigeria. thanks for watching. bye bye for now. ah.
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a with as good bye bye. my name is sandra webber. i'm from the new city of the state. i'm the foster mechanic in nigeria, the fund of the lead mechanic initiative. and the see your son,
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there's a problem. i got it would not be that you're not going forward. but i'd say a lot, what do you see of the guys with my ledger as the giant of africa my nigeria made the decision for african continent. my nigeria is a good nigeria. my nigeria is the 1st to produce fest mechanic in africa. my nigeria is where you'll find we may a lot of women we mid minute that professor. my nigeria are women are strong with ah
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ha, this is a knocking found now. the only other nothing found in ukiah. in my thoughts with, i've been a mechanic for 30 years on my old garage, cassandra scott, will be full family lawyer for possibly plus 2 local. well now one of the dallas mine there was all over town. if you bought for the lead the mechanic walk shop, you will see that you will take care of your collector birby as that that gets in job, i could not cope any more, are to employ somebody. so i so why not? why not? i starts empowering women, so be mechanics so that they can also what will not del workshop. so that i don't just that with this idea. as that said, all my all for train their boss, several guests are one. boy. we walk with them on auto balls vs commercial sex workers. the school dropouts, the married women, specially living mechanics, for course on the floor. right now we are on
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our way all fall sad hopper guy. right outside please. the graduates of the lady mechanic initiative, nasha friends. how that goes out with her. i'm to files that only q u i in the afternoon. yes, 5. 0 oh oh oh. when you have a garage like this would pay you to be able to attend the girls annual fortune if you have, once we have an engine on the ground. this is one off, off cost, many walks of about $17.00 leg austin that we are partnered with. she's also teaching them how to do book walk like event tree like receive tunnel that we do have the me to save the time. boy we use and a mac,
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i follow lease. and like i do that shows, no i do that. is that any of the today landscape of, with my job is to open the washer of damage we as truly out to the washer, drinkers as ours trained in up to year 9. liddy mickely, i can service a car chase bert bob wallach are very where. but it goes to my hours was there when i go to live. i was in his trades, i was laying that for, for a clamor
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lies is the talk. life bills will work to poor, poor dogs, mom. i says no, no month for them to just john cars, cars a i said bob jones is still on the new we met the surgical modality, mcculloch as c, as is led to mechanical we made, we mckelly sal dreaded my
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old friend and me make our goal as our job, though you are the same one, you go to a so they give you the key. i buckle glass. i bought, i bought them for 2 weeks now i never got the money where big money. oh, let me see, tell the mechanical. lemme see to libya, the bill to la. i see. do you not there? do i go go the live mckelly. as i said, the love of living mcculloch, you better pass that blues. eliza mccully changed my life, will not dust, heels can't change the life. that is why to day we so we want to take this compare house. so on this form is our 1st house god who ramble saw does all of you follow me? let's go on. so i okay. ah,
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with me. oh i yeah. i did that before. yeah. yeah, i mean, not after i with the break into programming to take you back to the united nations in new york, where the security council is holding an open meeting on ukraine, dots, the u. k. ambassador a barbara would bird who holds the rotating counsel presidency and she is speaking now we will listen and all of us who signed for un charter
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committed to ending the scourge of war to fundamental human rights. the dignity and worth of the human person, the equal rights of nations, large and small, to justice and respect for international law. yet now we're facing another war of aggression in europe. we've heard to day again, the devastating impact of rushes, unilateral and illegal military action in ukraine. its impact on the surrounding countries on the region and on the security and prosperity of the wider world. as it seeks to recover from the coven, 19 pandemic. thousands killed, millions displaced,
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cities raised to the ground. hospitals bombed citizens cut off from food, water, and medicine. blockaded c ports, and the rapid increase in wheat prices. pressure on already stretched humanitarian resources. and now, as russia is forced into retreat from areas around keith, the brutality of the invasion is laid bare. we've all seen the horrific images from the towns of butcher and our pin. our civilians deliberately killed in areas from which russian forces have we recently withdrawn. and the video we saw earlier underlined that horror
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these acts and other credible incidence must be investigated as war crimes. and the u. k fully supports the work of the international criminal court. and the work of the ukrainian prosecutor general and other national prosecutors, colleagues, as we and so many others have said so many times, all of this could be stopped. if the russian federation ended this war. now i resume my function as president of the council. the representative of the russian federation has asked for the floor to make a further statement. if your list of recording has been reserved, i know that this does not bring us closer to the end of today's meeting. but since today's the topic is extremely important. i think it's essential,
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essential to to see if he words about what was the reason for this meeting, which we didn't have a chance to say yesterday because we were not given a chance to have a separate meeting at the security council on this topic. and unfortunately, yesterday's meeting, and in any way possible, i, russian car, our western colleagues tried to, to kind of sweep it under the carpet. and we have seen an example of how one of the new order based new rules based order. i would like to once again focus on the events in boucher which became the premise for conducting today's meeting. and has led to some far reaching conclusions at many of you've already made civil liberties union. all units of the russian armed forces fully withdrew from boucher as a gesture of good faith on the 30th of march was the very next day
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after a round of negotiations in russia and ukraine in turkey. in the presence of negotiators, now a report about this was published that very same day, an official website of the russian defense ministry. during the time that this, the town was under the control of the russian armed forces, not a single civilian, suffered from any kind of violence that people were able to move around freely around the town and used their cellphones one of those. furthermore, the towns of the key of a blessed day was but a russian, the russian army supplied 450008450 tons of humanitarian assistance to those cities . this was confirmed and now the the towns, the russian army did not to prevent people from leaving the towns. all inhabitants
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could freely leave the, the towns a toward the north. at the same time, the southern side of the southern areas of boucher, including residential areas, were showered round the clock by ukrainian forces from using a heavy caliber weapons tanks and mortars was i already after the withdrawal of the russian forces, the mayor of boucher natalie fedora, luke, in his video statement on the 31st of march, you presented this as a hare, heroic liberation of the city by the ukrainian armed forces. now a lead set aside this, so it's so called liberation. and that's focus on the fact that he confirmed the fact on the 31st of march, that if there were no more russian soldiers in the town on the 31st of march.
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furthermore, the mayor did not mention any local inhabitants with their hands tied. and having been shot, i mean, could you believe that the mare would not have noticed on the streets as i, as the reported of $280.00 corpses? he wouldn't have noticed that on the 1st of april, the deputy, the council, cat yukon, did he know grains of on the deputy of council of boucher in a 2 minute video warned it several times those local residents that representatives will be the posts of the ukrainian security forces have entered the town are in, are conducting a mop up operation, and she is asked, she's asking everyone to be very careful. you fill the book. now in an on social media, you can also find an almost 8 minute video or 2 about the announced mob mop up of boucher by the ukranian national police on the 2nd of april. you love those
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on that video, there are no bodies of civilians on the streets. you furthermore, on that video that the national guard of ukraine also interviews local residents who ad didn't mention any a corpses or, or, or mass shootings on one of the ukrainian new sites. there was also warning posted on the upcoming map of the butcher on the 2nd of april from of a map of russian collaborators to just now that's been deleted, but was working with users were able to, to save that video. we did this the now testimony. so called testimony of crimes or evidence of crimes by the russian armed forces in boucher appeared only on the 3rd of april. on the 4th day after the earth, the russian forces left the town here. once again, without any evidence based on the presumption of guilt was,
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he's been good. russian, the russian army is being accused of some, some kind of evil deeds. and of course we, we, of, we, man, we, it, we could not notice how are these ukrainian videos were taken up by western median human rights organizations were who claim to be an impartial and clear, clear and consistency between, between the, the ukrainian version and the actual facts is clear, if the corpses of of civilians had he said been out in the open several days, they would have had several signs that are well known to forensic specialists level who and our western colleagues don't seem to be bothered by that. not otherwise. the new york times would not even go further by stating that the corpses
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were there on the street since the 20th of march. can you imagine what kind of state they would have been in furthermore, many of those of the bodies ah, an in the videos are circulated by the crane. had white bands are manson, these are, these are arm bands at will warned by civilians after the entry of the russian armed forces into the town phone to your own. and one of the videos posted by ukrainian radicals. you could hear a call to shoot against any to shoot anyone who doesn't have blue arm. oh bands on the video that showed that he was in the video during the mob of awe of the butcher. oh, was posted by a member of the territorial defense battalion, to whom are the ukrainian authorities handed out weapons. furthermore,
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the member of the city council of butcher, who i mentioned yet getting no grains of love, stated on the website website medusa, that as she did not see russian forces there execute any civilians. and the same interview, she can, she confirms that is ukrainian or armed forces that are guilty of most of the violations. of course these, these are details that they have not been mentioned in the presentations of our western and ukrainian colleagues. however, ukrainian at the present zalinski is all ready claiming some one on all these staged ah, events in boucher have give. ready the ukrainians, the right for an uncivilized response. well, we can just imagine what that is based on how ukranian radicals behaved in the east
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of ukraine. many testimonials of their, of their crimes are shocking. unfortunately, he will not ukrainian experts and disinformation and staging do not intend to stop there. as the ministry of defense, as claimed, based on confirmed information in the evening of the 4th of a pro april in the town of ma shewn was due the 23 kilometers to the sad to the north west of ki, of beryl and troops from the 72nd, ukrainian main center of psychological operations. i conducted another stage did state video of the so called the killing by russian troops of the civilians for future, for future circulation by western media. these kinds of activities have been
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carried out by us in summa, in other towns. so in conclusion, i would like to address my western colleagues, we, you understand very well that what you're doing, but bye bye bye bye bye. fueling anti russian hysteria every single day. so we are assuming that there will be a further horrible provocations or a similar to the one in boucher. we've taken new edsel attempts to discredit the russian soldiers and to present them as a murderers and rapists. he over good. i knew i said once again that this is incredibly low blow. rather of course, you're not interested in the fact that the modern technologies to day make it
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possible to, to create any video that we see. we watched a video today presented by a ukrainian site to day are already already be ukraine is full, full of and in fact, her information refuting what was in the video there, stating that it wasn't the, it was me film than the right place with not the right, people and just a few words to him, my american colleague, who, who declared a crusade to, to exclude russia from the human rights council. this is stated by a, the representative of a country who 3 years ago, criticized the council in the, in the strongest harshest terms that it, that, that, that, that, that it had the audacity of condemning the actions of american soldiers in afghanistan, consistency, and as is well known the united states left the council. so i hope that
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our colleagues from the united nations will not allow themselves to be manipulated and play up to washington in it's very dangerous sir. games, thank you very much. i thank the representative of the russian federation for his statement. the representative of ukraine has asked for the floor to make a further statement. oh, thank you've her, madam president. before i switched to english, i would say a couple of awards. couple of lines for them. may also be weekly we, when you, i have become accustomed to lies that are constantly being spewed in
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this, in the chamber of the security council thought if you've been, ah, therapy come right now, been there. i decided to quote the way from an interview or from 8 am. midi owl had called medusa. i'd like to ask comrade medusa comrade, nancy, excuse me. why he doesn't uh, quote, the interview in full. you let me get the video. let me quote that interview with you who the representative of putin wanted to use for his purposes. i'm quoting, the law, reach him. this is, this is the words of the, of the woman who he mentioned. and i'm quoting all about it. sometimes because of ali, russian soldier you oh my god gave her
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a dry rash and said to the basement. and then after, after lowering these rations, they tossed grenades into the basement. you wanted to quote that interview. why didn't she quote the whole interview? because this is about your humanitarian assistance after which or after you provide that he monitor insistence. you toss grenades, that's an interview from the same woman. no, you mentioned i'll let you speak english. i would like to make my further statement in response to the hypocritical questions by putting a representative after the reader. we saw with a shocking images from boucher here been my vision and other sights
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he should ask these barry questions to himself. how have russians got to the cruelty of nazis? when have you started enjoying acting like not this killing civilians attempting to redraw, internationally recognized borders. setting the task to finalize. finally, resolve the ukrainian issue like hitler attempted to resolve the jewish issue. when did you miss? the point of russia is turning into the nazi style. cancerous, tumor, unable and unwilling to stop expending, and bringing to neighboring nations,
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sufferings, destruction, pain, and death. i'm a bold over york cynical, an outright lie that you don't heat civilian targets. and that is why you are moving so slowly. you heat the civil and douglas and you kill the civilians. shall i called? you are all in wards of yesterday in the press conference that you gave here in the headquarters where you sat, the civilians are killed by your army or shall i not? shall i play the video you said is this of all civilians are killed in the war. is a warfare you said or perhaps so your mind said
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in your mind, said the children's hospital in michel i of destroyed by the russian strike yesterday was a military target. and perhaps a child killed as a result of the strike was the ukrainian nationalist. the only truth you've said is that you are not moving as plant. and the only reason is the resistance of the ukrainian army and the ukrainian people. not your smart military planning. the ukrainian people who realize quite clear what the russian world in reality means everything being the national community for the seller. there is a wizard, crane ukraine will win in his territory and the entire world will win.


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