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tv   News  Al Jazeera  April 6, 2022 5:00pm-5:31pm AST

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me oh, i call 2nd my boss. hang on me when i humana, but also to let me go. i'm hang the my cuba. this time on al jazeera ah more bodies in boucher russia is accused of committing war crimes in ukraine. ah, ah no, not this and this is obviously rely from doha, also coming up, returning to a home scarred by war sh. we're in, but a junker, a town ukrainian forces have retaken from russia. but in a fossil was former president, blaze compulsory is found guilty of involvement in the murder of his predecessor
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thomas sancho cost of living protests in peru as president casteel comes under pressure. ukraine says more victims allegedly tortured, executed and burned are being found every day in the cities of boucher. you have pen and bought a jan cap than videos continue to emerge, claiming to show more killings. roku crane blames russian troops. moscow insists it's all a fake. mario paul, on the coast is still under heavy bombardment, onto the 60000 people are still there, but they have no water, electricity, medicine, or communications. the use working on banning oil imports from russia and that's something it's avoided so far. ukraine's president vladimir zalinski says sanctions must match the gravity of what he says, a russia's war crimes emma on con has travelled to butch and he begins our coverage not let me give you a warning. viewers may find the pictures in his report. disturbing bodies weren't
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just left in the streets as ukrainian troops and police investigators go house to house. they find more victims in boucher charred remains. palled on top of each other. so you see just 6 bodies here. and that house you can see maybe a 3 and house, it's maybe one muddy. it's shot to the early who was shot and learn of a whole town. a suburb of keith is now a crime scene. witnesses, a russian troops became stock due to cranium resistance. and went on a killing spree. ah, natalia alexandrovna says, russian soldiers checked her nephew to find people taking him away. his remains were recently discovered now really wanna make slowest move,
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but almost as he was probably killed on the 8th of march. he was lying. all this time in the basement of his body was found 4 days ago, and we buried him. he was shot in the ear. peter was still in 4 pitches, released by the ukrainian military show appears to be a torture chamber in another basement where people were handcuffed and shot while on moneys as residence. return home, confirmation that multiple family members are gone. era. gov real look found a 3 bodies in a yard. when is her brother another husband? the scenes from boucher appear on russian state television. okay, and what i sample you as a told of ukrainian nazis carried out the killings of provocation by nato with chuck waco. with these are fake atrocities which the russian army was immediately accused of. and western media began to repeat the accusations at symbol tenuously and without a break for sleepy. it's one of our sales,
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psychological asked when our ordinary russians brought the eggs themselves. uh, from what goes absolutely games. what should force them to think about their own leadership? what criminals have the nap when you mine? yeah. every gruesome discovery, a newspaper headline now used to feed the war machine. it could be the blame game aside this now real said that the scenes that we witnessed in boucher will be repeated in other cities across ukraine. cities like car keep churney a murray awful. m wrong con al jazeera cave. well images i would have bought a junko show building after building destroyed in the town near. boucher ukrainian, prosecutor general says, but a junker had more victims than any of the towns in the cave province that had been re captured from the russians. she didn't give any numbers that'll selder reports from their
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natalia and her husband are finally moving back into their home. not long ago, there was russian artillery all around here. and the scores from the fight him remain o e and you were hit on a button with high when the russian troops came in, they had to move their entire life into this basement. while they're there, waiters for one longmont, you know, how is barley even which grandma and each time they had to emerge together essentials, they put their lives at risk. so it is on this m. walker. i had to walk out to bring my neighbor milk than a russian soldier, asked me where my husband is. i told him my husband cannot walk, then he says, come out into the road and points a rifle at me and speaks through the radio. wasn't the response on the radio was this is not her and he laughed as i walked back to the basement. i was trembling with the town of bro junker was taken by the russian forces on the 28th of february,
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the 50 off the war as a strategic town that leads to the ukrainian capital key if it was caught in the crossfire of heavily armed forces from both sides. what would you like you thought of since the russian forces left this town the scale of destruction is just now being revealed. as they came into bull junko, have seen many buildings heavily shelled and the quote laughs or to see people still remain beneath the rubble and the residence we have spoken to say they have lived in terror. svetlana is one of many who lost loved ones in this town. the night her neighbor's house was attacked, her brother died. v atlanta tells us he was scared to death. but liz opened his albany, you insoluble manila, you should have. my brother was paralyzed on the 22nd of march. the neighbor's house exploded and he had a heart attack and died. it was there, but we be livable so. so the risk of having
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a proper funeral was too great that people had to bury the dead in their backyards washes away. i mean them, i, you look, this is my neighbor, his family is not here, but he was shot. and this is where he was buried. because she takes us to the makeshift gave of her brother v atlanta says, now she must give her brother a proper burial. but as she agrees his loss, she also faces an uncertain future rescue said that al jazeera bro junker will avoid city of maria poll. still under siege and under heavy bombardment, what were brides? joining us from live, what more you hearing about what's been happening in mario poll? it does seem as though the russian forces are making extra efforts. finally, to completely take over this sir city helped caused by the fact that it is disengaging, withdrawing forces from other parts of ukraine. so it can concentrate on places
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like marty, you pull down on it on this southern front, but that does it mean that conditions are deteriorate even further for the 10s of thousands of civilians who are at court in the city. you can't get out, you know, the, the russians besieging the city have such a firm grip on most of the city, especially around it that they can really sort of control much of the information that we get out of out of mary paul. both sides are blaming each other for the lack of humanitarian aid and access that's getting into the city. president says lensky of ukraine, going even further in an interview with a turkish media, accusing the russians of deliberately hiding what he claims are atrocities that they've carried out in mario, paul. that basically they are stopping anybody from getting in from the outside. they want to completely take it over and then to hide any evidence of what he claims are atrocities that the russians have been committing in the city. now,
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the russians of course, would categorically deny that, but you know, you have to remember that these, the case that the, the international committee of the red cross that we're trying to get access to the city on monday were prevented from doing so were held 20 kilometers away from the city by russian forces and it took a day or so of negotiations or to get them released that supposed to been an offer from turkey that they try to get access by ship into mary jo paul, to try to withdraws a some of the injured there to improve the a humanitarian situation, also taking away dead bodies from the city. but that would require the cooperation of the russians who control the sea of ass off. and so far there's been no indication from the russians that they go to ground that up, that kind of access. rob, thank you very much. indeed. robert bry talking to us from the live the european union's foreign policy chief surge leaders to keep army ukraine. joseph burrell
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says the e u has sent a $1000000000.00 and military aid to ukraine since the start of the russian invasion. but that's dwarfed by the $40000000000.00. it's paid. rush o for energy supplies. she is matter you polish label. matty point of that lip of europe and the gwinnett gov, you claim, nico granny and martin city that are destroyed and claims in the civilian population war climes. we'll take out of that. that boat, we'll do what we can to should be ukrainians. and to put pressure on russia, the koreans president told the un security council that should dig spell with russia or disband. vladimir zalinski is demanding accountability for what he says is moscow's war crimes and his country. now let me warn you again. this reports from kristen salumi contains graphic images of viewers may find distressing. ukraine's president addressed the security council on the heels of his visit to boucher vladimir lansky called for the united. ah, let me take you to the u. s. department of justice. they're set to announce new enforcement actions and disrupting russian economic activity. this is attorney
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general. i've magically gone no stone unturned in our efforts to investigate arrest and prosecute those whose criminal acts at naval russia to continue its unjust war in ukraine. that is a promise we are keeping. i am joined here to day by deputy attorney general monaco and f b i director re. also here our assistant attorney general olson principal, deputy assistant attorney general mcquaid f b i cyber section chief fram. and klepto capture task force director adams. to day we are mounting several actions. the justice department has taken to disrupt and prosecute criminal activity associated with the russian regime. the 1st action we are announcing today is the unsealing of an indictment. charging russian oligarchy, konstantin mouth. f with sanctions violations, as indictment charges. the treasury department previously identified malik f,
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as one of the main sources of financing for russians promoting separatism in crimea, and for providing material support for the so called don't ask people's republic. after being sanctioned by the united states, mallow, 5th attempt to evade the sanctions by using co conspirators to surreptitiously acquire and run media outlets across europe. we are also announcing the seizure of millions of dollars from an account at a u. s. financial institution which the indictment alleges constitutes proceeds traceable to malice, have sanctions violations. the justice department will continue to use all of its authorities to hold accountable russian oligarchy, and others who seek to evade us sanctions. the 2nd action we are now seeing today is a disruption of a global bot. net controlled by the russian military intelligence agency,
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commonly known as the g r u. the russian government has recently use similar infrastructure to attack ukrainian targets. fortunately, we were able to disrupt this bot net before it could be used. thanks to our close work with international partners, we were able to detect the infection of thousands of network hardware devices. we are then able to disable the g r, use control over those devices before the bot net could be weaponized. today's announcements are part of a series of actions that the justice department has recently taken to disrupt and prosecute criminal activity associated with russia. yesterday, together with our german law enforcement partners, we seized the russia affiliated hydra, darknet mot market. the world's largest legal market place on the dark web. we also filed criminal charges against a russian national, who we allege administered the markets,
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technical infrastructure. and on the day before that again, with our international partners, we seized the tango, a super yacht, owned by victor vessel berg, another sanctioned oligarchy, with close ties to the russian regime. on that same day, we obtain seizure warrants targeting the assets of several additional sanctioned russian nationals. the justice department will continue to work alongside our international partners to old, accountable. those who break our laws threaten our national security and harm. our allies are message to those who continue to enable the russian regime through their criminal conduct. is this, it does not matter how far you sail your yacht. it does not matter how well you conceal your assets. it does not matter how cleverly you write your malware or hide your online activity. the justice department will use every available tool to find
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you disrupt your plots and hold you accountable. finally, i cannot close without acknowledging the horrible images that all of us have seen coming out of ukraine, particularly from boucher this week. we have seen the dead bodies of civilians, some with bound hands scattered in the streets. we have seen the mass graves. we have seen the bombed hospital theatre and residential apartment buildings. the world sees what is happening in ukraine. the justice department sees what is happening in the ukraine. this department has a long history of helping to hold accountable. those who perpetrate war crimes. one
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of my predecessors, attorney general robert jackson, later served as a chief american prosecutor at the nuremberg trials. to day, we are assisting international efforts to identify and hold accountable those responsible for atrocities in ukraine. and we will continue to do so. now go to turn over the program to deputy attorney general. monaco will share more information about the indictment. there was some seal today. thank you mr. attorney general and good morning everyone. thank you all for joining us today. as the attorney general said, we are here today because of actions the department of justice has taken to day. and in recent weeks, actions that make clear that the same russian government struggling to defend its unprovoked and unjustified war in the ukraine,
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is also corrupt at its core. the world has watched with outreach as innocent ukrainians continue to suffer at the hands of the russian government. and for decades the regime has been propped up by pervasive corruption. the corruption starts at the top with vladimir puddings, oligarchy, cronies, who aren't billions of dollars by committing crimes, often at the expense of the russian people. the crimes these billionaires facilitate us, in fact, facilitate rushes, unprovoked, aggression and fuel a life of luxury for the very few the world watches in horror as ukrainians are forced to flee their homes, schools and hospitals, and as they bury innocent civilians last month, the attorney general asked me to establish a task force, task force klepto capture, to use the full range of the departments authorities to hold accountable those
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oligarchy who enable the russian regime and to ensure that those same oligarchy feel the pain of the sanctions that have been levied on them in response to russia's aggression in ukraine, that task force has been hard at work. earlier this week. are long foresman partners in spain, acting on our request and pursuant to a warrant issued by a united states court, seized a $90000000.00 yacht named the tango belonging to sanctioned russian oligarchy. victor of excell burke, that yacht was subsequently searched by spanish authorities accompanied by agents of the f. b. i. and homeland security investigations. vicksburg was sanctioned in 2018 by the u. s. treasury department as part of a suite of sanctions imposed in response to russia's invasion of crimea. mister
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rexburg defied these sanctions to finance his luxury lifestyle. including making payments through u. s. banks for the support and maintenance of his yacht. a direct violation of the sanctions imposed on him in seizing the tango. the department demonstrated our commitment to holding accountable corrupt russian oligarchy. a commitment we are not finished honoring today. charges have also been unsealed in the southern district of new york against constantine malice. 5th, a russian national and a russian oligarchy. molla fed is charged with conspiring to violate and violating the united states sanctions. these are the 1st criminal charges brought by the department of justice against a russian all dark since russia invaded ukraine. mister malice was designated as a result of the crimea sanctions, which forbade him from conducting financial transactions with united states persons
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or with property in the united states. in the year since he was sanctioned, mr. malik fed is alleged to have flagrantly and repeatedly violated the sanctions imposed on him while attempting to establish media companies across europe, media companies that would help spread pro kremlin misinformation. mr. malice further violated us sanctions in a scheme to transfer shares. he owned in a texas bank to a business associate in 2015 today. in addition to the criminal charges filed against mr. malice of we have seized that multi $1000000.00 investment. while the oligarchy provide some of the most ostentatious displays of russian illicit finance, they are not the only ones whose financial misconduct is tied to russia. yesterday,
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the department of justice disrupted the hydra market. the world's largest and longest running darknet market place. at the same time, the department of justice brought criminal charges against dmitri pavlov. a resident of russia for his role in operating and administering the servers used to run hydra, our partners at the german federal criminal police, played a critical role in this operation. and seized over $25000000.00 in bitcoin, from hydra. and our partners at the treasury department announced sanctions on the crypto currency exchange is believed to have facilitated many of hydras transactions. as alleged hydro enabled users in mainly russian speaking countries to buy and sell a staggering variety of illicit goods and services, including illegal drugs stolen financial information, fraudulent passports,
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and even hacking tools and hacking services. transactions on hydro were conducted in crypto currency, and last year, hydro alone accounted for an estimated 80 percent of all dark net market related crypto currency transactions. since 2015, the marketplace has received approximately $5200000000.00 in crypto currency. let me say that again. hydra alone accounted for an estimated 80 percent of all dark net market transactions more than $5000000000.00 in crypto currency. working side by side with our german partners whose assistance was critical to our efforts as well as our law enforcement partners at the i r. s. and the us postal inspection service here at home. the d e a and the f b, i have ensured the crypto currency can no longer be used by these criminals to fuel their crimes. taken together,
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these actions may clear that those who violate our laws should expect to face justice as russia and its aggression continues. we have our eyes on every yacht and jet. we have our eyes on every piece of art and real estate purchased with dirty money, and on every bitcoin wallet filled with proceeds of theft and other crimes. together with our partners around the world, our goal is to ensure that sanctioned russian oligarchy and cyber criminals will not find safe haven. and now i'll turn it over to direct re, to discuss or another tool employed by the f b i to address rushes aggression. thank you, lisa. i'm pleased to be here to day to help announce this series of actions countering
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threats originating from russia. want to focus for a few minutes on the f. b i role in one of the actions the attorney general mentioned. and what it says about the f, b, i's unique cyber capabilities, and what we can accomplish together with the private sector today. we're announcing a sophisticated chord authorized operation disrupting a bot. net of thousands of devices controlled by the russian government. before it could do any harm. we removed malware from devices used by thousands of mostly small businesses for network security all over the world. and then we shut the door . the russians had used to get into them. yesterday's darknet take down, struck a blow against russian criminals on the ecosystem of crypto currency, tumblers, money, launderer, malware, purveyors and others supporting them. the bot. net disruption we're announcing today strikes a blow against russian intelligence. the russian government,
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the bot net work we disrupted, was built by the g r u, the russians government's military intelligence agency and in particular it was the unit in the g. r. you known to security researchers as sand warm team. this g r u team san warm had implanted a specific type of malware known as site clubs, blink on thousands of watch guard technologies, firebox devices. these are security appliances, mainly firewalls that are typically deployed and home office environments and in small to mid sized businesses. san warm, strong them together to use their computing power in a way they would obvious gate who was really running the network to let them then launch malware or to orchestrate distributed denial of service attacks like the g r u has already used to attack ukraine. i should note here that the g
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r use san warm team has a long history of outrageous destructive attacks. the disruption of the ukrainian electric grid in 2015 attacks against the winter olympics. and the paralympics in 2018, a series of disruptive attacks against the nation of georgia in 2019 and in 2017. the not petula attack that devastated ukraine, but also ended up hitting systems here in the us, throughout europe and elsewhere, causing more than $10000000000.00 such with a b in damage is one of the most damaging cyber attacks in the history of cyber attacks. with the court authorized operations were announcing today, we've disrupted this bot net before it could be used. we were largely able to do that because we had close cooperation with watch guard. we've worked closely with watch guard to analyze the malware and develop detection tools and remediation
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techniques over the past several weeks. and our operation removed rushes ability to control these fire box devices on the bottom network and then copied and removed malware from the infected devices. i should caution that as we move forward any fire box devices that acted as bots may still remain vulnerable in the future until mitigated by their owners. so those honors should still go ahead and adopt watch guards recommended detection and remediation steps. as soon as possible. we're continuing to conduct a thorough and methodical investigation, but as we've shown, we are not going to wait for our investigations to end to act. we're going to act as soon as we can with whatever partners are best situated to help to protect the public. this announcement today shows the value of the efie you're watching out as
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it it would be bringing your live press conference in the u. s. department of justice. that was f b i director christopher ray who was joining deputy attorney general lisa monica and attorney general manager garland with outlining some of via sanctions and actions that have been taken against russian oligarchs as they describe them to try to temper their spending and see some of their assets, want to go to our white house correspondent, kimberly hawk. it was quite a range of stuff fair. kimberly. but there seem to be fairly significant things that were talking about seizing assets and certain oligarchs also clumping down watch on a global dot net that christopher ray was just talking about and hitting a dot net server infection counter. yeah, i, you know, we can boil all of this down to simplify that. it really what this is, is the latest in a series of efforts by the u. s. government to disable the russian war machine to punish russia for its invasion of ukraine. and so what it is doing it is it is once
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again trying and coordination with g 7 nations and the european union working in lockstep, disabling the sort of ability to finance this war machine. and so this latest round of sanctions, not only goes after a russian, all a guard, but also disrupts one of the abilities of the russian federation to finance through the dark web using the bought net known as she are. you. that is currently according to us authorities attacking ukrainian targets now as well. there is an enormous amount of revenue that is being garnered through crypto currency. so a, as part of this action, the department of justice going after the crypto currency market place is seizing this illegal marketplace that exists on the dark web. not going into a lot of detail of how that occurs. but saying that this
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a does account for about 80 percent of the traffic that occurs on the dark web in this crypto currency market place is. so this is obviously significant. we also know and this is not new, this has been going on for some time. and you heard the deputy attorney general lisa monaco talking about this is that the u. s. government is continuing to seize the assets inside the united states, our russian oligarchy. this includes property, this includes yachts, this includes fancy cars and apartments and real estate. so that is still ongoing. so get a clear picture of what this effort looks like, what the u. s. government is doing, and they're promised to continue doing this. why? because they are horrified as the world is of these latest images that are continuing to come out of ukraine of what the united states and is western allies say are war.


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