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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  April 6, 2022 9:00pm-10:00pm AST

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how do you tell me how to 0? we're bringing the news and current affairs that matter to you. counter 0 for this is al jazeera. ah, hello, i'm sammy's a dan. this is the news our live from doha. coming up in the next 60 minutes. ukrainian soldiers search for mines and trying to identify bodies. we report from bhutto or russian soldiers are accused of killings and torture. every time they come across a body of those search at 1st for any potential booby traps before looking for any
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form of id that might be able to identify the body. the us says it's shot down hydro, the world's largest illegal market place on the dark web, with links to russia can of faces exile, former president, blaze compliant a sentence to life in prison. though with the assassination of his predecessor and thousands of motorcyclists protest against new security measures in columbia capital, following the bombing of a police post, i'm glad to get your osco with the sports tigers. back gulf 15 time. major champion plays a practice round at augusta as he prepared to make his competitive return at the master's now ukraine says more victims of torture and execution of being found every day in the cities of butcher it. a pin and bordered the anchor and videos continued to
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emerge, appearing to show more killings of ukraine, blames russian tropes and moscow. and sis, it's all fake, am on con, joins us now live from care of. so am wrong. you've been out and about and some of those areas in the global tensions spot right now. tell us how it looks and, and how representative are these images of what is going on across ukraine? well we went to boots her to day virtue was one of the towns occupied by russian forces. we've been there every day for the last 3 days. and i tell you there's now very marked very different atmosphere in boucher today. the civilian administration has been disbanded. is now been taken over by the army. there is a large amount of soldiers in town. we saw tanks on the streets or more. the soldiers are now doing is sweeping the entire area. they were fighting out in one of the forest nearby. ah, where they were looking for an abandoned ammunition,
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perhaps la mines and more dead bodies than they were finding them. sammy, and that's actually a very shocking thing. they're also trying to go with civilian administrators to try and survey the damage and get a real, a survey about how much damage was actually taken. but perhaps the most shocking thing, certainly for me, for our team is when we were in boucher we actually came across a dead body in one of those for us i was just talking about our report follows next . but be warned. it does contain graphic imagery from the start left to rot. we don't know how long the body of this man has been in these woods. his fingers have been eaten by stray dogs as ukrainian soldiers fan through these words are not any looking for mines, but every time they come across a body, they'll search at 1st for any potential booby traps before looking for any form of id that might be able to identify the body, the search of this area of boucher is only just beginning and there may be more
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bodies to find. this is the children summer camp friendships were forged. her memories made the v marks the russian military takeover. it's now a place of nightmares. when butcher was retaken on the 31st of march, 5 bodies were discovered in the basement of the compound. those who found them say they were allegedly tied up and executed, pulls of blood remain the only sign of what happened. her blanche tatiana was in her home when the russians arrived, and sir, from elisa, but all the russians took everything. they could. it's horrible. it's horrible. i never thought this could happen to us. our people suffered a lot, we'll do it. and this is the sri she lives on. ukrainian authorities are surveying, the damage butcher is now under ukrainian military control. everywhere you look,
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soldiers are patrolling while evidence is gathered for any potential war crimes investigations. well sammy, early you asked me how representative boucher was about about the rest of ukraine. well, butcher at a pin hosta mel ah, mockery of and a body. arnik. alba. all representative of what the russians did when they were fighting the ukrainians. what they did when they were occupying towns and a lot of those scenes you've just seen in that report will be replicated in those areas, but concern. and now the ukrainian gaze is heading towards the east and to the dumbass region. and the towns of mary apple at church eve and khaki in mary apple. it's been very difficult for ukrainian investigators to get in town to see exactly what has happened. the russians still control that all control parts of that out and they are still bombing that place or in chinese, it's a similar situation. the,
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an in car cave also, so it's replicated across parts of ukraine and the ukrainians. and now very concerned about what they might find if and when they re take those areas from russian forces. good stuff, they're from in law. com. thanks so much. and ron now mario pollen. ukraine. southern coast is still an under heavy bombardment. 160000 people still there, but they have no water, no electricity, medicine or communications. rob mcbride is in live where he's been falling development to mario full. there is a humanitarian corridor in place. it's one of the corridors that has been set up and is an offer operating on this day. and it comes from mary, you, papa. it is only open to private vehicles. we are hearing from upper leisure. this is the ukrainian controlled city to the north of maddie. you paul deserts, internally displaced. people are arriving there, but it's difficult to judge exactly how many of them will be coming from mary. you,
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paul, itself. the city is under renewed pressure from russian forces with air attacks and dare, bombardments. it does seem as though the russians are stepping up their efforts to completely take over the city. there is only just the that a small resistance in the center of the city and the russians have such a tight control. now around most of the outskirts of the city, that it's very difficult to get a lot of news out from, with the isn't controlled by the russians at the of there is a blame game going on between the 2 sides. the russians, both the, the 2 sides are blaming each other for the lack of humanitarian access getting into the town and humanitarian aid. president says zalinski of ukraine has gone one further in an interview with turkish media, accusing the russians or of hiding evidence of war crimes in mary you, paul, that's why he says that they are not allowing any external organizations such as the international committee of the red cross, et cetera, to get access inside the city because he says that they want to keep control of the
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city to clean up effectively once they take control of the whole city to clean up any evidence of war crimes before they allow people in these are allegations of course, that the russians categorically deny. now the u. s. has unveiled mall sanctions against russia this time against financial institutions and 2 of president vladimir to teens daughters, the bible ministration, also accusing a russian billionaire of trying to evade sanctions against him. the 1st action we are announcing today is the unsealing of an indictment. charging russian oligarchy, constantine mouth, f, with sanctions violations. as the indictment charges the treasury department previously identified malik f, as one of the main sources of financing for russians promoting separatism in crimea . and for providing material support for the so called don't ask people's republic . the 2nd action we are now seeing today is a disruption of
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a global bot. net controlled by the russian military intelligence agency, commonly known as the g r you. yesterday, together with our german law enforcement partners, we seized the russia affiliated hydra, dark net mot market, the world's largest legal market place on the dark web. let's go now to our white house correspondent, kimberly how can so kimberly, how much of a step up is this in sanctions? this is a major escalation, given the fact that these sanctions are broad. it's not just the united states. this is done unlocked staff with the european union and g 7 nations. and we know that these are the latest, the series of as sanctions that have been put in place by the united states, as partners and allies, and according to the white house, already these are having an impact as a whole. the russian economy, according to the white house set to contract some 10 to 15 percent in 2022
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inflation up about 200 percent. that's 2 percent a week. and what we do know as well is that there is a warning coming from the white house. it is cautioning against any nation working to kind of ease the burden of these sanctions and its impact, but who other nations that maybe even considering doing such a thing. in fact, they are issue that warning to china as well as india trying to discourage that. so that it will have the full impact. the reason the white house is doing this, of course, is because the desire of the west is to really cut the ability of lot of are prudent to finance the invasion of ukraine. and kimberly, think of through what exactly view s is doing to counter the russian cyber operations. well, what we know in terms of the cyber operations, is that the f b, i specifically is taking action. it has
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a seized what is essentially malware that has been in jacked it into the small businesses throughout north america. but specifically the united states. and what has done is disrupt what's known as the cyclops blink. net bought net system. we know that this is something that is operated by the russian government controlled by that the g r u. this is the sort of russian intelligence military wing. we are familiar with it. we know that this has conducted operations in the past, specifically in 2018 be olympics was hacked through this operation. you may have heard it referred to as sound worm in the past. so this is something that the f b i is looking at very carefully. they believe that they have circumvented some of the damage for now, but of course they are continued to be on the lookout for further efforts by the russian government to do similar operations. all right, thanks so much. kimberly from the white house the u. s. and german governments of
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shut down the so called dog that website selling illegal items, including drugs and fake documents. the u. s. department of justice says hydro market accounted for around 80 percent of all crypto currency transactions on the doc net last year. most customers were from russian speaking countries. the website earned around $5000000000.00 in the past 6 years. hydro market facilitated the sale of narcotics full sy, these computer hacking tools and money laundering services. jody westby is chief executive at global cyber risk. she says the shut down will help to secure the global online community. well for the internet overall, it means a lot more safety for businesses. these bought nets are very dangerous, especially the ones established by g r. u. the ration military have, as you noted in death, is billions of dollars worth of damage in their attacks. it's been very difficult
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to disrupt them. but the united states has developed a technique where it's a court ordered take down where they actually can detect the computers that have the malware in them. they get a warrant, almost like a search warrant. go into the computer, usually of small businesses, remove the malware, go back out and the businesses don't even know about it. so it's somewhat controversial and questionable whether it really does close the door. but it is effective in shutting down this kind of activity. so when you way shutting it down versus leaving it alone and dealing with all of these concerns, i think the shutting down usually prevails. and it's a great step that our government could work with international partners to do that . now the head of nato is warning the war in ukraine could last months or even the years. the n sultan book says the delivery of more weapons to ukraine will be discussed as nato foreign ministers,
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meeting brussels. we have seen no indication that the person put in house, so changed his ambition to control the whole of ukraine on also to rewrite her the natural order. so we need to be prepared for a long whole. we need to support ukraine, sustained our sanctions and strengthen our her defenses under our deterrence. because this can't last for a long time on we need to be prepared for about. the boston is in brussels with morons dalton book, strong stance against russia. what we've seen now in the last couple of days and weeks as well. also, especially after these images came out from a butcher that civilians there that has been some correct appearing. it seems that countries are calling out for more action, a more aggressive action, also by nato offensive weapons, possibly going to be sent to ukraine and others are much more careful. so that's
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a very interesting tone that he's striking there. and he's talking also about this strategic concept that nato is going to discuss during this meeting, sort of a road map that nato is looking at the future. salt and berg earlier today said there's shifting a shift in the world order. so to say also because of what's happening in ukraine and with the russian invasion. so that's also on the table. how is nato looking at this new reality and how are they gonna prepare? so it's a very interesting discussion that we're going to see is salt and burke also very important in this new crucial face of the war in ukraine. u. s. secretary of state antony blinkin is in brussels for those meetings with nato allies. he says the group will focus what more can be done to help you crane. we set out to do 3 things . if russia decided to pursue this horrific aggression against ukraine, one was to support or ukrainian partners. we're doing that to was to put
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extraordinary pressure on russia. we're doing that. 3 was to make sure that we were shoring up the defenses of our own alliance nato. and we're doing that. and to day tomorrow, we'll continue to talk about not only how we can sustain these efforts, but how we can build upon. now, finland, which shares a border with russia, has for decades, stay neutral on its big and neighbor. but now for the 1st time, a clear majority of finland's population supports joining nato. that's according to the finish. foreign minister who says, public opinion has changed since russia's invasion of ukraine says the false, because i said that a common opinion has changed very rapidly since the russian attack, against, or crane in 34 weeks. the clear majority 1st time ever from the finish population is reporting for the nato membership. and government will give this a paper on, on white paper on security to the parliament on the easter week. and then of course,
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we leave the debate time for the parliament. frankly, marcella had on the news hour including anger on the streets of sudan as protesters ramp up calls for an end to military rule and its advantage. manchester city as they take their lead in the champions league, quarter finals tie with athletic or madrid that's coming up with joe in the sport. ah. former president of becky no fast so blaze are complied. a has been sentenced to life in prison for involvement in the murder of this freed assessor thomas sanker and 12 others were killed in a qu in 1987. nicholas hark looks back at some cut of life and legacy. a visionary was a revolutionary, the son of a nation for the nation, not just lyrics to his song. 34 years after the south nation of beacon of fossils
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president to my son got he still revered by millions of people across french speaking africa. 1983, he was described as a feminist and environmentalist than they. 33 year old soldier. he was ahead of his time. he turned his back on international aid, money and loans from organizations like the world bank instead, favoring self sufficiency and calling for a more equal relationship with friends, the countries former colonial power. on the 15th of october, 1987 soccer was killed by an arm group along with 12 officials. his closest friend and former colleague bless compound took power. he along 13 others were on trial accused of murdering sancho. bless, compile, a was ousted in 2014, following a popular uprising that brought an end to his 27 year rule. he lives in exile in neighboring ivory coast and refused to take part. in this trial, his supporters saw it as a political witch hunt. according to official government documents, soccer died
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a natural death, but in 2015 authorities assumed his remains from a grave. an autopsy revealed his body was riddled with bullets in 2017 french president. emanuel mccoy agreed to release secret files on sanker. his death that led to the opening of the trial, though, is behind the assassination thought to silence on carrying his ideals. but it had the reverse effect. millions of people across for, in speaking west africa see in thong her a symbol of resistance against the powerful he's become a hero. and an icon celebrated in arts, culture and politics. many of those involved in the recent coup in molly and when in guinea last september half, reference sanker as leadership, as an inspiration. these are some of his last words in public. we need to accept, we are africans. it's the only way to live with dignity, soccer i says, adding, do you want, does he corrupt government officials or soldiers? then we will get rid of them. this may cost me my life,
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but we are here to dare. shortly after this speech, sanker was shot dead. nicholas hawk al jazeera or she though no og no go is joining us live from houston, texas. he's the founder of us africa, an online network covering africa. good to have you with us. so can we start with the picture, the picture that emerges from this trial about why son kara, was killed i believe he should turn in the fact that she wanted. she radically transformed community countries. and there were 2 grocery forces, led by then friend, blake come power, race, hosting the transmission of the lambda you called a fast comp. comrey show dash is our religion. so it's not from them in front
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of the progress of hostile today. ok, so who was feeling threatened by that message and did the trial sufficiently address the the allegations, the issue of foreign governments involvement in his killing it does not quite fuji feel all that was necessary at the fact that my child does not faster our way that they arrive to pack their development a go on your road or have national development track that will change on it. for most our car, given what you said then do you think the trial will ever heal the deep wounds that have been left on the national psyche? i think a little for a long time to gaze from calorie count triple for she's bruce's like
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rules in the killing mission off of the of the sofa people popular charismatic. so you've got to take a catalyst for change lisha or for a credit card for car there. well most of the rest of the most car present. wish cali people happy. bleed, perry. it may not count for his own go. i just looked at him, but i'm piecing together, i guess things you've said, then will people be satisfied that accountability should end with blaze comply a all, as i think you alluded to, there's a feeling amongst people that actually there are much bigger forces that play behind his killing the super from the discussion that rocky forces
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that are playing your 1st one. i think it is the national foresees who want to be a greater freedom and national development based on the resources and capacities. not only are foreign donations, but also i'm very responsible. look you know, 1st and then direct agent and agencies who work in diametric position to those interests. and there are those who jumped, jumped the interest of what meant to present take buy from us and car as a diversion items that i was talking about. and then what a 2nd now is that we will have to $13.00. how could something like this all seem not to do was because she did believe their life either she didn't. it was like telling them bagley is. com probably should be allowed to stay free. today is a history of looking at it. i guess when you look
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back on the figures that you know become legends posthumously, he's being called the che guevara of africa. you know, a man who talked about african self sufficiency to women's empowerment. but how did he deal with dissent? how realistic should one be in, in judging him holistically? in terms of the picture of our, the good, the fundamental point about him is this commitment of the detection to the welfare and well being of our own. i didn't look meant of his country of his people. and remember he also see the white up up there is age of will in west african. both frank are fully friends. that needs to
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be handled in a manner that it does not stay aware of. it could make independence for the pixels of west africa, which looking festal, which i saw, you know, no one who were respect, you know, one walking to the other thing to know about 10, which is important. is that dedication which you have for africa even beyond west african interests making a hero of many folks closing african continent. it was people saw sunsets have gone so so 2nd one was too early. he died too and a lot of people driven by like his future on our side in west africa shows the region of the previous, the capacity to, to motivate, to inspire his congressman was just
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a product and multiple cillian bridge. all for sure team or just making a life of luxury and intelligence, it was focused on ways to make people move to the next kind of follow the next wrong. because i'm going to school cautious, i'm developing, and that you, me to this day. one of the 3 major person of the last 50 years in africa. right. who stands out to stand out. right. thanks so much. she though no anglo. it's not christian extension or not process of being held in sedans, capital and several other cities against the military take over last year, wednesday, march, the 3rd anniversary of demonstrations that brought down formally the i'm out of the sheer demonstrates is one to then to minute rule and morgan is in khartoum with more. it's been nearly 6 months since the military here in sedan developed the
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transitional government of 2 years and took over power and senior government official people have been protesting ever since. and when they was no different people to the 3 by the 1000, not just in the capital, but also in other cities around the country to show the army that they don't want them in power. and they want the military to return to the barracks. they also call member rating the 3rd anniversary of fits in in 2019 that let the military that is currently empowered to overthrow the president back then president. so many, many projects. it's really close to say that they feel the revolution is incomplete, that they're still making the same demand. it's still demanding a civilian government. the army says it will not handle the power accepts an electron. government security has been using force of the processes. the you went and right you have tried before used by security as excessive and brutal, at least one to protest that have been killed. 100 others have been injured in protests against the military. but the violence that have been used was the
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security forces, which the un says has been brutal and excessive, has not did their protest as they continue to take the street. and they said they will continue demanding a civilian government until one of them played. mal somali land has launched the international appeal for $2000000000.00 to repair the damage from friday's massive fire. the main market in the capital gates was destroyed along with 500 shops, warehouses, and offices. at least 24 people were injured at the blaze right across 5 kilometers of the 50 before finally being put out. still had an al jazeera, as prices saw at the pumps, us void executives face questions on capitol hill. squeezed by challenges on both the far right and the far left, where in france for the latest on the president's re election hopes. and we look ahead to wednesday's action in the champions league including a blog bhaskar between chelsea and re outlet trip.
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ah, hey, we've got a blast of some early season here for the middle east. hello everyone. good to see you. here's the picture on thursday. so this includes for the levant, iran and the iraqi and peninsula key weights. we've got you in for a height of 41 degrees and hang tight. doha, i think yours will come. your 1st 40 degree day of the year will come on friday. plenty of sun in the forecast. those temperatures will drop as those winds shift around. plenty of 40 degree readings also to be found across pakistan. and in the days come as lama bod may hit 40 degrees as well. we've got high temperatures for afghanistan hertz at 35 degrees. it's a good 10 above where you should be for this sub the year. okay, so what, whether it's sliding eastward from the balkans running into turkey. so we got
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a shower a day through the boss for us for is stumble, 17 degrees, the number for you. now pulses of rain for central africa can be found closer to the coast. nigeria, right into cameroon, and gab lawn. libra ville has a high of 29 as we slide further toward the south. there is some sunny weather to be found here. so for example, in vin talk, but cool air has really sung in across south africa. so cape town, 18 degrees, a high for you on thursday, but give it a little bit your temperature on the way up all the way to 28 degrees on sunday. that's it for me to sit. ah, in 20 a journalist lead 40 days of civic action against the armenian government. and president sockets yann's, mom, i am going to liberty where a new documentary follows his non violent campaign to bring down her regime
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punishing outcome with. i am not in his velvet revolution coming soon on al jazeera. during the debate, there is no, he job bad credit union. i mean, if anyone here talks about women's rights or suggested, this will be assumed of themselves. no topic is off the table. we were taught to see abortion as a one way ticket street to help all of the companies. we deny any responsibility, even though the of the resources and the power to fix it, where a global audience becomes a global community. a comment section is right here. the part of today's program this stream on al jazeera. ah ah,
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welcome back here watching al jazeera time to recap, our headlines. the full scale of killings and destruction in the ukrainian towns of butcher is pin and bottled the anchor. i'm beginning to emerge. key of says more victims are being discovered every day with both of the tortured, executed and burn. the u. s. has unveiled more sanctions against russia this time against financial institutions and to a president vladimir putin. his daughters washington has also accused billing that constant to modify of trying to evade sanctions against a former president of bacchanal. fast, so blaze comply has been sentenced to life in prison for involvement in the assassination of his predecessor, thomas sanker and 12 others were killed during the crew. in 1987 inquiries in exile, the ivory coast him was tried in his absence. now, executives of 6 large oil and gas companies in the u. s. are testifying before
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a house committee in washington. they are facing questions about soaring gas prices and reported records profits for their companies. and, and fisher is following the hearing at capitol hill in washington d. c joins us live from there. so alan, how politicized is the whole issue becoming well, is he saying that over the last few weeks was seen incredibly high fuel prices here in the united states and fight the highest have been in 40 years. those prices are coming down slightly. no, but democrats, on one of the subcommittees here tied to the energy committee, they wanted to find out what oil companies were doing. and whether or not they were padding profits at the expense of consumers, particularly given the embargo on russian oil coming in to the united states, which is help put pressure up. now, the whole idea of the heating was to try make things easier for consumers. but what happened is it became a political battle. on one hand,
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you've got democrats saying the oil companies aren't doing enough to reduce prices, that they're putting their profits they are gouging. they are benefiting from of consumers at the pump and not doing enough. on the other hand, the republicans were saying, look, joe biden came into office saying that he was going to try and phase out fossil fuels that hit supply. he hasn't done enough to encourage drilling across the united states. the white house would deny that seeing that many, all companies are sitting on payments that they're not using. i and joe biden's and t at that oil policy has led to a spike in prices, which has been exacerbated by both inflation and then the war in ukraine. so when does the truth lie? probably somewhere in the middle is always these things are never black and white. there's always shades of gray, but here's the reality. the cost of fuel is going to be a huge political issue. when we get to the mid term elections, which are in november at the republicans think that they can do a great deal of political damage to joe biden,
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to the extent where they think they can possibly win back control of the house of representatives. and possibly even the senate. and so that's why this has become a huge political road to day. rather than that, being something which looks at the concerns of ordinary americans and the high prices they are ping when they go to try and fill up their cars with petrol. thanks so much for explaining that alan fisher, russia and ukraine are accusing each other of laying mines to endanger shipping in the black sea as well as the boss for us in turkey and send them cos all the reports from the stumble. the threat could affect global trade. with spikes, a large metal ball floats in a stumbles boss. first rate. it's a c mine billed by the former soviet union turkish commandos. approach it carefully . the team will diffuse advise and then remove it. is the 2nd time in 3 days. turkish fishermen have found a mind like this in their waters. last week,
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russia's main intelligence agents, a set 420 floating minds had drifted into the black sea after breaking off from cables near korean ports because of a storm. ukraine denied these claims. it says russia planted the mines with us. so i strew a former turkish rear admiral j judge, it says, the ties in the wind are diverting the minds towards the stumble. he believes the minds belong to ukraine or coalition. it would be illogical for russia to mine ports in odessa, where it's aiming for a military landing. why would they shoot themselves? also, if these minds broke off so easily, it means the mining wasn't done properly. that makes one think the mines were left to float free in the black sea. international law allows states to lay sea mines in their waters to protect themselves from attack, but allowing mines to flow into international waters is illegal. look, i believe i wish we lit that the un should be questioning ukraine. turkey has
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a strong capacity to sweep the minds, but this is an irresponsible aggregate. believe no matter who was responsible for the mines. they now pause a serious risk to local fishermen like shahan who have been taught not the fish at night. shine says when turkey defused the mice in the sea last week, the explosion hit like an earthquake. yeah, good, i'm a sick will might know is volatile if you don't see the mind then you explode. you done what i mean, only a slight contact is enough to do it. night fishing is banned now and thank god as the end of the season. but if we were in peak season, in the scenario would be different. we're expecting many more minds to drop by here on a month or so. the black sea is the major shipping outreach for green oil and all products turkish race are the on the waterways trying get to the mediterranean and the agencies 30000 vessels passed through the strait of his stumble last year. any interruption or risk in this region could disrupt the global supply chain. at the
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same, it is not clear who is responsible for these mines or how many of them are floating out there, posing a threat to people, and maria, and live on last. these questions are answered, it may take years to spot and disabled these explosive devices in the black, c, c. m co, solar al jazeera, assemble, now russian politician vladimir ger, enough ski has died age 75. the right wing populace leader passed away after cope with 19 complications. sure enough ski stood in every election since the collapse of the soviet union. he was known for his altercations in the legislative assembly . he had a reputation for his anti american speeches as well as his nationalist and often anti semitic comments. a curfew imposed in purdue to stop protest against the rising cost of living is lost in just 24 hours. president pedro castillo reversed
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his curfew decision as opponents accused of incompetence and demand his resignation . brianna sanchez reports from lima. ah, protesters defied a mandatory curfew. president bureau castillo imposed the measure, laid on monday protest. her said it infringed on their freedom. police tried to contain the people's anger they use dear gas, as thousands of peruvians demanded custio's resignation. many had come to rally peacefully with children and the elderly, joining the demonstrations, antonio put to rest his heel. protestant of castillo is ousted indigo indian. i am so angry, we cannot have this kind of a president. we have to put pressure on him to leave and to leave. now, stores cools and markets remained closed for most of the day, the army was deployed to some districts. they don't. castillo was under pressure and lifted the curfew, 6 hours before it was due to n, o. the spike,
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and fuel food and fertilizer prices was too much, even for the president's former supporters. pul peruvians, whose hopes were raised when he came to power last year, are now turning their backs on the government. i am. the truth is that castillo has to leave, because he's inept. this is not a government out with him. oh, the president met lo makers to find a solution to the crisis, but left without announcing any plan. ah, the situation is getting more tents in the streets of the capital as the hours go by. with protesters throwing rocks at police and police responding with their young . now these are a serious approaches that began out with oh. 2 melinda will continue whenever christie decides to do next. protestors here see they're fed up with
9:41 pm
a precedent. who's not fit to govern. mcginnis anxious, i just see that lima beetle. now members of parliament in sri lanka have met for the 1st time since the governing coalition lost its majority. at least 40 politicians walked out of the alliance on tuesday, blaming the government for food and fuel shortages for his own. go to biology parks to revoke the state of emergency which gave him widespread house the curb protest. protesters had been demanding his resignation as an economic crisis worsens. and i'll fernandez reports from colombo. the road to parliament, as you could see behind me, still locked off by barricades as the the security and the law enforcement authorities ensure the protest as dawn, storm parliament or get close. now obviously in parliament today, we had the speaker who told the gathering that the crisis, the challenges facing that this is still the beginning that it will get march, march was we had the government insisting the president go to abby. roger proctor
9:42 pm
is not going to be resigning the he's going know when he's staying put, obviously for the opposition like the t n. a parliamentary name is from under and he said the cabinet had resigned on mass that that itself was an acceptance that the government had failed, that they could not continue with governance. and he said that was a reason why they should step down. but obviously for protests is that stepping down of the cabinet, as you can see behind me just across are they're not, they're not satisfied. they still carrying banners and signs and lack odd. most of them who made that say, you know, go to go home. enough is enough, and just on this side, as you can see, given the tensions, obviously police right got they've got their battens in hand. they've got their shield. it is, oh, i must say pretty peaceful. the police has managed to maintain calm, but there are pockets of tension, and they have been warnings from organizers of these protests as well as the law
9:43 pm
enforcement authorities to keep things peaceful, not to let the violence get out of hand. now opinion polls in france suggest the race for president is tightening emanuel. my cross foot remains the favorite to win next month. but a fraud investigation is started in to allegations that government consultancy firms haven't been paying enough tax and microns facing both left and right challenges. as natasha butler explains on the northern city of leal oh, middle shore is one of from his best known politicians and funny re orita and former trotsky east. the far left party leaders spend years on the margins of french politics, but middle shores, fortunes are changing. opinion polls suggest he could make it to the 2nd round of the presidential election at a rally in leal, he said, if elected it end inequality, fight, climate change and tackle the cost of living crisis. law journal. good in new york
9:44 pm
lost millions of french people are being strangled by the rising cost of living and fuel prices, millions of french people. so the role of those you lead the nation is to fix this war. now. so supporters say he's the antithesis of emmanuel, my clar mental shore, once nicknamed the president of the rich i. it's been a difficult 5 years for many people. so as far as i'm concerned, we can't relax him and you and michael was helping me awful. i counted, milan, shore embodies anti capitalism. pro worker's rights were secret factories shutting in france. we want a strong europe and milan shown the only one with answers. so i thought it was one of the main reasons i lost i was doing so well in this presidential election. this because france traditional left wing socialist party is doing better for decades. the socialist party was a political force that created presidents. but the arrival of the sentries macro in 2017 and to shift among voters to the political right has left the socialist party
9:45 pm
in tatters and his presidential candidate anita goes, floundering in the polls. the socialist party still has local or mayors. but on the national level, it has lost in the appeal because it lasts a program. it's less idea is it lost the battle of ideas and end. roswell, lawns, presidency, is seen in its legacy as a moment of weakness, or in terms of ideas in terms of proposals, in terms of also answers to the problems of globalization of fur or the changes are in the society with most parties on the left, including the green trailing in the poles, men or shore is expected to reap the majority of left wing votes. few people expect him to win the presidency, but making it past the 1st round could signal that france is left is ready for a revival. natasha butler al jazeera little. ma motorcyclists in columbia's
9:46 pm
capital are holding protests against new security measures. the mayor of bob with eyes implementing new restrictions from april 14th that limits bikers movement. it follows the bombing of a police station that resulted in the death of 2 miners and injured 10 others. motorcyclist and rider allegedly held an explosive at the facility. alexander amputee joins us now live from boggart house to tell us about why the bikers are so upset about these new restrictions. yes, sammy, it's, it's very difficult to hear you here. it's the noise that thousands of their cycles are on the streets. i've still got that rain traffic to a standstill in there are angry at the mass just because the as a field that they're unnecessary measures that they are being signaled as if they
9:47 pm
were criminals. essentially what that may are is saying that starting next week there will be a bit probation to have passengers on motorcycles, 3 days a week from 7 pm until 4 am. and the mayor is presenting this as a security measuring response to a rising crime at nights. and in particular, after that last week there was an explosive device that was thrown, that was hurled allegedly by the passenger on m r. a cycle against a neighborhood police station, then people were wounded, their 2 miners, unfortunately died. so the mayor is now taking days as putting these restrictions in place to see if they can reduce crime at night, which they haven't been able to do in the past month. but motorcycle east are saying that they need to work, that they need to be able to move freely,
9:48 pm
that they need to be able to go and pick up the family members and friends in the evening. and that this manager, it's really honest to say, who will not do anything to try and reduce the crime because they say, if you look at this, that this is just 6 per cent of crimes. are committed by motorcyclists in the city . so what they're saying is, we don't understand what they want to do this. they may are saying that this is temporary, but they're afraid that this measure could become permanent, as it is the case in other cities in columbia. all right, thanks so much. i understand that i'm p s u that now salvador congress is approved prison sentences of 10 to 15 years. for those who spread gang related messages in the media. the measure was requested by president ny kelley and comes 10 days after declared a state of emergency in the country and follow the weekend of gang violence. that included at least $87.00 reported killings. journalist expressed their concern about the reform, calling it a clear attempt at censorship. minnesota,
9:49 pm
prosecutors have declined to file charges against police officers who faithfully shot the 22 year old black man during a raid. amir law was shot dead in his apartment in february after officers use and no knock search warrant footage showed police entering without warning while he was stating before he reached for a firearm. a report from the minority rights group international organization is accused. congress guards and soldiers of killing or raping indigenous, but what people says the battle with targeted and violent attacks in the past 3 years in eastern democratic republic of congo. the gods are accused of killing at least 20. but we're in a, who's the be aga national park, they face allegations of raping at least 15 women, enforcing hundreds out of their homes by burning villages. well, the report says the german and u. s. government knew about threats to the community in 2019, but continued to fund the park. still had an al jazeera tiger woods makes his final
9:50 pm
preparations ahead of his master's return. that's coming up with joe in the school . ah ah.
9:51 pm
ah ah ah ah ah ah catch awful with false news with joe savvy? thank you. tiger woods, its been practicing at augusta as he proposed to make his return to tournament go for the 1st time in over a year. gold, 15 time major champion showed no ill effects from the serious car crash he suffered in february. last year. they left him with leg injuries fans dance to watch as he
9:52 pm
played the back. mine at the court in georgia, was scheduled to take off for the 1st round of the masters on thursday morning. his return comes 25 years off to the $997.00 masters. which was his 1st major when we had a bit of fun giving his ball on the 16th earlier, he didn't make the green alongside his fellow players, but the fools you think so this confident he can win the 16th major title. on sunday, i've been in war situations and played out one tournaments now. haven't been in situations like this where i've had of a walk in and do are, you know what i'm going to try and endure? that's gonna be different. that's a different challenge. you know, those are all times that i've, i can draw upon that. i was successful how i've learned how to block things out and focus on what i need to focus on. and that's still going to be the challenge this week. the challenges include finals continue on wednesday,
9:53 pm
villareal faced by in munich and defending champions. chelsea host rail madrid. kickoff in those games is just moments away later. it's coach carlo and she was here arrived on time in london. italian didn't travel with the rest of the school because he tested positive for coven 19, but now returned a negative test, so he can be in the dog out stamford bridge against his former club. when i saw i saw her, but it always happens at ram madrid. even if we come from a run of 10 wings and we lose one or draw another, there's always criticism and people doubt us. i don't think there are any problems for us. we know where we are and what we're doing before moving to rail madrid coach well was in go for chelsea. and the belgian says that new owners need to keep the spirits of the club when they take over. chelsea also played round madrid in the champions league. last season, winning 31 over 2, legs in the semi finals. we should be very aware that teams with this kind of
9:54 pm
experience, this kind of flare and this kind of, of quality can produce special performances, synch, patton, special nights, and special locations, fos. it's also pretty special location to play against rama 3 and a quarter fine. and so that's why we feel also pretty excited and we don't lose too much sleep to think about where they are in europe. we want to proof point again, we want to prove to ourselves and that's the target. on tuesday, march 15th secured a one know when over at let's accommodate in their 1st leg. it was kevin deveaux in his school, the winning goal and 70 minutes assigned to meet again in madrid next week. so i do feel game tough will put in during 2530 minutes, play 55. so it's so difficult to find pieces, but we were patient enough except the 1st then 5 minutes before to leave at the end we had one or 2 more chances which came into school more goals. but even 10202
9:55 pm
mother, always stuff difficult. well, liverpool took a big step towards the semi finals. there were 31 winners that been feca abraham. i cannot say gave liverpool the leads. and before half time, the away side had their 2nd louis diaz, setting up sadie money motto. early in the 2nd open fee couple one back, a mistake, i cannot, a gifted a chance to dull and nunez but in the final few minutes, liverpool restored their toodle advantage when diaz scored a 3rd to put him firmly in control ahead of next week's return. leggat and field are a few missed chances from ahem. it's solid though an manager you can prop says the international matches with egypt have taken their toll hesitate. it's clear that more wants to score as well, especially in this moment. but it's, it's all fine. it's a tough period. both boys came back from africa. it's really not easy. of massive
9:56 pm
russia on both of her shoulders. both had to solve it for their countries. am the managers that they're part in that as well to put it on them, i think. and it's all that needs to be time to schedule. that's all or game for for more and sergio tonight. 0, one gets called the other one. unfortunately not. but everything will be fine. nick curios in that far away from creating headlines in the well to tennis, but on this occasion it's all positive. yes. trillion recorded his 1st victory on clay since 2019 is 3. that victory of american, mackenzie macdonald, was made even more impressive. given, carol's, hasn't laid a tournament on the surface for almost 3 years. he'll play another american, tommy pull. the 2nd round. yes, it is like a little bit, but you know, my gave it to think like, wow, well, well, you know, it's a great atmosphere on the grounds. pretty moves around the world continue to progress with in the army. the at
9:57 pm
a lake has weren't feature in the playoffs this season l to losing to the phoenix suns, 121 to 110, the lakers 11th in the western conference and can no longer make the top 10 phoenix now have franchise record of 63 wind for the season and the utah jazz officially secured a thought to the player soft, the beating, the memphis grizzlies, and over time you were led by rudy. go bear with 22 points and 21 rebound for the players again with this sunk from den well house junior. and finally the shirt worn by argentina football legend diego mariano. when he scored the infamous hand of god, goal is to be auctioned and could fetch more than $5000000.00 argentina wearing their alternative blue shirts again, england in the well cut course final in mexico. in 1986. the online auction held by sotheby's will open on april the 20th are at on a sore, twice in that match against england before helping argentina when the overall title . wish i had all that much money and i could bid for it. well,
9:58 pm
that is all your support for now. practice. i mean thanks so much doubt. that brings us to the end of this news, our bog. the good news is there's another show come out there with us. ah ah, amidst destruction and despair, a group of friends resist rescuing books from the rubble, they build a refuge for freedom and democracy. a secret library of hope from which they endeavour to rewrite their story and that of their country. witness daria
9:59 pm
and library under bombs on al jazeera, harmful pathogens are increasingly affecting our lives with terrible consequences. a new documentary asks whether we've learned any lessons from the h. i. v. epidemic in the fight against coven 19. 0, how we ignore the global serve? to put prophets before people and what caused ah, time of pundents on ology. from the ruins of mosul, music as re emerged. these are some of 40 musicians who make up the whatever orchestra in iraq 2nd largest city. despite being bound, been mostly was occupied by i so the melodies arrived derfin christian curd arab so need and she has these young men and women represent the diversity of iraq to be
10:00 pm
able to hear music. i mean the ruins of mussels, old city, feel strange, but it brings home. the resilience are presidents who say that despite the destruction and lack of help, they remain committed to bringing the city back to life. ah. the discovery of more bodies in newly liberated towns, ukraine says it's further evidence of torture and execution at the hands of russian forces. ah, martina, this is out here and live from london was to coming up russia's bump.


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