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tv   Witness Daraya - A Library Under Bombs  Al Jazeera  April 7, 2022 3:00pm-4:00pm AST

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through a city's fighting fire with reason, we are fighting for voices to be heard because we don't want to see any of these. we get her. i never again part of the radicalized youth series on al jazeera. ah, i wrote madison and don't have the top stories analogy 0 i new video has emerged that appears to show ukrainian forces killing detained russian soldiers. it was a portly shot outside the village on the cliff care, a few kilometers south, west of boucher on march. the 30th russell seller has more from the terrifica on march 30th, wilder, russian, our forces were withdrew him from a nearby town called demetrika. and they have been ambushed here by the ukrainian
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a forces. she knew that day, a heavy, a fight took place right in this support. and several russian were for our forces. wiggles had been destroyed, but the tanks, personal care years here came under the fire from the artillery by the ukrainian forces. now here in this support, i can see at least 8 military wiggles personal carriers and the tanks completely destroyed in some of the personal carriers still, the russian soldiers buddy are completely burned out there. you can see and also wild find was continued here. the other russian forces were dispersing, and several of them are trying to escape from the battle. they ran into the woods, but then they also had been killed by the ukrainian forces still around here. there are, there are the unexplored ammunition remained from the russian forces. and on the
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same day, at right over there, several other russian forces also had been captured by the ukrainian forces. 2 of them are particularly important because at the da da, a video that support an outrage has been immersed right over there. in the video, we see that one of the euclid, russian soldier still alive and heavily breathing, have been killed by the ukrainian forces. the, when in fact ministry said a, did the destruction of the russian columns here was precise, were covered, the video that emerged shows a more complicated reality. and also to bodies got the russian reaction to that incident from moscow. well, we've been hearing from the russian ambassador to the united states anatoly anthem of who says that the lack of coverage by the american media about this video that's
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now been verified by the new york times just shows washington biased towards the conflict in ukraine and the russian state media have been running this footage quite extensively over the past 48 hours, saying that this is yet more evidence of russia's position. and the ukranian of forces are carrying out acts of violence against the russian troops. and they are comparing the ukrainian forces to those members of i soul as well as the nazis. that is, of course, the narrative that has been put forth by the officials from russia over the past. now, $4344.00 days since the so called special military operation began by the russian forces in ukraine. this is the 1st time we've seen footage that's been verified by western media of russian soldiers being killed by allegedly ukrainian forces. now,
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we also heard from the russian defense ministry on wednesday, who said that they have heard of accounts by russian soldiers of torture at the hands of ukrainian forces. and they are urging the international aid organizations to get involved to investigate the accusations. in other world news, yelman's president room. and so heidi has delegated power to a new leadership council. saudi arabia's advising the new assembly to start negotiations with the who. these re add plans to give you a $3000000000.00 to rebuild its economy and comes just days after a cease fire was announced. a turkish court has transferred the trial for murder, jealousy, yamaha, so z to saudi arabia. the saudi credit was killed inside the kingdoms is symbol consulate in 2018? it was the headlines coming up next. ologist a witness. goodbye. the
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a methylation, daddy redated household. i live in the south with william and that was my daughter yet. i think the the sat them i've typed, i can't say that i was going to mom shall come, did i get my pregnant? that's not bad. we're going to post enough. mm hm. because of what one that so the police and also georgia southern ran a dog. yeah. my book. nose with it or oh, oh flint. oh, no heck. the list where he'd gotten with stone content, talk to them and don't know what kind of thing i mean, you know, so i thought it, it's good. what value like yes,
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and then of that image a little i shot, i love it. live as she heard the 18 mendoza mckayleigh. nicholas r o. e on check in with a copy of the online municipal, a dean that i know a little my actual book. i did look alicia compartment off our a i n y
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i can get out not that can i know a dot a u a a a a, a oh see if i go to the post the living crisis and the war crane living log in. i know michael is more likely to win, but how much ground in the fall, or i can say we're in the plan. i know those game for the french election on
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average. is there a feeling the debate? there is no job bad. and if anyone here talks about women that i took a then says no, take it off the table. we were taught to see abortion weight tickets straight to hell. all of the companies they deny any responsibility, even though they have the resources and the power to fix it, where a global audience becomes a global community. the comment section is right here. the part of to gaze proven this to eat on out is iraq holding the powerful to account. as we examined, the u. s. is role in the world on al jazeera gutter, one of the fastest growing nations in the way. ronnie cuts out needed to oakland and development school international shipping companies to become a p middle east and hub for trade and wanting skillfully, mcdonald 3 key areas of develop, filling up products of connecting the world,
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connecting the future. wanted cato, cortez gateway to whoa trade. lou anne robinson and dough had the top stories on al jazeera and new videos emerge that appears to show ukrainian forces killing detained. russian soldiers was reportedly shot outside the village of met rifka, a few kilometers south, west of boucher on march, the 30th russell santa. as more from the truth got raised over, there are several other russian forces also have been captured by the ukrainian forces. 2 of them are particularly important because the de ville, that support an outrage has been emerged right over there. in the video,
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we see that one of the euclid did the russian soldier still alive and heavily breathing have been killed by the ukrainian forces you been in the 1st ministry said at the destruction of the russian columns here was precise work. however, the video that emerged shows a more complicated reality dos as your bodies good more from moscow. we've been hearing at 1st from the russian ambassador to the united states anatoly, anton off, who says that at the video and a lack of coverage by, at the american media around. it's just illustrates that they're biased towards the conflict in ukraine. we also and have been seeing this footage air playing heavily, of course, on russian state tv over the past 24 hours. and the headlines i read as something along the lines of that this is proof that the ukranian military has turned into.
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and i sole and that they are at comparing the ukranian army to the nazis during walker to deguerin's foreign ministers called for more weapons to fight to russia. the mutual collaborative g 7, ministers, ukraine, and can defeat russia if the world provides support. in yemen, president of the romance or hobby has delegated power to a new leadership council. saudi arabia is advising the new assembly to start negotiations with the hoodies. certain satellite is group to join protest since the length i'm calling for the president to resign because of that you can only crisis . there has been weeks of process of our high food fuel prices and lengthy poncas. are a candidate marine. the pen is holding her final rally of the french presidential election campaign. later on thursday. paul suggest the race is tightening. coming up next on all zeroes, witness learn
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we saw the weather in ohio in west millstone. dizzy. carol. is she in you fast enough at buddy fin appleseed would hire to pub young? yeah. so final hudson, i shall see you had better ha, now lena cooper for them. and the beginning as e for digital a. so he had athena i hadn't seen a huge fun. my gun now has to be out all to him. johnny b 3 issue a bill is sort of uh they are going to mit allotment. who off here on how are you with daddy? can you almost solid tele to kiya song? hi, a name is anon non look law and are not all of them. is julia on nozzle on
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i want to come and i'm on the cabinet. that was a little donor found out about done with our system. mm hm. today, if not, let's go with us on the off. i'm going to hold on a citizen, 2nd class left us in the month to had thought it to table one not made a c p a . i was how the plan to a what going to look on ah,
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i'm up to the end result. i love my planet of jacksonville with 3 who told me i didn't choose a reseller breast as it was. so what was the war? hold on me. i would say, yeah. oh oh oh oh oh dear, i'm an old man bowed that a kind of chem i was sudden a shouted a said the fish among the smiles. for those that are a
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a mom to fail in a specific and on land up in the height. galatia ok now is that that other bank will pull a nice mother then i would i know edward handy claimant the tax will be billed them, but it will it does it of stuff on it and i'm sad was that those are 2 days my yeah, but that it is money. got the full i phone with you. a guy up even me at at this loan. oh, sorry about that. no problem. or should i phone number a? yeah. i left you with
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a with to see
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a family man politicized by the forces of nature filmed over 4 years. i come in pharma documents, his struggle for his community survival and builds a template for global action on climate change. cassini, the climate diaries, a witness documentary on how to xena non journey has begun. the faithful world cup is on its way to qatar book, your travel package today. here's your weather story for the americas. hello,
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everyone. good to see you. we've got a washout coming for new york d c rate in to the northeast. this is all part of a vigorous system spreading some snow into ontario as well. in this zone, we could see about 4 to eat centimeters to the west. we go that warmth traveling further toward the north like this, portland 25 degrees. seattle, 21 in the sunshine. but let's go to where the center of this heat is as california as surf. i think it may do at 30 degrees all last summer. you didn't even hit 30 degrees, and here we are in april los angeles, 37 degrees, you are under a heat advisory there still some storms around the u. s. gall state. so for georgia, as we head into the carolinas, pushing into the mid atlantic in same goes for florida. as a winds off the gulf of mexico, the bay of can patch a likely to generate some showers, southern mexico into the yucatan. heavier burst coaster against panama, meeting up without what weather in south america, especially for that pacific coast. there is a deadly landside in that southwest of columbia near the border with good door in still more rain to come on thursday. some pretty big storms around,
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paraguay stretching into the southeast of brazil. puerto lake gray could scoop up to about a 100 millimeters of rain on thursday. okay. gutter on season. chatter, air way. official ally of the journey. take your seat. be part of the action, discover katzoff in one package, yet the old to move well copy experience with the world's best allied katzoff at ways. county you see now the that book you complete fever world cup package today with blue.
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ah, ah ah, this is al jazeera ah hello, i'm about this, and this is the news are live from doha. coming up of the like 60 minutes, new video appears to show ukrainian forces killing detained russian soldiers outside key. my agenda.


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