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tv   News  Al Jazeera  April 9, 2022 5:00am-5:31am AST

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the battle with the us, ah, when i, when east me, the online warriors behind the key one out of the era holding the powerful to account. as we examined the u. s. his role in the world on al jazeera. ah, russia is accused of more atrocities after a missile hits the train station in east a new crane killing at least 50 people. ah, clubs, the whole rahman you're watching old. is there a life my headquarters here in doha coming up in the next 30 minutes? homes destroyed lives shattered. we report more than ukraine, where many waiting for aid after their city was flattened by russian troops. also, pakistan's prime minister says he won't recognize any government that replaces him
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as parliament prepares to vote on pushing him out of power. that an unusual referendum in mexico was president lopez overdose asks voters to decide if he should stay or go. welcome to the program. ukraine is calling it deliberate slaughter and a crime against humanity. at least 50 people. many of them children have been killed by a ballistic missile, which hit a train station in the eastern city of commer thoughts. thousands of ukrainians were there hoping to board trains west to safety. the kremlin has denied responsibility while separatists and the break away region of denette say, what happened is a ukrainian provocation. ra mcbride begins our coverage even by the standards of this was brutality. this was a shocking attack with ukranian civilians bearing the brunt of the station. a crime,
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a toss was crowded with passengers among them many women and children trying to get trained to take them to safety. and sure to find the music. surely, plaza, every one was panicking. people were screaming and crying. then i saw a wounded woman. she was bleeding heavily, parts of a mis i'll lay nearby ah, the vive railway station in the west, the end of a journey that's taken well over 24 hours, traveling almost the length of ukraine from cram a tours in the east. this train set off well before friday morning's attack, bringing people who like the victims, were trying to escape the escalating fighting. it was a very bad situation. liana tells us all the time there was shelling and bombing. i suggested. what will you do now in levine? we ask, i've no idea she says, just to get out was the main thing. and she heads off with her children,
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not knowing where. in the town of by stand korean southern ukraine, people arrived to escape battles around kirsten and bic, alive. the fighting has continued for weeks and does now move closer to their homes . about them yesterday they started showing us, they started destroying their houses and everything with canons. then the tags appeared from the forest. so i decided to leave many displaced people head for the relative safety of western ukraine in the early days of the war, levine, railway station, and the western border crossings were overwhelmed with hundreds of thousands of people. as the russian advance was halted, some refugees started returning. now they're being advised to leave again. the flow of people through the station is closely followed the course of the war from the start of with fears of a renewed russian offensive in the east. the viv another cities in the west and are bracing for a serge in people wanting to escape the fighting. anton and irina have arrived with
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their 5 children escaping fighting and the se. stacy, russian federation started bonding. our says we stay we way. but the, i just make that decision for the 1st bomb fallen near my house. i take my children's illinois immediately the army, wilma. yesterday's over, 2 missiles shut down near our home, the shrapnel, fallen outside. they planned to leave ukraine. how far as far away as possible, they say rob mcbride, al jazeera levine, now senior year officials who visited ukraine for the 1st time since the war began . pleading to fast track ukraine's bid to join the block. now each commission president as live on the line and foreign policy chief, yes, at burrell, met ukrainian president brought him his zalinski in cave wrestle, said the reports now from the capital one. we are the highest level diplomatic
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visit to ukraine since the war began. the president of the european commission, or sla one de leon joined by the blocks foreign policy chief, joseph burrell, 1st visited the town of butcher. the city north west of kia has drawn international attention since the evidence emerged of mess it. rusty's allegedly committed by russian forces. it's an allegation that russia denies. when de leon appeared visibly shocked when she saw the zoom, the bodies of those found in mass graves. here in hotel, we saw our humanity being shattered. and it is the whole world is morning with the people of which are on, on bread. when you're welcome in keep you, delegation was welcomed by ukrainian president. one of them is zelinski at the presidential palace, where they discussed away 2 of our standing issues from the construction of the war
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on country to the supply of new weapons. at the press conference afterwards, both promises were made. chief among them ukrainian membership of the you, the president of the it will be not as usual and matter of years to form this opinion. but i think a matter of weeks if would work closely together for you, you will not have his on. i want to give you that the question, yeah. will be ready with answers all select in hawaii. huh. which presents the lensky welcome to promises an offer of a fast track membership reaches, but hinted to at this unity in the union over the severity of sanctions placed on russia. as number did, the most important thing it now is to be united to a korean be together here. even when leaders of certain countries are slowing down or breaking this process, will say your best re of march at the brink of war,
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the capital q. so an exit is of diplomatic missions. now, as european leaders, we emphasize their support for ukraine. joseph border told me diplomat, what they stay house, that they're dead delegation of japan union. my delegation to the location of the for ng of hers is coming, is coming with us accompanying us company in breton and on that line and myself and they will remain here. and allegation will beat re open as key will to connect with the world. those killed here are, remember ukraine's war. if easter neighbor appears to be pushing it closer to east european allies in the west. the rest will say that al jazeera, kia, the people in the northern ukrainian city of china. he var waiting for humanitarian assistance. after russian troops finally left, now some residency in electricity blackout means are struggling to inform the government about the di conditions in which they are living among con,
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spoke to some of those affected well thought on their good. and i read will know this woman like many others in a suburb of churney, that feels forgotten, forgotten by her government, forgotten by the media, forgotten by aid agencies. she can't live in her home anymore. she tells us it was showed last month by russian artillery nailer has no idea how to even tied he up, much less moved back in the living room. and says that towns like butcher and her pin, near the capital of received aid, help and attention while hear nothing. stickle mazda testing is done is not hops. didn't know what happened here. i can't register the damage because the government because i don't have electricity or internet. if i could register it,
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perhaps they might help. but for now, we just have to help ourselves 9 that in a wooden pursuit to what might have been of it will depend on the civil administration in geneva is overwhelmed. and so community groups have stepped in to help. where once they sold cars, they now distribute food. and while this might look like a lot of food, it will be gone in a couple of hours leaving hundreds outside with nothing. this food distribution point operated throughout the russian onslaught. when they had food, they would open for more often than not. they had nothing. today though is a good day. they have at least something to distribute. oh, really a process of order, but i still get anxious. mostly people ask for bread and water, you know, but water less now because they have running water. canned food is in high demand. that in fact, anything edible should is they take family. so what does this leave?
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this man tells us his house was flattered by russian tanks, and no one has come here to offer help. he trudges over the damage with no clue where to even begin rebuilding. the russian president vladimir putin insist that his forces on to targeting civilians or civilian infrastructure. but the evidence against that once again is overwhelming. and in this village across a large area. and this is where some of the civilians who were also killed or buried. the authorities had to clear part of the woods to make space these freshly dug graves all bear the same months. march, 2022 will be remembered. even if those who survived forgotten him wrong. calling out his error, a suburb of tourney. a large chunk of the world's wheat and cold supplies come from
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russia and ukraine. and the un says the war is pushing global food prices to record levels. food prices dropped nearly 13 percent last month. the highest levels of records began as, according to the us food price index, which tracks the world's most traded food commodities, vegetable oil saw the biggest increase up 23 percent ukraine as the world's leading export of sunflower royal. russia is 2nd. grain prices including wheat, barley, and cold row, 17 percent russia and ukraine together export more than a quarter of the world's wheat. there is effect on the world because of the increasing prices are the levels we are observing today in 2 years, especially in wheat and may not get in right. because rise, we have very good supply. that means that people which are the poorest, which their expenditure depends on foot, the biggest cheryl, the expenditure. it will be the multiethnic done. the countries that import use to import from a brain around 50 countries for 30 percent of those years,
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from crane and russia. federation, and of those $26.00 import to 50 percent. but there is one more effect which is very important for us, which is the act like an outside of the prices of food. the prices for the lighters have been going substantially up. and why is it so important is because it will affect the production of the next diesel. and that's where we are really concerned . well, still had here on al jazeera, we look at what's next for amazon as record deforestation takes place in brazil. also. i meet the comedians themselves to dollars as laughter is the best medicine. ah, richard, he has begun the full world copies on its way to the castle book, your travel package to the hello there. it's all about the scorching heat when it
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comes to south asia. we've got that early april heat wave continuing from much of northern india. we've got red warnings out for west rochester, but that heat extends west into pakistan as well. and further south with the temperatures rise up to the early forty's. and for the 1st time this season, new delhi for 40 degrees on thursday. well that's set to continue. we have a look at the 3 day. we're going to be touching 40 to all through to the new weeks, very hot and dry. there is some relief it can be found in the south, but coastal showers moving into careless warnings out for thunderstorms as well. and we are expecting to rein rather wet in sri lanka, with thunderstorms in colombo through to next week. things are looking rather unsettled for that north east corner. we've also got thunderstorm warnings out for us, some, some of that wet weather, extending down into bangladesh and intensifying for places like nepal in the days to come. and if we follow that system further east to east asia, we can see that wet weather pushing into western areas of china. it remains rather
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fine in july for much of the country. however, with temperatures above average in hong kong, shanghai and beijing, and lots of sunshine for the korean peninsula. cats ha, airway official airline of the judge, of all my friends and co workers who were detained. i am the only one who survived . they were all waiting for news of the menfolk and was only one word a little much for though i saw a boy killed in his father's arms. i saw a man killed next to his son. i have only once in my life, seen men who are scared to death. 30 years old from the start of the wall bosnia, the cam on al jazeera. ah
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ah, what about kill watching old was there with me? so robin a reminder of all top stories, at least 50 people have been killed in a rocket to attack it, eastern ukraine, it hit a train station and come forth, also being used for civilian evacuations. as a result of his lensky says, russia is an evil, with no limits for carrying it out. moscow denies involvement. the head of the e. u. has this is boucher. russia is accused of committing war crimes in the town of old line. then hell talks with present zalinski, chief, she promised speed up the process to ukraine to join the you than to keep typing sanctions. and ukraine's president has warned al jazeera of renewed attacks on keith by russia. but amidst, let's be said, that'll happen if the premium forces fail the eastern front. but he said to st.
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towns liberated is giving many people hope in these boxes on parliament tool meet on saturday morning to consider removing prime minister iran calm from office. the supreme court ruled on thursday the car broke the law by trying to have the president dissolved parliament and call an election. judges also said cons decision to block last sundays. no confidence vote was unconstitutional. can address the nation on friday, saying he's fighting to protect the countries self rule from foreign powers. come al hider has more from the capital. william brown con, basically talked about the fact that dish opposition, which had now rallied together on a one point a gender to get rid of him. as instigated from overseas, our direct interfered and cindy internal affairs of the country. he said he was disappointed by the fact that the court did not look into that matter which were against 2 article 5 that day when the foreign conspiracy loyalty wedded question.
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but he also hinted by saying that his subordinates are to come out on sunday and out of god's means they did now ready to face dad. no confidence motion, n d a national assembly. tomorrow it is going to be a heated debate and it will be important to see how this plays out. the 1st black woman to serve on the u. s. supreme court has spoken about her historic domination and coming justice cassandra brown, jackson said it may have taken 2 centuries to happen, but the sentence decision is making many americans proud. kimberly held it as the story night. it was a ceremony on the south, one of the white house, to mark an historic confirmation that had been centuries in the making. it has taken 232 years and $115.00 prior appointments for a black woman to be selected to serve on the supreme court and the united states.
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but we've made it, ah, we've made it all over. all of us. in this nomination has confirmed judge to told you ground jackson was confirmed to the nation's highest court on thursday in the u . s. senate. the significance of the moment was not lost on comma harris, who made history is america's 1st female and woman of color, vice president. you will inspire generations of leaders. and they will see, for the 1st time, for women sitting on that court at one time, had to angie brown jackson's confirmation is a victory for president joe biden,
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whose approval ratings are in need of a boost, including among black voters who helped elect him to the white house, but on friday it wasn't his political future that biden was focused on. but instead the women this moment could inspire this is gonna lead so much sean sunshine on so many young women. so many young black. so when you are ready to lee, look back and see this was a moment of real change in american history. jackson says that is the child of parents who attended, racially segregated schools more america is on the right path. in my family, it took just one generation to go from segregation to the supreme court. i would jackson sworn in later this year
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for the 1st time white men will no longer make up a majority on the court for the 1st time, the u. s. supreme court will look more like the america it, sir. ah. goal of president biden's. when he took office? kimberly help hit al jazeera, the white house voters in mexico will head to the polls on sunday to decide on whether the president should remain in power. manuel lopez, overdose cold full the referendum himself. he says it'll reaffirm that people are in charge. but critics say it's unnecessary and the low turn out is expected. manuel republic has more from mexico city. mexico will hold a controversial presidential recall referendum on april 10th. mexican citizens are being asked a simple question, should it mexican president under this? manuel? nope. is over. i thought be allowed to finish his 6 year mandate or not. i can follow sir lopez over there though. it has called this 1st of its kind recall vote
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on the government's highest office a way to empower citizens and vital for validating his presidency and doesn't look at some of the little mac and he's more than good. busy what we're seeing is some mechanism for direct democracy with old mexicans can evaluate the chief executive product after 3 years for this mechanism to be activated. a certain number of signatures are needed. in this case, the signatures have been gather your and on april 10th, we will go to the pulse to vote for preference. oh the recall referendum has become one of the most polarizing political topics in mexico. many criticize the $77000000.00 price tag to hold the vote. others have called the recall referendum on the presidency unnecessary adding that lobe is over a lot already hasn't nearly 60 percent approval rating a stem of money for span? nah, nah, think we are protesting against the measure. this government is taking. we are not in favor of the vote for the revocation of his mandate because its being promoted
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by the government when the citizens should have promoted it. critics also argue that the president is using the special recall mechanism to violate campaign laws and galvanize his party. supporters ahead of the countries next presidential election in 2024. in april, cecily, you at all levels in this process of floating with waters, nearly every rule he's been broken. the president has engage in campaigning. public officials are campaigning, political campaigns or breasts into social media, and what is the person his subject well to flex his political muscle? when a recent survey suggests that only as much as 27 percent of eligible voters will participate in the upcoming referendum for below the 40 percent necessary for the results to be binding, regardless of voter turnout. however, the mexican president has vowed to resign. if you lose it now at least 12 people
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are being killed in flesh cutting at a mining camp in northwest columbia. authorities say the workers were eating dinner when a storm struck and caused the riveter overflow. my rescue was searching for 2 people still missing. brazil's rain forest said disappearing at an alarming rate. official data shows 941 square kilometers of the amazon has been destroyed already this year . the 64 percent more than this time. last year. model kiana, kiev reports now from british narrow it's rainy season in the amazon. normally a time when logging activities and fires decrease. yet deforestation has been on the rise. during the 1st 3 months of this year, 941 square kilometers of the brazilian rain forest were destroyed. 64 per cent, more than the same period in 2021. official data just released shows 1st quarter deforestation at its most extensive since 2015. ah,
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it's the result of illegal logging in mining. but environmentalists also blamed brazil's president j eatable sonata. we know that these is the caustic base of said row i off did it are made to why does he that has been limited by the current over me see she took office in 2019 so this surveillance activities war drastically reduced, there is no action by and you fight deforestation. and there are several deals that actually entered the wrong message that the who do environmental crime will not be punished on the other hand, it will, they might be benefited with a change in their current regulation. so all of this leads to a scenario 8 reached or a station rates are out of control. and you're also an ad was pushing for legislation that will open indigenous lands to mining thousands of representatives
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of more than $170.00 indigenous tribes are now in the capital, brazilian protesting against a set of bill, which will make it easier for minors, loggers and farmers to commercially exploit the amazon from january to march deforestation in indigenous lands increased by 52 percent compared to the same period last year. environmentalists say this is particularly conf, turning because those areas should be protected. whereas to day, the opposite is true, monica not give al jazeera rio de janeiro. now, the 1st of all, civilian astral team to the international space station is blasted into all bits. the crew includes 3 businessmen who each paid $55000000.00 to take part. the toys gave them b as the story. 310. lasting all from ness
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is kennedy space center in cape canaveral, florida. space axis, falcon, 9 rocket launches for a journey to the international space station pro y view inside the cabin on board. a businessman larry corner mult patheon, each instead, each paid $55000000.00 for their take it leading the crew for the 20. our flight is retired. nasa astronaut, michael lopez alegria. it's the 1st civilian astronaut team to travel to the i assess. nathan and others say it's a milestone in the commercialization of low earth orbit. the significance is this flight is something that latham and space acts and it's other commercial partners have been working towards, you know, where they are able to take commercial industry and put it into space. and so this is an the 1st step into a broader world for that. so it's very exciting. the mission is a collaboration between e law, musk space, x commercial space flight company axiom and nasa space ex directed mission control
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full the flight from the company's headquarters near los angeles spectators who watched the launch said they wanted to see history being made at my age. i don't think there's much charge. i'll be back in america to say another one. today was the day when i wanted to see the lord. i wanted to say a minute space launch got this famous to explode. so much unknown. we talk about our world and what we haven't yet found. the bottom of the oceans as the top of the mountain space is infinite out, there is a node what a the team is set to arrive at the international space station on saturday. and despite being tourists, though, spend 8 days conducting scientific research data on landing, like deploying victoria gate and be al jazeera, the hollywood actor will smith has been banned from the oscars for 10 years. the slapping comedian chris rock on stage the academy of motion,
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picture arts and science board, which organizes the award ceremony, made the decision at the meeting to discuss disciplinary action. smith has apologized reactions and resigned from the body. now, there should be plenty of laughter to look forward to this weekend at the ju, but international comedy festival in south sudan among the comedians on stage is a cool jumbo. he reckons the best company comes from hardship. his, his story. my name is a code dumble and i'm a stand up comedian from south to dunn was the only one. i was locked up in a row before the bus for the past 8 months of the funding. me then after that i went but that's done and done was not as locked up as the rest of the country. i navigated my way back. a little bit of zone shows a little bit of online content. there. a little bit of about one of running to few 20 people like
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a 35 as of by the way through through it. yeah. you'll be glad to go for it yet and all that. so if you want a little bit more country, the big stuff political time at the moment. yeah. we, we have an accommodated government where we have the opposition and the government trying to work together and under document they need to force to work together. and you can see, and when you start to see that thing, there's so much tension on the easiest when you, when you come from a mrs lesson, you don't, you don't have a lot of them. have a lot of places that you can set up committee little comedy club for meeting at my age of my my level in a different country. i would be like driving and like doing a lot of things. so it is like, it's like a plant growing in iraq. i'm finding my way through it committee is going in the right direction. we are putting african communion from the continent like putting
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them on there. they're doing big things that we've, we've seen lucille ball out there. treble know out that when they say trouble is the 1st african comedian to perform at madison square garden, he won't be the last. he just opened it. yeah. it just made it easier for someone to come in like i feel like i can do it. they say home, it comes from the know that there's no point to continue. that seemed like more than africa we, i believe the lia will of the finest. before was it because we have amazing stories here and the more we keep on pushing, the more we keep on doing this, the we shall, we shall blow up. ah, your charges are with me so horrible. a reminder of all top stories, at least 50 people have been killed in a rocket attack in east.


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