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tv   News  Al Jazeera  April 9, 2022 8:00pm-8:31pm AST

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and the google lawn buxton with detailed coverage all throughout her pain. you see sites like this seems all every artillery shelling, there's almost nit complete destruction from around the world. so many people want to good frosted, strong leader at a time of crisis. ah, british prime minister wars johnson holds talk to the ukranian liter voluntary zalinski in keys. and the european union holds a global pledging event in poland to raise funds for ukrainian refugees. ah, you're watching all 0 live from a headquarters. and so what i'm getting obligates are also coming up anger and pakistan's parliament to the opposition accuses prime minister in montaigne's party
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of delaying and no confidence vote. ah, a funeral as hell for a palestinian shot dead by is really troops during a raid on a refugee camp and the occupied west bank. hello, the british prime minister boars johnson is in ki where he is met the ukrainian president, viola demur, zalinski. the meeting comes more than 6 weeks into the russian invasion of ukraine . johnson is the latest and a line of foreign leaders who have been traveling to ukraine to offer their supports. let's get more from him, ron khan, who is joining us from the ukrainian capital. keep everyone tell us about the, the support that or is johnson is offering ukraine. well, this was a surprise visit with a 2 very key announcements. the 1st one, the most important one for the gradients, certainly is
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a $130000000.00. military aid deal. now, britain has been one of the biggest supplies, all military aid and weapons to ukraine, although it is at the country. this taken the least amount of ukrainian refugees, but this $130000000.00 will make a dent ah, in, ah, oh, said dentist from which he is rather it will add to the ukrainian are capable of military capability. what we're hearing is they'll be at least a $120.00 all med vehicles. plus missiles are able to attack ships at sea, that's particularly crucial when it comes to the bottle, fha, odessa, and the, as of pulled up, the russians are on the coast. they blockading odessa, they haven't actually, 5 am not landed yet, but they are in a position to be able to do so. the ahmed vehicles will be very crucial. the ukrainians been asking for tanks and heavy armor to post all carrier carriers. whether that's the kind of thing they're going to get, we don't know,
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but we do know that they are getting some 120 ahmed vehicles, although that's a very loose description, but the visit generally has been very well. ne, welcome by both sides. in fact, not one but 3 tweets from the prime minister from president's office and including one that says, leadership is a burden you take up voluntarily when the rest of dodging true leaders are never many, and is a great that ukraine has true friends among them. like maurice johnson, and then he went on to say that they're thankful for all of the help that they were giving up our sons in himself treated ah, my friend to them. my friend, president zalinski, in kiva chava unwavering support for the people of ukraine, was setting out new package of financial. a military aid was a testament of our commitment to his country, struggle against russia's barbaric campaign, but or so, and has some domestic issues. he does need to deal with the russians, are huge investors in the u. k. not just in the seattle and not just in london
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itself. what across the u. k. the sanctions, all biting it is having an effect on the u. k. economy. so the longer this goes on, the more worse that will be for the prime minister himself. but right now the visit is over. we don't know where president boris johnson is or how he got in like a say, this was a surprise visit, but it has been seen and it has been a warmly welcomed by the ukrainian leadership. thank you so much. him on american reporting from keys or earlier president zalinski him at the austrian chancellor karl nay, hummer and keith as well. now, moore said he wanted to show support for ukraine. austria has been providing humanitarian aid as well as helmets and body armor for civilians. while the e u is pledging more than a $1000000000.00 to support countries welcoming refugees from ukraine, european commission president or some of underlying made the pledge at a fundraising event held in warsaw. $650000000.00 will go to poland. she said the
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rest of the funds will go to the other line frontline states to day we are supporting millions of ukrainian refugees and people in need. above all, we are sending a message to every single ukrainian in their cities and villages under siege, and message of called to their brave ukraine and soldiers, heroes, defending they come through from the aggressor. they are brothers and sisters. you are not alone. the member states are doing an outstanding job. it's phenomenal. the n g o are working on the ground, the communities, the local communities, out standing in receiving the refugees. but as i said, more is needed and any pledge will help a refugee here in the european union. but also this is so important. any pledge will help a person that is internally displayed last at home because of the bumping and
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shelling of proteins. army within your crane picked you now live to keep. that's where the ukranian president resiliency and the british prime minister. boars johnson are holding a press conference right now. let's listen in a reverse. but his retreat is tactical. at he's going to intensify the pressure love in dawn bass and in the east. and so that's why it's so vital, as you rightly say, a fellow to me that we, your friends continue to offer whatever support or that we care. and together with our partners, we are going to ratchet up the economic pressure. and we will continue to intensify a week by week the sanctions on, on russia, and not just freeze the assets in, in banks and, and sanctioning oligarchs, but moving away from a use of russian hydrocarbons. and we will give you the support that you need the
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economic support, but also of course, the defense is military support in which i am proud to say that the u. k. helped to, to lead the way. and i just the other day, are we raised of, i think 1500000000 pounds at a don't a conference from friends tautness around the world. dozens and dozens of countries who not want a to support ukraine. we want to liberalize trade with ukraine as we go forward, help your economic circumstances, barley and other commodities that there are things we should be do. i, we want to help you with d mining your country, getting rid of the savage traps that the russian armies have left behind. and to come to yo, yo central point, vladimir, i think we are evolving a vision now for the future. heraclitus, i think,
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said war is the father of all things. are we those an exaggeration more than to father everything, but what this war is certainly producing is a clarity about the vision of a future. a for you crate. ha. together with friends and thoughtless. we the u. k and others supply the equipment, the technology, the, the know how the intelligence so that ukraine will never be invaded again. so the ukraine is so fortified and so protected that ukraine can never be bullied again. never be blackmailed again. never be threatened . in the same way again, in the meantime, there's a huge amount to do, to make sure that ukraine is successful, that ukraine winds at the putin must fail. over the last few hours,
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i've been able to see quite a lot of your beautiful country. and it's an amazing country. i've also seen the tragic effects of the wall and inexcusable. wo absolutely inexcusable, an unnecessary war. but having been here in care just for a few hours, i have absolutely no doubt. lot of their listening to you listening to your team, your redoubtable team. i have no doubt at all that an independent sovereign. you crate. the rise again. thanks above all to the heroism. the courage of the people of you. great. thank you very much and stop and gravy firearms law. ok, so that wasn't alive. it was recorded just a short while ago. that was a press conference between the u. k. prime minister boards,
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johnson and the ukranian president voluntary zalinski bores johnson pledging more support to ukraine. he did announce that the u. k. will be giving you credit a $120.00 armored vehicles and new anti ship miss out systems i and also a johnson saying better the u. k. will continue to incent, intensify the sanctions on russia week by week. so that's coming out of ukraine. now we'll move on to pakistan and tell you about opposition and peas there because they are accusing the ruling party of delaying a no confidence vote against prime minister iran con. the session was adjourned 4 times on saturday. earlier parliament was dissolved to avoid a vote of no confidence supreme court judges rule that was illegal. opposition party say they have enough folks to oust con. let's take a look at how the push for no confidence vote led to the constitutional crisis. last sunday, the opposition put forward and no confidence motion to parliament and a bit to our prime minister. iran con,
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accused him of handling the economy badly. the deputy speaker blocked that motion saying that it was unconstitutional and involved foreign interference on iran cons advice. pakistan's president, dissolve parliament. the opposition challenge the order in the supreme court. on friday, not court, ruled the cons, moved to dissolve parliament and call staff elections was illegal. so the court ordered parliament to reconvene and hold the no confidence votes come on either has more from islamic buds. there's been a heated debate after the ramadan fought, do opposition, members are back. they're saying they're not going anywhere until the ward of know, gone for didn't take place. and at the same time the ruling party had been arguing and talking about the rhetoric a to bring down and elected government in august on of gotcha. across august on, people are watching that ready nervously because it appeared that did
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a deadlock now, and it is not clear that no gone more than one day late tonight or not. the government will continue to argue it's still had a few days. according to what daycare and they've also filed a view petition and the court challenging debt to bream court date. and that also means that they made a request that the question of parliament with the rendered so a lot of uncertainty better political polarization. and i decided not willing to budge down from de position a funeral has been held for a palestinian man shot dead during and is really raid on the janine refugee camp and the occupied west bank. the camp was home to the gunman who killed 3 people in an attack in television on friday night. but he has more from jeanine a picture of 24 year old mother sadie is laid next to the grave of his friend. he'll study who was killed by israeli forces in march. now they are both buried in
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the same cemetery. a few meters from each other. both were members of the slimy you had party in jeanine, in the north of the occupied westbank. mourners tell us aside, he went to confront israeli forces when they rated the refugee camp early on saturday. i thought so, so he took me to the hospital in the morning to check on my arm when he heard the history of the army was in the camp. he wanted to confront them. this later i called him and he said he was surrounded. then he didn't pick up the phone. i saw the use of him on the ground, almost many, but he was always with me to i'm sure i used to try to convince him to stay safe, all of his friends and martyrs. he was sick of this life. the palestinian health ministry. $630.00 palestinians from the occupied west bank have been killed since the beginning of the year. most during confrontations with his really forces just 10 days ago,
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palestinians in the g need refugee camp very 17 year old son of odyssey. yet here, after he was shocked by the israeli forces fire. now there mourning the loss of my, the saudi, and remembering of deluxe. so saudi, who was killed by israeli forces fire. 40 days ago, halston is here, are telling us that the israeli occupation has left them with one option to fight it. the is really army say to palestinians were arrested and plans me to demolish the home orthodox has him. he's the gunman suspected of killing the israelis in an attack on a born tel aviv on thursday. his family have been summoned for questioning by these ready military, but told a jazeera, they don't intend to go. 2 of the 4 attacks in israel, in the past 3 weeks, were by palestinians from the g need him. palestinians considered jeanene a strong hold for resistance to these radio occupation. and it's estimated that there are thousands of guns here during the 2nd them to fall though the janine
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refugee camp was the scene of one of the deadliest treats by these really military 20 years later without a state or freedom from occupation, palestinians here see the battle isn't over into abraham elijah's eda yo occupied westbank still a heads on al jazeera, a call for change in colombo, tens of thousands of sterling cans take to the streets, demanding a new government. but as the seasons are still change, americans gabbard court to wind to yet this very wintry storm left a bit of smell, the hard rock of eastern turkey. it leaves rain charles in the wrong and you see tails off down here. the orange here is the winds associated with this system. the
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tend to pick up produced sandstone. i've done that in iraq and in syria, and indeed in egypt. but it's a bit of a break down as intense as you might expect. the breeze, it usually follows down the go for bringing a bit of dusty weather and through buffering cattle attempts to run the high side. but they're good. i think remained high and to buy and muscat me. 43, it's ridiculous. but come down little bit for the north of that sunshine a band. so it's average in bay route, but liquids curling back into turkey. again, those spell of rather colder weather sniffer heights in turkey, rain for most of a drop in temperature in the levant. but for the south, nothing, it's quiet, it's hotter the empty quarter, due by muskets, were above average by quite a few degrees. in contrast, in southern africa, the rain is really for me, it's not just under storms is proper persistent rain in the south of botswana. and causing the tile and the snow likely. i think in the suit too, as well. all this time, kate has enjoying the bit of warmth, but not johannesburg. takes a while to warm up in the rain, then moves eastwards towards durbin
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with frank assessments. what are the political risks of batting russian oil? a gas for western leaders will sanctions, on russian energy exports was informed opinions is not abandoning to fight against jedi, still is a media going to be acting from missouri and from chad critical debate. could china actually help in russia's invasion of ukraine in depth analysis of the days global headlines inside story on al jazeera lou. ah,
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hello again. the top stories on al jazeera, the british prime minister boars, johnson has been holding talked to the cranium, president villa to my zalinski and keys. johnson has promised to intensify sanctions against russia on provide more military assistance to ukraine. the you has pledged more than a $1000000000.00 to support countries welcoming refugees from ukraine. the block hosted a global event in warsaw to raise funds for those who have let the conflict. funeral has been held for palestinian man was shot dead by is really forces during a raid in the occupied by bank. the israeli army has now reportedly withdrawn from the area after trying to seize the father of another palestinian man who killed 3 people in an attack in tel aviv on thursday. poles of clothes and gown b r. that's where people have been voting to elect and national assembly. a record number of candidates are vying for the 53 parliamentary seats. another 5 will be appointed by president adama barrow. he's facing growing political and economic
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discontent and hopes to win enough support to move forward with his agenda. our democracies movie news. do you feel you sloan? i'm biting bit these variables. going ford was, it was a prophy. so perio maintenances on this or we have constantly do it. oh so you have a strong foundation moving forward. let's bring it up. my did that. he says joining us from nigeria capita allusion. you're following developments. ask my, tell us what you're hearing about how turnout has been while they turn out. unfortunately during the turn or this very, it was very low. so it was the day. and this was can fun course by civil society organizations, local observers, and even the election commission, the spokesman of the election commission, confirm to me that yes, the tunnel compared to the presidential elections last december was very low. so that's how it's been. and this could be
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a good sign for the ruling or governing party, then p, p. remember, then pick us phone doctor the coalition that brought the president out of a bottle to power. and now it's project when at least about said he percent of the seats to be declared closely followed by the main opposition, the u. d. p. party. now what that means now is that bottle maybe out of one coalition. then he will need to have another coalition partner in parliament or collision partners in parliament in order to governor push through with agenda and parliament when these results come out. so how was the ruling party expected to do in this election? well for, for many what, what, what happened throughout the day, the low voter tunnel was a good sign for them. it's probably the best the party can hope for which of course, when mean that in the local, in the villages, in rural communities,
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the party who is projected to do well not in the city where the opposition has a very stronger presence than the governing. and p p part, you remember, the opposition has been in place for a very long time, says even proceeding. yeah. john is leadership. so a lot of people expect the president's party to the well in the communities and the opposition to the well in parliament. but then the opposition will not have much or as much as the and p p vote will have in terms of seats in parliament. so the ruling party van t p is expected to win my georgia a small majority, but not enough to push through it. agenda single handedly and part of it. ok, thank you so much. my deduce from a boozer sri lanka has seen its largest protest since these starts of the countries economic crisis. tens of thousands of demonstrators have taken to the streets and colombo, demanding president, got a buyer, a japan resign. when l fernandez reports angry,
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frustrated and desperate for justice around the president's office in colombo, under the eyes of the police, shalanda is facing its worst economic crisis in decades. all saturday the protesters kept coming. most of them young people in what reported to be the biggest protest over the crisis to d. o public service. so we, i had to say that always as needs could be heard and he needs to be respected and dis, grice's needs though and no because it has gone up to the limit that well be broke and obey any more. the crowds came from all of sanchez, diverse communities. this goes to read, give us stolen money back. and this is corrupt jeweler's, up playing with our future. in recent weeks, the price of essential goods rocketed and cooking gas and fuel became scarce. hopa
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last up to 30 hours. 7 economy see a massive drop in tourism revenue due to the east of bombing of 2019, and the pandemic, coupled with a loss of government revenue due to a major free election tax stuck to blame. not is not in a foreign currency for the government to buy a central. that's only why it be out of disguises about the raj. a bunch of has to be removed from the positions and they normally be could see some sort of a credible political stability in the country and political bid that want to go stability only. they want to make god sustainable to be big bill coming to the country. the government is requesting a bailout from the international monetary fund and also seeking financial assistance in india, china, and other friendly countries. the government has described demonstrators as extremists, accusing them of being politically manipulated. while
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a very few may fit this, this could a vast majority of the thousands of protests that have turned up voluntarily. they say they're on their futures back and go talk to roger, talk to and the government must go fernandez, just 0, colombo, the lincoln government is now seeking $3000000000.00, an aid to restore supplies of essential items. basically we can restore the supply chain. if we can provide this necessities on time, we can get our tourism back on track. then we'll bring dollars seen we need to protect our export industry. we need to protect the supply chain. so if he can do that, i feel if he can, i mean the numbers i still been looked out, i just stick it all day or 2 ago or her back. a rough figure is probably we need about $3000000000.00 infusion building the next 3 to 6 month dame. now
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to 6 men for us to meaningfully come out of a thousands of trucks heading for europe, have been forced to queue with the port of den dover, in england. authority say the delays being caused by issues with certification for fairies that cross the english channel. the section of the main highway has been closed off to allow trucks to q, some drivers said could take up to 2 days to make it to the poor sand across to france. while the q stretches 45 kilometers and the quarter dover to the town of ashford, and that's where we challenge reports from why did a structured, well, there are 3 things going on at the moment. one of them is a, an incredibly acrimonious disputes over a fairy company and berries which is ongoing. that is basically knocked out across channel, very busy with the moment. then you have breakfast, paper work is much, much more laborious than it ever used to be when the u. k. was
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a member of the european union, and you have the beginning of the school holiday, the holidays, which means that you have hundreds of thousands of breaks. you haven't been away since the coven began many of them. and now they're looking to was having a holiday across the channel in europe, and there are lots of them trying to get across. guineas, ousted president, has returned to cannot cri, officer seeking medical attention. in the united arab emirates, alpha con day was allowed to leave in january by the term government that unseated him in september. he's under house arrest. guinea, his face condemnation and the african union membership suspension over the take over are covered 1900 restrictions and saudi arabia are being relax to allow a 1000000 muslims to join the annual pilgrimage. in july, the age limit, 65 for visitors if allowed, are allowed, excuse me, if they have a negative p, c r test. only a few 1000. so the pilgrims have been allowed to visit mecca over the past 2 years
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before the virus 2 and a half 1000000 pilgrims normally took part. the city of shanghai will start lifting a strict lockdown in communities. the report no cove in 1900 cases within 2 weeks of mass testings. around 26000000 residents have been under locked down since march 28th. following an outbreak, shanghai reported about 23000 infections on saturday. most of them were a symptomatic, dozens of medical volunteers have been brought into the city to help with the mass testing. the presidents of china and the philippines have held a virtual summits, but they are a joint statement, didn't mention the territorial disputes in the south. china sea fishermen in the philippines say they're caught in the middle of a territorial tussle with china. jemila dog and reports from zambales supply of the war. now jet ski, the local, you flood, know, believe been all. but when rodriguez, the tears you ran for the presidency in 2016 eve down to defend philippine
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a fisherman at all cost. this is years later that promise to jet ski to the south china sea law bill turned out to be an electioneering stunt. what about global? that was my bravado. it was appeal campaign jew due and a huge disappointment to the thousands of philippine fishermen who voted for him here in the town of massey lock in zambales province, because he saw him in the mo bus about them at your job or a livelihood to start the job, if you some other ups or bible for our families, it's absurd. the i'm the, the scar boris shoal is a 124 miles from the province and well within the exclusive economic zone claimed by the philippines. the chinese warship ceased control of the reef. 10 years ago since then, in the cent, as for honest says he's faced constant harris meant from chinese vessels in the quote number will not back look one thing i was surrounded inside the triangle of 3
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chinese ships. i was in a small wooden person and they were all steam. i thought it was the end of my life . why are we fishing? like weird thebes in our own waters? this ours, i'm in the dirt there and shine as president. she jin thing announced that their country is will broaden the space for more positive engagements. but such dialogue is far from the realities at sea. chinese and philippines coast guard ships almost collided last month. in with the filipino crew said, was a dangerous maneuver and clear violation of international law. china so called 9 dash line, which claims most of the south china sea has already been declared invalid in 2016 by an international tribunal. but that does not stop china from its expansions and incursions in the south china sea. in fact, since then, more than $240.00 diplomatic protests have been filed by the philippines against
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china, a $183.00 of which were filed last year. the turret is stepping down in july and the campaign for his replacement is well underway. many filipinos see that after years of policy of appeasement towards china, they're eager for a tougher stance. a more treacherous course for the next phillip in leader to navigate jamal alan dog and al jazeera marcin lock in zambales, northern philippines. ah, hello again. the headlines on al jazeera, the british prime minister boars johnson has been holding talk to the cranium president vollmer zalinski and keith johnson has promised to intensify sanctions against russia and provide more military assistance to ukraine.


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