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short documentary, some african fill me from wanda and bo keener facile in a friendly with sounds of home and the coach africa direct on al jazeera ah, to com is removed as part of the prime minister after losing a vote of no confidence in parliament. ah, so robin watching on there like my headquarters here in the hall, also coming up. the british prime minister promises more support for ukraine and he meets president laudermill lindsey in keys and pulse plays the gambia with a record number of candidates buying the parliamentary seats. and every time march
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for making his way down and there we are. about staying in space tourism be 1st all private key. but astronaut arrives at the international space station. ah, welcome to the program. we begin with breaking news coming out of pocket stall where iran con has become the country 1st, prime minister to be ousted by a no confidence vote. 174 of the 342 parliamentary members nominated to remove the cricket star turn politician who claims foreign powers are involved. parliament will now elect a new prime minister, and government con was brought to power with the help of the military and 2018. but has since last their support. now critic say he failed to deliver on his campaign promises and blamed him for the deteriorating economy. that's cost over to our
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senior correspondent in buck as sancho mal hider, who's come on let's just begin with the fact that you've been covering boxed on for decades. can you ever remember anything like this ever unfolding the way it has tonight? i can say i have big data have been monumental development as you are mentioned. and you're also familiar with the intricacy of august on the politics. it was high drama that concluded eventually when the speaker of the national assembly decided to resign and give the podium to the position. or den went ahead with that vote of no confidence should be remembered. that edward is back in 2018. when amber on con, came in with big numbers, and i've got a kid in the elections. he had 155 seats in the parliament, the highest number of heads by any political party. and although the opposition and
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you are aware also that they saw position as an alliance of a political party, they have a history of bitter rivalry, but they are united or no $1.00 gender to get rid of ember on khan. and of course, we're able to succeed at that. however, m ron con, may be down, he's not out. he's already called a supporters for a protest, a garage by august on, on sunday evening after the evening prayers. and of course, the opposition wireless rejoicing will be confronted with many injured because the country they've gotten to me in bad shape some of their days because of the fact the international crisis, the oil prices, not to forget the pandemic, which he called read very well by an article in the country. so m, ron cron, after dad was going to a residence in bunny, carla, just on the outskirts of
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a law bought. and by wanting to fight back by going back to his support, he was just joining us. come all just talk us through now the time line of what happens now because focus on how to find a prime minister, a working cabinets in the parliament that will approve this well, what is likely to happen now on monday, the leader of the house will be georgia and the indication job their job should be for the consensus candidate by the bugger. thought in democratic lines. really merge at the new prime minister of god. so what happens then? a read the new government will be ready for the election within the next few months . highly unlikely because what they've been promising, if to bring an electorate for electronic reforms in parliament, they would, their division on board elect ordered reforms because iran 100 acute the opposition
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of trying to manipulate the order forms to be able to enjoy the next victory. and the next general election by dim ron khan had won and of all of your left before he was our scared the new government of god of sha, bosher is likely to be the next prime minister. will have to made many challenges. given the fact that the country, the economy is in poor shape and it is also another question as to whether the opposition lines will be able to hold together. you are familiar with the fact that focused on has been ruled by a dentist to follow. the boat towed to should have survived several turns that drooling this country. and remember on con, 1st emerged. he killed the bar date of massive corruption of bringing the country to the brink of financial ruin. he, of course, had to not pay dodge to jane several finance minister because he was unable to meet
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the challenge of the economy. so a big burden on the shorter of the government, how it really be able to rectify the situation, whether it will be able to deliver on a promise, they all fall providing relief to the people of august on but momentous moments. and of course, even though ron kon, may be out, he still considerable support and the high book don't. while province day he had the majority government. and although the opposition had now moved and no confidence moved there, in order to preempt the government, the outweighing government from dissolving dissembling, he still has considerable support in the high book to inquire providence. and a big game changer will be what happened. and upon job, which is the biggest province in the country, dead again, they will have to choose a new chief minister after the larger minister avoids the author dying. and there
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are going to be major development show or lied really be focused on, but by no means the crisis did not job. busy august on may confront and experienced more political instability and the days and weeks and months ahead. thanks among the close to the force of the image con saga, developing in boxes on thanks. come all, let's cross over to the us and bring in about, amen. he's a former ambassador of boxes on to the united kingdom joys been from washington. d . c. augusta, thanks very much for joining us on our era. we just heard about the domestic scenario that's unfolding in buckets on. but one of the issues that has emerged over the last few days is the issue that iran con, that his rivals were trying to oust him from power. and that was being led by the us. i mean, does that line in any way in your opinion, resonate or will resonate with his supporters at large in the country who will
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often suspicious of us influence in boxes on the politics? yes, you touched on a very odd point because black studies are very emotional, very proud, very conscious of honor and dignity, and him on his innocence. let the genie out of the bottle by pointing out that we will no longer be slaves to the west. the 3rd to amend the united states and that we will not be treated as colonies or ex colonies will stand up for our dignity and honor. not having done that, it's going to be very difficult for the next government to simply change course. because while the man has lost the battle in the parliament, he still has a large following in the field, especially among the young. and they are fairly committed to a lot will depend how this group and they run fun is going to react to interact with the new government. because overnight,
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the new government will not be able to solve the problems of the economy, the relationship with the military and relationships to foreign policy interactions with india or china, the united states. so many, many problems with son is in the midst of a crisis. and it needs to be led and guided by a lot of wisdom and good sense. and that's always the issue that pakistan has always tried to tried a very fine line with its relationship with the u. s. history has shown that certainly from the old days of the late seventy's in the military dictator there. but you know, in recent weeks we saw prime minister con, arrive in moscow that wasn't very well received by the u. s. and that was all practically the day before the invasion of ukraine. the u. s. is often perhaps, maybe not always quite light. democratically elected prime ministers or officials.
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they have a leaning to listen to the pakistani military. will they be doing that in this particular occasion? when in this case, they have a genuinely elective government and they will have to form a relationship. i don't think they can be chooses. all the site isn't all should be running up. but i think the factors that have not had very consciously set out an independent firm policy and not only independent but fairly aggressive. so that meant that the relationship was being exacerbated and don't forget that. and the years have had a warm and good relations in the past. so there is no reason why that cannot be re resurrected. it was unfortunate that iran arrived in moscow on the eve of the division of ukraine, a very unpopular decision throughout the world. and of course, that book's done in a very awkward position. you as a backlash from the united states and, and people in back, some comment is that linking the 2 events that is in the visit to moscow and the
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american reaction to box them. can i ask you about your opinion of this sort of 9 party coalition because it is one extreme to the next. you might say business leaders and pro business parties a bit like pakistan, l, p a l n headed by about sharif. and his brother, a former prime minister of the country, for viewers who might not know to the other extreme, where we have religious parties is going to be a very difficult task to hold this together. is it not? so i, then, what are we heading towards a general election sooner rather than later? you're absolutely right. i see it in the same way that you have a bachelor parties who are really united by one thing. and one thing i don't really, which is that common antipathy or hatred organism towards iran, now that iran is out, how are they going to react? now iran, if he takes to the streets as the thing to do, that he aggressively continues to say, is i, i bought it right to the last one of the match. if he does that,
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then that may continue to unite the spot. he's, if he doesn't, if he goes quietly, which doesn't seem to be the case, then this group, this group will have a problem. so again, a very, very interesting couple of weeks ahead and again need a lot of caution. lots of sense. good sense for the leaders of park central and they critical situation because we want to never forget the box is a come to 220000000 people. it's nuclear. it's situated in a very sensitive geopolitical location for the whole was. so it is something to watch for the next few weeks. sadly former ambassador, that is the final ball in all right, full the interview. thank you very much for your time. and for joining us here on out to say thank you. still had head on out there about the rest, we travel to keep where the wall has led to a booby local businesses making,
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protect defense and a coal for change in colombo, tens of thousands relying can take to the streets, demanding a new government. ah hello there, it's a story of contrasts when it comes to the weather across north america. we've had this area of low pressure bring heavy rain and breezy conditions to the east coast and some flooding in new jersey. now in contrast, so this has been very dry across a west coast for california. we've seen a heat way. we had heat advisories out, and people flocking to the beach to escape that heat. now we are going to see some changes is going to warm up across the east for the west. however, we've got a wintry and wet system pulling its way into california. that's going to knock temperatures down in places like san francisco and los angeles. in the days to come,
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if we have a look at the 3 day for san francisco, we're going to see some rain on monday. there is a bit of a recovery on tuesday with sunshine, but still those temperatures will go down. it's going to improve however much of those central and eastern areas. if we have a look at the 3 day for washington, d. c, while we'll be hitting 25. by the time we get to choose day with plenty of sunshine and it remains largely hot and why across the south west of the u. s. that isn't helping wild fire conditions. we've got critical wildfire warnings out here. but central america, a lot of that heat pulls into northern areas of mexico and it drives up in the south. that's whether ah, but are china in the u. s. sleep walking their way to war in the struggle over ukraine? here is the test for president joe biden from is really trying to do is rewrite the security architecture in europe. this, your personal united states. you, sir,
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if you go to walk and chew gum at the same time, your weekly take on us politics and society, that's the bottom line. revealing eco friendly solutions to come back threats to our planet on al jazeera. ah ah, welcome back here watching, i'll just bear with me so hell, robin. a reminder of all the top stories pakistan's parliament has removed him brancato as prime minister. he held a vote of no confidence after several delays at a supreme court challenge. 174 m p 's back the motion to ball that was needed for it to pass that on con, had warned,
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he would not recognize an opposition government if he was ousted from power. the claims the u. s. is responsible. the 69 year old politician had promised to create millions of jobs, reformed the tank system, and root out corruption. but instead he faced public anger because of sorry, inflation on de plummeting rupee as well as crippling national debt. what are the days of the news now? and there has been a boost for ukraine's war effort as international donors renew financial support for millions of p. all his fled, the fighting. the british prime minister made an unannounced visit to keep offering military and financial aid. by mister johnson held talks with president vladimir lensky, and promised to increase the pressure on russia with more sanctions, as well as moving away from using its oil and gas resource. others start saw report
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from the capital keith because more high level diplomatic visits to keep on saturday yuki prime minister boys johnson and austria chancellor caught me hammer, became the latest western leaders to wizard ukrainian president at they. after all of them, it zaleski welcomed european commission, president or sullivan de leon, and the blocks foreign policy chief, joseph burrell. johnson. one of the most will critics of russia's invasion of ukraine, retreated his support for the country. and we will give you the support that you need the economic support, but also of course, the defense is military support in which i am proud to say that the u. k. helped to, to lead the way he plaster sand, new armored vehicles, anti aircraft, anti pac me sales, and perhaps most significantly anti ship miss our systems, those co threatened rushes, large naval presence in the black sea to discuss loses as embassies and political
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figures began to return. to keep the work to reconstruct is destroyed, neighborhoods is ramping up. among them is the city of their pin. once home to 60000 people, the city was a front line in the battle between russia and ukraine. of forces heavily guarded on a visit to the area. the austrian chancellor told me he found the destruction difficult to take in for a thorough the thought of the people, no credit card or war crimes. now, fierce fighting continued here for over a month. the bridge became a focal point. as people fled the bombardment, ukrainian army sacrificed this bridge in order to hold the address of russian forces as they tried to encircle the capital. as a result, the city of european has been cut off from the early days off the war now that the
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russian forces left the region. the 4th are on the way to reconnect the 2 cities with a temporary bridge. since the russian forces have withdrawn from the area, foundations are being relayed and connections remain as the suburbs are linked again to the capital. so to keep reinforces, it's linked to the world. rest of that, just the global donors have promised $11000000000.00 to support refugees from ukraine and the internally displaced europe in commission and governments like canada humbugs, those who are backing the efforts more than 4400000 ukrainians and refugees and millions war internally displaced most of those who fled old women and children as men of fighting age cannot leave the country. today, we are supporting millions of ukrainian refugees and people in need. above all, we are sending
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a message to every single ukrainian in the cities and villages under siege. a message of called to their brave ukrainian soldiers, heroes, defending their country from the aggressor. dear brothers and sisters, you are not alone. the member states are doing an outstanding job. it's phenomenal . the n g o are working on the ground, the communities, the local communities standing in receiving the refugees. but as i said, more is needed and any pledge will help a refugee here in the european union. but also this is so important. any pledge will help a person that is internally displaced last at home because of the bumping and shelling of proteins army within your crane. now the war has led to a search advance for battiata or ukraine soldiers and police. it started a homegrown industry in protective vests, as robert bride reports now from the western city of live. if ah, it's
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a long way from any front line, but these volunteers are doing what they can for their countries war f. so the director of this company decided when the war broke out, he had to do something. but she knew i was thinking, what can i do and how can i help in this war? at my age, i saw that people were getting weapons, but there was nothing to protect them. ah, this is what is company was doing before the war. creating laser light presentations for company events and promotions. now his staff helped by volunteers make the plates needed for body armor with ukraine struggling to find enough for expanding ranks of soldiers. the finished plates are then put inside a vest one front and one back at the rate of more than $200.00 pieces of body armor per week, and all of them going to the front. as soon as they're made. the 1st plates were
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tested to make sure they can stop high velocity, bullets and shrapnel splinters, and the ballot come in on this plate and anger blow the us explodes and the small pieces of for the ballot and, and is there. observe, observe, observe for one day when their country is once more at peace. these engineers and designers will return to more creative work. for now they say their priority is getting vests to fellow ukrainians to stop russian bullets. robert bride al jazeera, the vive. israel has imposed collective measures against palestinian inhabitants of janine in the occupied west bank. after 2 of the areas residents carried out to tax in israel. it follows arrayed in the town during which a palace to be, ma'am, was shot dead and a dozen more injured refugee camp palestinians considered janine a strong hold resistance to israeli occupation. under the new measures,
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its residents have had their movements tightly restricted. sir lanka has seen its largest protest since the start of the countries economic crisis. tens of thousands of demonstrators took to the streets of columbia demanding president gotta buy a raja packs of resign. no fernandez has more angry, frustrated and desperate for justice around the president's office in colombo. under the eyes of the police, shalanda is facing its worst economic crisis. in decades. all saturday the protesters kept coming. most of them young people in what reported to be the biggest protest over the crisis to d. o public service. so we, i had to say that always as needs could be heard and he needs to be respected. and his grades his needs though and no because it has gone up to the limit that well, the book and obey anymore. the crowds came from all of to lunch as diverse
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communities. this course to read, give us stolen money back. and this is corrupt jewelers are playing with our future in recent weeks, the price of essential goods rocketed and cooking gas and fuel became scarce. haul puff last up to 30 hours. 7 economy see a massive drop in tourism revenue due to the eastern bombing of 2019, and the pandemic, coupled with a loss of government revenue due to a major free election tax stuck to blame. not is not in a foreign currency for the government to buy a central. that's only why it be out of disguises. about the roger botch us has to be removed from the positions and they normally be got to see some sort of a credible political stability in the country and political bid that want to go stability only. they want to make golf sustainable to be big bill coming to the country. the government is requesting
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a bailout from the international monetary fund and also seeking financial assistance in india, china, and other friendly countries. the government has described demonstrators as extremists, accusing them of being politically manipulated. while a very few may fit this, this. a vast majority of the thousands of protesters have turned up voluntarily. they say they were on their futures back and go to the roger pipes and the government must go. you know, fernandez out of the euro. colombo, the city of shanghai will start lifting a strict lockdown in communities that report no cove in $1000.00 cases. within 2 weeks after another round of mass testing around 26000000 residents have been under lockdown since march the 28th. following the outbreak, shankar reported around 23000 infections on saturday. not most of them were asymptomatic. dozens of medical volunteers have been brought in to the city to help with that mass testing. that the poles of clothes and the gamblers election,
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where people have been voting to elect a new national assembly. a record number of candidates are vying for the 53 parliamentary seats under the 5 will be appointed by president adela barrow. he faces growing political and economic discontent. ebony addressed reports foreman's after presidential election. gubbins, once again came out to vote. many of them consider this parliamentary election as important as the one that returned president item, a power to power anti gambia. yeah, we need change yet because the big i'm is going. it's not promising at all. it's not promising. so we need a torch in the house of the assembly. yeah. and the constitution can be amended. yeah, we need a, a new deaf conversation because the engine and then because the job is the was because his vision ever be more. but the president said he considers the election unimportant to start our democracy. is movie news,
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do you feel is level i think that is very good going forward. was it was supposed to some period, not it was his over we have considered or so we have been as dumbfounded on moving forward. the election commission says the china was much lower than in the presidential, wrote in to somebody. local observers say that maybe because a parliamentary vote came so soon after the presidential race analyst in the can be, i suggest a know what it on out could give the governing n p. p party. only a small majority. if that happens, the president, then we'll have to find new partners to push through his agenda in parliament. ah, although the president won a landslide re election 4 months ago and a list predicted faces tough times ahead. if he doesn't win the majority, it will be very difficult for him. but of course i thing for me and we should be deal with different voices. and it is there is the instability, business opportunity,
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shanice to see how they can work together to ensure that what is of benefit to the measure is advanced people in the gambia and are waiting to find out who will be representing them in parliament election. officious expect most of the results to be announced on sunday, how many degrees idea of which are no another joints don't fall space tourism this weekend. the 1st all private team of astronauts as docked at the international space station. the astronauts will be working day during the 8 day stay, and sarah kyra reports doing floating in the galactic ocean towards the international base station. initial contact made the soft capturing is now going to begin to retract mission control in los angeles. what she's patiently is the endeavor kept your dog smoothly on the other side of the hatch, a team at the international space station. welcome 3 astronauts on the trip of a lifetime tracking the retired nasa astronaut michael lopez. alegria led the 20th
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flight for the 1st time as each instead, mock puffy and larry corner through the entrepreneurs, paid $55000000.00 each to stay in space for just over a week. and it's the 1st nonprofessional ass not seem to travel to the i assess nasa and others say it's a milestone in the commercialization of low us. all these bonds, critics say the private space race needs to be regulated. there is a lot of rich people want to have in their barriers that the space and gym back. so that's going to be one sector. but for commercial exploitation space, i think the laws need to come and play the overly. but manufacturing in space is one more area, which will have to mean that in times to come, how it would be done. the mission is a collaboration between e mosque space x commercial space flight company axiom and nasa under 3 meters on
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board, the i ss and orbiting 400 kilometers above sea level. they'll be no time for leisure for the tourists. so be put to work on several research projects for the next 8 days, including an experiment involving cancer stem cells. so to hide it, i'll jazeera ah, your geologist, there with me said robin in doha, reminder of our top new stories. pakistan's parliament has removed him on carter's prime minister. it held a vote of no confidence after several delays and a supreme court challenge. 174 m p 's back the motion to more than was needed for it to pass. while american had warned that he would not recognize an opposition government if he was ousted from power. he claims the u. s. is responsible, the 69 year old politician had promised to create millions of jobs reform, the tax system and root out corruption. but instead.


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