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tv   News  Al Jazeera  April 10, 2022 6:00am-6:31am AST

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other villages had been hockey. what we do in al jazeera is tried to balance the stories, the good, the bad, the ugly tell. it says it was, and leave the people who allow was into their lives, dignity and humanity. ask you to tell their story. ah, a show of support for ukraine, the british prime minister becomes the latest leaders of visit key the spheres grow of a major russian assault in the east. ah, hello, i'm darn jordan. this is al jazeera la you from delta coming up pakistan. zimmerman . com is dismissed as prime minister, after losing a no confidence vote in parliament. employees are set to pick a new leader on monday. we need change yet because we're going to be, is going. it's not promising at all. ambiance vote for new parliament in an
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election that could strengthen the president's power. i protested, intro lanka, keep up the pressure on the government that fed up with the rising cost of goods and want the president out. there's been a bench for ukraine's war effort as international donors renew financial support and millions of people who fled the fighting. the british prime minister made an unannounced visit to keep offering military and financial aid, or has johnson met president vladimir zalinski and promised to increase the pressure on russia with more sanctions, as well as moving away from using its oil and gas. racial said our reports in a capital case because more high level diplomatic visits to keep on saturday. yuki prime minister boys johnson and austria chancellor caught me hammer,
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became the latest western leaders to wizard ukrainian president at they. after all of them, it zaleski welcomed european commission, president or sullivan de leon, and the blocks foreign policy chief, joseph burrell johnson. one of the most local critics of russia's invasion of ukraine, retreated his support for the country. and we will give you the support that you need the economic support, but also of course, the defense is military support in which i am proud to say that the u. k. helped to, to lead the way he plaster sand, new armored vehicles, anti aircraft, anti tank missiles, and perhaps most significantly anti ship miss our systems. those co threatened rushes, large naval presence in the black sea. with lucy, as embassies and political figures began to return to keep, the word to reconstruct is destroyed, neighborhood is ramping up. among them is the city of european. once
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home to 60000 people, the city was a front line in the battle between russia and ukraine. a forces heavily guarded on a visit to the area. the austrian chancellor told me he found the destruction difficult to take in for a thorough quarter of the people. no crane who thought, wow, fierce fighting continued here for over a month. these bridge became a focal point, as people fill out the bombardment, ukrainian army, sacrifice this bridge in order to hold the atlas of russian forces as they tried to encircled the capital. as a result, the city of new had been, has been cut off from keith says the early days off the war, now that the russian forces left a region, a force are on the way to reconnect the 2 cities with a temporary bridge. this russian forces have withdrawn from the area foundations
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are being relayed and connections remains as the suburbs are linked again to the capital. so to key reinforces is linked to the world resources that al jazeera european. meanwhile, ukrainian officials are urging civilians in the eastern region of low hands to immediately lead to safer areas. warning, russia is gathering its forces for new offensive. people are being evacuated from chroma torso. that's where a strike on a railway station on friday, killed more than 50 people. ukraine says russia, 5 missiles at the station, while thousands of civilians are waiting to catch trains to safety. russia and says keith was responsible. not both of them don't hold an order from our city. the train hasn't been running for a long time. we can only evacuate by bus. it's impossible to live in the city because the water supplies, intermittent electricity is infrequent. shops are closed, communications don't work is like armageddon here. mean our residents of boucher
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returning home to a charred and change city. russian forces have been accused of war crimes there. since they left local police have been tasked with helping survivors. volunteers are sweeping up debris and moving what remains of destroyed tanks. the images of dead civilians left on the streets and mass graves caused an international outcry. the only thing they know is people dad's people with their hand side people tortures murders. and this just breaks my heart, you know, but i'm sure i'm up to move from sure. will the city and make it even more beautiful than before global down as the promised $11000000000.00 to support refugees from ukraine and those internally displaced the european commission and governments like canada are among those helping. most of those who fled to women and children because men of fighting age con, leave the country for the war has caused europe biggest refugee and humanitarian
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crisis since the 2nd world war, more than 10000000 people have been forced to flee their homes. that's a quarter of the country's population. more than 6000000 are still in ukraine. around 4 and a half 1000000 have left the country. 2 and a half 1000000 of them are in poland. most of the rest are in other countries, neighboring ukraine, while some others have moved on to western europe. and russ cash offers from the un refugee agency. he says those forced to flee ukraine when he long term support. what we're seeing is still refugees from ukraine arriving at smaller numbers. we have when you put it into perspective, we need to see that in early mass, up to 140000 people per day across the border. so it's really records numbers which we haven't seen and other refugee emergencies, and now it will be in the 1000. so still significant all the volunteer
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organizations are many of them are still there, but it's already that we need to more, a longer term perspective on them, but also on supporting the refugees went on because often they only spend a few hours a day at the border and then they move on to major cities in. it's actually worked well and it has really been so very and it's, it's probably something that should camp for other crisis helps displacement and refugees of the response. now, here in was where i'm now, and we think that may be rascally estimated one out of 70 people is a refugee. so we need to meet the accept accommodation they need and if they can work next to just to health care. so this is something really when
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you look in the perspectives and many are hosted with local citizens, they may not be able to to host them for an extended period. they support from other countries. it showed in the 1st name, obviously to go into the national response and especially also municipalities, villages, town had been planning on this and entity, the refugee agency or other international position. and, you know, they can compliment that response. what we're seeing is that the movements across the border, they are more or less in line with what and what for the cry. so some of these people may be read to me. i'm not surely there are individual to we talk to refugees to pay. they have hungry men, or they think it's relatively peaceful where they are. now,
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when i say that development in ukraine and also the right place and we have more than half a 1000000 internally displaced in the ukraine now. so that means that it's on power traditions like here. yeah, there is certainly the possibility that more ukrainian pakistan's parliament has removed imran con as prime minister, it held a vote of no confidence after several delays and a legal challenge in the supreme court. a tory gates and reports unless it was after midnight in islamabad, where members of parliament voted on the mation of no confidence, one subtler after a nearly 14 hour standoff between him. wrong cons, ruling party, and the opposition. 174 members have regarded their war to in favor of the resolution. consequently,
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the resolution of ward of no confidence against mister am ron con, the prime minister of his lawmaker bobbitt o'clock is none, has been paused by a majority of the total membership of the national assemblies. ah. gone is the 1st prime minister in pakistan to be ousted by a new confidence date. all opposition leader? she by sharif, he's likely to succeed him. said pakistan had been freed from a crisis or a nay. a new dawn has started, a new day is coming, a law has answered the prayers of millions of pakistani mothers, sisters, daughters, elders. and you, honey, while i. com says he won't accept in opposition, government and blame the us, the leading a conspiracy to remove him. he's called on his support is to hold nationwide rallies among boys. among con has been moved to a foreign conspiracy. god willing,
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we will fight back to make him prime minister again. we don't. one thing steve o, concert of evil is the culmination of months of political turmoil and a weeklong constitutional crisis. the opposition put forward a new confidence mation to parliament last sunday. oh, the deputy speaker blocked the mation saying it was unconstitutional and involved foreign into fair and his name is zulu. my usa and cons, advise pakistan's president dissolved parliament. but the supreme court, who that was illegal, wiley man has lost the battle in the parliament. he still has a lot following in the field, especially among the young and they are fairly committed. so a lot will depend how this group and they run on is going to react to interact with the new government. because overnight the new government will not be able to solve the problems of the economy. the relationship with the military, the u. s. state department has denied any involvement in pakistan's internal
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politics. parliament will meet on monday to appoint a new prime minister party studying victoria gay to be al jazeera. so to come here now does air including and tom are for making his way down and there we are. a milestone in space tourism. the 1st old private team of astronauts arrives at the international space station more than ah hello there, it's a story of contrasts when it comes to the weather across north america. we've had this area of low pressure bring heavy rain and breezy conditions to the east coast and some flooding in new jersey. now, in contrast to this has been very dry across a west coast for california. we've seen a heat way. we had heat advisories out and people flocking to the beach to escape
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that heat. now we are going to see some changes. it's going to warm up across the east for the west. however, we've got a wintry and wet system pulling its way into california. that's going to knock temperatures down in places like san francisco and los angeles in the days to come . if we have a look at the 3 day for san francisco, we're going to see some rain on monday. there is a bit of a recovery on tuesday with sunshine, but still those temperatures will go down. it's going to improve however much of those central and eastern areas. if we have a look at the 3 day for washington, d. c, while we'll be hitting 25. by the time we get to choose day with plenty of sunshine and it remains largely hot and why across the south west of the us that isn't helping wild fire conditions. we got critical wildfire warnings out here for central america. a lot of that heat pulls into northern areas of mexico and it drives up in the south that sure whether ah,
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on counting the costs, why didn't order is what he says is an unprecedented release of oil reserves. will it bring prices down? can germany, we need self off, rush and gas in 2 years and taxing crypto currency profits in india. how will it affect investing? counting the cost on al jazeera with bowl and i'm at home stories, the asia and the pacific. i'm out here. ah ah, welcome back, a group of about top stories here. this a british prime minister barak johnson has pledged more raid for ukraine after home
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talked with the president zalinski and keith johnson is the latest foreign leader to travel to the country to offer support. ukrainian officials are urging civilians in the eastern region of the hans to travel to safer areas. people in the city of comma tor scott being evacuated after missiles strike killed more than 50 people at redwood station on friday. when com has been removed as pakistan's prime minister, he lost them no confidence boat, which was held in parliament and peace will reconvene on monday to vote for a new product and the austrians will add to the poles on may 21st to vote in a general election prime minister scott morrison may be announcement a short while ago and cambra is conservative. government got a narrow victory. 2019, but it now trails behind labor in the opinion polls. i love this country. and i love australians. and i now astride in have been through a very tough time. i also know the destroyer continues to face very tough
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challenges in the user head. but more than either, i know that we live in the best country in the world. and more than ever, i am optimistic about our future. am i not? and what i know estrogens can achieve. poles are closed in the gambit election, where people have been voting to elect a national assembly. a record number of candidates vying for the 53 parliamentary seats and other 5 will be appointed by president adams barrow, who faces growing political and economic discontent of an address report. foreman's after presidential election gabby and once again came out to vote. many of them consider this parliamentary election as important as the one that returned president item, a power to power into ag ambia. yeah, we need change yet because the way a game is going is not promising at all. it's not promising. so we need a torch in the house with the assembly. yeah. inside the constitution can be
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amended. yeah, we need a, a new daph conversation because an engine and is it because as usual is the was conscious vision ever be more but the president said he considers the election, unimportant stomach, our democrats is moving. that means defeat is lower. i think that is very good going forward. was it was supposed to some period, not a transition is over. we have considered it or so we have been as dumbfounded on moving forward. the election commission says the china was much lower than in the presidential wrote in to somebody. local observers say that maybe because a parliamentary vote came so soon after the presidential race and honest in the can be. i suggest a low voter turnout could give the governing and p p party only a small majority. if that happens, the president, then we'll have to find new partners to push through his agenda in parliament. ah,
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although the president won a landslide re election 4 months ago and a list predict he faces tough times ahead. if he doesn't win the majority, it will be very difficult for him. but of course i thing for me. i said we should be different voices, and is there a chance to see how we can work together to ensure that what is of benefit to the mission is about people in the gambia. i know waiting to find out who will be representing them in parliament election. official expect most of the results to be announced on sunday. how many degrees of which are just a few hours time polls are open in france in the presidential election. tow candidates include in the incumbent, manual macro, a vine for the top job. meanwhile, french citizens in canada started voting on saturday. in toronto and montreal. the 2 top candidates will face off in round 2, on april 24th israel as imposed collective measures against palestinian inhabitants of janine and the occupied west bank of the 2. the areas residents,
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cat out attacks in israel. it follows a raid in the town, during which a palestinian man was shot dead and a dozen more injured, a refugee camp palestinians. consider jenny and a stronghold for resistance to israeli occupation. under the new measures it's residence, have had their movements tightly restricted for that, but i mean, as mona from occupied it, this is a series of measures that were issued by the the basically disraeli authority in the occupied was bang. those measures include, for example, for bidding merchants and business, many people from the junior area to cross into israel. another. another thing is that 5000 permits were revoked. those permits were granted cheap at his dinners during this month of ramadan, so they could visit their families inside israel. well know more of that either. and then it seems that there's also no transfer of produce agricultural projects
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from that janine area. so certainly clamping down on jeanine id already the checkpoints, the 2 major crossings for people living in that area. do i'm in the north and south have been closed down are the only little cabinet you have is that daily laborers will still be allowed to come into israel to work as long as they can, but they will have the most most stringent security measures. now my seniors oversee slammed these measure says that that, that tant amounts basically, a t collective punishment about israel. it seems to be standing firm, especially after that the attack yesterday, the prime minister had said that he's lifting all restrictions on security forces. been basically giving them the green light to do what ever they want. and the
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defense ministry said that all offensive and defensive operations will widen and continue in the occupied westbank for the coming days. top iranian officials are promised to continue working on the peaceful use of the country's nuclear program. they unveiled several quote achievements junior ceremony to market national nuclear technology day. and the hush was in toronto. the iranian nuclear agency showed at 9 off its new achievements and fields of health and agriculture. also, iran is suppose, or are they already said they did to upload that join the c p f, which is the con, the country program, a framework for the next 20 years to the i. e. a website where it's showing in gen that are what are the plans and objectives, the uranium nuclear agency is, is putting forward. one of them is producing on $10000.00 megawatts of electricity
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through nuclear power. also, the president spoke during this ceremony. he said that iran one link it's nuclear ambitions within the peaceful framework. it one to link its own research, its own knowledge within the, in nuclear science to the demands and whatever other countries want at this was in a way or another signal to watch the negotiations as we know that right now, the iranian nuclear file that's controversial within the international power is under negotiations on talks between iran and 5 plus one and america. and these talks are, are installed due to points regarding the, the listing of the i r g c. so lanka has seen its largest protest since the start of the economic crisis. demonstrators, a, back on the streets and colombo, demanding the president, got to buy a raj approx, resign. michelle fernandez,
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report from a capital angry, frustrated, and desperate for justice around the president's office. in colombo, under the eyes of the police, shalanda is facing its worst economic crisis. in decades. all saturday the protesters kept coming. most of them young people in what reported to be the biggest protest over the crisis to d. o public service. so we are here to say that always as needs to be heard and he needs to be respected. and his grades his needs though and no because it had gone up to the limit that to well be broke and obey any more. the crowds came from all of to lunches, diverse communities. this course to read, give us stolen money back, and this is corrupt jewelers are playing with our future. in recent weeks, the price of essential goods rocketed and cooking gas and fuel became scarce. hopa,
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last up to 30 hours economy see a massive drop in tourism revenue due to the east of bombing of 2019, and the pandemic, coupled with a loss of government revenue due to a major free election tax stuck proud to blame. not is not in a foreign currency for the government to buy a central that's only by and be out of this crisis about the raj, a bunch of has to be removed from the positions and they normally be could see some sort of a credible political stability in the country and political bid that want to go stability only. they want to make golf sustainable to be big bill coming to the country. the government is requesting a bailout from the international monetary fund and also seeking financial assistance in india, china, and other friendly countries. the government has described demonstrators as extremists, accusing them of being politically manipulated. while
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a very few may fit this, this. a vast majority of the thousands of protesters have turned up voluntarily. they say they want their futures back and go to raja parks. i'm the government must go. you know fernandez, i'll just 0 colombo shanghai plans to start using a lockdown and communities that report no cobra 19 cases. within 2 weeks after another round of mass testing around 26000000 residents have been under lockdown since march 28th following an outbreak. dozens of medical volunteers have been brought into the city to help with mass testing. the presidents of china and the philippines have held a virtual summit, but their joint statement didn't mention the territorial dispute in the south china sea. fishermen in the philippines say they are caught in the middle of a territorial tussle with china, jamal alan, dog and reports from somebody that somebody else will know. jet ski, the local, young flood, know, believe, be, know. when would be good to tell you ran for the presidency in 2016 eve down to
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defend filipino fishermen at all cost. years later that promise to jet ski to the south china sea model turned out to be an electioneering stunt. what about global? that was my bravado. it was appeal campaign due and a huge disappointment to the thousands of philippine fishermen who voted for him here in the town of massey lock in zambales province because he saw him in the mo bus about them or yo, yo for us are low blue start the job, it is a matter of survival for our families. it's absurd can be i am the scarborough shawl is a 124 miles from the province and well within the exclusive economic zone claimed by the philippines. but chinese warship seized control of the reef 10 years ago since then in the cent, as for honest says he is faced constant harris meant from chinese vessels in the
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open. when i'm back, when i back look one thing and i was surrounded inside the triangle of 3 chinese ships. i was in a small wooden person and they were all just them. i thought it was the end of my life. why i refreshing like, weird tubes in our own waters that this ours armina da da da and china's president . she just being announced that their country is, will broaden the space for more positive engagements. but such dialogue is far from the realities at sea. chinese and philippine coast guards ships almost collided last month. in with the filipino crew, said was a dangerous maneuver and clear violation of international law. china's so called 9 dash line, which claims most of the south china sea, has already been declared invalid in 2016 by an international tribunal. but that does not stop china from its expansions and incursions in the south china sea. in fact, since then,
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more than $240.00 diplomatic protests have been filed by the philippines against china, a $183.00 of which were filed last year. the turret is stepping down in july, and the campaign for his replacement is well underway. many filipinos see that after years of policy of appeasement towards china, they're eager for a tougher stance. a more treacherous course for the next philippine leader to navigate jamal alan dog and al jazeera massey lock in zambales, northern philippines. lo and a giant step for space torres in the 1st all private team of astronauts as doctor the international space station. after a short delay tom mart for making his way down. and there we are. through the 4 men or in foreigners, of each paid $55000000.00 to spend or on 10 days in orbit will carry out some scientific research and other projects. the missions being led by a foreman, nasa astronaut, who now works with a commercial space flight company. axiom,
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pull up a bug, laser space journalist and author. he says the private mission is more about tourism from science 15 be just gonna go on most agree on a mission reduced roof. as doris, they said they would be doing some outreach work. obviously anybody who brought into space some outreach and reaches out to the larger community in on, on essentially telling me on how you will be it looks like from space so, so i'll be certain to be what happened. i don't expect them to be doing much science, but yes, not as being for some of the scientific results and signed the big instruments which are going to come back with the mission in or little what a week for expecting mark them to do science one as part of
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buddhism are very unlikely unlikely that these students were stuff how go the know i'm prepared, debris, but whenever a rocket goes up, there is always some part of the other which is left in space. or we should also body. when rockets are rockets use that he's boxing chemicals in between the mosque as they walk toward space ah, type of check of the headline on al jazeera, the british prime minister barbara johnson has pledged more military crane. after holding talks and president lensky and keith johnson, the latest foreign leader to travel to the country to offer his support and ukraine officials urging civilians in the eastern region of lou hands to try.


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