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[000:00:00;00] ah, wherever you go in the world. well no, i'm going to make it exceptional. katara going places to go. ah, emmanuel macro, my face is fall right rival marine le pend in the 2nd round of the french presidential election. ah, hello i mariam noisy in london watching al jazeera, also coming up on the program. full of pakistani prime minister im ron con. riley's, his supporters as attention shift to who will replace him in ukraine as mass graves
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have found in the vintage of brazil veneer. keith president zalinski seeks germany support for tougher sanctions on russia, and rising tensions between israelis and palestinians after more violence in the occupied westbank. ah, incumbent lead of french president emanuel mac groan is set for a run off against far right, canada marine le pen. micron is vine to become the 1st french present to be reelected in 20 years. all a pen is on her 3rd attempt for the top job. in total, 12 candidates were listed on sundays ballots. out there as bonnet, smith reports now from the capital, paris. manual micron only did warm campaign rally, but the man who brands himself a centrist did enough to have a chance of being the 1st incumbent french president in 20 years to win
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a 2nd term. again though, you'll have to beat the far right at noon. okay, but thank you so. so tony, the ellipse, don't you to our fellow citizens lit, abstained or voted for the extreme. don't either because they are angry against inequalities or to the ecological chaos zone, or insecurity, or the difficulty of living in a dignity. even working hearted. idle convinced you in 2 days to come. his opponent and the 2nd round of voting will again be marine le pen leader of the national rally. its manifesto includes a promise to make it illegal for muslim women to wear had scarves in public places, were converts. they put your vote depends all over the french territory on the legitimate preponderance of the french culture and language, the customs of our regions, and the french way of life on republican laws and values. he did not know him, he can le pen might pick up votes from supporters of air exam or another extreme right candidates, the former t v pundit. as asked his supporters to backer. in the 2nd round,
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the far less john lute melanie sean had hoped that this time he might make it to the run off. but again, he didn't quite get enough votes. francis traditional right and left wing parties continue to hemorrhage, support. the conservative, the republicans party and the valerie pay, chris saw their share of the vote collapsed a single digits. the socialist and an hidalgo had been all but wiped out their share of the vote, barely registered the, the beneficiary of those former conservative and socialists votes seems again to be micron. we ought to be asked the french brutus to support or to the answer all your friends friends for the next turn of the election in 2 weeks repugnant. i believe we have a good record and we have walked out. plan with the vision for the future. for the young, our country and for the workers often be to the left, micron has promised higher pensions and more staff in health care for the right. thousands more police officers and judges. and
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a rise in the retirement age from 62 to 65. going into the 2nd round monro, my phone could again benefit from the same republican front that help you easily beat marino pan. back in 2017. that is most of the losing candidates tonight, but urged their supporters not to let in extreme right. it will be difficult. marie le pen to overcome utmost bother bernard smith. al jazeera paris has got to natasha butler live fresh in paris and we've been sang natasha. it does feel like repeats have 2017 with 2 very different candidates. but the choice is clear for french vouchers is marine la pen in for a better chance this time. well, i think we're in the pen, the fall right party leader. certainly think she's in with a good child. she wants to be francis 1st fall right president. that is her goal, that is her aim and she hopes that the voters will put her in the lease
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a palace in 2 weeks time. whether or not they will of course, is another matter. indeed, she has had some packing from another far right party candidate, eric moore, who was running in this presidential race, who of course, is trailing far behind. he is often supported to rally around her. however, many other candidates who didn't make it through the 2nd round have called on their supporters to block the far right, the blog. marine the parent. that is something of a tradition here in fraud. so perhaps we'll see many of those supporters either abstaining or voting for him. i know micro that is a real challenge for marine the pen. no doubt though, she will be campaigning very hard. indeed, she ran a tight campaign by all accounts very much focusing on the cost of living that number one issue for so many voters in faults, an issue that really helped deflect the spotlight away from her and the migration anti islam agenda. and my, the really helped all say to why didn't her repeal to attract more photos that will
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put off by some of her views and some of her immigration platform. the problem is from or in the pen. one challenge she's really going to have to face is the debate that happens between these 2 routes. a tradition aaron falls between the 2 top candidates, marina penn in 2017. when she went ahead to head with a manual micro performed very poorly. indeed, in that debate, united by her room admission, it was something of a catastrophe. she's had 5 years though to really polish her act, to try and do much better than she did back then. of course, you can imagine she spent a lot of time thinking of her strategy, thinking of what she's going to say in that debate, because that is something that a manual micro is generally a very good. all the facts and figures to hand and performs very well under pressure in those sort of settings. so be interesting to see that debate on april 20th. and then of course, in april 24th, the 2 candidates really had to head in the final round here. thank you very much,
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natasha about covering this story from paris. and joining me now is james shields that professor french politics, university of white joins us live by skype. how important is that debate going to be? as natasha was saying, that con is put in a very good performance to last time, obviously. but how, what will she be looking to do in this debate? how be, how she be trying to portray herself? well, she is looking to be convincing. that's the 1st thing i think the parent know will continue to focus on economic and social issues and to prioritize cost of living. because there, she has a distinct advantage. it seems over macro, what she will need to return also to her signature or immigration of security of islam. if she's to attract the vote was a very because moore,
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she will continue to project. i'm sure this so really reassuring message close to the people are close to everyday concerns. and she will seek to contrast that with microns distant aloofness of what you were looking to do in the to wrote it in the space between the 2 rooms. and, and this to be, she'll be looking to ton, the runners into an anti micro referendum. the difference is that the mood is no longer there to be a lightning rod, to deflect attention a we for the war extremist aspects of lupin's program. and to make her seem. ready more moderate by comparison, and she will have to lean more on those radical aspects if she's to address moves. electorate, micro, no doubt, will focus precisely on those extremist aspects. as a way of stressing the dean just for france, you,
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on the way to west. if le pen were to be elected. now that's interesting because i suppose mat macklin will try to remind voters about the divisive xenophobic. you're a skeptic. anti immigrant at policies are that we own a marine. the pan has subscribed to for many years. but because of that, will she tried to focus on the, the cost of inc, living in the economy even more. and of course, the criticism there is that there is an in coherence to have policies. how is she gonna have to sort of game plan not to, to counter mack on trying to expose that incoherence. yes, you put your finger on her big problem. she needs to reach both ways. she needs to reach out to that the. ready hardline voters of what she needs to reach across actually to the left, to the socio economically susceptible voters of john middle micro starts
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out at the clear favorite yet, but he's an embattled incumbent and look, pen can put pressure on insisting on the dangers of electing. but in the pen will not be enough for michael. you will have to both defend his record over the past 5 years and set a clear vision of where he wishes to take france in the next 5. in the past, when mainstream candidates based a loop and in the presidential run off and that was she, i can 2002 macro and 2017. other components of the electric have gather drone to cause the far right. that would be the case to the same extent. something that did not exist in 2017, but will be a factor now, is the law thing. micron inspires in a large part of the french voting public. so this time there will be an anyone but micro vote just as there will be again for some on anyone, but look,
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pen vote. the 2nd round will depend on who is more like what it will also depend on who is this like? thank you so much. i appreciate that professor jane, she'll they're sharing your thoughts on the story with us. thank you. ah, thousands of him on con, supporters of rallied in islam of bodied day off to parliament, removed him as prime minister with a vote of no confidence opposition party secured a 174 votes. in the 342 c, parliament come, all hider has been following the protests and islam apart. the ouster prime minister ron han had made an appeal to a nation to come out and read a cross log on and died. families have turned out, as you can see,
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people elected boarding in to f 9 fog when you're situated in central islam abroad . it's important to know that dad's been a get on the board for the outdoors. prime minister, within 24 hour bug, a new prime minister date august on take it off. it's saying that if that opposition candidate becomes the prime minister, that they were, den resignations and mom and dad are gone with creat another crisis. i got the budget on derek. and off by far the largest party and bought tens of thousands of people have come out to grow to pockets on and all the major cities from the southern boards 300, of garages, to center. one job. the city of la hor, federal abad. after bought into hi books, good, well proven. and for shaw and m,
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ron not or did that. this is a good, big, as i said, as part of the public is concerned, the kind of logan that we've been hearing, that friends of the united states are trade dr. this country that did indeed a battery arctic po which are they're merging around con, maybe down, but it's not out politically. and that i just thought that particular check from the outer prime minister david, go back to his math days. now also we have been door that the bugger sunday diaspora which is located outside the country. i'd also come out to protest in london and madrid, spain in australia, i now to ukraine. the president autumn is a landscape saying he has spoken to the german chancellor about imposing more sanctions on russia. local officials say they found graves with the bodies of dozens of civilians in the village of was over near keith. russian forces have now
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withdrawn from the area well at the sight of another masquerade and boucher especially designated ukrainian war crimes. prosecutors and forensic experts have exude 9 more bodies. it was uncovered, a local church grounds total. the mayor says $320.00 civilians are confined to have died. ukrainian officials say the death toll from friday's missile strike on a train station in chrome tours because risen to 57 or than a 100 people were injured in the attack. moscow is denied responsibility for the strike suggesting ukraine targeted civilians, but they've not provided any evidence. surgeries in cave, and has the latest on diplomatic efforts to stop the war. recently we have just seen that there has been at the high level diplomatic wizards, the highest levels actually since the war began on 24th of february 1st wonderland . the president of the european commission joined by the blocks on foreign policy
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of joseph world. they have visited ga just 2 days ago and also so they came from prime minister or so was here, and one de leon, and has promised a 1000000000 a dog, the euro's of worth of weapons to the supply to ukraine. and also promised a 600000000 euro at worth or for a location about a new budget for the the construction of ukraine. however, the prisons and ask, ask for more weapons. but yesterday when prayer there, buquet prime minister job. but his johnson also was here, and he has promised to provide more anti tanks, anti aircraft, and anti ship missiles to ukraine, which could cause a significant damage, particularly, or in the black sea. considering that the russia has a very heavy, a presence of naval forces in biloxi. but despite all of this diplomatic wizards
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that now jeep is seen again, there has been a very little emphasize on the, on, on, on the diplomatic efforts to find a piece and to the present. zalinski says that we shouldn't mr opportunity to find a piece or to, to design a deal that could, and the, the war that is on going in the country will sell to come on the program. and he stay, olga, mexico's present, gives versus the chance to say whether it's done for re election or government is not perfect. we've never climb to b. lo is called in australia or as well by mrs scott mars and outlines his page for a noun. ah hello please to say that we have now got dry weather into eastern parts of
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australia. there's still a few showers in the forecast over the next few days at the moment this autumn on the way of cloud. they're just stretched across the bike, pushing right back into southern parts of a western australia. so wet weather, therefore, perth, pushing across the far south of south australia and down towards the southeast by the north. as you can see, dry and fine, good looking day for monday. then up towards c, a, cape york, but it's there still some showers and wet by the continues just across the top hand over the next dial. so come choose day. notice the shower is just started to show the had along the east coast. so we could see some wet weather returning in to sydney for tuesday, wednesday. i think you'll see those showers a little more widespread by that state. so i think fighting concerns do still remain very much in evidence here, nor the parts of new zealand. also saying some very wet weather as we go through the next couple days with much of new zealand. it is fine and dry folly drive for much of japan settle weather here, pleasant spring,
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sunshine of the sunshine to across the korean peninsula. although it will to wetter, across north korea, as we go on through tuesday, japan still looking good. but the cloud and the rain affecting a good part of central and southwestern china. aah! from the al jazeera london, bro cost center t people, unprompted uninterrupted. the social media space is as dangerous as the street, so it came to be nice as much as the street part 2 journalists, nestle, malik. and right to and political analyst, angelina, paula, i want people to be attentive to the commercial interests that shape these platform studio be unscripted on al jazeera.
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ah ah, welcome back. look at the main stories this our now 1st president emanuel micron is set for iran off against his fall. right? rival marine le pen that's going to be held on april 24th. with the final tally. still the. com. it does look as though they will be facing each other in the 2nd and final round. in our all the headlines, thousands of enron con support is evaluated as lama by the day off to parliament, removed him as prime minister with a vote of confidence. opposition party secured a 174 votes. in the 342 c parliament, i'm local officials have a fount grades with the bodies of dozens of civilians and the ukrainian footage of those over near keith, russian forces have withdrawn from the area of roger mi zalinski has been speaking
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to the german chancellor. about imposing sanctions on moscow. meanwhile, in mockery to the west of ukraine's kia volunteers there are helping clean up after the retreat of russian forces. but as i correspond to him on confound out, the task comes with its own set of dangerous is 10 days ago, the ukrainian army in russian forces full pitched battles in the streets of mackarath. now an army of volunteers is fighting a different one to clean up the streets, their weapons, all fashion rooms and physical strength. these people are members of a bodybuilding club and keep them come to help alongside their friends. they sweep into the soup market. every time we are trying to clean up the mess that the russians left behind, we are trying to bring normality to our country green. but it's dangerous work.
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minds and booby traps everywhere. they work with the military to stay as safe as they can. we asking for the military guys and promotional, what is i found the 2 bombs, but it was florida on the garden. elizabeth did become you. the task ahead is daunting. even with volunteers in the civil administration. it'll take years to get this town back to anything resembling what it was. facilities like the local library and community center will be the last to be rebuilt. after all, without homes for people to live in. they can be no community that they was painted on that gauged by the russians. they've taken over this entire area. you can just see over there the empty ammunition cases, they used as defensive positions, but the ukrainians have now been through this area. they've searched house the house, see that yellow dot over there, that yellow dot symbolizes the fact that this house has been cleared of mines. and
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any kind of booby traps and the residents that are back here. and what they're doing is they're rebuilding slowly. but surely. soldiers is still clearing houses, where they look in the cellar methodically, making sure there's nothing that might explode. the woman who lives her watches nervously satisfied is clear, the soldier's li run with us. it's this type of operation that will allow those who still have some hope to return this ukrainian tank has become a makeshift memorial to those who died, defending this place. the residence of la flowers, flowers that have wilted and died. but as the long process to clean up begins when they return,
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perhaps fresh flowers will as well. in wrong con oh de 0 mercado a 3rd palestinian has been killed in the occupied west bank. he was shot in a town near bethlehem. aaliyah's ready forces say they killed a palestinian, tried to stab a soldier. hundreds of people have attended the funeral of the 3rd victim. a palestinian woman who was shot by is ready forces tearing raids in the town of her son. the widowed mother of 6 died in hospital. israel says its troops and fight warning shots. i will is ready, forces have been on highlight after a string of recent attacks. 2 of the suspects of from jeanine in the occupied west bank, which has been put under restrictions and has seen several raids by israeli forces mosque there of declared a call for resistance and camp residents of blocked roads in and out of the area. john holman, has more from occupied east jerusalem. there's been
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a situation developing around jeanine refugee camp in the occupied west bank. and that immediate situation really began on thursday evening when a gum, and that was from that camp and went to central television and shot various people killing 3 of them. now, after that, israeli security forces have asked his father the father of that gun man at rod, her sim, is the name of the gun man. to turn himself into them. they said they want to question him. now he's refused to do that. he told out his era that he's morning, his son is not going to go with them. and if they want him, they can come and get him. now on sunday evening, at the his family members said that in the last of the calls that he'd receive 2 to ask him to hand himself in israeli security officials said that they would come
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into janine at refugee camp on of raid. if he didn't do that now, why is that important? because jeanine refugee camp has a lot of gun then, and it has a lot of weapons. so this really is a primer for a confrontation and the, the mos in the refugee camp have been a announcing, the people need to be vigilant. right? now the secretary general of is, lamar g had, has been saying, has been putting his fighters on high alert. so this is a very tense situation and both is re lease and palestinians. remember 20 years ago, a raid that lasted for days on jeanine refugee camp that left more than 20 israeli soldiers dead and more than 50 palestinians dead. so the situation is always already really tense here, and there are fears that arrayed
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a large scale raid on jeanine refugee camp could just open pandora's box. here now is australia. the prime minister is called for an election on the 21st of may, seeking a 4th time in office. it's got martians coalition trials, the st. left opposition party in the poles after 3 years of disasters. and the pandemic brianca group to reports. ah, the date is set, and a 6 week campaign for australia's federal elections officially begins this fire. this pandemic. there is now war prime minister scott morrison seeking re election. his conservative coalition has held power since 2013. but morrison is the 1st as trillion prime minister to serve a full town in more than a decade. it's a choice between a strong future and an uncertain one. it's a choice between our government, you know, and a liberal position that you don't our government is not perfect. we've
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never climb to be, but we are up from his challenger. the said to left, leave a party leader, antony albany. thee, he hath the message of optimism growing up with a single mom. i learned the value of a dollar and steeped heavily. it is working cost roots, more jobs, better health services, and cheaper child care. i will lay with integrity and i will train you with respect . i will restore fight in our political system by any in the waste and rots and establishing a strong national anti corruption commission. ivan easiest campaign will focus on trust in the government, or lack of it. the past 3 years have been dominated by catastrophic bush wires, devastating floods, and some of the world's toughest coven 19 rules. the answer is lives in scott morrison's personal appeal and standing a level of trust in the annual barometer, a pole. oh, who's the countries most and least,
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russell politicians last month. so morrison was right on the list. trusted politician in the country and the opposition leader anthony of an easy was right and the 2nd most trusted while morrison would bank on strong economy. the government budget is nearly one trillion dollars in debt. morrison's refusal to commit to facing out fossil fuels has also galvanized queen activists and independent candidates who can hurt as coalition. and then their worsting ties. but china, which the government has been accused to weapon ising. but scott morrison is known for pulling off political successes before despite significant odds. bianca kupta says here, although it is in mexico again to decide whether the president should stay or go unprecedented. raf random called by under his money lopez abra door, says the recall though is vital to confirm his democratic mandate. but opponent say the $18000000.00 exercise is
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a waste of money. my arapahoe has been speaking to voters in mexico city. we're outside of a polling center in mexico city, where mexican citizens have been participating in a very special and unprecedented recall referendum on the presidency. we're gonna sort of peer in very quickly into this polling center. people been kind of trickling in and out of throughout the course of the day, the question that mexican citizens are being asked is very simple. it's, it's a binary question, and it's should president lopez over to a lot of mexico be allowed to continue to serve in his 6 year mandate or not. now, mexican president lopez over to, i thought has said that this referendum vote is vital to validate his presidency. he says that it's designed to empower citizens and, and, and, and empower people who are otherwise disenfranchise of the vote in opportunity to sort of hold their presidents accountable. now this has also been one of the most polarizing political topics in recent weeks,
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sparking protests for and against many critics saying that the president already has an almost 60 percent approval rating, raising the question why even hold a referendum at all. others saying that this could potentially open the door to end term limits in a country that only allows a single 6 year mandate for a president. now there's also the question of voter turnout. there is an expectation that only as much as 27 percent of eligible voters will be participating in this recall referendum. far less than the 40 percent needed for the results to be binding. nevertheless, president lopez over to the old says that regardless of voter turnout, he will respect the vote and resign if he loses. ah, i made story this our emanuel mat cron a sat for


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