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those stories of orphan widows, rebels and soldiers. it is their privilege to tell the stories of my own people to a global audience. ah, early results predicts a show down between a manual micron and far right rival marine the pen in a runoff for the french presidency. ah, i'm carry johnston. this is al jazeera life from day, also coming up tens of thousands of people protests in pakistan against the removal of the former prime minister iran con. more mass graves found their cave as
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president zalinski seeks germany support for tougher sanctions on russia plus o. anger in shanghai of a food shortages as a strict cobit 19 knocked down, drags on ah, incumbent french president, manuel mackerel is set for a likely run off against the far right. counted marine, the pen icon hopes to become the 1st french president to be reelected in 20 years while the pen is on her 3rd attempt for the top job in toto. 12 candidates were listed on sundays ballot, but at smith reports not from the capital pars. emanuel micron only did one campaign rally, but the man who bronze himself a centrist did enough to have a chance of being the 1st incumbent french president in 20 years to win a 2nd term. again though, you'll have to beat the fall, right? i do know completely a you, sir, so tony,
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the alleged assume to our fellow citizens that abstained or voted for the extreme of either because they are angry against inequalities or to the ecological chaos or insecurity colors or the difficulty of living in dignity, even working hard i don't convince you in the days to kind do his opponent and the 2nd round of voting will again be maureen le pen, leader of the national rally. it's manifesto includes a promise to make it illegal for muslim women to wear had scarves in public places . they were covered, the bonuses you, your vote depends all over the french territory on the legitimate preponderance of the french culture and language. the customs of our agents and the french way of life on republican laws and values, if you can, le pen might pick up votes from supporters of air exam or another extreme right candidates, the former tv pond, it has asked his supporters to packer in the 2nd round the far less john lute melon
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shown had hoped that this time he might make it to the run off. but again, he didn't quite get enough votes. francis traditional right and left wing parties continue to hemorrhage support. the conservative, the republicans party and the valerie pay, chris saw their share of the vote collapsed a single digits. the socialists and an hidalgo had been all but wiped out their share of the vote, barely registered. the beneficiary of those former conservative in social votes seems again to be micron. we ought to be asked the french brutus to support them to the as her own european friends for the next turn of the election in 2 weeks repugnant. i believe we have a good record and we have a wacked up plan with the vision to the future for the young, our country and for the workers often be to the left. micron has promised higher pensions and more staff in health care for the right thousands more police officers and judges, and a rise in the retirement age from 62 to 65. going into the 2nd round and manual my
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phone could again benefit from the same republican front that help you easily beat marina pan. back in 2017. that is most of the losing candidates tonight urge their supporters not to let in extreme right. it'll be difficult. marina pen to overcome . oh, to bother bernard smith in al jazeera paris. john pierre parrot is a journalist and political analyst based in paris. he says, politics and france has become extremely polarized. will have a big moment. it will be the debate between mrs le pena and the prism macro. so everybody is waiting for the debate because you, as you know, until now mr. macro, as refuse any kind of debate with any candidates. so it will be its 1st debate for the select son. and so everybody is waiting for that. we will see at the moment how
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mr. bennett will succeed to to by mr. mac rome. we know that before the sun from from the 201973, she was not very, very good in this debate. so she has to make a lot of progress to be at the same level that the president. and we will see if she will succeed on that's a great moment. we will that everybody's expecting. it's totally put arise. we have now 3 blocks we are left is blocked with mr. made sure we got a very good score much more than the a little more on the board predicted. we have the blood with mr. macro, and we as the far right blow. so we have 3 blogs. the traditional parties like the socialist party, although right bodies of nearly it is a p other. so we don't know what will be the future for them. is a big worry for the media don't. it's a big worry for the political leaders of this to the traditional party,
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the socialist and the ride. and so we will see when after the presidential alex said we will of the parliament election. so we would see what they will succeed to, to keep a now tens of thousands of people have answered a call by pakistan's, former prime minister iran con, to protest against his removal from office. con tweeted this video and thanked his supporters proposing what he calls us back regime change to bring what he termed a coterie of pliable crooks to power. parliament will select his replacement on monday. a top contender is opposition leader shivers sharif. the lead of pakistan's muslim league well, upon upon day is an expert on india and pakistan politics at the hudson institute. she joins us on zoom from washington, d. c. thanks for joining us here on out as there are. how wide spread do you think these protests are in reality? i. oh, great to be. yeah. um augustine is
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a country of $200000000.00 plus people. so a few 1000, are you in 100000 people to being out on the street? isn't i difficult to imagine? ah, mister khan has lost the majority in the parliament, but he does have support among the pakistani or willis. and there is all these been widespread support within pakistan or anti american anti vista, are ceilings and saw getting people out on the streets are in the name of protesting against the united states. is not new. it is actually quite old. but mister con himself has limited of it out of it. and you will see that in the upcoming elections. so what do you think m ron cons legacy will be then in terms of the economy and indeed foreign policy initiatives? i would say that mr. con has been one of the worst prime ministers for pakistan when it comes to domestic politics, economics, and foreign policy. almost every country in the world is af, sit in pakistan,
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whether it is the middle eastern countries, are, it is countries in the west, united states and europe. and pakistan's neighbors are, comes to economy or the pakistan economies flailing. ah, the ruby has touched its worst. are in decades ah, there's all sort of, you know, bed that the economy needs money, but the i m f is not willing to release the next tranche. and all of this is because of mister cons policies and his politics. and finally, the country is more polarized today than it was ever even in the preceding few decades. all of this is a legacy of mr. ron con. so given what you say then, who is likely to take over the reins and what would they need to bring for the future of pakistan? so immediately i believe, to morrow sometime on monday, mister shabba, sherry of the b m l m r will be elected prime minister by the majority in the
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parliament. he will, however, have to conduct elections within next few months. maybe sometime later this year, i asked for what the supreme court has said, ah, he will have a tough time as prime minister, because he will need to not only repair relations with other countries, he will also need to do something to stabilize the economy. and mr. conn and his rhetoric will, has hurt both of these. so let, let swapped in mr. shabba, should he be able to stabilize the economy a little bit and improve foreign relations and been planned for an set of conduct the upcoming elections in fall this year. which, which should then give augustine, hopefully, a stable government right now. it will be a coalition government of the 2 largest parties in our, in the parliament, the p. m l n p v p in smaller parties, hopefully begin. so begin last for the next few months and conduct some politics and policies which will help the country and the people. okay,
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we have to leave it there upon upon day at the hudson institute. thanks for joining us. thank you. thank ukraine's president woocommerce zalinski says he spoken to the german chancellor about imposing more sanctions on russia. medical officials say they found graves with the bodies of dozens of civilians in the village of lucifer, near keith. russian forces have withdrawn from the area of the last few days of sin, a series of high profile visits by will lead us to cave resort sir. dar has more on that recently. we have just seen that there has been a high level diplomatic wizards, the highest levels actually since the war began on 24th of february 1st wonderland, the president of the european commission, joined by the blogs or foreign policy of joseph world. they have visited here just 2 days ago, and also so
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a can from prime minister or so was here. and wonder leon has promised a 1000000000 a dog. the euro's worth of weapons to be supply to ukraine, and also promised a 600000000 euro worth or a location about a new budget for the the construction of ukraine. however, prisoners, he asked for more weapons. but yesterday, when and prayer, the you k prime minister to buddhist johnson also was here. and he has promised to provide more anti tanks, anti aircraft, and anti ship missiles to ukraine, which could cause a significant damage, particularly, or in the black sea. considering that the russia has a very heavy or presence of naval forces in, in black sea. but despite all of these diplomatic wizards that now keep is seen again, that there has been a very little emphasize on the, on, on,
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on the diplomatic efforts to find a piece and to the present. zalinski says that we shouldn't mr opportunity to find a piece or 2 to design a deal that could and the, the war that is on going in the country was still a heads on al jazeera will tell you about a unique referendum that's just taking place in mexico and we meet the doctor, his personal experience inspired him to open somalis 1st public not bank in decades . ah. the journey has begun. the 34 world carp is on its way to catherine book. your travel package to day. hello, the weather's large. he set fare across much of japan over the next day or so with a little area cloud just pushing out of east and china that will roll towards the
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cream monitor. the far south of depends on where to weather coming through here, but the more dominant feature this area of low pressure, just extending its way across the far northeast of china, will introduce some very heavy rain into the east side of china, running right down into central and southwestern parts over the next hour. so there's that where to weather therefore, key issues that'll may through fine a dry peasant sunshine typed is getting up into the mid twenties for much of japan that you go that her area where to where the coming into central and southwestern parts of china with some heavy down portal that it is likely to call some localized flooding. we have flooding concerns to into central parts of the philippines. large mass of cloud coming through here associated with tropical storm. and maggie and that's gonna be stuck here for the next couple of days. as monday's pitch you go on into we're tuesday is is a little further east, which yes, but it will bring further heavy down pause in some parts. could see maybe 20300 millimeters afraid. over the next 3 days it will cause widespread flooding,
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flooding concerns to me to the far south of india over the next couple of days. along with swell anchor, i saw air with issue and line of the journey full of struggles full of pleasure, no further aguaro labeled than with her on this. is he dian with me? she doing with godaddy? she had me go and purchase when i get a our, a banfield, an intimate look at life in cuba. me for so long though, i like closer to my boss. hang on me. when i hit my little sorted, let me go, i have me hang there. my cuba at this tell on al jazeera ah, oh wow. ah,
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you're watching al jazeera reminder now about top stories, incumbent french president, emanuel micron, they set for run off against the far right candidate marine. the pen is be held on april 24th. most opinion polls show he'll be terry round too, but the margin could be very tight. thousands of iran can't supporters have rallied in pakistan's capitalism about a day after parmet removed him, his prime minister in a vote of no confidence his we'll choose his successor. later on monday, local officials say they found braves with the bodies of dozens of civilians and a ukrainian village near keith. ash and forces have withdrawn from the area crenan president has been speaking to the german chancellor about imposing more sanctions on moscow. now video, showing angry residence in china's largest city,
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protesting and shouting at officials, has been posted on line showing highs at 26000000. people are under a strict lockdown off to record number of new cable 19 infections. people can only go out at once a day to collect food delivered by korea for many say they don't have enough to eat well fed up at residence have also been filmed, looting food at supply points. while that's bringing katrina, you whose lie for us now in beijing, a residence in shanghai seem to be getting pretty angry about this. locked out, bring us up to date the latest from the city as hard as we've seen. there are enormous frustrations about the way this is being handled in shanghai. initially today, monday the 11th was the day that the lockdown was actually supposed to be lifted, but with case numbers continuing to rise, it seems that this lockdown is going to continue for some weeks,
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at least. so according to the latest numbers we've had on monday more than $25000.00 cases, nor said and breed that brings a total in shanghai since the beginning of march, to more than $200000.00 cases of the on the cross variance. now, here in china, the commercial center of shanghai, the biggest city here in this country remains the epi center of the worst outbreak we've seen in china since the beginning of the pandemic. and at least 262-5226 1000000 people remained under strict locked out. and here in china, the vast majority of cases that all being discovered, at least in shanghai, a symptomatic that people with no symptoms or mild symptoms. but still, the government insists in putting on everybody into quarantine centers and has been suggestions that people should be allowed to warranty at home. but no aging is doubling down on this 62 centers at least have them set up across this issue more than 38000 support medical stuff have been sent in the to help with that effort.
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and people are really starting to lose the patients with this very strict, heavy handed approach. as we've just seen, there been many complaints widespread throughout the city of people not being able to access enough food, not getting access to urgent and necessary medical supplies. medical treatment for other illnesses as well. now the government says that they are working to improve that they've brought, for example, thousands of delivery men and people to work on the just sticks to help with that. but people living in shanghai say those improvement are very patchy and uneven, and in some areas things have gotten worse instead of getting better. and while all of this is happening and govern is continuing to work to sense that any social media posts of any protest already criticisms of the government. ok, yeah. christina, you are in beijing. thank you very much for that update. mexicans
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have been deciding whether president, undress, manuel lopez, over a door should stay or go in an unprecedented referendum cold by the president himself. he says the recall vote is vital to confirm his democratic mandate. proponents, quote it a waste of money on well apollo reports mexican citizens took to the poles on sunday for a 1st ever national referendum to decide the political fate of president and this manuel nope, is overt other. outside this polling station in mexico city, many seemed eager to cast their votes, no mass in fort phantom. i think the most important thing is that this exercise will keep happening in the future. i independent of this president in the future. this will be an opportunity that citizens didn't have in the past, but okay, is i think it's good and positive. it makes our society politically active and that's a valuable thing. oh, the referendum on the presidency is
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a divisive topic in mexico. one that has sparked demonstrations both for and against. some critics are calling the referendum unnecessary, given that president lopez over about already has a nearly 60 percent approval rating. others have argued the referendum is being manipulated by president lopez, but others party to rally supporters ahead of the next presidential election in 2024 in the state will say so long. rarely, in this process rule set by congress imply there cannot be a campaign by the president, nor can public resources be used for his ramifications. nevertheless, what we have seen are public servants from the present party at every level is basically campaigning for it. and some have even argued the vote could open the door to removing term limits in a country where presidents are only allowed to serve a single 6 year mandate outside of the political debate. however, many social scholars have argued the new referendum process is ultimately a good thing for mexican democracy. the 8th that yielded as he would as it but it's
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eat bassoon. so this and other forms of citizen participation are important and necessary as we confront the crisis of democracies. these mechanisms of direct democracy should serve to empower citizens in the public space and then the decision making processes. a recent national survey suggest that only as much as 27 percent of eligible voters will participate in the recall referendum for below the 40 percent needed for the results to be binding. president lopez, obadiah lord, however, has bound to respect the outcome of the referendum and resign if he receives less than 50 percent of votes, regardless of voter turnout. though polls have now closed election, official se could still take several days for the official count to be announced. manuel apollo al jazeera mexico city. let's bring in robin. it has been out. he's a professor at the national university of mexico and joins us by skype from mexico
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city. thanks for being with us here. what was the question is, why did the president feel he had to call for this unusual vote in the 1st place is really strange. this exercise, oh father, regretting referendum because the present don't need it. here he carries a lot of support at 60 cent per cent of the population right now. we support the prescient and many political analysts said that this is a waste of money. on the one hand and the supporters of the present there, they said that this isn't, this is necessary to put her additional so, but for the present to have a more and more power to change the constitution, etc. and all the analysts are, are worry about what that of the realization of the president not only knows because she the lineage in real terms this in a referendum. but she organized that and brister all day the a little early citizens to do that. or do we have an inkling as yet on what the
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outcome of the referendum might actually be there? well, they'll come is about 20 or 25 percent of the of the complete people do the job. the boat will warbler a friend because he is today. sunday is the beginning of the the, the hollywood. an in mexico is the said, we have a week for holidays, for other people and only knows why the present is just this day door. and as this exercise, but the re, uh, the real issue is, is a waste of money or not a will see you in this see in this week what was happening with the referendum now with the real. and that the hooking will do the bolts and do we know what the turn out was and if so, what does it say about the voters views on this unusual move isn't
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usual, isn't new exercise. now, in mexico, only we have elections each it is 60 years for the president of our will don't have for election of the president. and some people said that this is the 1st step to go to the reelection. and many people don't like these. and if he is supportive, of course, they want it. okay, rout vinitez. men are professor at the national university of mexico. thank you very much and if your insights good night my now on the u. s. a murder charge against a woman accused of self inducing, an abortion is to be dropped. a texas district attorney says the woman is exempt from the prosecution under the states strict and her portion laws. last year, protests broke out in texas soft measures came into effect, including a ban on women terminating and pregnancy, as early as 6 weeks. or chris adelson is an assistant professor of
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a government at the american university school of public affairs. he expects abortion rights to be further weakened in the coming months. i think what's more significant than the decision is the fact that this one was arrested that she was held for 2 days. she was only release initially because an organization paid bill for her. there is no law in texas that actually makes it a crime for women to terminate or pregnancy. the law you mentioned provides for civil penalties. i think this sends a very chilling message to women in texas and another state who may soon be in a similar situation. not having access to legal worship, i'm assuming that united states supreme court will either completely overrule roe v wade, which is already actually been eroded. it's part of it was already taken when 190200 . this is called printed versus casey, or that the court will put additional holes in review with it's not clear that one of them, but i think it's a safe bet that will happen if it does happen. i think many americans are not
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prepared for what that will mean for those of us who grew up united states after review, when i was born in 971, we heard stories about women before 973 remoe was decided who would get worse and so called back alley abortions from people who are not doctors who are and they often got very ill or even died from this the texas. i've already made it illegal, not a crime, but illegal for women to get abortions after about 6 weeks. one of the things i've been wondering about is, what are women in texas doing? and we seem to be getting some information. it's not that they're necessarily not getting abortions anymore. they just maybe get abortions that are not safe. and that may be a story that becomes more widespread. united states depending what the supreme court does for testers, in sri lanka, calling on the president to resign. oh, wow. oh say dame, it goes right back for the worst economic crisis since independence from britain in 1948 to the kids have had to struggle with months of food and few shortages and
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power cuts last more than 12 hours. doctors in somalia have opened the 1st public blood bank there in 30 years. it was inspired by one doctor's personal experience. malcolm webb went to meet him cooler. the of a tosh i made. abraham says he'll never forget the day a car bomb nearly killed him. he says his shattered legs were gushing blood. he's a mechanic in somali as capital mogadishu? no. so as well, but it was in the morning when a client brought me his car for repairing. as soon as i started working on it, the car blew up because it had a bomb attached. and i didn't know about it is here in the street by outside. it's off his home that him and other mechanics work on took soaked cars. and bikes is right here that the bomb went soft. he would have joined the other hundreds of somalis who die in armed conflict every year. if it wasn't for one man,
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doctor amin abdicated mohammed says he was tired of seeing people bleed to death. so he set up somali as only public blood bank funded by private donors. this is what inspired him 5 years ago. about 600 people were killed when 2 truck bombs exploded in mogadishu was the worst attack in somalia. as history investigators blamed the armed group out of barb, many of those killed fled to death from their injuries. but i'm not dr. amad decided to do something about it, but it feels like the country is in an emergency all the time with many explosions and accidents, there is always a need for blood. this center supplies blood to many hospitals in the city to save the lives of wounded people, mothers and childbirth and others. it's all, she's one of the many people who have been saved with the blood that doctor had collect. he and his team deliver, it's a hospital where it's needed. he says more people die of blood loss than from the
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bullets hit them. and the u. n says about $5000.00 women die in childbirth in somalia, every year, many of whom could be saved by blood transfusions, marleen rag marleen is another one of the blood recipients. he says a dr. misdiagnosed, him with tuberculosis and gave him strong drugs that destroyed his kidneys. he now depends on kidney dialysis with their native blood. well, it was a good thing for the community without him so many people would be dying because of lack of blood like me. if i did not get blood from him, it would be hard for me to stay alive. talked to amen. says finding donors is hard, he says he's met many people who believe they'll die if they donate. he speaks on tv and radio every week to educate and encourage people. the bank stores enough blood to treat just a few 100 patients. it's a star that he says he has a long way to go to meet molly as needs malcolm web. al jazeera, mogadishu,
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somalia, police in spain have seized one of the largest holes of stuffed animals in europe worth around $32000000.00. a giant warehouse in valencia was found to contain more than $1000.00 stuffings, including rhinos, po, the bears, elephants, tigers, and alligators. the hall included hundreds of protected species as well as some that are now extinct. please say the warehouse owner is under investigation for smuggling. ah, i'm carry johnston. with the headlines herron al jazeera incumbent french president . to morrow my crown is set for likely run off against the far right candidate marine the pen. it will be held on april 24th. most opinion polls show he'll be turned round to, but the margin could be very tight. your trust monarch mobility is an honor.


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