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tv   News  Al Jazeera  April 11, 2022 10:00am-10:30am AST

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ah, ah french president, ammonia my call tell support is nothing is decided ahead of the 2nd round at elections shut down with populace randall marine la pen. ah, i money inside this is out there. a lie from dough will. so coming up, iran called support is demand, he be reinstated. as pox dawns, parliament can pass to elect a replacement prime minister ukraine's president wounds of what could be the most crucial weak. yet for his forces battling a renewed russian offensive in the east and oh, able inside going and seen yelling,
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and chanting at the officials who? enforcing a strict coven, 19 oak down. ah, french president, emanuel mackerel says the next 2 weeks will be decisive for his country as he pass for a run off against fall. rhein, challenger marine le pen is a repeat of b 2017 election. which macro one easily pulling suggest a much tie to rice this time. and a smith reports from pass. emanuel micron only did warm campaign rally, but the man who bronze himself a centrist did enough to have a chance of being the 1st incumbent french president in 20 years to win a 2nd term. again though, you'll have to beat the fall right through. typically, a you, sir, so tony, the alleged assumed to our fellow citizens that abstained or voted for the extreme
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of either because they are angry against inequalities or to the ecological chaos or insecurity colors or the difficulty of living in dignity. even working hard. i will convince you in the days to kind do his opponent in the 2nd round of voting will again be maureen le pen leader of the national riley. it's manifesto includes a promise to make it illegal for muslim women to wear had scarves in public places . they were covered the pony 1st. your, your vote depends all over the french territory on the legitimate preponderance of the french culture and language. the customs of our regions and the french way of life on republican laws and values if he can. le pen might pick up votes from supporters of air exam or another extreme right candidates, the former tv pond. it has asked his supporters to packer in the 2nd round. the far less john luke melon shown, had hoped that this time he might make it to the run off. but again, he didn't quite get enough votes. francis,
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traditional right and left wing parties continue to hemorrhage support. the conservative, the republicans party, and the valerie pay. chris saw their share of the vote collapsed, a single digits, the socialist and the am. hidalgo had been all but wiped out their share of the vote. barely registered the beneficiary of those former conservative and socialist votes seems again to be micron. we ought to be asked. ringback refrigerators to support the, to the as her own european friends. for the next turn of the election in 2 weeks. i shall, i believe we have a good record and we have a white cap plan with the vision to the future for the young, our country and for the workers often to the left. micron has promised higher pensions and more staff in health care for the right thousands more police officers and judges, and a rise in the retirement age from 62 to 65. and a smith has now lie for us and power has been an icon one, a convincing 1st round victory. but opinion pulse as you were outlining suggest to
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run off could be much closer. what can we expect in the next few days? i think we can expect much more intensive campaigning from emanuel macaroni. i only had one raleigh a few days before voting on sunday. now for the next couple of weeks, he's going to be criss crossing the country, visiting cities and towns all over france. he's heading to the north of the country today. marine la pan, we can expect something very similar from her. she was already campaigning intensely intensely. she says that he's going to be her last election campaign. we can expect her and her party to really push it. and all these papers this morning in paris are ready for it. lay the whole, the jewel, a similar theme, macro pan, new vote. new go do else as a figaro. now it's time to be really sketch as the left leaning figaro, other newspapers with similar sorts of headlines. i think what we saw on sunday is
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that we know there are a lot of undecided voters in the run up to the election. and on the day of voting, they went 3 ways either for micron or for the fall, right. or for the far left macro and picked up slightly more votes than he did in 2017 because he draw support from the center left from the center, right. but what that means is leaves support for the extremes on the margins as well. the fall, right, got 33 percent of the vote combined with the other candidates standing for presidency on the far left got about 50 percent men on sean and 2 trotskyites. so the support growing for those 2 extremes as well. what micro wants to do in the next couple of weeks is harness more of those supporters to make sure that the far right on the marina pan does not get the presidential office. thank you for that. bernard smith, 1st live in paris,
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focused on now where parliament is meeting in the coming hours to choose the new prime minister, who will replace him. ron khan, who was ousted over the weekend. the secure, he's high off the 10s of thousands of people across the country on said cohen's schools of protest against his removal from office scientist supported posing will he call us back regime change? this is the 1st time in packet stones. people are worried up to the sting of the government. people are concerned about why their leader has been stated, why he has been pushed behind. the last decision will be of the people in a democratic system. the final voice will be the voice of the people and the voice of the people in iran con. let's get a reminder of how we reach this point. the original no confidence motion against then prime minister, wrong con, was brought to parliament by the opposition back on march 28th week later.
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parliament's deputy speaker, who is an ally of colon blocked the motion, claiming it was influenced by for a nice and the president on iran columns. recommendation dissolve the assembly, setting the stage for elections. but last thursday pockets dawns highest court rule that the disillusion was unconstitutional. and calm, then last and no confidence votes on saturday. some a been debate is live for us in islamabad. talk us through what happens today with some well, in the next few hours, pakistan is all set to elect. it's 23rd prime minister after eminent hon was voted out. the 1st prime minister to have been voted out of the assembly are all either on the national assembly where 2 candidates are, are going to buy for this top job. a former foreign minister sharman with gracie from mann cons party. and chubb, i sharif a candidate of the joint opposition who is most likely to win the votes because
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they had the numbers to oust imran con and to discuss that we discussed this. we have with us or the former governor austin province. mr. mohammed's barrow mer, thank you very much for being with us. enron han was able to bring out thousands of people across pakistan. it's a narrative that an alignment of corrupt politicians, the judiciary, the military is all out to get him. and he's going to come back to power. how do you come to that? i think this, the most important point is licked or missing in this link. there's no one else has sponsored for the downfall of him. brown can put him round on himself. you've brought it on himself. i mean, no. you know, if he heard went up or of stronger cabinet, which was her, which included competent people are responsible to deliver on the economic for. and that's the keyed most important objective. and he totally missed that. and this, in spite of the fact that he was the 1st prime minister, who got the kind of support from all stakeholders,
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including the military and unprecedented support of the judiciary, the media. he was the darling of the media when he came in part. so all the major stakeholders were all behind him and everyone also felt and to her as to some sense that i think her give up sibling leadership the opportunity or to performed rather than being disturbed unnecessarily. and he got that support and he failed miserably . so he brought it on himself. now how confident are you? the troubleshooting is going to win the vote. he also has been allegations of corruption, money laundering against him. so what does that say about it that he's he, the best candidate out of all the opposition leaders can might, by far the best candidate i am in 1st job. he has sir, the kind of experience the inside, the political, a wisdom. he has performed a, at a very big stage as the chief minister of the largest province of bucklin for tangle, 10 long years. and no one including girls are the operator and sim ron cons. party
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supporters would doubt his ability to deliver and he has done it so we have done it at the federal level. we have done it at the the punjab government level. his team obviously been include many of the style roots were part of the deem in 2013 to 2018. they have the experience, the quality and everything. so i think he is, sir, by far the best candidate by far the, the point about herb his, the allegations, obviously that's her point that the government's job is to focus sir on it's primed responsibility of governance, economic delivery, foreign policy and others. as well as accountability is concerned, whichever authority wants to conduct any bird legitimate investigation. i mean, it should, i should leave has been going to lead for the last for the a very quickly. now back sun is in a precarious situation when it comes to economy. when it comes to the status of political disarray at 30 seconds, what are you going to do and how can you take my son out of it? i'm in the good news is,
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1st of the creating confidence among the investors and the potential investors and the admin stakeholders already this morning. the stock is up $1440.00 points which is unprecedented. the dollar has come down since that decision of and last thursday, or the supreme court from $192.00 or on $192.00. that's the kind of confidence that be a melanie always grades whenever it comes in part. so that is the starting point. then obviously, as you take the key economic decisions on how to go about and be over very good plan that the team as prepared. so awfully mrs ware. thank you very much for being with us, sir. that's the former governor of sins province. sir mohammed zubair speaking to us, sir, he's about to go into the parliament as voting is all set to begin it. the focus now seems to be from the positions to go to words delivery and move away from the politics of allegations which the acute him run. honda, orchestrating in the last 3 and a half years, it's going to be an interesting day to watts. thank you for that or some,
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a binge of aide. that person islamabad. a palestinian teenagers shot during israeli raids on sunday has died from his injuries. soldiers have been carrying out raids in the occupied westbank town of janine where a refugee camp is located and been looking for relatives of a palestinian man who shot and killed 3 israelis in television on thursday. at least for palestinians have now died in the israeli operations that have followed leading to protests. john holman, is in the occupied east jerusalem. he has mon, what's happening in jeanine. there's been a situation developing around jeanine refugee camp in the occupied west bank. and that immediate situation really began on thursday evening when a gum, and that was from that camp at went to central television and shot various people killing 3 of them. now, after that is really security forces have asked his father the father of that gun
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man at rod her same is the name of the government to turn himself into them. they said they want to question him. now he's refused to do that. he told out his era that his morning, his son is not going to go with them and if they want him, they can come and get him. now on sunday evening at the his family members said that in the last of the course that he'd receive 2 to ask him to hand himself in israeli security official said that they would come into janine at refugee camp, or on of raid. if he didn't do that now, why is that important? because jeanine refugee camp has a lot of gunmen and it has a lot of weapons. so this really is a prime of for a confrontation and the mos in the refugee camp have been. and a announcing the people need to be vigilant. right now the secretary general of
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islamic jihad has been saying, has been putting his fighters on high alert. so this is a very tense situation and both is re lease and palestinians. remember 20 years ago, a rate that lasted for days on jeanine refugee camp that left more than 20 israeli soldiers dead and more than 50 palestinians dead. so the situation is always already really tense here, and there are fears that arrayed a lot scale right on jeanine refugee camp. could just open pandora's box here, coming up in the knees ahead. ukrainian volunteers cleanup after the russian traits . but it's a task that comes with its own dangerous opponents. the keys, mexico's president of using a referendum to father his own political ambitions. ah,
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how i we've got warmer weather, returning to north western parts of europe over the next couple of days at the moment. we got together high pressure to central parts here it's fine. and dry, the walls will come in as the winds come a router area of high pressure suddenly winds just lifting those temperatures nicely. noticed behind me though we have got an area of low pressure which will gradually come through bringing some wet and would you whether into good parts of western europe. there you go for monday, the category coming into ireland, pushing into wells, western areas of england, pushing across scotland. but it does extend down across the baptist guy into spain and portugal, so tardy decidedly unsettled here over the next few days as a lobby. dry weather with our high pressure in charge is fine and dry not too warm, but not too bad. nevertheless, for the spring sunshine and what to weather over towards the east. that is easing
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further eastwards. icloud and rain comes down across the black sea sleep. so there still across a turkish mounties, but bright disguise do come back in behind. notice for spain and portugal, tiny decidedly unsettle for the middle part of the week. that wet weather will gradually make his way into the north west of africa. but for much of north africa, fine and dry sums it up over the next few days. for west africa. cloud and rain becoming more prevalent. ah. it's the largest war in europe since world war 2. this president put in reclaiming what belong to russia? was natal coming to growth and what does the end game look like? an in depth look at the war in ukraine, hooton's, blonde, or the west neglect with ukraine. the c to rule
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on it just either lou. ah, welcome back. you're watching out 0 mind if our top story is the south. french president, ammonia mackerel says next 2 weeks will be decisive for his country as he prepares for run off against the far right challenge of marine the pen. most opinion polls suggests he will win with a very tight budget. thousands of support is a pop songs, former prime minister miran cohen have been protesting against his removal from office automated meeting in the coming hours to choose his replacement. a palestinian teenagers shot during is ready rates in janine and the occupied
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westbank has died from his injuries. israeli troops were looking for relatives of a palestinian man who shouted, kill 3 israelis in televi on the 1st day to ukraine. now whose president has warned again about russia's refocused offensive in the east. laudermill zalinski says this week could be one of the most crucial yet since the war began. but he added the his troops already or is got married. the russian troops were moved to even larger operations in the east of our state. they can use even more missiles against us, even more aerial bombs. but we're preparing for all their actions will respond. will be even more active in defending ukraine with weapons as gazer emron khan, who joins us live from the cap, tow cave emron, bring us up to date with a situation on the ground. there's been more shelling overnight,
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dozen and east of the country. that's absolutely right. president, lot of his lens, his words, i've got a lot of people concerned here in that ukraine. they all wondering whether they renewed offensive by the russians and they've been threatening this since they withdrew from areas around keith and jonah eve on the 31st of march. they always said that that was going to be a re focus on the east and on the dumbass region. in particular, the towns of mario full and a car to keep. now we are hearing that that has been renewed shilling in those areas, plus towns on the outskirts of that area. also we are hearing our but we can't confirm this, that has been some a ship movement on the coast of a desa. if this is the new, renewed offensive light blood m as lens, he is suggesting that that is going to be of consent is coming fast sooner. perhaps a, than a lot of military analysts was suggesting people was that people were suggesting that actually the russians needed a little bit more time to regroup,
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to resupply and to re strategize what they were going to do. but the russians have, i been absolutely clear. they left keith alone, they said because that the decision makers were hair and they wanted to keep the negotiations open. but they were gonna re focus on the isa, perhaps thus happening. but like i say those areas that the russians have actually left, they left around march 30th, march. 31st. life is slowly coming back to those areas. not reach, not reconstruction by any stretch of the imagination. that is still a very long way off. but now what we're seeing, not just in the town i visited mockery, which we'll see in just a moment. but across those empty areas in ukraine that will formerly occupy borrow since hoses volunteers are actually going in to help the civil administration to clean up those areas. out, let's take a closer look. just 10 days ago, the ukranian army in russian forces will pitch battles in the streets of mackarath
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. now, an army of volunteers is fighting a different one to clean up the streets, their weapons, all fashion rooms and physical strength. these people are members of a bodybuilding club and keep them come to help alongside their friends. they sweep into the soup market every time we are trying to clean up the mess that the russians left behind. we are trying to bring normality to our country green. but it's dangerous work. minds and booby traps are everywhere. they work with the military to stay as safe as they can. we are asking for the military guys and promotional, what is i found due to bombs. but it was florida on the garden. elizabeth, good because i mean the task ahead is daunting. even with volunteers in the civil administration, it'll take years to get this town back to anything resembling what it was.
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facilities like the local library and community center will be the last to be rebuilt. after all, without homes for people to live in, they can be no community that they was painted on that gate by the russians. they've taken over this entire area. you can just see over there, the empty ammunition cases, they used as defensive positions, but the ukrainians have now been through this area. they've searched house the house, see that yellow dot over there. that yellow dot symbolizes the fact that this house has been cleared of mines and any kind of booby traps and the residents that are back here. and what they're doing is they're rebuilding slowly. but surely, soldiers are still clearing houses. if they look in the cellar methodically, making sure there's nothing that might explode. the woman who lives here watches
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nervously satisfied is clear. the soldiers lea, you run into room, which is it's this type of operation that will allow those who still have some hope to return this ukrainian tank has become a makeshift morial to those who died, defending this place. the residence of la flowers, flowers that have wilted and died. but as the long process to clean up begins when they return, perhaps fresh flowers will as well. around con, our 0 mcconick, spain's coast guard has rescued 17 refugees and migrants who were struggling in rough seas off the canary islands. the group was taken to grand korea and into the care of emergency services. more than $6000.00 people have reached the canary
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islands since the start of the year. every year showing angry residence in china as the largest city, protesting and shouting out, officials has been posted on line. oh wow. sang eyes 26000000 people on the strict locked down off to record number of new cove. at 19 infections, people can only go out once a day to collect food delivered by car courier, but many say they don't have enough to eat. some residents have also been filmed, looting fade out supply points. katrina, you has more from beijing, millions of people living under lockdown in shanghai or losing their patients especially because monday the 11th of april was the day that this looked on was initially supposed to be lifted. and now it seems for those living in effected areas affected by this outbreak, this knocked on will continue for some weeks more, at least on monday. the latest figures were $25000.00 new cases reported of the on
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the chrome very and bringing that total since the beginning of march to $200000.00 cases. shanghai, china's commercial center remains the epi center of this outbreak here in china. the worst that the country has seen since the beginning of the pandemic. most of these cases that are recorded are a symptomatic, and yet the government is continuing to insist that everyone who test positive be sent to a quarantine center. and more than 62 had been set up throughout the city, and about 38000 medical staff had been flown in from other parts of the country to help manage them. because many of these makeshift hospitals have been thrown together. so hastily, there have been any complaints about poor living conditions and also criticisms from families who say they've been separation from family members and relatives. now stories who are quarantining at home, there have been widespread, continuing complaints about lack of access to food and other essential supplies and
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services. the government says that it is working to improve this, but the implementation of those improvements has been very patchy and people are saying that this overall lockdown has been imposed in a very chaotic way across shanghai. yet the government is continuing to censor any complaints. any posts are processed or criticism online and on social media defending the 0 tolerance approach as the only way to keep the death rate low here in china. gabby and president, other my bar as palsy, has broken the opposition parties, majority in parliament, our as national people's policy 119 of d, 53 parliamentary states up for grabs in legislative elections. when takes away the majority held by the opposition united democratic party. however, barras party won't be able to govern alone. it's estimated that only 18 percent of eligible voters took pass in a divisive mexican referendum on whether the president should step down and
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a manual lopez of adult went ahead with the vote, even though his position never appeared to be at risk. initial count show 90 percent of those who did vote support him. staying in office manual poller reports from mexico city. i mexican citizens took to the polls on sunday for a 1st ever national referendum to decide the political fate of president and buddhist manuel lopez. oh, but other outside this polling station in mexico city, many seemed eager to cast their votes. you'll mass importantly. i think the most important thing is that this exercise will keep happening in the future, independent of this president in the future. this will be an opportunity that citizens didn't have in the past or not. okay, is i think it's good and positive and makes our society politically active. and that's a valuable thing. oh, the referendum on the presidency is a divisive topic in mexico. one that has sparked demonstrations both for and
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against. some critics are calling the referendum unnecessary, given that president lopez over the road already has a nearly 60 percent approval rating. others have argued the referendum is being manipulated by president lopez over to the oldest party to rally supporters ahead of the next presidential election in 2024 initiative will say so. long waitlist. in this process, rule set by congress imply. there cannot be a campaign by the president, nor can public resources be used for his ramifications. nevertheless, have seen are public servants from the present party at every level. basically campaigning for it. some have even argued the vote had opened the door to removing term limits in a country where presidents are only allowed to serve a single 6 year mandate outside of the political debate. however, many social scholars have argued the new referendum process is ultimately a good thing for mexican democracy. the 8th that yielded, as he would of the party bus soon to this and other forms of citizen participation
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are important and necessary as we confront the crisis of democracies. these mechanisms of direct democracy should serve to empower citizens in the public space and in the decision making processes. a recent national survey suggest that only as much as 27 percent of eligible voters will participate in the recall referendum for below the 40 percent needed for the results to be binding. president lopez over, i thought however, has bound to respect the outcome of the referendum and resign if he received less than 50 percent of votes, regardless of voter turnout. though polls have now closed election, official say it could still take several days for the official count to be announced. manuel did apollo al jazeera mexico city. it on mosque is announced, he won't join quit his board after all mosque was often a se 20 became the platforms largest shareholder last week. he's been making some
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suggestions about twice as he to including tanning it's headquarters into homeless shelter. those i flagged banning appetizing from the platform. ah, this is al serra, let's get a recap of your top stories. french president emanuel macros says the next 2 weeks will be decisive for his country as he prepares for run off against fall, right challenger marine the pen. most opinion polls suggest he will win, but with a very tight margin. then it smith has more from paris. i think we can expect much more intensive campaigning from emanuel macaroni. i only had one raleigh a few days before voting on sunday. now for the next couple of weeks, he's going to be criss crossing the.


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