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now need to find another way to get out of the city, but for now they, like many others, would have to return home hoping tomorrow is a better day. ah, mm mm. oh, man you ma call warns vote against the appeal of xenophobia ahead of a 2nd round election. so down with fall right. rival marine le pen. ah. my money. sorry. this is out. is there a life? and doha will. so coming up a moron. com support is demand. he be reinstated this pakistan's haldeman prepared to elect a replacement on minister ah anger
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in the occupied westbank as another palestinian is killed in a raid by israeli forces on ukraine's president wants. the coming week could be the vice crucial, yet for its forces. baffling, renewed russian offensive in the east. ah french president, manju. my coal says next 2 weeks will be decisive for his country as he prepares for a runoff against the fall. ryan, challenge of marine la pend, it appears to be a repeat of the 2017 election that michael won easily, but polling suggest this will be a much time to race. but it's miss reports from paris. emanuel micron only did one campaign rally, but the man who bronze himself a centrist did enough to have a chance of being the 1st incumbent french president in 20 years to win a 2nd turn again though you'll have to beat the fall right through to me. but the,
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you, you, sir, so tony, the alleged assumed to our fellow citizens that abstained or voted for the extreme of either because they are angry against inequalities or to the ecological chaos or insecurity colors or the difficulty of living in dignity. even working hard. i will convince you in the days to kind do his opponent in the 2nd round of voting will again be maureen le pen, leader of the national rally. it's manifesto includes a promise to make it illegal for muslim women to wear had scarves in public places . they were covered the pony, thank you. your vote depends all over the french territory on the legitimate preponderance of the french culture and language. the customs of our agents and the french way of life on republican laws and values, he can le pen might pick up votes from supporters of eric them all another extreme right candidates, the former tv pond. it has asked his supporters to backer in the 2nd round. the far
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left john luke melon, shawn had hoped that this time he might make it to the run off. but again, he didn't quite get enough votes. francis, traditional right and left wing parties continue to hemorrhage support the conservative, the republicans party, and the valerie pay. chris saw their share of the vote collapsed, a single digits of the socialist and am. hidalgo had been all but wiped out their share of the vote. barely registered, the beneficiary of those former conservative and socialist votes seems again to be micron. we ought to be asked the french. ringback to support the, to the us or on your friends, friends for the next turn of the election in 2 weeks. i believe we have a good record and we have a white cap plan with the vision to the future for the young, our country and for the workers often to the left. micron has promised higher pensions and more staff in health care for the right, thousands more police officers and judges, and
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a rise in the retirement age from 62 to 65. and his men is now lie for us in paris. bennett said the real re start now, what can we expect in the next few days? you can expect to see a much more intensive campaign, particularly from emanuel micron, only one rally. 5 days before the election from to day he heads to the north of france, and from there he'll be criss crossing the country for the next 2 weeks, visiting french towns and cities and marine la pan who was intensively campaigning over 5 weeks before sundays vote will be out again, you can bet for the next 2 weeks. she says he's going to be her last election campaign. the french newspapers this morning, pretty much are some of what lies ahead, return match advantage mac crohn m this times as the left leaning liberation. it's really scary and again, a figaro micron and the pan, the new jewel,
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what seems to have happened, we know that is in the run up to the vote. there were a lot of undecided voters and in the last few days on more voting they, they decided to go either for macro over the far left off or for the for i o for the far right or micron. as done again, more success with this time round is drawer support on the center left and the center. right. that's why the traditional part is the socialists them. conservatives were eviscerated, but what that is also done is opened up space on both extremes. the far right saw their share of the vote go up to 33 percent combined with the candidate standing there. the far left melon, shown on 2 other trots guest candidates, got 50 percent of the combined vote. so what micron will be seeking to do in the next of the weeks is persuade those people again to come in from the extremes and
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vote for him. thank you for that. bernard smith, their 1st live in power and politicians are to me in the coming hours to choose pakistan. the new prime minister there will be deciding on the success that iran con, he's been ousted. the security is high on the 10s of thousands of people across the country and comes cool to protest against his removal from us. it is time his support is opposing what he call us back to regime change. suddenly, the se, this is the 1st time in pakistan's, the people are worried after the answering of a government, people are concerned about why their leader has been now stated, why he has been pushed behind. the last decision will be of the people in a democratic system. the final voice will be the voice of the people and the voice of the people in ron con. let's get a reminder of how pockets dawn reached this point. the original,
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no confidence motion against but then prime minister, wrong con, was brought to parliament by the opposition on march the 28th. a week later parliament, deputy speaker, who is an ally of colon blocked the motion, claiming it was influenced by foreign powers. the president dissolved the assembly on cons recommendation, setting the stage for elections. but last thursday, pakistan's highest court rule, the dissolution was unconstitutional. and con, lost no confidence vote on today. a summer been to aid has the very latest from islam about in the next few hours. pakistan is all set to elect its 23rd prime minister. after eminent hon was voted out. the 1st prime minister to have been voted out of the assembly or all either on the national assembly where 2 candidates are going to buy for this top job. form a foreign minister sherman with gracie from him and cons party. and chubb, i sharif a candidate of the joint opposition who is most likely to win the votes,
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because they had the numbers to oust imran con. and to discuss that we discussed this. we have with us or the former governor austin province. mr. mohammed's barum, thank you very much for being with us in run, hon was able to bring out thousands of people across pakistan. it's a narrative that an alignment of corrupt politicians, the judiciary, the military is all out to get him. and he's going to come back to power. how do you come to that? i think this, the most important point is like a missing in this link. there's no one else's sponsor for the downfall of him. drunken. put him round on him. so you've brought it on himself. i mean, no, you know, if he, her built up or of stronger cabinet, which was her which included competent people responsible to deliver on the economic front. that's the keyed most important objective and he totally missed that. and this, in spite of the fact that he was the 1st prime minister, who got the kind of support from all stakeholders, including the military,
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unprecedented support of the judiciary, the media. he was the darling of the media when he came in part. so all the media stakeholders were all behind him and everyone also felt and to her, to some sense that i think her give up civil in leadership the opportunity to perform rather than being disturbed unnecessarily. and he got that support and he failed miserably. so he brought it on himself. now how confident are you? the troubleshooting is going to win the vote. he also has pending allegations of corruption, money laundering against him. so what does that say about it's that he's, he, the best candidate out of all the opposition leaders combined by far the best candidate. i mean, 1st he has the kind of experience the inside the political, a wisdom. he has performed a, at a very big stage as the chief minister of the largest province of bucklin for tangle 10 long years and no one intruding cur. the operator and sim ron cons,
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party supporters would doubt his ability to deliver and he has done it so we have done it at the federal level. we have done it at 3rd the punjab government level. his team obviously been include many of the stalwarts were part of the team in 2013 to 2018. they have the experience, the quality and everything. so i think he's served by far the best candidate by far the, the point about herb his, the allegations, obviously desert point that the government's job is to focus on it's primed responsibility of governance, economic delivery, foreign policy and others. as well as accountability is concerned. whichever authority wants to conduct any bird legitimate or investigation, i mean, it should, i should have, has been going to read for the last 4 of your very quickly now back son is in a precarious situation when it comes to economy. when it comes to the status of political disarray up 30 seconds, what are you going to do and how can you take my son out of it? i mean, the good news is 1st the creating confidence among the investors and the potential
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investors and the main stakeholders already this morning. the stock is up $1440.00 points, which is unprecedented. the dollar has come down since that decision of last thursday . but the supreme court from $192.00 around $192.00, that's the kind of confidence that be a melanie always creates whenever it comes in part. so that is the starting point. then obviously as you take the key economic decisions on how to go about and we have a very good plan that 3rd team has prepared. so hopefully mrs. where thank you very much for being with that's the former governor of since province, mama's zibert. it the focus now seems to be from the positions to go to words delivery and move away from the politics of allegations, which they accuse him round hand of orchestrating. in the last 3 and a half years, a funeral has been held for the palestinian teenager who died from his injuries a day after being shot by israeli forces. dozens gathered to pay tribute to the 17
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year old and the occupying west. i'm town of janine soldiers have been carrying out raids in the area to palestinian land shot and killed 3 israelis and tel aviv on thursday. and he's full palestinians, have dined, indians waiting operations that are on it on hallman is in the occupied east to reese them. he has more what's happening in jeanine there's been a situation developing around jeanine refugee camp in the occupied west bank. and that immediate situation really began on thursday evening when a gum and that was from that camp. i went to central television and shot various people, killing 3 of them. now, after that, israeli security forces have asked his father the father of that gun man. at rod has sim, is the name of the government to turn himself into them. they said they want to question him. now he's refused to do that. he told out his era that his morning,
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his son is not going to go with them and if they want him, they can come and get him. now on sunday evening that his family members said the in the last of the cause that he'd receive 2 to ask him to hand himself in israeli security official said that they would come into jeanine refugee camp or on of raid if he didn't do that. now why is that important? because jeanine refugee camp has a lot of gunmen and it has a lot of weapons. so this really is a primer for a confrontation and the mos in the refugee camp have been a announcing the people need to be vigilant. right now the secretary general of is lemetre. g had, has been saying, has been putting his fighters on high alert. so this is a very tense situation and both is re lease and police simians remember 20 years
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ago. a raid that lasted for days on jeanine refugee camp that left more than 20 israeli. so just at a more than 50 palestinians dead. so the situation is always already really tense here, and there are fears that arrayed a large scale raid on jeanine refugee camp could just open pandora's box here still ahead on al jazeera ah, using patients with pandemic locked downs, anger's directed officials in the chinese city of sank high and opponent the keys, mexico's president of using a referendum to further his own ambitions. ah,
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the journey has begun. the 3 full world copies on its way to catherine book, your travel package to day. hello, we got warmer weather. returning to north western parts of europe over the next couple of days at the moment, we got a big area of high pressure to central parts. here it's fine and dry. the walt will come in as the winds come around a very of high pressure. suddenly winds just lifting those temperatures nicely noticed behind me though we have got an area of low pressure which will gradually come through bringing some wet and would you, whether into good part of western europe. there you go. for monday, the cloud of rain coming into ireland, pushing into wells, western areas of england, pushing across scotland. but it does extend down across the best guy into spain and portugal, so tardy decidedly unsettled here. over the next few days, there's a lobby, dry weather with our high pressure in charge is fine and try not to war but not too bad. nevertheless, for the spring sunshine. and what's the weather over towards the east. that is easing further eastwards. a cloud and rain comes down across the black sea sleep,
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so there still across a turkish mounties, but bright disguise do come back in behind. notice the spain and portugal tiny decidedly unsettle for the middle part of the week. that wet weather will gradually make his way into the north west of africa, but for much of north africa, fine and dry sand it up over the next few days for west africa. cloud and rain becoming more prevalent. cats are air weight issue and i the john, it's the largest war in europe since world war 2. is president putin reclaiming what belong to russia? was natal coming to close? and what does the end game look like? an in depth look at the war in ukraine, hooton's bland, or the west neglect ukraine. the seeds of all just either lou.
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oh we'll go back to watching out there. remind of our top stories this our french president emanuel mackerel says the next 2 weeks will be decisive for his country as he pass for a wrong off vote against the far right challenge of marry le pen. most opinion polls suggest he will win, but by very tight margin, tens of thousands of support as a former prime minister him ron con, have protested across pakistan against his removal. this element is due to meet in the coming out to choose his replacement dolphins have gathered for a funeral for the palestinian teenager who died from his injuries a day off to israeli forces carried out raid 17 year old was shot in the occupied
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west. fine town of janine ukraine's president has warned again that russia is refocusing it's offensive in the east. laudermill lensky says this week could be one of the most crucial for his forces. since the war began. burchesi's got ready to do. russian troops were moved to even larger operations in the east of our state. they can use even more missiles against us, even more aerial bombs. but we're preparing for all their actions will respond, will be even more active in defending ukraine with weapons. iran con, joins a slide from cave, more shelling overnight. iran in the east of the country. what more can you tell us? well, i can tell you the president laudermill zalinski. his words are got a lot of people, very concerned here in ukraine. now,
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the fact that he's suggesting that the russians are about to mount to that offensive in the east of the country will come as no surprise. that's what the russians talked about when they withdrew from areas outside of keith and churney on the 30th. and the 31st of march, so a very clear, this is a restructuring of our forces. they said we are going to move away from keep, we're going to leave, keep alone because that's where the decision makers are. and that's where the tools are taken. the tools are taking place with key leaders alone. those tools ranks. he done via digital means rather than physically, but what they doing now is actually intensifying their attacks on places like marielle pal and car keys. now with mariel pull in particular, about 70 to 80 percent of that town is completely destroyed. people are telling us, there isn't a huge amount left for them to be able to target. however, president vladimir putin insists his forces were going to regroup, resupply,
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and re strategize their offensive into the east. but what we were hearing for military analyst, however, is that this may take a few weeks. what volota may zalinski has suggested is that timeline at may been throwing out the window. they may well be actually doing it right away right now. and we are seeing a much more incoming fire into those areas and towns around those areas as well. are also hearing that there is shipment, we con, confirm this outside of the ports of a desa as well, where russian ships all blockading effectively that pulls. but like blood of essence, he says this week made won't be crucial, but in other areas where the russians, which are and like i said, they withdrew from areas outside of keep outside attorney on around the march, the 30th m 31st. those areas. and now being able to be surveyed by the ukrainian or it is and what's happening is it very interesting. what's happening is the civil administration is simply overwhelmed. so they're relying on volunteers.
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they put a call out on social media and they've asked people to come come to those areas, particularly from here in keep and help tidy up those places clean them up. this is by no means reconstruction. all this is, is tidying up and just making sure that the areas allow people to come back to what they come back to, however, is absolute devastation. let's take a look right now. just 10 days ago, the ukranian army in russian forces both pitched battles in the streets of mockery . if now an army of volunteers is fighting a different one to clean up the streets, their weapons, old fashioned brooms and physical strength. these people are members of a bodybuilding club and keep them come to help alongside their friends. they sweep into the suit market. matter that i am,
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we are trying to clean up the mass that the russians left behind. we are trying to bring normality to our country as she carrying but it's dangerous work. mines and booby traps everywhere. they work with the military to stay as safe as they can. we are asking for the military guys and from national, what is i found good to bombs, but it was florida on the goblin. a look of, of good begun me. the task ahead is daunting. even with volunteers in the civil administration. it'll take years to get this town back to anything resembling what it was. facilities like the local library and community center will be the last to be rebuilt. after all, without home for people to live in. they can be no community that v was painted on that gauge by the russians. they've taken over this entire area. you can just see over there the empty ammunition cases, they used as defensive positions, but the ukrainians have now been through this area. they've searched house the
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house, see that yellow dot over there, that yellow dot symbolizes the fact that this house has been cleared of mines and any kind of booby traps and the residents that are back here. and what they're doing is they're rebuilding slowly. but surely. soldiers are still clearing houses here. they looked in the cellar methodically, making sure there's nothing that might explode. the woman who lives here watches nervously satisfied, it's clear the soldier's li, urine, with just it's this type of operation that will allow those who still have some hope to return this ukrainian
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tank has become a makeshift memorial to those who died, defending this place, the residence of la flowers, flowers that have wilted and died. but as the long process to clean up begins when they return, perhaps fresh flowers will as well. in wrong con, our 0 mcconick rushes president, is that to have his 1st face to face meeting with a european union leader since the war began. the officer and chancellor call me hammer, will hold, talks with vladimir putin in the next few hours. ne hummer visited booker in ukraine just a few days ago, a sight of alleged russian war crimes. while a head of the meeting, he tweeted, the war must stop saying ukraine needs humanitarian corridor was a ceasefire, and a full investigation of crimes. a video showing residence in china's largest city, protesting and shouting at officials, has been posted on line oh, the st. height,
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26000000 people are currently on the lockdown of the record number of new cove and 19 infections. people can only go out once a day to like food delivered by courier. many say they don't have enough to eat. some resonance have also been found looting food out supply points. katrina, you have life from beijing. millions of people living under lockdown in shanghai or losing their patients especially because monday the 11th of april was the day that this looked on was initially supposed to be lifted. and now it seems for those living in effected areas affected by this outbreak, this knocked on will continue for some weeks more, at least on monday. the latest figures were $25000.00 new cases reported of the on the chrome very and bringing that total since the beginning of march to $200000.00 cases. shanghai, china's commercial center remains the epi center of this outbreak here in china. the worst that the country has seen since the beginning of the pandemic. most of
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these cases that are recorded are a symptomatic, and yet the government is continuing to insist that everyone who test positive be sent to a quarantine center. and more than 62 had been set up throughout the city, and about 38000 medical staff had been flown in from other parts of the country to help manage them. because many of these makeshift hospitals have been thrown together. so hastily, there have been any complaints about poor living conditions and also criticisms from families who say they've been separation from family members and relatives. now stories who are quarantining at home, there have been widespread, continuing complaints about lack of access to food and other essential supplies and services. the government says that it is working to improve this, but the implementation of those improvements has been very patchy and people are saying that this overall lockdown has been imposed in a very chaotic way across shanghai. yet the government is continuing to censor any
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complaints, any posts of protest or criticism online and on social media defending the 0 tolerance approach as the only way to keep the death rate low here in china. come bindings, begone full australia's general election which takes place in just 10 days time. the prime minister scott morrison kicked off his bid in the state of new south wales. the opposition lead to anthony albany was in tough mania campaigns of focusing on climate change. economy. amtrust in mexico only and estimates at 18 percent of eligible. they says have taken part in a referendum to decide whether the president should step down on thy manual lopez. oh, but i know a went ahead with the vote even though his position did not appear to be at risk initial count. so 90 percent of those who did vote supported him on your report, reports from mexico city. oh yeah. mexican citizens took to the polls on sunday for
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a 1st ever national referendum to decide the political fate of president. and that is manuel lopez over at other outside this polling station in mexico city, many seemed eager to cast their votes. you'll mass importantly. i think the most important thing is that this exercise will keep happening in the future independent of the president in the future. this will be an opportunity that citizens didn't have in the past. but okay, is i think it's good and positive. it makes our society politically active and that's a valuable thing. oh, the referendum on the presidency is a divisive topic. and mexico, one that has sparked demonstrations both for and against some critics or calling the referendum unnecessary, given that president lopez over about already has a nearly 60 percent approval rating. others have argued the referendum is being manipulated by president lopez over the oldest party to rally supporters ahead of the next presidential election in 2024 in miss didn't will say. so. la greatland's,
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in this process rule set by congress and piper cannot be a campaign by the president, nor can public resources be used for his ramifications. nevertheless, what we have seen are public servants from the present party at every level is basically campaigning for it. some have even argued the vote could open the door to removing term limits in a country where presidents are only allowed to serve a single 6 year mandate outside of the political debate. however, many social scholars have argued the new referendum process is ultimately a good thing for mx in democracy. it is that yielded, as he would as the party, pursuits this and other forms of citizen participation are important and necessary as we confront the crisis of democracies. these mechanisms of direct democracy should serve to empower citizens in the public space and in the decision making processes. a recent national survey suggest that only as much as 27 percent of eligible voters will participate in the recall referendum for below the 40 percent
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needed for the results to be binding. president lopez, obadiah lord, however, has bowed to respect the outcome of the referendum and resign if he receives less than 50 percent of votes, regardless of voter turnout. though polls have now closed election, official say it could still take several days for the official count to be announced. manuel apollo al jazeera mexico city and dancers in the brazilian city of rio de janeiro are getting ready for its famous carnival, which has been delayed because of pandemic. ah, performers blessing the venue ahead of next week's festival, which is one of the biggest in the world brings in an average of 2000000 people a day. it was cancelled in 2021 and postponed earlier this year. the 3rd in current .


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