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explored the major environmental issues above and below the surface. the threatened lake, red bush, very existence. shinagle was strictly on out to sea. ah french president, ammonia my call tech support is nothing is decided ahead of a 2nd round election shut down with populous rog. marina pen, ah ha, again i money inside this is out. is there a line from doe was there coming up? emron called support is demand. he be reinstated, as pakistan's, parliament proposed to elect a replacement prime minister. almost indians,
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more and a 17 year old boy whose died of injuries he sustained during a raid by israeli soldiers. oh, on people in santiago, seen yelling, and chanting, and officials who and we'll sing a cape noisy knock down. ah, president emanuel macaroni says the next 2 weeks will be decisive for france as he prepares for a run off against fall ride challenge and moraine a pen, and appears a repeat of their 2017 election. that makram one easily appalling suggests and much time to race this time. and at smith reports from paris. emanuel micron only did one campaign rally, but the man who bronze himself a centrist did enough to have a chance of being the 1st incumbent french president in 20 years to win a 2nd term. again, though, you'll have to beat the fall right at to november 30th. you so, so to leave,
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the ellipse don't seem to all the french who chose to have slain or the vote on the extreme of either because it angry faced with persistent inequality, a damaged planet with every day. insecurity. the difficulty to make a decent living despite weakened, hard did of evil. i want to convince him in the coming days. his opponent, in the 2nd round of voting will again be marine le, pen leader of the national rally. it's manifesto includes a promise to make it illegal for muslim women to wear, had scarves in public places. they were covered. the bonuses you, your vote depends all over the french territory on the legitimate preponderance of the french culture and language, the customs of our regions, and the french way of life on republican laws and values. if we can le pen might pick up votes from supporters of air exam or another extreme right candidates. the former tv pond. it has asked his supporters to backer in the 2nd round. the far
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less john luke melon, shawn had hoped that this time he might make it to the run off. but again, he didn't quite get enough votes. frances traditional right and left wing parties continue to hemorrhage support. the conservative, the republicans party, and the valerie pay. chris saw their share of the vote collapsed a single digits. the socialists on the ann hidalgo had been all but wiped out their share of the vote, barely registered. the beneficiary of those former conservative and socialists votes seems again to be micron. we ought to be asked the. ringback fringes to support the, to the us, wrong european france for the next turn of the election in 2 weeks. i believe we have a good record and we have a wacked up plan with the vision to the future of the young our country and for the workers often be to the left macro has promised higher pensions and more staff in health care for the right thousands more police officers and judges, and a rise in the retirement age from 62 to 65. and here's what some parish voters had
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been saying the morning after the election day. was it done as 2 days more cause you became a young man? it was a relief for me to see that a manion luck chrome was making it to the 2nd round because he's the only candidate who's able to do something in our country. and i was extremely concerned by the rise of the far right and far left. so 5 more years of my chron. yes. be that extended to assume on the far right in the 2nd round is never good news, and we must always keep in mind that we have to fight it. never let go. the far right will not give us our purchasing power back the far right is not the one that will help us all live together. the far right is not the one that will bring the fringe people together. it is a learn that we must absolutely fight according to joseph basil at all, do him my feeling is that the 1st round is over. we waiting impatiently for the 2nd one. and i hope that the campaign between the 2 rounds will be a bit more constructive and intelligent than the one before. there was no campaign during this 1st round because of the pandemic and the war in ukraine. there was no
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constructive debate on anything whatsoever. georgia paco, sky alive now to bernard smith and paris bernard, so the lear, real race now begins. what exactly can we expect in the coming weeks? i think when we can expect 2 weeks of intensive campaigning, you'll see that particularly from emanuel micron, only that one rally or before the election on sunday, he's going to be criss crossing. the country starts in northern france to day, but if you're visiting towns and cities across the country, a marine la pan, who was already campaigning ard before sunday. she'll be campaigning. hard in the next to leeches already said this is going to be her last election campaign. her last attempt to try and win the presidency of the newspapers this morning in paris, all of course of a similar theme liberation left leading liberation says this time it's really scary . the right leaning, the figure makram the pen, a new jewel, and
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a jewel again. and for lays echo and return match advantage micron. says the parisians, what you had on sunday was we know there were a lot of undecided voters in the run up to the election. and they made their decision. it seems right on the day. and what happened was they are the voted the micron, or they went with extreme right, or the extreme left. for example, malin shannon, the extreme left seems to have benefited from supporters on the last 2 wanted at least a left wing candidate in a final or run off. they thought mansion was the best bet. now micron go drew more support from the center right and center left again increasing his share of the vote. but while there's no traditional left and right center part is really with an influence. now, what's happened is both extremes increase their share of support as well. 33 percent share of the of some of the vote for the far right candidates,
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combined 50 percent share of the vote for the far left combined melon shown and to trots guest presidential candidates. so while micron has succeeded in winning more of those on the center left and right, big streams of also increase their share of vote micron this time wild will be trying to persuade them to come and vote for him. marine la pan. of course, she wants those voters to go for her as well. the odds, it still are with micron, but an upset cannot be ruled out. thank you for that. bennett smith there for us in paris hall additions a meeting to choose pakistan's new prime minister there will be deciding on a successor to him or on con, he lost a no confidence vote. oh, security is high on to tens of thousands of people across the country on said collins called to protest against his removal from office. he thanked his support
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as her, posing what he calls a us fact regime change a some, a bit of a report from some about in the next few hours. pakistan is all set to elect. it's 23rd prime minister. after eminent hon was voted out, the 1st prime minister to have been voted out of the assembly are all either on the national assembly where 2 candidates are going to buy for this top job. a former foreign minister sherman with gracie from mankind party, and chubb. i sharif a candidate of the joint opposition, who is most likely to win the votes, because they had the numbers to oust imran khan. and to discuss, discuss this we have with us or the former governor austin province. mr. mohammed's belmar, thank you very much for being with us. enron han was able to bring out thousands of people across pakistan. it's a narrative that an alignment of corrupt politicians, the judiciary, the military is all out to get him. and he's going to come back to power. how do
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you come to that? i think this, the most important point is lik, a missing in this link is no one else's sponsor for the downfall of him. drunken, put him round on him, so he brought it on himself. i mean, no, you know, if he heard built up or of strong good cabinet, which was which included competent people responsible to deliver on the economic front. that's the key most important objective and he totally missed that. and this, in spite of the fact that he was the 1st prime minister, who got the kind of support from all stakeholders, including the military, unprecedented support of the judiciary, the media. he was the darling of the media when he came in power to all the media stakeholders were all behind him. and everyone also failed and to her to some sense that i think her give up sibling leadership the opportunity to perform rather than being disturbed, unnecessarily. and he got that support and he failed miserably. so he brought it on
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himself. a funerals been held for a palestinian teenager who died from his injuries a day after being shot by israeli forces. dolphins gathered to pay tribute to the 17 year old in the occupied westbank town of janine soldiers have carried out. raids in the area to palestinian mon johnson killed 3 israelis and tell of eve on thursday, and he's full postilion have died in the operations. let's go to need to abraham, who joins us from outside, that refugee camp in jeanine need it. it's good to see you from what i hear. it was a rough night. the how is the mood like now? there's a very tense mode here in jeanine. a 17 year old, how much the cabinet was just laid to rest here in the cab. and he was shot by the israeli forces who were in geneva, that it was a special unit. and people tell us that he was a bystander,
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but then he was shot to act by what these really the path, simian health ministry says is an explosive bullet that killed him. now, as we understand from people here, they believe that these really special unit was here to arrest the family of i've has it, he's the gun man was believed to have been was shaw and killed. 3 is really in an attack on a war and televi on thursday in preparation for addressing him here. the father has told us that he has been threatened by these really intelligence. and the last threat was yesterday when they said that he doesn't give himself in 2 hours them is really forces are going to raise the city in response to palestinian gunmen. and janine have asked people not to roam the road. they blocked some of the roads to kind of prevent these really forces from entering their future camp. they didn't.
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these really forces the only way to areas next to the refugee cab thing would be arrested one person. but there is a general strike here in jeanine, and while the palestinians are not there, the 3 sir mc. it's filled with these is our bullets that are covering a lot of 3 of julian and many tell us that they believe that the people it's coming from these ratings forces. so it's a tough night here in janine and also us where in the west bank. yeah, there has been an increase in violence in all the places in the occupied west bank . tell us more about that. these radio forces in the israeli security establishment has said that jeanine is a circle of fire that they need to put off before they expand. and goes to other places and indeed we've seen an increase in violence in different areas. just yesterday. the palestinians were killed by israeli forces fire in different
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incidence and in different locations. and hebron and how that and for san vintages which are near bethlehem. so there's a lot of tension in the street and palestinians also there was, these really forces have arrested 23 palestinians all across the west bank. the boston is, would tell you that while there is an increase of violence, here is the reality that they've been living under the occupation with almost nightly rates, with the expansion of a ligand israeli settlements. and they believe they were telling us that their whole existence is of the threat and that they, that the occupation has left them with no option. but suffice to okay many thanks for that. neither abraham just outside that refugee camp in jeanine for us. still to come here on out to sara ukrainian volunteers clean up paul to rushes, pull back from the wrong key. it's
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a tough that comes with its own dangerous critics. of mexico's president. accuse him of staging. the pointless reverend ah hello. they will start in southeast asia. my watching to tropical system swirling in that northeast corner. one of those has made land fall in the philippines, has been downgraded to a tropical depression. but it's still bringing some heavy rain as when a stronger winds to central and southern areas of the philippines, where we've got warnings out by tuesday. you can see it swings back out towards the philippines sea. thanks to another tropical system of fi clone. it could strengthen to its hyphen, but it's making its way north. it's not expected to impact or make any lamp or but it will bring some wet and windy weather for the west. now as we head down under to
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australia, it's the west that seen quite a lot of wet weather. in particular puff, we had the wet to stay in about 8 months from sunday into monday, with flooding in areas of the city. but it starts to dry up nicely with sunshine coming back in by wednesday. it's going to get wet. however, for sydney you can see the showers creeping into coastal areas of new south wales. and if we have a look at the 3 day when it is going to dry up by friday with lots of sunshine, now that's not the case for new zealand, we've got some heavy rain sweeping into the south. and by the time we get to wednesday, we are going to the heavy falls, creep into northern areas of the north island. awe. from the al jazeera london, bro, cost center, t people, unprompted uninterrupted to social media space is as dangerous asked the street. so it came to be police as much as the street part 2 journalists. net read my leg and
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right to and political analyst, non jar lendy abolla. i want people to be attentive to the commercial interests that shape these platform studio be unscripted on al jazeera lou. ah, ah. okay, back you're watching out. is there a mind of our top stories this? our french president emanuel mac raul says the next 2 weeks will be decisive, but his country is he prepares for ronald vote against fall, right? challenge a marine the pen. most opinion polls suggest he will win, but by a very tight margin. tens of thousands of support, which is
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a former prime minister, wrong call and have protested across punk a stone against his removal from office. ottoman is due to meet in the coming out to choose his replacement. dozens have gathered for a funeral for the palestinian teenager who died from his injuries a day off. is ready forces carried out to raid 17 year old was shot in the occupied westbank town of geneva. president vladimir putin as to have his 1st face to face meeting with an e you, leader. since russia invaded ukraine? austrian chancellor, karl ne hammer, is travelling to moscow a few days after he visited the ukrainian town of butcher. that's why russian forces are accused of war crimes. russia denied that tweeting ahead of his trip. ne hammer said while austria is militarily neutral, it has a clear stance against what he called russian aggression. meanwhile,
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ukraine's president has warned, again, about russia refocusing. it's offensive in the east of the country. the loudermilk zalinski said this week could be one of the most crucial for his country's forces. student discipline glued grima, zubair baubles, another week killer ukraine lives. despite all russia's efforts to destroy us, we defend ourselves. we head back, we develop relationships with our partners and receive help. we ensure that the maximum attention of the world to our needs is there an influence as the global debate. people propose and promote new sanctions against russia. we're doing everything we can to bring to justice, all who came to our land under the russian flag and killed our people, tortured our people, destroyed our cities looted and tormented us in mockery to the west of ki volunteers are helping now with the clean up after the retreat of russian forces. but as iran confound out, the task brings its own dangers. just 10 days ago,
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the ukrainian army in russian forces will pitch battles in the streets of mah curve . now, an army of volunteers is fighting a different one. to clean up the streets, their weapons or fashion rooms and physical strength. so these people are members of a bodybuilding club and keep them come to help alongside their friends. they sweep into the suit market. every time we are trying to clean up the mass that the russians left behind, we are trying to bring normality to our country as you green. but it's dangerous work. minds and booby traps everywhere. they work with the military to stay as safe as they can. we asking for the military guys and from national, what is i found good to bombs, but it was florida on the garden. elizabeth did become view the
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task ahead is daunting. even with volunteers in the civil administration. it'll take years to get this town back to anything resembling what it was. facilities like the local library and community center will be the last to be rebuilt. after all, without homes for people to live in, there can be no community that v was painted on that gate by the russians. they've taken over this entire area. you can just see over there, the empty ammunition cases, they used as defensive positions, but the ukrainians have now been through this area. they've searched house the house, see that yellow dot over there. that yellow dot symbolizes the fact that this house has been cleared of mines and any kind of booby traps and the residents that are back here. and what they're doing is they're rebuilding slowly. but surely, soldiers are still clearing houses here.
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they look in the cellar methodically, making sure there's nothing that might explode. the woman who lives here watches nervously satisfied his claire. the soldiers leave to roll in just it's this type of operation that will allow those who still have some hope to return this ukrainian tank has become a makeshift memorial to those who died, defending this place. the residence of left flowers, flowers that have wilted and died. but as the long process to clean up begins when they return, perhaps fresh flowers will as well run con, i'll just 0. look at it. meanwhile, e foreign affairs ministers meeting in luxemburg ahead of the talks,
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the blogs talk diplomat, spoke about the possibility of more sanctions against russia. we are going to discuss how we can support better venue people and also how we can support international goals. i just been meeting with the general persecutor, mr. ken, we'll provide as much as we can through our mission to, to push both in the future. and as you see this new zealand curve at 19 death toll has risen significantly in recent weeks now downs at 500 fuel by an outbreak of the on the con, variance in january, when on the con was 1st detected only $52.00 current of ours related deaths had been counted, the government has still been easing restrictions and is reviewing mosque wearing an indoor gathering limits. a video showing residence in china's largest city, protesting and shouting out, officials has been posted online. oh,
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the same guys 26000000 people under locked down to record number of new code 19 infections. people can only go out once a day to collect food delivered by a korea for many say they don't have enough to eat some residence. have also been filmed, looting food at supply point. katrina, you have the latest from beijing, millions of people living under locked down in shanghai or losing their patients, especially because monday the 11th of april was the day that this looked on was initially supposed to be lifted. and now it seems for those living in effected areas affected by this outbreak, this knocked on. we'll continue for some weeks more, at least on monday. the latest figures were $25000.00 new cases reported of the on the chrome very and bringing that total since the beginning of march to $200000.00 cases. shanghai, china's commercial center remains the epi center of this outbreak here in china.
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the worst that the country has seen since the beginning of the pandemic. most of these cases are recorded are a symptomatic, and yet the government is continuing to insist that everyone who test positive be sent to a quarantine center. and more than 62 had been set up throughout the city, and about 38000 medical staff had been flown in from other parts of the country to help manage them. because many of these makeshift hospitals have been torn together . so hastily, there have been many complaints about poor living conditions and also criticisms from families who say they've been separation from family members and relatives. now stories who quarantining at home there have been widespread, continuing complaints about lack of access to food and other essential supplies. and services, the government says that it is working to improve this, but the implementation of those improvements has been very patchy. and people are saying that this overall lockdown has dean imposed in
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a very chaotic way across shanghai. yet the government is continuing to censor any complaints. any posts are processed or criticism online and on social media defending the 0 tolerance approach. as the only way to keep the death rate low here in china. processes in lanka, maintaining the amount for the president to resign. 7 la, la, la, la blame goes to bio roger pucks for a severe economic crisis. their food and fuel shortages and power cuts. michelle fernandez, is outside the president's office. the protests outside the presidential secretary in colombo entering its 3rd day. as you can see, protested a sitting atop barricades outside the main entrance of the secretary. usually they wouldn't be allowed to get this close. but this time they are being allowed to sort of wind their frustrations and have they're just behind the barricade. there is
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a huge presence of police and special task force personnel. now people are digging in for the long haul. if i can just show you over here. stocks of water for the protest is freely available. lots of people donating these things. there's a huge amount of food we've seen cooking stations. i mean, at the moment we're not yet up to lunchtime, but cooking stations being set up and established as everybody lends their pot. and the protests, the seem well organized, they say that they will stay intense like this camping out here. literally, overnight, you do have a series of tens, if you can just see over here for people who are stuck here for the long haul. as i said, it's day 3. and just over here, even an ambulance, essentially from a non governmental organization lending support, in the event of any emergencies, to protest as say, they're not going anywhere. they have a huge groundswell of support. in addition to those who are here, they said that
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a lot of people that are urging them to stay on to take the stand and to stay put until their demands for the government and for go to abby. roger pox had to go home is fulfilled. a murder charge is to be dropped against a u. s. woman accused of carrying out a self induced abortion. texas impose some of the united states, toughest anti abortion laws last year. the procedures bound field, 6 weeks of pregnancy, private citizens consumed doctors or anyone can procures and abortion beyond that period. the pregnant women themselves cannot be prosecuted. in mexico, only an estimated 18 percent valuable vices have taken part in a referendum to decide whether the president should step down initial count. so 90 percent of those who did vote, supported on di emanuel live has over those staying and office manual. apollo reports from mexico city mexican citizens took to the polls on sunday for
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a 1st ever national referendum to decide the political fate of president. and that is manuel. nope. is over other outside this polling station in mexico city, many seemed eager to cast their votes. you'll mass importantly. i think the most important thing is that the sacrifice will keep happening in the future. i independent of the president in the future. this will be an opportunity that citizens didn't have in the past. but okay, is i think it's good and positive. it makes our society politically active and that's a valuable thing. oh, the referendum on the presidency is a divisive topic in mexico. one that has sparked demonstrations both for and against. some critics are calling the referendum unnecessary, given that president lopez over about already has a nearly 60 percent approval rating. others have argued the referendum is being manipulated by president lopez over the oldest party to rally supporters ahead of the next presidential election in 2024. in miss they put
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a face on la greatland in this process. rule set by congress imply there cannot be a campaign by the president, nor can public resources be used for his ramifications. nevertheless, what we have seen are public servants from the present party at every level is basically campaigning for it. some have even argued the vote could open the door to removing term limits in a country where presidents are only allowed to serve a single 6 year mandate outside of the political debate. however, many social scholars have argued the new referendum process is ultimately a good thing for mexican democracy. the 8th that yielded as he would as it but she puts you this and other forms of citizen participation are important and necessary as we confront the crisis of democracies. these mechanisms of direct democracy should serve to empower citizens in the public space. and then the decision making processes. a recent national survey suggest that only as much as 27 percent of eligible voters will participate in the recall referendum for below the 40 percent
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needed for the results to be binding. president lopez over at all, however, has bowed to respect the outcome of the referendum and resign if he received less than 50 percent of votes, regardless of voter turnout. though polls have now closed election, official say it could still take several days for the official count to be announced. manuel did apollo al jazeera mexico city. ah, this is out there. are these, you top stories? find president amanew microns says the next 2 weeks will be decisive for his country as he prepares for a rama vote against far. i challenge a marine, the pen based opinion polls suggest he will win that i a very tight margin and it's smith has more from pass. i think we can expect 2 weeks all intensive campaign.


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