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tv   News  Al Jazeera  April 11, 2022 5:00pm-5:31pm AST

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it impact their land and to seek their consent. the tiny seemingly community has won a huge battle, but to be not necessarily have the last word. since the court ruling does leave room for exceptions in the name of overriding national interests. ah hockey sons' parliament, he likes jabbers sheriff. i is the new prime minister after a walk out by him. ron cons party ah, hello, i'm sammy's. a dan watching al jazeera live from dell hall. so coming up, so gay lab, rob says statements by the ears top diplomat on military support for ukraine, confirm russian phase of friends from the block. french president, emmanuel,
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my call campaigns in industrial hot lands ahead of ronald bowes, against the far right challenge of murdering le pen her anger in the occupied west bank as another palestinian is killed in array by israeli forces. ah, sure bass shirley fis pakistan's new prime minister. he succeeds emron. com after being elected by the national assembly after winning the boats of a 170 4 am, pays chevy for, for my new government until august, next year. when general elections, a jew, ron con, was ousted no confidence votes. more than a 100 m pays with cons, pakistani to hurricane soft party resigned to protest against his al stink more.
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now, with the sam, have been ga, known and focused on as an administrator who gets things done at the age of 70 shall, should he was the joint leader of the opposition that toppled him. non hon in the no confidence vote should have entered politics and then led parkinson's most populous province and the major infrastructure projects. in his home town, the hor, he successfully brought an investment from china and turkey. he's also had good relations with the u. s. analysts say he will need to mend fences after the outgoing prime minister accused his opponents of being politically manipulated by washington shabazz. the younger brother of former prime minister am i sharif, who was dismissed following allegations of corruption. he is facing a money laundering case and corruption charges brought by the federal investigation agency and the national accountability bureau boats. by the say, the allegations leveled under him run hands. premier ship were politically motivated and in 2007 should have criticized the accountability bureau
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investigating him in nap, which is an intrusion contrib. i'm sure if it went to a hitler's estoppel. national account. we do biddle, which does selective accounting, accountability, and other opposition. politicians also use it of being a tool used for political which once in subsequent years and power, then wisdom, the government left the bureau and changed out of all politicians, shall should, it is widely considered to be the most acceptable to the minute stablished. and those who came together to topple in mountains government, i'm hoping that the army will maintain what it called it's neutral status. even if shabba surely remains the prime minister until election next year will still not become a prime minister who completes a 5 year term. and a son, as none have done in the country 75 year history found been very joins us now live from a san balance. now parliament's got that vote behind them,
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but take us through the process of what happens now. well, behind us is the presidency where, where the new prime minister, after enron funds shot by sharif is going to take over in the next hour or so. we are hearing from sources that the president who usually administer the or might not be administering v o. and it said it is going to be the chairman of senate, who is going to administer this. we being told by sources that the president may not be feeling too well. and you've been hearing the sort of animosity that we've been hearing from the box out there. you can soften run con, spotty thing that this is a government they do not accept these is, this is a coalition. they do not accept. and that is why they have resigned on mars from the assemblies as well. we're heading from few governors as well, from iran, con, spotty, who say that they will resigned rather than calling shabba should be their chief minister. so it appears that now the momentum bucks out there,
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you can solve the momentum to go into the streets. whereas when it comes to shove, are sure if you saw him becoming the statesman from a chief minister of a problems, he's announced relief packages for the people. and he's also said that he wants to go off to all of these allegations, which have been leveled against this coalition as it came to power by enron con, spotty thing that if there found, involved to quit and go home. you mentioned the streets there. how are they looking tonight? well, in the last 24 hours, you saw that a round hon. supporters across the country came out in their thousands. this is what is being called by political workers as an organic crowd. where are many of the leadership positions that are usually you see in these crowds were not there. these are people who are coming out to support him wrong. hon venting frustration and his, his, the message, his narrative. i that he's been building that there is a grand conspiracy against pakistan. there's
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a conspiracy against iran con or the judiciary, the army, the bureaucracy and a band of corrupt politicians is all out to get him. and that seems to be resonating with his support based. this is a base which is guaranteed him at the highest number of seats in the last election . so iran han strategy is very clear. he's now going to go to the streets. he is now going to try and get people on the streets, try and force an early election, but all that by the looks of it to what the opposition and now the government, shabba sharif and his coalition. what they want to do is make sure that they have a cabinet, they want to take the country to word, so political and economic stability. and now he has the time until elections next year. unless they decide to hold early elections and opposition. politicians have been telling us that they want to do undue a lot of things that iran han has been doing. and they want to make sure that there are reforms which were bulldozed through the parliament during him run constand year. especially when it comes to elections. they want to get all of that done
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before they call an election. and it seems that now sharif, we'll have that all order against him to get not just his out house in order, but to get back his son out of all of these crises that he's inherited. all right, thanks so much. a salvage of a, it was, i had her saying is a political analyst in islamabad. he says, sharif and pakistan's, new government have an uphill battle to some extent of what it has gone this booklet, but the guy says it's far from or the p d. i are led by a former, by miss james brown, hands had decided to do design from, from the measures and being messed. so that would be a crisis. so in the country at the teams, that's 130 or 100 members were designed from the family. so it will be a new challenge for the new dummy. and the next iteration is very difficult for the
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new upgrade and new shows on our bi election on those seat would be very difficult . so the whole district seem to be and also it is also the problem that they did not one part, $95.00, part of the port issue and with the divergent political views. so, and this is not a good time for anyone to take on me, isn't in the shambles. critical crisis and a lot of other problems. so the government for the news army is huge and there and, and how to balance all those can be reading again that that also will be a problem for the find the new prime minister. so. busy all displayed to met the situation worse. the
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russia's foreign minister says statements by the ease top diplomat home supplying ukraine with weapons will change the rules of the game. so again, live rob says, yes, i borrows remarks confirmed the you is building a kind of collective minute restructure iteration studios. and that was, what does, this is a very serious turning point, even in the policy that the e u and the west on the whole, undeniably under the united states leadership has been pursuing since the start of our special military operation. this policy reflects and betterments and even fury in some respects. and of course, it's been determined certainly not only by ukraine, but also by the fact that ukraine has been transformed into a foothold for completely suppressing russia and submitting russia to the global system. being built by the west, which is always kept moving close to our boulders. contrary to all promises it gave, despite the end of the cold war. and despite the warsaw pact and the soviet union's
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disappearance. right though, such a bar and joins us now live from moscow. some pretty strong comments there about brown. right? certainly sammy, of the russian foreign minister and make it very clear that the commons made by the you foreign policy chief in the last few days after his visit to ukraine. joseph rural, saying that the conflict in ukraine will be decided on the battlefield. i, the russian foreign minister saying this statement is certainly a important one and a say, sharp turning point as to where things stand between russia and the european union and western powers. the russian foreign minister saying that joseph or else comments illustrates that to ed this a diplomatic her mission. the european union is no longer just that. so they've never
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a interfered in terms of conflicts taking sides so clearly. and he also said that they're supposed to be a diplomatic or entity and not have a military at stan, sir, have a, any kind of a interference in military affairs in europe at the russian foreign minister saying that this just illustrates that they've taken a very clear position and not only have they been as supplying arms to kiev, but also financial aid. as joseph or l announced another nearly $543000000000.00 in aid at to key of to try and fight the russian forces that are in ukraine. saga lover of saying that this is not the end of this conversation. clearly as stating that the russian foreign ministry is going to elaborate on their reaction. but in terms of the initial responses we've had from the russian foreign minister, he says that it's certainly a significant development for the russians and a turning point in the ongoing conflicts with ukraine and the russian leda was to
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host his 1st. you lead us since russia's invasion of you crime. how did that nathan go? well, the austrian chancellor arrived in moscow on sunday after his visit to ukraine, where he met with ukrainian president vladimir zalinski and called the hummer, then decided to come to moscow. he requested to meet vladimir putin privately on one on one at meeting which was granted. so he arrived in the russian capital on sunday. and he is a ready now and meeting with flattery, a potent at the president's residence just outside of moscow. and the 2 men are having this one on one meeting without any press. and we're not going to be given the details of what was discussed. but according to the german or sorry, the austrian government at the, at chancellor is going to be discussing the issue of an immediate cease fire,
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as well as establishing humanitarian corridors and also winners sand. they're going to be discussing the idea of a, what a neutral military looks like. the austrians said they do have a neutral military, but they're taking a stand here and a, they are against the russian aggression in ukraine. and that is what they will be discussing. the russians have said that they would like to see ukraine have a neutral military, much like that of austria. they've said this in the past, so one of the issues that they will certainly discuss is what does that actually look like? and that will be most likely taken by the russian negotiators back to the ukrainians under, in, during those talks that are still ongoing, about establishing some kind of an agreement to end this conflict. okay. dosage of either our i'll is that the european union, foreign ministers, meeting and luxembourg to discuss the effectiveness of the ears response to russia's invasion. he says,
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more sanctions are on the table. we're going to discuss how we can show venue people. and also how we can sure for the dimension of premium go for just been meeting with general uter. mr. ken, we'll provide as much as we can for our mission to, to push acute us both plenty of room for future and the h u. c. e u high representative is expected to address the media in this hour. we'll bring it live to you and it happens. now you cranes, president vladimir lansky says this way could be one of the most crucial yet as russia refocuses it's offensive in the east. but he's telling the south south korea's parliament by video link, his forces are ready. he believes russia soldiers of deeply demoralized douglas. he loves you more than 3000 rockets,
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have been fired by russia on ukrainian cities. but the worst thing is how russia using people to wage this war. the people of the russian federation have to live in abject poverty. they can't afford the basics of decent food and education. they've no guarantee of human rights throughout their whole life. the only chance of improvement could happen by chance alone. but coming into the war, 10000 russian troops were shocked by the normality of ukrainian life by ukrainian cities where the peaceful population lived. they were shocked. we had decent food. a huge number of the russian occupies had never seen this in their own life or so they had al jazeera ah, losing patience with pandemic log downs, anger's directed and officials in the chinese city of shanghai. ah,
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hello there. it's all about the scorching heat. as we look to south asia, not just for northern areas of india, but for much of pakistan as well. and we're going to see a little bit of cloud cool things down very slightly in new delhi. but by the time we get to friday, we are expecting to touch 40 once again with hot and dry conditions. and those will spread across central areas, temperatures touching up into even the mid forties in some places, the relentless heat continuing here. but some relief we have to head to the south, we got some shop storms pulling into corolla around the southern tip of india and some shop. a thunderstorms were colombo as the wet weather moves across for lanka. by wednesday we will see the renewed funder storm warnings for the northeast corner of india. places like a thumb seeing some of the heavier fools. and as we move across to east asia, well for china, we have got se wessa,
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whether stretching across central areas pulling across the korean peninsula towards northern areas of japan. and that's not a lot of warmth out of beijing. it's going to do a similar story for shanghai. you can see a dramatic drop of about 10 degrees by the time we get it's wednesday. but for hong kong, it manages stay dry, nearly touching 30 degrees celsius. ah, with the talk to al jazeera, we oh, so what is the time table in your mind? when do you think you can be off russian gas? we listen or, and i have seen and played football with these refugees. i look at them and they're happy. they smile in we meet with global news makers and talk about the store restock matter on al jazeera. we understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the world. no matter what you see with the news and kind of for that matter to you.
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lou. ah, welcome back to watching al jazeera reminder of us thought top stories this al august army national assembly has chosen chabad sharif as the new prime minister, shareef succeeds in ron khan, who was ousted in a no confidence vote. more than 100 m. p, 's with cons. pakistan to speak and soft party resigned, protest against his removal. russia's foreign minister says, statements by the use top diplomat on supplying ukraine with weapons will change the rules of the game. so gay lab, rob says your sub barrels remarks confirmed the ear is building a kind of collective military structure. faladore zion skis told south
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korea's parliament this week could be one of the most crucial in the war against russia. president says, ukraine's forces will continue to fight back against the invasion. the fighting is ruining ukraine's economy. the world bank predicts ukraine's market could shrink by 45 percent this year. just last month in 2 national monetary fund projected it to be far less. poverty is expected to increase the proportion of the population living on just 5 and a half dollars a day is likely to go up to 9020 percent compared to less than 2 percent last year . well, because of sanctions rush has taken the hit to the world bank believes its g. d p will decline by a little over 11 percent. timothy ash is a sovereign strategist with blue bay asset management. he says, the long term economic effects of the war will be significant in both countries. russia could come out far worse. a 45 percent loss of g d p in ukraine is
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$90000000000.00, a 11 percent in russia. it's a much bigger economies. 200000000000. the ukraine themselves of estimated the 500000000000 loss in terms of infrastructure. you know, schools, hospitals, railways, industrial enterprises. i mean, pretty terrible. i mean, in the ukraine states, i mean, you know, we assume that the government in kiev will remain pushing, tried to dislodge that administration. he failed his best case. he's trying to take as much of the 30, but the will be a ukraine left after this. and what's clear is the west will provide huge amounts of financing to help its reconstruction. ukraine is also got a green light. now in terms of e, u membership, which i think will be really important. and because so i think the crane is actually of shown, remarkable innovation to survive this, you know, 67 weeks later, overwhelming odds. and that means to me, i can see ukraine having almost states of israel moment, you know, i mean, facing huge adversity. and yet they survived,
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and i think they could prosper with western school for russia. the outlook is terrible. i mean, i think because of this, functions will remain for a long time. the west will, will cut russia out of its supply chains. it will go into default full default very shortly. it will be out to the international capital markets for a decade. no financing, no capital inflows, no investment brain drain, falling, living standards. you know, actually the losses to russia. because of this, over the long term could be much higher than ukraine's actually put in, is taking russia into an air of darkness. from an economic perspective, the french president, emmanuel mcroy, is back home the campaign trial. this time in the northern city of deny. and he's looking for extra votes for run off against the far right challenge. a marine le pen icon is calling for a broad coalition of support officer winning sundays. first round,
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saying the next 2 weeks will be decisive for from the runoff. is a repeat of a 2015 2nd round votes, which micron one easily putting suggests a tighter right? this time i mean here precisely to to go to act, to face with, with people and to convince about no, just what i did. but i want what i want to do at home because i don't want to leave the social question to the far right people. because i think to be completely crazy . natasha botha has more from now when i'm out of my car, sony not wasting any time and he has thrown himself onto the campaign trail a fresh off to the 1st round of the election. he came 1st in the 1st round of this presidential election. he is leading, but he knows that this campaign is far from over. he knows is going to be a very tight race with his main rival ring the pen, the fall right party leader. he's come here to deny it is one of france's poorest
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towns. i was very high unemployment. that was once thriving industry, and cold and field bought. no more. people have very, very little optimism for the future. he's been doing a bit of a walk about meeting people, talking to them about some of the concerns that they've been talking about, retirement about, think about the problems they have with the job, with how they're struggling financially. he's been listening very attentively. we've been speaking also to some of the crowd to come out to see him. they say they are curious, but many of them feel that they are not necessarily going to be convinced by him. he has gone to reputation as a president, sometimes make the price nicknamed the president of the rich. they feel that he only cares about the wealthy. they don't necessarily can fin that he cares about them. he says that he dollars and if he wants to prove to people that the next 5 years, he will be looking off the many of the issues that are so close to their hearts, including things like of course, the cost of living a funeral is being held for
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a palestinian teenager who died from his injuries a day after being shot by israeli forces. thousands gathered to pay tribute to the 17 year old in the occupied westbank town of janine soldiers have carried out raids in the area after a palestinian man shopping killed. 3 israelis in tel aviv on thursday, at least for palestinians have died in the operation. i'll just eras raheem is in jeanine. say people here in the janine area, tell us that he was a bystander. he was riding on a motor bike when and is really special units came into the cab and shot at him according to the palestinian has ministry. the bullets that were used or the bullet that hit his leg was an explosive one, which is why there was a lot of blood and they couldn't save his life, and he succumb to his wound. early in the morning, he would come across these stories a lot and because there is not always
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a way to verify what happens is sometimes people don't know. in example, for example, what happened yesterday. also in bethlehem, there was a lady who was shot by the israeli army and she couldn't get any medical help. and then we couldn't know some people say she was visually impaired. so maybe she was walking by the army and didn't know that they were there. and then she ended up being killed. she's the widow of 6 children. now they're going to live without a mother. and also they're not going to have any closure protest. this is franco calling on the president to resign. 7 0, wow. they blame go to bio duplex for the worst economic crisis since independence and britain in 1948. for lincoln's have had to struggle with months of food and fuel shortages and power off the more than 12 hours can be. and president adam barrows policy has broken the opposition parties, majority in parliament,
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banners national people's party. $119.00 of the $53.00 parliamentary seats up for grabs and legislative elections. the wind takes away the majority held by the opposition united democratic party. however barrows party fell short of winning a majority to govern alone. in the new zealand covered 19 deaths, all his written significantly and just weeks it stands at $500.00 fuel by an outbreak of the only con variant that increases despite more 90 percent of the population being double vaccinated in january, when the con was 1st detected, only 50 to current, a virus related death been counted. the government is still looking at easing restrictions, including mosque wearing and indoor gathering limits. china is standing firm in its
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handling of a covey 19 outbreak in shanghai. more than 25000000 people in the city are locked down. complaints are growing about poor access to food and other basics. katrina, you reports, people in shanghai using that patients for the cities. strict corona virus lockdown video is posted in social media. she residents protesting against restrictions on their freedom and complaining about poor access to food and essential services for the elderly. the authorities initially planned for the locked out to be lifted on monday. but more than 25000000 people have been taught to continue isolating at home until the neighbourhood has been cleared of positive cases. the government is defending it's heavy handed approach. bonham see me being real pleased with hustling, gather the dynamic, 0 covey policy does not chic 0 infection. the aims to discover and hold infections to prevent a large scale. resurgence of this is
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a scientific approach and if we can make good use of it, work at the maximum benefit with the minimum cost. but the costs are mounting. dozens of quarantine centers have been set up to house those who test positive, including the majority who have mild owner symptoms, videos, circulating online, sho, pool living conditions inside hastily constructed facilities. phyllis du counts herself among the lucky ones. she was able to buy enough food before the locked out to sustain her and her father that says others record of god and local government. i think in one of the press conference, she was saying that shanghai will not look down because it's very important to city like, domestically and internationally. so it will be a huge mass who's do is
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a community volunteer and helps with the testing and food distribution. she says organization varies from area to area. some neighborhoods unmanaged. well. yeah. well, in others, people are going hungry. in desperation is growing. this video shows people yelling in frustration from their apartments. authorities are censoring critical or negative online courses like these promoting. instead, images of volunteers sending much needed supplies to the city. more than 200000 cases of the be a point to on the con, various have been recorded in shanghai since last month. but despite rising angus, chinese authorities insist on fighting this new kind of the infectious strain. with all methods more quarantine, more testing and more isolation, katrina, you all to 0 aging man has been found guilty of killing british politician david
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amos, british susan allie. how to be allie? repeatedly stabbed amos last october, and he said it was revenge for the politicians support of asked strikes and syria. prosecutors said the attack was inspired by i saw brazil's getting in party mode again after 2 years of battling corona virus ah, dancers and rio de janeiro, preparing for its world famous carnival. the festival was cancelled in 2021 and postponed earlier this year. after a surge of coven 19 infections, the normal times it hosts an average of 2000000 people a day. ah, and let's take you through some of the head.


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