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tv   Africa Direct Sounds of Home The Coach  Al Jazeera  April 13, 2022 1:30am-2:01am AST

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had their conditions or the nursing assistance that hospital staff are suffering and urged him to surround himself with competent people, the peak of the call that outweigh their doctors warned that the system had been stretched the limit. a crawl is struggling to convince working class walters to choose him over his far right rival or in le pen. aah! quick reminder. our top stories on al jazeera russia's president has defended the war in ukraine as a noble mission, which will achieve its goals. vladimir putin says it's not possible to isolate his country and moscow will work with partners who want to cooperate. he made the comments after meeting. 7 1 of those allies, cotton and his bella, russian count upon alexander lucas shinkel, were in far eastern russia to mark it's space day. the mayor of mario paul says around 21000 civilians are estimated to have been killed in the besieged city. was hard to calculate the exact number with fighting still ongoing. the military,
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his warning russian troops are likely to capture the city, and soon a soul has destroyed much of the infrastructure business have been unable to escape of been stuck without running water, sanitation, or regular supply of food. many have been living in basements. marsha long gum suitable jewels law, according to our estimation, as the number of civilian casualties has reached approximately 21000 peaceful. mario. paul was also evidence that some bodies have disappeared from the streets. we know that there are so called concentration places where they hide bodies on the plan to destroy the evidence of tortures. they've committee. we call it genocide. we call it a war crime. new york place is searching for a gunman who open fire on a subway train. 16 people were injured 10 by gunfire fiber in a critical condition, but stable the suspect, let off the smoke canister in a carriage before beginning to shoot. the save now found
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a vans sought in connection with the case. chinese officials, a warning the spread of co 19 in shanghai is not under control despite them beginning to lift some restrictions. the commercial hubs 2 week long time left. many residents without access to food or medicine. easing of restrictions is teared . about 15 of the cities 25000000 people still buy from leaving their homes. or as johnson has apologized but refused to resign, after becoming the 1st british prime minister to be sanctioned for breaking the law, whilst in office johnson and his finance minister, where she soon act have both been fined by police for breaching covered regulations . over 19 brief families for justice organizations said they should both go and cold, their actions. shameless. you're firmly up to date, those are top stories, africa, direct sans of home is next. thanks again for your company. see soon the race to succeed. the da da as president of the philippines is heading into it by no
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stretch struggling what it's worth 27 years that it's desperate for solution. but what are the candidates offering and what direction? well, the philippines, big on their new leadership, special coverage on houses. there are a move. what overall it was the most. did it with guys you didn't get a hold,
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it's awful krinski through somebody doing i found a profile yielding venza to is for dinner with no one d. n name. now. how alabama was eddie. at all knew the truth. i feel sick of bostic. i do so, gustave is still a more pill shock. he said to leon evans was a day, oh dear father, come for some celebrity of what he would be people to any progress. she knew tiny little hold on it. in fact, this wisely minimum sangre of lute us money to see if you got a lot of muster it is or that it did others in through will you don't for job with them for those and then young can cause i squinted
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all who her men calmer it pope would equal. hi sean, i'm claim under federal that it bunny one on the la and a bond that was on the won't be sneakers, it's been fair. don't. why cielo present? still again improving but they didn't wanna do movies. anti just re really bang it you john, i just gonna make it is it's true or showed visual badly that democracy what should i was on can shoot didn't just if you need a fair super well jamie, pretty casual in the kitchen of a policy and a fan to move funding to school is truly we said, concerned about i'm as you to model or out there on what it was very best to please . so then the family accumulate acumen. as of it doesn't, it is
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a given the fizzling amber owners in mississippi. this they could even suv, renew up to leak. i can't it is toya shot me and bullies are they come with? i live here locally. or do man keep lemuel crazy busy most cast smithing. ah lucy, this is for seymour. i used to do program number 2, why i should have been with b. m a like the last time can be bottom of donnie lasker. she, mr. simone, dr. esco whose elliot is on t is that in for 3 or shipping with him because he gets young. do he x he'll, he'll do, he could you call. i didn't get him of it and if there was any danger by me,
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we'll manufacture on this difficult. good. yes, i think there's something wrong with it. not the one in so then i mean that you would want it to go in and press your men new people. well, i seen it as, as their manager whose damage was addressed. and what i mean, what the name jacqueline with the you knew the current, a bountiful funky to clear liaison to missy. ready bountiful love was on top of that. oh oh, wow. good. oh, yeah, for umbrella a,
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i'm from for vanessa. we'll amendment it. got it . no, no, no, to this until been meeting the both of them in the ha ha ha. whether oh, k as in sam, z as in zebra. and its been pre sounds do what is going on? what did, who do i says there money randall here. well, was it funny if you go mm hm. it lives under getting 200 and can read everybody's on these qu, to the given. it will actually i think these are produced. morgan lee. i think this re, you have a lesson to the more peace man, the poor,
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32 or 20 taker when we're doing a do part later. so out of lattice possibility, then luxurious johnson g. debit is cool. simple. whoa. whoa. whoa. is john did is called a day, so for good this one and well, just wanted to leave loosely on the yield of their who. so tim is a is a user name and they can get you the advantage of a combined income on upon call it. and i remember i was in for, for a level of he's, it is your what a framer grand, cute key. i can you book and john iraq new say the improve,
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you know val, shoulders on a free the best and original on concrete is on our new to me. yeah. you are new capacity to 2nd memory. do you have to wait till then? easy on, on, is meant to ask you even come in wash pasco, a ah, or the latest news as it breaks, bought into the opposition. the only way forward is abiding by democratic norms. and the rule of law in part stone with detailed coverage all throughout are paying
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you see sites like this seems all odd celery selling there is almost complete destruction from around the world. so many people wanted it frosted strong leader at a time of crisis. the scars of former yugoslavia civil was run deep. but for years the balkans had managed to keep a fragile peace. now with ukraine alight and europe on high alert for russian meddling. the mood is uneasy. people in power travels to bosnia where threats to secede by serb leader miller rat dough dig of ignited fears. that conflict could return bosnia. testing the piece on al jazeera in 20 a journalist led 40 days of civic action against the armenian government. i'm president . soc is younger group on power. i'm going to liberate this, where
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a new documentary follows his non violent campaign to bring down a corrupt regime, astonishing outcome with a democratic. but whether i am not alone on mias velvet revolution on al jazeera, i will totally upset the result of this great historic presidential election if i, when a lot of people felt their world was being turned upside down. the way that has been manipulated by populace, like donald trump playing on racial anxieties. one person that citizens have political and while, and of course in the united states, as in many other parts of the world that remains an ideal, but not a reality. from a 4 year old baby for the for table of
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brotherhood. i have a dream. my dream is that people may my daughter, the young people just have a full voice and don't feel targeted because of their race or ethnicity. ah, for the battle for ukrainian city of morrow, paul is entering a decisive stage in russia deploying war troops. the estimates of 21000 civilians killed are called a janice r. u. s. president joe biden describes russia's war in ukraine as a genocide. us prepared to send more weapons to key it. ah, i'm carry johnston. this is al jazeera life and also coming up. ah,
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a man hounds continues in new york after a gunman opened fire in the.


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