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for debit of the table of brotherhood i have a 3 night dream is that people may my daughter, the young people just have a full voice and don't feel targeted because of their race or ethnicity. ah, where the battle will ukrainian city of morrow, paul is entering a decisive stage in russia, deploying or troops. the estimates of 21000 civilians killed. i call the janice r. u. s. president joe biden describes russia's war in ukraine as a genocide. u. s. proposed to send weapons to keith ah. on carry johnston. this is al jazeera life and also coming up. ah,
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a man hounds continues in new york off to a gunman opened far in the subway during the morning rush hour injury, 16 people. i mean, i to, nations urges government action on the growing number of people missing or disappeared in mexico. the mare of the besieged ukrainian city of morrow. paula says around $21000.00 civilians are estimated to have been killed there since the start of the war. ukraine's military is warning that russian troops will launch another push to capture the strategic port city. soon. the assault has so far destroyed much of the infrastructure. russian about separatist forces are denying allegations by ukrainian units defending mary paul that they used chemical weapons will not come. so susan susan's law, according to our estimation,
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is the number of civilian casualties has reached approximately 21000 in peaceful maria. paul was also evidence that some bodies have disappeared from the streets. we know that there are so called concentration places where they hide bodies and they plan to destroy the evidence of tortures. they've committed. we call it genocide. we call it a war crime. or if and when the russians do a capture, maria poly will be their biggest victory since the start of the conflict nearly 7 weeks ago. let's take a look at where things stand at the moment. well, ukrainian marines are set to be surrounded in the cities as of style. industrial district, russia says its forces had stopped in escaping the besieged city. should the russians seize as astarte, they would be in full control of marble, which is a vital port in the southeast. eliza, between the done yet scanned the hands regions in the east, where russian forces are set to launch a new offensive and annexed crimea, in the south rushes that president has defended the war as
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a noble mission, which he says will achieve its goals, or they were put in or so said it won't be possible to isolate his country, and moscow will work with partners who want to cooperate one of those allies. but recently the alexander lucas shanker is on a visit to russia. door search bar reports from moscow. a day to celebrate a pass rush and successes with old allies. president vladimir putin arrived at the ghost touching the cosmo jerome in russia's for ease. with bella, russian president, alexander lucas jenko, to mark 61 years he, since one of the biggest achievements in russia's history. april 12th 1961 russian cosmonaut. eureka gar, in became the 1st man in space. a clearly happy memory for the president who says he still remembers that day as a 9 year old boy. but the ongoing conflict with ukraine is still at the top of the
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agenda for president putin room. unfortunately, ukraine was created as some kind of launch pod for aggression against russia and the offshoots of nationalism. what totally cherished this new generation of ukrainian nationalists are especially caution with russia. you see how nazi ideology became a fact of life and ukraine was, it was unavoidable. we are taking steps to provide security for russia. we didn't have any other choice. we did the right thing, i'm. i have no doubt that our aims will be achieved. russia so called special military operation is now in the 2nd phase, which of official sable focus on the dumbass region of ukraine. vladimir putin also praised russian troops for what he calls, efficiently, courageously and competently carrying out their operation. that operation was the topic of discussions between the russian president and his bella, russian counterpart of, bela ruth has host that russian troops since earlier this year. and the key of
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government accused minsk of allowing their borders to be used by russian troops to enter ukraine. despite the criticism from the west, president lucas jenko support for vladimir putin continues to be unwavering. prior to their meeting, lucas jenko vowed bella luce will always be by russia side. the 2 presidents emerged from their discussions with renewed determination good to consolidate their unity, which will include closer military ties with no, we discussed detail important issues including political, diplomatic, economic and of course, military under fence. our modern history hasn't seen yet such dangerous and complicated moments and i pollution shipped with the worst, put and also praise lucas shank has role in starting the negotiations between moscow and keith, which are still ongoing. but the russian president admitted that they have now reached a deadlock. those tarts between russia and ukraine, and officials began just a few days after russia's military operation. but there were never any high hopes
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that he would bring an end to the fighting anytime soon. now let him improvement has confirmed what many theory at this property it will only end once russia achieves its objectives. regardless of how long it takes and i walk halls. doors of jabari al jazeera, moscow, ukraine's secret service says it has arrested a prominent ally of that imap, hooting president vladimir lensky, released these images of victory adventure in handcuffs. he was the leader of an opposition party in ukraine and had been facing a treason case. but that chuck was placed on the house arrest last year, but escaped in february. he denies any wrongdoing and claims that he turned his godfather to his daughter when he was present. joe biden has, for the 1st time said that russia is carrying out a genocide ukraine. he said this as a clarification for comments made a few hours earlier. biden had earlier called russian president, vladimir, written
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a war criminal evoking a strong response from oscar. i call the genocide the evidence is mounting different than it was last week. the more evidence is coming out of the literally the horrible thing at the russians have done in ukraine, and we're going to only learn more and more about the devastation. and what about the lawyers decided or nationally whether or not a qualifies, but it sure seems that way to me. or classical haine joins us live now from washington d. c and patty, that would genocide again. how significant were the president's comments a fairly significant, i just wanted to give you a little bit of perspective of when he 1st made the comments or crated it to genocide, he was an, an event in iowa. really addressing the issue of inflation. it is killing him in the polls, just how much everything costs from food to gas. so he went to iowa and he tried to
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equate the war a new cray with the inflation that the americans are dealing with every day. and that's when he said it was a genocide. so at 1st i think a lot of people, what is this going to be like the regime change comments from a few weeks back that the white house initially walked back. but you saw him right there on the tarmac, he doubled down. he called to the genocide. some of this could be political framing because if you can tell the american people, yes, things are expensive. but it's because people are committing a genocide. there's a very powerful word, they might be more willing to make the sacrifice. now conservatives with pumps on this. they say that the inflation was going up long before russia launched its invasion. but again, a lot of it has to do with political framing. now, the u. s, as you know, is not a member of the international criminal court. the u. s. acknowledging that a few weeks ago said what they were going to do to help with this war crimes investigation is they were going to have millions of dollars to the people who are collecting the evidence on the ground and helping with the case in that way. so it
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is a very different joe biden saying, today that is genocide, that is not something the white house is wanted to say, or label, or the pentagon of the state department since this began. so it is significant. and of course, we're now hearing reports that the u. s. might shift more weapons to ukraine. what can you tell us about that? not just more, but very different kinds of weapons. now keep in mind from this, the outset joe biden has been very, very careful and saying that they were going to send defensive weapons to ukraine. anything else could look provocative. and he said, we will not go to war with the nuclear armed russia. so now i know we haven't been able to invent independently confirm this, but to very well respected organizations have and this is the list, they say, the u. s. is talking about sunday and m $117.00 helicopters, fitted with the ability to attack tanks, armored humvees, her hordes urs cannons, and coastal defense drones. so those could be seen as all fence of weapons. that's
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much more than what they've been willing to do thus far. then again, the genocide and the stories of these horrific stories of what is happening to people in ukraine in russian occupied territories, has really been made very clear to the american people. a lot of news coverage has been focused on those atrocities. so in another thing that's a little bit different is at the beginning of this, u. s. officials had said the plan was to push russia back about a week ago that's just really clearly shifted. they went from saying that to saying that russia must be defeated, that you must, ukraine must win the war. so if you've changed exactly what you want the outcome to be able, then you have to change what you are willing to supply. and this looks like they are ready to take a definitive next step to escalate the situation and to help ukraine with use heavier weapons. ok, patsy. co hain joining us live from washington dc. thank you for that update. ah, now let's take you straight to new york, whether there's
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a police briefing on this churn this, there about the attack out on the subway earlier in the broken let. so let's take a listen in. this was not significantly worse than it is. as we reported this afternoon, a man who was travelling on a manhattan bound n train opened to canisters that dispensed smoke throughout the subway car. he then shot multiple passengers as the train pulled into the 36th street station in sunset part 10 people were injured by gunfire and an additional 13 were either injured as they rushed to get out of the train station or they suffered smoke inhalation. some good news is that none of the injuries appear to be life threatening. as detectives processed the crime scene, they recovered a 9 millimeter semi automatic hand gun extended magazines. and a hatchet. also found is a liquid. we believe to be gasoline and
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a bag containing consumer grade fireworks and a hobby fuse about an hour ago detectives located a you whole van in brooklyn that we believe is connected to the suspect. at this time, we still do not know the suspect motivation. clearly this individual boarded the train and was intent on violence. we are conducting a highly coordinated investigation that includes n y p d, detectives, the f b i and why pd joint terrorism task force, and the a t f. who have been instrumental in tracing the firearm and ballistics. the suspect is a dark skin male and was wearing a me on orange vest and a gray colored sweatshirt. we do have a person of interest in this investigation, but we need the public assistance with additional information. we're asking anyone with information to call crime stoppers at 80577 tips.
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extended glass type magazines. one was still in the weapon, one under seat and one in a backpack. we had 33 discharge shell casings. 15 bullets, 5 bullet fragments to detonated. smoke relates to non detonated, smoke grenades, a hatchet, a black garbage can. a black mill type type style rolling caught the gasoline and a u. haul key. the you walk key at the scene led us to the recovery of a u haul van a short while ago in brooklyn. the male who we believe is the rent the of this u haul in philadelphia is a frank art james male. 62 years old with addresses in wisconsin and philadelphia. we are endeavoring to locate him to determine his connection to the
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subway shooting. if any, the 2 crime scenes, the subway and the van are very active and are still being processed. we are asking for any one's help with information cellphone video, witness information, or any if they can identify the perpetrator. while the rental of this vehicle the court crime stop is at $18577.00 tips. there was a $50000.00 reward out right now. 25000 from the new york city police foundation. 12500 from the m t 8. and 12500 from the t w way local 100. i just want to assure everyone that we in the m y, p d, have all our resources working this along with our partners in the f, b i and j t f. to find this perpetrator with that, i like to turn it over to mike driscoll,
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automatic life. okay. mr. mayer, we're ready for you. renew of commission . and she is there today with all day monday. the plan house was is across maryland. as you this morning with an eagle in ohio, brooklyn where she lives happy. so you called zillow busy with a, it was a small one. was that today? most of the shots right now we, when is 20 or so far as it was me and basically be
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crew that the brady cooperation passages lives with, based off the spawns the engine. ready quickly take israel hospital and although expected to become you know, i have it now spoken about. i'm committed to protecting state. i stand by that will continue to do anything. my power to dan is that the to see your but this is not only a new york city problem, this way, by these guys, even in the shoes are in american crowd. it is going to take all levels of government. is this the dog and push back? it isn't cold dead. and i sent you home and you say she called go wow goodness is to be sacrifice. why did they base a country? we're buying weapons of mass destruction? is that easy?
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uh huh. b applied were what gotten show because you were idea what we're just going to come out of that now. that's the yeah. n y p d press conference there in new york regarding the shooting. andrea subway in brooklyn confirming multiple shootings, 10 injured by gunfire, and a hand gun recovered and smoke grenades found as well. we're going to have a more on this story now. in gabriel. allison goes report 8 30 am in the moment. panic struck on a new york city subway train over london confusion turning to sheer nightmare as it became clear shots were being fired in the middle of a morning. can you? ah, at the next station terrified passengers poured out of the carriages. some obviously struggling with wounds. i was on 36 street. i'm going to school and the drink and
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not to told everyone to get on the train. i didn't know what happened. it was a scary moment. and then at 25th street, we're all told to get all those people scream from medical assistance. it was just the scary moment. amid the stampede, it appears to suspect managed to escape. these pictures posted a twitter show, the carnage he left behind. the attack happened at the 36th street station in brooklyn, sunset park, leaving neighbors in shock. it was like 9 or so. and you know how? he saw commotion. yeah. cop cars pulling up so we were consent. read funded by title with wine. the new york police department later gave an update on details. and man, they're still hunting. an individual on that train dawned what appeared to be a gas mask, even to the canister, out of his bag and opened it. the train at that time began to fill with smoke. he then opened fire tracking multiple people on the subway. and in the platform,
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again, we will describe him as an individual. he is being reported as a male black, approximately 5 feet 5 inches tall. with a heavy build. he was wearing a green construction type vest and a hooded sweatshirt. the color is grey. the attack comes as many new yorkers are increasingly concerned about rising crime in the subway system. eric adams, cities, new mayor, has only been on the job for little over 3 months. he's a former and y p, the police officer himself, and he's made a fighting violent crime on the subway system. one of his key initiatives, new york governor, cathy hoko, said crime h to stop that. we say no more. no more mass shootings, no more disrupting lives. don't worry, creating heartbreak for people just trying to live their lives as normal new yorkers. it has to and it ends now. some of the injured were taken to a local hospital. none of their injuries appear to be life threatening. a small
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silver lining on a day likely to shatter faith and the safety of the subway. or something become gave rose onto al jazeera, brooklyn, new york. the war in ukraine is causing prices to saw in the us where the consumer pricing ex has hit a new record. inflation rates jumped to 8.5 percent in the past year. is the fastest annual rate increase since 1981 are compared to last month rose by north point 6 percent, the selecting higher fuel food and housing cost. economist fe inflation that will cost the average us households an extra 5200 dollars this year. we don't, henderson has been taking a closer look at how rising inflation is affecting the lives of ordinary americans . you sent us this report from chicago. inflation affects the ways or leanest. smith, members eats, shops, drives nearly every aspect of her life. we went from lit than to store brand,
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see because i love it. my daughter love it, and that's what we could afford. the inflation have in the store. we used to can spin fe, 20 bucks on lunch, me bread and cheese. the basic things have done local bread is $5.00, who can afford that? food and fuel have been especially hard hit pandemic related kinks in the global supply chain and an energy shortage partly due to the war. and ukraine has driven up prices on a broad range of goods. if you do seem products on sale, which is become less pervasive than ever before. you know, buying stock up, put things in the freezer because prices are not going to go down. that's left grocery store shelves, more bare and more pricey. the dollar tree is the kind in store a lot of working class families come to to save money for 35 years, nearly everything in the store cost a dollar. now it's about
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a quarter question. some of the founder of chicago's non profit violence interceptors program says inflation appears to be contributing also to spike in crime. the reason why the crime levels are rising is because inflation is pretty tough out here. yeah. people trying to rob peter to pay paul. you have the car jack is on the rise with the u. s. government hoping to lower gas prices by releasing oil from the nation's strategic petroleum reserve, and the federal reserve raising interest rates to discourage borrowing. president biden says his administration is working on it more and more americans get jobs as they do, it's going to help ease the supply pressures. we see that's good news for fighting . inflation is good news for our economy, means that our economy has gone from being on the men to be on the move for their lena smith. members. inflation has also dashed her hopes of starting of the year with a new kitchen. labor prices went up from $12000.00 to $25000.00 and
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a matter of a year. so this is the old kitchen with new appliances. and we have cabinets in my garage. we have countertops in my garage, florrie, and we can't afford to do for her, and many americans each day brings less and less for them to cut. john henderson al jazeera chicago, the u. n. committee on enforce disappearances is urging immediate action from mexico government to address the soaring rates of citizens, abducted with the knowledge and sometimes the help of state officials more than 96000 people have been registered as disappeared on missing since november when apollo reports from mexico city i report from the united nations is shining new light on the scale of mexico's crisis with enforce disappearances. citizens who are kidnapped and disappear without a trace. usually with the knowledge or collusion of authorities. organized crime has become a central traitor of disappearance in mexico. with varying degrees of participation,
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a kissane's ar emission by public servants states. parties are directly responsible for enforcing appearances committee by public officials, but may also be accountable for his errand says committed by crimean organization. over the past 2 decades, disappearances and mexico have grown exponentially. perhaps no case is more emblematic than that of 43 students from the a you'll see not, but teachers college in good little state in 2014, the incident sports, one of the largest protest campaigns in mexico in recent memory. and now the current government says video evidence presented this year leaves little doubt that mexican security forces were the ones responsible for the disappearance of the students. it also alleges that public officials as high up as former mexican president in vic opinion, yet they knew about the cover up to the crime. manuel vasquez at
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a daniel who escaped the night, his classmates were kidnapped, is now a congressman in mexico and says the problem of enforce disappearances across the country has only worsened as given berlin, mom again, nic and on it is a very big problem which is not going to be sold in a few years, not even by few people just lacking columbia, just like in other countries where the happen force disappearances on mass or in large numbers. several presidential administrations in mexico have attempted to curb violence and reduce the number of disappeared. people in the country thrill militarized approach. un observers however, say this strategy has failed. they may have been denied of the info. ok, the focus on monetize ation of public security must be abandoned. the committee is concerned with the militarization of public security adopted by the state to come back crime as it has been insufficient and inadequate in terms of protecting human rights. the report published by the u. n. committee on enforce disappearances has
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also highlighted concerns over disappearances of human rights workers, migrants and journalists. the un has called for immediate actions by the mexican government to end what they refer to as absolute impunity in cases of enforced disappearances. and to establish a national policy of prevention as the only way to and the human tragedy. manuel apollo al jazeera mexico city. find these officials are warning the coping 19 outbreak in shanghai is not yet under control. despite the easing of some restrictions, the commercial hubs to week lockdown has left many residents with no access to food or medicine. restrictions are being lifted in a tiered approach. 15000000 of the cities 26000000 people are still banned from leaving their homes. and the british prime minister is facing renewed calls for his resignation over the so called party gate scandal. police have issued him
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a fine for breaching covey regulations at his government office in downing street where his johnson has apologized. but his refusing to quit port brennan reports from london, you must obey the rules on social distancing. and the messages were clear. stay at hurley don't mix with others. and yet while the u. k was forced indoors into locked down forest. johnson and his staff were breaking those laws and attending parties and other gatherings. party gate, as it was called, was splashed across the front pages. 2 downing street parties were held on the eve of the funeral of prince philip the duke of edinburgh, with the country in national morning. and queen elizabeth forced to sit apart from her family. now, after months of denials, prime minister has been forced to admit, he broke the law. i understand the anger that many will feel that i myself fell short. when it came to observing the very rules which the government i lead had introduced to protect the public. and i accept in all sincerity that people had the
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right to expect better and not just the prime minister. richie soon act the u. k. chancellor, who also lives in downing street, has been issued with a police fine as well when the police investigations are ongoing, more fines could follow. at the heart of the anger over this scandal is the fact that in the height of the pandemic, the british public were legally prevented from gathering together from burying loved ones even from attending weddings. while at the same time, the people responsible for those legal rules here and down the street, where having bring your own booze parties and organizing, leaving dues for departing staff, some of which were attended by the prime minister and the chancellor. ballast johnson has always said that nobody told him that these gatherings were against the rules, but if that, excuse the calls into question, his judgment, his character, and his credibility. this is the 1st time in the history of our country that
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a prime minister being found to be in breach of the law. and then he lied repeatedly to the public about it. britain deserves better the half to go. but to depose the prime minister, at least 54 and peas from his own conservative party have to trigger a vote of no confidence. and with the ukraine was still raging. even johnston's fiercest critics are uneasy with the timing. the premise the faces were serious situation, which the house of commons is going to have to deal with. because patiently, he has missile at the house. but at that, we're in the middle of an international crisis. and now is absolutely not the time to destabilize the government, a government that is actually leading the international coalition against bruton. those conservative m. p 's, who have the power to oust him, will return to parliament next week. and they have between now and then to way up their appetite for calling the removal trucks. port brennan,
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al jazeera downing street friend supposed to manual. micron has been confronted by angry health work as the eastern city of moos, the urged mclean whose kind of painting for a 2nd turning off of this people to do more to improve their working conditions and saturdays city wasn't epicenter of the corona, virus outbreak. 2 years ago, at the time health workers wanted that the system had been stretched, didn't it? ah, i'm carry johnston with the headlines here on al jazeera, the mayor of the seas, ukrainian city of mario poll, says an estimated 21000 civilians have been killed there. since the start of the war. ukraine's military is warning that russian troops are likely to capture the devastated city soon. rushes at president franklin, the war in ukraine as a noble mission that will achieve its.


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