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tv   News  Al Jazeera  April 14, 2022 2:00am-2:18am AST

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feel damn or bossy ah thousands depend on its precious souls. ah, al jazeera well explored the major environmental issues above and below the surface o g 0. when ever you, ah, i'm carry johnston. this is al jazeera alive from also coming up. the $53.00 palestinians had been killed by israeli forces and occupied westbank, the youngest of 14 year old molotov cocktails at these rady army. but according to palestinians, they would tell you that they, it's not unusual for them to see to him,
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so comic to his wounds after he was shot by alive, bullet in the head. now another palestinian in the town of silhouette near drama la at 2 clashes between palestinians and israelis in the town. but we can't confirm if the 20 year old was involved according to many witnesses. he was not involved in these armed comfort or clashes, but it's bringing it must have a bargain. now he said reports the killed the sword tv or the young boy child. the basically in house started the killed a mother of 6 children did before in the same the loose and the 2 other people who had killed. but the worst thing happened and said, why is it in the army invaded the city with so many tanks. so many vehicles and the whole, the whole population came out to different place and his ard escalating the
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situation to cover up for their failures, their security failure and the political failure. they try to suppress the palestinians to accept occupation on the upper side. and they are failing. only recently, israel's prime minister, tony bennett, spoke about granting security forces. full freedom of operations is every palestinian is threatened. the life of every val listed in could be lost. if an israel soldier or the settler decides that he will end it. this is a situation where palestinian population has no protection whatsoever. and unfortunately, the international community is continues to be silent about this. what we need is really sanctions against this behavior and behavior for pression. in addition to the fact that it is a system or finish of discrimination, and which is a world which is a crime by international law committed against palestinians that a good part of things would say, this is not just a recent issue there,
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but very much stems from the pressure of decades of occupation. absolutely. and that's what trucks, palestinians, i mean the, the level of, of standard and tonight, and application of international law. more than $6000.00 punitive acts and sanctions against russia within one month. while nothing has been done to israel, which is conducting apartheid and traditional discrimination and ethnic cleansing, and the longest occupation and mother nest recent 74 years and no sanctions against israel. the situation where israel is allowed to be above international law and the punitive national law cannot be continued and should not be allowed. but one on the other hand, i think with the israel is, should realize that they are all their policies, all their plans. shouldn't king the conflict of substituting peace with
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palestinians with some kind of normalization with some other countries, some other governments, all of that has fin. the reality is that the palestinian issue is the main issue and there will be no peace or, or, or, or security in this area without palestinians, without alive and police can use to be free from occupation and the system of up i think. ok, mr. a got the secretary general of the palestinian national initiative. thank you for joining us. thank you. will a court has rules that an appeal can be heard about reducing the sentence of the young palestinian held in his railey prison with an ostrich was 13 years old when he was arrested in 2015, notified east jerusalem. he and his cousin, when the stabbing not critically injured, he was released and asked who was sentenced to 20 years in jail. and his family says he's suffering psychological trauma or since offered ministers arrest his
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family, human rights groups and lawyers have tried to find out more about his state of health. a psychiatrist recently visited him in prison and established the boy has a psychological disorder. as a result of violence and isolation, his family is demanding, he be able to come outside and socialize while israeli officials say he's being kept away from adult inmates for his safety. which on home and has more from outside court in basheba. his legal team were allowed to present written arguments to a committee as to why he should get early released, and that's what happened just an hour or so in the court behind us. i would come as a result of this is now going to be allowed to verbally present arguments as to why he should be freed early. now we spoke to both his palestinian lawyer and his his re lawyer, slightly different versions of what comes next. he says, ready, lloyd was site telling us that, oh, so terry's charges still have to be dropped to the and is a, there has been
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a step forward for his legal team. they will be able to present a verbal arguments. and after that, there will be more approaches here until an eventual burdick to decision on whether he'll stay in prison or if he will be released early after the 7 years in prison. so we'll be staying on top of this to see what happens next. russia says it's now in full control of the port in the ukrainian city of my repulse, but ukraine denies this. tens of thousands of civilians are trapped in the besieged city. and it's a mer, says russian forces are covering up war crimes. their format of even robert mcbride has the latest russian state. television is broadcasting, pictures that it says shows dozens of ukrainian soldiers surrendering and the
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proceed southern port city of maria. both russia says more than 1000 soldiers have laid down their arms. but ukraine disputes that and insists resistance by its forces is continuing. the cities mer has accused russian forces of committing war crimes and disposing of victims bodies while keeping the city sealed off is not answering his own charles each. sadly, there are still over 100000 people in merry, up or waiting for evacuation. there are also people in the outskirts who are packed and ready to leave. that's another 60000 people making conditions worse. no humanitarian corridors were able to open on wednesday for people to escape the fighting and move to the relative safety of the west of the country. the ukrainians accused russian forces of violating agreements that would keep the corridors safe, a claim russia denies. meanwhile, ukrainian president flood amid lensky has accused the russians of using phosphorus
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bombs, le robbie chivalry against residential areas and civilian infrastructure with the russian army uses all types of artillery. all types of missiles, including phosphorus bombs, and other ammunition band under international law. zalinski also said tens of thousands of civilians have so far been killed by invading russian forces. russia has categorically denied committing any war crimes. rob mcbride, al jazeera levine, a lot more on that ukraine later. u. s. has announced extra military assistance for ukraine that will it satisfy key if you'll speak to an expert shortly and police arrest a man suspected of opening fire on commuters and a new subway train will have the very latest. ah
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hey there, thanks for joining in. here's your headlines for the americas to go to talk about that blizzard, central canada, the northern plains. i think by the time it's all said and done, some spots could pick up to 50 centimeters of snow. all part of this system is giving us some soaking rains along the east coast of the us and also outbreaks of severe weather around the u. s. gulf states once again. so louisiana in to mississippi, stretching into the carolinas on thursday to the west coast. we go and still low temperatures. here are for california, san francisco, 16 degrees, we got some snow falling across the sierra nevada and also the cascades and you know, and vancouver, burnaby mountain side, dustin of snow as well. there's that swath of snow sketch one into man. it's soba, quite wild, with her. there ought to central america right now, getting striped with some showers, hit spaniel into cuba, and hi, heap for acapulco 30 degrees. it's almost 10 above where you should be. south
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america looks like this. we've got bursts, rain toward the western amazon, this line of storms stretching out toward the south atlantic. so it is going to be a soggy forecast for rio de janeiro $28.00 degrees. and because these are thunderstorms, it's also gonna drop down your temperature to $24.00 on friday, which is below average. that sir, whether ah ah, the shake hum, odd award for translation and international understanding is accept or h t a dot q a slash e m. ah, lou
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1000 or 10 rounds us hundreds more, javelin missiles and thousands more anti armis systems to attack russian tanks. they're also receiving coastal defense drones and $300.00 loitering, munitions known as switch blades, which are century suicide drones. first hundreds, more armored vehicles in advance to rein in its war effort. there are reports that the u. s. is now looking at the intelligence, it's been sharing with ukraine and are looking to expand that, including possibly showing russian $1000000.00 worth. now we knew some of the things last night. i was sitting here telling you about this. but when you really get down to the nitty gritty of the list, this is a quite extraordinary departure is. it's a radar that allows the ukrainians to very quickly figure out where missiles and missiles and bombs are being fired from and then give that tardy information to another system who can pretty much in real time then target that location before. it has a chance to move so that could really help with the fight over the skies. basically
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hover over a tank, let's say, and then they could just go down there a detonator. they've been very effective. 300 more. that's quite a bit of fire power. me, you mentioned the javelins, the anti personnel carriers that something the pentagon has been very hesitant to do. they're also doing a 100 armored vehicles and the helicopters. so the u. s. is always said we're going to said that i personnel, munitions, basically land minds. as soon as april 8th, we asked the paragon, are you doing that? are you given the landmines? they said no. so this is the definitive shift. and the pentagon has said in the past, once they get the order, it's usually just a matter of days before these things are on the plane on the way to ukraine. ok, particle haine, professor of practice with florida international university. he joins us live now from it falls, church, virginia. so we're and apparently significant military package. but is it everything ukrainians want or indeed need what you're ever going to be able to do the ukrainians. everything they want, what's happening in the character of the combat is changing. it was new, you know,
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the russians advancing on into wings. one in the south, towards odessa, one in the north towards keys and likely armed ukrainians with a $47.00 modernized and genuine to mother yoko. and so the, the cranium you're going to have to use fire power to get them out. and that's why the, the howitzers and the munition and stuff like that. so, so we're not going to give them high in the aircraft and things like that just because they're incompatible. if effective with these particular weapons, the, on the battlefield itself. on doing a really good job of sticking to the art of the possible you've seen the javelin is doing well. drones are not that difficult because they've got experience your own operators just like you can be experienced at one of the heavy equipment horror,
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soviet equipment from former warsaw pact, countries like solar market like poland by check and have them you know that to the cranium. ukraine. will know how to operate that and it will be a lot easier. and would you anticipate even more minutes aid from nato? you know, police in the u. s. state of michigan have released several videos showing the fatal shooting of a black man during a traffic stop earlier this month. we'll execution style. they've been demanded police a publicly released the videos that speak now to john henry who's been foreign, the store pins him on the ground and at some point during the scuffle there, you hear the officer saying stop resisting. stop grabbing the taser. 3 seconds. it goes off, then we have video taken by the passenger in the oil car, and that captures the fatal shot. it appears there is a lengthy struggle over
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a taser. the family of your lawyers is that is not what is happening that he was not resisting or it didn't need to happen. who you blame for? that depends on your perspective on exactly what happened here. ok, john henry and live from chicago. thank you. lease in new york city have arrested a man suspected of shooting 10 commuters at a subway station on tuesday morning. a massive man hot catastrophe of epic proportions and has offered the government support. anita miller has morn out from an under just outside the major port, city of w. d toiler much what happened to our family is devastating. i've lost 2 of my daughters. my other daughter and wife are in hospital, and the worst part is the we have not received any help and mud slides devastated this region of south africa. after that, as they walk through the steep hills that force the torrents of water through the village, she says,
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this is where the 1st body was found. at least 5 other people from this community. a missing. throughout in and out, the destruction only worsens. roads and bridges have collapsed, cutting of people from main roads. there's no electricity or running water. here, at least 4 homes have been reduced to rubble. must be less than one in the z. e. we heard people shouting, my brother and father try to rescue them by the by then the house is recovered by water and the tree collapsed on the house. i mean, we don't know what happened to them. people here say they can't do much to find those who are missing while prison sir. my poor says visited some of the flood stricken areas and offered government support. this community says there's not been any so far. informal settlements have been severely affected by the heavy rain and flooding. while the rain has slowed for now it's expected to get worse. people who escape the 1st wave of flooding a worry, they'll not be fortunate in the coming days. let me tamela,
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i'll de 0 dub in south africa. economist say the u. k. could be facing the biggest drop in living standards since the 1950s was. price is for basic goods rise rapidly . inflation in the u. k. accelerated to 7 percent in march. prices are increasing faster than wages and there's pressure on the government to do more to help those struggling. rushes or, and ukraine has contributed to a global spike in energy prices and disrupted supply chains. christians, marking holy week in latin america are finally able to congregate at one of the most important churches in venezuela. the pandemic prevented the devout from praying to the sculpture of christ in the basilica sent theresa many catholics in venezuela. believe the beloved icon is capable of miracles, the faithful dress in purple and carried wooden crosses during a pilgrimage. when you can find out much more on our website,
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the address for that is w. w. w dot al jazeera, talked with carrie johnston with the headlines here on al jazeera, 3 palestinians have been killed wise, really forces in the occupied west bank. youngest was a 14 year old boy, israeli forces something conducting raids over the past 5 days after palestinian gunmen killed 3 israelis. the tentative last week is pictures of civil wide outside of another. but he's really army vehicles have been pelting the stones on. speeding past remonstrated earlier, a court ruled an appeal. what can be heard about reducing the sent.


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