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tv   News  Al Jazeera  April 14, 2022 5:00am-5:29am AST

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street totally destroyed. keep sensation has become evacuations. legislation with russian forth from a closer tension. i'm going up by the hour. stay with our 0 for the latest developments. african story, short documentary from african fill me from wanda and bookkeeper. fast, super friendly with watch out as they were english streaming light on like youtube channel, plus thousands of all programs. award winning documentaries, and in depth news reports. subscribed to you choose dot com, forward slash al jazeera english. ah. all the fight for mario paula russian forces continue their attack on ukraine's
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besieged city. while 100000 people remained trapped from 3 palestinians have been killed by israeli forces in the occupied west bank. the youngest of 14 year old boy was shorter viv last week. these pictures are from still what outside of her mother is really army vehicles have been pelted with stones while speeding past demonstrators, grady army, but according to palestinians, they would tell you that the, it's not unusual for them to see as really armies ready forces in their homes and the entrances of their cities, specifically that there is an increase of rates that is happening now. all across the occupied westbank. the ambulance took its time before it was able to a get took a sigh, which is which lead eventually to him. so comic to his wounds after he was shot by alive, bullet in the head. now another palestinian in the town of silhouette near drama.
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la at when he you ruled has also unless tinian and israelis in the town. but we can't confirm if the 20 year old was involved, according to many witnesses. he was not involved in these armed contract or clashes . when was tougher burger, he is a secretary general of the palestinian national initiative. he says the current tensions could become a much bigger issue for israeli security services due to decades of failed policies . said it dangerous this collision. today that is really odd to me, invaded at least 20 cities and villages all over the west bank. the new reports, the killed one tv on the young boy child, the basically and her son started the mother of 6 children the day before in the same the news and 2 other people were going. but the worst thing happened and said,
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why live in the city so many times so many vehicles and the whole, the whole population came out to the place to defend people. in my opinion, these confrontations are leading to something that could become a wide range of the problem because the palestinians are oppressed. if the deed, under the news i can, every day since the beginning of this year, 44 been killed by the stand. and i think there is ready for it is our escalating the situation to cover up for the failures, the security failure and the political failure. they try to suppress the palestinians to accept occupation and apartheid and the feeling the russia has confirmed a blast aboard its worship. moscow, the flagship of its black sea fleet, the russian defense ministry says munitions on board. the ship exploded,
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leaving it. the very damage also says the crew has been evacuated. ukrainian military says it struck the war ship with anti ship crews. miss house. russia says it's now in full control of the port in the ukrainian city of marapoo, but ukraine denies this. tens of thousands of civilians are trapped in the besieged city. and its mare says, russian forces are covering up war crimes there. from it, the vive. rub, mcbride has the latest russian state television is broadcasting, pictures that it says shows dozens of ukrainian soldiers surrendering in the proceed. southern port city of maria po, russia says more than 1000 soldiers have laid down their arms. but ukraine disputes that and insists resistance by its forces is continuing. the cities mer has accused russian forces of committing war crimes and disposing of victims bodies while
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keeping the city sealed off in the church. what does on the shoulder? sadly, there are still over 100000 people in merry, up or waiting for evacuation. there are also people in the outskirts who are packed and ready to leave. that's another 60000 people making conditions worse, no humana. terry and corridors were able to open on wednesday for people to escape the fighting and move to the relative safety of the west of the country. the ukrainians accused russian forces of violating agreements that would keep the corridors safe, a claim. russia denies. meanwhile, ukrainian president flood amid zalinski has accused the russians of using phosphorus bombs, le robbie chivalry against residential areas and civilian infrastructure over the russian army uses all types of artillery. all types of missiles, including phosphorus, bombs, and other ammunition been under international law. zalinski also said tens of thousands of civilians have so far been killed by invading russian forces. russia
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has categorically denied committing any war crimes. rob mcbride, al jazeera levine on the scale of destruction outside the capital, key of is becoming clear as russian forces regroup and intensify, efforts to seize areas in ukraine's east resort sir dot has visited hosta mal, but officials say they're discovering new evidence of war crimes. committed by russian troops every day. a gruesome scene that is becoming increasingly common in ukraine. these bodies of civilians, ellers, the killed by russian troops have just been discovered. russian forces company of this chicken factory and hostile, shortly after the war began. their forced look on men working nearby to have carried their ammunition. among them was demi, through investigators found his body in a shallow grave. as to carry boxes or grenades and ortiz,
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he refused. sasha was there well, when with morrison, but at the 5th of them he refused because he said he has bad bag in your nest. this threatened to shoot you me much. he refused again, the fidel he got on his knees as with his head under the blanket, the commander that should him and the soldier loaded his wife. oh and shot him man in time. well then the other meal do you want the same? he like all but he's here. they must 1st be checked for booby traps. while the meat rose by the is packing a plastic bag, the work to collect evidence or possible war crimes is on the way. the strategic tone of hostile host, the closest airport outside the capital q, an ideal location for russian able unit to gain a foothold in the region. it was a primary target for russian forces. they soon took control of the ip port and then funnelled into the streets and through the town, holding it for a month. the skate of destruction, loss of life and ellis atrocities only became
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a parent of the russian forces left the area. this town is a crime scene. prosecutors told us every day they unheard, a dozen bodies here, but more than 400 people were still missing. and those who survive say they can't forget what they have seen here. you heard of me when go in italy. oksana feared she was about to lose her husband and son when russian forces storm into her home and threatened to kill them. said the lot of the lower level, but they were shooting from helicopters right at us, which had a tank shells. my neighbors house made out rushes were storming in a house. is he threatened to kill my husband and son? luckily they said i have lost only frontier. you how much books on us husband victor was ready to give his life to see his family or talk portfolio bleach him. they put my face against the wall and loaded the gun. i told him, take me never leave my son, cleaner stoked victor. survive these ordeal,
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but his neighbor was not so lucky. he was shot when he went out to find the police to charge his phone. as the streets were dangerous, which buried his neighbor in his back yard. with a neighbor, a friend lay to rest in any proper place, but in peace as they look to the future of those left behind. search for some to learn you. russell said that algebra foster mom or the u. s. is sending an additional $800000000.00 worth of security assistance to ukraine, and introducing new systems to the battlefield. ukrainian forces will receive how it's the canons and $40000.00 artillery rounds. thus hundreds more javelin missiles and thousands more anti armis systems to attack russian tanks and also receiving coastal defense drones and $300.00 loitering of venetians known as switch blades, which are essentially suicide drugs plus hundreds more armored vehicles and
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advanced radar systems. americans also sending over 11 soviet era helicopters that they've had in their possession for years. and while this package does not include a russian made fighter jets which presents lensky continues to ask for the u. s. set, it will not prevent nato members. slovakia from transferring its megs to ukraine. patty co. haine has more on this from washington dc. this is very significant. we're seeing now from the u. s. that they're willing to not only do more of her vide more for ukraine in its war effort. their reports of us is now looking at the intelligence, it's been sharing with ukraine and are looking to expand that, including possibly showing russian locations in the don bath. that is something they're exploring, something if they do, they probably won't confirm publicly. but if you look at the list of weapons, and again, this all comes after about an hour long phone call between us president joe biden. and you creating president as
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a lindsey then they came out just new $800000000.00 worth. now we knew some of the things last night when you really get down to the nitty gritty of the list. this is a quite extraordinary departure. as you mentioned, the 800 howitzers. one of the problems with the pentagon says is the cravings are going to have to be trained on those systems. they're not all that simple. so they're trying to figure out exactly how that training can take place. but these are very light artillery. they can move, move, be moved very quickly, and fire shells fairly rapidly. they're sending 40000 of those counter artillery radar. so why is that important? this could be a huge thing for the ukrainian military. basically what it is, it's a radar that allows the radios to very quickly figure out where missiles and missiles and bombs are being fired from. and then give that target information to another system is can pretty much in real time the target that location before it has a chance to move was to the head on the al jazeera will tell you why there's growing
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opposition to constitutional change in chile. ah, the journey has begun. the 3 full world camp is on its way to catherine. your travel package to death. they been locked into a heat wave for more than 2 weeks in northwestern india. hello everyone. here is the forecast details on thursday. this heat showing no signs of fading, new deli, 39 degrees in fact, or the next few days, we're going to nudge up your temperature to about 41 on sunday. and since march 29th, your temperature has been 39 degrees or higher. let's talk about the act of weather . we've got some jolts and bolts for the indian state serv. tamela, do a caroline and also karnataka thunder down ports to be expected as while through sri lanka. now for the far northeast of india, winds off the bare been color given us some fuel moister for some of these storms
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that we're going to see on thursday. now let's talk about indo china dry spells, but also outbreaks of rain to be expected here, dr. for bangkok, so look what that does for you that allows your temperature to get to $38.00 degrees and more rain once again, what we don't need for central areas of the philippines, including sabu city, $29.00, the number for you, all of that. what whether that was falling across the yangtze river valley has shot out toward the east, china's c that's now swooping in to southern japan. so japan's main island of honju, doug of that color, the more intense the rain will be falling. could see some damaging winds and also the very real risk of some hail, something to be on the lookout for official airline of the j. coveted beyond well taken without hesitation, thought and died for power. define thou, well, we live here. he made the rule, not them, they find an enemy,
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and then they try and scare the people with people and power investigators exposed it and questions. they used them to be just of our around the cloud on out there. ah ah, you're watching elders it remind to now of our top story this out. 3 palestinians have been killed by israeli forces and occupy west bank. the youngest was a 14 year old boy, is ready forces helping, conducting raids of past 5 days off. the palestinian gunmen killed 3 israeli. some ton of it last week. russia has confirmed last aboard its worship moskva, flagship,
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it's black sea fleet. the russian defense ministry says munitions on board. the ship exploded, but the ukrainian military says it struck the ship until ship cruise missiles. russia says it's now in full control of the port in ukrainian city of mario pole. but ukraine denies this. tens of thousands of civilians are trapped in the besieged city and its mass says, crushing forces covering up war crimes. now some asylum seekers who try to reach the u. k, by crossing the english channel could soon be flown to wonder for processing is part of a deal that's expected to be announced and signed on thursday, written at home secretary's already in. rewind that for the signing you, kate will give her one to just over $130000000.00 as part of the trial scheme. rights groups have criticize the decision. camilla cause is a senior policy analyst with a migration policy institute. she joins us live via the mexico city. thanks for
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being with us today. yeah. why do you think you k has come up with this arrangement and what will it actually mean for a solid seekers? yes. so this has been discussed for several months, and it is florida for a broad range of policy and measure that signature, externalize to mila state obligation to process asylum seeker, on, you know, on the on territory. and as explained by the u. k. government, it is seen as a way to better migrants from coming in the 1st place by agitating the threat that it could be sent to a far away location where the application will be processed to a country with which i have no connection whatsoever. and so, i mean, what is in the plan and, and i think at this stage we should be extremely cautious. but this new and tomlin tell whether, you know, whether it's confirm and what exactly is at the circle migration and economy blocking partnership. and that are partly linked to in the,
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in the british press finish. remember, last year denmark also made headline for adopting a low at lowing for external processing. negotiating an agreement was one that would in the any fell through so, but even this materialize at this would indeed be granted through as specially i. this is not the 1st attempt of the u. k. government and did their negotiation with albania and ghana and previously felt. and so what, what we know from the information that's that as linked so far, is that and you know, iceland secret will be sent to wonder where the asam could will be process. and only male, iceland seeker friendly would be considered by this measures. and he would apply to several 1000 people, but it is not clear yet at, you know, if one die as agreed on a figure to people who would be sender and maybe just one last coins. you know, this basically commoner bill that is currently being discussing the u. k. claimant
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and that's as raised a lot of unit tension between different n p. so this is also a conditional to the adoption of such as such luck on the u. k is not the 1st country to not this kind of panel to attempt it is, is a trend of of souls. yeah, absolutely. but they've been mentioned done. mark us tried to, i mean as a doctor, similar legislation but fell so hard to find a country that would expect to move forward with possibly being assistant or really also have experiences with the system. and i think there are a random question with a plan and one is really the human rights consideration. and here, there will be a lot of questions for the u. k. call them and to answer, you know, how big people will be transfer how they will be treated in the camp. what type of stuff they going to have in one. and whether they are going to have freedom of movement and if they're absolutely not the kitchen is going to be processed in one
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will be higher, they're going to have access to quality counseling and is a plan for british migration lawyer to lead to key galli. and i yeah, i think there is a lot of a lot of questions still. ok. yeah. camilla cars from the migration policy institute. thank you for joining us. the police in the u. s. state of michigan have released several videos showing the fatal shooting of a black man june the traffic stop early this month. 26 year old patrick iowa was killed on april. the 4th of what offices described as a lengthy struggle. his family, they say he was killed execution style. they've been demanding police publicly released the videos. john henson is following develop things from chicago. there are already protests in the street. 2 plates don't match the car that can be an indication that the car is stolen. loya is standing outside of his car,
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the officer tells him to get back in the morning goes off either because he is deliberately turned it off or because it gets turned off in a struggle. if you press on a certain button for 3 seconds, it goes off, then we have video taken by the passenger in the car, and that captures the fatal shot. it appears there is a lengthy struggle over a taser. the family of your lawyers is that is not what is happening, but he was not resisting arrest. with the video is equivocal. there are certain new york police have arrested the suspect wanted for the mass, shooting on the subway on tuesday. officers say the 62 year old shot at 10 people during the russia attack. gabriel alonzo reports from new york with a calmness completely at odds with the alleged crime he committed. the most wanted man in new york is arrested on the streets of manhattan. 62 year old frank james
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had been on the run barely 30 hours after he became the chief suspect in the shooting of 10 people at brooklyn subway station. on tuesday morning, during rush hour, less than an hour after his arrest, the new york police department announced the news, eager to calm a public shocked by the violence. we use every resource at our disposal to gather in process significant evidence that direct release mister james to the shooting. we were able to shrink his world quickly. there was nowhere left for him to run. yesterday was a dark day for all of us, but the bright spots of the incredible heroism of our fellow new yorkers help each other. in the time of crisis, new york subway users, we spoke to were relieved and happy. you know, subways right here. you could have been right here. he could have been anywhere. i'm just happy. he's off the streets. real little safer now i'm in course of course, extremely happy. but i do feel sad for those who are affected by his foolishness.
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glad he's caught. you need to be court. there's some rod m doe has to be such a psychological way. we're going to do later, the day he was led in handcuffs out at the n. y p. d precinct in manhattan's east village and transferred to federal agents. james now faces federal terrorism chargers. his 1st court appearance is scheduled for thursday if he's ultimately convicted, he could face life in prison. big question now is what was his motivation? and that will be part of the investigation moving forward. gabriel sandow outages in new york. president sil, rema poses, has visited, south africa's flood ravaged east coast. more than 300 people have died. he describes the situation as a catastrophe of epic proportions and is offered government support. for me, the miller has more from in, under just outside the major port, city of durban,
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jebel, lanny keys. he sits alongside the body of his 19 year old daughter. her body was discovered after she was washed away by flood waters in amanda, outside the port city of dub. and they still haven't found her sister who's been missing for 2 days. but my title by silicon lorna isn't asleep, toiler much what happened to our family is davis. a thing i've lost to my daughter's other daughter and why for hospital. and the worst part is that we have not received any help from the government. the only hope we have is from the community. i think when i was an villa michael bonnie is leading the search for missing people. of the heavy rain and mud slides devastated this region of south africa. as they walk through the steep hills that force the torrents of water through the village, she says, this is where the 1st body was found. at least 5 other people from this community. a missing. throughout in and out, the destruction only worsens. roads and bridges have collapsed,
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cutting of people from main roads. there's no electricity or running water. here, at least 4 homes have been reduced to rubble. must beg us when are in the z. e. we heard people shouting my brother and father try to rescue them by the by then the houses were covered by water and the tree collapsed on the house. and we don't know what happened to them. people here say they can't do much to find those who are missing while prison sir. my poor says visited some of the flood stricken areas and offered government support. this community says there's not been any so far. informal settlements have been severely affected by the heavy rain and flooding. while the rain has slowed for now, it's expected to get worse. people who escape the 1st wave of flooding a worry, they'll not be fortunate in the coming days. let me tamela i'll to 0 dub in south africa. delegates in chile are struggling to reach a consensus on key parts of a new constitution. but as the deadline is opposition is growing,
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9 months ago there was overwhelming support for reform. but now polls say a majority, oppose it, change in the constitution. supporters of the movers here campaign of misinformation is to blame on that. in america editor, lucy newman has more from santiago 9 months ago, the overwhelming mature div chileans voted to allow 155 delegates to form the was 1st constitutional convention with gender parity. and that promised to address modern day challenges, like protecting the environment, manipulated it would become a global reference. but with less than 3 months left to finish drafting the proposed constitution, things aren't looking quite so good. oh, it cannot be that they want to expropriate our pension funds or our houses. they do not protect us from anything simply comparable boy. all they care about is changing
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the national anthem, or emblem and our flag. in actual fact, none of these things have been approved by the convention, nor the belief by many that parents won't have a say in their children's education, that indigenous groups will form 12 independent countries. and that farmers won't be able to kill their animals. ah, but it is an extraordinarily complex process in which every delegate has a voice even to make sometimes absurd proposals thorough eventually dismissed. and it's become even more confusing thanks to misinformation campaigns that are spreading on social media. omar new study reveals that 60 percent of jillions have received false information about the convention and they picked them up in my book and that wasn't that. and we detected that 30 percent of these people shared this false names. it wasn't necessarily on purpose, but if you believe what you read and think it's relevant, you share that information without verifying it to the most compelling to get. as
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a result, 3 new polls suggest the chileans support has plummeted for a new constitution that 80 percent had hoped would lay the groundwork for a more equal and just society unless he goes through this. even before the convention has finished drafting the majority of articles, he lay there for about b as a boy. the idea here is to distribute power more evenly. we always knew that as you hold power, don't want to lose it. and the mainstream media, which is owned by major economic groups, is a neutral when it comes to covering the convention in our chiles. mainstream media is mostly conservative, but it's in fact the social media has the most impact. according to european union experts, false information or disinformation spread 6 times faster than real news. oftentimes because of misleading headlines that have nothing to do with the body of the story . rectifying or neutralizing misinformation is far more
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difficult and is turning out to be a major challenge for what may be the 1st constitution written under the influence of this new technological age. to see a newman al jazeera santiago. ah, i'm carry johnston with the headlines here on al jazeera, 3 palestinians have been killed by israeli forces and occupied westbank. the youngest was a 14 year old boy. israeli forces have been conducting raids over the past 5 days after palestinian gunmen killed threes railways, internal viv last week. these pictures are from seward outside of ramada where it is rarely army vehicles have been pelted with stones. russia has confirmed a blast borders worship moskva. the flagship of its black sea fleet, russian defense ministry says munitions on board. the ship exploded. but the
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ukrainian military says it struck the war.


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