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tv   News  Al Jazeera  April 14, 2022 8:00am-8:21am AST

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boys always tricky, but the women say that to, to day now, but you will return with more goods. as long as rush us missiles and buckets forced people out of ukraine from the world's most public, to discover the current events with diverse coaches and conflicting politics. advantage russian or the gas for western leaders, pull sanctions on russian energy exports. hospital was informed opinions, france is not abandoning to fight against jet is still reserved media. they're going to be acting from leisure. and from chad critical debate. could china actually help in with the flagship of rushes? black c fleet is badly damaged all from explosion on board. moscow says it was an accident, but ukraine claims it was hit by crumbs miss. ah,
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ah, hello, i'm darn jordan. this is al jazeera live from dough are also coming up. russia says ukraine's port city of matter. you poll has fallen more than a 1000 ukrainian troops of surrender. but keep says, the still resistance in the city is 14 year old boys among $3.00 can be i was killed by his writing security forces in the latest rates and the ox, right of us and heavy floods in south africa here. more than $300.00 people and be thousands of others without homes or shelter floated, leaving it severely damaged. but the ukrainian military says it struck the vessel with cruise missiles. the crew estimates to be around $500.00 has been evacuated. but some, a period from the international institute for strategic studies. he says, ukraine's military technology will only get better as it receives more aid from the
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u. s. it's a huge psychological blow to russia and it says you so much will be great. and i think the context here is that we know the bustle on the ground and are all to the coastal town has really gone in russia. even the last couple of days from ukraine snapped down to claim them to strike roches. naval flagship is a huge boost, and i think it shows how this war is developing because it's going to show you currently. and he's increasingly sophisticated weaponry to defend best guys. and that despite the prominent role that is happening, rushes military operations in the past and ukraine in georgia or even in other places all the conflicts is quite an old vessel. and it may actually be the case that some of this area defense systems are not cutting edge the net to miss out, but apparently it was used by the ukrainians to strike this vessel was, of course, bought from ukraine's coast probably. and it has a range. you can super range,
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i mean, to sort of barrier between 10200 kilometers. it's quite a long range weapon. so it may actually be the case that russia ship was operating beyond its own means to defend itself. that's one of the, one of the quite surprising features of this conflict a lot which this incident really brings to the, the full from is, was rush is on force is really a great route military in the sense that it has a lot of impressive weaponry in impressive formations that look really quite fearsome before they're deployed into a high intensity, conventional, almost peer to peer in terms of some of the equipment conflict, which is what's happening now. and i think even more wiring for russia with this instance is the provision of nature. a sophisticated weaponry ukrainian also is only going to intensify. you seen this from bite and mason nations. the sorts of technologies that you can use, the source of cruise missiles, defensive technologies, the crate, only going to receive more, and they may be too much for russia. horses trashing match in certain contexts.
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middle russia says it's now in full control of the port in the ukrainian city of matter you poll, but ukraine denies this. tens of thousands of civilians remained trapped in the besieged city and been under relentless bombardment. it's mer accuses russian forces of covering up war crimes, which moscow denies. from the viv, rob mcbride has the latest russian state television. this broadcasting pictures that it says shows dozens of ukrainian soldiers surrendering in the proceed. southern port city of maria pope, russia says more than 1000 soldiers have laid down their arms. but ukraine disputes that a de insists resistance by its forces is continuing. the city's mer has accused russian forces of committing war crimes and disposing of victims bodies. while keeping the city sealed off the tracks. what is on the charlotte teacher?
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sadly, there are still over 100000 people in mary opal waiting for evacuation. there are also people in the outskirts who are packed and ready to leave. that's another 60000 people making conditions worse. no humana. terry and corridors were able to open on wednesday for people to escape the fighting and move to the relative safety of the west of the country. the ukrainians accused russian forces of violating agreements that would keep the corridors safe, a claim. russia denies. meanwhile, ukrainian president flooded mister lensky has accused the russians of using phosphorus bombs, le bobby chivalry against residential areas and civilian infrastructure with the russian army uses all types of artillery. all types of missiles, including phosphorus, bombs, and other ammunition been under international law. zalinski also said tens of thousands of civilians have so far been killed by invading russian forces. russia
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has categorically denied committing any war crimes. rob mcbride, al jazeera levine, while the scale of destruction outside the capital key is becoming clear as russian force has regroup and intensify their efforts to seize errors in ukraine's east. russell said ours visited hosta mail, where officials say that a scrubbing new evidence of war crimes committed by russian troops a gruesome scene that is becoming increasingly common in ukraine. these bodies of civilians, ellers, the killed by russian troops have just been discovered. russian forces company of this chicken factory and hostile. shortly after the war began, their force look and men were can nearby to have carried their ammunition. among them was the mistral. investigators found his body in a shallow grave. as to carry boxes of grenades and our colleges, he refused. sasha was there when we'd moiz him, but at the 5th of them he refused because he said he has bet bag in your nest. this
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threatened to shoot you me much. he refused again the fidel. he got on his knees with his head under the blanket, the commander that shoot him, and the soldier commanded his wife. oh, and shot him man in time. well then the other meal do you want the same? he like all but he's here. they must 1st be checked for booby traps. while the meat rose by the is packing to a plastic bag, the work to collect evidence or possible war crimes is on the way. the strategic tone of hostem hostem closest airport outside the capital q and id location for russian able unit to gain a foothold in the region. it was a primary target for russian forces. they soon took control of the ip port and then funnelled into the streets and through the town, holding it for a mont skate of destruction. loss of life and atlas atrocities only became apparent of the russian forces left the area. this town is
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a crime scene. prosecutors told us every day they unheard, a dozen bodies here, but more than 400 people were still missing. and those who survive say they can't forget what they have seen here. a little bit when you heard of me when go in italy, asana feared she was about to lose her husband and son when russian forces stored into her home and threatened to kill them. said the lot of the lower level, but they were shooting from helicopters right at us. could a tank shells. my neighbors house made out, rushes were storming in a house. is he threatened to kill my husband and son? he, luckily they said i have lost only frontier you overcome. looks on us husband victor was ready to give his life to see his family. doc bastardi, bleach him. they put my face against the wall and loaded the gun. i told him, take me never to leave my son. cleanest out. victor survived his ordeal, but his neighbor was not so lucky. he was shot when he went out to find the police
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to charge his forn. as the streets were dangerous with, you're buried, his neighbor in his back yard, with a neighbor, a friend, lay to rest in any proper place, but in peace as they look to the future. no those left behind search for some to vanya ross who said that al jazeera hostile said, 3 palestinians had been killed by his writing forces in the occupied west bank. the youngest, a 14 year old boy was shot and killed in the town of whose son, bethlehem israeli forces have been conducting rapes over the past 5 days after palestinian gunmen until threes ratings and television last week. these pictures are from so what, outside of ramallah, wares, really army vehicles can help with stones by demonstrators. either abraham was more from them. according to local sources, there were minor confrontations happening at the entrance of san town, where jose hammer, this 14 year old, is from,
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according to these really media. they say that he was hurling molotov cocktails at these really are me. but according to palestinians, they would tell you that the, it's not unusual for them to see as really armies ready forces in their homes and the entrances of their cities. specifically, that there is an increase of raids that is happening now all across the occupied westbank. the ambulance took a time before it was able, another palestinian in the town of silhouette near drama. la a 20 you rules has also lost his life after confrontations with these really forces . we've heard that there were also armed clashes between palestinians and israelis in the town. but we can't confirm if the 20 year old was involved, according to many witnesses. he was not involved in these armed
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a conference or clashes, mr. football duties from the palestinian national initiative. he says the current tensions could become a much bigger issue for israel security services. in my opinion, these confrontations are needing to something that could become why the father, because the palestinians are oppressed, if the deed for the seniors are good every day since the beginning of this year with me. and i think there is an area for the desired escalated to sunday are feeling a coat has rule that an appeal can be heard about reducing the sentence of a young palestinian held in his ready prison ahmed my austria. well, he was killed execution style by the police. and why some asana, a seekers who tried to reach the u. k by crossing the english channel, could soon be flown to rolanda. he arabian peninsula. let's get into those details right now. but temperatures are creeping up a bit in the levant. we've got some twenties once again,
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and we've got this line of cloud that could generate some showers. so we go in for a closer look right now. shower is that too far away from riyadh and same goes for key weight. in fact, the risk of seen some thunderstorms on thursday. shower is still on friday and then the winds will shift around to the northwest. so that will knock down your temperatures to actually slightly below where they should be for the some of the year. some instability around cobble and also is bama bod, $34.00 degrees for you. and off to turkey. we go. turkey is northeast bike, c coast, some showers, so that will play places like truck, that sure weather update. thanks for joining with from to be police as much as the st. paul taylor journalist, nestle, malik, and right to and political analyst. and john, let me abolla, i want people to be attending. ah,
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welcome back. a good to might about top stories here. this, our russia has confirmed the blast aboard its worship moskva, the flagship of its black sea fleet. russian defense minister says ammunition on board. the ship exploded. but the ukrainian military says it struck the warship with cruise missiles. russia says it's now inducting raves of the past 5 days after palestinian gunmen killed 3 israelis and tennessee last week about ukraine. now russian own business, these are the owners of the hotel. what we're being told is that the money goes back to russia. so in effect, that money is being used sion owners. it's something similar that they're trying to do here. however, we asked the man in charge why he arrived with so many soldiers, some permissions, and whether it's actually legal. oh, off the record we've been told that perhaps will we've been seeing on that chart i
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showed you earlier, may not be actually true. can say there's a number of them. there's real confusion have right now as to what all the plate doesn't belong on this car. as the office you're tries to arrest him. he runs then a scuffle. the officer climbs on leo's back, struggling to handcuff him. i read oh good. then the officers camera is turned off either deliberately or because the off button was pressed during the struggle. a home security camera and leo's passenger video tape the rest. the taser goes off twice, missing lawyer and hitting the ground. then the shocked it's unclear why at that point, the officer fired civil rights attorney. bon crump says the video shows it was an unnecessary excessive and fatal use of force against an unarmed black man who was
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confused and terrified for his life. local police have turned over the investigation to michigan state police. the grand rapids police chief, his left open, the possibility that the struggle over the taser had the officer in fear for his life. they were struggling over the taser from my view of the video. so this is not a conclusion because i don't know what other, what other information is out there, but it looks like they were struggling over the taser for about 90 seconds. police killings of black americans in recent years, particularly the video tape, death of george floyd and minneapolis launched the black lives matter movement in protests across the us. whatever conclusion the investigation finds in this case, lawyers family and civil rights activists are left to mourn, yet another police killing of an unarmed black american john, hindrance al jazeera, now some asylum seekers who tried to reach the u. k. by crossing the english
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channel could soon be flown to wonder for processing. it's all part of a deal that's expected to be announced on thursday. britain's home secretary's already in raw dot to sign the agreement. the u. k. we give around the just over a $130000000.00. as part of the trial scheme, rights groups have criticized decision will come in because when the migration policy institute, she says offshore processing has res, real concerns over human rights. done, mark a tried and you, i mean as a doctor, similar legislation but fell so hard to find a country that would accept to move forward research processing assistant australia also has experience with, with the system. and i think there are a range of question with, with this plan, and one is really the human right consideration. and here it will be a lot of questions for the u. k. government to answer, you know, how if people will be transfer, how they will be treated in the camp. what type of sex they're going to have in one
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. and whether they are going to have freedom of movement. and if they're absolutely modification is going to be processed in one will be higher, they can have access to quality counseling and is a plan for british migration lawyer to lead to key galli. and i, yeah, i think there's a lot, a lot of question economists say the u. k could be facing the biggest dropping living standards since the 1950s as prices for basic goods rise rapidly. inflation in the u. k. accelerated to 70 percent in march. prices are increasing faster than wages and there's pressure on the government to do more to help those struggling rushes war and ukraine has contributed to a global spike in energy prices and disrupted supply chain people in argentine, i have been protesting over rising prices. they're saying they can't put enough food on the table. thousands marks to win as ira's on the same day. the government said it's inflation rate hit 6.7 percent the highest in 2 decades. but it was on
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the street say that monthly $190.00 food stipend doesn't buy them very much. many families are going without staples like rice noodles and delegates in chile are struggling to reach consensus on key parts of a new constitution. but on the deadline, there's opposition as growing 9 months ago there was overwhelming support for reform. but now polls suggest a majority opposed, changing the constitution. supporters of the move say a campaign of misinformation is to blame. our latin america added to lucy newman as more from santiago 9 months ago, the overwhelming majority of chileans voted to allow 155 delegates to form the rules 1st constitutional convention with gender parity. and that promised to address modernity challenges like protecting the environment. many pickett did, it would become a global reference, but with less than 3 months left to finish drafting the proposed constitution,
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things aren't looking quite so good. i don't want her to come. it cannot be that they want to expropriate our pension funds, or our houses. they do not protect us from anything. simply comparable boy. all they care about is changing the national anthem, or emblem, and our flag in the cool. in actual fact, none of these things had been approved by the convention, nor the belief by many that parents won't have a say in their children's education. that indigenous groups will form 12 independent countries. and that farmers won't be able to kill their animals. ah, but it is an extraordinarily complex process in which every delegate has a voice even to make sometimes absurd proposals. thorough venturi dismissed and to become even more confusing thanks to misinformation campaigns that are spreading on social media home. all new study reveals that 60 percent of chileans have received
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false information about the convention and they pick them up. i think that that wasn't going to henry detected that 30 percent of these people share this false names. it wasn't necessarily on purpose, but if you believe what you read and think it's of n, you share that information without verifying it to them as a clue. i think that as a result, 3 new polls suggest the chileans support has plummeted for a new constitution that 80 percent had hoped would lay the groundwork for a more equal and just society. unless we go through this. even before the convention has finished drafting the majority of articles, he lay there for about b as a boy. the idea here is to distribute power more evenly. we always knew that those who hold power don't want to lose it. and the mainstream media, which is owned by major economic groups, is a neutral when it comes to covering the convention and now chiles. mainstream media is mostly conservative, but it's in fact the social media has the most impact. according to european union experts, false information or disinformation spread 6 times faster than real news. oftentimes
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