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tv   Africa Direct Sounds of Home The Coach  Al Jazeera  April 15, 2022 5:30am-6:01am AST

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the u. s. government charged mosque with securities fraud in 2018 for misleading tweets that he sent out about his car company tesla. he agreed to settle and pay nearly $40000000.00 in fines, but must knows that his attempt to buy twitter could bring similar government scrutiny. people shouldn't discount the father. this is the world's richest man. and he is having a lot of fun here and he's enjoying it, and he could, welton asked me to be private, that we had the rotors at his scene. will the little bird have a new owner? it very well could, if musky serious and gets his way, which is far from a sure thing. gabriel's ando al jazeera new york. ah, your child is there with me sell robinson. reminder of all the top stories, the biggest ship in rushes, black sea fleet has been sunk by a blast, forcing its 500 member crew to evacuate. the russian defense ministry says
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ammunition explained john bold the warship muscular. but the ukrainian military says it hit the vessel with cruise missiles, a correspond russell. so there has more from keith early in the day have told to a senior army official in euchre in ukrainian official here. and he told me that they have a, he had this, the dis worship, despite rushes and rushes allegation that it was caused by an explosion. he said that they have here there that, that the warship by a neptune a cruise missile. so i asked him, how is that possible while a dis most why worship is having a very advanced am air defense systems. these railey army says dozens of palestinians have been arrested and had weapons confiscated his part of what israel called counter terrorism operations of the occupied with bank. it forces it forces
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the celtic palace to these degree, the 14 year old boy in the last 24 of the british prime minister, the dance of some asylum seekers trying to enter the u. k was sent through one of a processing plan has been criticized by rights groups and opposition politicians. lorenzo cast in south africa settings, already killed at least 341 people. the disaster to the east coast city of durban follows heavy rain in 60 years tools, which is not wants to buy twitter ill or must cause put in the bait amounting to more than $43000000000.00. the entire company. now he received bought a 9 percent stay beneath already its biggest shareholder. twitter says it'll carefully review the offer. buske says twitter full shorter it's free speech principles, and needs a complete overhaul. those were the headlines, lowndes, and half now with folly to stay with us. lazarus, the home of jesus christ has long drawn pilgrims and visitors from around the world
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. hundreds of years. it's old city rang to the sounds of shopkeepers and crops. people. this entry, those sounds of dwindled, a handful of businesses struggling on. but hearing that splashes of color show signs of a fight, risen so busy dunny decided to renovate an old warehouse and to work and live in the old city with a mission. it, me and another for open there, there are work that can you was talk. organic, really open my young palestinian is really designers and entrepreneurs have been moving it inspired by earlier just to let them ok once there were 450 businesses operating in the old city. now there are just 50 the old sit. he's always be in the heart of nazareth. now a growing group of residence wants to get it beating again. it will come back because this city still have very much for ah
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oh wow. oh no sounds good with guys. you've been lee holding. yeah. and yeah. with a new new ah,
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idioms we can deal with them. so i'm going to read the challenge here, which is don't look any benji. i wish i could use him abuse human, which is the handy hurdle too. we want, you know what, we're missing a, we're gonna go angie or tim orange in for a hen. han homa coined a bidding namby unique doors, you know, quote, or numerous sans in have new chin even abuse. well, the medical connie 250 a late
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again. oh heflin, a chip in the manger manger who are about madison manning on it. and then you get a good thing and home you know, with the m, as in merlin, and you're going to with mold in it or michael mark him b the movie and the normal producer more young and noble cora. indeed able much that'll come in years ago. movies and with of course order a go marquee event,
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each of the number. now with a, a yes. rhonda serrano need was i couldn't needed. can young i'm playing young fit the corner? no, it's a credit with isn't but i that was it was, you know, my haines a movie channel can be for a little concerned tonight. ah, a
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code to get a a a b one. yeah. that's quite
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a bit a doing by jerking the chain, the command you got caught on. what are my name? yes, it is a a mission go. sounds of home. me know, monica now going to do digital with a a . 2 media media, the more you no, no, no,
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no, we're gonna corner you how do you know everyone even or even going as could be. 6 a margin in the cover go and numbers lessons on what it means article and i when i go credit is equal eunice near for i think there might be if i go even human to tell ok, i think more and i will you give me enough 1st indian boy, even it, they some putting anger me, posting them. now glenn, if the corporate anger wouldn't answer a question that she's in a meeting as it could be in
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a moment, museum, you have a sound when i know bit about landing and work with that's always a good a to reconnect there is a,
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a, a, a a, a, a, a, a, a, what is it that i need to me normally go to cover from another 2 to model? well, you are on to work with a good buy a house with. oh,
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and you mentioned that you knew who in the town were a hand with 2 more glen, the whole go on my screen, you know, would you go much the audio production? i think a dr. quantity cook code to handle heavy mainly you wanted to look into. we have a blessed a. 2 0, oh
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oh oh, go right into what we could, the money she was co edinburg. god, he had used gera. good, any more turn on i really at the tennyson, had his meeting with john with a a, a,
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a, a show and what's, what are the most of them? is that a quick jeanette for go get any move over and then, and that is a, what was the amount that needs when was a team or no ones with both? are we and i was a there. and in that, in june of june, canada, when you're quoting a he a little to let you know he's in law oakland earlier than that. okay. he and i will clearly in vogue away in that him banner quin,
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i guess on one we knew he was a while and that will clearly an id number in, in a note in the original number. lamar were honory uncle, now under your home and i a near randy. how you look around here. he was say, which $1.00 to $2.00. what kind of bacteria cartoons is continental aqua, our new diarrhea. we need to call you what i was going to nisha is over. so under his arm didn't when he would have died cheering and only a corner could touch the wilco. annabelle hotel, the little one will hit manage on the planet to legal call or what was it the north around. it was a number to to your home. no, no. lose the community center in the city. i cannot mechana. oh,
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good coon. wondering how why mountain you chuck manual hovel i couldn't get even did him a when enough you see the telephone will come when it when you know moody yet you for the coding ended up going on. and then when you buy a new america, i'm in no money on my own young man a. oh man. yeah. man. oh man. oh
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man. i wouldn't. i wouldn't want to miss any tech guineas minister, not on what he deems. i written almost tony taylor shall come reaching co in an hour. give me a moment, im o m a b a. 2 m a. 2 b a
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g g doza dan craner, a . 2 with
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both his v them back. does any of it a concept in utah a fit 2nd on who they are asking me for
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as long as you own, if i, if i found your sweet do massey b r a mm mm asia banquet, sanders and did you, did you keep it? it's awful krinski through somebody doing. i found a profile yield and venza gotten to is for dealing with no that wendy is now 11. was eddie at all needed to know. i feel sick of plastic. i do so. gustave is
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still doing a more pill shock. he said 3 and it was a day. oh dear father, come for some select the one he would be traveling, the biggest she knew tiny little home valley. in fact, this wisely minimum sangre of loot us money to see if you could look it up on my cell. it is. i let my son is. he doesn't want to pull you down for a job with them for those. and then you can could like when it all her men come, it probably will. hi john. i'm claim under federal when it been the one on the law bond that was under won't be connected within fair. don't. why cielo present? still again, improving, but any payment in won, doo movies,
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anti just re billy. bang it you john i just gonna make it is it's true or short visual, badly, but i democracy. what should i was on can shoot didn't just if you me a fan duper were genuity casual in the kitchen of boise and a fan to move funding to school. it's julie who said, can sure up are i'm, is you the model in or out there on what it was? get a very busy please. for bending. friendly, acute acumen as perfect. doesn't it? as a given the visually ambo honda. this is him. this the could eat soup really want to leak. i wanted is were shot me amberly's or they come with their the fed love. we will do the man he the limo, korea busy,
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much classmate in ah, lucy, this is for seymour. i used to do problem number 2, white eyes with a light bill or something there. bottom of donnie lasker. she, mr. simone, it's a doctor who's that is on t. is that in for a threat? or should been with because he gets you all know he acts figured or he could, you call i didn't get him in and if there was any danger by me will man if, if i found it difficult. good. isn't there something wrong with it? not the one in so then i mean that he would want it. i don't impress your mem nipple while i feel it, because his damage of whose damage you,
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what the dress bus goes out of whatever a jack, a thief, you lou, the con, apparently for funky to clear. lashona who did receive bountiful love was on top of her. oh wow. good. oh yeah. for a i'm from for by this thing. will amendment it got a no, no, no, to this contin musical to one of them in the ha ha whether o. k. as in sam, z,
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as in an approval. and it's been pre sounds do what do you think? what did, who do i says their money granted here. but i loved it. funny it. mm hm. it lives under getting 200 and some can read. everybody's on the school to the given is i will actually i think these are produce morgan lee. i think this re, you have a lesson to the more men, the poor, 32 or 20 taker when we do need to 5 lasers who out of the loudest possibility then let us jump. debit is cool. simple. whoa, whoa, whoa. says johnny did call the day off for good. well i'm, well, you probably will say i'm
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a yield of there who saw tennis with a combined income on upon call it. and i remember as info for professor i forgot to call was level, or he's, it is your, what is it who came from grand q u, i can you can, john, is your rocker? and if, if the improve, you have simply to skin avail, shoulders on these as for a free, the ocean on concrete is on our new to me. yeah. you are new to capacity to 2nd member, or do you have to wait till then easy on these are on it,
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and then i could ask you even call it in wash bhaskar or your dream. put it back on q, ravel ah, ah, african story from african perspective if conditions select wireless cuz you're with. ready short documentary from african filmmakers from working on a me, it's really important to teach the present comes and do something that i can be proud of. the painter and she hines that africa direct on algebra with
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more and more indians, a going under the not to become told when i, when i used to investigate the length some people are willing to go to reach new hires on al jazeera, outside of the conflict in the ukraine, how concerned should we be about this on to build up, we bring the stories from different events that have rapidly changing the world. we're living because the want to come roches, new dollars, it becoming rushes new dawn, counting the coast on al jazeera. ah,
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i'll g 0 with russia's flagship miss sal cruiser, sing soft being damaged in an explosion. ukraine says it hit the vessel, but moscow blames are fy on board. ah, play watching al jazeera alive from jo. how with me for the battle, also coming up the u. k, under fire, for a multi $1000000.00 deal to send migrants in asylum seekers to rwanda. somalia sways in his new policy.


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