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tv   News  Al Jazeera  April 15, 2022 8:00pm-8:31pm AST

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debbie old to look well comp experience with the world's best allied cats are at ways county you see now the that book you complete fifo world cup package today. ah, russia hits a military plans, new ukraine's capital and warns it could step up its attacks on cave. ah, i don't know about this and this is audra 0 life. and doha also coming up is ready forces to take at least $300.00 palestinians are to confrontations are the, are like some most compound. more than a $150.00 dad and $200.00 missing the philippines. try to recover from stone. maggie twitters born choice to stop eel on must take cobra beta condensing
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a plan to allow shareholders to buy additional stock rushes warning. it's going to intensify. attacks on key after accusing ukraine of targeting russian border towns. this was the scene earlier in vishna just outside keith. that's where russia says it had a military plant. a number of air raid sirens were heard over night in keene and get more from charles trafford in the ukrainian capital chas. tell us more about these attacks. well we went down to this area of the south west of the capital and tried to get access to this factory. we were denied access, none of the officials or indeed civil defense. people in that area would speak to us to confirm that these strikes had taken place, but in the last hour or so,
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a member of the key of regional military administration has said that last night there were 3 attacks on what that statement describes as being objects in the cave region now, certainly, according to the russian ministry of defense, they reported earlier today that they hit what they described as a weapons factory or ukrainian weapons factory. they said that this factory manufactured missiles, both land to see and serve is 2 anti aircraft missiles. we've had no word of that from the ukrainians, as i say, the ukrainians keeping very tightly. there were no casualties reported in these attacks, but they come a day of drugs you mentioned in the intro. this warning from the russian ministry of defense accusing the ukrainians of participating or carrying out helicopter gun ships on towns in an area close to the ukrainian border. but inside russia,
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over the last couple of days, we of course come to firm these attacks took place and there are great concerns about what he's often described as false flag attacks or false flags being raised by the russians. these are falsified claims being made by both sides in fact, but mainly the russians have used these full swag. so western analysis sites as a means of giving the russians a pretext to retaliate. so it's certainly consistent with all these attacks that we've been reporting on this reported weapons increase, consistent with those kind of warnings that sir, that russia put out. and it also comes a day after the russians admitted that of course, the flag ship of the black sea fleet, the muscular sank according to the russians as a result of an explosion, and only as it was being towed back to pull. now of course the ukrainians claim
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that they indeed hit that ship using land to see miss lyles again, impossible to confirm. but he was described certainly by pentagon officials as a huge blow to the russian navy. so yet again, it's very difficult to confirm exactly what is going on on the ground, but certainly this is a big wake up call for the ukrainians. this attack, certainly in kiev, because it would be the 1st major attack since russian forces withdrew from areas in and around give 2 weeks ago and shows just how potentially vulnerable the capital city still is. and charles were getting more stories as well about what's been happening in mario pulled a port city that's been under siege for weeks. now. bring this up to date with what's happening there. yes. reports of ongoing
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face fighting and pockets in mario full, specifically in and around a steel plot. they're the village steel plant in the city. we understand that there's pace resistance there by ukrainian marines and ukrainian members of the eyes of battalion. that is a security force that is part of the ministry of interior that has been so effective in defending marable in the past. but as you say, 7 weeks of fighting, 7 weeks of that city being besieged by russian forces and pro russia separatists. we understand that there are still tens of thousands of people trapped inside the city. ukraine's deputy prime minister today announcing another 9 proposed ukranian corridors, humanitarian corridors, one of which was to try and get what is understood to be thousands of people still trapped my city. out of mariel for another corridor, out of the city, west of mariel, felicity called bare dance, another town called talk mac,
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north of mary open. of course, we know how difficult getting those corals open and securing the safety of people coming out has being there be numerous failed attempts a trying to do this. there are also been reports from officials in the region of lou gunk, which is north of mariel. one official, they're telling people to leave the area as quickly as possible if they value their lives, reports of heavy fighting in that area around luc gans, we understand that there's a push by russian forces towards the city of slavery and which is a huge strategic importance analysts have been warding, and indeed the ukranian military and a western backers of a huge push in the east by russian forces that have moved from the areas around here, the capital city. in the last couple of weeks. it seems all evidence would suggest
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that that is happening and we're getting reports of thousands, tens of thousands of people fleeing the area. charles, thanks very much. indeed, that's charles transferred talking tunes from key or military experts estimate that russia has lost almost 3000 pieces of equipment in the ukraine war. the losses are being blamed on advanced weapons that nato countries have given ukraine and russia's miscalculations. russell saba reports from cave tanks, helicopters, personnel carriers, tens of millions of dollars worth of equipment, all destroyed. and these are just a small portion of the losses suffered by one of the most powerful armies in the world. when russia began is offensive it hope to capture you. pains, capitol keep within days, but you re his army wrists with the assault, evidently, the russian army ers and ethnic problems with moral, with its equipment,
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with its training on his doctrine. and as a result, russell to answer your question directly. russia has been defeated in the field to a point where it was effectively routed from the north of the country. ukrainian armed forces have taken advantage. often am boucher russian troops and columns in less than 2 months since russia invaded ukraine. it's military. he has lost powers of soldiers, according to ukrainian officials. it's more than the united states did in his 20 years of war in afghanistan, and nearly a decade in iraq combined. they say russia has lost at least 479 tanks, 496 infant and fighting vehicles. 28 crafts for shapes. 32 helicopters, 784 tracks, vehicles and jeeps. in total, the russians have lost nearly $3000.00 pieces of equipment and is all considered
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conservative estimates. the highest prof. i lost to date was the mosque was the phil actually bought fresh us black stiffly. losing a flagship is in during the war is well really bad. it said that p r is that it's going to expect band increase of the morale of the ukrainians at the time when they are on the verge of losing her. mary, who both went. many things can be said to have gone wrong for russians. general valerie says the grain and on forces had a secret weapon. no, it may be your meryl at least brought him yet my shore, the mobilization of our society and people's resistance, especially a pilots who are older than 60 years old. come out and asked for jets. they retired from the armed forces a long time ago and asked, give us planes and we will destroy the russians. so moral is our formula for success. opinion forces have employed new technical weapons given to ukraine by
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nato allies. chief among them, our portable anti tank guided missile systems such as the u. s. me javelin, and his lighter cheaper cousin. and lo, which have been used against russian tanks with their state, in effect in the, in the turkish me to be to by dr. thrones have carried out both recognizance and strike operations. portable single anti aircraft missiles have also enabled ukrainian soldiers to take out lawful i, an aircraft as technical miscalculations, misjudgment of the ukraine, of resistance and low morale. how all contributed to russia military vulnerability in this war. these weapons are leveling the playing field. right, so say that al jazeera cave is it was pi minous was wanting, his forces are prepared for any scenario. natalie ballots held an urgent meeting of the violent confrontations at the alex some last compound in occupied east jerusalem. 300 palestinians had been detained by israeli soldiers and over
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a 150 have been injured as john holman reports ah, the scenes inside the alex and mosque in occupied east jerusalem early friday morning. fighting between stone throwing most men in israel. police who fight stung grenades in t guess around 150 people were injured. this palestinian camera, ma'am? was there something wrong? they brutally emptied the compound. they were attacking the musk stuff, normal people, elders, him and young people. one of them, there were many injured people. they fired trouble bullets in said, alexa must compound. they were beating everyone, even the paramedics, they hit the israel's foreign ministry tweeted, dozens of moss men carrying hamis and p. a flags marched into alex and mosque. the
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crowd collected stones and large rocks. police were forced to enter the grounds to disperse the crowd. ah, the alexa mosque is his lamps, 3rd holiest place. it's also revered by jews, is the sites of the original temple. as such, it's often an epicenter, the tension between israel, which controls movement to the site palestinians, especially during the muslim holy month of ramadan. this time last year, fighting around the mosque and axis restrictions led to an 11 day war between israel and palestinian armed groups in gaza. so far this year, a series of attacks within israel of left 14 dead and his railey security forces killed 20 palestinians during raids of the occupied west bank. after the violent confrontation, israeli forces restricted access to alex a mosque within a few hours later they did reopen the damascus case, where we are now, which is one of the main entrances to the old city. alex a most uneasy compound,
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a deeply important and symbolic and we've ramadan, easter, i'm paul, save a all happening right now. tensions in this city and it's holy sites. a set to remain high. john holman, out is it occupied east jerusalem? still, hadn't i just had a pulled from their homes against their? will my coven, 19 restrictions in china are leading to protests at a crackdown and gang violence in el salvador. we're going to tell you why the new measures are also targeting journalists. ah. but while there's been some near rec, heat for april across the united arab emirates like this temperature is pretty close to 46 degrees with at the colors on here. so the darker that the higher the
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temperature peel out in a sec, give you a wider look of the middle east. but look at this even on saturday, due by 40 degrees, will be the height for you. otherwise fairly calm across the middle east. we see the return of that north northwesterly wind down the gulf that could start around some sand and does, but honestly, really nothing major here. still pre monsoon heat through pakistan, temperatures in the forty's. we've got some showers moving through ted on, to be expected and big drop in temperatures for ash badges to high of 21 on saturday, looking pleasant across turkey, mostly except for western in southern areas. we'll see a bit more cloud drift around here until he has got a height 24 degrees storms, really east to west, across central areas of african. let's get you further to that south right now because there is another weather warning in play for destructive rain, for the south african province of quasi luna tall. this includes durbin and really we've got a few days of rain on the cards for durban. i don't think it's until monday that
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you'll see a return of the sunshine. that's a snapshot of your weather, jason. ah frank assessments. what are the political risks? automatic russian oil gas for western leaders? pull sanctions on russian energy exports. informed opinions is not abandoning to fight against jedi, still will resume media who a to be marketing from leisure and from chad. critical debate. could china actually help in russia's invasion of ukraine in depth analysis of the days global headlines inside story on al jazeera? ah ah, ah,
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watching old, is it a reminder of our top stories, this, our roches attacked of military plants, new ukraine's capital? and it's wanting, you could step up a tax on key ukraine's also being warned of a heavy price to pay. if russian cities are tight, crowds of worshippers of return to a lock, some mosque for prayers, hours after is really forces detained at $300.00 people. there, at least 150 palestinians have been injured during the confrontations, the death toll and the philippines from tropical storm maggie has risen to more than a 150 people over 200. others are missing. the storm had long fallen sunday triggering landslides and flooding and eastern and southern coastal areas. jamal island organ reports from the city of baby can diagnose was a typical rural village of a few 100 families. it had rice fields, a church, and this school. now it's the scene of some of the biggest devastation in the
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philippine province of late one. but i'm about 1 o'clock or the window that sounded like an explosion. we ran up the hill to see what was going on because it was awful . we could hear people graying, calling out for help and tropical storm. maggie brought incessant reams in the eastern with science region. many areas of lost power and communication lines, but can diagnose was the most devastated survivors. here tell us there were 2 landslides. the 1st one was at around 5 am, which gave some time for some families to evacuate. but the 2nd one, they say they saw how waves of mud came rolling down the mountains varying hundreds of civilians. this is all what's left of it now. ah, on the other side of the hill for body sick been pulled out from the rubble.
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government responders are doing the best they can. but their efforts have been hampered to buy more when the mud is at least 5 meters deep. so they will have to wait before they can bring in. have you equipment all busy boy, nathaniel, baron, we could only get bodice, industry pity because it is dangerous even for our men. i think this process of betray buggery, big pain, flowers and incense arrive for it all into prayer for those who remain buried. and an accounted for lent is meant to be a week of gratitude and grace for millions of philippine families. but for the survivors of the landslide inc and badness, this period will now remind him of their overwhelming grief. to melinda, again, i'll jazeera by bailey to province, central philippines,
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and south africa. the army has been called in to help with rescuing cleanup efforts after the worst flooding in 60 years. troops are bringing aid to thousands of people left without power and water was $390.00. 5 people had been killed and dozens more have been injured. government officials say entire families are missing homes and roads have been washed away and several power plants have been damaged. china has been warned by a senior us politician that it must face consequences for backing russia's president of letting me approve. and senator lindsey graham made the comments in taiwan for meeting president site in when, along with other american politicians. graham said neither taiwan nor the u. s. c. conflict with china, which claims the island as its territory. here is not from us to you and the time when these people were going to start making china pay a greater price for what they're doing all over the world. with taiwan producing 90 percent of the world's high end semiconductor products. it is
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a country of global significance of global consequence of global impact. and therefore, it should be understood that the security of taiwan has a global impact for those who would wish it ill. china's in his, in the us of inflaming tension and it says it's going down a dangerous path by sending politicians to taiwan. made asian rule in the united states and taiwan are colluding with each other. and some people deliberately compare taiwan and ukraine to very different issues in an attempt to confuse the public and take advantage of the chaos. and joseph, this behavior of playing with fire is aimed at changing the current status quo of the cross straight relations. changing shanghai is decision to convert some apartments into quarantine centers as
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infuriated tenants have been evicted. as the log down in china's largest city goes on, present. eugene ping as ordered every one to stick to the 0 covered 19 policy. but any you reports from vision, police in protective gear struggle to control an angry crowd. these young high residents, a protesting against being pulled from their homes. their apartment blocks are being turned into temporary quarantine centers. some are kneeling on the ground, begging the police not to take them away. this city of more than 25000000 people has been brought to its knees by the worst corps in a virus outbreak. china's face since the beginning of the pandemic, 300000 infections have been recorded since march looked out, which was supposed to last a few days, is now stretching into its 3rd week with no end in sight. the once bustling commercial center is now quiet and empty with most of the city's population,
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forced to stay home. supply chains are frozen. many say they're going hungry or lack necessities. great, jen has appealed for help online to get access to urgent, hot medications for her father is into a little we know it's a difficult period in the pandemic. we're willing to cooperate with the government and with each level of city management to fight the pandemic. but we also hope that our lives can be respected restrictions in some neighborhoods east on tuesday, but with cases continuing to climb, people allowed to go outdoors are being coursed back in sight. this community worker bloss allowed speak of repeating the words returned home. those who test positive are sent to make shift hospitals, conditions, and slides. some appeal bleak and crowded verbal quito authority say they're released thousands of recovered patients this week, but thousands more remaining quarantine. beijing has mobilized other provinces to
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help get more fresh food and other necessities to shanghai. the situation in shanghai as seen as a disastrous failure of china strict 0 cove 19 policy, but authorities are sticking to it despite growing calls to change. this approach president huge in paying has called on the country to strengthen restrictions in order to win the battle against the virus. katrina, you out a 0 aging. north koreans are celebrated the $100.00 and turns bursey anniversary of the countries founding father camille song. ah, there was plenty of fireworks music and dancing, but no military parade which often commemorates significant events from died in 1994 and his birthday is the most important national holiday there. the man accused of an attack on new york city subway will remain in detention and have psychiatric evaluation. 63 year old frank james made his 1st court appearance
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a day after his arrest. he's accused of shooting 10 people inside a train car on tuesday. more than a dozen passengers were injured, prosecutors sate was the worst disruption to the city's transportation. since the september, the 11th attacks, or the media and al salvador is being recruited into the government's war against criminal gangs or change, the law means gang related messages in the media. are illegal journalists say the crackdown targets freedom of expression. here's our latin america editor, the seo newman. because these are just some of the latest alleged gang members captured by salvador and special forces. nearly 11000 arrests in less than 3 weeks . anyone over the age of 12 suspected of belonging to a gang is burg here before being sent off to a high security prison where they are being denied legal representation mattresses and sufficient food. we are deeply concerned by the series of measures recent,
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introduced in el salvador in response to the rise in gan killings. with a new amendment to the penal code. people like erica villanueva are also being targeted on this day. she made the mistake of posting a tick tock video suggesting the chip along to a gang, thus, according to when you law, inciting young people to become terrorists. villanueva faces up to a 15 year prison sentence. but the government's declaration of war against el salvador is 70000 gang members. targets not just suspected gang members and sympathizers, but also the media, which has often been a harsh critic of president naive bouquet les mother, i think salvatore's journalist association, close it open censorship. we m b was, it was a report leader who's a very ambiguous, violate the law unconstitutionally, because the aim is to control the narrative. the government already has the control
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of our institutions. the only thing that remains the control is the media and freedom of expression. the penal code reform contemplates criminal charges against media outlets that we produce, or transmit messages or st. maintenance allegedly created by gangs that quote, could generate a state of anxiety and panic, and g o say they can also be targeted letter for their reforms that dangerous because they block all communications with the gains except by the government. not just a journalist score, but also organizations that work in the community yet many ordinary each other door and support the presidents, hard line measures to reduce crime. i mean, i bought it from every. my only hope is that there will be permanent measures that me feel more secure going to market and elsewhere. macpherson based on their e. n decor. it's good. we're less afraid. those who on criminals have nothing to fear. according to official data. in the last week, there hasn't been
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a single gang killing compared to $62.00 murders and just one day last month. and the president is warning gangs. that is, they don't behave, he'll take it out on their imprisoned colleagues by reducing their meals from to a day to none at all. to see a newman al jazeera taught as board of directors has moved to block in mosques, bid to buy the company. they've adopted a so called poison pill plan, the could force mosque to pay shareholders a premium for the company or give the board of directors more time about hours on those in new york with more on mosques takeover bid. ah, he long musk likes being center stage in everything he does. you guys are going to die. and now must attempt to take over. twitter has certainly got every one talking about him. illness confirming in his 1st interview since the news broke. that he wants to buy twitter saying it's not about making money,
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but something bigger, having a public platform that is maximally trusted and broadly inclusive. is extremely important to the future of civilization. a week ago he bought a 9 percent stake in the social media platform, making him it's a biggest shareholder, but he wasn't done. musk broke the news appropriately on twitter, making an offer for 100 percent of the company at $54.20 a share. a total purchase of a little over $40000000000.00 in a letter to the company's board of directors. musk said twitter has extra ordinary potential. i will unlock it. you know, must go very strong opinions on, on free speech. you know, on his what he believes twitter needs to do to fix the platform. i think that there's not necessarily aligned with the majority of old dollars to. ready to use and so from that respect, i think this could be a bad day for because what he uses,
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however, we must, as a love, hate relationship with twitter, with 81000000 followers. he is an adept user of the platform and boast it's potential, but he's also been critical of twitters aggressive stance at canceling accounts of users. it feels promot misinformation, even if that user is a president. last year, twitter permanently suspended. the account of donald trump critic say a twitter take over by musk would be dangerous eon, musk on a stick to cars in the twitter board on a rejected offer. and we've seen ellen musk time and again spread vaccine just information, use the platform to build his own wealth at the expense of others, and call on his troll army to attack and harass people who disagree with the u. s. government charged mosque with securities fraud in 2018 for misleading tweets that he sent out about his car company tesla. he agreed to settle and pay nearly
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$40000000.00 in fines, but must knows that his attempt to buy twitter could bring similar government scrutiny. people should discount this is the world's richest man. and he is having a lot of fun here, and he's enjoying it and he could well turned out to be the biggest product that we had the waters ever seen. will the little bird have a new owner? it very well could, if musky serious, and gets his way, which is far from a sure thing. gabriel's ando, al jazeera new york. ah, this is al jazeera, these, the top stories. russia has attacked a military plant near ukraine's capital and its warning. it could step up a tax on keith, ukraine's also being warned of a heavy price to pay if russian cities are attacked. charles traffic has the latest from keith, a member of the key of region.


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