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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  April 16, 2022 12:00am-1:01am AST

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ah, on counting the costs, latin america's inflation nightmare returns come governments bring prices down. lebanon reaches a draft deal with the i a map that will the nation implement reforms, and west africa is worth 3 prices in a decade. oh, fun. the much needed aids. counting the cost on al jazeera. ah, this is al jazeera ah, hello, i'm sorry, i'm noisy. welcome to the news. our live from london coming up in the next 60 minutes. russia, it's a military facility, me a key warning it will intensify. it's a tax on the ukrainian capital is righty. forces detain at least $300.00
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palestinians after confrontations at the alarm. some loss compound, entire village, flattened by powerful landslides, a report from lazy province in central philippines, where more than a 150 people have died. and slowly catching up the potential of electric vehicles, but will they ever overtake america's love of gas guzzling cause? and in sports, we've got tennis from monte carlo plus a record runs in the pittsburgh penguins and make sure you stick around this go keeping how let and the asian champions legal lessons spent more night in the news . our ah welcome to the news out. we begin with the war in ukraine in areas around the capital peeve have come under attack. russia says it shoulder ukrainian military
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facility on the outskirts just hours after this sinking of the flagship of its black sea fleet. all this as moscow focuses on the east and dumbass region. and while fighting is also continuing in and around the city of mario pal for the 1st time and the 7 week siege. russia has used long range bombers to target the poor. sissy algae, there is charles stratford reports to us now from the capital. keith, the russian ministry of defense says this destroyed building was ukrainian weapons factory in the south west outskirts of the capital. keith moscow says the plant made anti aircraft and anti ship missiles. people living nearby, say they heard at least 3 large explosions early friday morning. but i really must say marie apologised, actually, pug the car, and the tutor considered one. i did not realize that there are 2 rockets coming in, i, when i went out afterwards, i waited indoors for some time getting motion. before the 3rd one. it damaged the
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car out, the tires, hit the windows and was supposed to fill out the the attack came hours off. the russia said its black see fleet flank ship the most at sunk while being towed back to port after a fire caused an explosion on board. ukrainian military said it was responsible having targeted the vessel which ukrainian made neptune missiles. people gathered at a memorial ceremony for the ship in the polt city of sebastopol in russian annexed crimea. the moscow was the largest russian naval vessel to have sunk in action. since world war 2 must quiet dental plan any more than that, even for those who have not been. but moscow was a symbol for every one option. i give them all of our power, our hope, you know the revival of the fleet in the 19. well, it is the symbol of engineering and thank to fic achievement, all comfortable force of our arms. ne ukrainian army says it repelled russian army
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advances on at least 2 towns in the east of the country. russia has re directed its forces from keith in an effort to seize more territory in the dumbass region. he also needed volunteers help ukrainian soldiers pack food to be distributed to some of the many thousands of people fleeing. although still living the worst affected areas. i stay here because it's my home. and so we felt people delivering food and chemistry in our town, just throwing her voicemail good. i don't know what to say. i want to move this drone foot. it shows destroyed residential buildings in murray or pool. the besieged port city on the as of c has suffered 7 weeks bombardment by russian forces and pro russian separatists repeated attempts at
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securing humanitarian corridors. to rescue thousands of people trapped inside have failed. the mayor of the city estimates thousands of civilians may have been killed in the fighting ukraine's ministry of defense as russia has for the 1st time used long range bombers to attack the city. resist google fountain, a flipping out monastery, russian occupants keep carrying out. aerial strikes on mary helpful though they use long range bombers, where the enemy's land forces are trying to capture the seaport is super efficient . the strike on what the russian defense ministry describes as a weapons factory on the outskirts of kia, which the 1st major strike by russian forces on a target around at the capital city. since russian forces left the area more than 2 weeks ago, major military operations now for the time being have moved east, where there are increasing reports of an effort by the russian military to close in, around the strategically important city of sla yancey. the un says that more than
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4700000 people have flayed the fighting and with no indication of any d escalation. that number is expected to rise char stratford, al jazeera, give, or for me accounting present. enter our shanker as spoken to al jazeera in. keith is called an international community to give more weapons ukraine saying it's a shortest way to peace. and that's why, from being there. so can community, we need 3 things. weapons, weapons. and once again, weapons weapons number one. this is just a rough as necessary for your grain. for game changer, we need just 300. thanks. 1000, i'm personal carrier and 100 dead fighter. and this has completely changed the whole character of the war for amber to we need the sanction and
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embargo and that i recalled can play here very important role by increasing the oil production and to replace the absence of the russian oil on the road warble market we want, it's estimated that russia has lost nearly 3000 pieces of military equipment in ukraine and military experts, but the loss is down to the advanced, unmanned drones anti tank and anti aircraft weapons. nato countries have given you a crime or so. so the reports on this now from keith, thanks. helicopters, personnel carriers, tens of millions of dollars worth of equipment all destroyed. and these are just a small portion of the losses suffered by one of the most powerful armies in the world. when russia began is offensive it hope to capture your brains capital here within days. but you please army risks with their souls ever rational
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and genic with moral, with its equipment, with its training and its doctrine. as a result soon to answer your question directly, russia has been defeated in the field to a point where it was effectively routed from the north of the country. ukrainian armed forces have taken advantage, often ambushes russian troops and columns. in less than 2 months since russia invaded ukraine, it's military. he has lost powers of soldiers, according to ukrainian officials. it's more than the united states did in his 20 years afford in afghanistan. and nearly a decade in iraq combined. they say russia has lost at least 479 tanks, 496 infant and fighting vehicles. 28 crafts for shapes. 32 helicopters, 784 tracks,
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vehicles and jeeps. in total, the russians have lost nearly $3000.00 pieces of equipment, and these are considered conservative estimates. the highest profile last to date was the mosque was the flagship of russia's black sea fleet, losing a plant shibley's enduring a war is well really bad. it said that p r, it's bad. it's going to expect band increase of the morale of the ukrainians of the time when they are on the verge of losing her. maria upa. when many things can be said to have gone wrong for russians, general valerie says the grain and on forces had a secret weapon. or what may be the your modeling brought yet my shore, the mobilization of our society and people's resistance. our pilots who are older than 60 years old, come out and ask for jets. they retired from the on ports is a long time ago and asked,
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give us planes and we will destroy the russians. so morale is our formula for success. if any forces have employed new technical weapons given to ukraine by nato allies, chief among them are portable anti tank guided missile systems, such as the u. s. may javelin, and his lighter cheaper cousin. and lo, which have been used against russian tanks with due sta, in effect, in the air, the turkish, me to be, to buy a dr. drones have carried out both reconnaissance and strike operations, portable stinger, anti aircraft. missiles have also enabled ukrainian soldiers to take out lawful i, an aircraft as technical miscalculations, misjudgment of the greener resistance and low morale. how all contributed to russia military vulnerability in this war. these weapons are leveling the playing field. russell said that al jazeera give a care giles as consulting fella, the russia eurasia program at chatham house goes mean out by skype from of ham
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tisha in the u. k. who's speaking earlier care about bombings that have taken place and ukrainian capital. keith is the loss of this war ship now being used as a pretext to expand the invasion and escalate attacks. it suddenly seems that way. and of course rushes state propaganda has found itself in a dilemma. because on the one hand, it's claiming that the sinking of them was nothing to do with ukraine. it was a fire broke out on board spontaneously which you might think is pretty bad news for any navy anyway. but at the same time, they seized on this as an excuse to weak revenge on kia and they leaking this to the attacks on the capitol. now, ridiculous attacks targeting mis, well building facilities, the ones that are supposed to have been capable of building these neptune missiles that ukraine used. so russian propaganda is telling itself is not that at the same time whipping up even more hysteria. they're also talking about now maybe as the
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time for russia to go over to full scale war against ukraine. a lot of people might have worked that, that was what was already happening. but it does give russia the excuse to step up domestic efforts in what it was previously calling just a special military operation. when you speak about whipping up hysteria, and over here there's a great deal of this is just as much information, war is anything else, but inside russia, what do you know about how the public perceives thinking of the most? it's very hard as always, to get any reliable information about what people really think within russia. because after all, russia has seen opinion polling like that as a vulnerability in this information conflict and have tried to prevent it for a long time ago. but the way in which it has been portrayed on rushing state television will have to diverge seriously from the previous propaganda efforts to actually make any kind of impact on how russians see the war as a whole. and at the moment, it is pushing very much toward exacting
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a greater toll on ukraine itself, sparing on the military to even greater f, as in trying to conquer or rico those eastern provinces. very difficult to speculate on what might be happening in inside russia, or indeed in the kremlin care, but based on your knowledge and expertise of how things work. obviously, we know the, the justification that was given for going into ukraine. but president putin underestimated the kind of cohesion of the country. do you think privately there is some kind of acknowledgment that is that the reverse effects that it has fuel this will to resist that probably isn't going away. and if anything has as reinforced ukrainian identity, well, that's one of the key questions. what information is actually reaching president jim and whether reality has actually been allowed to pierce this bubble way had created this fiction, this fantasy about what ukraine was and who ukrainians were. and that's really
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important because that will determine what russia will accept as a means of ending this war. if this fantasy of prism puddings persists, and he has not been introduced to the realities of how russia has failed to date in its campaign, then that will make it very much harder to reach a peace settlement. and unfortunately, it's something which from outside the kremlin office, we simply can't know. what do you mean when he say the information that is reaching him, how my information be prevented from reaching the kremlin? how might it be controlled in a situation like this? we've been assessed for some time. the president put an own listens to the individuals whom he trusts. and those individuals have had to tailor the information that providing to them because he only wants to hit and use the fits in with his own view of the world. around him so that a very small inner circle, many analysts have described as only feeding in the picture that actually reinforces pollutants beliefs that were already in existence. and nobody wants to bring bad news to the emperor. and as a result,
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his idea of what's happening has been diverging further and further from reality. and we've seen this coming out in front of his previous speeches and essays describing a view of the world. and if you have history, which is just getting less and less recognizable from what everybody else thinks, thank you very much. appreciate you. joining us tonight on the new kid giles from chatham house washing composes, reporting, that russia sent her a threatening diplomatic note. the united states reportedly clearing a warning about western h shipments to ukraine. allan fisher has the details will not now from the white house. joe biden has been persistent and consistent in insisting that any u. s. military aid being sent to ukraine is for defensive purposes to help the ukrainians defend themselves against russian aggression and fight. it was a point that was made in a statement from the white house on wednesday when the united states revealed it was sending an additional $800000000.00 in military aid to ukraine. now in that
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shipment will be artillery pieces, artillery shells, drones and transport helicopters. and there are some who can make the argument that these can all be used in the defense of capacity. and that certainly seems to be something that concerns the russians, according to reports. here in the united states, the washington post is saying that the russians have sent a diplomatic note to the u. s. government saying that shipments by u. s. and need to of what they describe as the most sensitive weapon systems is adding fuel to the conflict. and said, it could have unpredictable consequences where we have a statement from the state department saying they will not comment on diplomatic messages between governments. but the u. s. and the allies continued to send military aid to ukraine for defensive purposes. again, that key phrase for defensive purposes. well, in other developments, china has been warned by a senior us politician that at messiah consequences for backing rushes. president,
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senator lindsey graham made the comments in taiwan while meeting with presents i and when on with other american politicians. and it center grants as i the taiwan, nor the less conflict with china. aging doesn't recognize the islands government because it claims as part of its own territory. here's my promise to you in that i would nice people were going to start making china pay a greater price for what they're doing all over the world. with taiwan producing 90 percent of the world's high in semiconductor products. it is a country of global. ringback significance of global consequence of global impact. and therefore, it should be understood that the security of taiwan has a global impact for those who would wish an ill or charter as accusing the u. s. it inflaming tensions as it is going down a dangerous path by sending politicians to taiwan with hulu. the united states had
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taiwan or colluding with each other, and some people deliberately compare taiwan in ukraine to very different issues in an attempt to confuse the public and take advantage of the chaos of this behavior of playing with fire is aimed at changing the current status quo of the cross straight relations to you at the news, our life from london still ad for you domestically produced and reliable. that's not why dirty coal is here to stay germany and later in support. the dream run continues for this man at the monte carlo. monsters general have that story. ah, israel's prime minister and of tale banner is wanting. his forces are prepared for any scenario of to violent confrontations at the alex and most compound and
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occupied east jerusalem. well around 300 palestinians were detained by israeli forces who entered the mosque before dawn on friday as thousands of people had gathered for their pres, they use tear gas and stung grenades. while some palestinians threw rocks. tensions have been rising recently after deadly attacks in israel and palestinian death during subsequent rides in the occupied west bank. i was there as john home and now reports ah, the scenes inside the alex and mosque in occupied east jerusalem early friday morning. fighting between stung during most men and his railey police who fight stung grenades and t. guess around 150 people were injured. this palestinian camera man,
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was there something wrong that they brutally emptied the compound? they were attacking the musk stuff, normal people, elders, and young people. what of it were many injured people. they fired triple bullets inside. alexa must compact. they were beating everyone, even the paramedics, they hit the israel's foreign ministry, tweeted, dozens of moss men carrying hummus and p. a flags marched into alex and mosque. the crowd collected stones and large rocks. police were forced to enter the grounds to disperse the crowd. ah, the alexa mosque is his lamps, 3rd holiest place. it's also revered by jews, is the sites of the original temple. as such, it's often an epis sense of attention between israel, which controls movement to the site and palestinians, especially during the muslim holy month of ramadan. this time last year, fighting around the most and axis restrictions led to an 11 day war between israel and palestinian armed groups and gaza. so far this year,
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a series of attacks within israel of left 14 dead and his railey security forces killed 20 palestinians during grades of the occupied west bank. after the violent confrontation, israeli forces restricted access to alex a mosque within a few hours later they did reopen the damascus gate, where we are now which is one of the main entrances to the old city. alex a most uneasy compound, a deeply important and symbolic and we've ramadan easter, i'm paul. save up all happening right now. tensions in this city and it's holy sites, a set to remain high. john holeman, audi zeta occupied east jerusalem. meanwhile, the funeral of a 17 year old palestinian has been held in the village of coffee down in the occupied west bank is one of 6 palestinians, kelvin israeli right since wednesday night to abraham has been at the funeral. he's
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on the last moment for the body of 17 year old. so gets habit in his room here. seen the family drag. they don't want him to bill for mary. her mother has been saying is only 17. she didn't have enough choke. it has just opened a barbara a few weeks ago. his brother was telling us that lately, after work, he was coming home to hang pictures of palestinians who were killed by the way, the horses. now, his picture is being hung up on the walls. funerals like this one are becoming some sort of a regular scene here in the occupied westbank. specifically in the northern part of it as is the one is intensifying. the 3 people here are telling me that this is about one escalation here and there. but the feel this misery is waging a war on their very i following closely the events that are
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on that i'm and they believe i will have i remember. oh, well crowns in the gaza strip have been protesting the violence at the alex and mos compound it. you know, i said is that across the guys this dread and with nation of the why a group thing done a lease and like that with you to fill out on israel must pay the price for its crimes against the palestinian people . jerusalem will not remain alone amongst the resistance factions, and the elk hassan brigades are ready to deter the occupation and protect our people and our holy site. the coming for you,
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i whether there be a com or yes, very escalation between begun faction, israel. well out jerry, senior plesk allison ron bouchard as it's likely that will be further escalation in the coming days. i think a whole generation of palestinian youth is simply taking advantage of every possible opportunity. every possible stone, every possible guns, every possible throat in order to shout their way against the occupation and in weight of political and diplomatic paralysis, like the weakness of the palestinian authority and the indifference of various arab regimes. but just recently went to bed with these really government and like all of that, i think we could see more attention on possibly another uprising at one point when
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there was contact between settlers and seniors and what there's always don't that you would see. but the thing is resisting nonviolently, why? the settlers at that can right now that there is more forces security forces being the buffer zone between focus. and these are the forces received, the palestinians, aggravated some of them ready to getting more violent operations within israel. all in war, if you look at at the glass a few years she has more about us. thing is getting involved violently or peacefully in 4th grade is and we're seeing that inside is as much as in dr. by 30 days. i think we have moved beyond occupied 3031 state apart a reality l. a number of people in the philippines who died during tropical storm.
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maggie has risen to more than 150 over 200 others and missing. if i can have it for days hampering rescue efforts. jamila and organ sent this report from the central lady province. can darkness was a typical rural village of a few 100 families. it had rice fields, a church, and this school. now it's the scene of some of the biggest devastation in the philippine province of late. well, but i'm not gonna want to let him go under, but sounded like an explosion. we ran up the hill to see what was going on because it was awful. if we could hear people crying, calling out for help and tropical storm, maggie brought incessant greens in the eastern vist science region. many areas of lost power and communication lines, but can diagnose was the most devastated survivors. here tell us that there were 2 landslides. the 1st one was at around 5 am,
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which gave some time for some families to evacuate. but the 2nd one, they say they saw how waves of mud came rolling down the mountains varying hundreds of civilians. this is all, what's left of it now, ah, on the other side of the hill, 4 bodies have been pulled out from the rubble. government responders are doing the best they can, but their efforts have been hampered to buy more rain. the mud is at least 5 meters deep, so they will have to wait before they can bring in heavy equipment. all busy boiling up either barren or we could only get bodies in debris, penny because it is dangerous urban for our men. i think this process of betray buddy will pick pain, flowers and incense are offered all into
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prayer for those who remain buried. and an accounted for lent is meant to be a week of gratitude in greece for millions of filipino families. but for the survivors of the landslide income darkness, this period will now remind him of their overwhelming grief. to melinda, again, i'll jazeera by bailey to province, central philippines, or elsewhere. tens of thousands of south africans are now without shelter, water and power. after the worst flooding there in decades, long queues have started in the city of durban as front looked victims try to get access to clean water. the sweets flash floods washed away, entire communities, killing at least 395 people. inquisitive natal province. dozens are still missing, though, and also more thunderstorms and flooding. a forecast for the weekend, for me to mila has more from dublin. people across the province of cause of natal
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had perhaps a day of 2 to try and recover, retrieve some of their belongings, bold re, bold homes that were destroyed by the flooding and mud slides. but now we are really experiencing heavy and potentially damaging winds in this province in the city of durban. and it's expected that the rain will return, perhaps in the evening and into saturday. and this is what's really concerning for people who have already suffered with the floods we've seen in the last few days in that that bad weather could potentially be destructive and they have barely had time to recover so far. they're about 40000 people have been affected. some of them entirely displaced. many have tried to return to their homes, to salvage whatever they can also protect their positions. oh, but it has been difficult. there is still water and electricity out the number of areas slide for you on this news. al, from london. ah, it's been rare,
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open descent in china's 2nd biggest city where john alcove in lockdown is pushing residents to dispatch and his back penguin is that a remarkable play season record gentle. have a beta ah, that is holiday weekend. this is to weekends. shape yet be nice. and warm for good part of western europe despite the amount of cloud you see around. and yes is a bit of a swirling system over the british isles and the cities of the in eastern europe. it is this parts looking good. now, the low that you see just the bottom, your screen, those to spring into north africa, that they were a lot of rain couple days ago for the bad erickson east eastern side of spain. there's a following. wind is not that cold and the rain is down to,
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to nicea. so is left most administrative, honest with behind and temperatures you can see are in the middle twenties, in many places. part is only 20, but it's sunny here and there's no wind. not true everywhere. and if i tell you, walk you in to sunday units is more of a normally breeze. running down through the balkans and snow appears. the old increase albania remains all alike to get started with cold ranges. and yes, the rain reappears in sicily. so, eastern europe isn't doing so well, that is a cold when the temperatures will drop in poland as repulse of austria as well. that blue turns occasionally white as you see when the snow goes further south. now the storm system itself is still bringing up a lot of dust for good part of north africa, but the shower to west africa now getting a long way north into the cell. ah, full of struggles full of pleasure. mad at them i would i even left with the same
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demon to me. you may go and make us legal life, me from india, the west on me, how me an intimate look at life in cuba hero been done. don't know what again was a resident with, daniel said, as a daughter, what are the more money my cuba on al jazeera gotten one of the fastest growing nations in the won the cost of needed to oakland and development school international shipping company to become a p middle east and tried and wanting skillfully, my 3 key areas of develop who filling up from it. so connecting the world, connecting the future while need. cato castillo's gateway to whoa trade.
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oh i welcome back. you all with the news, our life from london. a recap of the headlines the following now. and russia is saying that destroyed a weapons factory on the outskirts of ukraine's capital. moscow has made anti aircraft and ship missiles and its warning it could that pass attacks on keen multiple explosions, 115, earlier on around 300 pounds said he hasn't been detained by israeli forces during violent confrontations at the alex and what compound and occupied east jerusalem. they entered before dawn on friday and tear gas and stung grenades. also, palestinians through rock and the number of people in the philippines who died
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during tropical storm. maggie has risen to more than 150 of a 200 others and missing 500 for days hampering rescue. now germany will no longer will no longer phase out so called dirty coal because of the war in ukraine ministers here. they weren't me enough energy to cope with brittany, called winters. if coal source locally is scraps, that's off to the u bond, russian imports step foss reports from bank random bug on the impact. this could have. mcknight or brown call, has long been at the center of environmental protest called the dirtiest form of coal that has been providing power to the german economy and household for decades . under pressure from the green party, the new government announced it aims to close these open minds by 2030. but that was before russia invaded ukraine college by of a terrible war ukraine means we are realizing. but alex's used to play in germany
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wasn't and isn't very secure. and those several possible risk factors applies to gas oil and to hot cold too. and, but of course, some who are now thinking domestic energy source, which will always be available, as well as wind and sun, of course. and that's last night to make sure there's enough energy and future winters at regional government. and brandon book has asked permission to keep some late night power plant on stand by to have the necessary supply for the coming winter season. and that hopefully without any dependence on imports from russia, that problem has still not been solved. and inter, as, as i'm coming from the field of industrial safety, i would prefer to have a situation with belt and parachute, and so it would be worthwhile to keep them available. ukraine has accused germany of financing rushes war because of the dependency on russian gas,
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oil and coal. the u has decided to ban coal imports, which will cost russia around 4000000000 years a year. in comparison, a ban on russian gas and oil would cause the country, $80000000000.00 euros. this is one of the few poet stations in germany, not depending on imports from russia domestically produce lick night is one of the most reliable sources germany has, but also one of the most polluting. it was unthinkable just a few months ago that the new government in which greens play an important role would even consider using coal. but the war and ukraine has changed everything. and the climate could be another victim. more c o 2 emissions instead of less an uncomfortable reality for environmental groups who are long campaigned for $1.00 and $2.00 coal use. germany for a long period of time have been through the rush and redeem the fall of russia and has put russia in a position to find that war. unfortunately, we cannot get rid of to relax. it's obviously because we have all quote power plant
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to have to get back on the grid, but we have to accelerate the build of renewables. this need some years that the german industry now has 2 years target that its future is based on enable them ship, building, wind farms and solar panels takes time and germany is under pressure to act. now that pressure will only grow if terrible images continue to come out of ukraine, and you decide to go further and then russian, oil and gas steadfast and else's era. in brandon, the president joe biden said last month, the united states would welcome up to 100000 ukranian war refugees. march just 12 have arrived via the refugee program that thousands of others are choosing to cross the border from mexico. mani rock met some of them in to wanna oh ukrainian refugees being welcomed at this shelter into one. olga arrived just this morning after traveling more than 9000 kilometers with her
12:38 am
cat snips. she's now being looked after by ukrainian american volunteers who have assigned her a number. the number represents a spot in line to plead her case for refugee status to us authority. she tells us the whole experience feels surreal. you feel happiness and then you have another wave of emotions like you're sad, you're reading all the time. you. so it's, it's totally different reality right now. and it's hard to get to the point when you feel that happiness as you used to feel before. so it will take a while, of course, as many here have been traveling for weeks, they arrive tired, hungry and confused. most don't speak spanish or english, and are relying entirely on help from volunteers. first of all, they all nervous because lots of,
12:39 am
of them dinner about in mexico. they know that the quantities ventures place. so when they come into the airport little bit nervously, we try to keep telling them until the relax. where will we will help you? how we get we will help you. there are also dozens of families here with young children. 6 that they spend much of their time listening carefully in peace. their numbers are called though many seem eager to cross the border into the united states. others tell us what they want is to go home. i'm sail very tired. of course, i hope that soon i will come to your crane. i'm not going to stay in the usa for long. i hope that's in summer. i can come back to my country to my family, to my mazda brazos and all of the class here. the more than 7000 ukrainians have arrived in p one and since the start of the war in february,
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since mexico has not imposed any restrictions on ukrainian travelers, more arriving every day. conditions may seem crowded at this refugee camp in the city of t want to write on the border with the united states, but new arrivals have actually declined in recent days. local authorities, however, tell us that the population here is likely to grow significantly in the coming weeks. the us border officials are processing about 50 ukrainian refugees every hour while ukrainians arriving in t one and only stay at the shelter for a few days. new arrivals are quick to take the place of those who leave. though there is concern, the sports complex being used to house refugees could soon overflow. state officials say a 2nd shelter would quickly be made available if needed. manuel wrap a little al jazeera p one mexico. pleasures run through some of the figures it involved here because a number of ukrainians and russians arriving at us. mexico border is only adding to
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the crisis and the disorganization area, leading to claims of double standards. a pandemic countermeasure introduced by donald trump known as title 42 remains in place, allowing for almost everyone to be turn back. now about 1700000 people have been turned away at the southern border since title 42 took effect in 2020. most of them from latin america in haiti, or the 1100000 were expelled last year. the number of people apprehended crossing america southern border. each month has been rising dramatically from under $15000.00 in the month of april, 2020 last year to sick. this is to 62000 by the end of that year, it moved past 75000 when joe biden came to power and then broke 200000 in the month of july. they're all humanitarian exceptions to title 40 to about 16000 were offered last year to people on the southern border. crucially, people from ukraine and russia also qualify for those exceptions.
12:42 am
now twitter is saying that it's unanimously adopted a so called a poison pill plan that could blog it. mosques, $43000000000.00 bid to take over the company. tesla and space ex own recently increased to stake in the social media platform to 9 percent. twitter says the move would allow existing sheldon to buy new stocks, a substantial discount flooding the market with jim addison as a technology expert and the social media sector lead for glossary ventures. he said that twitter executives have been forced to react ilang masks, comments. it's a very uncomfortable position when the world's richest man says he doesn't have confidence in the management team at the ceo specifically. that's probably a pretty uncomfortable position for the ceo to, to be an. but his, i think, done a nice job, at least in his messaging to twitter employees. i look, there are a lot of distractions, but our day to day job hasn't changed. we have customers, we have a product, we need to keep doing what we're doing. and it's easy that's easier said than done
12:43 am
of for sure. but ultimately, you know, this is a little bit of a side show it, it's an enormously consequential sideshow, depending on how it turns out. or it could just turn out to be nothing. and, you know, the one thing we have definitely seen about you on mosque is he loves the spotlight and he's shown an ability to effectively hijacked the new cycle by doing these things, making these tweets, making these offers. and i think he very much enjoyed being the provocative in that regard and, and twitter is not defenseless, but they're, they're certainly at the mercy of whatever you want. mosque is going to do. they're going to have to react now in china are authorities of putting the city of john into a partial cove locked down from saturday. it's part of the country 0 tolerance policy, which is also affected commercial hub. shanghai had been growing signs of discontent in china. second largest city after 3 weeks in lockdown. katrina, you reports on this from bay. jang. police in protective gear. struggle to control
12:44 am
an angry crowd. the shanghai residents, a protesting against being pulled from their homes. their apartment blocks are being turned into temporary quarantine centers. some are kneeling on the ground, begging the police not to take them away. this city of more than 25000000 people has been brought to its knees by the worst corn of iris outbreak. china space since the beginning of the pandemic. 300000 infections have been recorded since march looked down, which was supposed to last a few days, is now stretching into its 3rd week with no end in sight. the once bustling commercial center is now quiet and empty, with most of the city's population, forced to stay home. supply chains are frozen. many say they're going hungry or lack necessities. great, ken has appealed for help online to get access to urgent, hot medications for her father. is it, we know it's a difficult period and the pandemic were willing to cooperate with the government
12:45 am
and will each level of city management to fight the pandemic. but we also hope that our lives can be respected. restrictions in some neighborhoods used on tuesday, but with cases continuing to climb, people allowed to go outdoors are being corpse to back inside this community worker bloss allowed speaker repeating the words, return, horror. those who test positive are sent to make shift hospitals, conditions and slides. some appeal bleak and crowded. sarquiza authority say they're released thousands of recovered patients this week. but thousands more remaining quarantine they doing has mobilized other provinces to help get more fresh fruit and other necessities to shanghai. the situation in shanghai is seen as a disastrous failure of china. strict 0 coven, 19 policy. but authorities are sticking to it. despite growing calls to change, this approach president huge in paying has called on the country to strengthen
12:46 am
restrictions in order to win the battle against the virus. katrina you out a 0 aging almost quote of ours rated restrictions in south korea are coming to an end. cases very declining, but long rural people in the country are being offered. second booster shots just a month ago, more than $600000.00. you infections of being reported. busy every day, lawrence lu reports on the situation from the capital sol, cherry blossom season has arrived, and so have the crowds gone. other barriers to prevent groups from gathering. there are no park employees reminding people to maintain physical distancing. south korea is still reporting high number of new cases with a daily average of more than a 160000 in the last week. but the government has announced it will lift all physical distancing rules from next monday. when i, you walk over 19 will not be completely over,
12:47 am
but we are now chosing that it is the time to carefully tries to restore our daily life. again, people will still be required to wear masks, indoors, and outdoors. although the government has said it will review this in the weeks ahead 2 days and i see, i think it's still appropriate to wear a mask indoors, but i think it's ok without one outdoors. people are keeping a distance. south korea was one of the 1st countries to experience a cove at 19 outbreak, but it was able to flatten the curve quickly with a combination of testing, tracing and treating. because of that, it never had to impose any lockdown. public health officials were also quick to revise their strategy when the highly transmissible omicron variant took hold in from tito le wooden and we transition to a system for a large scale outbreak. placing more important on a universal approach under the ordinary system, while raising the vaccination rate and administering oral treatment, it will to revise south korea is seen as
12:48 am
a success in terms of how it's handling the pandemic. even so officials have not let their guard down. the health ministry is offering a 2nd booster shot of the corona virus maxine to people aged 60 and above the w h o has recently warned. the corona virus is far from becoming an endemic disease and could still trigger outbreaks around the world. florence li al jazeera sol and now we moved to an interesting discovery from archeologists you say a mysterious. so co fergus has been discovered and parse is not true. dame cathedral now work as discovered this well preserved call for guests last month. during efforts to rebuild the church is ancient. spire discovery was very 20 meters on the ground. the brick pipes body is believed to be from the 14th century spin, 3 years since the 12th century gothic landmark was partially destroyed by fire, leading to a massive construction project. now one of the biggest ca shows in the united
12:49 am
states kicked off on friday after 2 years absence because of the panoramic this year. there are plenty of new cars on despite by manufacturers, but you don't have to look too hard to see a change in focus from gas to electric vehicles. cable elizondo reports now from york. much of this year's new york international auto show has been taken over by electric vehicles or e v. 's as they're known. although more americans are buying e v 's. they're still not as popular as in europe. sales doubled last year, but still only account for about 4 percent of all new vehicles sold. but automakers remain bullish on the future of electric, the lifestyle, leaving the house every day with a faulty a full battery from your house. that's a luxury just by itself. but electric vehicle manufacturers face many problems. one is the worn ukraine has up ended, commodity prices and supply chains. nicole,
12:50 am
for example, has skyrocketed in price at one point last month, jumping over 90 percent. nickel is an essential component for evie batteries. those materials that russia is strongly associated with will become short supply, either now or in the future, that includes items like radium, includes things like nickel, minium, those kind of resources, and you will have the effect of pushing prices. of course, there's also the problem of a lack of charging stations. this is a map of new york state and all of the dots represent where the government is planning to build more electric vehicle charging stations. but according to a new report by the department of transportation, just new york city will need a 1000 new charging ports like this one by 2025 and up 210000 more of these by 2030, just to meet the potential demand. there is also the cost electric vehicles are on
12:51 am
average $10000.00 more expensive to buy than gas powered cars. but it advocates urge buyers to focus on longer term savings. the ownership costs are mass we less than buying a internal combustion or, or ice car. you don't have any oil changes, your maintenance costs are inherently going to be lower. take a closer look around the auto show and there are signs of promise, but also signs that winning americans off, their gas guzzling cars and trucks may have a little way to go. but how do i get it in gabriel's dondo? g, as in your time now the fullest for in china. indo. ha. thank you, mary. i am at the monte carlo masters. the quarter final between alexander barron and janik senate lived up to the billing the fat produced a clay court classic that went the full distance and lasted more than 3 hours spare i have brought back i sat in, eventually defeated the italian 76,
12:52 am
and that aside of the german is tracing his 1st title in money and to reach the final, he'll have to get past sefner sit surpassed, and one of the craziest matches of the defending champion. freezing is 6252 against argentine, diego schwartz men. but then it sits a pass last 9 of the next 10 games. shorts. when was leading for love and the deciding set before he crumbled using 6 consecutive games. while gary and griggs demand drove continues to look comfortable on the monte carlo clay. but he needed a 3rd set tiebreaker as these cross highlands hobo attached to the job is chasing his 2nd masters at home and image. rob will play the man who beats novak joke of ich spaniard alejandro defeat of it's for keener he booked as boston assemblies in the event for the 1st time. he felt back from the sat down to beat american taylor fritz. manchester united and rem manager has dodged questions about the clubs,
12:53 am
permanent boss for next season. amid reports, a dutchman eric 10 hog will take over. i don't know if it's a done deal until my reply is the same as a recon hog. so reply was on my focus is on the game to morrow against the mortgage, and prepare the team in order to be able to play on the higher level. and when and when the game, boston, as president joel la porter said he was embarrassed and ashamed after on track frankfurt. fans packed out the new camp as bossa when knox out of the right. the league martin club is investigating how more than 30000 frankfurt support was, were able to attend the game that went away. fans had only been allocated 5000 tickets. that were they boss, had it reported they make $3200000.00 from the sales. i know validate them, but also an occasion savvy, said the atmosphere, contributed to his tombs vast defeat and 16 matches across all competitions. i that hug. i stuck logan, i love my loan. i tried to tell the players that what mattered was just to pitch, but the whole situation affected us anyway,
12:54 am
but it's not an excuse. it didn't help us, but we also couldn't compete well any more. it was clearly a mistake of estimating and planning. oh, you cannot have something like that, but when you play at home, the team wants to know what happened. we would like to receive an explanation for what happened. i think he was sick, one of the saddest nights at the come know it was terry. well, the, the pictures we could so help of the stadium with white t shirts with visitors, s reporters. it was really shocking for the fun base. it was just a picture in the biggest stadium in europe. i'm not sure you had a lot of effect in the result. honestly, everything that could go wrong went wrong. for example, the best player say that he got injured and without she me was to the if it goes to to try to come from behind. they had had a huge mess to dependence for so long, and they are just trying to, to solve it. and i think they,
12:55 am
they improved they by little, by leave it little. they are doing better. but at some point in this kind of, but my check is that like they have some kind of trauma that they, they think they are both notable and, and if something can go wrong, it will go wrong. the ones that are doing a lot of the job are too young without maybe too much experience in these periods. and that is another thing that is quite important. i think they are working on it and it will get better use the physical. the physicality is not the same. leaks and the spanish league and i think it's getting better, but it's not enough. so they have a problem with a physical and at some point in europe, also mentally the areas of the chicago cubs of pulled out of buying chelsea, leaving 3 remaining bids. the primarily club is being sold by russian, i know remnant of it. she's under sanctions imposed by the u. k. government. it's still a process and, and i hope to talk so still ongoing,
12:56 am
also with the government and i'm still not involved which i'm glad about have to say because we have to look to focus on here and, and there's where our focus goes to. so like i said in the 1st on, so we hope that things will be sorted out as soon as possible to have clarity. but i can understand that it's not that easy. and a child franchise to pittsburgh penguins have reached the playoffs for record 16th consecutive year. that's the longest active street in the 4 major north american sports leagues. it's vag feet. the new york island is $63.00 to clinch their spots in the pay season. the tampa bay lightning are also on their way to the piles. steph curry could return for the golden state warriors against the denver nuggets on saturday for the 1st round of the n. b. a. playoffs. carriers, rodriguez and refrained. ligament in his left. 3rd, because it is hopeful of being able to start again tonight at 5. however, this dog lives, macy's unsure is really what you might actually get in games on the other. you're
12:57 am
looking for players who, oh know what their number is. i don't we haven't. i've heard that conversation, but we haven't talked about where it actually looks like we are for 8 hours, hopefully to figure out if i get the green light on saturday. but i'm not worried about it being a limiting factor in terms of how are going to approach again. and hopefully there's a little wiggle room with whatever that is to see how i feel out there. and finally, we leave you with a goal keeping holla from the asian champions league sparrow, thought surgeon, tau playing for china club, shan don't tie shan, you try to control the ball in his penalty era. any to get himself tangled up and all over. but he managed to keep the play alive, and the striker from davy se pounced and scored his team's 2nd goal of the batch idea. danny, saving grace for the keeper, his blunder, pretty much inconsequential, even that chandel lost the match 7 nail. that is what you'll
12:58 am
support from me for now. it's back. it's mariam in london. i love lisa jemma. thank you so much. wraps up the news. i'll be back in a couple of minutes with another. open it for you. stay with us. ah ah and take your seat. be part of the actual discover cats are all in one package,
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ah, whole away official and i know the gen ah, russia hates a military facility. me a key of warning. it will intensify its attacks only ukrainian capital. ah. hello, i'm mary. i'm noisy in london, you're watching al jazeera also coming up on the program. is ready forces,
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detain at least $300.00 palestinians off to entering the alex. i'm most compound in occupied east jerusalem residents describe waves of.


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