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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  April 17, 2022 6:00pm-7:01pm AST

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in lynn's ice sheet is melting, which is changing everything from sea levels to the way people live. and now even exposing the remnants of a cold war pulse greenland, the melting of the frozen north on al jazeera. ah, this is al jazeera. ah, you're watching the news, our life from a headquarters in del, how i'm getting you navigate that. coming up in the next 60 minutes. russia's deadline for ukrainian soldiers to surrender and mary uphold passes. tens of thousands of civilians remain trapped in the city. 20 palestinians injured in 18. arrested as is really police dispersed worshippers from the luck saw mos compound 2 days after a violent confrontations. an unreleased
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w h o report suggests 15000000 people have died from po with 19 globally and accuses some nations of covering off the real death toll send your money home. napoleon, government appeals to workers overseas to help solve its financial nightmare. and i'm leah harding with your sports the golden state warriors star steph curry has returned after a foot injury to help his team when game one against the denver nuggets in the plan . welcome to the news our a russian deadline for ukrainian soldier, as in mary, a pole to surrender has now passed. moscow said the action would spare lives, ukraine's prime minister says, the remaining force is in where your pole are still fighting and defying the russian demands. city steel is not fallen very still. our
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military forces our soldiers, so they will fight till then and as for now, a deal are in money. but there is huge money about a stroke because there is more than 100 civilians which are suffering for more than 40 date of this. she monitor in crisis and this in this message city and they have no water, no food, no kid knowledge, visit him. and they ask all of our partners to support and how to stop this when you got the stuff we are. we have correspondence in ukraine and russia in a moment. we'll hear from that how me to join us from levine. but 1st, let's get an update from dorsey jabari from moscow to tell us what the russians are saying about the deadline doors up. well, we haven't officially heard from the russians from the defense ministry since the
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deadline passed earlier today. it was a 7 hour deadline that according to the defense ministry spokesperson, igor, a clinician. gov, who said that this is the chance for those ukrainian soldiers to save their lives by laying down their weapons and surrendering their russian red. defense ministry believes are about 2500 ukrainian soldiers in and around this plant in miracle. and this is the final area according to the russians that they will be fighting to trying take full control of this strategically important city. the russian defense ministry had said earlier this week that they had a gotten a full control of the port of mary opal. and on friday they said that they have cleared the urban areas in mario full. and now this is the final, a points of a conflict. in that city now, this is
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a city of course that prior to the so called special military operation, which began on february 24th. it was home to just over 400000 people. currently, there are just over 100000 civilians are left in that city and at the air. russian forces have been operating in at mariel full since march 11th. and the russians have said that they put forth the cease fire plan that they had to various international organizations, including the united nations, as well as the international committee for the red cross. a. the idea is that whatever comes next, the russians have covered their tracks. basically saying that they gave the ukrainians ample opportunity to surrender. they said that this is certainly part of the 2nd phase of their military operation in ukraine. and the defense ministry also said that they will. they were part of an operation which saw them for rescuing
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a number of turkish citizens from mosque and mariel. according to the defense ministry officials at the church, the citizens were being held hostage in a mosque for a while, a few weeks since early march. but that was a different story when it happened, we have heard that the civilians that were of turkish nationalities, had taken shelter in the mosque to try and to take cover from the ongoing fighting that had started. and that the request of the trip is president. the russian forces were involved in getting them out of that area. and in the process, the officials here say they have killed 29, so called for the mercenaries. ok, thank you so much. doors at georgia bar is reporting for us from moscow. let's get the view from ukraine and bring in her be happy and she's joining us from the view . so now that that deadline has passed to the what, what more are the ukrainian saying? well, actually they're saying nothing at all about this deadline. we did hear from several
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officials what they are talking about is that russia is getting ready for a large all out assault in easton ukraine to take over the dome bus a region which is something that validate president vladimir putin rather had said before. the onset of this war that he was going to help the separatist in those area who viewed a whole dumbass region as their historical land. and he, he thought that that should be given to the separate is now the deputy are actually one of the advisors of president zalinski has actually said earlier in the day that according to him, russia has given up is that bone. napoli, napoleonic plans for ukraine was actually regrouping ahead of the encircling of dumbass. and then a president, zelinski, again,
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gave an interview to a western channel. and in the interview, he said that chance has for negotiations with russia. i dwindling that the war for ukraine could even go on for another 10 years. ukraine was ready for that. and he did also point to the fact that ukraine would not give up any inch of lands of meaning that he would not you created would not give up any land in eastern ukraine, which is what russia ones as since at the beginning of one can even argue that that was russia's plan since back in 2014, when all of this started. but on murder you pull, it said we haven't heard anything specific. and from either the president or his advisors, except that we do know that this fighting ongoing, the as of regimen that is believed to be hold up in that as of steel factory, which is a very last factory south of mar, you pull a,
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it's about several square kilometers. big. well, what we so on there a telegram channel that at least one paramedic was killed earlier in the day so that would indicate that the fighting is still ongoing in that city. ok, thank you so much. had i been, i means reporting from the even western ukraine. well, russia has followed through on threats to launch more long range attacks following the sinking of its black sea flagship, the mosque club. charles stratford reports from the ukrainian capital cage the aftermath of yet another russian missile strike in court. give this mainly russian speaking city. ukraine's 2nd largest, the south at some of the worst shillings since rushes invasion opened. 7 weeks ago until march of c services say at least one person was killed. and many more injured in this attack caused the fire to spread into residential areas. and i thought it
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would never gotten up. around 11 o'clock today, the emergency services received a message that an enemy missile had had a 5 story administrative building. a risky team and tanker trucks was dispatched to the scene in the town of trotsky. annette in the sumi region north west of concave families gathered to mourn some of the latest victims. the un says that more than 1900 civilians have been killed, including at least a $162.00 children. since the war started, russian forces laid a mines in the cemetery before withdrawing from the area a couple of weeks ago. father cries over his dead son's grave. civilians and soldiers are buried here. nicholas bullet, the hood only killed could thrust. we held a funeral for my son when they liberated trust units. we were afraid thinking maybe some of the russian fascists are still here and they'll blow up the grave. we put a photo of him there. how he always was, always smiling, always cheerful,
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always positive. there was certainly hundreds of kilometers away in the western city of levine, where local authorities say, all russian missiles were intercepted on saturday morning volunteers, prepared humanitarian aid. please do not stop helping us. do not stop providing us with him in carrying assistance because more and more people are fleeing their homes and they need your help. please don't stop helping us after a 2nd attack in 2 days on a ukrainian weapons facility in the capital give the ukrainian military warned to potentially more to come was was i h inoperable one year due to the presence of russian warships armed with c launched cruise missiles in the black sea, there is an increased threat of the occupiers using missile arms against the defense, industrial facilities and logistics infrastructure of our state. if the bodies lie
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on the streets in the besieged port city of murray or pal, where russian forces, again said they had taken hold control of a steel plant. the ukrainian army denies that say, marines and members of the as of battalion are still defending their positions. in the giant soviet built factory in a city almost completely destroyed and from where fountains of civilians have been unable to escape. charles stratford al jazeera, give up, frances has made an emotional appeal for an end to the war in ukraine during his traditional easter sunday address. sir, patches little mother, toyota alvina, let there be peace for war torn ukraine, so sorely tried by the violence. so sorely tried by the violence and the destruction of the cruel and senseless war into which it was dragged in this terrible might of suffering a dead mate. and new dawn with him of hope soon appeared. let there be
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a decision for peace. let there be an end to the flexing of muscle with people suffering. the please, please. let's not get used to war. i hold in my heart all the many ukrainian victims, the millions of refugees, and internally displaced persons, the divided families, the elderly left to fend for themselves the lives broken and the cities raised me to the ground. he hunter mar, head on the al jazeera, new zara. including a show of support for pakistan's ousted prime minister. we'll have the latest on him on cons nationwide. charm offensive and liverpool and find out who they'll play in the f a cut. finally up, we'll have that story in sports. ah . but 1st 20 palestinian worshippers have been injured after being forcibly dispersed from the uk some mosque compound. israel said the operation was
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in response to palestinian setting a barricades to prevent ultra right wing jewish groups are entering at least 18 people have been arrested as well. is really police have now left the area, but let's find out more of what's going on right now and what the scene is or john hallman, he's joining us from occupied east jerusalem. john yeah. yes, we're here at the damascus gate, which is one of the main routes you'd probably see actually behind people travel to get to the i like so most compound and at the moment everything is calm within that compound of, within the alexa most comes out of the of the scene here with his heading towards it, obviously, but disturbances earlier that you were talking about the read. what has happened is the, is very the government and the palestinian government. putting out statements about those are those disturbances, the confrontation i should say before or partly,
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bennett, who is the israeli prime minister is said the security forces continue. freedom to act in any way that will bring security to the citizens of his rope. they say we tried to restore tom and the palestinian president, a spokesman for his office, said this is an attempt to legitimize the temperament spatial division of the acts . most the today, the of foreign ministry are all so at which is the custodian of the most saying that is it was making steps to change the status quo. and what that's really referring to is, as you said, the presence of her own for right wing jewish groups heading in to the most and what the palestinian government see as an attempt to sort of creeping judah is ation of that space. so john, we know that there were at least 20 palestinian injuries, and there were a number for rest. at least 18 palestinians were arrested as well. what type of resistance that the palestinians put up to prevent the ultra right groups from
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entering the deluxe or mosque compound. but as you said, there were barricades and the israeli forces said that there were also stones and rocks that they needed to remove to let the jewish visitors go in just a bit of the bigger picture i suppose about base and why we've got to this point so the acts of mazda is open to norm muslims, on certain days of the week, apart from friday and saturday, actually. so this sunday was the 1st day in the jewish holy festival of pass over that norman loose lim, visitors could go into the most compound local mosque itself in the morning, and that's why hundreds of these are to right reduced, gathered to do so. and as usually happens, it's not just now this happens, a lot of they go and visit, they went in with
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a police escort to protect them. but at the moment, tensions are even higher than normal. that's because of a variety of reasons. one of those is a spate of attacks within israel of let 14 people dead. and so is re me rates into the occupied west bank, which have left a similar number of people bed. and on top of all of that, there have been calls over the last week by a small extremist is great for sacrifices to be made within the alex a compound which is so revered by jews as the site of the original temple. that's obviously been very a philanthropy is ready, government has said that that's not gonna happen. so schools are actually made every year and every year they say that it's not going to happen and it doesn't happen. couple members of the group have been arrested, but because of the already high tensions, obviously, those schools the right that the palestinian muslim community. and it's been a lot of worry about that. a lot of worried that those sacrifices could have
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happened and coons at the more mission to go to the most and go to the compound during the holy month of ramadan to protect it. so all of that is less tension high at the moment. okay, john, thank you so much. john. home is reporting for us from occupied east jerusalem. so just to pick up on what john was saying about the locks i'm off compound, it's one of the most volatile flashpoints, unoccupied through them. for muslims, it contains 2 of his lands, holy sites, they'll mosque, and the dome of the rock, jews call a temple mount. revering it as their 1st temple. they pray at the western wall in 1967, jordan and israel agreed that the walk for islamic trust as it's known controls the compounds. while israel controls external security only muslims are allowed to pray in the mosque while jews can pray outside the compound at the western wall, the works allows non muslims to visit the compound 5 days per week under its supervision. tourists are allowed in. the palestinians are concerned that the
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site's muslim identity is under threat by the ultra right wing religious groups who are increasingly entering the site under is really protection to attempt to pray their illegally. during his easter sunday address, pope francis appealed for free access to the holy sites in jerusalem for all communities she apache immediately and the letter may that be peace in the middle east racked by years of conflict and division on this glorious day. let's ask for peace upon jerusalem of peace upon those who love her. christians, jews, muslims alike, may israelis, palestinians, and those who dwell in the holy city together with the pilgrims experience the beauty of peace and enjoy free access to the holy places with mutual respect for the rights of each. let's continue this conversation will tell me i was how there was a palestinian is really politician and leader of the ballads party. he's also chairman
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of the joint list faction in the can. i said he's joining us from java. thanks for speaking to us on al jazeera. i know you're speaking to us from joshua, but i know that you were visiting baylock's almost compound compound over the past few days. just just tell me what you saw there and what your assessment is of the situation. good evening going for so far. i would like to use this chance to get going again to all of the people who are celebrating easter and i'm all done coding for all. and i would like to join the brains of francis for these justice for all and for ending the occupation of your patients in ukraine and also in palestine. what has been going lately in law, some austin generally in a occupied jerusalem? is that enough that the bandits government, which has been losing part of its coalition and becoming much weaker than what it was before, they are trying to keep their power and to keep their seats as
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a government on the account of the palestinian blood. this is exactly what's going on the all this violence we are see all over the west bank. and if you will send them is that bennett has decided to keep himself in control on the account of the, of the palestinian blood. and this is why we are seeing all this violence from a band for us that he and he's a very holy moss, this holy month story. and this is a month for pray for fast the right for worship. ok. so when the prime minister, what some of them for us, when the prime minister says that is really for says have quote free reign to continue operations to quote, maintain security according to him. i mean, as a member of the is really, can i set yourself a chairman of the joint list, how to respond to this? this is, this is an existent, it should be also added to a few days before when he said for the israeli and jewish citizens to carry their weapons and use them meaning against any
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r up or any palestinian. anyone who would feel afraid of anything is allowed with the support of the israeli prime minister to shoot out because he thought, afraid or something. this is a very good test, drove it extreme reece. this is prime minister, lead by the extreme right is we're trying to give it himself, but his government in control is regardless of all the violence that they are using and it has it. now, this is on what it is still the age of me. this is why we're not seeing the regular work of the keenest because they are on holiday still the age of may. but we are trying also to be with our people all over in order to help defending our people. i suppose that i'm trying to understand from you is how are you doing that again, as, as the chairman of the joint, a joint list, you are
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a parliamentarian. how will you do that? we are asking this riley government to stop playing with fire. the lid this side, which is trying to change this back to school in the locks on the most holy place for muslims all over the world is the israeli government. what we are asking for is just to stop there trying in order to change the status quo. in the last time i log on will allow freedom of religion and worship for every one to did. they also prevented the christians from going to their churches. they decided that on the very voted, a small number of christians are allowed to get to the church 500 people and surrounded the general only 1001. on the same time, the israeli government, which is preventing muslims on christian from freedom of religion. they are what there are forces in order to bring extreme national religious use to
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play in the lap so most illegally. the same government is preventing muslims and christians from pray. and then with this on me trying to bring this notion that it just looks into a lot of we are asking this is riley government just to stop playing with fire and stop trying to check the status quo on the left. almost. that's all. ok. and let's look at some of the other reaction that has come through. i mean, we heard from the jordanian foreign ministry who put out a statement on sunday saying that israel's measures to change the status quo, which is what you're saying or a dangerous escalation. and israel bears full responsibility for the consequences. does the statements go far enough for you? i think that egypt and jordan can play much stronger role than what they are doing . the not statements are good, but they have enough good relations to convince this government to stop this violence. we the palestinians,
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we have the interest to stop this violence. we are the victims of violence. we don't have any interest in this violence. we want to stop it, but the main reason for violence is this continuous and trying every day of the israeli government of changing the one the locks on. the main problem is occupation that the main problem with what all, what we are see in the west bank, in gusta and in east jerusalem is as i know, a few patients and this solution must be ending the israeli occupation. we are seeing what's going on there at the national level was all of these people asking for ending that actual hope you're patient of your brain. we want all these people also to see, look your patient in palestine and to do the same. we believe in peace, justice for all, and we want these justice and equality for all the people all over, including by the stadium. done. so. how do you expect the, the next couple of weeks to play out?
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at least it all got to do with disraeli government. if they decide on escalating the situation or not, i was a few times in general. so i sat with the youth, palestinian, you there in babylon, within the last, almost all over the city. we are not interested in ones. we don't want to see this one. we are asking those to stop their violence. let's all those who are doing the escalations are the slot, is very policies we are in what and in the most holy month of the grandmother. the vast majority of the people wants to use this month for fasting up for a brain and for worship. this is what we want in order to live normally and, and continue our danny worship. we just need the israelis to stop the violence. that's all. ok, well leave it there. thank you so much, sammy, i was harder for speaking to us from jeff. thank you. the 50000000 people have died
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worldwide due to the pandemic, and that's 9000000 more than previously thought that's according to a yet to be released. world health organization study reported in the new york times. the newspaper says it's been delayed because of injections from india for 1000000 of the additional deaths half, and they're making the total 8 times as many as efficiently recorded areas. karlinski is an economist who is advised the world health organization on covered $1000.00 mortality rates. he says, the true global dot toll is actually difficult to calculate. big issue in the many countries are differ and how they certify a coal with deaf and even a covert case. and they of course differ in their capacity to even just administer the test. so the number of reported corporate death that you might see on the john hopkins dash blogger on the w h. o. that is simply on comparable between countries, especially countries from different continents or development level. this is the
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exact reason why w, a commission expert with the i'm a member of which is to look at sort of a simpler measure but much more robust measure for comparison across countries across time. would you have access mortality? unfortunately, when i put them in psych, deaths are above and beyond what you would expect under normal time. you know, you know, usual day in the car. 100 people die during play time. it might be $150.00 people and the 50 plus people are what we call accept mortality. i really hope that a silver lining, if you can call this condemn it would be for governments to vitally improve their vitamin patient system. many countries in latin america have been undergoing this reform in the past few years, which give us really an unparalleled insight into what's been going on there. but many countries in se, asia pacific and africa still register only
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a fraction of total death. still heads on the al jazeera news, our decision time in france, that will be macro or the pen. who can convince voters they are. the one fear is of an environmental catastrophe. after a change, you're carrying fuel things opportunities? yeah. the colorado avalanche clench the top seed in the western conference, lia will show you how they did it. ah. with a raging sandstone through libby, ears lifted temperatures to the middle forties, and that heat and sand is moving eastward through egypt in the next 24 hours are yet but one hot sandy day. and then it cools down when swings round behind it to a north. wesley, this lot is all moving eastward. so temperature is on the levant, going to be in the middle thirties near reco values are prices like jerusalem,
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beirut amount, but probably not breaking the record. the sand test be pretty widespread, it's dispersing. the wind is dropping. by the time you get to mug, never take to tuesday. you'll know the temperature dropped back by about 8 to 10 degrees. we see showers coming into the coast of syria and throughout turkey. that was possibly orange sky will turn into shower instead, but it still hot in baghdad, answer q 8. and doha, without any significant wind, by this time back, that's forecast remains at 37, maybe 36, which is 6 or 7 above the average for that has been consistent in baghdad for the last year or 2. well above average temperatures, a brief look then to end at the rain situation in southern africa, there are warnings out, but they have been degraded, downgraded so along the coast of the eastern cape. i'm beyond to mozambique. it doesn't look like heavy rain in crossville natal and including durbin, the showers, are increasingly light to draw a picture. ah,
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ah, he's seen a family man politicized by the forces of nature filmed over 4 years. i came in pharma documents, his struggle for his community survival and built a template for global action on climate change. kiss c lou, the climate diaries, a witness documentary on how to 0. i don't get a get it. ah ah
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ah ah ah hello again. the top stories on al jazeera, the sour russian deadline for ukrainian forces to lay down their arms and leave. marya paul has now passed, ukraine's prime minister says the remaining forces in maria, pull the fading and the flying, the russian demand. palestinian worshippers have been forcibly dispersed. almost compound. 20 people have been injured. at least 18 have been arrested. is really police have now left theory of 15000000 people have died worldwide due to the coven, 1900. pandemic, 9000000 more than previously thought. that's according to a yet to be released. world health organization study reported in the new york
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times. nepalese government is asking workers abroad to deposit their money and domestic bang says concerns mount about dwindling foreign exchange reserves the government and says it's not facing an economic crisis. like sir lang come or miata limbo reports from catman to in this bustling market in downtown. got my do its business of usual shopping crowds doors at the beginning of nepal, new year. but experts was behind all the activity and economic crisis is looming. the economic recovery that we have seen is much less compared to other countries, you know, who, which were similar to hit by. and for example, last 2 years are both on the one percent compared to our normal long term ava's off, you know, 9 percent that we should have got to in 2 years time. during the pandemic,
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the number of tourists fails. the amount of money sent home by napoleon working abroad, also dropped significantly. nepalese international vit isn't particularly high, but as ballooning imports and high oil prices depleted foreign currency reserves experts warn the country could be headed towards an economic crisis. if the government doesn't step up in time and there are other pressures, i'm a local guy. there's been a hike and oil prices leader of petrol, that cost around $100.00 rupees. now, cost $160.00, with these nepal central bank has taken action to manage import and increased foreign exchange with some kind of the challenge in the economy. particularly because of the import of some of the items. for example, the vehicles and the petroleum products, which are on a large portion of the board in nepal. so how we can manage that? that's one of the issues that is struggling in the present
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context. reducing by dia, import cars and heavy duty equipment to nepal, and she says it's important for businesses to work with the government, the central bank and business community. we being completely him import oriented economy. we have a huge trade in balance because we nothing being exported from here or at least of a little being exported from here. so every small change in the world on the globe impacts. and that is why we have these, you know, these panic situations every now and then as an absorbed economic shop. experts say it needs to act fast to avoid a full blown crisis from a limber as the ra cut and do. well, let's take a closer look at that economic situation in a poll would look as toady. he's the director of the business conglomerate reliance group. paul, he's joining us from coming to welcome to al jazeera sir. so is the poll heading towards an economic crisis. i don't think paul is heading to an economic crisis. i
6:35 pm
think the reporting little bit out of context because of the remedy has dropped in the fall. it was not dropped as significantly as want to report as reported. i don't on my feet of them this year compared to your year. and actually if you look at the present mac level is actually 6 percent higher. where we are going to be. the problem is our, and our prices because of the commodity prices around the world increasing and a huge factor on our foreign reserves. and that is something that is reality and above up on those up all. and it was a 7 month which is quite low. and that is giving a report the concern for the economy, central bank, which i started putting limits now on various items coming into tell us more about why foreign reserves have been depleting and the country is heavily dependent on import goods and services. all are good, including food items,
6:36 pm
are people who are the right and imported from a neighboring country, china and india, and hadn't such, high dependence on importance is creating the problem. if the quantity stayed the same and the pricing the same, i can, if i won't have such a huge problem. however, because the geopolitical problems as one of the shipping costs increasingly around the world, we're seeing that the price of all these commodities have increased dramatically. which is now creating a huge, huge, better on up or to the okay. and what about the steps that the government has has taken so far? yes. so on the central bank of the depth try to restrict importance using various measures, such as putting 100 margin and limiting lp things of the items. and that will have a benefit in the sense that, of course, money will be paid, but the pressures on missionary prices,
6:37 pm
because things are getting more here of people to buy and above the measure, thinking about the country bank. if talk to them right now, they need to look at the government to look at the long term solution. if they're going to get out of the problem and not having the recurring every few months. and what about the, the, i mean you're, you're joining us from, from, can i do itself just give us a sense of how people are feeling about this. i going to be pressure in the fall are up and do it right now. there's a huge dodge in prices on basic commodities such as patrol such as food items and the amount of heavily lakes. although we are not involved in the job, all the heavy lifting down what happens around the world. shipping costs going up cause problems for us because we are dependent on 40 percent about good come from china and the price is the rate going up. causes an issue here that you bring in war has caused by there on the was going up and a big it's important to olive oil. our own 12 percent of our import is patrol and
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diesel and these kinds of pressure will have direct impact on the local lead book and in the okay, we'll leave it there. thank you so much for joining us from. come and do look as toady. thank you. thank you so much. now it is the 3rd anniversary of the easter sunday bombings in sure lanka. anti government professor has joined with families of the victims, calling for justice. 279. people were killed in a series of suicide bombings, churches on tow towels with police blamed on to local muslim groups with links to isolate, shouting in that sadness. it has been 3 years since those ducks. still people are asking for justice. somebody thought, since everybody is uniting and asking for change, for people to be held accountable, we felt it was appropriate that we bring the families here. and i have always
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heard 14000 people have gathered across pakistan and support of austin prime minister in ron con. he's on a national campaign aimed at reaffirming his popularity with the public was removed from office last week after losing and no confidence vote. he was replaced by opposition. politician shabbots sharif cannot hide. there was at one rally in islamic bond. mackay rally and the garden board of karachi, where the outer prime minister, amber on, on book 2, tens of thousands of papers from all walks of life, family, the elderly, the children i do get behind me, even head in a clamor body. like all other major screens have been that job. so that day, the board of the outside prime minister can come and show their support for amber on, on the paper that we've got to believe that there was an international spread it
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a to our prime minister because prime minister on hon registered most golf. now as you can see, that are out of paper, even f 9 box, which are the general bargaining normal bod, and a message loud and clear that iran con, despite it said bag, had made a huge gun by politically. people are coming out in large numbers across the country, to show dashboard. within just a month time, there was nothing out there was an automated. so every one, every sunday believes that it was the piracy. it was the interference in the internal affairs, a bunch of thought. there's no doubt about the opposition, maybe to enjoy seeing that they're now back in pockets on government. however, that's clear taking those are that the wave of popularity is against them. how long
6:41 pm
their government relock is anybody's gay? the leader of the anglican church has condemned britons plan to send tens of thousands of asylum seekers to rhonda and his easter sunday sermon. the archbishop of canterbury said the u. k. government's new relocation strategy poses serious ethical questions for as a policy a privileges direction the strong and they cannot carry the weight of our national responsibility as a country formed by christian values. because sub contracting out our responsibility even to a country that seeks to do well like her wanda, is the opposite to the nature of god. this week is set to be a crucial test for who becomes the next president of france. and manual micro takes on challenger marilla, penn. in a debate on wednesday, the televised exchange will be watched by millions of people ahead of the april
6:42 pm
24th run off election. and tasha butler reports from avenue well we're in the final leg of the french presidential election in one week. voters will go to the polls to pick the next president of france and choose between 2 very different visions for the country. on one side, the centrist emanuel micro is running for a 2nd term as president, management of the covey pandemic in from, and his diplomacy over the war. and ukraine is suddenly played out very well with photos. but he's still struggling to shake his reputation amongst thumb. that he is a president who favors the rich. on the other hand, marine the pen is the leader of the far right party. she's still frontier image in recent years. she's been campaigning very hard on the cost of living a big issue in this election. nevertheless, jen to remain firmly and t u in the gratian. in fact, she says, if elected, she would make it illegal for muslim women to wear heads golf in public,
6:43 pm
in from one of the key moments of the week will be a debate between emmanuel micro, i'm reading the pen. we all want analyst, what we can expect my course, i couldn't visual. manual mccrae will try to convince me that when voters who often don't like him to support him and block the far right, he needs to convince them that his policies are also for them. which many on the left dark belief, marina pain, it needs to show she's changed that she has more experience than 5 years ago, and more credible on the economy, and particularly on the big fame of the election that the call of living community . so. so for those micro on the pen, a campaigning hard for foods they are targeting the many people who are still undecided as well as left wing voters by promising things like more jobs and more measures to tackle climate change. soon as you know, authorities of launched an investigation into the sinking of a tanker off it's coast. the ship went down in bad weather on saturday, triggering fears of an environmental disaster. alexey o'brien reports hitting out
6:44 pm
into the mediterranean sea from the chin as in port city of davis, the dive teams part of efforts to prevent what activists warn, could be an environmental catastrophe. they were sent to inspect the hall of the sunken tanka, the z, low. it went down on saturday, along with 750 tons of diesel the vessel flying the flag of equatorial guinea was sailing from egypt to malta. it's 7 man crew issued at a stray school on friday evening and sought shelter from bad weather. but the vessel began taking on water. the crew were later safely brought to shore june, as he is environment minister is helping oversee the response. she said is the situations under control city getting his own the muscle tone, this is cargo of fuel oil or diesel. it's very different from oil in the fuel. oil is much less dangerous and tends to evaporate fairly quickly. we think the hall is
6:45 pm
still water tight, and there is no leakage at the moment. no little she authority, se barriers are being set up to limit the spread of fuel at any spillage would be mopped up. but local fishermen angry. their livelihood relies on the waters where the tanker is lying. the world wildlife fund says the areas of fishing ground for $600.00 sailors with the wider gulf providing jobs for around $34000.00 others. i suppose we demand that specialists go down into the sea and unload all the materials inside. if a leakage occurs, we will not have anything as we already only have a little part of the sea left to live on in the woods. janasia says several countries of offered to help out to prevent any pollution. alixia brian al jazeera for had on the altar, there were lose our grains, tennis stars fight back on the court, but was it enough to see them progress to the final ah,
6:46 pm
in 2018. a journalist lead 40 days of civic action against the armenian government, and president sockets yann's grip on power. i'm going to liberate this, where a new documentary follows his non violent ham hain to bring down a corrupt regime. and it's astonishing outcome with a democratic alicia. i am not alone, arminius, velvet revolution on al jazeera. from the front blind al jazeera correspondence continue to report every angle of the war ukraine rubin given access to this special unit. making sure there's no threats behind those front lines. there's almost. busy complete destruction of fighting back a russian for holding background forces. the scale of destruction is just now being revealed as we arrive at me. goliath, there is panic. a russian warplane is suspected of being close by. stay with al
6:47 pm
jazeera, for the latest developments. ah, o. a palm sunday celebrations are being held in egypt without pandemic restrictions for the 1st time in 2 years. last year, people who wanted to attend mass had to register with an online application. there had been taped restrictions on large gatherings, and friday prayers were cancelled at ma, some churches this year, palm sunday, and easter celebrations coincide with the muslim holy month of ramadan. the christians and iraq are celebrate easter,
6:48 pm
against the backdrop of diminishing numbers in their religious community. thousands have gathered in baghdad and cut up close to mark the occasion up to a quarter of a rock. christian minority have left the country in the last 2 decades because a conflict, an eyesore a time a tourism is making come back in iraq. despite years of war invasion and the destruction of ancient archaeological sites, visitors are returning to see the remaining cultural treasures. one destination proven popular is what's long been known as the cradle of civilization, from babylon. but what i've been had reports in the ancient city of babylon, tourists are trickling back. that follows the iraqi government, ending the needful, pre arrival visa from dozens of countries. this is erica of babylon, as it's thought to have looked like in 600, be see little is left of the original structure, but tourist is,
6:49 pm
are fascinated by 4000 years of miss a pretty me, as cultural heritage. a lot of people back in ireland don't even know that babylon is in iraq. they don't even know it's still a real place. you know? so it's so incredible to be able to come here. this is what remains of the hanging gardens of babylon. one of the 7 wonders of the ancient world. the original and renowned as tara gate was shipped off to berlin by european archaeologists. at the beginning of the last century, archaeologists say numerous, his seroquel treasures are waiting to be discovered across iraq. here in this area, for instance, there are ancient ruins beneath these surrounding pol mcgrooves and villages there threatened by oil pipelines running through them and encroachments by local residents. all was the cultural,
6:50 pm
half planned of ancient mister per tamia. it's revered as the birth place of prophet abra harm and gained international attention following glossed. he is a visit by the head of the catholic church. pop frances? yeah. i think even more from from my parents, they were, they were quite nervous. they were, they asked why you go into iraq and, and is going to be safe. and, but the people been so friendly, it's very welcoming. and so for my point, we, it's a great country to with us. so zones of priceless artifacts have been looted or smuggled out of iraq. ancient term pills, palaces and tombs either destroyed by i sill or damage it under the watch of consecutive governments over bar alysia, fill happy play, annika. cultural tourism was blooming before the 2003 us live invasion. but we've recently received several western excavation missions that have helped a lot on discovering and protecting mini sites. they've also highlighted the importance of or as a center for inter faith and destination for tourists from various backgrounds that
6:51 pm
he searches of tourism means creating new development projects and job opportunities for many here. highest sonata fall center rocky. these pieces, a hand crafted by young people who have no other jobs to do so we count on the government to help bring to respect so that we can keep the business afloat, rocky, a 3rd shot in yoyo, and continue to maintain the immortal memory of ancient more super tamia, even though much of its magnificence has been lost to decades of case and neglect my mod up through a l g 0 in babylon, city centrally, iraq, time for all the sports news. now with leon thinking, dream yet. let's start with some basketball, where steph curry returned from injury to help the golden state warriors take game one in the opening round of the playoffs against the denver nuggets. curry started the game on the bench, giving a chance for playoff newcomer jordan pool to shine. the 22 year old scoring 30
6:52 pm
points in san francisco, curry had been she had been out with a foot injury, but looked pretty good. on his return here, the 34 year old scoring 16 points in just 22 minutes. golden state winning this 11231. 07. with game 2 on monday at the time was actually in my experience sub nearby a game to after a, a, a comfortable when and game one is always, always a tough endeavor. so we know what's common. there were 3 other games on the opening night of the playoffs. donovan mitchell scored 32 points as utah beat dallas 99 to 93, minnesota. they defeated memphis 130 to 117 with help from anthony edwards and his 36 points. while philadelphia overcame toronto, 131 to 111 tyree's maxi with 38 points. will chelsea and crystal palace are
6:53 pm
currently in action and the english f, a cup semi finals. the winner will face liverpool, who edged closer to a stuart quadruple. they beat manchester city 32. it took liverpool just 9 minutes to take the lead. ibrahim, i cannot say, heading them in front of the city than gifted liverpool. their 2nd go peepers, act stuff in charge down by saudi o money, who made it to nails on 17 minutes. and liverpool went into half time. 3 know us money with his 2nd of the match to put his side in control at the break. but city got one back early in the 2nd half. gabriel, here's who's getting up. jackson. gree wish it was a nervous last few minutes for liverpool as bernardo silva made it 32 in stoppage time. but it was too little too late for city club side into the final. and they still have a shot of becoming the 1st english club to win the league title to domestic cuts. and the champions league, all in the same, never has been come. german side boost your dorman had a huge win and the bonus league on saturday, they scored 5 1st half goals as they thrashed wolf bird 61 early in holland for
6:54 pm
twice and helped echo with we'll get another it's the 2nd time darkman have scored 6 schools in less than 2 months, they beat bruce your mom, she glad back 6 mil in the leak and february dormant that 2nd in the table 6 point behind by and a big score line in portugal to add port to the rest and $41.00 and $7.00 mil to say top of the premier illegal trick from medi totally meet helps extend their lead at the top of the table to 9.4 to have now 126 of their 30 li games this season. drawing the other 4 family friends and fans had been paying their respects to colombian football legend. freddy ring con at his funeral, the 52 year old former national team captain died after suffering severe head injuries in a car crash. a funeral was held at a stadium in the city of cali before his body was transported by cemetery. while
6:55 pm
the n b b a r in their play off, ice hockey's in h l r. approaching their post season and the league leading colorado avalanche have secured the top seed in the western conference. colorado took care of the california hurricanes $74.00 on saturday, 2 goals each from j. t. confir and nathan mckennon helping to secure a night straight when for the avalanche the saint louis blues are on their way to the play up to that's after 865 win over the minnesota wild read inch and scoring 56 seconds into over time to secure a spot in post season, these 2 teams are actually likely to meet again in the 1st round of the playoffs. one major league baseball show high autonomy is goal good, bad inform continues. the japanese star hit his 3rd home run into games for the los angeles angel attorneys. 2 run homer help the angels to a 7 to win over the texas rangers on saturday. elsewhere cincinnati reds, rookie hunter green, made
6:56 pm
a bit of history on saturday against the los angeles dodgers screen through $39.00 pitches of a 100 miles per hour. faster. that's a fraction more than a 160 kilometers per hour. it's the most in a single game. pitch since tracking began in 2008. despite that, the read, we're still beaten. 5 to the usa have reached the finals of tennis, is billie jean king cup after surviving a brilliant come back from ukraine and their tie. the 2 americans went into saturday. singles leading to nil, but were soon on the back foot as both kathleen and diana. yes. trim scott one there matches to draw the tide level at $22.00, but yes. trim scott and teammate road miller kitchen arc. last to jessica schuler and asia mohammed in the doubles decider, just like going out of the tournament. ukrainian team. think phantom for their support. you know, i always been proud of my country and i always been proud and em ukrainian. and i always like to represent my country, but now at this moment it's well
6:57 pm
a sub to describe it. but you know, my heart, my hurts phase at home, and i really want to go back there. but my mind is here and i have to play and i have a disability on my sister and it just super nice to be in a safe place here and playing that amazing grove with a great support. it's nice to see different impacts everywhere. so many years in flag behind her, what would snooker champion mark selby has got his title defense often running at the crucible? so be advanced to the 2nd round after beating jamie jones pen, 7, the gesture from lester as he's called one the 17th frame, to book his place in the last 16. so be, is amy for world crowd. let's see if you can do it. all right, well that's it for me. i'll be back at 1800 g m t, but for this news, our handy back over to, to re they, i thank you so much. we'll see you later on. and thanks for watching the news. our
6:58 pm
on al jazeera will take a very short break, and we'll be back right after that with much more of today's news in all the latest headline. see in a minute, bye bye. ah mm. and the world is warming and green lens ice sheet is melting, which is changing everything from sea levels to the way people live. and now even exposing the remnants of a cold war pulse greenland, the melting of the frozen north on al jazeera m. a pink lake near the car attract
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tourists and under pins the local economy. thousands depend on its precious souls ah, al jazeera well explored the major environmental issues above and below the surface . that threatened lake red bus very existence center goals spring plate. on out, jesse, the health of humanity is at stake. a global pandemic requires a global response. w h o is the guardian of global health. delivering life saving tools, supplies, and training to help the world's most vulnerable people, uniting across borders to speed up the development of tests, treatments, and vaccine keeping you up to date with what's happening on the ground in the world and in the lab. now, more than ever, the world needs w h l. making
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a healthier world for you. for everyone. ah, ukraine's prime minister says there troops and merrier pole are fighting on that despite a russian deadline to surrender. passing. ah, you're watching al jazeera life for my headquarters in del hi me during obligate, also had 20 palestinians injured and 18 arrested as is really police dispersed worshippers submitted almost compound 2 days after violence confrontations, an unreleased.


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