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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  April 19, 2022 9:00pm-10:01pm AST

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and reconciliation, permission for this former warlord liberia has become the frontline of a drug war. it cannot afford to lose. he says it's a battle he will fight out of responsibility and killed for his past crimes and for his country. ah, this is al jazeera ah, hello, i'm adrian again. this is louise. i'll live from dough coming up in the next 60 minutes. the battle for don bass rushes military steps up, its latest offensive in ukraine, hitting key targets in the east of the country. students among the dead off the separate blasts of schools in afghanistan. capital a, sorry figure renewed, cool surprise. his prime minister to quit after being fined by police for breaking
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clothes. i in no way minimize the importance of this fine. i am heartily sorry. good. my mistake of the international monetary fund slash is its output for global growth by half the pandemic of the war in ukraine, notably, and i'm sorry how much nor have oh, the latest sport. costano rinaldo with miss manchester, united game against liverpool. following the death of his new born baby son who's a warning the lives of hundreds of thousands of people in the ukraine hang in the balance. it's coming from the un secretary general, who's calling for a 4 day truce in the war with russia. antonio quoterush was speaking soon after a 2nd ultimatum from russia for ukrainian troops to get out of mario pole was ignored. i'll just here, as i said, beg begins, are coverage listed,
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and what russia refuses to call a war has now entered its 2nd faith. and its being dubbed the battle for don bas association in the east of ukraine is aimed as was announced from the very beginning to fully liberate the dan. yes, gun logan's republics in this operation. oh will, we will continue with this beginning. i mean, another stage of this operation is beginning and then sure this will be a very important moment of this entire special of derision. ukrainians caught up in the fighting a forced to flee as russian forces pummeled cities and towns 6 of them. ukraine's president says russia will not be successful. that is zamora good. now we can already state that russian troops have begun the battle, the dumbass to which they had been preparing for a long time, that a significant part of the entire russian army is now concentrated on this offensive . no matter how many russian troops are driven there,
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we will fight. we will defend ourselves, and we will do it every day. we won't keep up anything ukrainian and we don't need anything. foreign or great. ukraine says it's repulsive number of russian attacks in the east. a 2nd ultimatum issued by russia for ukrainian soldiers in mario paul to surrender has passed. moscow had said the lives of the soldiers inside to steal works would be sped if they ceased what it called senseless resistance. jolissa immediately, birth control is up on those 3 united states and western country and doing everything to drag out a special meeting operation as much as possible. you must, the growing supplies of foreign weapons like clearly signal the intention to provoke the key regime to keep fighting until the last ukraine, where you are. the european union is considering more sanctions on russia. we call on the russia, we continue to call in russia to stop all the illegal analogy, the matter actions connected to weeds aggression against ukraine and when it comes
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to next round of the sanctions. i think the, you highest representatives, the leaders of that you and also the representatives of the member states. they're very clear that we continue to work on further sanctions. and when the time will be right, they will be announced so far calls for a cease fire or the threat of sanctions have not stopped this war. although russia may have failed to take keith, the battle for the east is one. russia cannot be seen to loose a sad bag. i'll jazeera speaking outside the un secretary general antonio to cherish outlined his call for a truce. to day, i am calling for the 4 day holy week. humanitarian balls beginning on holly's thursday, and running through the sunday. april 20 force to allow for the opening of a series of humanitarian corridors. humanitarian balls would provide the necessary conditions to meet to crucial imperatives. first safe passage of all civilians
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willing to leave the areas of current and expected confrontation in coordination with the international committee of the red cross. seconds beyond humanitarian operations already taking place at balls, we will offer the safe delivery of life saving humanitarian aid to people in the car. thus it areas such as mario ball, carson donuts and once that's her life, the eastern new crane al jazeera. charles stratford is in pa croft. charles, bring us up to speed on this renewed push by russia there in the east will certainly adrian in the areas along very close to the frontline that we have visited today and some incredibly heavy shelling we heard. and right, the way along basically the areas that we visited and never certainly speaking to
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people in this area, they haven't heard anything quite as heavy as, as that, so far in this conflict, it's really shocking to see certainly the towns that we've visited, including this one pa cross, just how few people that are left in this area. i mean, we are doing this live from inside a hotel is a very strict rules on curfews. we're not actually supposed to have lights on in the hotels. houses are, are encouraged at night to, to close the curtains. there is nobody on the streets. the local authorities here a saying last made around 70 percent of the population of this town alone has disobeyed flight the fighting. we visited the train station here as well, which every day has a train departing west, taking people away from the front lines. those who wants to leave those that remain . and it's fair to say that we're very few people on this train as well. i mean we
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spoke to a young mother taking her 10 year old son out of the oven area, further east. from here. she saying that she did not want her 10 year old son to be a victim. like the countless victims we saw in boucher. we saw a couple of an elderly couple as well, who described to rick scenes in a town that they were fleeing as well. not far from here, describing the town as being a pretty much destroyed an ongoing fighting in it. so yes, the situation here, the further east you go, the more her effect, the more frightening it becomes with respect to, to fighting and casualties. we understand that sir least 4 people were killed in shelling in car cave. of course, car cave. we've seen such heavy fighting now for weeks, which is knowles east of here. we've also hearing this evening that at least one person was killed in shelling in the town of kraemer tools. again the town slightly
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north east of here. but also interestingly to say, certainly according to the ukrainian military, they're claiming some military success encounter offensives. the, the specifically around the town of mary anchor, which is not far from here. i suppose it was about an hour ago that lines began to drop from the ukrainian military saying that they had taken back full control of that town of having lost it earlier in the conflict. and certainly the time that those lines were dropping and it was consistent with them about an hour hour and a half before we'd been in that area. and as i described, i mean to go, the shelling was incredibly intense. so yes, all indications would suggest that certainly fighting has intensified in this region in the last 24 hours or so. but as a says, it pulled to certainly, according to the ukrainians,
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recognize that they are claiming at least certain successes in and along this frontline as they try and hold russian forces back our chance. many thanks out as there is chance strength for their reporting live from pull crafts in easton, ukraine's book with a little more. and how things are playing out in russia is our correspondent dosage . barry, with the latest from moscow, the russian foreign minister circle of rav that was asked whether or not at the russian military would ever consider using their tactical nuclear weapons that they have in their military arsenal. and a foreign minister was adamant that the russian military will continue to use what he called conventional weapons during this conflict in ukraine at the russian defense minister survey. chicago has also been speaking to a number of military personnel at a meeting here in moscow. and according to the russian defense minister, the reason that this conflict is continuing to drag on for so long this now de
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$55.00 of the so called special military operation, which began on february 24th. the reason for the fact that it's taking this long is that according to the defense minister, the united states continued to supply weapons and aid to the government in kiev is really very issue at the heart of this conflict. dragging on for this long at survey chicago saying that the united states has a really continue to and poor weapons into ukraine at to try and drag this conflict as long as possible in an attempt to and continue to destabilize. and we can russia and its influence in the region retired us army, general mark commits was a former deputy director of plans. the strategy with st. com and served as assistant secretary of state for political military affairs during the george w bush administration. he georgia smiled from mclean, virginia, far scribe could chevy with us. again, general m a. u. s. a senior
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u. s. defense official says that around 7 us flights will be heading to europe in the next 24 hours carrying weaponry for ukraine. will those weapons make any difference in the fight for don bass? well, as i take a look at this 800000000 package that was just announced the other day, a did have some equipment in there that it's valuable. but the numbers of pieces of equipment in aggregate are really no more than barely keeping up with what has been lost by the ukrainians. up to this point, they talk about 18 howitzers. i think the they have lost probably 140000 rounds of ammunition that will be good to keep them moving on the ground, the switchblade, you a, these will certainly be helpful, but there are no magic bullets in that aid package. and candidly,
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with this offensive coming up, i wouldn't want to say it's too little too late, but it certainly helps nato understand that the united states is still sporting, but it won't make a significant difference on this upcoming battle. okay, as far as the fight for don bass is concerned. do you think that russia has learned from its mistakes? and yet here it is launching this offensive against such a wide swathe of territory here. can it, can it be successful? well, 1st of all, we haven't really established how, when, and where they're going to attack, we're going through this phase right now called shaping or preparation to the battlefield. hence, you see a lot of artillery. you see a lot of ground reconnaissance elements out there. but i don't think the russians have played their hand just yet. yes, they probably have learned from their initial attacks. and most importantly, they've replaced a number of generals, some who had been killed,
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others who were proven incompetent. and they put a new general on top of all them, a general devora cough who has a significant amount of combat experience in chechnya and more recently in syria up . so i think all the pieces are in place for the russians to have planned a good plan. it is yet to be seen how well they will execute up till now. their execution has been very poor and aware into this in this russian strategy. does the port city of mario pull a full why it? why is that city so important to this russian offensive? well, i think it's 2 things. in the long run, it's important because it provides the land bridge between russia and crimea. something the russians have wanted ever since they annexed crimea in 2014 number 2, latimer who needs to have a victory before may, 9th,
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the victory day parade. and mary, opal is probably his nearest potential victory. but i would tell you the amount of brutality and destruction in mary a pull, i actually think will work against him because it's going to inspire the ukrainian offered the ukranian army. sort of, as we say in america, remember the alamo. so i think in the long run, it's going to hurt against him. and, but he will at least have that land bridge from russia into premier. and how long do you think it will take russia to get to a point in this offensive before it can declare some sort of a victory? what, what would that entail? what would it look like before president putin can say, right, that's our objective. achieved, given the ukrainian forces, even if, even if they face a route are going to put up very stiff resistance. oh that's,
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that's absolutely true. the ukrainians have surprise all of us with their fierce resistance. i think in the south he could proclaim victory if he was able to use those. ready remaining southern forces to take off of desa. that would be a significant victory for him. and that would essentially turn ukraine into a landlocked country. in the north, it's very likely that the general to florida cough is not going to attack do ah, east to west. but more than likely, he will use the old russian maneuvered tactic of enveloping from the north. so if you look along that is you maxes any attacks due south that will be behind the lines of the main ukrainian forces. and if he can encircle and surround them, he will then destroy them. and latimer putin can hold that up as victory in the north. really get to talk to you again so many thanks to you for being with us.
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general mark kimmitt that. thank you, mclean, virginia. your with it. he's out for marcella still to come on the program making a mock the level revel. route revolutionary hero vying to the presidency at east timor. the presidential front runner and favorite, even though his name is linked to corruption, oppression in the philippines than the golden arm of steph curry action from the end the playoffs coming up later in schools. ah, what is 15 people have been killed in attacks on 2 schools in afghanistan is capital witnesses say that hand grenades were used now to serious friends in monahan, reports blood on the streets of cobble explosives, detonated near this school as children were leaving their morning classes several people are dead and children are among the injured. but the key for george,
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ellen forgot that we are close to the school. i quickly came to the site when the 1st blast happened to see if everything was okay. i went to the top of my house to see what was going on. there was a crowd of people over there and i was standing on the roof of my house and called my children to enter the harm. suddenly the 2nd blast happened and i got injured. the victims are members of the has ara a, she a minority group there community and this neighborhood had previously been targets of eiffel attacks. the governing taliban says the security situation is under control, but ours toward that violence may be on the rise. the most important thing that we have to talk about and we have to consider is the fragile nature of the security. it can easily be disrupted, it could easily be in danger as we have seen today. so therefore, i think a lot has to be done on the part of the taliban to do to provide it from fix to quickly to the entire population or one is done. but it is going to be impossible for them. because if you see the,
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the economic or harsh deducing for jazz meant in the public discontent that is going with, with already passing day, all those things combined together. i think it will computer difficult for him. back at the school security forces arrived to seal off the area. the taliban has been cracking down armed groups since it came to power in august. but this latest attack is a reminder that security remains what bits. biggest challenges been to monahan al jazeera, counting as underway in the final round of east timor's presidential election, nobel laureate josie ramos horta is up against encumbered francisco garage in a runoff. boat scene is crucial for the country stability. jessica washington reports as h as youngest country goes to the polls. aunt rivals faceoff once again in the final round of presidential elections, incumbent francisco. look with that if says he's focused on the economy and improving people's quality of life. what if i won
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a prosperous economy will try not to incur unnecessary debt except to improve people's lives. in march, 16 candidates contested round one at the elections. curtis one only 22 percent of the votes. while his opponent, nobel laureate joseph ramos horta got nearly high politics in east timor, also known as timor, listy is dominated by older men who are respected for the wrongs in the countries fight for independence from indonesian occupation. both candidates are from a generation of what a widely viewed as revolutionary heroes, renown make up the political elite or competed in elections in 2007 to which ramos horta one is la, respectful, the, all the politicians. there's a lot of respect. ready for their resistance generation and the veterans, but people are asking the question, oh, how long can this generation dominate? polls exactly. melissa. as he cast his own ballad ramos horta said he would prioritize building regional ties all day. foreign policy
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from absolute priority is our water osceola membership. around 40 percent of people in east timor leave in poverty as people queued in the sun waiting to have their say many a hoping for solutions to high unemployment and improvements to health care and education. political stability is on the minds of many voters to a longstanding rivalry between the 2 major parties has created a political deadlock that prevented the government passing a budget. i hate to put an i hope that no one will forget their promises made during the campaign. we'll have to keep reminding them, said those promise is a well implemented in the community. some analysts say the growing number of young voters are getting tired of the political dramas of the past being continually dredged up. and that's putting them off supporting the 2 biggest parties, c, n, r t, and franklin. i don't think they see themselves represent in representing any of
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their agendas. and i think that's something that boats the inner t m. frightening are struggling with, with their representation of young people. now voters have a choice between 2 candidates, both played important roles in the nation's past, and hope they will to in its future. jessica washington out to 0 talks are underway between top us and south korean diplomats after a series of missile tests by north korea. the u. s. special envoy for north korea says that washington and saw have agreed on the need for a strong and unified response as concerned the pyongyang could conduct a nuclear test soon. the u. s. and south korea urging the north to return to talks . it is extremely important for the united nations security council for sunday, clear signal to the d p. okay, there we will not accept it as quality as, as normal. also agreed underneath to maintain the strongest possible joint determine capability on the peninsula. and as ambassador, no mention,
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this is why our militaries are exercising and trending together. like the exercise that started just today, i want to underline that we have not closed the door and diplomacy with the dpr k. and i once again collin kung to pers pursue a diplomatic pat with us. we remain prepared to meet with b meet with anywhere without any conditions. also want to make clear that we have no hostile intent towards the dpr k. and they've been protests on site south korea's foreign ministry against joint military exercises with the u. s. demonstrates as a calling for an end to what they say are coercive policies against north korea. the protested, insist of sanctions word solve the nuclear issue on the korean peninsula. scott snyder is a cd, a fellow full career studies and director of the program on u. s. korea policy of the council on foreign relations. he explains what's behind the us trying to re engage with north korea last time that the u. s. and north
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korea were engaged in diplomacy, was in 2018 and early 2019. and that diplomacy was enabled and purchased by north korean self restraints. in conducting of long range tasks, and it was also accompanied by a cessation of us south korean joint field exercises. but what we've seen over the course of the past few months in particular, is north korea, shedding the self restraint on its side and trying to build an enhanced strike capability, possibly using nuclear weapons. and as ambassador come indicated, the u. s. response has been to try to keep the door open to dialogue, but to also resume some of the preparations in terms of military exercises necessary to should, to deter north korea. so i think that the situation is similar to one and which actually if we look at the changes that have occurred on the u. s. and south korean
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side of military forces rotate, there's a new general in command. essentially we have a new administration. and so if you think about it in sports terms on the u. s. and south korean side, we have a new team, a new coach, a new owner, but it's a team that has not practiced. meanwhile, the north koreans have the same team in the same owner, but they continue to practice in terms of military preparations for writing us. australia says that it's deeply disappointed that china has signed a security agreement with the solomon islands, the u. s. and it ties in the asia pacific so that it could be stabilized the region, bringing chinese warships within 2000 kilometers of history and coast. i'm 0 is under chappelle reports and new security arrangement for the pacific that's caught many by surprise. china has signed
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a cooperation agreement with the solomon islands, one that western governments believe could bring chinese warships uncomfortably close to australia's shores. the agreement is to maintain social order, protect lives and property response, a natural disasters and provide humanitarian aid. china's foreign ministry rejects notions, the islands are in australia's so called back yard patty on dogwill. pacific island countries are not any one's backyard, though, let alone pawns in a geopolitical confrontation. island countries have actual needs for diversification of foreign cooperation and also have the right to independently choose their partners. deliberately exaggerating tensions and provoking confrontation between camps is not of interest to island countries. news of the agreement sent shock waves around the world when it was leaked last month. and just hours before it was announced, the u. s. warned against it, saying it could expand the reach of china's military or p, a les, despite these all knowns, governments comments, the broad nature of the security agreement leaves open the door for the deployments
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of p r. c. military forces to the solomon islands. a we believe that signing such an agreement could increase destabilization within the solomon islands. and we'll set a concerning precedent for the wider pacific island region. violent protests in november against unemployment, the prime minister manase. so guevara and warming relations with beijing left the solomon islands, chinatown area, and ruins. so have already turned to australia, new zealand, and papa new guinea, to send peacekeepers and restore order. about 50 australian police, remain there. as a friend of solomon islands, we remain there fiscal for security, but now it's likely to become an election issue for prime minister scott morrison who's facing criticism for not doing more to scuttle the deal. his counterpart sought to reassure a camera in his own parliament. the islands won't become embroiled in any geopolitical game. there is no intention whatsoever, mrs. big aust, china to build a mil to base in someone else. it's a remarkable turnaround since 2019,
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when the solomon islands switch diplomatic recognition from taiwan to beijing and unlocked millions of dollars for the developing country. it's now positioned itself between competitors and is moving to china's backyard. andrew spell out his ear. a protest has been shot dead by police inter lanka during demonstrations, against the government handling of the economic crisis there. oh, media reports say 10 other people were injured. security forces were seen using live ammunition against a group which was blocking a highway less than 24 hours after renew cabinet. was sworn in opposition. parties are threatening to bring down the governments the demanding, the resignation of president. casa by a roger boxer, the international monetary fund says, the war you craig is driving a world economic downturn. it slashed its global growth forecast from 6 point one percent in 2021, to 3.6 percent this year. it says nearly every country is likely to feel
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a pinch. beyond its immediate and tragic humanitarian impact, the war will slow economy growth and increase inflation. overall economic risks have risen sharply and policy trade offs of become even more challenging. compared to our january forecast, we have revised our projection for global growth downwards to 3.6 percent in both 20222023. well, her number is debbie division deputy division chief at the i m f's research department. he says the economic outlook for some countries is actually looking brighter. the vast majority of, of our country forecasts have been downgrading this rounds. we've. ready downgraded over $140.00 economies for this is forecast around the account for about 85 percent of the economy. but there is a small segment for which you're actually seeing upgrades. and these are mainly
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commodity producers, oil exports, and export b ravia. we've increased the growth forecast for this year by $2.00, percentage points on the back of higher oil prices, an increase in production line plus agreement. similarly in sub saharan africa, we have the example of nigeria where they've upgraded the forecasts also and one producer. so there are some economies that we'll see favorable terms of trade effects from the fall out of this war and higher growth as a result. but it's, it's day very important in those economies to ensure that the wind farm from writing college prices used wisely to invested mountain growth to invest in creating social opportunities and to ensure that these wind farm is shared widely across society are approaching midway point. and this news out got wonderful cars next and then still searching for family members. now that are more worries for
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south africa, effective by the worst flooding in decades. the ongoing cost of coasted on our environment just trying to find a solution to mountains of waste created by pandemic protection in hong kong. as an impressive performance by the georgia star sightings baseball light coming up in school. i hello there. let's start in southern africa and is good news. the eastern areas of south africa conditions have cleared up. it's looking a lot more settled after those devastating floods, inquisition at how cities like durban sing, lots of sunshine and clear skies. welcome released from that wet weather. now much of the rain has pushed to phelan areas of mozambique. we are going to see some drenching downpours for lot of zimbabwe in the days ahead and look at that heavy
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rain pushing into north eastern areas of madagascar. now further north of this was seen the usual storms and showers rolling across, sent that central band of africa. we're going to see wet weather for the northwest corner. thanks to a weather system, a plaguing iberia, then all that's going to push its way further east. bringing some pretty intense winds, we could see some sandstorms as well for libya and cairo, which is seen a cool down will start to warm up as the winds change in the days to come. now for the event we've had some yo yo temperatures here. they are going to pick up again as that unsettled weather pushes east across turkey will see temperatures pick up once again in places like jerusalem. but for baghdad, there is a bit of a cool don, thanks to a wind blowing down for lot of the heat, we have to head further south react, touching 40 degrees celsius on thursday. a
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from the al jazeera london, bro, cost center t people, unprompted uninterrupted, witnessing a much more humane recalls. what's happened previous than what has been meet with out to these non european talk one a 5 do. is that gonna all 3 out to aim? if somebody comes to gonna from europe, then never call it an immigrant, even if they go through exactly the same processes that we go through to come here . they're always known as an x path studio be unscripted on al jazeera. when covered 19 1st hit, the need to minimize contact drove many of the world's judicial systems online. now in the name of cost and efficiency, some of them want to stay there. but what is holding trials and cyberspace denies defendants the right to a fair hearing? and remove safeguards against abuse people empower investigators. online justice on a j 0 lou
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. ah, ah, hello dennis. good to be with us, adrian. so they can hear it though. how about the usa from al jazeera, the headlines rushes deadline for ukrainian soldiers in money. a pull to surrender has passed. moscow says the lives of troops inside a steel works would be spared, if they and what it calls senseless resistance. at least 15 people have been killed in attacks on 2 schools in afghanistan, capital, cobble, witnesses, say that hand roommates were used at a protest has been shot dead by police in sri lanka, during demonstrations, against the government handling of an economic crisis. 10 other people are reported to have been injured, more ukrainian,
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so returning home after seeking refuge in germany, many of taking the bus from berlin to keep the service, the sal resumed after being shot down at the start of the war. i'll just hear a step fossil reports. the ukrainian refugees have made a very difficult decision to go back home. they're taking a 25 hour long journey, not knowing what they're going to find. although they will warmly welcomed here after the russian invasion. they now can't wait to go back and we learning it's our parents are lodge where they are home today. ok, and way, and i'm very glad today. ok that i feel alive. it's really, it's really, it's can read that some, some parents are dying and some children say alone and like, it's terrible to secure the situation and it seems to have improved in the past few weeks. but these last few days, the price again, that's why the mayor and actually asked people not to return yet,
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but that doesn't deter these people. there isn't any other young griffin tinder, we're afraid him, but the fighting is mostly in the east of the country. but there are still airplanes fly, you know, the keys lockets been fired, people running for their lives and children disturbed when they sleep, alarm children than kinda a bunch. often of them. after living as refugees for nearly 2 months here in germany, they're now going on a long and uncertain journey back home, hoping that it's safe enough to state and they're not going to be forced to flee again anytime soon. the israeli army says it's detained. 5 palestinians, it's part of what it's calling counter terrorism activities for the 79 people have been wounded in confrontations with israeli forces in the village of booker troops . supporting settlers on march to the former illegal settlement a whole mesh. it was evacuated in 2005 as part of israel, so called garza disengagement plan. i'll just here is data. abraham has more from
9:36 pm
ramallah in the occupied westbank. these ready army has ready to clear the area down the illegal settlements. outpost of home is a close military soon since december. yet, we're still seeing hundreds and hundreds of settlers come to that area, raid the side, with the protection of these really army. we're talking about more than 600 or 650000. is the settlers living in more than $200.00 illegal israeli settlement and outposts outposts scattered across the west bank, which is why many palestinians would tell you that they feel like they're now living in by linds around supplements. these settlements enjoy the support for from the israeli government. they have the resources, they take a palestinian resources,
9:37 pm
they have infrastructure and they are expanding and expanding at the expense of the palestinians. when we talk about thomas, which is the illegal is really, is settlement that was evacuated in 2005 as part of the gauze of disengagement plan . according to what israel has called it. this a settlement has been proven. why is really courts that it was built on private palestinian lens a 17 year old palestinian girl shot by his really forces has died on i'm holder. was injured over 2 weeks ago during a rated the occupied westbank. our mother says she'd been on her waits would english class in the city of janine, at least $23.00 palestinians have been killed during israeli operations across the west bank. during the past 3 weeks. is really army says that and strikes of had camps used by hamas and gossip off to a rock. it was fired from the strip to ward so that israel no casualties have been
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reported either a truck or walk. it was intercepted by israel's air defense system. and i said, warned that it was 28 against is really actions. deluxe almost compound and occupied east jerusalem. but he, palestinians were wounded by israeli forces that over the weekend jordan's king abdullah has spoken with egypt, president of though father assisi about the violence at the alex almost compound since friday. a number of palestinians have been injured. that is really read. so the occupied compound jerusalem's, old city is considered wholly to muslims, jews and christians whose holidays of ramadan, passover and easter coincided this year. both leaders cold front end to what they say are provocative is really actions. the u. s. is calling for calm. the son of a former dictator is the favorite to become the next president of the philippines, ferdinand bong, bong mall cost. julia says he wants to return the country to its former glory al jazeera java. alan dorgan reports,
9:39 pm
manila ha ha. she will not be a long been marked as junior. is the front runner in the presidential election in maine, but for some one who is running on the platform of unity, he is seen as the most divisive candidate. that's because the marcus named conjures up images of corruption, decadence and oppressive rule. many say it was the day when democracy died. on september 21. 1972 marshal law was imposed by former president, ferdinand marquess thousands were jailed, tortured and killed. that brutal rule lasted for 14 years, and it remains to be the darkest period. in recent philippine history, because 64 year old baldwin is the only son of the dictator ferdinand marcus senior . he died in exile in white after the revolution which toppled him in 1986.
9:40 pm
it may seem surprising to many now, but the marcus, political res, since didn't happen instantly. political observers said the marcus, his have spent years using social media to rewrite history. despite widespread outrage in 2017 president rodrigo to there to allowed his predecessor to be buried in the revered hero cemetery in manila. many see the rehabilitation of the marcus image is in the early complete. micro simply wants to preserve his families and gotten wealth and one's got and bid. thus, he probably left things beyond bills, but more interested and more self interested people. it will be a continuation of the old regime. despite his political pedigree markers, junior has been merged with cases and debts both here and abroad. he was convicted
9:41 pm
of facts, evasion, his family's multi $1000000.00 estate tax to remains unpaid, and he is facing the largest ever contempt case filed by a u. s. court. al jazeera requested an interview with the marcus campaign team, but we didn't get a response. the candidate has also missed other media interviews and most of the presidential debates, but bumble marcus junior says, all he ever wants is to return the country to its former glory for many filipinos here. all they see is the son desperate to leave the country. that others accuse his parents of ransacking, jamal alan, dog and al jazeera manila. millions of people are still without force or more than a weekend to south africa, worst storm and decades. the governments declared a national disaster and is reassuring people, but there will be relief. at least 448 people are known to have died. $40000.00 the homeless, after the flooding in causal to natal province from either mila reports. the heavy
9:42 pm
rains have stopped, but the crisis is still unfolding. south africa's national defense for says 10000 troops will hit the course zulu natal province to help peer out the devastation left by days of flooding. more than 400 people were killed, dozens are missing. this risky team is looking for one of them. no, not before, no marker. we're out here helping. looking for our neighbor. was sure she was swept by the river because we found her son's body nearby, but she is still missing. families are left to wait and manage. one painful struggle off to another is the most singular calling. it's about, the situation is bad. her son is already at the move. but since we haven't found his mother yet, we don't know where to lay his remains. landmark, the floods lift thousands of people homeless, it also knocked out power and water services. president, ceramic wasa, says climate change fuel the disaster and new measures and needed to prepare for
9:43 pm
extreme weather. we need to increase our investment in climate adaptation measures to better safeguard communities. is the effects of climate change? the government has declared a state of disaster with nearly $7000000.00 allocated the relief efforts with communities hit hard rescue team say it will take more than time and money to fully recover hundreds of thousands of children to do to attend to school on tuesday after the easter holiday weekend, but authorities warned for many that won't it be possible for me, tamela al jazeera, the white house says that it's disappointed with a court ruling that struck down a nation wide mosque mandate on public transport. a federal judge in florida ruled the us centers for disease control and prevention had overstepped its authority. it comes with new cases around the rise nationally out there. as john hendrick reports
9:44 pm
from chicago, with new cases rising along with cove in confusion mask mandates in the us or more muddle than ever. in florida, a federal judge appointed by been president, donald trump, on monday, struck down a mask requirement on planes, trains, and buses across the us, seeing the biden administration exceeded its authority. it doesn't matter to me what they do of florida. i'm still going to be, where am i some travelers say they're happy join mask. last medical. the white house is it's reviewing that decision. so this is obviously a disappointing decision. the cdc continues recommending wearing a mask and public transit. as you know, this just came out this afternoon, so right now the department of homeland security who would be implementing and the cdc are reviewing the decision. and of course the department of justice would make any determinations about litigation. the federal government last week extended the
9:45 pm
transportation mask mandate until may 3rd. the biden administration has not said whether it would appeal. most people are still wearing masks with the airport, but the biden administration says it will no longer enforce the transportation mask mandate. airlines are happy, they've been fighting against this rule, and now they want to return to pre pandemic business. as usual, the news comes is covered cases surge with a new sub varying called b a to reportedly 30 percent more contagious than previous variations following a 2 month long decline in cases. just feel like not mandates or something like school or getting like every day that has philadelphia reinstating its indoor mask mandate at the university of connecticut. once again, masks or mandatory. oh, we all want to be healthy. we all want to go back home. wow. and not get disturbed during the exams in new york. most broadway theaters are still requiring theatre
9:46 pm
goers to mask up even as much of the rest of the country goes mask lists. john henderson, al jazeera chicago person is prime minister, has apologize to parliament after being fined by police for breaking his own government's cove at 19 lockdown rules buff. it hasn't silence caused him to quit his job. how reports now from london? it was the 1st time that both johnson had spoken to n p's about the fine that he received during the easter recess. one of a number of fines handed out to senior figures in downing street by the metropolitan police as part of their ongoing investigation into allegations of rule breaches. specifically parties in downing street during periods of covey lockdown, he repeated the public apology. he made at the time, acknowledging people's hurt and disappointment, saying they had a right to expect more from their leaders from the very people who made those rules in the 1st place. but did he think he'd actually done anything wrong?
9:47 pm
let me also say not by way of mitigation or excuse me, but purely purely because it explains my previous words in the times that he did not occur to me. then all subsequently the day gathering in the cabinet room just before a vital meeting on cobra strategy. could amount to a breach of the room. i repeat, that was my mistake. and i apologize for it on reserve at lee that will infuriate many of his critics, including m. p. 's within his own party, of course, who will likely continue to feel that boris johnson is failing to give this issue the gravity it deserves, and that he continues to seek to a lesson to minimize to trivialize his own misconduct. it was the leader of the
9:48 pm
opposition labor party. care stop. will take joke. even now. the latest mealy mouthed apologies stumbled out of one side of his mouth, a new set of deflections and distortions, yet paul from the perils still lies ahead to full bars. johnson, of course, there remains the likelihood that more fines will be handed out by the metropolitan police as its investigation continues. indeed, boris johnson himself may yet receive more fines, and the local elections in may loom at which the conservative party is expected to fare badly. if he does, that could be held up as the public's judgment of bodies. johnson. and at that point his position could be tenuous. indeed. hong kong is one of the few places in the world that's fantastic. as 0 coven policy, tens of thousands of people have been on the quarantine. and that's adding to
9:49 pm
pollution and waste problems in the territory. this pre emption group to explains remote controls, pillows, cutlery, almost everything in this quarantine hotel in hong kong that can be touched by people's hands is wrapped in plastic. the government is determined to keep the crone of ours out, seemingly at any cost. every single one of the stuff that was still p p e, the gowns that had and that every staff member and every school, even just that in itself, the huge, a huge amount being thrown in, you know, to the been and none of that is able to be recycled hong kong times more than $2300.00 tons of plastic waste every day. most of it is disposed in these landfills . since the pandemic disposable waves have been piling up, even along its white,
9:50 pm
sandy beaches. the process of fall recycling, right? are plastic. scrap, it's about 11 percent only. so it's a small percentage. and so good worth. nearly 90 percent of your prospects wait is either an up and then fails. or you end up in the laser. these hastily made quarantine facilities cannot be used long term for housing and are also adding to the problem. everything is nonstandard, the ground formation decide formation is nonstandard doesn't comply with any particular building standards we have in hong kong. the structure set up place on top are temporary, so they have a short lifespan. and then already we have seen issues. when the heavy rain, we have plodding issues and so on. last week, the gulf miss environmental advisors suggested ways to change hong kong throwaway
9:51 pm
culture. but many are concerned the pandemic and the 10 trees 0 cove, its strategy, me heard those efforts, bianco, the i'll 0 sport just ahead here. all that is, are ready to put on the show, will hear from world champion boxer tyson fury out of his title defense. ah.
9:52 pm
ah. oh, hulu. ah, ah. hello thomas for his son. thank you very much, adrian. while all rivals liverpool, manchester united face off in the english premier league on tuesday. but united
9:53 pm
will be without their stop man christiane. rinaldo. we have confirmed that he won't feature in the matter and failed. after the death of his new baby boy, rinaldo and his partner georgina rogue, re this were expecting at twins, but announced on social media that only their daughter had survived. united are still targeting champions league football next season, while liverpool can go top of the table monitor roth rodney knows that many of liverpool plays well from his time in germany. i didn't say that how much influence i had on those playlists, but it's, it's pretty obvious that at the club like liverpool, one of the best clubs in europe for the last couple of years, or they have 6 former players of us. so for, for, for either shocking, oftentimes, salzburg will like to see, so it's probably the highest number of players that, that nobody knew of by the time we either side them or they gave the abuse to be
9:54 pm
came to massive game to biggest collapse in the world. i would say maybe in spain to will say it's different that differently, but 2 of the biggest clubs in the world for sure. face each other, a massive history around big, big, big fights in the past southwind champions. joan boca picked up the 1st to win of the asian champion, the group stage. they beat to pants alcohol. my thanks to a 1st half penalty this challenge in quite a spectacular full by a june books came ging soule, one now the final school, the k league aside sit top of their good on japan's a vessel colby are off to winning saw. they beat hong kong that teach it to one day . the excite managed to make the semi finals 2 years ago. so if gary's return to form help the golden state warriors be denver and came to their series in the playoffs, as he makes his combat from a foot injury car,
9:55 pm
you contributed 34 points with the war. is that cruising to victory in monday's game? nuggets going down $126.00, a $106.00. go to safe, leave the best of 7 series to now the 1st ad for lopez, my step body feel good. so they have to kind of get to some sparse and make certain shots. it feels a little different, a little bit more know on more emotion kind of comes out, especially. i would that layoff so's nice girl. the dallas mavericks level their series with the utah jazz at things to a career high points score of 41 by jaylen bronson. the math taken this 11200 for the teams meeting game 3 of the series on saturday. and the philadelphia $76.00 is have taken control of their class will be toronto, raptors. they be the serious to know that thanks to
9:56 pm
a 112 points in 97. when on monday fell and believe it was the star man for the home side with 31 points on the night. we went on to major league baseball, freddie freeman, the had that quite a day against his former team as the la dodgers that took on the atlanta braves. freeman, who played it for 12 years with the braves that was given a warm reception, apply his old colleagues after his shop move and he showed the reigning wars series champions, what they're missing, hitting his 1st home, run for the dodges in there, 7 for victim, for me, you as open tennis champion, dominic team didn't get the combat he was hoping for as he played his 1st top level match since june, due to a serious risk injury. austrian was beaten by john milman. and his opening round of the server open on tuesday to him. la, reset the australian as he tries to climb back to the rankings ahead of the french
9:57 pm
open, where his 2 time finest or champion heavyweight boxer tice inferior has assisted that he will retire after his upcoming fight. the undefeated fighter takes on his fellow british deli, a wife on saturday at wembley stadium theory also says he's got no interest in what happens once antony, joshua gets his re match against alexander, was sick for i don't ever because i want you to do a walk there were no, no, i'm retired up to the line. and that's if we had to back to adrian. many thanks a lot that will just about do it for that is i don't think you can find the latest news at any time just by going to the website, or you'll find that to al jazeera dot com. it's time for the team here in dough to pass the baton to our colleagues in london,
9:58 pm
maria marsey standing by that to bring you up to date with the latest news. i'll see you again this time tomorrow. possibly thanks for watching bye from. ah mm and i still in the debate, there is no he job bad. and if anyone here talks about women that i had 2 horses, does this bill seem to have been says notes. so he gets off the table. we were taught to see abortion as a one way ticket street to help all of the companies. they deny any responsibility, even though they have the resources in the power to fix it, where a global audience becomes
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a global community. a comment section is right here. be part of today's program. this stream on al jazeera, the raise, the succeed rodrigo to start to as president of the philippines is heading into its spinal stretches, struggling what it's worth me, 7 years in the country. it's desperate for solutions. but what are the candidates offering and what direction will the philippines, big under you? leadership, special coverage on al jazeera. why did one of toilets was decorated hobbs lee the country in fear of his law? prod, investigation? one 0, one east reveals explosive allegation. a police corruption went out to 0 with
10:00 pm
with russian forces continue to fight strong resistance in the ports as you've mario paul, this as moscow's campaign to retake the eastern don't bass region begins. ah, hello, i'm sorry, i'm no mozy in london. you're watching al jazeera also coming up on the program. 3 bomb bloss target schools in a has are a neighborhood of the afghan capital 15 people are killed.


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