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hello cindy resources, they have infrastructure and they are expanding and expanding at the expense of the palestinians. when we talk about thomas, which is the illegal is really, is settlement that was evacuated in 2005 as part of the cause of disengagement flat according to what israel has called it. this a settlement has been proven why is really court that it was built on private palestinian land. ah, and let's take you through some of the headlines now. weston allies have promised to send more artillery to ukraine to help them what is being called the battle for . don bass. russian forces have begun their assault in the eastern region, which if successful could essentially slice ukraine and to we have helped deliver not just from our stocks for from stocks of other nations,
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more than 50000000 rounds of small arms ammunition of various calibers, 50000000 and that's the kind of stuff that the ukrainians are literally using every single day since this invasion began. so all of that will also be factored into the dis package going forward. russia is again urging ukrainian troops. hold up in mario polls as of style. still planned to surrender and come out is now offering them a 3rd seas file to give up safely. moscow says the truce will begin at $1100.00 g m t on wednesday. it's the last remaining stronghold of ukrainian forces in the besieged city. ukraine is released video showing positions abandoned by russian forces in the to novel exclusion zone. they took control of the defunct facility at the start of the war. the size of the world's worst atomic disaster is still radioactive cranes. government says the russian troops would have been exposed to significant doses of radiation. more than 500 rang refugees escape the temper
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detention center and malaysia. early on wednesday happened in the northern penang state. police say more than half of them have been found and re arrested. 60 k nice though. died when they were trying to cross the highway. and the hong kong caused the sentence, the pro democracy, activists and former radio house, the 43 jail contact. she was convicted of physician last month. it was a prominent face in the mass process that swept hong kong in recent years. thomas be in custody for more than 3 and a half years. in september to 20 students are among at least 15 people killed by bombings that 2 schools in afghanistan capital on tuesday. it's the stream now stay with us here and i'll just 0 the race to succeed. the regal, the 3rd to as president of the philippines is heading into its final stretches,
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struggling with its worth. and he says that in years the country is desperate for solutions. but what are the candidates offering and what direction will the philippine think under you leadership, special coverage? one house 0 did a i us any. ok. my shootings around the usb small has got program rights and pro gum reform campaign is debating each other again. but what is different this time around is the significant growth in the number of con, owners in the us since the cover pandemic began. what difference will that make in terms of americans attitudes towards gon reform? that is our show to day we get i show started with a founder of black guns. yes, i am
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a gun owner. this misconception there, there's an extreme concern about rising violence in america. i think the 1st stop is to acknowledge that misnomer based on f. b, i statistics violent crime in america has been on the decline for the last 20 years now because it's a serious issue on mainstream media and it's impacted the lives of americans. i understand the concern, we combat that concern by education. conflict resolution de escalation while preserving the human right to self defense. that is, the best way to combat the concerns while respecting individual rights and liberties to your grey. the device is already started right here, right now. if you want you to be part of the comments section right here, put your thoughts, your comments, your questions for i panel, and i will do my best to bring them into today show. let's meet the panel. hello, teen jennifer and david and phillip. good to have all 3 of you on board in this discussion. jennifer, please introduce yourself to our global audience. and my name is jennifer massey.
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i'm a news writer at the trace. we are a digital new site that is america's only news outlet covering done violence. exquisitely good to have you. hello david, please. hello to say hello to the steam audience around the world. hello, my name is david mohammed. i am the executive director of the national institute for criminal justice reform. and we work on issues around united states of reducing the size of criminal justice system as well as reducing bio. as soon it's nice to have you in the conversation, please introduce yourself to be here. my name is scott smith, national president and founder of the national african association. said david philip jennifer, there has been a huge uptake in the number of gun owners since 2020 march 2020. to be precise. i got to bring in. hey, john rahman, he is the senior fellow at the n o r c at university of chicago. he's going to put what got optic means in terms of the stats and how many more gone owners are in the
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u. s. right now, maybe what that impact might be here is very soon eerie number of guns during the war. the 40000000 in 20142020 was we conducted and actually where i was in to see it says can buyers different a lot of guns. we found that one in 5 american houses bought during the iverson house is parked on top of the 1st time. there's only younger and significantly more likely in color and long term difference than change in this around this is actually profound implications for american gun policy in the future. for philip, while i was thinking about finding toilet paper, some americans were buying guns. can you explain that for me?
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sure. the there is a change in the sea of america. americans are buying guns, particularly african american cove. it was the change that really had our, our community thing, you know, for the 1st time we need to get a gun. we estimated over $3000000.00 black folks purchase guns during this time, and that is a huge uptick. and to your point about younger folks, a lot of those folks for younger they are no longer listening to the past narrative that have been placed out there in terms of a gun is a bad thing for black book. we're, we're, we're dismissing that, we're looking at gun, that's something that the value add to our family. we can, we need to protect ourselves. our family, i love ones, and we think that's a very good thing to the law abiding citizens here in the united states. david, so i think no, i was the, i think some of the amazement internationally about the united states and this issue could be understood as the this country for since its
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founding a has had an obsession with gods and gun ownership and gun rights. and obviously you are a fair reef harry, different country than when the constitution was written or the bill of rights was passed. that being said, i think that are simple and a common sense. gun safety is supported by most gun owners. are universal background checks, the meaning the size of magazines are not having these weapons that are unnecessary for hunting or freedoms, or protection that as a semi automatic forgotten magic weapons. and so those are just common sense protections. and that the vast majority of gun owners agree with i actually like the idea of a black gun owners association of black gun on his grew,
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i know in california, there used to be a open carry law. and then black people went to the state capitol with guns and republicans quickly aimed to the law. uh huh. and so is this the key think i'm wrong david did he did come up with a better idea. i just we need jennifer jennifer. good to have you in the conversation. i'm just looking at a gallop poll out any of that from the 19 ninety's all the way from 2020. that way . we'll start a little bit later on that timeline. should daniels be more straight than they are now? 2018. 20. 17. 20. 19. a little bit of a pink classes from weight piazza but mostly about 50 percent of americans. think strict to come. rural roles are a good idea. the 50 percent. i'm a 50 percent down, jennifer. what does that mean in society? well, it's always been the majority of american support. you know,
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relatively strict compared to what we have now done laws. but the pandemic did change a lot. you know, we've never had in this country. flirted with the possibility of social breakdown at a time when gun laws were very relaxed, probably more relaxed than at any time in our history. and we also have 400000000 guns in circulation. so this is a gun culture for about half the country has been normalized to a degree that it wasn't, you know, 3040 years ago we thought similar rises and done buying after 911 after mass shootings. because for better or worse, americans, idea of safety is tied up with guns, gun ownership, being able to protect yourself and your family. that's conservative liberal. i think that's almost universal now. and even if people don't own one, they want to have the option just in case the one to pan demick it, it kind of question made people question their idea of safety and m,
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i space just in case the work happen. do you have a gun? i don't, i live in new york city. it is very difficult to get a gotten here. you have to go through about 8 months of interview with the new york city police department. you have to pay a several $100.00 application fee. this is probably the strictest place to get a gun in the country. but if i live in florida, for instance, i personally would not carry a concealed gun. i feel that in my purse it would probably go off. it is a grave responsibility carrying a deadly weapon every day. and unless i was a 100 percent sure that it would not go off accidentally. i wouldn't feel comfortable caring, went around, but that's, that's just me. say what? firearms do you have at home? well if you have a gun, you're talking to me. yeah. yeah. you have to have a gun? yes. yes. anyway, here the question,
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sorry about that. yes. i have several firearms. i have a pistols. i have a 47, i have a are 15. i'm a responsible gun owner. i'm advocate for the 2nd amendment and constitutional kerry, i believe, and this is a philosophical difference. i believe. at the end of the day, americans are safer with a gun in the house. if someone's bringing into your house at 2 o'clock in the morning, you don't have time to call the police. you don't have time that they hold on, mr. robert, hold on one second. let me call the police and say right there, we're going to get you in just a 2nd. it doesn't happen that way. it happens in a matter of seconds. you need to have something that to protect yourself, your family and your loved one. and i want to add a gun doesn't guarantee anything, but it gives you at least a fighting chance. i can't tell you how many women have called me and men over the last 6 years when i start the organizations there. philip, thank you. i was raped. i went to your organization, i've been trained, i can now and leave, have a better self esteem and i feel better about being able to protect ourselves. guns
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are like any other tool. if you learn how to use their tool, you'll be very, very comfortable in the tool and i listen to the young lady said, you know, she would feel comfortable. of course she would because she's not training. but once you're trained as with our organization, you do get a level of security and comfort, and i don't mean to demonize any one, but we did, we need to have this conversation. we need to have a really deep dive on why people purchase guns and people purchase guns because they want to feel safe. so i don't care what colors, black white, brown or yellow said david, this is a classic gun rights debate that fitted just some doubt that just an admitted oh ting, your response. glad. i mean, i think i support responsible gun ownership in a way that safe in a way that is also regulated. right. i need a license to drive a car, a ha, that makes sense. i also need to have insurance. i. right. so there are, there are just basic regulations that folks agree with. most gun owners actually
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agree with universal background checks. for instance, i think we go further down the line and we have some nuanced debate. aah! including limiting the size of a magazine capacity. um and i think there's a question around the need for assault rifles, but what i certainly support is responsible ownership and training and promoting responsible gun ownership that is critical. while at the same time, we do have to look at the data in terms of the numbers of children who get into their parents or guardians guns and have horrible incidence on the number of times that people with guns are shot. ah, and so i think it does get sick of the violence myself isn't, isn't it show and i'm just looking at here, the gun violence archive 20. 22 and kind of gun violence deaths have gone up this
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in the same way. just mirroring the number of gone owners in the u. s. has gone up a day that you were at the white house just recently with president biden, and there were new gun reforms policy put into place, announced one of them was for something called a ghost gun, which is basically a gun case that you can put together that you can't necessarily identify and then just check here than it did. i described that correctly. as a no, no, no, no he, i couldn't get home and i think we over, let's put it together and that, that, that, that does nothing. thank you for the place to be able to identify it. so anyone can put this gum together so that the ghost gone and president biden announced that they would be more restrictions about these go scans. you can't just older one up at this is what he was talking about when he was talking about gum reforms. in april 11th, i've a listen. the owner, i call this role,
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i'm about to not extreme extreme. but let me ask you, is there extreme to protect police officers extreme protect our children, extreme to keep guns out and people who couldn't even pass a background check log with the idea that a someone on a terrorist could purchase one of these guns is extreme. it is an extreme, just basic common sense. i say something i just gotta jump in. i can't take it. first of all in this country, any one that buys a gun, legally, i wanna stress legally. you have to go to a background check. that's something that is ingrained in every state in the union . but what it doesn't state is that criminals. they're gonna buy guns always illegal. they're never gonna go through a background check because you know why they can't pass one. so when you have someone making statements that are in bolding his base and i'm not,
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i'm trying to get to the left to right thing. but when you're talking about how to really protect folks, let's be real. when somebody is at home buying and putting together a gun, a law abiding citizen, that's not the person to go after. if you want to stop crime, go after those folks that are committing the crimes, not the good folks that are at home, just trying to protect their families and they're trying to build guns too, to make them safer. a unfortunately were you wrong? here is the very announcement, right? this is about those guns where you don't have to go through a background check. you get a kid at home, you put it together. and there's a growing number of ghost guns being found at crime scenes. and you know, i think i was, i had the pleasure of being at the rose garden this announcement. i think president biden made a good point. like if you go to ikea and buy a couch in pieces and bring it home and put it together, that's a couch, right? and just because you do that for
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a gun and you don't have the same regulations for ghost gods. so this was closing a loop and for the gun lobby to cause color, the closing a simple loop extreme is ridiculous, quite honestly and you know, i, i, i actually am fine with responsible gun ownership. but to go to these, these extremes of the gun lobby on that is against most gun on hers. it doesn't really make a lot of sense, particularly when we don't, we don't, we don't have the ability to trace these weapons in the ballistics that you can law enforcement or across the board for these type of common sense gun safety, a rules. and this one is obvious that goes guns as you can trace, recall that or why not be more and more crime scene or a huge problem danica. it's quite a bit to jennifer. then he come back. infinite in terms of yeah. but if i may also, you know that also, you know, why burn legal gun owners? you know, there are people who passed background checks and commit crimes like the brooklyn
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subway shooter. he passed a background check. i'm at a pawn shop in ohio and 2011. so this idea that criminals will always find a way to get done. there are people that can still carry permits or commit crimes. there are people who, you know, most i've done violence in america, is interpersonal violence and domestic violence, result of arguments. people who know each other on some of those kinds are legally owned. so you can exactly presume only criminals. well, be using these illegal guns for you know, that said that's not how it goes up. let me, let me just push on a little bit because we could talk about this for hours and hours and hours and i hear the different perspectives you bring to this debate. so i hear that and i'm going to push on. i want to bring in a money, lindsey he is a he also postal new chief as well. and this is what he has to say. i think it's really important also to bring in an african american gun owners, which is a,
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a growing number of gun owners since 2019. this is our monies perspective. let's have a lesson and bounce of how has a pet damage change? perception of fire was in america, it has actually been very bio that black people in america. see that the government isn't here to say was and they won't be on time to say was that it is on us to defend our own lives and protect our own families. and so far as a new tool that you know, when actually achieve those goals, i think is needed to stop the growing kind of gun violence in america. i think we really do need to invest in our communities on research when he's, especially on south side chicago, we give those you there an alternative to banking and you're in alternative to well creation. and i believe we will be able to do that. then you get to see shift within our culture away from firearms ra, re crime. she finds i have the 1st point, a hit, which is really crackling. what you said, philip,
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is that who else is going to protect us? we need to protect ourselves. secondly, is about community working with in the community so that there's less opportunity for that to become violence if it's coming from community or different areas. that's the 2nd point. i think it did with the 2nd point festival. just anything in that clip? i had all hope right i so i think that very quickly on common sense gun ownership, responsible gun only ship with safety rules, regulations make sense. or the other thing that i completely agree with is if we got rid of every new gun coming into circulation today, it would have little to no impact on gun violence in our community for several years. it would be good and we would, you know, reduce what we're seeing, but we, but more urgently. right now, we need intensive community interventions, more investment in our communities. i completely agree with that. what, what we need to do to reduce gunbar the next 6121824 months,
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almost has nothing to do with gun regulation. to be honest. it is around intensive intervention with folks at the highest risk of gun violence. more certainly more investment in support. and communities hardest hit by concentrated poverty and low quality education. and i rates of crime and violence that needs to have a lot more focus. that was the reason why i was at the white house last week. and i had that. and phill, i'm just just wondering, is there any kind of gun reform that you subscribe to, or do you think this is enough? there's been enough. leave us, can i miss elena us? i think a persona say i agree with david just touched upon on looking at those young kids, typically in the ghetto, like i come from a place at northern california bail south side of law which is very poor. and we have areas like on all across the country's south side of chicago, south side of the lay out here in atlanta where i'm at south west atlanta. there's
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common features in all those areas. and i think for the most part, and i, i think the, my panel friends have a very hard, they're trying to do the right thing. but too often, when something happens in terms of gun violence, we automatically turn to the people that own going to say, okay, what can we take away from them? how can we be we be more restrictive on them? and these are the good guys where i consider myself when the good guys, what we need to look at is why are these young folks in these areas across the country shooting themselves? why they robbing folks? why are they selling drugs? i'll tell you why. opportunity and a lack of opportunity if we're really serious about solving this issue. and i mean, serious and i agree with some of the things that david said and jennifer, so let's look at not the symptom, but the disease in the disease or schools that are inadequate. confrontational relationship with the police at best. and here's the killer. they have no viable skills that can be interjected into the mainframe of society when they get out of
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high school. because you know why they have their illiterate, they cannot function and they typically have 2 or 3 felonies. by the time they're 20 and 21. so now you have a young man are young, women and women are increasing number in the, in the criminal justice system that have no way of getting back into main society except selling drugs. and it looks like happens in other countries where young people also may not have opportunities, but they also don't have access to count. i can't, you know, i can't speak to other countries, per se, i travel a lot. i see. i've had a chance go to africa as well as latin american. i see, you know, poverty. i see folks doing really well. america has the best opportunities, i think, to make it from the ground up. the infrastructure is there, at least at this point in our, in our history. i know we have, let me look at things a little differently. i let me, let me share some of these conversation with jennifer. jen jennifer, we, we've got some, lots of china on youtube and i want to share some of these thoughts or if you just,
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just to see what you think about them. next says, i'm so happy that i live in a country that allows you to defend yourself and your family. and then luke says that you can take away, you cannot take away people's guns in america. stop fooling yourselves. those comments are very common comments. i've been doing the show for a long time. that could be any show any yeah, any time about gun control in america, you'll thought, what is new? we said that beginning with a shit show. the pandemic was new. more gun ownership was new. is it by guns are very intrinsic to the american identity. you know, it's not for nothing that the 2nd amendment and trying to the constitution. you know that that is something that other countries don't have. americans are very proud of, that. they feel that, you know, it help liberate us from england. but now we have a situation where, you know, the guns are being turned on each other. nobody is trying to take away americans
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done. you know, a t, f agents over the years have said, you know, i don't know how people think that we, even, even the federal government has the kind of manpower to go door to door. that is absolutely not what gunner form our advocate. they're arguing for what they're arguing for is more venting at the source at point of sale. as it is, background checks, according to federal law, only cover about 78 percent of done sales. private sales are legal. i think a lot of people in america as well as other countries would be surprised to learn how little gun regulation we do have in this country. i want to one last thought here, i guess because i feel like it's something that we've all talked around and we've all landed on an area of agreement, which is what the response should be. partly so this is robert j. spit, sir. professional political science at sunny court and here's
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pandemic has been the cause in the rise in gun violence and con, purchases in america, and for 3 primary reasons. one, an increase in economic insecurity. second increase in domestic stress and strife. and 3rd, the freezing of government funded anti violence programs. the result has been as depressing as it is predictable, which is allies in violent crime and homicide gun up site, specifically. and you can compare that to non violent crimes which are to remain steady during this period of time. the best short term response is to ratchet anti violence programs and the government starting to do that now. pressing and predictable to descriptive words for often what we talk about and took around when we talk about the gum writes and also a gun control at jennifer david phillip, thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. as we look at gun control,
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gun reform come right in the us doing a pandemic. appreciate it. i say much phoenix ah, counter feet blew cheap and sometimes dangerous copies of the real thing have been found all over the world. i mean, even the most expensive premium products. it's the secretary and deadly multi $1000000000.00 business. we found one problem was about one 3rd horse stay in a in us, which was just an incredible finding. during raids on one of the most notorious mafia gangs in calabria, italian police found consignments of fe, color boil, made from industrial lubricants that were being exported to the united states. the main thing that we do when we carry out criminal investigations is to reconstruct the money flow and the flow of goods and connect pieces together. it office fruits
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does profits that are easy to make and hard to ignore. perhaps it means that all of us should be a little more vigilant about what we put on our plates. mainstream coverage of big stories can sometimes deliver more heat than lights in any water scenario, there's always a pleasure to simplify narratives. nuance is always called for, even in the case of an aggressive war, the listening page, delve into the news, narrative and dissect them. there is not our great deal of subtlety. we're talking about the barbarism that is unfolding as though we're somehow unique. it's not unique covering the way the news is covered on al jazeera. from the al jazeera london, bro cost center t people, unprompted uninterrupted, witnessing a much more humane response to what's happened to the ukrainians than what has been meet without to these non european. could you talk one i thought do with that?
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good nana. all 3 out to aim. if somebody comes to gone from europe, then never call of an immigrant even if they go through exactly the same processes that we go through to come here. they're always known as an ex pat studio, be unscripted on al jazeera ah. western allies say they'll send more weapons to cranium forces facing a russian assault in the east. ah, i'm sammy's a dan. this is al jazeera alive from dell hall. so coming up a pro, democracy activists and former radio host in hong kong has been sentenced to 40 months in jail for sedition explosions to schools and afghanistan's capital kill at least 15 people, including students. ha,
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elise, byron, protests is in tra.


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