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tv   Inside Story  Al Jazeera  April 21, 2022 8:30pm-9:01pm AST

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ah, andrew chappelle altos here, there's plenty more video for you along with the latest news analysis and comment, or cor sports. at the website i'm 0 dot com. ah, it is good to me with this hello adrian, that i can hear it though. how the headlines on al jazeera u. s. president joe biden has announced a new support package for ukraine bite and says he's earmarked $800000000.00 in military aid, which includes heavy artillery and drones. russia says that it's captured the strategic port. city of maria poll president vladimir putin has ordered his forces to abandon plans to storm a steel plant back and lay siege to it. instead, it's the last remaining stronghold of ukrainian resistance in the city. the mayor of mary paul says there's an urgent need for a humanitarian corridor to rescue civilians who hiding inside the as of south steel
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plot. oh not sure. our brave defenders are trying to protect our city as much as possible at the moment. but despite all that were begging for the international community that we should be united with one goal that all the civilians who hiding in the as of style still works, get an opportunity to get out and be taken to safety, at least for 24 hours. this humanitarian caudle should be established with begging for it. our men are also ready to leave the as of style still works, but only with our weapons in the hands. but to day with still negotiating this british empire voted to investigate where the prime minister boris johnson lied to parliament of the so called party gate controversy. johnson's come under intense pressure to being fined by police for holding parties of downing street at the height of the pandemic. frances presidential hopefuls are holding their final rallies ahead of sunday's vote. president and manual micron husband campaigning in
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sunbeam suburb north of harris is far right challenger marine le pen is holding a raleigh in morgan for us. if jose raso movies easy, the french were mobilized to and michael's 1st term, which has been devastating for them, they understood well last night during the presidential debate and your recent dave that it's 2nd term would be even worse as a possible. second term for emmanuel mcclure will be a social disaster. he will no longer have any limits and he will go to the end of his logic. at least 18 people have been killed and explosions across multiple cities in afghanistan. but all than city of mazar, e sharif, the nearby province of condos, the eastern province of manga ha, i've been targeted. i saw as clear responsibility for the blast in mazar, e sharif. that killed 10 people on those. the headline for these continues here on out to 0, after today's inside story. coming up next. ah,
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a heated debate. manuel maxwell and marie le pen go had to had on several political issues. they both appeal to their base is just days ahead of francis one of those. but who was more convincing? this is inside story. ah hello, welcome to the program alhashan, alabama. with just days to go, the friends presidential contenders have held a televised debate,
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malware macro and marilla pan. are each trying to convince france voters. they are the right candidate for the job. but a lot has changed since they 1st went, had to had in the 2017 election. ukraine is at war. the e. u is in crisis, after brags it, and france is facing numerous challenges. opinion polls suggest macro may have a lead by it's a tie to raise and anything could happen. we'll bring in our guests in a moment. first natasha butler report from paris. as olympus i to do. it didn't take long for things to become tense. soon after the start of the french presidential candidates debate, the centrist incumbent, emanuel mcgraw, put the far right candidate, marine the pen on the spot. by questioning her links to the kremlin and a russian bank loan, the funded her 2017 campaign, was every tisha,
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boston. you were one of the 1st european leaders in 2014, to recognize the annexation of crimea, because you depend on the russian regime. and you depend on mister putin, madame le pen, you took out a loan in 2015 from a russian bank. the 1st check russian bank, which is close to the government amendment, my boy, except the presenters repeatedly called for com is the candidates, disagreed over issues including climate change, education, immigration, and the european union. mackerel believes the block should be stronger and the pen wants to diminish its power. the far right leader also said she would make it illegal for muslim women to wear the headscarf in public. if elected macros said such a move would provoke, a civil war is a shrewd ball and the others only $1.00 was really i believe the headscarf is a uniform imposed by islamists that most young women who wear it have no choice was . he said just shelton, france, country of the enlightenment of universal values would be the 1st country in the
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world to ban religious symbols in public space. the 1st country in the world, that is what you are proposing. what i'll look at times mcgraw seemed over confident or on the attack, but for most of the debate, he clearly had the upper hand, leaving the pen, looking frustrated or confused. a performance wasn't a total re run of the 2017 election debate with micro a disaster by her own admission. but it wasn't far off, although she gained ground on some social issues, including health care or would curriculum. and you know, the reality is during your presidency, mr. mac. hong, it's only crazy is that make you act there. had to be a pandemic to make you realize that help workers have been in a terrible way for years. you, for nearly half a century presidential candidates in france are faced off live on tv and a debate that's usually watched by millions of people, and is often a pivotal moment in the election. on monday that law was a fiery exchanges to rhetorical flourishes. the debates are often highly
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anticipated by viewers and rarely dull. over the years the protagonists and politics have changed, but one thing has remained constant. the person most widely perceived of one the debate often wins the election voters on sunday. well, now decide whether history will repeat itself. natasha butler, al jazeera paris for president. oh, let's bring in all gas in the friends city of some hello, jack roles, senior research fellow of the global policy institute in paris from k chrome la political analysts focus in in europe. and in bristol, u. k. james shield, professor of french politics of the university of war. we welcome to the program. james. there is a prevailing sentiment that mac cron was more convincing during the debate, but is this on its own enough for him to win the election?
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i think that is indeed the prevailing sentiment le pen martin pen needed to do 2 things. in this did beat, she needed to do much better than in 2017 when she had a disastrous to be appealing, ill prepared. and i was up a bit and simply unfit for the highest office. this she did achieve coming across as much calmer, more on top of her brief, more serene, less excitable, less aggressive. however, she did not achieve her 2nd objective. she needed to learn some real blows on macro to close the gap and the polls. and she didn't manage it. draw was all was going to be good enough for micro butler pen needed a win on what we got, i think was a droll or maybe even a win on points for macro. ok, i don't think the debate in that sense shifts the picture much. jack,
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anyone would be looking for a moment that would be widely seen as a game changer during the debate and for many that didn't happen. but for the time being does lapel, has a chance to narrow the lead of macro within the coming days before the vote? no, i don't think so. i think yesterday, as jamie said, she needed to challenge the president and she, she, you know, doing instead, actually back home was the most offensive. and melinda, ben was very much on the defensive. and when it came to, yes, she improved a composure and so on. but the debate showed that she still as not is not really credible that she doesn't master debriefs, that she's meant to defend,
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especially on the economy and on iraq. and therefore, she didn't appear more competed, she appeared more composed, but instead, or it will, she will have probably conform did a position or supporters, but i don't think she gained any votes a door last night funky. do you think that she gave the impression too many people in france that she would be the right person to rule the country? and i think this is actually exactly the right question. as, as was just alluded to, i think the way that she prefers, and even though her posture was much calmer, and she kept him looking at her notes. and she, she did have multiple moments at which she wasn't really able to respond to microns level of technicality. an expertise on the and then i would say that my whole,
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even though he was, he performed very well in terms of content, especially with regards to mary independent in comparison to her, his posture. i think actually really risks reinforcement of a prevailing picture amongst many french things. he's arrogant and there are also detached to certain extent to the, from the reality of what the french live every day. so that's the risk that i see on his side in terms of game changer is definitely not a game changer. but i think it debated if it was watched by somebody who was hesitant until towards mary lou. maybe that's a voter that could have gotten convinced that she's not in a position to rule a country. james, to what extent has the war in ukraine underlined or could undermine the parents chances to win the election? i think this is a series of trouble paula pen. her past position on
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the been especially these are the russia. no, she has done quite a lot to position herself. let's see. by comparison to is it because a movie? who was the other far right? come in the, in the race for the 1st read, knows the movie was much more let's see, anti taking ukrainian refugees lapel me to point to say no, not only will be taken and we'll send a bus to pick some of the mom. so she has been, she has been trying to get on the right side of the street and not fence, but it is a problem area for her. and her past relations with, with, with putin, how indebtedness are parties indebtedness to a russian bank. all of this feeds into a picture that has been problematic for, for le pen and terms of russia and ukraine. jack, are we likely to see this?
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a deep race being centered on issues such as immigration and is lamb, and particularly lupin's position on the ban. on the wedding go the of the jap. does he explain why micro c z a put it is saying that if she goes on that that could trigger the civil war in france. yes of you see that was already we bought it or you know position because we got a headscarf. you know 1.0 must be made. is that the a yesterday that in the event should have tried to attract them. it also does, but position on the sam will completely repaired at all, and my call was quick, very quick to point out that, that point out the issue of the a scarf as he said it would be the country of a larger light and would be the only country in the world, a scarf, so medically
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a port and the reproached or for linking a scarf, where you start museum and terrorism. and that is not right. she was, are we ground it instead? the program for her is that the issue of the a scarf, a kind of a heat of conceive all the other issues that she would have liked to develop are linking insecurity to immigration. so for that car, well, good for michael. and i think here is called heavily against, or maybe some people can, it was a bit strong to say that there's such a position would probably lead to c, v, the war. that's what you're supposed to say. but all the whole, most people in france agree and his position is, are at 11 has, is not try to tour is a supporters. and with order peter fun,
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she has a pen and has reinvented herself in a way or another, softened her sense when it comes to many issues, particularly the issue of the where now she says that she's happy with a reform from within, not taking the whole front out of the block, has this been very good point starting point for her helping her build a robust support base over the last few weeks? i mean, it's interesting because when we just took it, take a step back and look at history and she have moved from i'm calling for a friend that so friend leaving you to words, calling for a euro exit, which at the time, one or 2 weeks ahead of the election in 2017, she retracted on to now and not calling for any of the 2 anymore. and just remaining your a skeptic. she's doing this because actually missouri to the french are not the
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skeptic at all. something that is very much confirmed by the polls, and so she's trying to gain books that the problem is that if you really look at her program and what she suggests, a lot of this things are actually not only empty constitutional problems, but they're also incompatible with a new law and would defacto lead to france leaving the european union. and this is something that she's not willing to talk about or even willing to knowledge anymore . that's the reality of the program. james, if microphone has been seen as more convincing during that debate, however many who watched him still say that he looks very oregon's latest and detached from some of the concerns of the pool and average citizens. is this something that could hold him in the future? undoubtedly this is his achilles heel on. it goes all the way back to the leisure and to the best uprising. my crawl. find that difficult not to exude
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oregon's. he did it again. last night he went and blue pen went into the to be having to exude competent composure. micro winton, having to try to under plea, has natural tendency to, to be to look superior. he didn't achieve that, and this is something that could come back to haunt him and i would see will come back to haunt him. because the problem is that this is a run off. the french didn't want, they did not want, they expected it. the polls were clear, this was for 5 years we've been told would be the run off again in 2022. but when asked, is this the run off you want? a vast majority of respondents said no. so the 1st problem is that there is a hunger in france for something different. that isn't lapel, that isn't michael on sale me as pen best as michael. so micro is likely to
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win this election by default. you want in 2017 to a mixture of his own talent lock on the default. he'd like to win this one by default. and that i think is a big button for him to cut it into a new monday. and i don't think he'll be given much of a honeymoon in that monday if he is, as we expect reelected, jack shouldn't micron be concerned because all those who voted for the fog light, far left candidate john nick milon, shall remain quite skeptical. they won't be able to forget any time soon. the clamp done on the, on the village on the won't forget the impression that this is someone who has always been seen as friendly towards the bankers and the wealthiest of friends. i would, i would like to tone down what james, just saying,
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but it could have been the impression given before the 1st strong, but between the 2 rods. after the 1st one of the addiction, michael went to the contact of people. michael went into diag wrong. the next day, on monday he was in the heart of that in the bed. now where most people voted for the bed. and today again, after the debate, he was in sunny, where it was during all these last few days. he's been what the, what he says we didn't stepping distance big. he's been mingling with, talking to everyone. and the pressure is given and you can see all the news reeves or the news is ready, ready to be challenged, what not in the bed. i stayed very shattered from any kind of position she's always played on very friendly, wrong based on the taking set of fees with people looking like they were going next
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door, a friendly understanding to people. it's a drop that michael has been to the trash is been going to contact and again today, today it was it sunday in a town where the amino show vote was 60 percent. we only got 20 percent and there you go with the crowd. so these images are quite strong and undermine acquisition of arrogance. but whole is someone who like to argue with people to discuss with people with anyone that is quite good, is eudoxia, he shows that he takes risks as well. so that's something that before i k name is kind of southern bravado, you would say, what does a job and i think boys image is been very good is image just change the law in the last 10 days? funk about husband marie lupin in a way, or another shaped the political discourse itself. in france, she's been shifting the horn down to of towards islam security. immigration
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amendment of the constitution anticipate it isn't below to the point where micron himself had to reinvent himself, indoor some of those ideas to appeal to the people who support muddy le pen. i mean, i would have moderated to certain extent where i think that some the issue of immigration and security has certainly been very, very important issue in the past and over also over the past 12 months. and i would certainly agree with the fact that michael and other politicians have gone into that territory in order to be able to kind of speak to my lapel voters. but at the same time, and polls also confirm that the real issue that the french are concerned about either is that purchasing power is the rank of the race of prices and their ability to continue to live, maintaining a certain standard of living. and it's interesting to see that much of the public debate keeps on focusing on security and immigration when actually,
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and the real concern is about purchasing power. james, when you look at the growing support for muddy le pen, and for the far right candidates in this particular election, this is leading many people to say. if marcela payan does not win this election, most likely, whoever leads the far white in the upcoming elections in 5 years from now, we'll definitely will become the 1st far right president of france. i think there is a graph that points in that direction. if we think know that 3 of the last 5 presidential elections for the runoff has been contested by the blue pen. her father's almighty the pen scored 18 percent and the run off in 2002. she had self score. 34 percent at 5 years ago in 2017. if the polls are correct on
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maximum wins 555-562-4445. she will have to return 10 percent to that score of 5 years ago. there is an inexhaustible lord cheek that seems to suggest that this tightened. his rising and rising still on part of the problem here is thus michael, partly through his doing, ah, partly through the tiredness of the old pillows that where the socialists on the center left the republicans on the center. right. those have those pillows of collapse. micro no stands, he sons on a centrist island, surrounded by not bought extremist parties and leaders, almost 60 percent. 50 percent of the foster and vote went to extremist candidates on the far left milan shot on the far right pan. obviously, on exam moolah, no,
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the problem is that unless something else comes along to fill the gaps that have been created since 2017, my expectation is that this at this up what type of fall, right, and possibly fall and what's, what's to stop continuing ok, jack, is it fair to characterize this election as a vice between 2 visions, one which is pro europe unity and one and, and republican ideas. one which has a potential to undermine many of the basic tennis of the french, a republican system that did you divide in france is said to be left and right. but in progressive and nationalist people who aren't too open to realize that the way fail france depends on the way for europe and
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from winning france in a way. yeah. you have to frances, you have to france urban, france, mitchell. but in transit confidence, france, you get in france, at which looks out to the world. and then melinda been represented for from the least 45 from to frighten france. who wants to take should be on the borders. it is, it is a bit like it brings it can get those well, but at those who are looking back to the past line, idea or pass. but i want you to go back on that. i think that yes, is that the extremist vote we carry on, but what we can see in front of yes, you are, you will change is it will be very interesting. at the election, the french political landscape is in tatters. ok. and we will see how it will reorganize and i can see it happening. that was on the right. it's quite clear that you will have the more supporters,
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the ramp and supporters and the people are on the right within the web because that's your g. and so on, well, share the same values as well nationally. so as we say, as, as we're trying to form a group together, we've just done, we know that the glass ceiling that in the bed has that ad with a different leader would be a strong force in 5 years time. this is going to be my last question to funky. if, if macro wins, do you think they would have it will still have the same luxury to follow his agenda in the future. or do you think that the political landscape itself will be forever changed in france? the real question, i think specifically on whether he will be able to implement his agenda will be whether he managed to get a majority in the legislative election will happen just ahead of or that will really be key to watch. apart from that, he will be in his 2nd mandate. so not necessarily seeking re election afterwards
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unless we have another crisis, which is something that we need to remember for his current mandate, each and to manage the coven crisis and the war in ukraine. and then he will, i think have space to implement his agenda the, the question almost independently or on top of that is how does indeed the french electro party landscape evolve. because as we've seen right now, the traditional mainstream center left center, right. thank is are in centers from k chromebook james shells. jack will. thank you very much indeed for your contribution. thank you to for watching. you can see the program. i got any time by visiting our website. i'll just ada dot com for further discussion goes all the facebook page. that's facebook dot com, forward slash ha insights 40. you can also join the conversation to a 100 is at a j insights loading. for me, how about on the entire team here in ohio, like one up a ah
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and radicalism is on the rice across the globe. we're told it's everywhere we're told we're supposed to be highly suspicious of everybody at every fake. but our government policies aimed at tackling radicalization. in fact, pushing youngsters to the fringes of society. the impact is you don't, we don't have any so much of you can take before you say, okay, that's me. rethinking radicalization, part of the radicalized youth series on al jazeera. what we do here, i'll just, sarah, is try to balance this story and he's the people who allow was into their lives,
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dignity and humanity. when cold, with 19 1st hit, the need to minimize contact drove many of the world's judicial systems online. now in the name of cost and efficiency, some of them want to stay there. but what if holding trials in cyberspace denies defendants the right to a fair hearing, and remove safeguards against abuse. people empower, investigate online justice ana, jazeera, relieving eco friendly solutions to combat threats to our planet. on al jazeera, we town the untold stories. ah, we speak when others done, ah, we cover all sides. no matter where it takes us. i believe we have fan, sir. yeah,
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with my eyes and out in pasha, we tell your stories. we are your voice, your news, your net to rack out his ear. ah, this is al jazeera, ah, hello, i'm adrian for the good. this is, these are live from doha, coming up in the next 60 minutes. u. s. president joe biden announces more military support for keith and makes it easier for you craniums to seek refuge in the u. s. mario poles mer issues. another desperate call for a humanitarian corridor to allow thousands of civilians to leave the city. britain's prime minister.


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