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and i guess now it's going from, i'll just say with mobile apps available in your favorite app to get that for it and tap download the new app from al jazeera news. you can get it. ah rushes president claims his forces are in full control of mary poll. but ukraine remains defined, saying that was the biggest battle isn't finished yet. and surveying the wreckage of what was once her business residents returning to board, yank a bad, widespread destruction. ah, hello, i'm emily anguish. this is al jazeera, alive from the coming video of
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a one found chained in a shed, provoked outrage in china and to drive to strengthen laws against abuse and discrimination. and back on the campaign trial, frances presidential candidates and making a last ditch effort to sway the will begin with rushes, declaration of the victory in the south east in ukrainian city of mary, a poem. it comes after nearly 2 months of fighting, leaving widespread devastation. ukraine admits its forces, have lost control of the port cd, but deny its fallen dosage. berry begins and coverage from moscow. this is what victory looks like for the russian military. nearly 2 months into moscow's so called special military operation. and its defense minister is now declaring his 1st major successor of the armed forces. so the russian federation
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and the peoples michelle daniels, peoples republic heavily rated maribelle. the remnants of the formation of nationalists took refuge in industrials on of those of style plant. the as of so plant remains the last stronghold for ukrainian troops, mario pole who have refused to surrender. officials believe there are nearly 2000 ukrainian fighters hold up in and around the steel plant. for days, russian officials have been saying they are willing to allow sporadic ceasefire periods to let them surrender, or they would have to storm the plant. now, the commander in chief of russia's armed forces has other ideas, bigler group. i consider the proposed storming of the industrial area, pointless. i order to aborted. this is the case when we must think that is we must always think. but even more so in this case, about preserving the life and health of our soldiers and officers. there's no need to climb into these catacombs and crawl underground through these industrial
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facilities block off this industrial area so that not even a fly comes through neevadolla. she'll pull the drama. i know they've captured most of mario paul a long time ago. we are very well aware of that, but there's a part of the city where our service men remain. might have they will stay there for now. so hope william, this once thriving port city was home to more than 400000 people. now, fewer than $50000.00 are left unable to escape the fighting. as vladimir putin was being told a victory in mary opal russian back separatist fighters of done yet. and now school was back in session for the 1st time since the invasion on february 24th. according to that done yet, so people's republic, $721.00 children are going to school and mario po, under its supervision. the separate essay. moscow has sent school books for these children, including textbooks on the russian language and russian history. here around the
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children are glad to be alive to communicate with each other. they respect to elders. some of them had the teachers, their school directors from previous schools, posters, reading for homeland, for russians, for dumbass, all in russian cover the walls in the schools. an indication of what's likely to come as russian officials say it is now safe for residence to return home. prussian horses entered mariel on march 11th. now 42 days later, they have claimed victory. but at what cost, it's not clear if anyone will return to this ruined area to live under russian occupation, or who will be expected to build a city, which now lays in ruins. doors such a r e l t 0 must shoot the russians tank full control of mary poll. it would
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secure a land cargo from the don best re, jenny, ukraine's aist through the crime in peninsula which russia annexed in 2014 diplomatic edison. james bass looks at want the fall of marian poll could mean the mario pole has been in battle besieged and bombarded the strategic port city subjected to indiscriminate attack by artillery and from the ass since the war started in february the russian assault here likely to be one of the focuses of the international criminal court investigations into war crimes. from the very start, this campaign has been one of extreme brutality and it's got worse over time. this is unfortunately entirely consistent with the russian where war that we've seen in previous campaigns in syria and before that and checking in to check on was nigel
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gould davis is an academic, specializing in the former soviet union. he was previously the case on bassett in ballard. so the fall of multiple is that going to be a game changer? it is important. it does. i think further the russian aspiration to establish some kind of longer term troll over that southern coastline of ukraine . ah, and is clearly consistent with the re forming the drawing back and redeployment of russian forces we're seeing across ukraine, which is a consequence of their failures further west of course, regrouping. but mario poll will be an important part of the basis of like you campaign in western capital's to tins war so far is seen as a major strategic failure. but people are also aware of the lessons from chechnya
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and from syria. if you're prepared to use the most brutal brute force, whatever the cost to civilians or even your own troops, you might prevail in the end. there is an important date on the horizon. may, the 9th is victory day, the commemoration of the defeat of the nazis in russia and the 2nd world war. some fear president putin will plan a new offensive, so he can turn the tide of the ukraine war before the symbolic date in his country . james bay's al jazeera london knew satellite imagery showing what appeared to be another burial saif in ukraine. this fine me, mary prom, us company max. our technology says it's analysis indicates at least 200 new ranks with jobs between march and midnight from ameria poll council. this is russian forces were the same, taking bodies of residents to the side while the fighting is concentrated on the eastern 7 front lines,
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the full toll of the war in other regions is still not clear. hot abdel, how made reports from the outskirts of keith, driving out of keys, detail of destruction is endless. this was the main road for the russian advance towards the capital. burnt out, buildings, cars, and businesses lives in tatters. this bridge and it had been, came to symbolize the flight of people under shelling all in a peter hove i was among them is her 1st day back and it's overwhelming. looking to see what happened to my dream in the case then but very light. the most important for all of us and the crazy wife were both the wife provoke,
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revival this point. the bowling alley she owned was under frontline work. she shows us the video of the battlefield that was around. it will not ship it along the road . you can see where the fiercer fighting took place. this used to be a cultural center. it will take weeks before all this rubble is removed by the full extent of what happened here is something that's still being discovered on a daily basis. more than 2 weeks after the last russian tank left the town of bora, danica is still coming to terms with his losses. bodies hastily buried are being exempt. this woman finally found her son and his best friend believe to have been killed in the early days of the war. the 3rd body is of a teenage girl who still remains unclouded. but a junker was hid, particularly height, 80 percent of the buildings and houses in the town and surrounding villages are
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either totally or partially damaged. finding ways to get it back on his feet is a monumental does for me, or he, yogi, or co. he has set up shop in the local school because his office was also reduced to rubble through his mission. we're had to vote. we need to get the government institutions back and find new places to operate from. we have to restore electricity, gas, and water expert, the whole property, thus for years or 2, which we still don't know which buildings will be demolished or repaired. many people don't want to live in the old buildings anymore. get a few shoes away. valentina sifting through the remains of her house. her family had lived here for generations. they spent a month cramped in the basement, only to come out and find the memories of a lifetime gone. i assure, assured that any money at the for you might need though i am demoralized i given liver shooting at the girls, rape and girls,
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people. i know i also know people who the executed with their hands tied up after all these. and now how do you want me to find as trends to rebuild my house? with the fighting still going on is difficult to put a price tag or reconstruction. the you estimates it will be in the hundreds of billions of dollars. but for the people here, no money will be enough to fill the sense of loss. that hamid algeria under road north of keith to china and politicians are looking at strengthening laws. protecting women's rights in follows, public anger over a video which shows how a woman with an intellectual disability was trafficked, a country se, and wanting that some you may find images in, katrina, news, report destiny. it started but this video, images of a woman in a dirty shed wearing a chain around her neck. the woman named young, known as little plum,
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flower had been traffic and sold twice as bright. in the 1990s, she was found in rural, southeastern china in january and had given birth to 8 children with her husband, a farmer who insisted she be tied up for her own good. as she was in that a share that they was exposed to the outsider, so anybody will pass by their share to was see her. and that see there's means that people never thought this was an issue that they need to report to the authorities . the case prompted an anti trafficking campaign, and chinese legislators are now revising a law to strengthen the protection of women. the government says the changes will focus on preventing abuse, sexual harassment, and discrimination in the workplace. but activists say real change depends on how the law is enforced. linda yow, tensions and more people need to use the law and practice to protect women's rights and interests, including women themselves and others who are responsible for safeguarding women. agencies need to better enforce this law. female victims who su for sexual assault
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are rarely successful. in september, georgia, when a leading figure in china's me to movement lost her case against broadcasted june june. due to what the court said was insufficient evidence. and though chinese women are better educated and more highly paid than ever before, females are dramatically under represented in politics or leadership roles. many here fear china's demographic crisis who had heard the viper will, is right. authorities or encouraging birds and closing messages, which may make it more difficult to access abortion and other reproductive services . the amendments to the law will likely be finalized later this year, legislators are pushing for mandatory reporting of trafficking or abduction after widespread anger about miss young's plight. she is now reportedly receiving medical care and treatment from mental illness. several county officials have been sacked in response and her husband has been arrested. katrina,
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you al jazeera paging still ahead on al jazeera, put his fellow achievers, grand ambitions on about us president joe biden, and answers more military aid for ukraine and another investigation into pandemic parties. doris johnson's own colleagues vote in favor of the parliamentary inquiry. ah, he has begun the faithful world copies on its way to catherine group. your travel package today. this is your a weather report for the middle east and africa. hello everyone. good to see you. so we saw some severe sandstorms and box that it just blanket it the sky line here . some people were sent to hospital flights, were cancelled as a result, but in improvement in those conditions on friday, into the sunshine,
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36 degrees. but we do have some sand and does for eastern areas of saudi in and around some of the gulf states. meantime, toward the west, some showers and storms to be expected over the he jazz mountains. okay, next stop by and take you to sin province in pakistan. look at this wind storm. we were dealing with a, just some of these storms flaring up heat of the day. storms here, but things are looking much more calm on friday. so for example, in karachi, 36 degrees a high for you, but some instability for places like tashkent and bish kick getting up to a height 22 degrees. turkey really look and stellar forecast here. plenty of sun. we've got a warm breeze for is stan ball with the high 23 degrees antalya. also coming in at $23.00 central africa storms, really stretch from nairobi, rayden to dollar into southern portions of nigeria, so logos with a have $32.00 degrees ever south africa. we've got some showers for the westgate. the escape that will push into quite zulu no tall but dry for durbin up friday.
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chatter, airway official airline of the journey. join the debate said is no. he job badly . you know, if anyone here talks about women that i had to force with seemed have been says notes. how big is off the table. we were taught to see abortion as a one way tickets truth to help all the companies. they deny any responsibility, even though they have the resources and the power to fix that, where a global audience becomes a global community. the comment section is right here. be part of today's program. this stream on al jazeera, ah, the hello are you watching? are you there? i'm emily, i. when he's a reminder event up stories this alum rushes,
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president intense, declared victory in the battle for the besieged, ukrainian city of marion home. let me put in, ordered his troops to seal off the korean soldiers and civilians trapped in a seal work factory, which is the last pockets of resistance. russian forces have captured 42 villages and ukraine's eastern dawn bass region. one ukrainian official confirms the losses that said they could see one batch and politicians in china discussing revisions to a law protecting women thrive. the solid angus spots via the viral video showing the client and the mentally disabled women traffic in the country. staffing us president joe biden has pledged another $800000000.00 of military assistance to cave for weapons, ammunition and drones and white house correspondent, kimberly health reports as the russian siege. the ukrainian city of mary paul
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continues tend to and crushing any remaining resistance. the white house says it's sending new shipments of military aid to help you cranium. like back. we're in a critical window now. and united states and our allies and partners are moving as fast as possible to continue to prod ukraine. the forces that they need, the weapons they need, excuse me, the equipment they need, their forces need to defend varnish. the latest aid package announced the same day, the ukrainian prime minister was in washington meeting with you as president joe biden. and military leaders, totals 800000000 and heavy artillery, including 72 howitzers, 144000 rounds of ammunition, and follows more than a 1000000000 in security assistance already sent to ukraine. however, with this latest dispersion, i'm almost exhausted to draw down authority. i have the congress authorize for
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ukraine. that's why next week, by then we'll ask congress for even more money to continue the flow of weapons. but as for where these weapons go, once handed out the white house admit there is little accountability. the failure to track who is receiving us weapons, alarms, members of the president's own democratic party. congresswoman ill han omar last month tweeted the consequences could be disastrous if weapons are given to paramilitary groups, such as the far right linked ass off battalion without accountability for these weapons also end up in conflicts outside of the country. and this is the, one of the primary concerns. it's really out of the control of the united states. you know, when we provide weapons, we try to ask the countries to agree to use them and control them in certain ways. but ultimately, that's not something we can have control over for decades,
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the u. s. government has armed non state groups in iraq, afghanistan, libya, syria, and elsewhere. often with unintended consequences. most recently enough gamma stan weapon supplied by the united states to fight the taliban are now being used by some militias against civilians to commit human rights violations. the defense department is calculating just how much money the white house will need from congress for weapons for ukraine. whatever the mouth president biden says, the goal is to keep the weapons flowing without interruption. kimberly, how can al jazeera, the white house, the prime ministers of spain and denmark have also pledged to send more weapons to ukraine on a visit to cave. there the lightest your pain later to meet the ukrainian president in recent waves. they also made the trip to bardy anchor outside the capitol, where the bodies of 9 civilians were found overnight. saint pet joy sanchez
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condemned what he called the atrocities of prudence was on the street. president vladimir lansky says you crime will need $7000000000.00 a month to make up the economic losses caused by rushes invasion. she pretends he has more than that from the will bank for him in washington, dc. the ukranian president, i'm the ukranian prime minister who's actually here in d. c. at the spring meetings of the i m f and world bank have a specific ask of the international community. they say they need $7000000000.00 to keep the government running. and they're asking for donations, a $4.00 to $5000000000.00 a month from the international community to keep that government running. and their argument was simple. in part, they saves because so key is ukraine to the global food supply. that if they called harvest their wheat, they will be international global food insecurity. especially for wheat,
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especially in sub saharan africa and the middle east. beyond vod volume is zalinski had 2 other requests. we need immediately to exclude russia from all international financial institutions. i. m. f, world bank, and others as special tax on war is needed, russia, and after that any other aggressor must bay for destroying global stability. such decks must be applied, but to all, without exception, something that hasn't been raised publicly, at least as ukraine's debt to the i m f, itself, some $13000000000.00. ukraine has been servicing about deaf. it's expected to pay some 2000000000 dollars this year. so a question being raised here in washington by politicians and activists is when they should do give money to ukraine, is a great chunk of that. just coming back here to the i m f in washington, dc. and shouldn't there be more talk about the i'm f counseling that as they're offered is when countries are affected by conflict to france now,
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and presidential hopefuls how their final rally. they had a sunday night president menu on the chrome campaigned insane at st. any notes of paris is hoping to swavay his who went overwhelmingly to the left and the 1st ballot, and had smith proposed. this is supposedly hostile territory for emanuel mac wrong. in the 1st round of france is presidential election. 49 percent of the vote in sand and he went to the far left candidate john luke melon, shown in the 2nd round. the choice is micron or the far right marine le pen. i, we feel like we have to choose between the pest and cholera. this woman told the president of the guy, the high cost of living is the main concern for french boaters and jobs. this woman says nationwide, unemployment has fallen under micron to 7.9 percent, but it's high here at 11 percent. so we're creating jobs. micron says before adding,
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there's no magic solution that would soon assume as if i remember our there are millions of potential melon shown king makers. the far left candidate hasn't himself endorsed macro, though he's told his support as best should not be a single vote for marine la pen makin also wants to top. the youth vote 31 percent of 18 to 24 year olds, voted for john mcmillan shawn to the north of paris. saint anthony is one of the most deprived areas of france here. micron struggles to shake off his image as president of the rich, but the far right is even more popular yet, but what, what there is no other choice. i don't see myself voting for marcella pen because she doesn't reflect my principles. so i'd rather be shot by my coin than martin. she would look like not, but, but i work from a crohn this time. i don't like what he does, but i'll be voting from a cron as a vote against slipping back. i thing. micron has already done $110.00, and i think to allow continued, he will be more advantages. the latest polls suggest emanuel micron will win
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a 2nd term, but he will only keep the presidency with votes. cast grudgingly in his favor. bernard smith, al jazeera st. underneath and al jazeera is and natasha butler is in a ras, seen in northern france, where marina, penn has been holding her final campaign rally. what does very long keep people waiting right round the blog for marine the pens, final campaign rallies, taking place in iris. in north and francis as a region where support for the far right political party is very high. this riley also comes just a day off to a life television debate between the pain and her rival in this race, in man or micro, the incumbent, a centrist macro. during the debate accused the pen of being divisive. the pen says that micro has ignored the needs of ordinary people during the 5 years of his
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presidency. while there's been a lot of reaction to that debate, many are saying that micro had the upper hand that he gave a more polished performance, but the pen support is here, disagree. most. whose girl cbs? i think she managed very well. she explained what she knew, some criticized her saying that she didn't know her numbers, but anyone can make up numbers or pardon me, discipline compared to 2017, she changed the tape was returned this time, micron was angry. i marine state tom ah, as marina pan arrived on stage, they was a lot of enthusiasm from supposed to see a who believe that she can be on his next. the president marilla payment spent the last 2 weeks campaigning. very hard trying to target left when voters who don't have a natural candidate in the selection, but also trying to persuade many people and frogs who are still and decided she is promising to help people to reduce the cost of living. that is a big issue in this election campaign to pharmacy jobs has promised to soon wilkins
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from legal. i say he's going to the manual. michael doesn't understand ordinary people, but the he does should really give 5 more years to a president. he shrugged his shoulders in the face of mass immigration and anarchy . he's allowed, who shrugged his shoulders when we talk about crime and savagery, that tis the flesh of our citizens so well suggest that in manual micro has white and just leave it in this election race. not necessarily because folks to say that they want to vote for it, but some folks just saying that they will not bring the pen. they tell you i've seen the, the ration law mckendra will be to devise differ from the supplier. fear nothing had decided, but the race isn't british prime minister bars, johnson is said to face parliamentary investigation into the so called party game scandal. johnson has come under intense pressure after being fined for breaking his
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government's pandemic restrictions with parties held at downing street. china home reports from london. the motion went through on the nord, in parliamentary, speak unopposed. not requiring a vote, triggering an inquiry into the possibility, the boris johnson lied to empties about lockdown parties in downing street and amendment aimed at covering the motion was removed on thursday morning. apparently it made government fears of a large scale rebellion by its own. m. p. 's who didn't wish to be seen as blocking parliamentary scrutiny, the head of local elections next month. instead, someone found it hard to contain their distaste. i have to say, i'm sorry for not paying for letter and spirit, and i think we have heard that the prime minister didn't know what the letter was. the prime minister now should belong. go back to speak off. certainly vote for this motion, but really the prime minister should just know to get profoundly disappointed in what happened that number 10, dining street people were bad, the let down,
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my constituents feel bad the let out. i feel personally badly left out by what happened there must be consequences that follow from that. the prime minister on a visit to india said he had nothing to hide. i'm very there. let me just say i'm very keen for every possible form of scrutiny. and if the high school can do, i think whatever it wants to do at the all, i would say, i think that that should happen until the investigation is completed. and that's my only point. i said, i said this time and time again, let's get that the, the investigators do that stuff for his johnson has already been fined by the metropolitan police were attending a downing street event, his own birthday party. in fact, in breach of coke with 19 lockdown rules parliament's privileges committee made up
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of 7 cross party m p. 's will begin its inquiry only after the police investigation is over. it will look at whether boris johnson deliberately misled and pays lie to them. in other words, when he said back in december that no coven 19 rules had been broken. remember, he maintains that he believed. then he had not broken any rules that defense could within. if, as expected, johnson receives up to 3 more fines for other events, among more than a 1000 under investigation, the privileges committee would have access to much of the evidence. the police have relied upon including hundreds of photographs. he is already the 1st serving prime minister to have been sanctioned by the police for breaking the law while in office . now for his johnson is set to become the 1st in recent times to be investigated for lying to parliament. finding if it comes that could force his resignation.


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